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Fri Feb 03 11:15:54 2017 +0000
2cdc3dfa46c28a452b2b26199df0e6a2c098544aJ.C. Jones — Bug 1335466 - Regenerate the CA r=keeler a=gchang
f3491aa69b18f70d7e6523cb9cc4ee697953ee16Randell Jesup — Bug 1334840: handle ReconfigureSendCodec before StartTransmitting r=ng a=gchang
fc97fee911361eecb8ee4ea4bc00ca08020e1ebdValentin Gosu — Bug 1334520 - Trigger captive portal recheck recheck for NS_NETWORK_LINK_DATA_CHANGED events r=mcmanus a=gchang
b87d0d68c15a657dad84da7a93d564d228b69387Julian Descottes — Bug 1333385 - fix netmonitor b64 test after mc-merge;r=me a=test-only
7bae7aaeaead7fc722523f52f8dd383b6255fe0bAdrien Enault — Bug 1333385 - Fix base64 json in netmonitor. r=jdescottes a=gchang
9c0efc44eaa6738566c77af1e7244f4af2e74821Julian Descottes — Bug 1333377 - cap the number of expanded nodes in netmonitor prop view;r=Honza a=gchang
a2ed1e8da84e31071c331412f352a42e6586fca2Morris Tseng — Bug 1332798 - Add null check after CreateIOSurface. r=mstange a=gchang
8c15bbe4488de496caa453426882214f4d703ba5Marco Bonardo — Bug 1327155 - Can't open urlbar Blocked Popups menu with a single click if it's already open from the notification bar. r=Felipe a=gchang