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Sun Jan 17 20:45:51 2016 +0000
20d95004d8d18062255a9b4afa37b447b282a248Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1239015 - Fix Ctrl-click and middle-click on search suggestions in the urlbar. r=mak, a=lizzard
5b08881ecf1c55fb32fb6cf0fa632fbd17d96b91Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1237350 - Don't steal focus for the search box if another piece of non-button/non-input UI has focus. r=jaws, r=giorgos, a=ritu
c1213d2b203ee6b117e57b3b56462747c3de2026Randell Jesup — Bug 1237224 - Check sending framesize is set before calculating max fps when max-mbps is negotiated. r=pkerr, a=lizzard
9247229e7aa2fcddd2b92bc286f1691fc511baa7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1237177 - Make the this-rebinding callable proxy sandboxes use return the prototype of its target, not its own null prototype. r=efaust, a=lizzard
7990e9d7ec79a722c676d2715fefd02c132e12eaAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1239480 - Make test_TelemetryReportingPolicy.js set the minimum policy version pref for the right channel. r=gfritzsche, a=test-only