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Thu Mar 23 11:06:14 2017 +0000
0dd7f3ab57f92ea7f1e3b3cadbf986fcb39889e2Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1348623 - revert changes from bug 1044586 and fix preferences reload bug by changing the event listener, r=smaug a=gchang
4f29b038505f03936e520d1c83339a69fe296562Jan Beich — Bug 1347661 - Unbreak --enable-warnings-as-errors on platforms without Gecko Profiler. r=gfritzsche a=gchang
31a1c091957eaf1ab20472fd4afc037eed7f819dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1346499 Don't remove Ctrl nor Alt modifier state at dispatching eKeyPress event when the modifier doesn't change inputting character r=m_kato a=gchang
b25235239f9ba35586466aee8b8d2f49068ee550Jan Henning — Bug 1345460 - Implement FX_SANITIZE telemetry on Android. r=liuche a=lizzard
89e07f8033ba961a5dd0b1d613c523493336c8ffEric Rahm — Bug 1344081 - Switch to Base64Decode in nsHttpNegotiateAuth::GenerateCredentials. r=jduell a=gchang
81032f42c222ddf15587686708c0940f1b58a69aAndrew Swan — Bug 1341011 Pass uri objects in originatingURI for addon install notifications r=mossop a=gchang
ca1fbc0c4c17677dc31483767219da3a05f9571dWes Kocher — Bug 1318070 - Make sure multi-word queries are rejected when keyword.enabled is false r=mak a=gchang