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Mon Feb 13 08:28:52 2017 +0000
dde4995469df1c12a38015558652d1c2d4774f1aPatrick McManus — Bug 1333142 - audit asyncopen2 impls for callback release on failure r=dragana a=gchang
447a9c40939c591b7bda5ca763a69f1f32ac87d6Jim Chen — Bug 1329438 - Wait until Gecko is ready to open URI; r=snorp a=gchang
46116604aa0b07bffac9c4c27e19f27805e56883Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1328861 - Be a little less trusting about our error codes in ErrorResult. r=smaug a=abillings
88fc184793213bd139b752681ac51a057d4b48d5Tracy Walker — Bug 1326292 - Add null check of drawTarget in WinCompositorWidget.cpp, to avoid crash. r=jimm a=gchang
6512b480a90a200db2208c9c46902a66477a8678Adam Gashlin — Bug 1321814 - Check for path truncation. r=rstrong a=gchang
620b79612ae43754ec2f917788c20aa53f9e97ecHenry Chang — Bug 973384 - Call |cb| before WebVTTListener::AsyncOnChannelRedirect returns. r=rillian a=gchang
434d0089e1ad173a8e48d4173edd6422c0a9d468Honza Bambas — Bug 1325655 - Let HttpChannelParent::ConnectChannel delete itself if redirect target nsHttpChannel is not found registered. r=valentin a=gchang