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Mon Apr 01 20:50:56 2013 +0000
400370bbc9fadc415b8f0bb7e23da89a5d4f2eecBhavana Bajaj — IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
b1d6429c549e4b09aff299cbc20be2d2d3d945b2Bhavana Bajaj — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
90134e75a6d416fd054042d8a6b14865e30d310bBhavana Bajaj — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
bc8a6b8e0280e518413ddd74db153488d6a030edBhavana Bajaj — removing enable-metro from win32 and win64 builds
b48ca6143b65ad3f427168d03cf55352ddcd20d4Bhavana Bajaj — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
1c070ab0f9db59f13423b9c1db60419f7a9098f9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. FIREFOX_AURORA_22_BASE
77578bde1c1ca318c4969b061330ebb6d1cd1180Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 856383 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.423. r=yury
d1f1134024819d4e3819e27cdab2ed3446b7a8c6Mats Palmgren — Bug 729519 - Allocate heap nsFrameLists from the shell arena. r=bzbarsky
489955a7d7597d36c6d884eecbc9b245146e0205Mats Palmgren — Bug 729519 - Make frames destroy all child frames and remove their nsFrameList properties when destroyed. r=bzbarsky
c320c5821f98d0665df06588f4279906d97fc75bMats Palmgren — Bug 729519 - Allocate nsFrameList::sEmptyList from the .rodata segment, not the heap. r=bzbarsky
ba8a10a35c183a8760a848d0129da3289ac32d44Mats Palmgren — Bug 729519 - Simplify DestroyOverflowList() by requiring that the list is empty. r=bzbarsky
37bebc3a719ed27626b155aa96d5a03abba9539bMats Palmgren — Bug 729519 - Use SafelyDestroyFrameListProp also for the OverflowList. r=bzbarsky
17b3ba7a38f216515f5dac9e6d381d445f1ae578Mats Palmgren — Bug 855917 - Minor nsAbsoluteContainingBlock code cleanup. r=dholbert
f8270fefff28885f6e0b3d2de1119c89c4119cfbDo Nhat Minh — Bug 845478 - Use JS::CallArgs instead of manual argc/vp+JS_SET_RVAL/JS_ARGV/etc in Profilers.cpp. r=Ms2ger
ab72aafa8195518eb873845efd489079187770c7Nikhil Marathe — Bug 856280 - Remove extra import services-common/utils.js. r=dougt
0653b625b6bbe870839a3ca5426173f4be426fb7Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 854075 - Use mouse{over,out} for positional hover attribs on tabs. r=dao
4a8d1a910913870f1056a4b2bbbd838d794e2e50David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 853860 - outExecutionDuration now accumulates durations. r=froydnj
db5c1742af263577852e2abc4cf049fe9cd1ab41Cykesiopka — Bug 799089 - Remove error console filter timeout hack. r=Neil
dccd236555132a061ac9ce36e51df232dfbf5ae1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 856039 - Default to keeping the fixed layer margins in setViewportMetrics. r=Cwiiis
be42980135f2f72e7e11a1252e2c9e4ac8fa5eb8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 856039 - Guard against viewport size changes getting clobbered by animations. r=Cwiiis
42912b8b82d4c868a38c6fbd96bbb097192202fcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 856039 - (Cleanup) Extract magic number. r=Cwiiis
9941a05c88d9725256beb11295ac95820c5fd3ddRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
284e11d6678af0a26c204467783d362421993fd4Trevor Saunders — bug 856476 - bustage fix on osx r=me landed on a CLOSED TREE
4d855f746e0eb6bdd3190b61e1aa1bd96cad2dd5Robert Longson — Bug 398825 - disable failing test temporarily.
93c129d32a6a553358e235c529801d8a6d346785Trevor Saunders — bug 856487 - remove some xpcom goo from nsAccUtils r=surkov
98caae1f3458f1c0ec7fc5984517f122bcefe614Jonathan Kew — bug 716482 - Clarify licensing status of intl/hyphenation code. r=gerv DONTBUILD
929ea187b77582bca33cb7438b6a716c1529dcb7Ms2ger — Merge backout.
7c804845016a9ef688c1bc276ac9e9a0d9cb59b6Ms2ger — Backout changesets a255a998af6e:9c72d5cfe1fb for bc orange.
24ec8312f99a619ec6c103a313213800389e939fRobert Longson — Bug 398825 - Implement selectSubString. r=heycam
dc963b7bbb766cdc089199026200676801d51668Robert Longson — Bug 398825 - Implement selectSubString. r=heycam
4f48fcad11ed73d2e4858e7618670b9072cd2e2dChris Lord — Bug 854289 - Fix offsetting of viewport with dynamic toolbar. r=kats
68d75380edff0a5ba60a7f697ef44cae0ce51f03Jonathan Kew — bug 851952 - handle conversion between logical and device pixels in Windows screen-manager and window position-constraint code. r=jimm
82c8aaa1e90977a7d27ec45af1e7ad5fd48fa342Jonathan Kew — bug 818927 part 2 - refactoring - create a GetDPIScale method in gfxWindowsPlatform, and use this to replace GetDeviceCaps(hdc, LOGPIXELSY) in widget code. r=jimm
0517b64b90d24b1c654683c2ebc51177f5d377e6Jonathan Kew — bug 818927 - convert drop location to logical pixels for Windows. r=jimm
40cde6c631d3b93c5863b8deae4011d0c61e5a44Jonathan Kew — bug 832524 pt 1 - account for resolution-dependent size of menuitem icons in GetGutterSize. r=jimm
eca6757e918af9e8f665e915dcbce400ca823c7dHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 856520 - B2G RIL: update RILContentHelper.rilContext.networkSelectionMode correctly. r=allstars.chh
96a67be7802b21d29f8b338c8086621ad86efa54Richard Marti — Bug 856040 - Adjust padding of XUL menulist to match native widget on Windows 7 and up. r=fryn ui-r=fryn
206bb159d62ffb02f39640cb7c4ec68903f27356Ms2ger — Bug 837323 - Followup: fix silly bug.
9c72d5cfe1fbb2b92e82709338e0a4327d481f88Felipe Gomes — Bug 854299. Part 5. Make nsHelperAppDlg.promptForSaveToFileAsync actually async. r=bz
201be2cf5d880b46ed0627f33b97f62fb350cffdFelipe Gomes — Bug 854299. Part 4. Add a callback function to contentAreaUtils's getTargetFile. r=adw
e63c771fec445fcc47c65ca53e246410b001ccb4Felipe Gomes — Bug 854299. Part 3. Change tests accordingly to support operations that are now async. r=me
0abac8d9c9a2ec8e2c155e7a18c6906a859fe891Felipe Gomes — Bug 854299 - Part 2. Update DownloadLastDir.getFile. r=adw
04c4adb0c2956138fd2bbdd46c0c479e21f0676cFelipe Gomes — Bug 854299 - Part 1. Split nsExternalAppHandler::SaveToDisk in two parts to make second part async. r=bz sr=roc
a255a998af6ee8eef05c753c0162220347823f7cFelipe Gomes — Bug 850210 - Part 3. Update DownloadLastDir usage of removePrefsByName to nsIContentPrefService2. r=adw
ac442ffde0bc8eb52fbb428c653c5e32a5be9b50Gene Lian — Bug 855968 - B2G MMS: delivery is not correctly indexed in DB. r=vicamo
abb3bf029a867776b3fa0c46a9b2fcf7da25d278Randell Jesup — Bug 856434: Bug 837035 didn't create the TransportFlow for DataChannels. Passes the m-line index of the flow r=ehugg
9e0379d69dd0a03fd51b91c08f278cf6ea6ffb3cRandell Jesup — Bug 856397: Make sure we have at least one media line for createOffer() r=ekr,jsmith
29fb454270019bce7628803135dc5ae5efd448abRandell Jesup — Bug 856319: hook up createDataChannel-before-createOffer to SDP generation from bug 837035 r=ehugg
196f50e2f906e2925af0aaff308d74b8b9bf2eb9Randell Jesup — Bug 855623: Set even/odd streams via DTLS role, change Connect threading, defer connect until DTLS is connected r=ekr
39543b8a55563c473535819a2b17b941d5cb7c38Randell Jesup — Bug 855623: Update (interdiffs) in response to review r=tuexen,ehugg
abaf53f17e94b9b85b5ea2532a62cf90649e9048Randell Jesup — Bug 855623: Queue createDataChannel() calls made before onconnection and process later r=tuexen,ehugg
ea296ec9e471f8c9a7097fab23865411c47d6ed5Randell Jesup — Bug 846110: ondatachannel() should take an event not a channel r=smaug
a96c68ef05a901641162ac9599e9bef7b7ab1424Randell Jesup — Bug 855623: Add 'protocol' field, and support external negotiation r=tuexen,ehugg
c77a971c874a0cb178ae3bd143b3f7e0cb101aa6Randell Jesup — Bug 855623: DataChannel DOM changes for adding 'protocol' and external negotiation r=smaug
cd1220831b5bbfe9538b9eea3fb8783a65eece66Randell Jesup — Bug 855623: Queue createDataChannel() calls made before onconnection and process later r=tuexen,ehugg
ff8d239474ec1b22fe961478a7ea8c7921aed59eRandell Jesup — Bug 855623: Update DataChannel protocol to be declarative vs 3-way handshake (per IETF) r=tuexen,ehugg
70f1e7dd08eb6b4dd2a026c68d6a3f82f72fd051Randell Jesup — Bug 855620: Re-merge changes to SCTP library update r=tuexen
4a1a7e1cbae392babb7141509c88d849f23db812Randell Jesup — Bug 855620: Update SCTP library to rev 8441 rs=me r=tuexen
c3bfbdf4db3e238f9576453f39df832dfff74dffRandell Jesup — Bug 841126: Update DataChannels to use new stack option to ignore port numbers over DTLS links r=jesup
4222a898dbae3cdda72aeb602cac81bb9b48f50eBen Turner — Bug 856032 - 'Quota management enabled even for origins with unlimited permission granted'. r=janv.
aadfaa02374a592a91c11ebd266ce6e736d5276eTrevor Saunders — bug 781971 - hack around plugin hangs r=surkov
8b2b844834b2a2905af00327c4c20fc30afca0dcRobert Bindar — bug 856409 - Fixed comparison warnings about comparision between uint32_t and int32_t. r=tbsaunde
fb6b33021e5abd985d8cfae155146835d23a8756Jim Mathies — Bug 855407 - Route mochitest-metro-chrome test output to the metrotestharness console. r=tabraldes
82e841dba0e2277e3b28145fde487f51a6f90df1Jim Mathies — Bug 855090 - Move mochitests into a sub dir within browser/metro/base/tests. r=mbrubeck
cc0a76b193e3663c79cddda6cc26df5d0265881eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853548 - Make nsTArray::SetCapacity and InfallibleTArray::SetCapacity return void; r=jlebar
bc427ffaafc94cad6fd479ba705ea9a8359a5661Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 856339 - Make nsIMM32Handler::mClauseArray/mAttributeArray infallible; r=jimm
256f7ba1ceb85821a15784b16e01e64dcd9beea0Dão Gottwald — Bug 839516 - Reloading the selected tab should remove transient notification bars. r=gavin
7a32d12d1dce26c025512907a345d4c81b7bbf53Alexander Surkov — Bug 855732 - getTextBeforeOffset for word boundaries: evolving, r=tbsaunde
4c3ee54085e11df1fb46315f3ee7726a4186c49eNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 724533 - Make ICU build with Mozilla build for Windows. r=gps
b2f9502614730e2c1a739a946a35d392cdb4875cL. David Baron — Bug 855455: Turn on @supports in release builds. r=heycam
c46ce2cb50262c8310d36eb80b132f9e2719f321L. David Baron — Bug 855464: Optimize nsBlockReflowState::ClearFloats better, given that nsBlockFrame::WidthToClearPastFloats is somewhat expensive. r=dholbert
db744bd0ec5b56a95fb3eb69b0578e5f9869e63dL. David Baron — Note bug number (bug 846137) for assertion annotation.
f7433d1d3b238548c57babed57e8c5292732da0aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 855916 Add a debug pref which allows moz gesture events through content r=jimm
62face029ee06f2b849c9b4e8ea030f29ddf8b9eJoshua Cranmer — Followup to bug 840417 to fix static checking errors, r=bz
7bbe0b582f70fdf90afa8b5785d91baa0cda7e71Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
1c0e964bd620df1de9f09be8d4aa5a12f036a07bQuentin Headen — Bug 802454 - Log messages for 404 errors when checking for add-on updates should include the URL. r=Unfocused
b6e09da562989c871ae448956c9b69e8d2c1f1cfBlair McBride — Bug 837008 - Make the Add-ons Manager search textbox adapt to small window size. r=Mossop
82bb694b47f16947e6da957662129014c83042d7Blair McBride — Bug 806271 - Introduce new settings type, OPTIONS_TYPE_INLINE_INFO. r=Mossop
51a7f33b3ecbe9d571d91ed57e6d9325352ef41bBlair McBride — Bug 847867 - Ensure extensions.bootstrappedAddons is updated to reflect live changes. r=Mossop
54ff299711ab22aa9f11851c97f573fa23bb85e6Panos Astithas — Backout a69d60d90110 (bug 772119) for bustage
13bd20901cf59e4c3415b58670d6d20d893638f7David Creswick — Bug 851132 - Style editor shows wrong URL when middle-clicking a file name; r=mratcliffe
a69d60d901101c05c53e202a1c2ad9afac2a6d54Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 772119 - Expose source mapped sources over the remote debugging protocol; r=past
cb8cbb65a353cf32d5209dd99c4b8b12ad8721bePanos Astithas — Include AppProtocolHandler in desktop Firefox packages (bug 850421); r=bsmedberg
f942c99cfaecb3a027af01ee39e6f800e69798c2Anton Kovalyov — Bug 828051: Add GCLI commands for the JavaScript Profiler. r=dcamp
2bcc54a65d95f9f666ce8321c33502c7e6215254Alexandre Poirot — Bug 839280: Fix document leak in nsLoginManager. r=dolske
01f4312e32590a5982e3b0740bf429796adff1d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
b0e59cc09e1fbba601d8948add24783028db53c9Victor Porof — Bug 854185 - Frontend shouldn't mix promises, event listeners and callbacks on initialization/destruction, r=past
d68b52ce9322e8d38f8127f3ed209c416d3c8ccdVictor Porof — Bug 855030 - Parser.jsm should support fat arrow functions, r=past
0b7c27024048cdfbbd62005d1c4ad5e7f6edf8a8Jan Varga — Bug 854323 - Move IDBFactory to Paris bindings. r=khuey
1932c6f78248f1011c26612cd2c9eb6a1debf175Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
0e7b1dd4186889e90565ee899d8c56b233999ea2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset badf8d382f79 (bug 850210) for frequent mochitest-bc failures on a CLOSED TREE.
dd2deca1ffefdc443594698339ba0d59cb80a57eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3a242f8d8298 (bug 856032) for mochitest-2 failures.
19511a51971ee07b6d9f58c2d6584b7ffad5f215Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 856341 - Make gfxFcFontEntry::mPatterns fallible; r=jfkthame
3a242f8d82983048b650fbed348e19555cce965cBen Turner — Bug 856032 - 'Quota management enabled even for origins with unlimited permission granted'. r=janv.
8c4acb0bd10d390c0d6576e8dd63e4905a73db72Suhas Nandakumar — Bug 845357 - Patch to order writes/reads of CCApp state between threads r=jesup,ehugg
d65f7422e8bf17f18b5e9d6bed1c21b3595a3fe8Chris Peterson — Bug 855146 - Part 3: Add testInputAwesomeBar test for URL text. r=gbrown
8d3fc2a278d3f577ed6dc5938968a4fea76503b0Ethan Hugg — Bug 837035 - Support DataChannels with SDP Negotiation r=jesup,r=ehugg
335e02842d6979b4fd6a1ed59b6e75b98e32af1dJustin Lebar — Bug 856006 - Try to fix intermittent failures in KeyEvents browser-element test. r=kk1ff
c99f1fd792db545e16245f64d9e27952258e99bfMs2ger — Bug 853158 - Update the uuid of nsIDOMEventTarget and subclasses.
bb93e5fe985a67bca1689247a7d094e24e0d6af9Mike Hommey — Bug 855822 - Remove Add/RemoveLibraryMappingForChild. r=ted
0b6ab22654e15b740ad9382ac148ec05a6a58ca2Ivaylo Dimitrov — Bug 856291 - Remove xpcom reference from xulrunner pkg-config files. r=glandium
f8a5a2a8f02d702db62fd32053c5e6a4f2f58fbfJacek Caban — Bug 855675 - Disable libraries folding on mingw. r=glandium
7048bac5529622f6156030e3b41668afd95fd2edReuben Morais — Bug 856258 - Use |is| instead of |ok| to test the length of result arrays in test_contacts_basics.html. r=gwagner
1a88c4f72165572af587598c5a245191954d0dc0Reuben Morais — Backed out changeset 74fa4d93755b (bug 856258) for Windows OPT weirdness
cd4322eb7af484a43670104272934977802c5187Boris Zbarsky — Bug 851781. Make sure that we don't reenter scriptblocker removal when we don't expect to. r=smaug
b50575909c791e24db15109bc3fcd9043be5381dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 829456 - Update browser-fullZoom.js to use nsIContentPrefService2. r=mak
e15f135411f98ba5423ab96eee4970fc28c7fc2aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 855365 - Remove focusability from the tab widget area on the view pager until we can properly support it. r=sriram
74fa4d93755b3919a0c98907cb186dfe2c258276Reuben Morais — Bug 856258 - Use |is| instead of |ok| to test the length of result arrays in test_contacts_basics.html. r=gwagner
373a8c6007a3b4835124565cd2150199b7046182Felipe Gomes — Bug 850214 - Remove site-specific support from preferences.js as it is unused. r=rnewman
c82d8a79e16e8c59e2e7e10dc0a068ce5f719ec6Felipe Gomes — Bug 850213 - Update nsHTMLInputElement to nsIContentPrefService2. r=smaug
4bccb17667f04696a36f1afccf961197d6b75cc6Felipe Gomes — Bug 850210 - Part 4. Update Android's PermissionsHelper usage of contentPrefs to nsIContentPrefService2. r=adw
badf8d382f7900f72eaa820ba5f753a74de55a01Felipe Gomes — Bug 850210 - Part 3. Update DownloadLastDir usage of removePrefsByName to nsIContentPrefService2. r=adw
beb4504163306df932c3e5cf05f2137808c8b775Felipe Gomes — Bug 850210 - Part 2. Update removeGroupedPrefs usage to nsIContentPrefService2.removeAllDomains. r=adw
acf32763c61d1227fc4a3b3964041f92b949bab8Felipe Gomes — Bug 850210 - Part 1. Update ForgetAboutSite.jsm to use the nsIContentPrefService2 API. r=adw
655a6333fe672ff8ee1559f982c8263df78aa135Daniel Holbert — Bug 856199: Remove nsHTMLReflowState's no-longer-needed AutoRestore #include. r=dbaron
845d28ab458e589c04561bcc1a4f936189f00005Daniel Holbert — Bug 841876: Enable flexbox pref in release builds. r=dbaron
bafd95fdf1ac029fdfae3ac75032320aaf75ce38Daniel Holbert — Bug 785468: Compute flex container's baseline as-described in the spec. r=dbaron
b2cb3d603fa6ccfa57474959c022940258c51e38Daniel Holbert — Bug 853946: Replace flex container's cached content-box cross-size and cached ascent with local variables in Reflow(). rs=Waldo
f5b92b22981cf83ae7996666b8fa8b18bec89a31Eddy Bruel — Bug 789897 - Implement isExtensible and preventExtensions traps for proxies, including scriptable direct proxies, and in the various wrapper classes. Also move non-static JSObject::preventExtensions to static ObjectImpl::preventExtensions, for handle correctness. Patch is a semi-tag-team effort with jwalden. r=jwalden, r=ejpbruel, r=bholley, r=two-turtle-doves-and-a-partridge-in-a-pear-tree
8ea262c8bb9ce6cd773eb1ff84dee339b33659d8Bobby Holley — Bug 853709 - Deny accessor definitions in SecurityWrapper. r=mrbkap
65be7ecc6fd6e7402f70a6a894e4971936bd8a53Bobby Holley — Bug 856127 - Override the override. r=bz
a619c7ea5e75b21af9eaaf87fd76e57bed63b4f9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7112a6c1efee (bug 734691) for Win8 xpcshell hangs and possible leaks on a CLOSED TREE.
0db3022ca2e6bec95897850f797f078464a7f529Kyle Machulis — Backout for changeset 03452b187c14 (Bug 855465) due to bustage on a CLOSED TREE; r=qdot
53e9a37cebabf4e163756076abf50bf2c74c5f1fJonathan Griffin — Bug 851666 - Update the emulator to try and get rid of an intermittent orange, r=aki
fa15e3c18ecf0a0270c5f31c3571c5904ecb3151Shu-yu Guo — Bug 855133. (r=mjrosenb)
ec0843fee0cda904c20569f6fd1c15d3e2cf910aOlli Pettay — Bug 856167 - DeviceAcceleration and DeviceRotationRate have wrong classinfo, r=bz
03452b187c1406f07556cf5f0db7e99cc3a93aaeKyle Machulis — Bug 855465 - Add emacs python mode comments to files; r=gps
ae83ff003e8272df99eaba41d4662b12a5bed3e8Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 855965 - Symbolic range analysis transfers range analysis bounds to phis. r=mjrosenb
fb60b02f6281b7e225c4774472e1a43ac5fa92b0Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 834270 - Fix PeerConnection error callbacks to return code/reason phrase r=ekr,jsmith
c3fccc05f7b569c3413a706497374bcdb1fe91e4Ethan Hugg — Bug 855796 - vcmOnSdpParseError should be dispatched to main thread r=abr
cc53af70fd5811d05d86a56dc79264239c1490c3Luis de Bethencourt — Bug 855712 - Remove trailing whitespaces in image/src/*cpp. r=jmuizelaar
1cbbb788632aa1730f2204139f8f8134b285197fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset af6a5d1a3097 (bug 837035) for reanimating the most annoying leak of recent memory on a CLOSED TREE. r=YUNOLETITDIE?
7112a6c1efeebb91daa8ed555574317bcecb3a54James Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler r=benwa
3f725a32ba892ced00a8c3ed04f6dc6c353ff510David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 782641 - Fixed ReferenceError. r=yoric
0bcf5be5244bdc0d0226fe656321e42a2f86b8b5Tanvi Vyas — Bug 855730 - Logging patch to see if I can determine the cause of the failures in bug 840388's mochitests. r=smaug
a6ab3e11f721e49e0b2499ba0fa54ecf80e35522Gregory Szorc — Bug 837323 - Bustage followup; r=me
eff168eefd8c4f87554b8ce15cc83c841db940e4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 839788 - Switch Browse button from an <input> to a <button>. r=bz
d61461019eba2fe9862c3d8c69ddc83e831b1c22Oleg Romashin — Bug 855586 - Patch in bug 824642 has wrong logic. r=nical.bugzilla
af6a5d1a3097deb61215c8573ae3762d52dc3e2dEthan Hugg — Bug 837035 - Support DataChannels with SDP Negotiation r=jesup
dc0b6744aef665c2445664d3758fa828a28e3d8aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out bug 789897 due to regressions.
a61aa08ab4ac92a5f909a87f0aa717a05eb36df2Gregory Szorc — Bug 837323 - Automatically clobber when CLOBBER is updated; r=ted
88ec6ee2d57a2c62051e13aba2c83bc071ccc47cTerrence Cole — Bug 765432 - Make JS_IsAboutToBeFinalized indirect; r=bholley,billm
36eca1fb1c5c19f78a1383991c99afdba42b9dd9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844816: Remove tests for open in new tab/private tab in Awesomebar. [r=bnicholson]
c710854a413fbc62a0b8579d21e7fa67b5dd6802Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844816: Remove context menu entries for new tab/private tab in Awesomebar. [r=mfinkle]
7d1b8ee0e1bdd4103ffec5e989103420b9ac3f57Andrew Quartey — Bug 827684 - Fix potential memory leak of OmxDecoder if Init fails on Android. r=doublec
f372d173b948709d996adc74ed1d0f769bdaeac9Simone Carletti — Bug 853810 - Add .POST to PSL. r=gerv.
51be4c6ccf8eba1babbd66689fb02eb65fbaa5faBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 831768 part 2 - Also defer painting from RecvUpdateBackground just as we did with RecvAsyncSetWindow, r=gfritzsche
76d14e65da8406ad3d43c2db19bfef61a9033cfbDavid Chan — Bug 855192 - Fix MockPermissionPrompt scope. r=jgriffin
645f32d5e266c57d3859efee1de8b700427e206eCykesiopka — Bug 852295 - Allow Lightweight Themes in Permanent Private Browsing. r=dao
1bd3110dcc8283995c745da349e527e372943798Brandon Coffman — Bug 849624 - Add tests. r=surkov
6d50859261b0cdf4c5a6c05bc4a6387ebc9b9b31Brandon Coffman — Bug 849624 - Map header and footer to their newly recommended roles. r=surkov
8db756a2bcd17abb8c849847668b370091f18556David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 846848 - UNC-formated paths. r=froydnj
214782bec2a6cf03ac581b019e1e85986e6e4f8fSuhas — Bug 844295 - Make removeStream as not implemented. r=abr, r=jesup
95c1cfb26fdae18f4b598ef42d407a0f3a86b70dJim Chen — Bug 842013 - Buffer IME key events and dispatch them at once; r=cpeterson
d8d5b906ca42eb1a6650056233e8851323e74a1bJim Chen — Bug 842013 - Don't add extra modifiers to key press events; r=cpeterson
fccb21a4fada923b0482d16b3881242c44ee973fJim Chen — Bug 842013 - Suppress key up events during key down event; r=cpeterson
154de20f3148ac0879852054dcc94e11b0ba7c41Jim Chen — Bug 842013 - Send key events for character input; r=cpeterson
952a136276e9bd4adf8569fb64a3a1ef723b537aSimone Carletti — Bug 853805 - Add .CW to PSL. r=gerv.
71545c41ea4c072e06e6c26173686156061baba3Josh Aas — Bug 842887 - Update Mozilla's copy of libevent from 1.4.7 to 2.0.21. r=bsmedberg
da6d6d18abea0e0ba19785fe1e2ee4ede5753329Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 17b7d2222f14 (bug 855407) for likely causing leaks.
cc72c7cba674ca2e2ff0c8e0b60c24e08a19fd93Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
753f285620fe5c029e5d9b96199205db7585d737Joel Maher — Bug 856000 - remove SimpleTest.finish() call from states/test_tree.xul. r=tbsaunde
68a3cd15473229494c17c39e7ce023baa0c3bb47Joel Maher — Bug 685652 - we need a pushPermissionsEnv equivalent to pushPrefEnv in SpecialPowers. r=jdm
1e42f4a23d3089281af43bd07f6f0694a90760d0Jim Mathies — Bug 850673 - Prevent triggering selection attachment when the user clicks rapidly on the find bar navigation buttons. r=mbrubeck
17b7d2222f14083b4bc8ccff1c8375079cc353d7Jim Mathies — Bug 855407 - When running mochitest-metro-chrome, route test harness output to the metrotestharness console. r=tabraldes
fef1ee969a6124fb1a4e8347f2005473dd54c1b0Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 855807 - Register 'inliner' and not 'inlinee' as the aborted script r=shu
75759f66b7162de66c82cf6ebb76510907245c7dHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 855643 - B2G RIL: actively update networkSelectionMode at the first time querying. r=allstars.chh
ac2c4d7eb56d82af615d30f60b3f215d296511e3Jonathan Watt — Bug 855999 - The position of the thumb for vertical <input type=range> with native theming on OS X should not be inverted. r=me
04e984b6b5e00b3b1f9e6b7a638653b3195b478bJonathan Watt — Bug 855048 - nsRangeFrame shouldn't init the "nsReflowStatus frameStatus" that it passes into ReflowChild. r=dholbert
d9508b8cf2624e7b32ff78213348a585db1f0176Edgar Chen — Bug 852815 - Correct Icc related naming in RadioInterfaceLayer and RILContentHelper. r=allstars.chh
4af5ba9da8c7d5bf978c39c8a8ada4d1cfab6173Reuben Morais — No bug - Add EXPOSED_SYMBOLS back to ContactService.jsm.
ad75012bfabfb1b81c485d42cedf417ffe0b616bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 9: Avoid temporarily setting a layer's visible region to a non-final value. r=mattwoodrow
c226b01745609ffbfa065bf548df0cbdbf419529Robert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 7: Remove Layer::IntersectClipRect because it's no longer used and it's prone to cause unnecessary Mutateds. r=mattwoodrow
643b78450848a17005742ce9e9bcf310a5a618aeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 6: Don't temporarily reset clip when recycling Thebes/Image/ColorLayers. r=mattwoodrow
d9916e4fb4eb5b21e2cd88aef044b5047982d7c0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 5: Don't temporarily reset clip rect when reusing an existing layer. r=mattwodrow
a086dd52e5d4552ac54308707c23e55ca2c44e4aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 4: Don't call RepositionChild if the layer is already in the right position. r=mattwoodrow
8b386ed03fb5c3029aee463403829e119243bf07Robert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 3.5: Ensure that Mutated is called for all layer attributes. r=mattwoodrow
3658b65b020668540329737cfcf8fdbba50f8a8bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 3: Add logging to track addition of IPC edits and causes of layer mutation. Also avoid unnecessary mutate in ClearAnimations. r=mattwoodrow
2aa2721736af1a7a1815509dafd98d0b41947d46Robert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 1: Don't create nsDisplayButtonForegrounds for buttons that aren't focused. r=mats
2e930513d923b81fadab2a78ce566926b94bd139Robert O'Callahan — Bug 852489. Part 0: Disable part of testSystemPages for intermittent failures. r=gbrown
4a57008543aa8cbb0b6072b0c7c166b57249c3d2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 850487. Fix --enable-profiling build breakage by not relying on imports inside #ifdefs. r=bnicholson
5a7aaa967ad3f809b015034939eab2ca9f4a0129Julian Seward — Bug 855662 - SPS breakpad: free breakpad-allocated memory when unwinder thread shuts down. r=bgirard
7a41df293babd744ac87ab626b791c11500ff5cdReuben Morais — No bug - Don't export the ContactService object. DONTBUILD
53b183fe1d6262fec8dde644b40423ff09b9568dPhil Ringnalda — Back out 89e99ecdf29f (bug 734691) for leaking
088d73e55949ec3063b5da92ed3b76bcd25c6a34Brian R. Bondy — Backout b420dcf17910 for bustage on some slaves. CLOSED TREE. r=me
85eedb253f255e287b80074668a8675435577529Brian R. Bondy — Backout 9eb6532ccfc3 for bustage on some slaves. r=me
77deab8dff65f9ca7fe79ca3904bd865a1bb5fcfGregory Szorc — Bug 855860 - Preferences to control logging to terminal; r=rnewman
89e99ecdf29f75eca977a57c62810f3c495d71bfJames Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler. r=benwa
231da3d51bf92acce23a1ac2ecf28e00b6936727Randell Jesup — Bug 855595: Add Listener as well as track for unittests. Also clean up warnings r=ekr
2c10a759015fcd3796fa0f21897de39207ee01a2Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 849185 - part2 - test case. r=allstars.chh
c59a33280850872064deda04f2a84c2d2120dbdfHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 849185 - Disable the airplane mode when an emergency number is dialed. r=allstars.chh
d470390898dffab895ea781aa372237579f43179Bobby Holley — Bug 855922 - Check XBL scopes per-compartment in the SOW isSafeToUnwrap hook. r=bz
d2225846e42c281efe8142acddc121d51db34fc0Tanvi Vyas — Bug 855730 - Extend the mochitest timeout for file_mixed_content_frameNavigation_secure_grandchild.html to 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds to prevent intermittent tests failures. r=smaug
9eb6532ccfc3f0072dbaac5e60a6c62e3b587e11Brian R. Bondy — Bug 842130 - Fix fullscreen video which currently isn't working. r=mbrubeck
b420dcf17910b4150402127de32281a46cca8490Brian R. Bondy — Bug 850458 - Add full screen video element to html5 video controls. r=mbrubeck
c15696ed3d83d435dd7fbcababacfeb5c3d21cb8Richard Marti — Bug 853431 - Fix menulist active (hover) text color on Windows 7 and up. r=fryn ui-r=fryn
67d03ef1c2f0bd2048b83fa12bb6001ece522fffMarty Rosenberg — Bug 836486: Part 2 - turn on Ion Monkey for ARMv6 (r=jbramley)
f00c41faab97849db04c7b4afbfe54b801631e08Marty Rosenberg — Bug 836486: Part 1 - Add in ARMv6 support for IonMonkey (r=jbramley)
d2b965a319c61dd48759b57ff146da9ebc1caa3aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset fa9cde226b2a (bug 839788) for breaking mochitests the same way it did the first time it landed on a CLOSED TREE.
6b50cbf374d6fbda41ce7279c0701c234659db46Mats Palmgren — Bug 854102 - Fix JS syntax errors that broke the builtin file picker. r=mounir
c29279c952385f983ff592287303fe31003e66bdSid Stamm — Bug 687086 - change nsIContentSecurityPolicy to return two values, shouldBlock and shouldReportViolation. r=bz
354fb47d8205b827f61605a796fcc68c7af539f0Gregor Wagner — Bug 854945 - PhoneNumber.js: update metadata. r=gal
ccf927340e8e7cfc41d0801e50405af94a2000b2Daniel Holbert — Bug 855850: Use MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT instead of #if, to verify that "break type" values are representable in 4 bits. r=mats
c28f3dfd9a0e505286217e0146dec77349007b25Wes Johnston — backout 8cc00926f486
f8974a6e15526f432eadf2b8d17c16794da77c78Wes Johnston — backout 8cc00926f486
a4e929eed71cb22f9819ca1d6299e406fd4e328cTill Schneidereit — Bug 855895 - reading in failed jit-tests with -r or -R is broken. r=terrence
a92c968b29ae53249bb193772a9d43a4fd9f941bSean Stangl — Bug 837312: IonMonkey: Inline a strict subset of known targets, r=sstangl,djvj
6f264e8f22cf605602bc1ac3c167dbed4efb0d8bJason Duell — Bug 849364 - Provide per-websocket way to enable keepalive pings. r=mcmanus
1a5385e4ee447dd05bddc802e16b57de10a01f97Matt Brubeck — Bug 855709 - Fix error in mach mochitest commands when objdir is a relative path [r=gps]
a6762dd7a646f45e2b14c4209750e03f1d7ba956Blake Kaplan — Bug 852436 - nsWrapperCache::WrapObject returning false means failure, even if there's no pending exception. r=bz
e1e0dcc905c5012df00ca88e6c03d8e02fddbf4bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 852312: Remove white spaces in about:home refactor. [r=me]
c3cb49f3953351a698649bcc3f2d25f18643e57eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 852312: Split views in about:home [r=bnicholson]
9ec706efc6c0dbd49fd7a5404744e15892fb8229Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 852312: Move the custom views in about:home to widget directory. [r=bnicholson]
fa9cde226b2aa6d9e67ba641366d426cd3823ac3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 839788 - Switch Browse button from an <input> to a <button>. r=bz
6136218d56dfa71f5bc1411a4329e28f6e4c6b07Mounir Lamouri — Bug 855657 - Follow-up comments for bug 838705. r=enndeakin
6d3525785f9fc1074a7c08eeaeda80c9b9c82a8bDevdatta Akhawe — Bug 850435. Separately measure telemetry UI for iframes and toplevel documents. r=felipe
f5bfd7b0b6bc558c5d6ae298a30bef979199151bDave Townsend — Bug 855831: Uplift Add-on SDK changeset bb071f7ac300d9a3d8227148153c892efc94f0b7.
29c3bf1d142ea1ae49f614262b4db2b53f0cc7e4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855783 - Map the gamepad second joystick's y-axis to zooming. r=Cwiiis
d09726c2fa5079a202e79f2a7499932edad4c975Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855783 - Rename autoscroll to autonav so that we can lump autozooming in there too. r=Cwiiis
f1892fbe77d922158bbb61d42146874f63e7984bBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Flip pref to omit Components in content. r=me
f379f0acbbc05327fb2efea0118a8031b60cde8dBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Fix miscellaneous Components proliferation. r=me
3e2047c6e7235456ab29371fb273b2276e1ec799Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Fix automation detection to handle Components shim. rs=mccr8
49f0306ffa2f35e0812f9cba74d3aa416ca17e2eOlli Pettay — Bug 855091 - Paris bindings for WheelEvent, r=peterv
7cd3d772634a6dcf3ec3820731db50ab296b5c24Olli Pettay — Bug 855486 - Paris binding for TextEvent, r=peterv
390e9d43975ab4d6d02c1d2d7ff9c9477b697233Olli Pettay — Bug 854999 - Paris binding for SimpleGestureEvent, r=peterv
2e5701db7bba447423decb53d5c74b89ebffe0bdOlli Pettay — Bug 855241 - Paris binding for ScrollAreaEvent, r=peterv
1eef333d163adef845ea01aab8e9aad248b2a710Olli Pettay — Bug 855110 - Paris binding for XULCommandEvent, r=peterv
54bb25670a973dd169afb766542f6aff345b1a82Olli Pettay — Bug 855522 - Paris binding for ClipboardEvent, r=peterv
046ff5c0a0ba01a29e45e2bfea0ba7fe34da85f0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844816: Add open new tab/private tab to long press menu of about:home thumbnails. [r=mfinkle]
8cc00926f48657510c1b2cca5366402e322fc112Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844816: Remove context menu entries for new tab/private tab in Awesomebar. [r=mfinkle]
947b9aa5e2d3961f8334f8656616c68634fd744cAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 835930 - move b2g unittest profile handling on top of mozbase instead of, r=jgriffin
ee67360ec6628de92c2ba6dfa45b19dde050ab2bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 1f5713b14a2a, c30a353ecf23, and f4ef406c1256 (bug 836486) for Android and B2G bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
2cb5ad80203eec7e62aafa136b1ce3528de5dd19Terrence Cole — Bug 855145 - DeMACROize the JS tracing interfaces; r=billm,mccr8
1f5713b14a2a5152441226874611d2b366ee724fMarty Rosenberg — No Bug: Fix android bustage on armv6 push (r=red, CLOSED TREE)
2760f4cfce74733a5ee997fba07a495ccfe7c0ccJonathan Watt — Bug 855301 - Add support for native theming of <input type=range> on Linux. r=roc
e2ec9e008ee98b14daee568a693ffb3283ea4463Margaret Leibovic — Bug 854605 - (Part 3) User selectAtPoint to start a selection. r=bnicholson
16adf42b1eee00825eafb70e3ed76d188734776dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 854605 - (Part 2) Make private SelectionHandler functions look private. r=bnicholson
0e4a2753c2a281af70b35bbf40c4017284d80b67Margaret Leibovic — Bug 854605 - (Part 1) Rename SelectionHandler properties to better match metro's SelectionHandler. r=bnicholson
ae4bb9b986cf50e038870b8a75abfdd99ba00f23Tanvi Vyas — Bug 834836 - /dom/tests - Fix tests that break when security.mixed_content.block_active_content is set to true and if/when security.mixed_content.block_display_content is set to true. r=smaug,msucan
d2eefc0da377f856fc31a0c363c4f75aeacb7601Tanvi Vyas — Bug 834836 - Allow mixed active content on mixed content tests that depend on mixed active content to test securty state changes. r=bsmith
9b46d7f33f26042e25aa5c1826fe845d21de9d11Tanvi Vyas — Bug 834836 - CSP - Fix tests that break when security.mixed_content.block_active_content is set to true and if/when security.mixed_content.block_display_content is set to true. r=sstamm
d3d0e464dbf68b56c9e7377d5f6b80ac4bfcea11Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839767 - Update another hard-coded layout height to use an attribute. r=sriram
9a0e1cdd47ce137ff878e0e53fe941ba61971b86Chris Peterson — Bug 855146 - Part 2: Extract runOnUiThreadSync() test method. r=gbrown
d8ddbb883e3bfcec0e32bc11e9ea2c81534743b2Reuben Morais — Bug 855790 - Fix Clang trunk compilation error on gfxPlatformMac.h r=mattwoodrow
c30a353ecf2390f60dac7f072a53cab07df88420Marty Rosenberg — Bug 836486: Part 2 - turn on Ion Monkey for ARMv6 (r=jbramley)
f4ef406c1256c4488081686517be039ae7da9529Marty Rosenberg — Bug 836486: Part 1 - Add in ARMv6 support for IonMonkey (r=jbramley)
9a5f2fcb73634d65733a265a1eeefb9181bc99d4Justin Lebar — Bug 852847 - Part 3: Re-enable some browser-element tests. r=kk1ff
a654498f21a935496fd6b0f0b1ba274fa8261c27Justin Lebar — Bug 852847 - Part 2: Do things later in our browser-element tests, thus avoiding doing things before the browser-element machinery has loaded. r=kk1ff
3c08796dead27edcf60492216e646367a32147c1Justin Lebar — Bug 852847 - Part 1: Disable browserElement_oop_KeyEvents.html. r=kk1ff
db2babefda123b26b1900c4be799b2a9c642d5caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 854001 part 2. Remove a null check in bindings code that is no longer needed because workers no longer use a DOMJSClass for prototype objects. r=peterv,bent
3e18a5b5257d321b229cf0a64fab9957db10a0fcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 854001 part 1. Give workers that are pretending to be on WebIDL bindings separate JSClasses for instance objects and prototype objects. r=peterv,bent
5c230db2b247f420378825191366b92bbcfaec1fJustin Lebar — Bug 854924 - Change "can't allocate graphics resources" in TabParent to an NS_WARNING. r=bent
f1b0e51c1b929ff2cd909e5bed3dccc9ac4f29b2Justin Lebar — Bug 854880 - Make canceling a RunnableFunction actually cancel the task. r=bent
e4d8e21d0788c83fd54187e7fb0d2be097e25878ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-015 - a=blocklist-update
8693d1d4c86d6b3f8a061a4a9d2ff4aba82cf9a7Doug Turner — Bug 822712 - SimplePush - Add PushManager to the test_interfaces.html test. r=dougt
bfced2ecc0cf1dcce04cf11b1fa303ea5eb5ff3cDoug Turner — Bug 822712 - SimplePush - UDP Wakeup feature. r=jst, jlebar
2aaf82b852e7094dcef1cfe19e0aaac2d9c6829fNikhil Marathe — Bug 822712 - SimplePush - Implementation. r=dougt, jst, jlebar
e93a4da268567beff120415f500b754e30ea83b8Doug Turner — Bug 822712 - SimplePush - Interface. r=dougt, sr=sicking
8aeabe064932e1aaeee531dfa3e6e475381095a1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
a39cf8abc9c21a0c964bd132e399fc73e9e3f576Jan Beich — Bug 855728 - Always export FakeSpeechRecognitionService.h. r=gps
23850987c825d2e48be20e0e5f7bac22357af1f9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 825196 - Convert HTMLInputElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
3ffdb788846d95ce1a822213336c6462e6b28443Andrea Marchesini — Bug 825196 - Rename nsHTMLInputElement to HTMLInputElement. r=Ms2ger
11994f2d5c7e4321a22646e69e37f433e022d1baRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7277772800430f2449542b42f347051892123b40Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, fix bustage in nsHttpChannel.cpp when tracer build enabled, r=bustage CLOSED TREE
6da10679d191089d6a35ce860dd050f2dcf3baf1Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, fix bustage in nsHttpChannel.cpp, r=bustage CLOSED TREE
74ff7f32edd89976f2db3647dec23f5920723e2fHonza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, fix bustage in nsHttpChannel.cpp, r=bustage
a321bf04c39b999adf95fb8d2bca95a68d966bc6Tom Schuster — Bug 839979 - Implement r=jorendorff
81cef708ab47be07690e03f07edb756e5733705aJeff Walden — Bug 789897 - Make BaseProxyHandler::{isExtensible,preventExtensions} pure virtual. r=bholley
6644525153e8389d198f5da6254b589ed81079d7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839767 - Add focus and highlight to about:home rows. r=sriram,wesj
636cfcab9682a63543eebf55cbd0c931d447f979Julian Seward — Bug 853851 - Transition some breakpad logging to BPLOG. r=ted
85dd7094b78d0cce60b28adab74b14b9536e0846Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, part2 - event tracer service, r=ehsan
260e98308023b51ad665612bf4be04bd8d0e7aa1Honza Bambas — Bug 729182 - Implement visual event tracer, part1 - instrumentation, r=mcmanus,bz,ehsan,bsmedberg,michal
c9e35e4221e5239d7044c70cb15893b8a7b9aad5Bill McCloskey — Bug 855136 - Fix build error on android on a CLOSED TREE
37fbc474ed187f3cb0b30939637c0201673efd5bSimone Carletti — Bug 849816 - Add to PSL. r=gerv.
d9d91dde95a325151591c0d346e09da2426da96bSimone Carletti — Bug 854388 - Add AWS CloudFront to PSL. r=gerv.
16eb654ae7436c6378cf87d0d96ec5ced2dbbed2Simone Carletti — Bug 854463 - Add AWS S3 to PSL. r=gerv.
e3c08b01675e907fb9a5ce9bb83bcef90f0a3ccaSimone Carletti — Bug 855715 - Add AWS ELB to PSL. r=gerv.
c1d4ca637c6107a5a56b38ff2ca0a0993869da06Sid Stamm — Bug 832398 - change default-source to default-src in CSP error messages. r=l10n
b2818d4dccfe5d47ceffcaea6e06f3da4444aba2Bill McCloskey — Bug 855136 - Don't use call/construct slots for direct proxies (r=luke)
3d7ab7be4d31ddd6c107668a4a4cc0f260e1af67Bill McCloskey — Bug 855136 - Don't require call/construct args to NewProxyObject (r=luke)
ba144296a12883b03880c2a25d2aa95b0b432c22Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853560 - Fix nsTArray::SetCapacity callers in dom/plugins to not look at the return value; r=bsmedberg
30bea74a353eb0c9d3cd73811eec051254a9b578Benoit Girard — Bug 844292 - Add a mach target for GTest. r=gps DONTBUILD as NPOTB
c69d74aecb032cdcc87d82f442a1c3189650ce2fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 855471 - Transfer focus to the LayerView when receiving a gamepad panning-related event. r=mfinkle
8d6834c316fe40a289645f89c69a026c97677f81Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855471 - Rename OnInterceptTouchListener to TouchEventInterceptor. r=mfinkle
70896d62e7d3f3779f49e0b6ff115716cb988a52Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855431 - Make the gamepad action button work on awesome screen list items. r=sriram
d96d3de291875548b111ab74b2bffd5e2c6ee6d1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855016 - Make the promobox show a focus highlight. r=sriram
513cf5f344950a31ab6d8b55fd71517c10e478e2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855016 - Make the more-text links on about:home sections focusable and gamepad-actionable. r=sriram
321ce1200edea58447113365dd89f6257136a664Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 855016 - Allow gamepad action button to trigger the row items on about:home. r=sriram
2e564ec4c11d2cbc37a43e1247c4c72078ebcb24Eddy Bruel — Bug 789897 - Add scripting support + tests for isExtensible, preventExtensions traps. r=jwalden, r=jorendorff
804c5ca59d99e89c7ee1e1d223a6ceafd34e0b65Eddy Bruel — Bug 789897 - Implement a preventExtensions trap for proxies. Patch is a semi-tag-team effort with jwalden. r=jwalden, r=ejpbruel, r=bholley, r=two-turtle-doves-and-a-partridge-in-a-pear-tree
a4e200fe684d5717113a5374ffe5ec3ace820118Jeff Walden — Bug 789897 - Move JSObject::preventExtensions (non-static) to ObjectImpl::preventExtensions (static). r=ejpbruel
ea96ee5c55eca00f09ae4c11a1e0d1c0160580d5Eddy Bruel — Bug 789897 - Implement an isExtensible trap for proxies. Patch is a semi-tag-team effort with jwalden. r=jwalden, r=ejpbruel, r=bholley, r=two-turtle-doves-and-a-partridge-in-a-pear-tree
f2918a4f8f22e80c1c96b6204ffc44590b022955Matt Brubeck — Bug 855562 - Fix error in "mach mochitest-metro" [r=Ms2ger]
c6426bf82bb6fc688f092a4af31f19cb98770b17Matt Brubeck — Bug 855563 - Improve mach mochitest file checking and error reporting [r=gps]
1330edb0de29354453c40bf4750b256af290ea53Hannes Verschore — Bug 851792: IonMonkey: Add stub for TypedArray with JSAtom index in IonCache, r=jandem
d250db95c14b4ce25f1cbd64744035cfea0fef21Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 807442 - Make assertion non-fatal. r=hsivonen
6ea012d36e73d98720a048851be650129055ea1aSotaro Ikeda — Bug 850566 - Part 3: Set video size to SurfaceDescriptorGralloc. r=doublec
ae71a585726fbad75456df67f630c7292fe9e061Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 850566 - Part 2: Render gralloc buffer by using image size. r=roc
345246c6d0103195906b4ecf122a5fb4973b1fc3Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 850566 - Part 1: Add image size to SurfaceDescriptorGralloc. r=nical
6b3122df808da3ffeef8ef2ddcab9d1913ea64f3Florian Quèze — Bug 855112 - fails with a "reference to undefined property options.bytes" JS Error, r=Yoric.
7538d3ff1e1458d1e630fae17f55ecfc5f6eddbePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 852092 (Improve DOM list ICs) - part 2, don't generate stubs if there's shadowing and enable the Ion IC for slot reads. r=jandem.
202716eedf730b17e24b3b47bf0d4d10aeb212f3Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 852092 (Improve DOM list ICs) - part 1, factor out ListBase checks for the Ion IC. r=jandem.
7e13b0fd42f0de1e19d510047e042e22f60d5492Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 852094 (Support Unforgeable on proxy-based DOM bindings) - add a JS_DefineOwnProperty API that takes a JSPropertyDescriptor. r=Waldo.
85bcef2ac1fdba2e8340c0898c91f8ffb4fecbf7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 820657 (Implement the NamedGetter functionality on HTMLDocument) - hook up document.all in the HTMLDocument NamedGetter. r=bz.
1d97c190fe249a918977b8fd02f4a353955651bfPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 820657 (Implement the NamedGetter functionality on HTMLDocument) - refactor code to support document.all. r=bz.
a2e02690e9bd42fa9ff09c176ac3bfb985753175Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 820657 (Implement the NamedGetter functionality on HTMLDocument) - implement GetSupportedNames on HTMLDocument. r=bz.
8960293f0fb31b93ed9dd309f11f7ea5983e5413Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820657. Implement the NamedGetter on HTMLDocument. r=peterv
685c53d8b16e73c949c9325f21c60b301b183ce3David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 852143 - Write strings efficiently in OS.File. r=froydnj
6cd356da2f148e22e0faf40b229a2c2ff563fe7dvliu — Bug 849330 - Camera recording needs AID_SDCARD_RW capability. r=dhylands
f1394606c45136f05b2215c3ca0e5e75ce416974Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f0b16aba4df7 (bug 839788) for mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
8f1f83f4f183880d3e10d8e4ef513cc26d590f02Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853576 - Check for negative indices supplied in scatter r=shu
f0b16aba4df715fad56ca3267034d340d563e533Mounir Lamouri — Bug 839788 - Switch Browse button from an <input> to a <button>. r=bz
91b7d9a8c226289b6c0e0263e68ccc72a5fc1a27Jacek Caban — Bug 855286 - Fix gamepad compilation on mingw. r=ted
52cd656def30eb0be5f96db2c8e95a7d34b10988Julian Seward — Bug 855012 -,h and,h have no license information (& probably need MPL boilerplate), r=dholbert
e503b1458e77ac0cf97214876b668191b06200e8Gina Yeh — Bug 853200 - Remove unused event handlers from idl, r=echou, sr=mrbkap
14064d4b31e73546eae73a4e158bb3d6850ebf46Daniel Holbert — Bug 801268: Add crashtest for this bug. (test only, no review)
1370c07c5d3d925ab114e0258d8714aa259c766eDaniel Holbert — Bug 854263: Add special-case for flex items that are instances of nsFrame, whose trivial reflow impl doesn't request enough space for its border/padding. r=dbaron
9c98428a284e5ed5899bc8b9f11d033ae512af24Nicholas Cameron — Bug 853710. Optimise use of general purpose regs stm/ldm. r=mjrosenb
76ba219af069428248354dffbdcc18bbb54ec474Edgar Chen — Bug 843614 - Part 2: Enable test_outgoing_busy. r=hsinyi
2a0138828f01ce154b9efc72d9d7ab590171afe5Edgar Chen — Bug 843614 - Part 1: Enable test_outgoing_badNumber. r=hsinyi
7a983737db1f95cc4318b4fe65f76adfd3d3488cMarty Rosenberg — Bug 843015: Don't optimize a function that arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.7.2 seems to miscompile. (r=dvander)
766f39da353bc411d0ca49c7626b1ddb040bebefGary Kwong — Update Valgrind suppressions for bug 793548 and bug 823782. DONTBUILD
2f63e2f90d5c735d620b0fd43ed30a452bde6915Aaron Klotz — Bug 855507: Update talos.json to capture new xperf main thread I/O counters. r=aki
293498096b28db1095f01f0ef9f130afd3dea2bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 840388 followup: Remove completely unused variable 'chromeParent' introduced in cf276949f2b6, to fix unused variable build warning. (trivial patch, no review)
afe27d80eeef99d75e26223b5578a4cdb73735eeDaniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 7: Fix or disable reftests that depend on min-width:auto / min-height:auto. r=dbaron
e7a9e30409ebfd2e430e554b5ba85f07b8d5e602Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 6: Back out ff0658329dbd, bug 763689 part 1 (CSS parser support for min-width:auto & min-height:auto). r=dbaron
f8b5090d02e5498afbb10711686997a4861571dcDaniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 5: Back out 6bb37077d615, bug 763689 part 2 (style-system handling for min-width:auto). r=dbaron
5db313632268579f5b66e6728cb08985148ff1a7Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 4: Back out 82f73bdb2237, bug 763689 part 3 (style-system handling for min-height:auto). r=dbaron
7a289f49170f58373d94a39507b5b916560e6589Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 3: Back out part of 076d87bf30d0, bug 666041 part 7 (flexbox frame class impl -- just removing the code that deals with min-height:auto). r=dbaron
1eae876d6c3afda2db30b2f41dd935d58e28ac16Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 2: Back out de6a5c46a8ff, bug 666041 part 8 (special-handling for min-width:auto as min-content, for flex items). r=dbaron
edd98255e81d2b5aa4b366654be351efcdd92f50Daniel Holbert — Bug 848539 part 1: Back out ed5120ffd118 from bug 794748 (mochitest for min-width:auto). r=dbaron
95274843db65e4ae1d23a88738628448cc266e27Tanvi Vyas — Bug 841850 - Mochitests. r=smaug
f46bbb876415cf01aa646aa6a646205e96555e87Tanvi Vyas — Bug 841850 - Check the target of a link click and update the content type from TYPE_SUBDOCUMENT to TYPE_DOCUMENT if the target is a new document. r=bz
844ef68557d8339001a1dc7ea25a10737be07bb1Tanvi Vyas — Bug 836951 - Add mDocShell to nsSecureBrowserUIImpl. Traverse up to the root doc shell. r=bsmith,smaug
cdcf6581c682bfef3270e25d3390897cfb71a0deTanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Mochitests that navigate https frames to http frames, both when a secure parent exists and when no secure parents exist. Tested with the mixed active content pref enabled and disabled. r=smaug
cf276949f2b65be190249b943557efa629e11c53Tanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Check if a iframe has any https parents. If not, then there is no mixed content since we are not on a secure page. r=smaug
7fdeab2a549dafa1373d3e76b9167c63f97178dfMark Hammond — Bug 820743 - test-only change to (hopefully!) fix intermittent chat resize orange. r=me
023023d36160f20851d7e55ff2ceef340132ddacCameron McCormack — Bug 850655 - Make CharIterator::Next() not crash when at the end of text. r=longsonr
4573d094fa710a11e4e907bf7b9d636925b1cedbBas Schouten — Bug 854468 - Part 2: Package command line recording code. r=ted
8ba09dac7d26a64866c3c416f648fe201d741b91Randell Jesup — Bug 853998: bustage fix for the SyncRunnable test (warning fix) r=abr on a CLOSED TREE
71cf55aee147ec0d781da69a3ea5a758efc2e905Boris Zbarsky — Bug 607441 part 2. Mark the scoped sheet rule processor dirty when author styles are enabled or disabled. r=dbaron
423f679f1d443c48b2493dcb50e47a0fd31b92f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 607441 part 1. Don't disable SVG presentational attributes when page styles are disabled. r=dbaron,jwatt
5ce029bac59f155a140a192c42053034811c426dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 855025. Always do Xrays for DOM interface objects. r=peterv
1b8b0c20f8bae72293315d97b55ec06983f0926fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 853910 part 2. Stop using prclist for individual ListenerCollections. r=khuey
86253d3b7facbe116ca5277955dae767da944d8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 853910 part 1. Stop using prclist for our list of ListenerCollections. r=khuey
d507ab8a001946dfae3357686f583275733cfb27EKR — Bug 853998 test (WIP)
687b479332b3d1fbdf184d7eb855ccc9a8b02275Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853998 - Convert sync dispatches from SIPCC threads to use SyncRunnable r=jesup
9a04c4a506dfe80e08f2fc66dfbb26d3b301c253Benjamin Smedberg Bug 853998 - Add a common "SyncRunnable" class which dispatches events totally synchronously, avoiding event loop spinning or automatic promotion of this event to a nsThread, r=bsmedberg
bc6dfc2e65f07c10eb63c9970a8d0c63b8b04adcRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bab9914e9a31 (bug 853576) for SM rootanalysis orange on a CLOSED TREE.
da133fd0dbb72e9c57cd3e04a6f09761808e8283Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4afb61ad2964cc442753d7607e0d193b2ec34c27Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 846422 - Hide context menus when popups appear [r=mbrubeck]
5985422885681177d2bf5ff0e87fb8e0460f0ff9Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853753 - Remove accidental second copy of test. rs=test
6422928d26e4c232856ca5d7df19fb1179bb495fBobby Holley — Bug 854139 - Handle all DOM objects, not just ones that unwrap to nsISupports. r=bz
ab716af952561438e404de8b9d2fda96a6c4491cBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Components shim tests. r=mrbkap
9ca7defc8a0fcc74170b3f22b8d6af8ad8420da0Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Components shim telemetry. r=mrbkap
68842f61d58b4fc2af38e69d5c388b2a16dea660Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Omit Components object for content scopes. r=mrbkap
a835569488a8618a5fe4c3c06d52dfa77df3101eBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Define a lazily-resolved shim for Components. r=mrbkap
7b2f668e489d4451a99789fcd9327bd28e7e45b2Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Make Components console warning test pref-aware. r=mrbkap
a2998da65e3a61aabd670877c328b90f302804d8Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Stop attaching Components in InitClasses. r=mrbkap
d5dfcbbcd176acf30a779eaac2344657fa642b6bBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Remove the aTarget parameter from AttachComponentsObject. r=mrbkap
e5b54db9ddb63b0d9535ec6324d20bc43ac1febfBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Fix two more toolkit tests. r=me
adb4ae9d355a946c2a8ab58ed0c2ca6e77733761Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853573 - Add test.
51ff01206ba4ea80d03a9783c18c178cfaa5709fNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853555 - Add test.
bab9914e9a31fc201330ae3ccf7c0332277cbf2aNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853576 - Check for negative indices supplied in scatter r=shu
8539f16b6763f6a9b8883c05461c3d8a0753d89aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 854629 Part 2: Remove nsISupports when there is only one base class r=Ms2ger
833ddc983ff535d7899eca7c538b5542dfbf8a30David Zbarsky — Bug 854629 Part 1: Remove nsIDOMSVGUnitTypes r=Ms2ger
28feb89ac66681174e664982a5a0b8abf6f324b1David Zbarsky — Bug 854629 Part 0: Remove the rest of XPIDL bindings for SVG elements r=Ms2ger
889cee343aea51f63a4defffdd2c691eca3a5585David Zbarsky — Bug 840417 Part 2: Remove nsSVGUnknownElement r=Ms2ger
4a86211079c7c86e7bf8318d578e807ce4d2432cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 840417 Part 1: Move nsIDOMSVGElement up to nsSVGElement r=Ms2ger
54e4bbd35f150dcad41aabd2df7c7c5921002cf5David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Remove nsIDOMSVGFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes r=Ms2ger f=jwatt
143617847dc68959cf104a6497141c6be93e25bfJan Beich — Bug 854152 - Make sure GLIB_CFLAGS are passed for LinuxGamepad.cpp. r=ted
627021947bfdb879d50959b290d78cdf24dc5933Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 825560 - Support readyState on PeerConnection. r=jesup
c773de367eeaefcf3750c2192beec20ce41d19d7Trevor Saunders — bug 845134 - enable more logging
01de5071069b45c4d351a87d8cc8738f5b2e310fRandell Jesup — Bug 843695: bustage fix rs=me on a CLOSED TREE
e3e6a4b4502851cd0aa8018d04593bc40abd82c4Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853555 - Avoid using `a[i] = b` until we are sure that `i` is defined on `a` r=till
40b1eec8a12a38689abe843fe42e98b8d08baa1fCameron McCormack — Bug 855183 - Reflow SVG text sooner on full page zoom. r=longsonr
a4ae083f9caf98377f343575707b75a5be1f69c3Randell Jesup — Bug 843695: Make some DataChannels assertions fatal in opt/release r=derf,r=ted
2ab3b6ef07865a883ba7d5dbf5aa7d8d52fb6ea8Randell Jesup — Bug 842126: Avoid deadlock if we can't send an Open message r=mcmanus
82441eb369e8560350d04eac12e6b8fe52a0dc72Randell Jesup — Bug 839650: Remove assertion suppression from dom/media/tests/mochitest r=jsmith
b839ca9cf702aae515c8e2d5274ee9a00ea3e074Terrence Cole — Backed out changeset 3af927a8260c for suspected bustage on a CLOSED TREE
574122faa48533b8aca098d2bf4da279079a6da9Brandon Waterloo — Bug 853490 - Added a block so that Windows pinch-to-zoom ends with a MozMagnifyGesture--implicitly, the end of the gesture. Parity with OS X. r=jmathies
3af927a8260cea080dd734115c415f20c764654cTerrence Cole — Bug 852802 - Add incremental needsBarrier to the runtime and check it first; r=billm
962f5293f87f652fe3e891a971c4ae0e4177a717Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
36332ce24dd1fc30911232d52b569e11e38d3117Paul Rouget — Bug 836233 - [Inspector] Implement Shorlander's visual design. r=mratcliffe
f09e10680ee427993d999edb3085ae3dcb5b8addDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 753768 - Moving Page Thumbs I/O fully off the main thread;r=ttaubert
983d8a7b4cea84420abbcaeff471e37e8d2bbcefVictor Porof — Bug 854174 - Chrome debugging should use its own port to avoid interfering with remote port changes, r=past
94c03a12288b12995c4aaa35df810e7fb059838fVictor Porof — Bug 853181 - Text overflow of scripts list is not full width of section, r=past
51dab67dc77fa15cbdfdcd33d76ec35c256eae61Paul Rouget — bug 851484 - Intermittent devtools/responsivedesign/test/browser_responsiveuiaddcustompreset.js. r=jwalker
2f3b16c3a8c614b966b64f285bfc96f6852f091cMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 839640 - Editing an attribute that contains '&' fails; r=jwalker
e0ef49d585ad54d64acfbde7d4895ca98186c68dAlexandre Poirot — Bug 839280 - devtools increase CC graph size; r=jwalker
eab3530d9ce708579b9b6473fce76f362cc5a755Alexandre Poirot — Bug 839280: Fix document leak in nsLoginManager. r=dolske
c88ccb89284f6f59ac143a9a621ef96b798fa14fPanos Astithas — Bug 855227 - Deprecate --enable-chrome-format=symlink; r=glandium
61a41995739047dbf79e8b59d3cd41d798d6765aPanos Astithas — Bug 855223 - Packaging fails when using a symlink format with: TypeError: fatal() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given); r=glandium
123017ccf036c2d0bc6f459481420640e8456718Justin Wood — Bug 828069 - Fix up to work without an objdir, older mozdevice, and require py2.7. r=gbrown DONTBUILD as tests are not in production.
7c6fe82396352c1b9d37c99a5d442f1cb5f0861aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c5e0abff4496dfcce425c8ff8828090b26b1abb7Guilherme Goncalves — Bug 650295 - Add tests for speech recognition. r=smaug
dfd7768f8f48c7318d108d696beda993958ebb37Guilherme Goncalves — Bug 650295 - Implement main state machine for speech recognition. r=smaug
f22ec75a02d742937450bdef3e845598f10992deRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 01ed911e67e1 (bug 685652) for possibly being the real OSX 10.6 mochitest-other culprit. r=OJ
b9d04467022e86f3709deb249520388f64a44244Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e420e4044337 (bug 845134) for OSX 10.6 mochitest-other orange.
077eff4dede36fa21a32be86c1a57c4aa085063eRodrigo Silveira — Bug 845484 - [Metro] Add choices of private data to clear in the options flyout [r=mbrubeck]
259ddfa06cff92ba96cd9868bfee9159257ac045Shu-yu Guo — Bug 854021 - Fix using correct CompileInfo in parallel bailouts. (r=nmatsakis)
343f9693d283b2e9d3e4870297a0813e955cc181Lucas Rocha — Bug 854457 - Implement a11y actions/state and focus handling in TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
874c83f5b5d139d1127f24f359491cda38174a84Jonathan Griffin — Bug 851610 - Don't look for fastboot for emulator runs, r=ahal
4cb73e976b2812144a23fcef78da4b08f42683ffJason Orendorff — Bug 848051 - Allow 'arguments' in generator-expressions. r=ejpbruel.
f8cfd4a08a8663675cf8b34fd074a6c2dd61b1f6Jason Orendorff — Bug 848197 - Arrow functions should not be constructors. r=Waldo.
47495d62d7f7c63cce77daa29f3cda1ddef9eae0Philipp Matthias Schäfer — Bug 620141 - eval cache should key based on calling script and pc, not calling function. r=jorendorff.
bfc2073bcf31d511de0b72affe61b6bf8733ed9eJason Orendorff — Bug 853178 - Remove all SRC_PCDELTA source notes except on JSOP_CASE opcodes; rename SRC_PCDELTA to SRC_NEXTCASE. r=njn.
01ed911e67e1b6a0b49d6f08b0689a7929d8fab5Joel Maher — Bug 685652 - we need a pushPermissionsEnv equivalent to pushPrefEnv in SpecialPowers. r=jdm
e420e40443373ee831426ebcf03078806eb63a45Trevor Saunders — bug 845134 - enable more logging
67f0f4e7d3ff7c5cceecc7a644174d307212a997Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 855178. Use WaitSync instead of ClientWaitSync in SharedSurfaceGL. r=jgilbert
4c42018a47549b54c4495220158e0e0581a4d6b8Do Nhat Minh — Bug 845478 - Use CallArgs to access argc/vp in most places in half of CTypes.cpp. r=jwalden
e800ddbeba1ac246664cbee2d35e9df1890a0c1cJeff Walden — Bug 854419 - Fix ecma_5/JSON/parse-array-gc.js to work in non-debug builds. r=sparky as trivial
e5584aa212c9c3c4bbc315b6d9dfd0248a914e4aMatt Brubeck — Bug 808770 - Revert a change that accidentally added the same lines twice
5c4bad14048d6b6551bf11baaa1c583715af9e95Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 854881 - Remove broken Master Password support from /browser/metro [r=mbrubeck]
6c7f9d160488a6e0ea3500d925def41b6f46856aGregory Szorc — Bug 854545 - Don't validate Fennec binary exists; r=ted
817fd65ab44bdaa81c3814c04954732f400c19ebAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 853858: Additional instrumentation for on-hook event r=ehugg
2177de4cfb4f3a5827116349232d7b906356c8e4Gregory Szorc — Bug 771578 - Part 2: Move code to invoke a single test into its own method; r=ted
d1de74b4a7733ddc0be0ac9ce70bea54011147fdNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 853075 - Remove workarounds. r=tschneidereit
3c35d63085c04f93807af53c247963ecef7df43cMounir Lamouri — Bug 851780 - Add tests for input event. r=jwatt
fe665a4f5cffa7dfc32fd8e1d0143bfe30f37d1dEdgar Chen — Bug 855186 - Call error message dose not expose to DOM correctly. r=vyang
0f6a8ae11f58f9ae61213679f056dd244ef06328Cykesiopka — Bug 801266 - Add label next to Error Console's filter box. r=dao
f1a9428e1719dfff532f567edc9e1408622fce76Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 840962 - Don't fail ICE on VPN adapters which store friendly names differently. r=ekr
00112a2ac923f388f6b2121582685510965ee080Raymond Lee — Bug 840687 - Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for in-product documentation URLs. r=gavin
ff32cf0442e61ed410fbcb20386814211b915e86Cykesiopka — Bug 800522 - Add javascript.options.showInConsole to all.js so that Error Console can use a field instead of rolling its own lazy getter. r=Neil
7917cae45600c5454c8afd4d38717ca3a0415dbcAndre Reinald — Bug 675410 - Fix bottom rounded corners, hopefully in the same openGL context as the rest of the window. r=mstange, r=bgirard
a3acc0eaed0c64c3da4b81737558e344f1299806Lukas Nordin — Bug 252441 - Dropping text containing spaces will now perform a search on the given sentence.
27907867002244e79f557a58f764ffea8c1234eaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
56e0d7ad86f281e28e905bc0c90db015e3682cc9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6580ca3028de (bug 845546) for B2G xpcshell failures on a CLOSED TREE.
70e442054249c922ae5fa4fc5e25c06159552ac8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ed90c16f9b22 (bug 854350) for mochitest-other failures on a CLOSED TREE.
a3afa561d8af1722eb937eb52c04031308aa57c4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ef6fba6c2878 (bug 852143) for mochitest-other orange on a CLOSED TREE.
44d4d2234a6e2209a08d6b94e5104c7b34dd7381Sam Foster — Bug 808770 - Implement pin/unpin of Top Sites, new Site model and refresh method on richgriditem. r=mbrubeck
4967844a6ae2bd64c8a37dd65a2664602ecddb09Raymond Lee — Bug 852040 - Apply use of BookmarkJSONUtils.importFromURL r=mbrubeck
1a59fb1ccd6b397b6c3c9bfb18b340e221a6a2b0Dão Gottwald — Bug 855273 - Clean up how we determine whether the location should be displayed for new tabs (customizing browser.newtab.url hides the URL for new tabs, displays it when de- and re-selecting the tab). r=ttaubert
7d6cde6ea21d47d61ffc8521145edfd244fce6fcBrandon Waterloo — Bug 853909 - Add test code for gesture image rotation. r=jaws
cf185b01f0ca1b527eee49ff8f6e0461dacdf6c0Jim Chen — Bug 853819 - Use focused window to process SetInputContext and GetInputContext. r=cpeterson
7cbb678c722d33fd487df223499f1c78aaca1a2fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 853019 - Web Activities' regexp should have a behaviour closer to HTML's pattern. r=mounir
cbc545c94ceaef3618ec5cbf12568a0140150180Steve Singer — Bug 851859 - Set jemalloc's page size based on the architecture instead of assuming it's always 4kb. r=jlebar
83b480db9bec40efeb30064736a1458f14060107Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 851763 - Increase maxbytes for JSRuntime in IDBObjectStore and testGCOutOfMemory. r=Waldo
392c44e25cd2b57e51a7e17b9fda38e0572ddca0Mina Almasry — Bug 582783 - Move windows.h include and undef LoadImage to gfxWindowsSurface.h. r=joe
f63ce344becaf0c34affea72553de2df313f79aaXin Zhang — Bug 82301 - Show all history should expand Today history folder by default. r=mak
d5bd0c5a4cba12823444fdfdee52cfe032b2ddccLuqman Aden — Bug 854028 - New mochitests for Power API. r=kchen
3d8fa6b4235410280a4c7afb1efeebd3077188aeAlive Kuo — Bug 853454 - Fix non-normal audio channel visibility state error. r=baku
50027b0a1ed6c9d4b50d8aa9a2a56dbda5f272f3leo bugzilla gecko — Bug 852409 - Change XREMain::XRE_mainInit() method to use mAppData instead of aAppData which is given as parameter. r=jmathies
fdfe97b3caafbdd943463b6ec65d89ca5e9d51f1Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 852053 - Support WBMP on FirefoxOS only. r=joe
9e6a306cbc51bb8c0f8e23a4be75a7188c49901cBen Tian — Bug 851823 - Disable shutter sound in CameraService. r=sotaro
78e778d7e8f416a7fd85d55156bbca6b0288aa3eMichael Vines — Bug 851721 - Emit system-reboot/system-power-off events for Gonk backend. r=kchen
3d61e5165928d1460bd7c28222ed9e816515d537Shelly Lin — Bug 847809 - Add audio/amr to the supported decode type, but disable it if this AMR is loaded from Web pages. r=roc
f76635ab8c2b41bf5f63ab43861e483002fbb008Diego Wilson — Bug 846236 - Verify the buffer descriptor is a shared texture. r=ncameron
6580ca3028de2fe920f66751507066dd226a46efJed Parsons — Bug 845546 - Port b2g identity implementation to desktop. r=benadida
4b80fc3424651d3c5f4a55e0db058aac7e87bcbbVasil Dimov — Bug 819016 - Create some helper functions for reading /sys files. r=bsmedberg
b5c4adef15233364bb606708e2fbf2a1e6c40104Julian Seward — Bug 854810 - Use shared-libraries-*.cc instead of home-grown equivalents, r=bgirard
9c5b80c5a7f5ae38ee2e956c3d555a8a53e2e6d6Nathan Froyd — Bug 855302 - don't use PR_FALSE in; r=smaug
f1e67d5f1708534134de2c85fa5bd0640ce3f25dSam Foster — Bug 855270 - splice off trailing null entries from NewTabUtils pinnedLinks when unpinning. r=ttaubert
a3a163f9a9896974560e39638185c4af8c30f49eJan Beich — Bug 851880 - Build OdinMonkey on more Unices. r=luke
e518464adf03611cbc681f35242b160c01ae9c0dJan Beich — Bug 851880 - Consistently assume same ABI. r=luke
1562dc5d65c8b449138bf68d42dba2e041323e88Kent James — Bug 853097 - Move AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED to fix build bustage. r=ted
bb210464e5830fa568f3a1c557df8fb756952262Julian Viereck — Bug 853033 - Change UUID as followup to bug 743252. r=jlebar
ed90c16f9b2254548966a98c95f4872e2eccf79cSunny — Bug 854350 - [OS.File] Clean up code by using default arguments. r=Yoric
ef6fba6c2878d347c57c0002245dbc2cac4c8c88David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 852143 - Write strings efficiently in OS.File. r=froydnj
f15682d66f5f5412978bf46514191ea7d3064a0aCykesiopka — Bug 802989 - [OS.File] Fix documentation of OS.Path. r=Yoric
43e3534fcf8683d30722bb08c2929d01747b5447Benoit Girard — Bug 853896 - Turn off MOZ_EVENT_TRACE when profiling. r=ted
0c2c54c2b5da8a337f34b4bc54ebcf3382283083Till Schneidereit — Bug 853417 - add comment explaining why we don't need to check for self-hosted scripts in ScriptDebugEpilogue. r=me
a49b82d1650450c9e6933e059e3303c59e8c2d7aTill Schneidereit — Bug 853075 - continue with next FunctionSpec instead of aborting loop upon encountering self-hosted methods during self-hosting global initialization in JS_DefineFunctions. r=jonco
965ca73d00731186cee21777ab9a100a4bc52518Trevor Saunders — bug 853682 - remove most of the chromium gfx stuff since it isn't used we need to keep a few headers because they're included, but we don't even need to define the functions they declare. r=bsmedberg
19b7b1c5c1096814da3cb0eff54c0a21dca3d820Trevor Saunders — bug 853682 - remove a include of the chromium gfx rect because its the only thing causing us to need the chromium gfx rect stuff r=bsmedberg
712467cc54f635f0990e2401af278d4f18c70583Trevor Saunders — bug 853682 - rm some chromium keyboard stuff and a scoped_vector thing both of which we don't use r=bsmedberg
697f1b4dad3335b0ddcf481e39c61cfdf40e7507Trevor Saunders — bug 853682 - rm some vestiges of the chromium build system r=bsmedberg
3ccf47cd7ca25c9ccc818bfb6ae0929826e71a76Trevor Saunders — bug 853682 - rm ipc/chromium/src/base/crypto/ which wasn't being built r=bsmedberg
18d7ba4991b4d3d1e83e8b965a6fd79b75d89931Trevor Saunders — bug 853682 - rm ipc/chromium/src/base/data/ r=bsmedberg
771c895e8b55d18f3478cd84ab25d6a0f0a5e655Patrick McManus — bug 848139 - telemetry for tls server hello size r=honzab
43a90cebe6e77bc61597f909f6315561cc34812dPatrick McManus — bug 845934 Telemetry for TLS Resumption rates r=honzab
28a9bc38d44180c42d8cc277d0d533357a1f31efAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 854996 - Bump mozcrash version used by b2g emulators to 0.5, r=edmorley
b835cf6121f5a98e834d1bce4707cb77772a031aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 854971 - Handle action/back gamepad keys properly when entering URLs on the awesome screen. r=lucasr
805aff291ec258e84b8f971c6ac3bfd9bcf3dea4Jonathan Watt — Bug 854538 - Add a ::-moz-range-progress pseudo-element to <input type=range> for Firefox OS. r=dholbert
508256893af740c62a7a9682a48035fbd8e26a18Vicamo Yang — Bug 854904: fix undefined sockaddr_in, sockaddr_in6. r=qDot
5a569ac82c3611b1284758dd4918a451068bee7aAdrian Tamas — Bug 820276 - Robocop: Make editBookmark and checkBookmarkEdit methods available to other tests. r=jmaher
50d01a77718e91b8d68173fba070c722626f7f05Mounir Lamouri — Bug 839787 - Test the new <input type='file'> rendering. r=bz
ed73c79342be2804d0f7f178bac305d3b9f6482cMounir Lamouri — Bug 847233 - Fix a11y with <input type='file'> changes. r=surkov
3c3a90c3f5e0b09057f168175b1ceaec661ce59fMounir Lamouri — Bug 839834 - Remove nsIFormControlFrame::GetFormProperty. r=bz
1f1109962579303c5ec5b59652dcafba23515797Mounir Lamouri — Bug 838705 - Show the file names or "No file selected" in a <input type='file'> tooltip. r=ttaubert
f55375f24daac3f2cceca473a9cce23881887994Mounir Lamouri — Bug 838704 - Show "X files selected" when there are more than one selected file. r=sicking
895b6b4df2da15cb08b112c7b0fe0a89091a4f0cMounir Lamouri — Bug 838703 - Various nsFileControlFrame cleanup. r=bz
0367f4b4c805e2da3a8aced4df2a3d7b096995bdMounir Lamouri — Bug 838699 - Move the "Browse" button l10n to nsFileControlFrame.cpp. r=bz
f022adef69ff3cfb1ba7a424361488dc5b385f07Mounir Lamouri — Bug 762270 - Align the file name to the right when direction is RTL. r=smontagu
9e55e669d3acdd9637e53e5023368d585c35c5c0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 838695 - Move nsFileControlFrame click handling to nsHTMLInputElement. r=smaug
f372d9cf7d5c153958a2bc3648a8a4287fc90640Mounir Lamouri — Bug 838694 - Move the text showing the file name to the right of the browse button. r=bz
511ea736284e6e72259a801228418d1055551783Mounir Lamouri — Bug 345195 - Replace the anonymous <input type='text'> in <input type='file'> by a xul:label. r=bz
efa7756f90a490adf776438cafdf9c71dd217b96Mounir Lamouri — Bug 838676 - GetDisplayFileName() should only return the file name, not the file path. r=sicking
603f8064820051c99b0e4da9246fcd4340d58681Mounir Lamouri — Bug 838354 - Remove all capture button references from nsFileControlFrame. r=bz
2fec34fdda54bfcc3d90697fdd755f1028347879Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge s-c to m-c.
400feaf9e495c2f2b0a78183c6146cb59f2d84fcRichard Newman — Bug 831404 - Die, timing bug, die. r=trivial
5dbcbd03d7ba81c4fb364e23a30b0c2f9805da8eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
362d0632ed6715072a20f3ff4bfcf39969b1e9a2Robert Longson — Bug 842630 - Fix out of bounds in nsSVGTextFrame2::ResolvePositions. r=heycam
61b8a5101c5b443564ad9cf3a85f6a128df3fd31Dão Gottwald — Bug 764971 - Hide progress indicators in tabs for chrome pages. r=ttaubert
34a026a9bce0d75e282534244193083eec2a59a5Makoto Kato — Bug 855173 - jsshell package needs nss3.dll due to MOZ_FOLD_LIBS. r=glandium
ccb0b0c541f9bada92c4192b9cf8b0d8e337667eDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Remove some whitespace on blank line, in whitespace-only, DONTBUILD
554c4124d5ea1798a11c3cff8c26ea51323d312aDaniel Holbert — Bug 855109: Fix typo in line for making gcc/clang c++ compilers use -Wsign-compare. r=glandium
1bdcec714f374a6338e0ae9ca1ed72a135ac1fe6Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8b8db1d07846 (bug 855178) for asserting
20454bf62bb17e3ba15349e9830606b8df5e10deMike Hommey — Bug 852950 - Kill libxpcom. r=bsmedberg
2ab72bbb04db0dfbd0d313e10cf6a00dfe4f2e9fMike Hommey — Bug 854914 - Allow clang to build in C++11 mode by working around r=ted
8695e3fd2d34d5d3158d2ac004e202cf1a701da3Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8e59146e161e:29acf1494fed (bug 790732) for failing in exactly the same way it failed on the tryserver
c47b3dda9c2d4ac58cee3a1d88491697c6ab8536Phil Ringnalda — Back out c04824522d46 (bug 848973) for (at least) 10.8 and Android reftest failures
8b8db1d0784626ba1dce3b1bd60499528e0ea732Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 855178. Use WaitSync instead of ClientWaitSync in SharedSurfaceGL. r=jgilbert
0aafa85948db39f87417f11c65d5f9076e344f94Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 831588 - Don't measure decommitted GC arenas in the "explicit" tree. r=terrence,jlebar.
8e59146e161eb71c33c3d80919ab1a539fef6f7eBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Components shim tests. r=mrbkap
5aabc5770767067f4149a13095ead1005783b5efBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Components shim telemetry. r=mrbkap
d6eef579bea7388eb947ec8857606f13e566941fBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Omit Components object for content scopes. r=mrbkap
2a94932a1fa7a214fd65a279a35fc9b89fba6173Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Define a lazily-resolved shim for Components. r=mrbkap
4fdc85753f3a6b0d6564a6060446fb4f8cad04e8Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Make Components console warning test pref-aware. r=mrbkap
ed0f76ecfefd2d81bdbb99b09c4a0d44d7c3a33aBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Stop attaching Components in InitClasses. r=mrbkap
48bc6259ca24f500f463d89602b448533894c2caBobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Remove the aTarget parameter from AttachComponentsObject. r=mrbkap
29acf1494fedd0401b0b8de180b4ba67a940f5f2Bobby Holley — Bug 790732 - Fix two more toolkit tests. r=me
eb3e5d23f987a54d95ce81d6b36f1eb4e7db47cfBobby Holley — Bug 854604 - Null-check funobj. r=mrbkap
3f46962ff0cedae25a87ec706b93662fb4417400Alexander Surkov — Bug 853361 - moving by words is inconsistent, r=roc
c459dfb9522b2e3999304985cdba24c2b63b25eeMark Finkle — Bug 854107 - Lazy load more notification-based objects r=margaret
e34fd6bc2e29870690364693acca6aebbb405a02Mark Finkle — Bug 854107 - Lazy load more normal JS objects r=margaret
7c249cd86217ed58741ced97517bb2ad4d5d7f60Randell Jesup — Bug 839650: proxy AddTrack() to MSG thread via a custom command so we can get access to the current stream time r=ekr
797fdffba76419c605f930ccb33cd6e916b75759Mark Finkle — Bug 854340 - Firefox for Android cannot against loop + alert attack r=wesj
c04824522d469b2e902a616f2f30a8f2198e8eddCameron McCormack — Bug 848973 - Document what aFrame means in nsStyleDisplay::IsBlockInside() and friends. r=roc
eaab632b48a3b89f8c8f8a54834ecaa49d8e3444Phil Ringnalda — Back out bd91df842f2f (bug 840388)
c3ed1c7b9aeb26b3be42eb1507b97f483a0b7ad0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 196fbc36c878 (bug 840388) for asserting
8136a81da0378b3580379780aae07e4b20a2e672Phil Ringnalda — Back out ee27d1d8b302 (bug 836951) for depending on a patch that's being backed out
446b90989fdd8cfdbbf64c86d52b3bcd8de0b7c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 957f2b35ce83:1799cffbba63 (bug 826093) for Android reftest-2 failures (again) on a CLOSED TREE.
123d7b2c7307b054120999cdb6241aa6d9f4d0c0Hubert Figuière — Backout 96f2990b1124 (bug 840612) due to orange on Mn. CLOSED TREE
cee46001a526b3dc1db18a86b8bd737de97bb36dDaniel Holbert — Backout e912de49c12b (Bug 854538) due to M5 & crashtest oranges on a CLOSED TREE
75a76772b69001f90399b66d7c5db4bca0420e80Masayuki Nakano — Bug 848672 Redesign focus handling of nsTextStore r=jimm
3253b8b2b75e34a4e14fa61f91bc54014d76ebf8Mark Hammond — Bug 852775 - use nsView::CalcWidgetBounds to compare actual and expected popup sizes. r=tn
6982242c3f0f088db8dab8d8fd50b3be6f22af44Reuben Morais — Bug 854514 - Don't import SettingsChangeNotifier.jsm if the mozSettings pref is enabled. r=gwagner
b32f8f5143798f71e75e75db602399eb0ac6b3f2David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFETurbulenceElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
07257e38eb89bf188669781cf936acc4f65aa05cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFETurbulenceElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
da0127725cb075c5bc84104fa90b93d1fbdb5a6bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEMorphologyElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
cba3d3a781d9e6e7a5a2ba51e052d2d8a7b50855David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEMorphologyElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
f14e176de06984f9992491ec632a2feda88aff01Hannes Verschore — Bug 849781: IonMonkey: Only allow inlining when TypeSet of caller and callee intersects, r=nbp
ee27d1d8b302d4ce67509f98f383d984708090dcTanvi Vyas — Bug 836951 - Add mDocShell to nsSecureBrowserUIImpl. Traverse up to the root doc shell. r=bsmith,smaug
957f2b35ce830f0f40ec3f8ecf9a4b311c412488Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 5) - Remove imgIContainer::ExtractFrame. r=joe, sr=bz
a880fd3e6e2ae459277af79424ee0563bf4b1149Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 4) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for border-image. r=bz
5fd51895fb0cdb7524524fa6e522cebae9606f4dSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 3) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for -moz-image-rect. r=bz
e9c38836a70695fbc8ba1a2c5049e7b20126dc86Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 2) - Create a static utility class for image operations. r=joe, sr=bz
1799cffbba63a0ae2ba9b0027ba5a37c7957f6d0Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 1) - Add ClippedImage. r=joe
196fbc36c878f1a505bef758fcac8e7b5aa6192dTanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Mochitests that navigate https frames to http frames, both when a secure parent exists and when no secure parents exist. Tested with the mixed active content pref enabled and disabled. r=smaug
bd91df842f2f5d733350f811f17d83be2748c829Tanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Check if a iframe has any https parents. If not, then there is no mixed content since we are not on a secure page. r=smaug
c6471aba77768a7292b6e3efe48a3a6466187890Aaron Klotz — Bug 852117: Back out 794d86e866c3 due to big jump in mallocs r=me
9a33ff156a4547315c5ce35432faedf96dc11cd3Mark Hammond — Bug 820835 - wrap social implementation in a function scope to prevent 'namespace pollution'. r=jaws
e912de49c12b055392430cd46ce203fa1b1680ecJonathan Watt — Bug 854538 - Add a ::-moz-range-progress pseudo-element to <input type=range> for Firefox OS. r=dholbert
96f2990b1124679a9a2f2b581b820fb3179a7c26Hubert Figuière — Bug 840612 - Don't close Marionette and debugger server socket when going offline. r=mdas,past,mcmanus f=jduell
5a277db936660689f54dcf03615fa33981318e13Shu-yu Guo — Bug 849469 - Refactor how IC stubs are attached. (r=nbp)
4b6fdc0f4c36df6f32289e43f4ce4351b3524fdbShu-yu Guo — Bug 854050. (r=dvander)
02d4cc54afa57138fcaef006ceb371b8678c239fShu-yu Guo — Bug 854381. (r=jandem)
d32ba4b1d7465b9341b42c98cf32d98c9f6f368bDaniel Holbert — Bug 855010: Use nsAutoPtr instead of scoped_ptr in LocalDebugInfoSymbolizer::FindCFIFrameInfo(). r=BenWa
d4239df4eac970338eb595f4aa20772fec2647caMatt Brubeck — Bug 795376 - Followup to fix bustage from incorrect conflict resolution on a CLOSED TREE
53743e639a879a003c5f6d78c51fe1985da45b08Trevor Saunders — bug 809871 - patch 3/3 - xul tree accessible creation flushes layout r=surkov
eccae9f7fc4b0ac2410f108d9d5b30e18bb69602Trevor Saunders — bug 809871 - part 2/3 - outparamdel some nsTreeBodyFrame methods r=mats
04dfb021fe3f44608cc66a265632d42b28059bdbTrevor Saunders — bug 809871 - patch 1/3 - nsTreeColumns should store nsTreeBodyFrame* r=mats
8e0583fa4dd8a3b58e8df096627525d2dd80cd59Jim Mathies — Bug 833016 - Fix for FrameworkView addrefing which is causing crashes on shutdown. r=bbondy
bbaf5b6ab7b35b7c41b2cbbba7fc7ec78edce666Jim Mathies — Bug 854921 - Pass firefox path to metrotestharness so tests.ini can be written to a location that works with test zips / test slaves. Also add metro tests to mochitest tests.jar. r=mbrubeck, bbondy
4edaad0bb4544e45feb8aedbe54c459d33bdace8Gregory Szorc — Bug 818819 - Revamp mach's interaction with mochitests; r=Ms2ger
c8509229f2057a265a490d840bcc96036e7f5907Raymond Lee — Bug 846636 - Use asynchronous getCharsetForURI in getShortcutOrURI for metro r=mbrubeck
cce3081b9bf6ece91b8f5823aafca6c6e890a436Luis de Bethencourt — Bug 795376 - Use high-quality scaler for upscaling raster images [r=joedrew]
404e8ab42a22302c78d8c443dd2ae0f7a986f0e3Jonathan Kew — bug 818935 - explicitly control the size of icons in the downloaded items list. r=jimm
e2fb60b728220dbe8089e2fb9ee92efb9eb70733Landry Breuil — Bug 849253 - Followup to really unbreak BE archs: use USE_SKIA_GPU in HelpersSkia.h too r=gwright
dd8efcbaf42b64cba9f387f2a1183e123d6acd39Jonathan Kew — bug 828508 - use higher-res favicons for tab titles in hidpi mode if available. r=dao
0c5c83ed03851358b655ea12abfa5e03be543cc8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851828 - Type safety improvements for the profiler in Win64 builds. r=benwa
2364a0a62c0274453481a974134290cb38d68ca5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
51ecec435845b552adfd06240f250caa8ba9bb47Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 4b97cab51e59:5e573640e390 (bug 826093) for Android reftest-2 failures on a CLOSED TREE.
c9ac624cfc843d4678087257b4e9e3d2d332e285Benoit Girard — Backed out changeset f5a256c02fc6 (bug 851828) for Mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
16091b9202a88580dde00a15f8d7bf31f853d256Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 48d2538788ec (bug 848489) for Marionette failures on a CLOSED TREE.
84719470d69895a3c0443fe8a6bc965152b3c7f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 74ca9737e076 (bug 829456)on suspicion of making bug 807442 nearly perma-fail on debug builds on a CLOSED TREE.
9114785edfe7fc2a117852d578029a52223ac6d1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 93cbcd7f34b3 (bug 828508) on suspicion of making bug 807442 nearly perma-fail on debug builds on a CLOSED TREE.
b7d5e48c5defca88e8a1ac2197aa46ad6410354bOlli Pettay — Additional patch for Bug 767944 (Fix compilation on gcc 4.7.x), r=Ms2ger
4b97cab51e59b94357fcf8eb61ef26284c63db94Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 5) - Remove imgIContainer::ExtractFrame. r=joe, sr=bz
3c65d8f508c928c56e499e9cb443fb2bf9e6250eSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 4) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for border-image. r=bz
9129587531fe3ba91c18ad7eafdd8ab680c5a9e9Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 3) - Use ClippedImage instead of ExtractFrame for -moz-image-rect. r=bz
98258ea50c1e628f9f2ffd8b88138e9055c1171bSeth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 2) - Create a static utility class for image operations. r=joe, sr=bz
5e573640e390ebb86fd23761b281d5eaaa9e6511Seth Fowler — Bug 826093 (Part 1) - Add ClippedImage. r=joe
48d2538788ec8bbeae46a31b8d68bfdde23fb0f2Yiming Yang — Bug 848489 - send 'contextmenu' event if we are long pressing, r=mdas
fcc773013f56abe58889047fb0016e2cdafb8878Yiming Yang — Bug 851523 - Allow users to execute action chain in segments, r=mdas
31778c6de93ba2e044afabf38b791bc80fb40fc2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 854493: Back/Forward button highlights are transparent. [r=mfinkle]
f5a256c02fc68e4a5a1af1e4652d8d8b8051100fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 851828 - Type safety improvements for the profiler in Win64 builds. r=benwa
eed15a51c2d81d5dde44281c8d74e9ff5da12a08Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 847499 - Save the current session telemetry data when Fennec goes into the background, so that it is not lost. r=froydnj
3dacdf9087002b3b2533b3326c8dcddcaf99074bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 853366 - Clean up activity/app lifecycle events. r=mfinkle,cpeterson
aef2b64391ea3969b9541f5ef7b1138ab5ab50dfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 853366 - Some minor code cleanup. r=cpeterson
93cbcd7f34b3fe9743df29b0df40429ff138fd0eJonathan Kew — bug 828508 - use higher-res favicons for tab titles in hidpi mode if available. r=dao
74ca9737e0761f727a8e4b257a65032ba3819c57Drew Willcoxon — Bug 829456 - Update browser-fullZoom.js to use nsIContentPrefService2. r=mak
8fae91631621815001da93e5cdfde628b2c51b6bDrew Willcoxon — Bug 703088 - Add storage.vacuum.last. preferences to about:support. r=unfocused
3c41ff7181dbd4bc44bebde8efac9568662ea015Drew Willcoxon — Bug 749672 - Focus Cancel by default in the “Reset Firefox” (resetProfileAndRestart) button’s dialog of about:support. r=unfocused
ab7902d65bab078c55b64796af3a317dfbc33c99Gregory Szorc — Bug 841713 - Add objdir paths to virtualenv; r=ted
1567285fca989bd632ed447501a989f7ffab5c82Geoff Brown — Bug 854549 - Take a screenshot on robocop test failure; r=jmaher
11fba5efef165dcb698bef46a87e2c02af62f253Geoff Brown — Bug 854549 - Dump robocop screenshot to logs and cleanup; r=jmaher
7ed109d03b9620c49b309b0ad89c001edeca8e67David Bolter — Bug 853581 - Minor nsAccUtils cleanup. r=tbsaunde
d1d8cedfbfd0b92bf07795fb69d82b607e32accdEitan Isaacson — Bug 854006 - Don't cache a11y events that are directly emitted. r=kats,sriram; Additional tweaks by MarcoZ, r=eeejay,kats
2a7a2e50308f7f4c09c36d965df7cfa0f62cc9a7Kyle Huey — Bug 854225 - Delete the files from distclean instead of clean to fix frequent PGO bustage. r=glandium
794d86e866c38a76575e64f6bafaeaf5de9027e9Aaron Klotz — Bug 852117: Adds CrashReporter annotations for nested loops r=roc
78d672df644f48d52e8c67050013852f74277983Bobby Holley — Bug 854510 - Convert expected assertion into a 0-1 range. r=RyanVM
478ef0049c1a24c320960e0593964888b90c7746Bobby Holley — Bug 854558 - Enforce __exposedProps__ for Sandboxes. r=gabor
086a80ce6c7853df50ba2ef62e44526281fe44a6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 852620 - Convert SVGRect to WebIDL, r=Ms2ger
b81c844b0e5f21f31da571e8e6f329356ebf5b97Andrea Marchesini — Bug 852620 - Rename nsSVGRect to SVGRect, r=Ms2ger
d2a4ceb1ee6c245bf8896c07fb22afcb8d5d6becJoshua Cranmer Bug 852745 - Build clang with gcc 4.7 headers, r=rail. DONTBUILD
782744e0d347ec182d3db4d0f4878516a777b040Boris Zbarsky — Bug 851162. Make the auto-generated WrapObject in JS-implemented WebIDL codegen MOZ_OVERRIDE. r=mccr8
4c271568b51d2b76f7cfef8e3fad6d53ca8cd41cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848840. Sniff the first 1024 bytes, not the first 512, for charsets, since <meta> can be anywhere in the first 1024 bytes. r=annevk
3ce43c16627e622c59444e55712f0de25020c30cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848332 part 2. Switch XMLDocument to WebIDL. r=peterv
eed8d8cc96cf7aff51799f91183a30ea34a284f7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848332 part 1. Add WebIDL API for XMLDocument. r=peterv
952ba47dcfb7042d62fb4d6e238f2693d4ee0653Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848796 part 3. Convert XULDocument to WebIDL. r=peterv
117757b468b0da5b439492bb952cae88bca777ecBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848796 part 2. Add WebIDL API for XULDocument. r=peterv
698edae2049f1a20d9b31095d173d714f498f8daBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848796 part 1. Rename nsXULDocument to mozilla::dom::XULDocument. r=ms2ger
fabc285294b55fab4ed260d89834f98a2e1a2034Rob Wood — Bug 825722 - Fix intermittent failure by removing SMS timestamp comparison; r=jgriffin
29dd2ddfdf8b3d3dd73c4dfd7f45ed4230e7b8a6EKR — Assert on WrapRunnableRet with NS_DISPATCH_NORMAL
2cadff91837b268e74f20ffbddaac0b486d07bfdRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 851965 - Disable test on WinXP due to hangs.
ad472cef6e89a92845751a80e5b533415de6650cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 825153 - WMF support in WinVista. r=padenot
e4f27cf778514400ee1fdf8dcb38fc1f126ecf61Zack Weinberg — Bug 849633: change entity names for messages changed in bug 847181. r=tchevalier,ehsan
59ec5e2ad708ae5737e9e8b288b91c04e19ebe11Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e9d5a162fa354ce452187a36cf106f8d3f66d13bJonathan Watt — Bug 840820 - Make <input type=range> display as a vertical slider if it has an orient="vertical" attribute. r=mounir
21ce355761779d18dbce28b1be964b24572cedabAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 843296 - check for crashes in b2g emulator unittests during failures in marionette start up, r=jgriffin
2c58eaf2ac8080b37d87a535fff30d7a0f5268ecJon Coppeard — Bug 854852 - GC: One root missed from debugger r=terrence
795b10c2a7f44e5babf17867ee310a2e9389de97Landry Breuil — Bug 851611 followup - fix platforms where MOZ_ENABLE_PROFILER_SPS is undef r=bgirard
63242c20f76be6f85774bdd04e68cfebcb11be52Olli Pettay — Bug 854573 - Paris binding for CompositionEvent, r=peterv
23a3b9892ecb623cf15cf5fa1131e8f927c1d11dOlli Pettay — Bug 847590 - Paris binding for BeforeUnloadEvent, r=peterv
8d558e07caf4c6f9ef6660f2000f54754894e814Jan Varga — Bug 767944 - Implement a manager for centralized quota and storage handling. r=bent
c039f412b7852f1198ce0bb1807c3f5a77c1daecEd Morley — Bug 854407 - Give the 'child process NNNN still alive after shutdown' failure a unique test name; r=jmaher
282357ca33531460127f89de3d0106d1031952b1Marco Bonardo — Bug 848935 - Add debug spew for browser_aboutHome.js intermittent failure.
c92a00119f85be47db95ccb89a263b73b1b8e8fdJon Coppeard — Bug 853498 - GC: Make sure wrapped things are not marked gray r=billm
4b4f4b9192d915b2de6de5eb4f23b8586825636cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 854807 - Fix thinko in CloneFunctionObjectIfNotSingleton(). r=smaug.
58d7293faaffdb6955e8e08040cc282c6373ce49Mike Hommey — Bug 854085 - Fix unused-but-set-variable from ASSERT_ON_THREAD macro in media/mtransport/runnable_utils.h. r=jesup
0713793b80b1e119f75fa0c231dc97010ae3267dTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
a080b7dba8448687e2850964e8864696a13367fdTim Taubert — Bug 854075 - Use mouseover instead of mouseenter for newtab page; r=jaws
178a4a770bb1664d431eb0428f057bb48f0ad1baGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
1965a470f4976a8934b4e69086be751a2c624d31Richard Newman — Bug 831404 - Don't assume that timers run precisely. r=gps
31f1f2a5e1fbe24b2341599f8ef8852464496239Mike Connor — remove unused test file mistakenly landed with bug 840124
9f88a271a336046d092ec58affbf28225bedc6b5Gregory Szorc — Bug 854606 - Use more SQLite transactions; r=rnewman
4c50962fcb8f7dcfc908b306fdd1b94dc9270119Gregory Szorc — Bug 848136 - Part 2: Checkpoint WAL after data collection; r=rnewman
62b4fc06bf4437992432b117c9aa97d64adb1351Gregory Szorc — Bug 848136 - Part 1: Use WAL journal for Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman, mak
5d93b5f1a4d7c6bd61b0ab53c86cb4f912b814f1Mike Connor — bug 840124 - really fix the leaks this time
2319b61be00d9ed95f9fe1248eba290cf809fdbeMike Connor — bug 840124 - bustage fix for debug leaks
2cd765327a28372c82ba581a266a1def25af2b71Mike Connor — Bug 852782 - update URL to final health report URL, r=MattN
6af57b0f8d36a6429171db121aa9410a739b417bMike Connor — Bug 840124 - implement postMessage API for remote report (tests) r=jaws, f=gps+gavin
b90d8a05bd4673118788cf88925fedd83f0fbaffMike Connor — Bug 840124 - implement postMessage API for remote report (code), r=jaws, f=gps+gavin
73dd524468a1e2948ac52b13a933553c2648ed0cRichard Newman — Bug 841554 - Part 2: alter search counts provider to record all of Mozilla's partner engines in each locale. r=gps
7e2f49fb5f4c081bbf9f2d95698d6a6564caf797Richard Newman — Bug 841554 - Part 1: extend nsISearchEngine to include identifier. r=gavin
c743ad0df73d3982c01f6949ff58254d20f2d804Richard Newman — Bug 831404 - Add more logging to try to debug test failures. r=trivial
f260465b7a294a874d15a3f8b04cf69599ea492bRichard Newman — Bug 831404 - Timer slop for: Intermittent services\datareporting\tests\xpcshell\test_policy.js | false == true. r=trivial
550a77b461e6decf6084e0302af5c6fac0cfec86Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
1f693c657e2d48c1b02df70d216e73d555d9784aRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
907c765ec68f47f540a0c3eec0d7701bd1a6eac5Richard Newman — Bug 853138 - Follow-up: don't include own prefs file. r=gps
477539720e76867c3fbaa18aec3d85e6db4a9e0bRichard Newman — Bug 853138 - Provide channel-specific provider categories. r=gps
c9bf19d37fe084efd285fb985784a0d92a02f978Matt Brubeck — Bug 841445 - Make 'mach help <command>' call print_help directly [r=gps]
520cfa198f1d6ea2b668d4611342025151feffa6Matt Brubeck — Bug 841445 - Add a 'mach run' command to launch the compiled binary [r=gps]
8d09f003e087602c58c3729edc987c4b0b2d8670Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
e47387009162d1d00e772fb3f89e6fc74d5990a8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 854763 - Add a memory reporter for asm.js array buffers. r=luke.
7ea611c0295cdb5dbf513ab135518cc5d24f948cMike Hommey — Backout changeset 1c7bf97d3b6f (bug 854085) for bustage
1c7bf97d3b6f89f6321e2922a0387f092faedb3cMike Hommey — Bug 854085 - Fix unused-but-set-variable from ASSERT_ON_THREAD macro in media/mtransport/runnable_utils.h. r=jesup
a300b077ebba9cf59a24f2284573486563d80c96Makoto Kato — Bug 854306 - Add option to disable YARR JIT (--disable-yarr-jit) r=dvander
7ca7e8926e07a57a0f19b48a9ad7a1eafc2f1719Makoto Kato — Bug 854304 - Remove duplicated yasm check. r=ted
833a9f1cce275b83ebc0d416143c3b7ed0114e90William Chen — Bug 818976 - Part 3: Generated code for HTML5 parser. r=hsivonen
f704985a82464842321a409738c48e9475ac48daWilliam Chen — Bug 818976 - Part 2: Implement template element interface. r=mrbkap,bz
a9862de183ff4fce3f3efa2c4e0d7086c6a7201eWilliam Chen — Bug 818976 - Part 1: Add supplement code and new tree op to support generated code in HTML5 parser. r=hsivonen
ef964d6a833bf3de31754b5dd6b8f84a79448295Gene Lian — Bug 854422 - B2G MMS: should call .NotifyResponseTransaction() with MMS_PDU_STATUS_RETRIEVED after an MMS is retrieved under the RETRIEVAL_MODE_AUTOMATIC mode (a follow-up for bug 845643). r=vicamo,ctai
94de0fb8fbedfd43e1ba3186edf017e00467174fshuang — Bug 841336 - Remove assertion in RunDBusCallback if platform is gonk, r=echou
3a0c2efb7351330451e77d85e11fcece532b2337Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
2a388b6b49e702162b9bd0f35fe0cd6f3cd4509fMark Capella — Bug 851224 - backout broken change, r=mfinkle
790c60e0ce809d6c4d34e31c352f8dafb71ac339Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 854137 - Don't hold pointers to yield nodes in the parse tree (second attempt). r=jorendorff.
2e93bd9434821258b69164c567b6e8222b861bdbBas Schouten — Bug 854468: Add command-line flag to record Moz2D drawing. r=roc
22f4559c2f00d827aa0fa47db2b763fb3e388018Bas Schouten — Bug 854446: Allow setting Moz2D recording destination. r=joedrew
fde2b7379adaf14d97655a2a63ca33f6a454fb94Gina Yeh — Bug 854347 - Failed to receive files after calcelling receiving a file, r=echou
1555815d144a85d157ac872d8ef0a24b907cb28eRichard Newman — Bug 831404 - Add more logging to try to debug test failures. r=trivial
8b3f2b819845555f8fb7ccf3836cb6818767ab5cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 854741 - Change the parameter to createDelay to be in seconds, not minutes; r=roc
b7a7725faa689c944b13bbbd3c17d19122d2eaccNicholas Nethercote — Backed out changeset 1a71f73b9b7d due to bustage.
1a71f73b9b7d96c58ddba9673fda60f3d7bdb36aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 854137 - Don't hold pointers to yield nodes in the parse tree. r=jorendorff.
f8c8f4386fe079b00047b112b7520278cfc92077Philipp Matthias Schäfer — Bug 846933 - Comment class TokenStream. r=nnethercote.
598104a2101bcab8307396230b650789844e8387Brian R. Bondy — Bug 846945 - Downloaded / saved files should be searchable from the Metro Search charm. r=jimm.
02547d0a4402072c9c713dc53f85c22f72953b9bDaniel Holbert — back out cb015c10d58f (bug 828508) on a CLOSED TREE for turning bc tests orange
623c2704b45bb9166e9d36a329fabc7bbc29e05bDaniel Holbert — Bug 473236, 2013 edition: Remove executable bit from files that clearly don't need it (html, xhtml, xul, svg, png, jpg, ttf files in test dirs within /layout). DONTBUILD
0edebdda6d5ae82ab05f404e9a9fd38fd2d30b3eDavid Clarke — Bug 843893 - Fix alarm and power mochitests, r=gene.lian
5b6a1e103c82f4cc3bfbbc8c31274b8560f4b9edMark Finkle — Backout 4b1459d107c9, suspected cause of talos-robo bustage CLOSED TREE
9d6168e39aacfda9dbc59fd649bbeba6bd2993c3Jim Mathies — Bug 854584 - Add metrotestharness to TEST_HARNESS_BINS. r=mbrubeck
021d69679f43d4a474d61868720d838ccab9c2f5Reed Loden — Bug 844527: Update nsSTSPreloadList with latest Chromium additions (2013-03-20 edition), r=bsmith
2a77dba77cc21bea6b9b19f797dbd43b8f0da98dTerrence Cole — Bug 850954 - Allow implicit copying of RelocatableValue; r=billm
67cb3a9a4ad1f7c6aa4907cbf4de364ce4664dceWes Johnston — Bug 840593 - Viewport min-width should default to zero. r=mbrubeck
b7a38caee2b5538e12dca8edac9c6244bcac5875Randell Jesup — Bug 848946: In shutdown, don't wait for DataChannel closes to go to peer and back r=mcmanus
3a535bd50a23339d99808ac0e312f7ccdee2b48bLuke Wagner — Bug 854448 - Fix debug-only null-deref in JSFunction::name (r=njn)
c8d7e2709f01c8a746514f3abb66e78a33989845Margaret Leibovic — Bug 853691 - Reorganize SelectionHandler cleanup code paths. r=bnicholson
cb015c10d58f1306e56cb76564b0c4793790f263Jonathan Kew — bug 828508 - use larger favicons in hidpi mode if available. r=fryn
da67bb9e16912bdf5c5c6ba965e4679c791ecfd9EKR — Bug 844493. Remove NS_DISPATCH_SYNC from main thread. r=derf,abr
3446228af9dcef8c18bf03f1f93693f99aaaa2d1Michael Wu — Bug 853077 - Don't queue empty buffers in the opensles cubeb backend, r=kinetik
f2038e23a28215c96e41dd9d937b07f8ca6c29d9Cameron McCormack — Bug 839745 - Flush glyphs when needed. r=jmuizelaar
7e85c2a9b219f2a4ade51f03d03f6f54cb5e4b79Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 852981 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.390. r=bdahl
b26efa96a952c42310b86e5a1131cfa8c9b7b4d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 853266 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.16 (Mozilla changes). r=mak
59d05a61b8babbefa04d2287a508966d0fd2e979Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 853266 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.7.16 (SQLite changes). r=mak
a90c916de9d3dcbbbc19beafd146828fee164168Geoff Brown — Bug 853502 - Add df output to sutagent device info; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
f23a97b6dea106ea1aad187db9b04a747ffb2bdfBenoit Girard — Bug 851748 - Merge TableTicker1+2. r=jseward
50beb409e8d0f8d071588e7baac154a538d2e549Daniel Holbert — Bug 854481: Remove unused typedef from jstypedarray.cpp. r=Waldo
4b1459d107c9fecd983538beedfc96687d85d024Mark Finkle — Bug 854107 - Lazy load normal JS objects in browser.js r=margaret
c349ca8d4bb2847d7affa93e46c463d751398aa3Kyle Huey — Bug 839025: Refactor cycle collector thread handling to make it optional. r=mccr8
1a2dd943226e3de19182b2e972d0c1ecb1390952Mark Finkle — Bug 854107 - Lazy load notification-based JS objects in browser.js r=wesj
6d94c44aa4d23d98a13c1e364fc6734f54543f99Jim Mathies — Bug 848594 - Always manipulate focus node when selecting content in text inputs. r=mbrubeck
12a599069db2cddace0484385d77899903729691Jim Mathies — Bug 848594 - Reorganize code related to text input selection management in SelectionHandler. r=mbrubeck
9592881ee7fc25730e65421849074701a66921ebPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 852954 (Split nsHTMLDocument::ResolveName). r=bz.
4992c826784780e5967d6700ad92fe4058e4ad76Mats Palmgren — Bug 850931. r=roc
ce60918f4e48f77949ba949dd589b53cfb61a2d7Jonathan Kew — bug 419588 followup - add missing condition in the media fragment parsing loop. r=seth
6fb86648b394bf4866624dcf6db48f165a2416c5Jonathan Kew — bug 854115 - add #include "nsIContent.h" to nsNativeTheme.h because of the use of nsAutoTArray<nsCOMPtr<nsIContent>... there. r=Ms2ger
ee316928e0b910bf52d206d7679991bcd19296b5Mounir Lamouri — No Bug - Fix build bustage.
8bf75f6d2fd756df444e5f9e4d83ea22c0dc22e5Richard Newman — Bug 831404 - Timer slop for: Intermittent services\datareporting\tests\xpcshell\test_policy.js | false == true. r=trivial
eadf6b0ea8ded3a85946e34639e13e7d82c1b343James Hugman — Bug 813736 - Enable installPackage api on Android. r=wesj,fabrice
df8ef6995f48df95b2e3fb604e6bff077a3f8196Terrence Cole — Bug 853939 - Assert that we only ever call the finalizer on tenured objects; r=billm
b0c7a4c13f29e78084b9d6aceb25b9de5f201b06Shane Caraveo — Bug 850947 - make social use of addon install panel work as an osx panel, r=felipe,markh
bf4dd399238474ef44ab76a67ada53e426de2aebMounir Lamouri — No bug - Revert changes made in bug 841001 as they are no longer needed.
b180ce838e43de600d837e2b8c8f37b6f9f8d8adMounir Lamouri — Bug 841882 - Revert bug 597525.
f7138044b0cf24242f12ab2832073819370da6adNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853555 - Use defineObject instead of setProperty in ParallelArray ctor r=till
d35435aed8d0a615f3aa59ac5b3dab8d9a53be88Jan de Mooij — Bug 848930 - Mark jit-test/tests/auto-regress/bug680797.js as slow. r=decoder DONTBUILD
9980f5c81587047f03eaa815f8e7c5965f327d6bChris Jones — Bug 853363 - Add profiler labels for IPDL IPC. r=benjamin
669d96cdd9ef98130732d6cb01c178f1077efcf2Jeff Walden — Add [specref] references to all the section-comments in TypeTraits.h, to further ease reading/searching. Followup to bug 853988, suggested by froydnj
14fd773be3cfe22c32db79598c76931efe6b6a3bJeff Walden — Bug 853988 - Replace uses of Conditional<..., TrueType, FalseType>::Type with IntegralConstant<bool, ...>. r=froydnj
85dc97df0756101ed962c57c30f8e68273d8d4daJeff Walden — Bug 853988 - Move IsPod to the right place. r=froydnj
86d6a710f7fab017a42bdbaf2f8f81cbea8ab8faJeff Walden — Bug 853988 - Move Conditional to the right place. r=froydnj
6aaed09c846d471508c8fb1b624abba45f13c6e1Jeff Walden — Bug 853988 - Move IsConvertible to the right place. r=froydnj
9444636fb1d39e8dcda4bc0e40c8071713fcb940Jeff Walden — Bug 853988 - Move IsPointer and IsSame to the right locations. r=froydnj
f2af022787ee5f2893f704f294b1c19f2692351fJeff Walden — Bug 853988 - Add C++11 section references to TypeTraits.h. r=froydnj
cd8c7fc2b29d10fc6b7b4a9090d05f3f65ffb7dbRobert Longson — Bug 847139 - Crash with caretPositionFromPoint. r=heycam
31eebe8edba7a679e4dfc9eae7e50eeda6b826e7Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
33abf3e2d27b420c88657b4a3c34f4e7224a6222Victor Porof — Bug 762160 - Find Implementors of a function in the Debugger, r=past
456cb08f850987f36b34dc5de2c610189a02a630Phil Ringnalda — Merge the last pgo-green cset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
15e82d1c776a66735ae369e7cbd39b5f777c741fJeff Walden — Bug 789897 - Move a bunch of methods needed for ObjectImpl::preventExtensions, out of JSObject and into ObjectImpl. r=jorendorff
fc8488c2534602f4fe024bc300f0396769bc17a7Jose Cortes — Bug 842186 - Replace instances of jsval with JS::Value in the content/base directory. r=jwalden
0b9375365c0e231b2aaf98e3a9f0506452dfbde6Jose Cortes — Bug 842186 - Update use of jsval with JS::Value in cpp and h files in the content/xul/ content/canvas/ content/xslt/ and content/xbl/ directories. r=jwalden
f4263d37413d2cd0cfaa815981902ff2c2fa12f0Jose Cortes — Bug 842186 - Replace use of jsval with JS::Value in cpp and h files under the content/html directory. r=jwalden
a7e1bb7d0e21e0d84cb5b4a1c14cecaaaa06cebbMounir Lamouri — Bug 854117 - Re-enable test_resize_move_windows.html on Linux. rs=Ms2ger
86c7e24d1a8834c51a75f845140fd7e1b24754deDave Hunt — Bug 853450 - Bump Marionette client version to 0.5.22 ahead of release. r=jgriffin
53612d6a71dde91840323956aac254a94e8046c8Steve Fink — Static rooting analysis updates for browser. No bug. r=NPOTB
028b8d6873870d9e36d32fb3bcdbb3c8baa60cb2Steve Fink — Bug 853541 - Partially revert bug 835552, making load() be cwd-relative again. r=njn
7b734d6f2fea41ea6694f8aed8f175dbaa58ca41Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848719: URL Bar corruption with dyn-toolbar. [r=mfinkle]
d91a87b222e4845f7db5d3cfe4d393eac90c2da3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 853831 - Fix fixed margins on the opposite side of overscroll. r=kats
78733111adb6a614363177f8d7b560879fafaad8Jeff Hammel — Bug 838374 - release mozprofile, mozprocess, mozdevice (and other?) and mirror to m-c;r=ahal
48eec6e16e6c9344b67152d6ae1391a215775195Jonathan Griffin — Bug 837137 - Fix some errors in commandId usage, r=mdas
3a2dd29511b5e6887d0a09dc4b47fe5b184412c0Matt Woodrow — Bug 852850 - Remove the faily test_image_layers.html mochitest. r=joe
a428deb3fa9ac24ed35ccbb4b4888a630a733255Benoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 4: Split out GeckoProfilerFunc.h & PseudoStack.h. r=jrmuizel
bf04a3230bfe14735b7c569df6591a011b573b89Benoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 3: Rename headers. r=jrmuizel
7b508d11a7915a2e0a57b563564cb715bd07a58bBenoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 2: Update profiler calls. r=jrmuizel
99e09a7e03e68a2a7b93216fcff9ae39077f8592Benoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 1: Refactor profiler interface. r=jrmuizel
44cf42a8e6e51e74a5c863419c7fc797d75e1256Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 853067 - Do not define the parallel array global in beta, release, or esr builds (yet) r=sfink
21657a1327cd2dd1b3e80f975b8213f32bcfc0a3Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
3178d9b2406d4112e8449562985cdd646951df06L. David Baron — Bug 849657: Fix bustage from changeset eb8d19e9c838.
d20bf3793eb218721e16e803b73f8fbec18d3a51L. David Baron — Bug 849657 patch 2: Change internal uses of 'CssFloat' to 'Float'. r=bzbarsky
eb8d19e9c83874760c2787da760a62e3f5149c10L. David Baron — Bug 849657 patch 1: Expose CSS_PROP_PUBLIC_OR_PRIVATE macro to users of nsCSSPropList.h rather than CSS_PROP_DOMPROP_PREFIXED, so that we can avoid 'CssFloat' spreading even further. r=bzbarsky
bff25b01fb0d2067359173f2213b0ff0274b1a2dWes Johnston — Bug 817586 - Remove extra logging. r=mbrubeck
f0f055ea6c4fbbae057e13ff1abde60d560b3ed7Henri Sivonen — Bug 853170 - Revise the IID of nsIXMLHttpRequest as a follow-up to bug 843508. r=smaug.
943c43de73298f636839a76bfd8a68787e16c3eaWes Johnston — Bug 817586 - Remove extra logging. r=mbrubeck
cd563ebad556f16bebeb40848af5b3eabd654b7fChristian Holler — Bug 852476 - Fix Valgrind annotations in nsPresArena.cpp. r=mats
a450ba2ae0a12df995f90581b4e59b802b38d3acShane Caraveo — bug 853642 fix menu placement and missing label on menu, r=markh
8d55f019795c4450f0868313ff6995f705da8242Georg Fritzsche — Bug 853911 - Fix nsPluginHost usage in nsPluginTag. r=bsmedberg
69f4d3ba11a50798b630e848d13bee7bae7b4991Marco Bonardo — Bug 561450 - Stop supporting session ids in Places.
35c42e6784fb3557df515bb7a967bfa76583a313Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 852979 (Remove unused nsContentUtils::JSArrayToAtomArray). r=smaug.
92278dbb6657e22a5542ce1511f9a9200a97c62aPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 848088 (IonMonkey: property get IC for DOM list proxies fails to detect expando). r=jandem.
62a4aa80d668ed0d4915c6eb55d43a216d548b4dPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 853136 (Prepare some tests for HTMLDocument using a WebIDL binding). r=bholley.
c457bd84dc66cbae4c2dcda89ccd8c6f305940f0Ben Hearsum — bug 853823: updater should be case insensitive when parsing hash function in update xml. r=kats
cd888db738b4fc4516d02ed4956a7d7a2391d708Jim Chen — Bug 839683 - Enable Android ANR reporter on appropriate channels; r=blassey
b8ba9eac4d2a1ae9721b6a48247adadadb8d4f3dJim Chen — Bug 839683 - Append telemetry opt-out notice for ANR reporting; r=mfinkle
4d3250f3afea022bd5779912c208fb188ec089f1Joe Drew — Merge last PGO-green mozilla-inbound changeset to mozilla-central.
aed1da04448d2ce84d7c37005255da52850eade3Vendelin Ruzicka — Bug 854190 - Remove duplicate JS code in test_create_objectStore.html and import existing JS file. r=janv
54746dec6ade6fa154e524144b056abbb3ec58a3Jan de Mooij — Bug 852798 - Don't use JSPROP_READONLY for shell-only customNative property. r=djvj
5b7ed1616c6229c10e6ce8f20cbf463835c1a36cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
f2af3063ab66df33455c4948be105c78a16914eaDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
dea1e46826dc7c52f888d8b39be9b5e7cccdf21dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEDisplacementMapElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
7f6d59527eee18a7e32aa756907cef569ed57d26David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEDisplacementMapElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
ec645e7f419cb6548708b23e58e3f29eda03f82aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
37aaffbdb6f6809bb15e867bbe497f3233887a09David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
7b7400c085a4d4a65dde82dc4b4a0c368f99e9fdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFESpecularLightingElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
5548aa2bab630693b55ebad56db37e4792827755David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFESpecularLightingElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
dd8bab4b6cec258429540f50f104521a6202d9dfDavid Zbarsky — Bug 853692: Convert SVGFESpotLightElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
70652745e3ab1f2f696ebcacdbb52c5420ce64adDavid Zbarsky — Bug 853692: Move SVGFESpotLightElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
1ace686b691c24ffd56daf7c93ad0770c334498cCameron McCormack — Bug 844683 - Prevent scoped-style-pseudo-00[12].html from failing when :scope is disabled. r=philor
1541b7a03e179f07fd9b15b77985444b2077b534Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Control multithreaded encoding with a pref. r=seth
9e2bdda8c3ca3e5b2d24251df212ead22cf053b5Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Implement multithreaded decoding using a thread pool. r=seth
71fe5b69c83424992e8291ab2975576dc5505118Chris Double — Bug 812881 - Add some Samsung JB devices to Stagefright blocklist - r=bjacob
6a715855b6398c38bb800fb5b5964bd92f99cfc0Cameron McCormack — Bug 842142 - Prevent odd text wrapping in SVG text. r=roc
fcc9af890feda89bd9ccab8677e6b3cf0fe41f61Makoto Kato — Bug 843984 - msdmo should be delay loaded dll w/ MOZ_WEBRTC_IN_LIBXUL. r=ted
f9ab5d2d5c999e05b061d880a05086588924149ePhil Ringnalda — merge m-c to m-i
9fbbb2fc5dbb02e74aa8cd6ce3175c6e5d45728bVincent Chang — Bug 845211 - [Wi-Fi] "undefined" sometimes showed to Wi-Fi MAC address value of Settings. r=mrbkap
4f9a36fafdfd79659f086f1af9c110e513fc7384Sean Stangl — Bug 854197 - Only initialize WorkerThreadState in parallel mode. r=luke
c3cb99f3f085bdc104f9e307b5002cec76867760Jonathan Watt — Bug 854133 - Stop the page from scrolling when the user tries to drag an <input type=range>'s thumb in the B2G browser app. r=smaug
ff9313fd56e4353524d3a79c4ae148235ef6c8c8Daniel Holbert — Bug 851556: Makee GestureEventListener.cpp's "MAX_TAP_TIME" unsigned, so that the comparisons against it won't trigger build warnings. r=drs
683bb0caab3ad5e5bf639fa64a9b64d6ba00646fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 854212 - Fix link errors in jsfuninlines.h caused by bug 851421. r=smaug.
ea59a801aabfccbcd33d80c645c3d8c8e0bb218fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 846365 - Add proper handling for background session closes in Firefox for Metro. r=jimm
abef045c80bca341ed88c2a9f7b4baf85355a77fAlexander Surkov — Bug 853340 - getTextAtOffset for word boundaries: beginning of a new life, r=tbsaunde
631d57b31bb159c57be2920ec57ff0e78e747e66Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 854212 - Fix link errors in jsfuninlines.h caused by bug 851421. r=smaug.
bef19bca23f9aa2ae4c781ff7ad1b315b65938adTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
d5cdec6efff9a37f3c89dbd63a336d07fc72aa23Joe Walker — Bug 784790 - GCLI cookie command should use internal Cookie API rather than document.cookie; r=mratcliffe
4ff44d1d475033d697946dea2df9fd4df7a7f11aJoe Walker — Bug 722727 - GCLI should make the value available to max/min functions; r=mratcliffe
f952eebd4cbd001aece7f8463d212a07cefd8a7cJoe Walker — Bug 657595 - GCLI type conversion should be a type->type affair not just arg->type; r=mratcliffe
ed8fc1dfe8aa8b00cd8aaa77aa82e3ac2e4fc91bJoe Walker — Bug 852110 - Allow tools to build a concrete panel rather than only a promise of a panel; r=mratcliffe
55bea9d170b77b7a3d6ef318ba6806cc98201abeJoe Walker — Bug 850929 - GCLI needs a simpler way to mark parameters as being options; r=paul
6a1a959b8a2c8e0bfd3a4390ab19287f7dfe566eSadineni Ravi Chandra — Bug 771466 - GCLI devtools.command.dir option should accept ~ for home directory; r=jwalker
0bc53c8467091db1d26c5d6fecabff8f9da3e0a1Anton Kovalyov — Bug 853650 - Support for multiple simultaneously running profiles. r=past
3acbf951b3b1be2050d02f293229af77f426e7cdSean Stangl — Bug 854197 - Only initialize WorkerThreadState in parallel mode. r=luke
fadbd3c36f80ebc1c2cc812e6b77ca6cd84e42ddPhil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-really-clean cset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central on a CLOSED TREE
a3aef14dc53a7d65bcfa9d72a429a9a32a0af3ccPhil Ringnalda — Back out 939f0488b0f7:46e4373d6d95 (bug 847120) and 13443c4586a4:e7f48e9b8bd7 (bug 853692) on suspicion of causing bug 854225 Linux32 PGO build failures
aab4a115f06c7ef349c357c5e18c6868721ccc97Trevor Saunders — backout 275cd395f9fa and 9e4b22851976 bug 716140 for breaking linux tp on a CLOSED TREE
3fd95a7e87de8f346ed111b536cb91ad5e15f7f1Trevor Saunders — backout 392c55ce512d bug 853340 to see if it somehow broke linux pgo landed on a CLOSED TREE
7ae2b31a75879143a1224d4d5f9157bf403b3ac4Bobby Holley — Bug 854019 - Continue checking the XBL bit if remote XUL disables XBL scopes. r=bz
652ffc1691415ad7cd80e9e1d93655c738c7d9f1Bobby Holley — Bug 853571 - Tests. r=bz
42e972cb2941445e5b960ba2ac7a4ef718d828e1Bobby Holley — Bug 853571 - Do special detection for sandboxPrototype to make sure the source gets set up right in postMessage. r=bz
e218608de7de36934bbdfc4ac5895a1b97c1b8c4Bobby Holley — Bug 853571 - Add some belt-and-suspenders checks for sketchy scripted caller detection. r=bz
f1b69057a270568fd91218d8faba77406f9bf88aTatiana Meshkova — Bug 851438 - crash [@ MozQWidget::showEvent] r=romaxa. DONTBUILD
0373ca9b42ef2337db6a8e56522be4bcbf719491Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853996 - Make sure that opening a new window in permanent private browsing mode never shows about:privatebrowsing; r=jdm
4e6b20451bb636beffa4fc274cac63521a5992c2Christian Ascheberg — Bug 854175 - Don't add "(Private Browsing)" to the window title in permanent PB mode; r=ehsan
c5c2aee6ebe6ec3245628c5597b7751de038d0beOlli Pettay — clobber for bug 737100
c3e3ac3dc3a936cfbbc8cf31c34d3efa66c5c3e8Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Mark test_preferences.xul as sometimes asserting once.
c8f1fd136c04daa31da7c233647ba0ac69924355Olli Pettay — Bug 737100 - Extend Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) for non-fullscreen elements, use capture phase for event listener, and add listener to browser
c656d41192f65397aff67d74b1472443b47f23ccOlli Pettay — Bug 737100 - Extend Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) for non-fullscreen elements, p=smaug,dolske, r=cpearce,dolske,smaug
426bf346fe1d96e8322c9846f124a2db05085b57Simon Montagu — Set AncestorHasDirAuto on the descendants of a <bdi> having its dir attribute removed or set to an invalid value. Bug 849732, r=ehsan
74847b983bc8b3f2f01278e28517a8112e172d6cSimon Montagu — Don't rerun the downward propagation algorithm from ResetNodeDirection after an element has had dir=auto removed. Bug 849727, r=ehsan
87b2de1db6fa50daa56c68e252d52d8b386e5dd9Joe Drew — Merge last pgo-clean changeset to mozilla-central.
c740ade2e901bb4506a560a98fb85d7314e23746Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 831349 - Reset Ion cache flags when flushed. r=dvander
25a9caf9ea103a925966ce81fa5b878181a38ed9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 854108 - Use FallibleTArray in SVG code some more; r=longsonr
9e4b22851976625f7e4d44b01a18f6400040903dJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Control multithreaded encoding with a pref. r=seth
275cd395f9fadaa42da633e20780d39193d817dbJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Implement multithreaded decoding using a thread pool. r=seth
4d7684259549a9e5dda78b3f45f95e7f46014af9Joshua Cranmer — Bug 767563 - Add a clang static checker, part 3: Move the MOZ_MUST_OVERRIDE macro to MFBT. r=Waldo
9dfc8698edd08ea77c193b4ffe69ec8421983559Joshua Cranmer — Bug 767563 - Add a clang static checker, part 2: Implement the MOZ_MUST_OVERRIDE attribute. r=ehsan
cf75954e488fa602bf19de0b44a710066d0a5c5dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 767563 - Add a clang static checker, part 1: add the plugin shell. r=glandium
0ed97a9289b6f331be3658a30c2f315fe2d5f529Brian R. Bondy — Bug 844954 - Add support for DX9.3 feature level for Metro and cleanup CreateDevice code. r=bas
cf4cd763bc4c1ef40f7385096f34d511aea81becBrian R. Bondy — Bug 844954 - Add LoadLibrary RAII helper and System32 LoadLirary helper for use anywhere. r=jimm
392c55ce512de39e51cf689542e33f507b1af04fAlexander Surkov — Bug 853340 - getTextAtOffset for word boundaries: beginning of a new life, r=tbsaunde
30b977b2b911146b7ca2250f7fb3074ccb6f5f19Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 851421 (part 2) - Don't emit bytecode for asm.js functions unless linking fails. r=luke.
82ea4e6d7349a0db7010a09d5df97b2c851192c2Luke Wagner — Bug 851421 (part 1) - Clone extended function slots. r=nnethercote.
6a5d309283df56a637777b1b947324af03b501beBenjamin Peterson — Backout Bug 854117 because philor said so
939f0488b0f73e58dbc78e102bc27c77d20cc783David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFETurbulenceElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
ee6e761d8186f21146126aba295cec005dac9680David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFETurbulenceElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
e1267e72e21beaa44f89688df26bd2ca354d5c60David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEMorphologyElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
9cbd2f80bd5f41318f8c8a65772ea17b7fb277d5David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEMorphologyElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
3e25841f15c82779fe6c48ca929505f2982c6fc9David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
8bab36d9500fd4b373792b8ad048aac423903539David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
f5d41538005240a2ac89b2127e35212e5b90f86cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEDisplacementMapElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
4813c1013888845e7d0fc230e4f31bf1be0595b4David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEDisplacementMapElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
4d51bec2d5074d4e3e0cecff7014f95592886f15David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
240bee22606c538fd5e7adf9a46cc36d86a586c3David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
9d3a5915e9e5f059e5f936487e5d1bbdf8626f9fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFESpecularLightingElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
46e4373d6d95a14c73e3faecbc517a9478dd72bdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFESpecularLightingElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
13443c4586a4415a6a66e4e8d4560169b86372c4David Zbarsky — Bug 853692: Convert SVGFESpotLightElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
e7f48e9b8bd799203660082c63a0bc982f207a4cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 853692: Move SVGFESpotLightElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
a5170d1c3bac75b88d33dcf616eb3ee9c5babe01Mats Palmgren — Bug 851847 - Optimize nsBlockFrame::StealFrame when removing a normal flow child. r=bzbarsky
76adf81398bca7debe86f1e4f944a55aa0f773aaMats Palmgren — Backout rev 85397e0a6dba - wrong patch. r=me
85397e0a6dba323b687fec127e7ead26140102bdMats Palmgren — Bug 851847 - Optimize nsBlockFrame::StealFrame when removing a normal flow child. r=bzbarsky
1b08c281a601283f5c92f47dd544652b682c5ff4Mats Palmgren — Bug 851849 - Make nsBlockFrame::AddFrames() return void since it can't fail, and non-virtual since it's not meant to be overridden. Add a post-condition that the given
d7787d81006788a314d5c17c709ddad472b2a778Mats Palmgren — Bug 851848 - Remove the OOM check for allocating the BulletFrame now that PresArena allocations are infallible. r=bzbarsky
a68dd0799cf6e9943d0f79f33eaa0febf85f7074Mats Palmgren — Bug 851848 - Remove OOM checks for the result of NewLineBox now that PresArena allocations are infallible. r=bzbarsky
b50a6575de32b8852eafd5617f90fe15c5ef5714Mats Palmgren — Bug 851841 - Make nsListBoxBodyFrame::RemoveChildFrame assertions fatal. r=bzbarsky
2252a34495c338af7b0184e7e71987b654f8853bMats Palmgren — Bug 852670 - Make nsContainerFrame::SetPropTableFrames return void since it's infallible. r=bzbarsky
2fc0356e694959958ea82cb15fef931def874146Gregory Szorc — Bug 854057 - Look for binaries in the proper path; r=trivial
495bf367cca35ee4d30aae75343ecf2214be04f7Till Schneidereit — Bug 853417 - Prevent self-hosted scripts from ever being visible to client scripts. r=jimb
41c04cf78c08023e76735aa3c71911e1a5c0b842Mounir Lamouri — Bug 854117 - Re-enable test_resize_move_windows.html and test_resize_move_windows.xul on Linux. rs=Ms2ger
bf15d22f0bd278efd75ec0cff58ec4a6f40cebc7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853963 - Make the case where the listener and panner are at the same spot with 360 cone angles really a no-op; r=padenot
d8e0f7075532dec95b4aacf75efc06477fa20845Jim Mathies — Bug 853604 - Add support for switching to caret browsing mode once selection has been invoked. r=ally
0a10eca0c5210f4615f372f81a8d51a82605ed20Joe Drew — Merge last green mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central.
43073653db4aca75f8c1f548915452462f5233f6Joe Drew — Bug 853536 - Never write to size-only decoders when we've already gotten the size. r=jrmuizel
4228409520c435002af0369fa169f2c46777a51cBrian R. Bondy — Backout of 266694bb2f66 due to bustage. r=me
03b2a7410c44375dc239d759f9e341e7c61fa1d7Brian R. Bondy — Backout of 925db0605e39 due to bustage. r=me
266694bb2f66a0a6f30b8814a6daa2f324c5ba7eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 844954 - Add LoadLibrary RAII helper and System32 LoadLirary helper for use anywhere. r=jimm
925db0605e39306d08107ca19965c8bb3978f1f6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 844954 - Add support for DX9.3 feature level for Metro and cleanup CreateDevice code. r=bas
f03b609b76f2caa83bf58672dbf0b6d3e699687aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 840837 Fix IME enabled state check at MozIMEFocusOut r=bz
7ac778ed79a5e4a4848b40499b70a92718389db3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 849647 Get rid of message order optimization on Windows r=jimm
8a6271c71427abac84ed6450a2e77211d0b9e67aMounir Lamouri — Bug 849438 - Searches in ListControlFrames should ignore &nbsp;. r=bz
d674eb04e687eb2e2f4d73653fd8530d72852fa1Geoff Lankow — Bug 849614 - Give both version numbers to bootstrap methods when an addon is down/upgraded; r=Unfocused
55a8ef1cd22ff4d30544541e2604bbd827ebb2fbPatrick Wang — Bug 846734 - adding certificate exception from certificate error page. r=fabrice
0fa7df90f98c1dd154cb4c98f445d3d7ead5e55cDaniel Holbert — Bug 854058: Fix typo in mach error message: s/occured/occurred/. r=gps DONTBUILD
ae3fa6ecf42224a34d1136bf91b2d86bc2d21823Boris Zbarsky — Bug 832899 followup to add a test.
2a09d354053f2594e775b23f4769932827693abeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822281. Stop assuming XPCOM timers can't fire early (at least where IEEE doubles are concerned). r=avih
4c2a4448bd0987232ced792d8ade42ebd7f944f1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848895 part 2. Null-check the pointer to the editor that the edit rules hold. r=ehsan
7437279a223deaa369110a4f177ab31ec5b161caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848895 part 1. Always hold an on-stack strong reference to mRules when calling into it. r=ehsan
f8613cef1d5467f3c6b97ff28ad5dbc3c5e90570Ethan Hugg — Bug 730277 - Hold reference until data used in CreateIcon r=joe
6c50015e207352fce95beb33e2afb6f4aa1792c9Kannan Vijayan — Bug 854034 - Handle functions without scripts in CallsiteCloneIC::update. r=nmatsakis
550cbc82504201e83c295830533a278178e49553Joe Drew — Bug 853337 - Make sure we actually call Flush and MarkDirty on frames when we've done some decoding work. r=seth
b7f064e05fc5ecc80e570a3e00231b7c8101a750Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 850318 - Avoid blocking the UI thread on the background thread when calling getClipboardText. r=wesj
c029a287fd81f1fc43f128baac01ef35dcc6527bJustin Dolske — Bug 853308 - Expose master password login state via nsILoginManager. r=MattN
3536b7a3185b85779591a47f7d2f659f819cdbfeJustin Dolske — Bug 854035 - PopupNotification should reset mainAction label when it's removed. r=MattN
a9a5906ca96ab3589786840d07b4388caa41431bAlexander Surkov — Bug 852804 - a11y::SelectionManager shouldn't hold a strong ref to focused element, r=tbsaunde
4b0df9dc91584716aeba4bc12ce8a63749a8237dJoe Drew — Back out e1d71b13e35f (Bug 853337) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE
52c94f95cbea6fad2abbb1ab7d04a0c1a247c715Ed Morley — Bug 754860 - Line continuation characters aren't overridden by commenting the line (when are we switching to tup again?)
cedf014b57644734c7e43144a6016c7b54735ff6Sean Stangl — Bug 850070 - Fix Vector::initCapacity() argument name: conflicts with layout code. r=red
48ccb418a9c00941d76f450c58b2f56b5149c8f7Sean Stangl — Bug 850070 - Fix --disable-ion and --disable-threadsafe builds. r=red
1e04bd7ba83715d7fcd62f7900df81fabe5358bdSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850217: Corruption in opt-in animation. [r=bnicholson]
8fc27301f35c4e74d824ec8f07a055b034a00c45Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849230 follow-up: Fix expectException to actually check the exception code, and don't use imaginary DOMException names!
eb6296a5e259a91e0254a1434c1904362df27006Sean Stangl — Bug 850070 - Part 2/2 - Parallelize OdinMonkey compilations. r=luke
9b6e038bce3657ecdec754baf244febc7bacf9cbSean Stangl — Bug 850070 - Part 1/2 - Separate sequential compilation into explicit phases. r=luke
c81af6c727267228bed515eb85f2d94b812b4551Wes Johnston — Bug 840593 - Create a main style file for about pages to inherit from. r=mbrubeck
d89e6ebf2a7beb499c1784b52e311111977a593eJonathan Griffin — Bug 853747 - Set dom.use_xbl_scopes_for_remote_xul for b2g reftests, r=bholley
a8e42871854be0f8847ffa7c3fff0a2f7f4cb0faEd Morley — Bug 822041 - Disable browser_profiler_run.js, browser_profiler_controller.js, browser_profiler_bug_830664_multiple_profiles.js for too many intermittent failures
7bdeb824afcf8a9ebdfdca1a312026f0f655a459Ed Morley — Bug 754860 - Disable test_bug726904.html for too many intermittent failures
26eb06639c711ffdb8294e2929a3dea4e960665aWes Johnston — Bug 419588 - Add support for a resolution media fragment. r=seth
e1d71b13e35f92eac9f46573e4cca2ba64956b7bJoe Drew — Bug 853337 - Make sure we MarkDirty on our image frames after every piece of decoding. r=seth
e8d39b11288579e17b40253acde692a01af78e57Joe Drew — Bug 853390 - Notify our listeners after creating decoders to ensure onload is correctly blocked. r=seth
955bd7967d96796befda0197c9f896f71d584b80Terrence Cole — Bug 734250 - Remove the unused {Un}LockGCThing{RT} rooting interface; r=billm
6b579eeb6c6c926ee7c84586aa0aeb95b76483f6Terrence Cole — Bug 851568 - Remove HoldScriptObject and DropScriptObject; r=smaug
5d5cb79e8f8e28f8b49b0574fac4567adc6d6adbMats Palmgren — Bug 842166 - Block scripts during nsGfxScrollFrameInner::ReflowFinished(). r=ehsan
b065837d70721d757335f8d770e131c1da65b82eMats Palmgren — Bug 842166 - Ignore MaybeEditingStateChanged() during nsDocument::EndUpdate since nsHTMLDocument::EndUpdate will do it. r=ehsan
a5d90cd59be84b0321fa98275c49bbf0c7677011Luke Wagner — Bug 851964 - Re-enable OdinMonkey on OSX (r=vlad)
8de57bc45b46b4c4fef1c25862d40db9f686f78eMatt Brubeck — Bug 854011 - Fix initialization bugs for thumbnail tiles [r=bbondy]
8b76d9b32786d1bf843ef35dc3aaddf0503f7faeMatt Brubeck — Bug 853126 - Use PluralForm for the blocked popup message on Android [r=margaret]
62b9af51ea89fade06bb5877ad4a31f68573db74Matt Brubeck — Bug 853126 - Use PluralForm for the blocked popup warning on desktop [r=dao]
926a4d3be23581a300367cbfbcc9c80f83c35066Matt Brubeck — Bug 853126 - Use PluralForm for the blocked popup message in Metro [r=ally]
109739e766626d94f22ae3086fcb34b8c40c2523Matt Brubeck — Back out b65289e2b06c (bug 853642) because of mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE
be8b1f1c9edf979731810310e596ddea1b5946b5Gregory Szorc — Bug 648681 - OS X bustage; r=bustage CLOSED TREE
4c41e7a015b92cc9da2e52ee2d7fa7caa8fa87b3Gregory Szorc — Bug 648681 - Bustage; r=bustage CLOSED TREE
7bf703a3b3e65f9a08d746a1d6eab676547253baHubert Figuière — Bug 835338 - Part 2: Reenable test_scroll.xul on Mac. r=tbsaunde
b65289e2b06ceca5cca58787eee62ddc97d37468Shane Caraveo — bug 853642 fix menu placement and missing label on menu, r=markh
1d20377bf0f17f748f001862baa5cf213ca8cac6Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 853558 - Don't use copied over devicemanager files in b2g unittests, r=jgriffin
d38a69107bd419e85dbc4700e70d5ae4161fa15bGregory Szorc — Bug 648681 - Print useful information after building the tree; r=ted
6f746d50698ce42c7e78a8b6b99caf248a73fab3Wes Johnston — Bug 816979 - Only use system overscroll on Gingerbread+. r=kats
a5c47f1edc125a215cadaa089c03e7fad060b778Seth Fowler — Bug 703806 - Restore random-if that was removed by bug 704059, since the problem doesn't seem to be fixed. r=me
0f6a7422810308bbe69b13c7782005c06f31d0f6Trevor Saunders — bug 853927 - rm the shenanigans test_scroll.xul does to open a file r=davidb f=jmaher
ee2bfeaaecaaf8f1ac25d180c0c74ed2e3401730George Wright — Bug 849253 - Make SkiaGL a build-time option independent of Skia, and disable it on PPC[64] r=mattwoodrow
e513c5d3b41637dae0beebe415edc6e1809886a2Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (cleanup). r=jwalden
100e46502574b35109d5630b6d45bf9a2493136cNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 9). r=jwalden
195a2038433db6f6c8a28be8d7a029ba8e9c73c0Jeff Walden — Bug 769871 - Remove x_CheckThisX methods, as the extract-the-primitive-value methods immediately after perform that check already. r=Norbert
c4cf1a27fded9bb6ddc852943b7fba1195102b42Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851830 - Make sure std::min can be used safely in sps_sampler.h on Windows; r=jrmuizel (over the shoulder)
79ecb92e936ad73960e8d541639aa749e5c97f4fJames Willcox — Bug 829747 - Update WebGL canvases asynchronously r=bgirard,jgilbert
b4f1a45e51ea9775922b82f7ec1423f20c565897Ed Morley — Backed out changeset b43bbab312e7 (bug 829747) for ABORTs on Android 2.2; CLOSED TREE
8e42c2f55b94e83df3fbaa93d1a62072275b098aJan de Mooij — Bug 790479 - Remove a bogus assert, unused SNAPSHOT_MAX_STACK constant. r=djvj
6cb8dceb3ffdf8a98dea755f4356f787d10574e5Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 853520 - new master branch snapshots for all device image builds. r=nthomas
9b80bf15146cb8f06ecea1ea47eb4efd2b9b31f6Terrence Cole — Bug 851340 - Make the rooting of scripts in nsXULPrototypeCache more efficient; r=smaug
4b3ba25df1afbcd80b77a1465ce50c8acbb1a086Bill McCloskey — Bug 852667 - Sort out getAllocKind for generational GC (r=terrence)
7ccd3fb99cd9269e2999962a9538d56538a4d195Terrence Cole — Bug 849453 - Use the AllocKind to get the size instead of sizeOfThis; r=billm
7de024ba26d38bdbaa26a9be3772fb8ba3a60f8fBill McCloskey — Bug 853228 - Remove unused functions in jsdbgapi (r=luke)
b170e3ee24c07c764325ca6e4e9d9a6c2b2a3d8eBill McCloskey — Bug 852676 - Remove unmaintained ETW event support (r=sfink)
5a97d33c3a071db58dd6b1d1f24d531e103bdb03Terrence Cole — Bug 841059 - Do not use the ArenaHeader for getAllocKind on JSObject; r=billm
c4a29b7a2ead0b062b1f1c7c8846fc3e74cdbd09Bill McCloskey — Bug 852667 - Permit passing #fixed slots to getInitialShape (r=bhackett)
7f4e825f7c04326a114f304afb09d288975daeb5Fabrice Desré — Bug 852543 - B2G desktop builds failing during make check on m-c r=bsmedberg
fa821edce14d267ba0319d9069c0d55baf0d96d2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853718 - Pause the AudioContext when it is being torn down; r=bzbarsky
fe50f4cbc119bb7743e11da5e9c5c4584d4668b2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815492 - Pause Web Audio playback when entering the bfcache, and resume it when coming out of the bfcache; r=bzbarsky
b43bbab312e72bc0c20db30a86bdee0b82e0fd2dJames Willcox — Bug 829747 - Update WebGL canvases asynchronously r=bgirard,jgilbert
90e1cafdd9c6a262dbc84ecd4a18c31cd5a546d4Avi Halachmi — Bug 853398: Disable TimeDuration::operator* (double) using MOZ_DELETE. r=bz
ed753b70773f96658a3783f22f15a91bbb2c54a0Marco Zehe — Bug 848775 - Mute live region updates from the Firefox status bar, r=dao
2250dcdfd268527df615e7017eb4125981f3d524Joel Maher — Bug 853868 - upload a new to report tp5o numbers to graph server. r=armenzg
1d7b2eafeebcd7863173737b09a9d29a3c1e5813Daniel Holbert — Bug 782441 part 3: Reftests for flex containers with "overflow:hidden|scroll|auto". r=bz
472f6793e512f9c585b648801970a3607bbfecb3Daniel Holbert — Bug 782441 part 2: Tweak ua.css to make flex container properties inherit to ::-moz-scrolled-content, so that flex containers with "overflow" set will honor those properties. r=bz
bdf0d126c1b8b999b76b0fe75728412613665d66Daniel Holbert — Bug 782441 part 1: Add FCDATA_MAY_NEED_SCROLLFRAME bit to flex container display data. r=bz
a614c0fa8f761ba127f025a2ea015ddd50a4798eDaniel Holbert — Bug 853777: Remove unused variable 'cx' from CodeGenerator::visitApplyArgsGeneric(). r=kvijayan
e6d92226bac221bf65543960b8d7100353345a17Jon Coppeard — Bug 853461 - GC: A couple more rooting hazards r=terrence
d50dbae0b5388d40907ef5328668be697f34ad7eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 614772 - crash with taskbar preview [@ gfxContext::NewPath() ]. r=jmuizelaar
b42e344b20a9b6fec80ea0b36e65c0117b1b7800Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853721 - Part 1: Refactor the code to convert GainNode's AudioParamTimeline to ticks into WebAudioUtils; r=roc
89f25483717afe5184933a3b4604323adf678343Gene Lian — Bug 850680 - B2G MMS: broadcast "sms-received" and "sms-sent" system messages (part 2, broadcast system messages). r=vicamo
7ba21d4b033744bd6a532993f9b3355709d51020Gene Lian — Bug 850680 - B2G MMS: broadcast "sms-received" and "sms-sent" system messages (part 1, code clean-up). r=vicamo
6d7a01a43fe4aac87401cc40cb836e98137e5c58Jim Mathies — Bug 852576 - Fix for monocle positioning problem when transitioning from caret to drag selection. r=mbrubeck
649f6d85d61632d1b58f0b4392726bc5ec10b04eLucas Rocha — Bug 853300 - Show toolbar when hw menu button is pressed (r=cwiiis)
55f53541cd6cf2235e7a036496d251a88a7871f8Lucas Rocha — Bug 853497 - Remove spacer view from gecko_app.xml (r=cwiiis)
3550c269a5652b0b0081a9f9afbf8621fec30fc8Robert Longson — Bug 849606 r=jwatt
bcf09432affdc74bf300314a918b17d00d138243ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-620 - a=blocklist-update
ec68e56cafa3aa5d1a84894f728fc3309d8f850cDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix indentation of multi-line std::max invocations in nsFlexContainerFrame. Whitespace-only, DONTBUILD
3825fdbcec62e4a6d420ff260945a70eee942744Trevor Saunders — bug 852044 - test_link.html doesn't assert on mac either anymore
08c2a05be2e4649af0e7daad09b67565fd623242Trevor Saunders — bug 852044 - follow up test_link.html doesn't assert on win anymore
a92fbe6fd787e532c823a615c48c1758a9b79cf8Joe Drew — Bug 853169 - Initialize the output profile explicitly from within gfxPlatform::Init, and handle when we can't create one in xpcshell tests on Gtk because we don't have an X Display. r=jrmuizel
8987af28db8f623cf706711ee9145baa94419335Joe Drew — Bug 853169 - Make qcms precache reference counts threadsafe/atomic. r=jrmuizel
4e743f7bf1141e4dc1d28f8c94e4f18ded8bc2a6Joe Drew — Bug 853628 - Make nsMenuItemIconX wait for DECODE_COMPLETE instead of LOAD_COMPELTE so the History and Bookmarks menu favicons work. r=smichaud
eb1e425dbf0fbe484cd10b6b2649b34ca2ebcdf2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 849489. Optimise use of vstm/vldm. r=mjrosenb
10080f945066f0dd39c8a9af51165d951336169ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 27fb990d7fc7 (bug 838374) for Android bustage
0a2d1bfae2b406024aeab53527b23882a9ed7910Trevor Saunders — bug 852044 - don't fire sync events from DocAccessible::ProcessLoad() r=surkov
52ae75e1909c277289202a73cb88b14865f458c4Gene Lian — Bug 853725 - B2G MMS: fail to read nsIDOMMozMmsMessage.receivers for a received MMS (a follow-up of bug 849741). r=vicamo, a=leo+
7f00c15c1d559a620d3396c7869524df98e89cb7Joe Drew — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 853628, bug 853169) for crashing mysteriously
27fb990d7fc75fc3a21755cf520583381d11e9d2Jeff Hammel — Bug 838374 - release mozprofile, mozprocess, mozdevice (and other?) and mirror to m-c;r=ahal
b5dbd3b196d904386fb2c76ad50c9b43b04af05fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 849367 (part 3) - Avoid an ungetToken() in unaryExpr(). r=jorendorff.
c0befbf2533dee1893981a234d4731c442f70568Joe Drew — Bug 853169 - Initialize the output profile explicitly from within gfxPlatform::Init, and handle when we can't create one in xpcshell tests on Gtk because we don't have an X Display. r=jrmuizel
2e318d0a172bea34c42dfbab1b91359731c2635eJoe Drew — Bug 853169 - Make qcms precache reference counts threadsafe/atomic. r=jrmuizel
69f965c0fd4640f8588a241724e8167b70eb4d83Joe Drew — Bug 853628 - Make nsMenuItemIconX wait for DECODE_COMPLETE instead of LOAD_COMPELTE so the History and Bookmarks menu favicons work. r=smichaud
1cb7fcc855251eb2b45b8af88dbd94895b049051Edwin Flores — Bug 846465 - Fix OMX plugin crash on HTC One X r=doublec
4087058005c477025e4385792eb0076d387a47abPaul Adenot — Bug 853360 - Implement the coneGain part of the AudioPannerNode. r=roc
315671a0bb40f31552f7078ff8b15a96dc924a0dPaul Adenot — Bug 849918 - Initial support for PannerNode's 3D positional audio (equalpower panning model). r=ehsan,roc
ff5c998babfdf7a93de6afc490126e2a106899a3Jason Orendorff — Bug 849367 (part 2) - Replace the binary-expression part of the JS parser with a shift-reduce parser. Less code, and faster. r=njn.
e152c2763cadeb39d632a143c6b714cece5f0ca6Seth Fowler — Bug 851416 - Ensure SVGRootRenderingObserver always gets added back to the rendering observer list. r=dholbert
00b32b40de2447e41183a5b27a776da6f92f3e31Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853554 - Make a number of SVG*List arrays fallible; r=longsonr
073556b91f46c2d7387355f9b66cce1614513c7eJeff Walden — MSVC wants a cast-to-integer-type before dividing by a bool that should promote to int. Sigh. Followup to bug 851237, r=windows-redness
2c9c6ef19445615967059a3996af8cd9d3a3b994Alexander Surkov — Bug 852021 - add getText* at caret offset mochitest, r=tbsaunde
f5fdd7e238b018768d13283198cc325ed9bbae79Daniel Holbert — Bug 851396: Keep skipping flex-item style fixup for anonymous content through the call to AddFrameConstructionItemsInternal, to handle style re-resolution after XBL bindings load. r=bz
37b1ec12f606e0ac8362592f9901b5713de8048dDaniel Holbert — Bug 853607: Replace spammy NS_ENSURE_TRUE with explicit null-check-and-return, in nsJSUtils::GetStaticScriptGlobal(). r=bz
8f162f54f29d40472c897a87b7acacd9b652987cJeff Walden — Bug 851237 - Convert a static-assertion typedef to MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT. r=dholbert
af13119deb4711ae301d1716a48da9b761b0800cJeff Walden — Bug 851237 - Replace StaticAssert uses with MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT. r=dholbert
9455756963a42b281b40cd00a0c6834b92553582Jeff Walden — Bug 851237 - Mark the static-assert typedef with an unused attribute so it doesn't trigger compiler warnings. r=dholbert
d550a01e0ab235aee04fcc84db312c7b447e3196Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769871 - Reimplement Date.toLocaleString per ECMA-402. r=jwalden
5bebe0562ab376aa07e9c8a66ffd163e3cb585c0Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769871 - Reimplement Number.toLocaleString per ECMA-402. r=jwalden
71b015ae13c30648fe478a166d43e6a3b753fa98Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769871 - Reimplement String.localeCompare per ECMA-402. r=jwalden
705a7e813d68b8f60cabca25d490f7e3ec302d85Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (tests). r=terrence
2ad0716011d1000f800449af59edf6b3e2e76b50Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 8). r=jwalden
9e397b0d223c9805be61bbd13dcd712613a4b586Jeff Walden — Fix a C-style cast to a const_cast<>. Followup to bug 837957, r=sparky
4354d8d80a93184ca34d7ed50798c9a66550961eKyle Huey — Merge on a CLOSED TREE.
0c2bb88125e28cf508781fc105bb0fb150468516Kyle Huey — Backout things philor tells me to (Bug 853360, Bug 849918).
a20402576e535bebcf5011166325a617071f2617Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 45813096b581 (bug 853554) because it breaks the build
c1e0d7e7b16461eafdbdb3c0f0b4e0e9f39c3bccDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847007: Remove nsIContent includes r=Ms2ger
55ddaf3f474f39a17b0df81d2b507eb85e6bf247David Zbarsky — Bug 847007: Remove nsIDocument includes r=Ms2ger
3232196cb95dc9d170c9b0d24292a6ab33b37b2eJim Blandy — Bug 852773: Remove assertions that make us horribly slow when debugging JS in a DEBUG build. r=jandem
074bf9222e0ac4bd7405a7995890b2a6464de4f1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 853508 - Lazy load SelectionHandler. r=bnicholson
45813096b581af1c1d2a4bce0a62f489db7283e7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853554 - Make a number of SVG*List arrays fallible; r=longsonr
c06a5b6a9f9ff6ef7490be45f35e5d742fd3323eMargaret Leibovic — Backed out changeset 89fa6284cb78 because of bad merge
89fa6284cb78b1a63d2512dea4bd02b7543f7ef2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 853508 - Lazy load SelectionHandler. r=bnicholson
dce1cfbf2dcc6b4e6d021de9d5679ca961c3dbdeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853562 - Fix nsTArray::SetCapacity callers in IndexedDB to not look at the return value; r=bent
f9bc9047e04d9ad3d1e2aef2f69408a43844753bJohn Schoenick — Bug 843671 - Followup, properly rev interface IID. r=me DONTBUILD
1e7fb9aaaf1a9e63ca34b28fe57d941604888444Paul Adenot — Bug 853360 - Implement the coneGain part of the AudioPannerNode. r=roc
8385a54ab93d0067b7f4f1af51ca411ac30974b5Paul Adenot — Bug 849918 - Initial support for PannerNode's 3D positional audio (equalpower panning model). r=ehsan,roc
f447e09d5a0c31eca52a219f60f1d4d751ba3db6Terrence Cole — Bug 841059 - Follow-up fix for broken root analysis build; r=bustage
7e658b893b5eabf4cbdd681e52f7ef1398f3f842Terrence Cole — Bug 841059 - Do not use the ArenaHeader for zone/compartment on JSObject; r=billm
bb82ad6cfd67008fd4947bd468ca91349d1f4c95Frank Yan — Bug 851953 - Update Google search engine icon. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander
ca9f4c6458c40900d02ddd104320977838a0c4ffSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833427: Remove homescreen widget. [r=mfinkle]
29fc22298dc4fbb0434a71eab1399fb965686c84Tom Schuster — Bug 736324 - Test. r=sicking
3ce9677df96d7dd152afacc1cab03b9435785e25Tom Schuster — Bug 736324 - Give blob urls content-disposition filename based on the file. r=sicking
0596c6e4c260da90300d650be5d6a41d5ed11f26Tom Schuster — Bug 828462 - Root Proxy/Wrapper in the browser. r=terrence,bz
89a3c21daea67f00f863ae3c14e889593c264d3fTom Schuster — Bug 828462 - Root Proxy/Wrapper rests in js/src. r=terrence
9d6bf23b38e7c5e5617f84d4e65b3ffc5a6e96d4Tom Schuster — Bug 828462 - Root Proxy/Wrapper delete. r=terrence
53a76b390b8c3ac208ed7d11167c1f2ea660f0c7Tom Schuster — Bug 828462 - Root Proxy/Wrapper getOwnPropertyNames and keys. r=terrence
bf4dc429c4fa355e514fa5a1e656ea23b3a97e64Tom Schuster — Bug 828462 - Root Proxy/Wrapper defineProperty. r=terrence
207ff8c91b7d171fc8f3d45e82a448f6a0578375Tom Schuster — Bug 828462 - Root Proxy/Wrapper get(Own)PropertyDescriptor. r=terrence
a0448fd67f91a4fb5c3a9b3a953af96c1723987aOlli Pettay — Bug 852923, r=bz
5beec2eab11b55c1f50ec04424906ba2cd45b0dbPanos Astithas — Bug 775924 - Intermittent test_dbgsocket.js; r=me
2d475649f83dc30169f7a0850f0daa05596b6d4cAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 842716: Include UA version number in SDP o= line
5477c7a2231ad325ef95c4ae5b1e0c9d2bd348a5David Keeler — bug 832481 - require doorhanger to activate vulnerable click-to-play plugins r=jaws
197b63bd630744ebf7de7f86e5d7406fbd5167afRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 784848 - Do Windows l10n repacks on win64. r=gps, rs=Callek
5408bf5cf36327ce9ec794aa13f763c261c483e3Reuben Morais — Bug 821630 - Fix retrieving blobs with get() in Settings API. r=gwagner
d3f79c7dc1804de55adf9f6353d381606a5631cdBill McCloskey — Bug 852912 - Don't crash on NULL with AutoArrayRooter (r=bhackett)
f5deb8171b04336978e4c387d4888ec857fdd33eRaymond Lee — Bug 834543 - Part 3: Update use of getCharsetForURI. r=mak
7c24f1f467213e62c3ab8c6dea511f0a2cc51962Raymond Lee — Bug 834543 - Part 2: Update use of setCharsetForURI. r=mak
13ab0d3009cfdb0a480061160abd0f8bd8237e6dRaymond Lee — Bug 834543 - Part 1: Async helpers and unit tests. r=mak
389667c99555d4c852c3d47196c084e9de5bf5a0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 853022 - Remove "Ideas" from feedback app. r=mfinkle
5b1ba9a45b82d90a00d1979028c99d80af205b66Margaret Leibovic — Bug 851170 - Put homescreen wallpaper feature behind confvars variable. r=ted
cc4fd344ac41d06cf1d695c645c13b11c330e4f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c049e8fe62e944624e7231dcaa55441569e31061Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852803. nsHTMLCanvasFrame::Init should call its superclass' init, not some random ancestor class. r=tn
c70ae394f0be234651b5c6d295dcae1efc9bde91Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 844169 - Part 4: Move HTMLIFrameElement to Web IDL bindings; r=ms2ger
440ee0b03c9d848ae1b1d1ecd85be360e738a9c7Brian Nicholson — Bug 850693 - Create a NotificationHandler for each Fennec instance. r=kats
6609ab08172ebe9e5c10b71692fb7c0c42808653Shu-yu Guo — Bug 853111 followup - Fix formatting of r=me
c12a7b9d6ab65cc87ac4a117e46b5c46c08cdd5fSteven Michaud — Bug 833936 - Mochitest that queries NPNVcontentsScaleFactor. r=bsmedberg
dee55e5465e51cd14643492dbb3867bfc55c85acShu-yu Guo — Bug 853111 - Kill -Wnarrowing warnings for zipped selfhosted sources. (r=till)
4504520f7f244f5eba3d17a63c995ed27a263b67Joshua Cranmer — Followup for bug 648980 - mktemp doesn't exist on Windows. r=glandium
af59a6b444f04362affc4bca41be60d26bdc5e6cBrian Nicholson — Bug 828990 - Hide thumb on compositionend. r=margaret f=jchen
eb5a801196742bf4cb023ba5886db33ca9865602Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 814795 - Replace remaining use of V8 macro. r=tschneidereit
b06530d4fb3263f0943a539da87fbe61dd060400Paul Adenot — Bug 853076 - Initialized the chunk to be empty before getting audio frames. r=ehsan
d25e0d89cc5b5bce7ad51da7b4f9b142cb9b76eaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853572 - Fix nsTArray::SetCapacity callers in nsXULElement to not look at the return value; r=bzbarsky
fa5fce9ac1e3e7b5646a60a53eaa0e5ad7d3327bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853569 - Fix nsTArray::SetCapacity callers in nsXULContentSink to not look at the return value; r=bzbarsky
89f1f298226ef8552156b902fdda4da478f21e27Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853567 - Fix nsTArray::SetCapacity callers in nsContentIterator to not look at the return value; r=bzbarsky
eda31d5153fd0c905ccba3e372ed6ade6d20f197Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 853556 - Make nsRootedJSValueArray::SetCapacity return void; r=bzbarsky
3a81edb20e829e23a6c4b1ce6d8e73bea47d623aTill Schneidereit — Bug 852789 - clear the runtime's self-hosting global on destruction of last context. r=sstangl
a83cbe4e057688aa01084e0e5578e03fb27425d2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 658909 - Update CLOBBER file since something in this push needs it on a CLOSED TREE.
fddb99719062766fc910716465e3b957d5e9a63bBobby Holley — Bug 844783 - Tests. r=bz
c5ad6568024ddf6f05564db733f43037f16486dfBobby Holley — Bug 844783 - Disable XBL scopes for XUL-whitelisted domains. r=bz
dc052939828763df406f53df40edf877238d468fBobby Holley — Bug 851895 - Tests. r=mrbkap
1653ada4e2510d587ea005551848fec7f6a87e78Bobby Holley — Bug 851895 - Expand the this-fixup hack to include Cu. r=mrbkap
b2391af8fecb4f421536cf31f7494b5dc60996c9Bobby Holley — Bug 851895 - Don't assert against a failure in CanCallNow. r=mrbkap
d4dbfc5c23a3bc36b10fdfecfc497ef5303b6b31Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Tests. r=mrbkap
bffc0252a6279df802f523fa48f2f03bac13900fBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Port tearoff-handling guts of GWNOJO to XPCCallContext and remove GWNOJO. r=mrbkap
bebb8e1a11b4c9c9173548c13a6a660559e8ec2bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from PreserveWrapper. r=mrbkap
d1ced1c166d9ff59f468ebb2b652042071c07904Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
3e01a4e680724c120a4315b1cd99be9dd387918aBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from AccessCheck. r=mrbkap
10c92bbb5f74535e4dc0f42c586ed9c33bb3e6a1Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from nsXPConnect. r=mrbkap
d8ac57d4452f8e0e77dbd6deba4b9607200a3c7eBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from XPCVariant. r=mrbkap
ddd198e0e288a9ed7f0c12cb009f4a3a0e2af09cBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from XPCJSID. r=mrbkap
7149b64f78c974429d95822528634933eadaf7e0Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from JSValToXPCException. r=mrbkap
7bccfe486f988984f85d4a162b15c6d35b74e73bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from JSObject2NativeInterface. r=mrbkap
b2716f274a9484004e681cb8e68d8312c95749ecBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO for helper stubs. r=mrbkap
a5d11e2a9602cf238be5fd4df98a8d60cb3b812aBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from MarkWrappedNative. r=mrbkap
52f0155a3c43359d51c88028959c2fb00aede8ddBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Add a new, much simpler API for getting WNs from JS objects. r=mrbkap
d673018a09153a5f6bbd94b2f197e3e530e3d991Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Stop doing all the crazy stuff in GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject. r=mrbkap
71a9b2c9e9836361317d3a318882040085ba68b0Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Add a hack to support calling nohelper XPCWN methods without the proper |this|. r=mrbkap
7360b1c433008f1825328b2f7a7dfbd2842e9e15Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Use JS_{,Strict}PropertyOp instead of null when defining value props in nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
ac4b41b1020d86c3ec92b94c5854619197ce87a0Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Implement carefully-checked unwrapping in XPCCallContext. r=mrbkap
b20ec46f32c6da6a038f75b8d9558ede4b86333bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Set args at XPCCallContext construct time in XPC_WN_GetterSetter. r=mrbkap
2b4be35b1837eaa59bbf7c2dedd535b89cb2c451Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Initialize the same fields in both XPCCallContext constructors. r=mrbkap
49b621f262f1b54c8905d9ac1ff2737438aa677eBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove unnecessary ccx param. r=mrbkap
ff717ac709fa0d5ad0281007b1a53c84f07bc113Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Make isSafeToUnwrap pseudo-dynamic for SOWs. r=mrbkap
6325487c131eb71bf225a9c2846b2fdb88065618Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Force |this| computation in SandboxCallableProxyHandler::call when using Xrays. r=bz
4489ed4085abae8302f5b80e4fdba4d23af0907cBobby Holley — Bug 853283 - Grab the window directly from the navigator in nsNavigatorSH::NewResolve. r=mrbkap
de90200c61e1ee5c9ab7bcde6332d2df3a14c462Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 55d19e574b86 (bug 853283) for Windows debug bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
b53685d06c8deb7d34910ff9f9c8a5d45fbc8090Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 22 changesets (bug 658909) for Windows debug bustage.
55a5bbf32adbeda5bc73c529f162fc531f08c35eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 851895) for Windows debug bustage.
0174ae8897f8f425033a711499528e6e8d20695dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 775abfe4876f and 1b75fab8561b (bug 844783) under suspicion of breaking Windows debug builds on a CLOSED TREE.
6e34c80ad3389de8fe0e747f20eb44bfe4725a44Wes Johnston — Bug 844895 - Avoid using the same db connection for a spawned task. r=lucasr
c0dc803fc4b56a7c6c94692d78a3cdfc7bc5b11eMike Shal — Bug 852534 - Remove GRE_MODULE from; r=gps
94757fd7a4cad79a6231631536e04d1c21df0de2David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEOffsetElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
b56cf513f3ce89a81a563a34ce1244e8d22f88caDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEOffsetElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
d720cfab533f1cf67a7e09f73fb136e7a8dcc823Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 853273 - Annotate 456219-1a/1b.html as well.
24c95448c54999e7c618dd80e30e04c09fc72c3eBobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field videocontrols.xml. r=dao
43d0932a0b9c21a5b109ec1825f6092faf6148b1Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field scale.xml. r=jaws
775abfe4876fe9b17bcad760b384a6d9b4b48084Bobby Holley — Bug 844783 - Tests. r=bz
1b75fab8561ba94efdebf992a194ec636dcfd381Bobby Holley — Bug 844783 - Disable XBL scopes for XUL-whitelisted domains. r=bz
b0a7e6aee6d7e9cb5b4b1802f4b62b93ce195143Bobby Holley — Bug 851895 - Tests. r=mrbkap
2fc194992ee1e3528e63be39c051fc9c5a912cb6Bobby Holley — Bug 851895 - Expand the this-fixup hack to include Cu. r=mrbkap
9891b6e6f1140fc58ee9b90fa6ce0164521083d9Bobby Holley — Bug 851895 - Don't assert against a failure in CanCallNow. r=mrbkap
4fa6bd3c8d35de20b09747f6a870f5a36f9c7bc8Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Tests. r=mrbkap
2b55190a1077e07265c4e5ae489423d7b4b8e0c2Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Port tearoff-handling guts of GWNOJO to XPCCallContext and remove GWNOJO. r=mrbkap
1f931c3ffc21ecb3da67cb48689ae52ef7e7fd35Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from PreserveWrapper. r=mrbkap
63bfc61973faefee23c93d2c936c944d858c6894Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
be7fe67225f0a4f7772cdbd0da54c559be714ac4Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from AccessCheck. r=mrbkap
0814feb4a9434a7363d77248308b36d25729e3c2Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from nsXPConnect. r=mrbkap
6e174e84c53b4bb58fc4e332cc2067a0bd55e889Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from XPCVariant. r=mrbkap
fe90c0c4d21f3eabb722b7fa690b54e6ff1110e7Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from XPCJSID. r=mrbkap
8abee0ad53c0b71521c3aac7292f2681d359d260Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from JSValToXPCException. r=mrbkap
45b0f198acf3e02147ae1ac577fa4206483ac4f1Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from JSObject2NativeInterface. r=mrbkap
c93409f0d28a4b6241b052626fb72f540221aa7bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO for helper stubs. r=mrbkap
c8c9bbf1ed3f1beb6e9f91799b6c8ec5a0e3516aBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from MarkWrappedNative. r=mrbkap
7a146d4b5bd6a1529c7035e63a07907178d73ed8Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Add a new, much simpler API for getting WNs from JS objects. r=mrbkap
d51f3b83f042cbb9b4786faca046908f25d4712cBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Stop doing all the crazy stuff in GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject. r=mrbkap
852aa6b442bdd576ecf7d44ac7aa4f8d939894b7Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Add a hack to support calling nohelper XPCWN methods without the proper |this|. r=mrbkap
f5cbd9514f5b4d5f371e4a6eee22a5e559034b35Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Use JS_{,Strict}PropertyOp instead of null when defining value props in nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
5b002dcb60c75193c8f638902782dfcc9e5ec720Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Implement carefully-checked unwrapping in XPCCallContext. r=mrbkap
122fd81a7107310aa8e16a1329dfe72dc623d220Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Set args at XPCCallContext construct time in XPC_WN_GetterSetter. r=mrbkap
7dca6fb34cf721c717b799912b3d131dddfd6f48Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Initialize the same fields in both XPCCallContext constructors. r=mrbkap
8a59454e74af2dd9049a619da740135549b5feb7Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove unnecessary ccx param. r=mrbkap
f3e68d05a1a7cd4d4e3b8e5a72417c7925b16777Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Make isSafeToUnwrap pseudo-dynamic for SOWs. r=mrbkap
8b208958f71192a3cf9376cbe5d3b04b274eafbaBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Force |this| computation in SandboxCallableProxyHandler::call when using Xrays. r=bz
55d19e574b86862ced8d74bedd08d435a2ac7822Bobby Holley — Bug 853283 - Grab the window directly from the navigator in nsNavigatorSH::NewResolve. r=mrbkap
0e9badd3cf39090e03f4527244521ee0dac14664Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
cb0aff9c912986587cd9676b4d9bc0a49c93b0cdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 847839 - Remove some remnants of XUL fennec from the android widget codebase. r=cpeterson
cf7db19041931f28468c7292fa2765d50397f075Aryeh Gregor — Bug 849661 - Remove support for Node.hasAttributes(); r=bz
5599909327628b33c730517784c8310960f5aa96Ioana Budnar — Bug 633691 - Add automated test. r=jaws
f9fb17feaa70aaccfff5f00ef992cfee3cc17721Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 46519785800d (bug 847809) for B2G bustage.
6de905faa4dff855194473c0e3c9bac8078e0ac8Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 853428 - Use spaces instead of tabs for indentation in search.xml. r=jAwS
6adc6990dd8a2f62bf86f9596a4c115aee830caaJim Mathies — Bug 795630 - Remove CapturePicker and related files. r=mbrubeck
33db8e5b18ef6b6b82cedbe3e9ea8302e4f519c3Jim Mathies — Bug 852967 - Simplify marker selection changes for text inputs. r=mbrubeck
51d0ff5dc48e6a0183f617ae8d74c48fa5da7364Jim Mathies — Bug 852619 - Tap off form input to clear caret selection should clear focus. r=ally
3025def19eb9d79dd73e8be9168e2798e8064059Jim Mathies — Bug 852088 - Add drag caret to select text support. r-fryn
626c4a0f204757c68cd772128c8e6a510e23848eChris Coulson — Bug 852540 - Store the file extension on the nsMIMEInfoUnix returned from nsGNOMERegistry::GetFromExtension. r=karlt
46519785800d1d08196835ad40d2b4c9e48ea1b6Shelly Lin — Bug 847809 - Add audio/amr to the supported decode type of OMX, but disable it if this AMR is loaded from Web pages. r=roc
753be4a4cf9f1e0141c1494c30b1f8ffe4148794Richard Marti — Bug 814041 - Fix menulist item padding and active text color on Windows XP. r=fryn
65f79a84238847d13065debeda45ee703cf648e4Brandon Waterloo — Bug 719318 - Better default window sizes. r=dolske
a7cc921857de58fa3943ca3a4021b27f5b4d971cJoel Maher — Bug 827446 - update mochitest, reftest, xpcshell to use mozcrash. r=jhammel
14865f4247b826da653ce400c69409aa59d22838Jon Coppeard — Bug 853028 - GC: Fix some rooting issues found by static analysis r=terrence
71d22cbf207fb3c87f43e4cf3158a016928517e8Jon Coppeard — Bug 853028 - Add JSID_VOIDHANDLE and JSID_EMPTYHANDLE r=terrence
431d49245e29bcc60af88c7ba4032e91f95a0bf9Neil Deakin — Bug 480356, move content page tooltip text generation code into tooltip binding so that it can be shared, r=neil,mratcliffe
853489b1046b8c406d37318755c547684a76c06fJim Mathies — Bug 852087 - Trivial update, register for the correct message mgr msgs after they were changed durring review. r=me
be6da6dbf6326903d550009602c0f6ef3ea569a7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
51b0b31f8fc571cc1b184d1bc77d58bee198b92eMark Banner — Bug 834179 - Stop trying to package jetpack.xpt, since it was removed by bug 711838 (port to b2g/android). r=glandium
5e49ff80f015834e2b020104648cc88184255503Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 852817 - Don't do anything special when the JS binding to AudioDestinationNode gets finalized; r=roc
74c06a7308d19bf5501dfcbf91f5c8093d52d1d6Chris Lord — Bug 852565 - Don't expand the viewport for small pages. r=kats
b09f11bca869501677ba36848828e4e93c3f3099Olli Pettay — Bug 849601, no need to have explicit AutoMutationBatch when setting outerHTML, r=bz
f8e71f41c30f5976fbe6017813eb8bd85304e77aAaron Klotz — Bug 810151: readahead for ordered jar files r=taras
4a553cbe3c318c63fa33548b70e8cd7735a06cfaGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 830267 - Persist plugin preferences outside of pluginreg.dat. r=bsmedberg
d6a51ac10751547e646b71a33d388e19bcd054e1Tim Taubert — Bug 790882 - [New Tab Page] Speculatively open connections for sites when hovering them; r=jaws
a73a2b5c423b86828060e43b695f95b634721730Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
88bf3f7c0e2b20de12205a8de7023216a4bd4458Gene Lian — Bug 853329 - B2G MMS: other Android phones cannot read attachments sent from FFOS. r=vicamo
d16237d9bdb39aeb4329688528e467ee873e463eGene Lian — Bug 852911 - B2G MMS: fail to expose correct nsIDOMMozMmsMessage.attachments. r=smaug
13efcaa536a7f9c7ae9af8fb351976d54749daa3Chris Lord — Bug 849573 - Handle interrupted tabs tray animation. r=sriram
57d5c140a8f1ebed1069ebd57d97f9aeabe4e4ebDaniel Holbert — Bug 842179 followup: fix typo in comment. Comment-only, DONTBUILD
c7841e61ba634937c177acc662ad91766d935e14David Zbarsky — [Bug 852843] SVGZoomAndPan interface object not being instantiated r=bz
9dfb537207e5e0f280d5b4b7a2cadde3eebcada2Justin Dolske — Bug 851846 - Update password manager's logging function. r=mattn
4f471bdd612251b8c982d04c191f92afec6d2fecPhil Ringnalda — Back out d77773a8abf9 and eca6b3ea3e8d (bug 853169) for Linux xpcshell crashes
7fac4d09757bf613591b75df22952171dac0f7caMatthew Gregan — Bug 852831 - Unbreak media volume control on Android. r=mchen
37aa10498494983154e2f04477c33a3d918b348bMatthew Gregan — Backout bug 852831 (07e459058893) on a CLOSED TREE.
3d83421e9ca4b535870fe29c149623a70fa9cf05Matt Woodrow — Bug 822086 - Handle a nullptr ContainerLayer in nsDisplayTransform::BuildLayer. r=bustage CLOSED TREE
e3ad8585b8e6862a531bffb5f0a74e429edf9657Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 781310. Change nsPluginHost::GetInst() to return already_AddRefed<nsPluginHost> to make it harder to write leaky code.
07e459058893fa348c127ba2382a8d04fb18192cMatthew Gregan — Bug 852831 - Unbreak media volume control on Android. r=mchen
42694e9f60a79fd580919d0cbe8e756c4651c2c7Matt Woodrow — Bug 822086 - Don't build ContainerLayers that would have a singular matrix. r=roc
11d3fabf5b4aa1f82e2a5a5c3f4b3bd8d8a09045Matt Woodrow — Bug 831313 - Bail out from rendering rather than aborting if we fail to allocate shared memory for a layers surface. r=roc
b9f77eff452682da4a3203b0530d6bfd69764d99Matt Woodrow — Bug 850672 r=roc
d77773a8abf9c401aa5232fe67f8ebe61f1a6187Joe Drew — Bug 853169 - Initialize the output profile at gfxPlatform::Init() time. r=jrmuizel
eca6b3ea3e8d0d6dde65ed47f9f13811b343c030Joe Drew — Bug 853169 - Make qcms precache reference counts threadsafe/atomic. r=jrmuizel
e8bfc3e3c24929666c7531d33bfe830ca42b50d4Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 853273 - Add missing space.
8a6cacf047a1bec50e3e3540bfff13703d591485Anthony Jones — Bug 833795 - Use screen relative co-ordinates for gestures; r=drs
e07c6617533dcdb24d49942375a5c142a9b26620Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 852838 - Make sure that trying to allocate an AudioBuffer with a very large number of channels does not cause an OOM crash; r=roc
bb9dce2a497794f4081200f30a04b6c920e8e3bbLuqman Aden — Bug 853219 - List mozcrash as dependency in mochitest venv setup. r=jgriffin
284c4adfc17c03c44053a4ee9382e90f15ada206Luqman Aden — Bug 848617 - New mochitests for Alarm API. r=gene
2c4666fa1ad90fb89eb2ee68e958c3ebc4594aeeAdam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 585558 - Implement properties for easier visible tab access via JS and CSS. r=dao, r=fyan
eb6bef1edb39c83d79f436a25d0aa4945da0dd01Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 853273 - Mark test as fuzzy on Windows 7.
df7a8ab4ffed956ffa5170ae7a5275595dc0272aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 853246 - Optimize Panner and Listener methods when processing them would not have a significant effect; r=roc
176b8aa6844d2e49abcb88e11de785a080ffc5b5Matt Brubeck — Bug 853225 - Fix the mach usage line for subcommands [r=gps]
65bbddd22ef087f1ddd9749dbe940edd493f9bfeRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 852912 - Skip test on all Windows debug builds on a CLOSED TREE.
e2cb4c8c2b58e7a721de0996e9c0e1c3b2e75c5cNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 849103 - Remove disable-ion configuration flags from tbpl configurations. r=aki
4d3c7024506b5d49d62e0eaef95011f0e386f4b6Mike Hommey — Backout changeset f12e5c87adf6 (bug 852950) because it breaks running from dist/bin
e70bea1fd1662ece0eb065c085bce689456b7fa0Chris Lord — Bug 852526 - Make sure the compositor starts unpaused and with a size. r=kats
a7585b464eae9bea228893255422ed3ab31c082fMichael Wu — Bug 852966 - Free audio buffers when freeing stream in opensl cubeb backend, r=kinetik
992ba60ba62554fcc2d16454ec0caf65b1875d78Bill McCloskey — Bug 852228 - Allow compartments to share zones in the shell (r=jonco)
d75dbe2a4dd71e6f5f2ca8eb9cf35c1fba75b897Bill McCloskey — Bug 852229 - Add a comment explaining zones (r=jorendorff)
0d40b859112435dc495350a3b8b72848ad6ba948John Schoenick — Bug 784131 - Kill plugins that become unrendered (e.g. display:none). r=josh
da937d761b89a8aded0f4a74200b4a68a0062e1dJohn Schoenick — Bug 784131 - Test. r=josh
261c8ee45444e938be78bca2867cf9ef05796c16John Schoenick — Bug 784131 - nsObjectLoadingcontent: Minor cleanup around mPendingInstantiateEvent. r=josh
f4e7d0ad184cde7112520a73fd0296036c5d30d6John Schoenick — Bug 784131 - Cleanup some dead code from nsObjectLoadingContent. r=josh
cc1be1a068fb5375343cc018113929e3d1ded75aJohn Schoenick — Bug 843671 - Fix plugin instance owner teardown. r=bsmedberg
3afecf060f067502a3962f4862277c245d4f7c58John Schoenick — Bug 851378 - Avoid bogus assertion when trying to spawn disabled plugin. r=bsmedberg
81b2e436001e17eeb7b2c792b7304c69c7369cc3John Schoenick — Bug 851378 - Notify owning content when we destroy plugins from under it. r=bsmedberg
3eea884c4435df387e199c6325cabcb3f125fa47John Schoenick — Bug 851378 - Move removing the plugin prototype from objects to content. r=bsmedberg
87e7c2622b18b151cb58675058ade8b664b8ad78Chris Peterson — Bug 852714 - Add Mozilla's sourceid to Fennec's Amazon search URL. r=blassey
0f2f7f9a1dc71464abb894638e191cf56cc2130bNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 849103 - Enable IonMonkey on b2g. r=jonas sr=dvander
603217b33196ef10856ae0318d7764747cea5b80Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 852912 - Skip the test on Windows 8 so the rest of the suite can finish.
c87a88a0591d6ee2a75a45d8f581413ce1a01b03Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 852912 - Mark parse-array-gc.js as random on Windows 8.
a0aa85db5d171936feabb3cd48912d2fc31332d0Terrence Cole — Bug 850293 - Remove nsScriptObjectHolder; r=mccr8,bholly sr=smaug
8052545133904ee1632ccff90bb8d93260fb3d73Monica Chew — Bug 853037 - Update nsIBackgroundFileSaver uuid. r=khuey
b982aac0993427835b222c03cc017bfbdc0babaaSteve Singer — Bug 844883 - Use a signed value for the stride. r=jmuizelaar
1b00533cf4cee2fbacfcd304a91b074e8979ab90Milan Sreckovic — Bug 825721 - Clamp negative box starts and disallow negative sizes. r=jmuizelaar
bdc5859b790ab14420bf4d662fbb6435f893acedMark Finkle — Bug 852962 - Bad optionsURL will show 'options' header but no options r=margaret
f12e5c87adf6b120d6f5bcbf67689799e958732cMike Hommey — Bug 852950 - Kill libxpcom. r=bsmedberg
1da324d86a59599e04de6f6fadf6f1aaf73fc7c4Mike Hommey — Bug 852950 - Use signature sniffing for Elf and Mach-O binaries for r=ted
15f7bcdb8f2e921d3eba4e7afdb52e018a6331f2Robert Longson — Bug 852270 - use transform rather than -moz-transform in svg.css r=dbaron
6873f9a7c4d62e112774ae86fc2205aba09483a6Ralph Giles — Bug 852350 - Support [Pref] decorator on interfaces. r=bz
f04511d857697dc51921aabd644e81f1c44ef50eTed Mielczarek — bug 604039 - Linux gamepad backend. r=karlt
2e774935eaec1d6092023fc63c31fad61cd76ebfTed Mielczarek — bug 604039 - Windows gamepad backend using DirectInput. r=bas
6702404b73e24fb405df41187751ae155d7ea25eJason Orendorff — Bug 604039 - Mac gamepad backend. r=smichaud
370e227ed45259ccb851bbce041027097a1bac13Ted Mielczarek — bug 604039 - Add DOM Gamepad APIs. r=smaug
343ccbfa1f9aba392665d4055d904990679a0fb8Daniel Holbert — Bug 852769: Remove unnecessary \n characters from NS_ASSERTION messages in layout/svg. r=longsonr
164abd8f727da361f3e07e4ae494faac5a88c5f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 42d5d3080bc4 (bug 847656) for mochitest crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
2b9b303c91616b932be370fdf438fbc7e53f3fddKannan Vijayan — Bug 849388 - Allow js::ion::InlineFrameIterator to be used in NoGC contexts. r=nbp,dvander
7134a31534be9cbe7644c5e602ac4dd43f24733cBobby Holley — Bug 851887 - Null-check XPConnect() in nsWindowSH::GlobalScopePolluterNewResolve. r=bz
de26c22d9015e09c763f0554ff3bdb68d43acf8aNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 852342 - Clone CallInfo as it is mutated by addTypeBarrier. r=h4writer
9b73525e34f41e6dbe9926c33e12b50689a369e0Jim Mathies — Bug 852651 - Fix for scale3d-all and scale3d-all-separate failing on inbound in Win8. r=bbondy
42d5d3080bc4a6ca6eb35167dfc82ad462d0e5e2Jim Blandy — Bug 847656: Change ContentParent::GetNewOrUsed to return an already_AddRefed value. r=khuey
61555788d72f4e1a57b7da9705742b8359d6777dMarco Bonardo — Bug 838872 - Remove nsINavHistoryService::AddVisit.
4d5bd5014ce6531456f00fe0b351fd4350ed46caMarco Bonardo — Bug 838874 - Stop implementing nsIGlobalHistory2.
bea32c1185e762817fadfd6395618cdc16bc6879Marco Bonardo — Bug 847627 (part 2) - Unify Browsing and Download history entries in shutdown Sanitize dialog.
6229f99a15f0e4a0e44eaa617ee64309df8b6783Jason Orendorff — Fix breakage caused by 9e684559ec7f (bug 852761) by making inline method JSFunction::getBoundFunctionTarget available to the shell. rs=luke on a CLOSED TREE.
9e684559ec7f51bcf535634865fbadf2154e0b6bJason Orendorff — Bug 852761 - dis() doesn't work on arrow functions. r=luke.
21ebbbb3467a26445d2cc348abe74557f22e791dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848386 part 5. Convert SVGDocument to WebIDL. r=peterv
11efd85f2af14a12ce12c2c1b296302048609addBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848386 part 4. Rename nsXMLDocument to mozilla::dom::XMLDocument. r=peterv
314f8ecec74fa55646f32bac3d62e09638c7b053Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848386 part 3. Rename nsSVGDocument to mozilla::dom::SVGDocument. r=peterv
cb6dc8e4c33420a69c2c99ea14d2bd4e8da0869eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 848386 part 2. Implement a WebIDL equivalent for nsDocumentSH::PostCreate setting up the document as an own property on the Window. r=peterv
4612e210962ab2c766e1b962d30ba4e78cfd8f60Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848386 part 1. Don't preserve our wrapper until we have one so unforgeable property setup won't try to preserve it. r=peterv
cf17283fdc98302f1aefa8655a93e3fac14d8014Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852636. Remove unused argument of InitAndRestoreFrame. r=dholbert
96b17e674720ec4c20a66aa3d794a3edbf969550Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852846. Make .style [PutForwards=cssText]. r=ms2ger
8512166379e847220712efa3f86c9cd8b966e06cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 748669 followup. Only build Instruments.cpp if we're doing --enable-instruments. r=peterv
cf2e050c092c8ef2c28b3b9116b14319ed6bf757Matt Brubeck — Bug 828465 - Enable Metro UI for Windows 64 builds [r=jimm]
046b3a4808b8e0cc67ad019e4facc3698e7dbad6Matt Brubeck — Bug 840888 - Add some localization notes to Metro locale files [r=jimm]
115c7ff176c8722498201019b9979e51c26c845eJoe Drew — Bug 852997 - Disable failure in test_image_layers.html, which intermittently fails.
eaf0e938db6d67c7063c6f584eba5132102522e1Christian Holler — Bug 787283 - Add missing test for bug 787283. r=needed-tests
5387c58141dfd46642f7b0a7f363fb5f30da93c6Joel Maher — Bug 852961 - adjust pgo builds to use make instead of python for r=ted
1407288d820b751a5c8d0e5497adef846b412de5Jim Mathies — Bug 852087 - Get basic caret manipulation working in text inputs. r=mbrubeck
e0747f4c9bbcd3cc1f6d24744817f2cb646fa491Georg Fritzsche — Bug 816223 - Scan subdirectories for xpcshell.ini from mach command. r=ted
52bb37a8bca21465eb375027d9a30484107b0656Jim Chen — Bug 847823 - Clean up NotifyIME to use the Gecko NotificationToIME enum; r=cpeterson
602d7fcebee5261cea604d724623049e2c31ef74Jim Chen — Bug 847823 - Obsolete Android pref in B2G; r=fabrice
e5b0b0ebc2c4218b4562b4d874e0494b3f9b2270Jim Chen — Bug 847823 - Obsolete Android pref in Metro; r=mbrubeck
68fa593997817b5072cf51f6bf58246e9486f48aJim Chen — Bug 847823 - Obsolete Android pref; r=mfinkle
7727904bd5ec144d2b39721cb631d5b036070673Jim Chen — Bug 847823 - Change NotifyIMEEnabled to NotifyIMEContext; r=cpeterson
3255fbc643599dea9feef8a0ffb25e128faca0a4Aryeh Gregor — Bug 852115 - initEvent should unset defaultPrevented; r=smaug
d1f978369c50ff398618c6ce04d1dc33d6883d81Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Allocate frames asynchronously with a separate worker dispatched to the main thread. r=seth
0a2fc100f05ffc7e8b6800c3c4aa69a52906d9c7Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Set the size of images via ImageMetadata objects. r=seth
e0683dc77a1b9e798c46b62904e8de8bc096949dJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Set metadata directly on frames. r=seth
e47cbcb88803cd45add86dc3228f45a2e43a0032Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Make SVG images handle the new world order. r=dholbert
3cf71e7e1efc2f7f5fabd870095ad74c5b955200Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Handle errors correctly. r=seth
9c280517b6ea59bf8d25567ba7037dffcf5c731cJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Preallocate frames before going into a decoder. r=seth
2b96c5907a1b2e4bc8614e294c8a0808eace35ddJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Run a size decode even if we're not storing source data. r=seth
16cd97be284693480058cddb76a9d73f9272cc02Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Always run a size decode before doing a full decode so we know the size before decoding. r=jlebar
682938749810c2effd0aede42b7a25c7a055133bJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Make animated image formats (PNG and GIF) explicitly pause decoding and ask for a new image frame when they need new frames.
c86eb1ff89168e43b8668fc41f3e22f3c0eb5fbdJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Count complete frames in Decoder::Finish(), not just whatever frame objects mImage has. r=seth
ef71ebfb90a03ab8921c5c2ec024129d545e25d5Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Make mImageData and mColormap (and their sizes) protected members of mozilla::image::Decoder rather than the leaf classes.
7d0a6850c8875b94d2c2303a2266972242c1776eJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Create a clone imgStatusTracker on every asynchronous decoding event, and replay the difference between that imgStatusTracker and the image's current status tracker when decoding completes. r=seth
761015312a0babc85f0502ff456f39cb960ad27fJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Handle discarding specially so it gets notified synchronously. r=seth
4bad4198e33c0f4499e5e6a1e689b1c1b485d43bJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Heap-allocate DecodeRequests so we know when we're still decoding an image. r=seth
096b05d298ad5ad55fed2d98f042c2b80292d597Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Add SetObserver method to Decoder instead of initializing it in the constructor. r=seth
5567f140abb3ec01f37291bb9dc462e4346a353aJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Calculate the difference between two imgStatusTrackers, notify for that difference, and apply it to the source. r=seth
8f7db2c001c96a0370eae1abaa3265795d1f8631Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Factor out notification of a particular imgStatusTracker state into its own function. r=seth
781b89454236fd0c74e8454666a8c9316cab94d3Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Make an (unused) imgDecoderObserver implementation that doesn't notify proxies when it gets an observer function call, and rename the old version (which will be going away). r=jlebar
5fbb93a483d615310b3216e8cac820a099d20652Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Explicitly record whether an image is animated. r=seth
a6078996517b59a7da0868eef9eaba198cbd4244Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Track the invalid area for the latest frame from within imgStatusTracker. r=seth
94af4b2dd18226b5c75c3874d3e224c920af3bccJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Create and Send OnStartFrame when a frame starts. r=seth
45d8ebb295435b7e811b2c1ca3e02481199b8773Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - imgDecoderObserver::OnDataAvailable is simply a duplicate of imgDecoderObserver::FrameUpdated, so remove it. r=seth
384efd041a377420a76d480b139bf66030ad92d9Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Remove explicit imgStatusTracker::mBlockingOnload, as it's implied by stateBlockingOnload. r=khuey
98bab71808e5139de170002a0e9fe8f527d84bd8Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Track image metadata in a separate object, and sync it to the image once decoding is done. r=jlebar
0a2205fa1da057c4537897e4e099b9b925a2d02dJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Don't call Set* methods directly on images from decoders; call them from the Decoder base class. r=seth
bf440c32c3cfb10b8e95c7d7f30b51b64526b505Gavin Sharp — Bug 851516: browser-chrome should wait for delayedStartup. r=joe
eb01f41e077b0dab04766d93164dbe2596bd3fecDão Gottwald — Bug 748740 - Crtl+clicking on a link should open it even if content is calling event.stopPropagation() in a click event handler. r=mak
96cd6c4b66fbac3ddde909caa5fcd25ec3570d41Marco Chen — Bug 852049 - [Audio] The default value of Master Volume should be 1.0 if settings don't set a value. r=mwu
34a9d115d7048043d8f9e6839cc7cbde27c97850Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 844248 - Add a custom media stream for camera preview. r=roc
62bd02cebab436df15c8ba7cef6ce7722c7af0a0Yiming Yang — Bug 847758 - Fire touchcancel for single action chains and element touch commands, r=mdas
c9c29cc97af070aea4264f04793dcc35b4491cbeMarco Bonardo — Bug 838839 - Remove deprecated synchronous favicons APIs.
2e710a155c75897f02373349ade141c2bafebf90Joe Drew — Bug 851406 - Update the B2G emulator. r=rail
1ebe2c99c1e43f6087e61a5fecd6c2d0a9b0229aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f9c27df9eeb6e4b95057a15df10cc5a81e2c29c2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 843618. When reading back the results of clayer ompositing to draw them to a non-deefault rendering context, don't depend on the size of the rendering context's target surface --- it could be anything. r=jrmuizel
fc48d16f075aff743756cf70cb1756375505d96eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 850587. Part 2: Make NotifyHasCurrentData fire when a stream would be able to produce data if it was not blocked. r=jesup
927ff547b360c3ce578daa05b7e0a2da49190d76Robert O'Callahan — Bug 850587. Part 1: Refactor NotifyAutoplayDataReady to CheckAutoplayDataReady and allow autoplay to start on HAVE_CURRENT_DATA if the source is a stream. r=cpearce
4d0d582c49ecd7f24d67f180ae56ab7a928ea216Robert O'Callahan — Bug 846901 - Support prerendering elements with animated transforms that are offscreen but only by a small amount. r=mattwoodrow
d94b25fadb3faec393756a20c6f01059afa1e73dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 846901 - Skip nsDisplayWrapList construction if there's only one item to wrap and it already has the right frame. r=mattwoodrow
74b7f2c42ca41a51987f8a0fe875167678938f1fJon Coppeard — Bug 781070 - make NullPtr public r=terrence
40b366dc7fad2dc222bbf2b5e2ec9005905c6fb1Jan de Mooij — Bug 850156 - Use separate memory reporters for Ion and baseline code. r=njn,dvander
279b55d18083d83fe609fd628b701bc9e89cff4aGene Lian — Bug 850530 - B2G MMS: Use the same attribute name for delivery (s/state/delivery) like SMS. r=mounir sr=sicking
14a186f5227fecc7cb199caa175e0914dc4f13e4Edmund Wong — Backout 221a7a558c63 for Mochitest-other oranges. r=backout in a CLOSED TREE
aa7c8adf6764357dcd9d169f79284d961d172d4aEdmund Wong — Merge backout, a=bustage fix in a CLOSED TREE
a89bd5234f3681588782058225b85a4b732acfebEdmund Wong — Back out 44b99b1c798c and e34554f9ec37 for marionette oranges. r=backout in a CLOSED TREE
cf6c46098cc6cf5d1b693f0eae958cdd6bb05f2bYoshi Huang — Bug 842981 - Part 2: marionette test for Array.isArray. r=gwagner
f80f26a81645b78940302e1615c9489c665dc050Yoshi Huang — Bug 842981 - Part 1: Add ObjectWrapper to wrap array object. r=gwagner
89d9397250fdd4951f1b8cc839fc06d0ce1158c8Yoshi Huang — Backout changeset dbb1f97672f0 for wrong order
7687d195032ab0bfe4305e1c265822acc49a3a1fYoshi Huang — Backed out changeset d10ac6c5b14f for wrong order.
475c1655ce615eb38bee1963ac031329c0f6605bShu-yu Guo — Bug 814795 - Remove v8-specific tools for selfhosted code in favor of CPP (r=till)
d10ac6c5b14f2d336c14625cd8b3ca03e8c7c1bdYoshi Huang — Bug 842981 - Part 1: Add ObjectWrapper to wrap array object. r=gwagner
dbb1f97672f008de1717e087925f57a46ae46a86Yoshi Huang — Bug 842981 - Part 2: marionette test for Array.isArray. r=gwagner
e34554f9ec377f2afb26c22c0aa57c9636710e2aHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 849185 - marionette test (part2). r=allstars.chh
44b99b1c798c93778ef5a36460c35d89d8f11280Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 849185 - Disable the airplane mode when an emergency number is dialed (part1). r=allstars.chh
4dbe9d169f86610f458f5eaf5e56fef4e5f869eeDaniel Holbert — Bug 852742: Remove unneeded & casted-away 'const' keyword from aParent in nsViewManager::CreateView(). r=bz
221a7a558c630d848b9b516d70d16e594ad4d741Trevor Saunders — bug 852044 - don't fire sync events from DocAccessible::ProcessLoad() r=surkov
4caaa0bc587dbaa2b718ba9c50be46688746404eTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
2dff2dde9ce8be429d22dcbe0776ea7c6e41e9faTim Taubert — Bug 851845 - Intermittent (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIDOMWindowUtils.getScrollbarSize]; r=jaws
f6e7195e87dbf93f65e36b0214f9ff15c65474edTim Taubert — Bug 852531 - [New Tab Page] use promises to wait for a batch of operations to complete; r=yoric
672608b227c3ca1d778cb581ac5297bc214cdcd0Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 845822 - Inplace editor to be moved to devtools/shared/InplaceEditor.jsm r=jwalker
8caaaf8e18946ecb65051148872775beac244393Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 851689 - Toolbox Tabs extra wide after the Sidebar adaptation fix r=jwalker
7a852243f456045e64fb3d73f05e8bdfd95736a2Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 852019 - The devtools tabs are streched on Linux r=jwalker
d855dc68a2024b64c316cb646950363f898dea72J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 722506 - Show imported stylesheets in the style editor, r=harth
a4742ca5ca32fcec7abad7518274167e765e15feDave Townsend — Bug 852353 - Allow Tilt to support positioning elements at arbitrary depths and with arbitrary depths, r=vporof
f2f57f88ecdfa87c6d272b0e4cdb2897d967e216Panos Astithas — Bug 852860 - Remove obsolete script cache; r=vporof
2f092e92dd1eed18e4982e730bf2560598104385Victor Porof — Bug 850436 - We need a max-width on the inspector breadcrumbs, r=paul
cdcaaf834d1da9d0f770cedd76867536248d07b7David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 852452 - Measure how long SessionStore writing blocks the main thread;r=ttaubert
1d6fe70c79c55c1b8dd64a0c8153c896c3955565Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
26653529ea8bd1842a17f7c68026dd0676fd2d74Phil Ringnalda — Back out fe29b2ae604b, 8c6ec2899d89 and 6b2f3cb031da (bug 851964) for test hangs
5882acd59c33e800e3b1b45c5e00acbdd12c1f0cPhil Ringnalda — Back out 26f0d590a021, d92e88a18263, 5a2d12a34466 (bug 846995) for not building
7882cc0068e530f69e9f89c1ecfa00d84fc359a3Christian Holler — Bug 616009 - Add missing test for bug 616009. r=needed-tests
1ea0203ab5fac69da6f2b28ee1aab1cc8ab4e583Christian Holler — Bug 566136 - Add missing test for bug 566136. r=needed-tests
edd1edc19f46a65eb81ef5b080a28a4de088d146Christian Holler — Bug 572232 - Add missing test for bug 572232. r=needed-tests
e8db09a9c66c0f906b089b66017e7c1cb8b469c3Christian Holler — Bug 558531 - Add missing test for bug 558531. r=needed-tests
08dff7a8e78460a99696302734d19e2a68f3b6f4Christian Holler — Bug 563243 - Add missing test for bug 563243. r=needed-tests
f1c918eaacfa6c7b48ab4bdd4034e0f45e11f22cChristian Holler — Bug 576891 - Add missing test for bug 576891. r=needed-tests
e051419897daaa3e8a7c71b47cc0b575c656ba45Christian Holler — Bug 593611 - Add missing test for bug 593611. r=needed-tests
053bb31882c4246b504139c7ba09f91dd1aa71f7Christian Holler — Bug 696748 - Add missing test for bug 696748. r=needed-tests
129ff7d529688df59b415ce4bbad8749350d64d7Christian Holler — Bug 718852 - Add missing test for bug 718852. r=needed-tests
893a57ee94bfb94b9b00f2d19886304056604f0fChristian Holler — Bug 720070 - Add missing test for bug 720070. r=needed-tests
4bb793ac828d774696733ebd507a685d9a644500Brian Hackett — Bug 839209 - Relax CanFakeSync, r=dvander.
3924eba670bb2dd1d9f5e5f3dfe2b71d7ba8d7e7Patrick McManus — bug 767742 - close spdy sessions under total connection pressure r=honzab
b147c2b0837255a562dacbdc0a3918e35a3fdd91Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 849367 (part 1) - Speed up TokenStream::matchChar(). r=jorendorff.
26f0d590a021eebb470792b132513326428d08f3David Zbarsky — Bug 846995 Part 3: Rename DOMSVGAnimatedTransformList and kill nsISupports r=jwatt
d92e88a1826328a1a49e932ca053c05df4728b37David Zbarsky — Bug 846995 Part 2: Rename SVGAnimatedTransformList to nsSVGAnimatedTransformList r=jwatt
5a2d12a34466609b04f26cb45c52e260d08af2e8David Zbarsky — Bug 846995 Part 1: Fix all the files that reference SVGAnimatedTransformList r=jwatt
cfa733af8c86920507ac95e8ebe9e0e9035d8591Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852118 followup. Fix the layout debugger to fix bustage
b00eb1ef151749fe8eb31a61227127b1939f1023Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 829602 - Enable self-hosted parallelarray r=dvander,till
fe29b2ae604b7e7cf570bd8c57c8d21415789c9fVladimir Vukicevic — b=851964; Odin/OSX, part 3. enable AsmJS on OSX by using new Breakpad user handler, r=luke
8c6ec2899d894a7acb7abf8aa0c4b2852d7e25f7Vladimir Vukicevic — b=851964; Odin/OSX, part 2. add BreakpadUserExceptionHandler support to breakpad; r=ted
6b2f3cb031da128a45e88a36fb72e5137fb3a542Vladimir Vukicevic — b=851964; Odin/OSX, part 1. add breakpad TARGET_OSX_USE_64BIT_EXCEPTIONS, and use it; r=ted
cd08011c06f782ceb7e505463994ebdb478abc00Joe Drew — Bug 851755 - Make nsImageBoxFrame block its document's onload when its image blocks onload. r=tn
3ec52a8caf731e214fda17144379594975f38c44Joe Drew — Bug 852413 - Wait even more for painting to finish before forcing a paint. r=mattwoodrow
5b4e1e56815ee405d5e93f85fbf2f4795171e61dGregory Szorc — Bug 844654 - Part 3: Remove now empty files; rs=khuey
a1237c5af4aaba8c8916a17013decb9059e491d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 18. Make ConstructDocElementFrame return an nsIFrame*. r=dholbert
64bd4a734021ca9e486e16c99348fc0439960e0fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 17. Make ConstructRootFrame infallible. r=dholbert
f090c4fb54b8d3b63641f44e57020d8fc951bd71Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 16. Make ConstructFrame infallible. r=dholbert
24959a8177a2f8f15ffbeae25c5b323e2d7a6c25Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 15. Make ConstructFramesFromItem infallible. r=dholbert
24eb52ac37b4a12e2925a3d544658fd48fcf440fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 14. Make FrameFullConstructor implementations infallible. r=dholbert
75742ae568eed8a55ba99805de9fa971d8571e8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 13. Clean up ConstructSelectFrame a bit to get rid of unreachable codepaths. r=dholbert
450f15428868910f0b00e09ffc8873df4cf8b58aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 12. Make ConstructBlock infallible. r=dholbert
f4efa0141e7bd3f53ee69550f97860af2b3d494cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 11. Make FlushAccumulatedBlock infallible. r=dholbert
bd71930abe9fe8ec43bec7fb12bfa070bf7a4eacBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 10. Make ProcessChildren infallible. r=dholbert
412d237a08a4d3281fe62c61760ff80f1d86d627Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 9. Optimistically make ConstructFramesFromItemList infallible in the hope that this is the only thing that makes other things fallible. r=dholbert
824b35ca94be8b124f6443c763e175c0caca27cfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 8. Make WrapFramesInFirstLetterFrame infallible. r=dholbert
6edafb7c2a088c4fac37d853a8728bffbb4d2feeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 7. Make WrapFramesInFirstLineFrame and AppendFirstLineFrames infallible. r=dholbert
fed22daf94ee9e336d978e09ccf5fa380d01d94dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 6. Make ConstructTextFrame infallible. r=dholbert
e7c3afbdba55e43177d1a05298ee747bd802fcf0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 5. Make InitAndRestoreFrame infallible. r=dholbert
6a00b0041bd5bcfcabf11f012f13eba27b8040f4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 4. Make CreateContinuingFrame infallible. r=dholbert
32589e67057a924665b1ee3899659254f34e2ef0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 3. Make some callees of CreateContinuingFrame infallible. r=dholbert
8049e84cab060a52cbeadea2ba6dd14407ab20e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 2. Make nsFrameConstructorState::AddChild infallible. r=dholbert
01d80a8cd99b96e80b779e42497737087d4b950fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852501 part 1. Make CreatePlaceholderFrameFor infallible. r=dholbert
6a5bf6934ba8f7778194d7610771f07328fed301Boris Zbarsky — Bug 852428 part 2. Make nsIFrame::Init infallible. r=dholbert
c95e4dbd6dafa13412e2287933dace9af09e0abbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852428 part 1. Make CreateViewForFrame infallible. r=dholbert
e91747bb94c6c0ebefed6de3b3660b0387ad745fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852408. Don't reframe the parent if a frame whose next sibling is a table pseudo is removed, unless its prev sibling is also a table pseudo. r=dholbert
b1af382d57500de4b1703f305c77467cc8f8a9ccBoris Zbarsky — Bug 852118. Stop being malloc-happy. r=smaug
13fb55ee93bbb61f7f571fa315640b40b503e8ceBoris Zbarsky — Bug 851584. Don't generate a Length() on our C++ example class to handle our indexed getter if we already have a 'length' attribute in the WebIDL. r=jst
9043b5328fd9034274f4e7b60b57e254540dc7efMatthew Gregan — Bug 852401 - Remove sydneyaudio. r=doublec
5c46d8839b7f81bdbdf1780379eed14a52f879c6Joe Drew — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 840124) for breaking mochitest-browser-chrome CLOSED TREE
fdf8bb76c9acdc05439f3cb5342c3b4b27b42ed7Joe Drew — Bug 844654 - update CLOBBER because you need to. CLOSED TREE
520b8e382b8bc4624c27d488b50bc0d5cd2f30a8Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into inbound
bc59cac9852d329e2c635773779715accde5613eJim Blandy — Bug 852208: Delete unused DebuggerServerConnection.prototype.addCleanup. r=past
1f3587e02361730bf1fb376541b9c78e81487d7cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 747831 - Record buffer offset in ParseNodes instead of line number and column index (2nd attempt). r=jorendorff.
036412ce176a3890c528f76e98583c202c0dcd9dJeff Gilbert — Bug 848201 - Only blocklist the 8.982.*.* for Win8 AMD cards - r=bjacob,joe
12e2ef135ea80a3eab2b93fb7493e5a94e30c191Mike Connor — Bug 840124 - implement postMessage API for remote report (tests) r=jaws, f=gps+gavin
59ef39cbab731e14dd2e2c4fe627b0693c020c6bMike Connor — Bug 840124 - implement postMessage API for remote report (code), r=jaws, f=gps+gavin
1356923ff93edb11b68682f4836d631c39ce3908Michael Wu — Bug 849515 - Boot failed with genlock error, r=vlad
bbb0081483d995a95f9764bcf537e27170f6cb6bHannes Verschore — Bug 852140: IonMonkey: Backout bug 844452 and add testcase, r=nbp
0e41b1ed18c21752d09c3c0b6a02166982c81288Matthew Gregan — Bug 852002 - Fix nestegg's handling of zero length master element. r=padenot
97e443115162450609702fc72c99b6d88d8703d6Mike Shal — Bug 844654 - Part 2: Move MODULE to; rs=gps
76538d5728815d5b404e50a779ae9a613170b4ceMike Shal — Bug 844654 - Part 1: Support MODULE in; r=gps
c920e106fdafd44ff03c7f97f5664aa6aa4dbc32Jim Chen — Bug 706336 - Use meta states from KeyListener; r=cpeterson
395823ceaa488e870c5c3bebcd53b7c832e49ec5William Chen — Bug 838216 - Follow up to correct path to a test. r=jgriffin
99425ced91f27a8443d0b858b5a281a18dee57a9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cf0ec8e2c8099dcbb0fb9af645fad6c6f75efab9Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 851067 - Box non-matching argument types. r=h4writer
d72d29f6a92c8051a7b9c6b8bf521fed86ceda3aYura Zenevich — Bug 848085 - Add telemetry probe for session file createBackupCopy. r=yoric
2e9988148b18c31f4e5faef1bace455a6bedd24cPhil Ringnalda — Back out bc8eeacc3c8a (bug 843893) for (at least) desktop bustage in test_power_basics.html
42caf484567704e1cee9918c63e37afd7d7a41c4Brian Nicholson — Bug 851056 - Remove NotificationHandler. r=kats
41789248e1e6d91f56ff8666ea85b5ff3d98d5beNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 7). r=jwalden
19d4df9405dd1c22ffc23c47abfcaea926ac4a84Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 6). r=jwalden
8a1221cad0c0e94714365c62e487addba69dfc6cNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 5). r=jwalden
fa248c4df2f1831500ddf06e895efc841f41c8a4Jeff Walden — Bug 852563 - Initialize IdValuePair::value to avoid GC sequence-point trickiness. r=bhackett
7731f59477898f99134dcc5202b3d2a92b330a9dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2b2de9cc2f59 (bug 849438) for B2G mochitest failures.
4a24d7b3126fa96f2da5a51461684b269f6b548fJoe Drew — Bug 852413 - Make test_image_layers.html wait for its image to load. r=mattwoodrow
0b92b896aaa159c44a9a06b85955dcc9397c72fcJoe Drew — Bug 850441 - Allow BlockOnload/UnblockOnload from both the current and pending request. r=khuey
cc9e514a38a0818e563768403c384773131de50cJared Wein — Bug 851230 - Framed plain text documents should not have word wrap applied. r=bz
bc8eeacc3c8a8bd02241fab8d3fe3e7ceaaf1200David Clarke — Bug 843893 - Fix alarm and power tests to work with current gaia, r=gene.lian
e6ef8811bc73911539be371058d5152a30456e58Nikhil Marathe — Bug 852365 - Add necko_websocket.xpt to b2g package-manifest. r=dougt
9d2e25c5011e741ff743b54ebdad279d5aeb4e37Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 851834 - Remove nsISupportsArray from layout/xul/tree. r=Neil
e6b9b196436fb2d81b8f38c9b203346f863a6d9bSteven Lee — Bug 818843 - Part 4: Include peerconnection xpt in B2G package manifest. r=ted
3491ce05b207eb43cedb03490597abe65e5c4fa6Steven Lee — Bug 818843 - Part 3: Do not build test cases. r=ted
b7bd912ce45a49a14dbd2ebec3208a8d866f206aSteven Lee — Bug 818843 - Part 2: gyp modifications and add some system call wrappers for B2G. r=ted, r=ethanhugg, r=jesup
d8b5d339bb1b22e6fd778d16f75f0755c05655b3Steven Lee — Bug 818843 - Part 1: Enable building WebRTC on B2G. r=jesup, r=ted
cad5306d569ec581f1cf9bb15a73999f377a21beRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d1b71de5bbc1 (bug 747831) for Windows bustage.
f6889edd15381d0b5287e4fe3ad8541da9d13e7ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 850847 (Fix dictionary in generated example for workers). r=bz.
e9e5e2a8a52bdaecbb6052ca2ed583e39a8b8673Joey Armstrong — bug 751156: robocop dependency build should be a nop
d1b71de5bbc128ecc1ae32fea556df104502097aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 747831 - Record buffer offset in ParseNodes instead of line number and column index. r=jorendorff.
6b8e128a989c40614621dd72a437d9e66435afd2Chris Peterson — Bug 847839 - Part 2: Remove obsolete files for Android XUL Fennec. r=mfinkle
a93c2f4828ae404583f730fda1d8bf52a78c4633Chris Peterson — Bug 847839 - Part 1b: Clean up style nits. r=mfinkle
8f93de36b3bc3f7ede7ce5f3e2ce88b2365f4ae1Chris Peterson — Bug 847839 - Part 1a: Port XUL Fennec's VideoPlayer to Native Fennec. r=mfinkle
1f9af1a5c45b2c5af7c4169457cbc5d32cb16540Shane Caraveo — bug 850967 fix some js strict fixes that showed up in debug build/tests, r=markh
a929b767761abbab79a7c9d0a3658e6a9a137a5fDave Townsend — Bug 852322: Uplift Add-on SDK changeset 4e4e29d60115b985a72c261142e794d23ca9b221
51069da75d3d54a98c6f6aed8da496b3bc3d048aShane Caraveo — bug 850425 release the flyout iframe when social provider is changed, r=markh
aacd967643915654ae4cb293177dc65d19db6fecShane Caraveo — bug 850077 make tooltips work in social content, r=felipc, a=gavin
a382fbb818ad27a3368fdb98544d2a77e298f502Terrence Cole — Bug 850922 - Don't put NULL getterobj/setterobj in the reloctable store buffers; r=billm
2b2de9cc2f59ebd402b2eda8168e92c4c19e4f1cMounir Lamouri — Bug 849438 - Searches in ListControlFrames should ignore &nbsp;. r=bz
26b4880c8a64c5cf49ea1d1ae06242168d86a6baBrian Hackett — Bug 852016 - Watch for uses of 'arguments' in eval() inside generator expressions, r=luke.
704c1658d47eb6fb04696bd5112dad6a045537e9Martijn Wargers — Bug 838216 - Add caps and docshell tests to b2g, r=jgriffin
08217bf1ddc78540f4201d856d67cb5e5c9e1a5aTerrence Cole — Bug 850749 - Make Cell::isTenured use the new IsInsideNursery; r=billm
c132f3957827d443698dbd9bf722e4baa0897a87Steve Fink — Bug 838029 - Import bhackett static rooting analysis into tree. r=bhackett
5d18c9bfd37b81e9c620be2be88733aea791a03eSteve Fink — Bug 838029 - Add --with-sixgill option and Makefile for static analysis. r=ted,reluctantly
ae7e4da31bd7beae97d229039b63b2caea61af43Steve Fink — Bug 850903 - --debugger should suppress the timeout. r=ted
37474b43d0640e596b68fffb23e438353e07b745Steve Fink — Bug 835552 - Make load() be script-relative and read()/snarf() be cwd-relative.. r=njn
015f4e8a16a8e1886fe2773697aa8b28d07a2fc9Dave Hunt — Bug 852456 - fix double_tap and long_press for desktop B2G, r=mdas
18ccc35f888040ea1fc26b12e9b4448d7508a92aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 832923 - Implement <input type='file'> on B2G, r=mounir, r=fabrice
e19e707704ce50cbe2a7713dfe2746b606c29610Mounir Lamouri — Bug 832923 - re enable input file, r=baku
a35eaa1503812fda604d118a5d09bc83f8189db1Trevor Saunders — bug 852379 - remove unecessary nsHashtable.h includes r=Ms2ger
ab69ab8ffbce926585d7f2bf24bd6feab980c24bTrevor Saunders — bug 852379 - remove unneeded prlock.h includes r=Ms2ger
34bf1e07b8d3ffdade95ea3e457eb7aa3c92e338Marco Bonardo — Bug 847627 - Sanitize on shutdown dialog should visually link download history to history.
b0b858d36b3d589f007b92eee27fba3c95f436bdLuke Wagner — Bug 852331 - immediately GC the Zone after JS::Evaluate on a very large script (r=bhackett)
d54c51456af56a2215bd52ba6057cbac51bdc611Luke Wagner — Bug 852305 - immediately free LifoAlloc memory when we finish parsing huge scripts (r=njn)
52007e7e160267266948ed0b17048c00333a9259Jim Mathies — Bug 842997 - Make SelectionHelperUI startup entry points json message agnostic. r=fyan
f999416ea0478e2e9552c5125b57827f2b4d4a84David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEGaussianBlurElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
e23f5058335b6fdc4593ebde610f499c13c69790David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEGaussianBlueElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
7ea4ad83da53c40c4f7cb89834f6dee064c26402Scott Johnson — Bug 600100, Part 3: Followup patch to maximize efficiency of changes in 2ed966e4. [r=mats]
d9aa9a732b06887a1e6c007db47bf3c4e4a98069Kyle Machulis — Bug 843868: Change sockaddr* to be a union of all possible sockaddr types; r=tzimmermann
e518b1e21757ae1b55b284de6745c951ea1e31a1Kyle Machulis — Bug 851770 - UnixSocket should only build when needed; r=mrbkap
513fafb75e5b1412720048a3c1314910dbfca574Patrick McManus — bug 850968 - http cache effectiveness experiment r=hurley
b55cc3437395e324551dbfba320e3a3d29966328Jonathan Kew — bug 852522 - (win-hidpi) scale system font sizes in response to dpi/devPixelsPerPx setting. r=jimm
d37c97ba174f73b552831396b5a08c3c8edf0470Jonathan Kew — bug 824386 - (win-hidpi) nsScreenWin needs to account for logical dpi (resolution scale factor). r=jimm
008214fd37cff87288c61ef4b23b4ce240cf9cb6Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 0f012ef3d3ac (bug 809978) for landing after being given r-
26e6a0b13beb3a72a9bc2b64c7204dfdfeb62e81Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 548ff2b01536 (bug 809978)
bbd84dc5340967f3fe4959d4ccab71bcdfb16f9fJoel Maher — Bug 852509 - add a make target for the pgo profile tests that we run during build time for pgo opt. r=ted
548ff2b01536247f602ed39ee35ed6e8feec036cJoey Armstrong — bug 809978: retry link I/O on potential race conditions: CLOSED TREE
0f012ef3d3ac03198fc9b4c8ffef82f13342d90bJoey Armstrong — bug 809978: retry link I/O on potential race conditions
0bba6ba9246745e2d3ca7027adc6f62b27a4ce63Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
d0573cd334ec3a1d067295cf3390797c36c3d0b9Anton Kovalyov — Bug 822287 - Add a 100 timeout before stopping the profiler (only in tests), r=past
348009ddf96d8a92a54a26e407f09eff9475e36fAnton Kovalyov — Bug 843559 - Change Profiler shortcut to Shift-F5, r=msucan
3b49881ae41dff42e70c9302ad4b700a92359d02Gary Kwong — Add another suppression entry for bug 794372 and modify suppression for bug 793533. DONTBUILD
8156df33b757083912751c01a13f460ee282b536Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
59e0077b197573aef92e27088354a622ec3008c8Gregory Szorc — Bug 850450 - Longitudinal recording of build ID in FHR; r=rnewman
7c80db9ec6ecb5e66d67cdbb4f9ff8b66ce5f0e6Gregory Szorc — Bug 837292 - Part 4: Followup to unbust part 2; r=rnewman
5645c4612346fc29b88199c493e2587f85c1e2a1Gregory Szorc — Bug 850483 - Record "blocklist enabled" flag in FHR; r=rnewman
35970a2baa8d69a52c10e32f4517cd1fab2cad8fRichard Newman — Bug 837292 - Part 3: Add a TelemetryEnabled flag to FHR. r=gps
98a625f3bf43572b4a17b25c4686a01e07077879Gregory Szorc — Bug 837292 - Part 2: Report new measurement version only; r=rnewman
126563fd3ba10dc52db44b92d051334d53b9cf2bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 748669 (Make JS_{Start,Stop}Profiling work with Instruments on Lion). r=sfink/ted.
453ccf5b5d29103f3f1cec62daf88664c0b60e8aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound chnageset to m-c.
d09d7e958b9cc44f45fff38eda1c9ca0f6c43fdeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
5eb8548b4582e26e05c763b603aabc99e4673fcaBobby Holley — Bug 850247 - Move nsRequestObserverProxy to nsMainThreadPtr{Holder,Handle}. r=mcmanus
02f9c504991c70169fa76eebee2f3d32e95ca0e5Bobby Holley — Bug 850247 - Make nsRequestObserverProxy hold onto its context. r=mcmanus
0e02cd1e8d6fb0dfeba300a488618da96912c792Bobby Holley — Bug 850247 - Make nsRequestObserverProxy proxy events to the main thread only. r=mcmanus
c079f741c3d0af80d97b5817ccb0de6eab0f9b6aNathan Froyd — Bug 771331 - make form elements fire events when <input type=password> elements are added/removed; r=smaug
6cae06155037ee729e3c53ad3bd2c43fca4a042bWilliam Lachance — Bug 852246 - Allow installing over an app with >= version in Android 4.2 via the agent;r=jmaher
b7c5623df2283f89b799e24a3933f6e6164c7556Jon Coppeard — Bug 848754 - GC: Remove relaxed root checking infrastructure r=terrence
fa78767a3e78c3e18f0b3afeea472bcab65957b2Jon Coppeard — Bug 849273 - Investigate splitting the js and JS namespaces r=terrence
a5447c2831e7a0822680f01667d97ad40ed94a29Lucas Rocha — Bug 850936 - Actually update toolbar layout state on rotation (r=mfinkle)
90b7e317d56c2108291b18ea4d3795f02b8b8cd7Lucas Rocha — Bug 843641 - Ensure tabs button images are refreshed on device rotation (r=mfinkle)
1cad363e90aea7afa1009acf8d410fa2da0177bfAaron Klotz — Bug 852164: Adds an addiitonal check to ensure that Plugin Hang UI user response doesn't race past a cancellation. r=bsmedberg
7c8f36acc3a3e9a8e728a6e36f4b243e5c79dddcRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9e6e38d4ae0b (bug 852246) for Android bustage.
ccb23fd0cfd7ba11e821b5e333a8d800e8a6d7a5Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 852518 - reorganize ifdefs and in particular do not include FJ code if no ion r=bhackett
51313f09b4daff6a6087c2bddeff6ed0d234d646Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 852518 - Initialize rendezvousEnd_ to NULL and check for NULL in dtor r=bhackett
8c128b49091fd8b3d5d79ecbe6469952b79630fcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 847370 - HTMLMediaElement - crossOrigin vs crossorigin, r=bz
d99bc9e32472eebf96ad56ad49398a9fae7701c8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 852360 - Get rid of unused strings in r=mfinkle
4f2d3e8ce03f4b85dbc040d985864f529b94ac26Margaret Leibovic — Bug 852360 - Get rid of unused keyword.URL in r=mfinkle
e862dc419d9b80d162d3aac09903b9078f227c35Margaret Leibovic — Bug 852334 - Set app disabled state on enable button instead of uninstall button. r=mbrubeck
9e6e38d4ae0bb948df7c8d837e10bbaab15f6d2aWilliam Lachance — Bug 852246 - Allow installing over an app with >= version in Android 4.2 via the agent;r=jmaher
121c90c4ebe429a3941983c589ea11581040fb64Brian R. Bondy — Bug 852197 - Cleanup and fix various console warnings in Metro front end. r=mbrubeck
85eca178a678385f98a385935dfcffa8bb775fdcBrian Hackett — Bug 852174 - Fix bogus asserts, r=jandem.
91575402209a56084b85e1b2b585f192dd7cc812Brian Hackett — Bug 847412 - Monitor result type after a direct eval from Ion code, r=jandem.
2ed966e4fa58c1c52dde286630ff1986a1bfb3edScott Johnson — Bug 600100, Part 1: Return a status of NS_FRAME_NOT_COMPLETE during reflow of nsBlockFrame if we have a next continuation with pushed floats to prevent crashing in columns. [r=dbaron]
f33c62af87e328a1a08a06c07a6fd7712c0f4410Scott Johnson — Backed out changeset 3b18c328b316 (bug 600100) to fix commit message DONTBUILD.
3b18c328b3166e8f405e93025a6512ddc807e501Scott Johnson — Bug 600100, Part 1: Return a status of NS_FRAME_NOT_COMPLETE during reflow of nsBlockFrame if we have a next continuation with pushed floats to prevent crashing in columns.
750ceb3d7faa419684d2e6b9288e6df4720cca09Kyle Huey — No bug: Hack around our build system woes. r=me CLOSED TREE
446e9d593f7c651f74ac016399936e3537927ed4Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 00280175733e (bug 846901) for crashes; CLOSED TREE
4b70c11073c0a382bb258da5eef7abe0fb4bf9b8Ed Morley — Backed out changeset e8ffcf4b8e22 (bug 846901)
1a2842ef5b7101c3499bb547aa07715f12b520a7Brian Hackett — Bug 849777 - Properly null check parse nodes when reporting parse errors in the bytecode emitter, r=jorendorff.
126ab522c06d8651a0b3ab31cc344875edc8ba3cNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 851951 - Use UTF-8 to load jstests into browser. r=Waldo
fe010206e5add13f4202113dcd74f54acb1e5b37Steve Singer — Bug 851850 - Link in altivec on ppc64. r=jmuizelaar
90c5dd3a2d1533ce2646a53c6ec84773e6f42d43Nathan Froyd — Bug 852194 - remove #include "nsIURI.h" from a couple content/ headers; r=smaug
63fe98eac1b20c4303fe31a9320eb164382d28e9Mohit Gahlot — Bug 851377 - Now ResolvingId::isResolving is not called with a null object. r=bholley
5c85be98a0a07568cad5ac0ec72e3511154aed0dGabriele Svelto — Bug 850637 - Make nsIOService properly pick-up user-specified network.buffer.cache.* preferences. r=honzab
3196b8bf8142ef3128981e3a6d8cfe090eb603cfYura Zenevich — Bug 848278 - Add an |outExecutionDuration| option to all osfile operations that support options argument. It will be udpated with the actual time it took to perform the operation off the main thread. r=yoric
de2a0438c81bb9dbed05849386c1bf24e9571f82Brandon Waterloo — Bug 846929 - Instead of directly overwriting the style attribute to give a zoom in/zoom out cursor on very large images (when they overflow), add/remove classes that will change the cursor. r=roc
839b5dce269c48a9d250a2d716c8debfe1635fceBrian Hackett — Bug 833076 - Add missing script->ensureHasTypes(), r=jandem.
e8ffcf4b8e22ddf854d99c4d87c7d897cf51461aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 846901 - Support prerendering elements with animated transforms that are offscreen but only by a small amount. r=mattwoodrow
00280175733eff53fcad1af6f029338792c93285Robert O'Callahan — Bug 846901 - Skip nsDisplayWrapList construction if there's only one item to wrap and it already has the right frame. r=mattwoodrow
d08461205ce2de04e767d018990163fb69b59c8eJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 834933 - PeerConnection.js throws Components.Exception so errors are readable. r=jesup
0a08b4cac780d6f9296230f1f4c20c7139295ff6Arthur Chen — Bug 834157 - Add max and min attributes in the event. r=fabrice
162aa63b2ccf7dea34293b74d383e0d950684e44Andres Hernandez — Bug 822200 - Create a module for async JSON backups/restores. r=mak77
a9d305be83c9a158baa53986018388887904602dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 852410 - Mark Web Audio streams as blocking on their input, not on their output; r=roc
898c83ea7b06dd45913eb525f077103775a8907aJan de Mooij — Bug 848665 - Don't use ScriptFrameIter in onEnterFrame/onLeaveFrame hooks. r=jimb
6d464c665d4a9e5892a2fac74dc718a0855baf8cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - HTMLMediaElement - concrete: False, r=Ms2ger
bbb0c6eb4bc7d72fd12d69302edaba1ffc8a932aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - Convert HTMLVideoElement to WebIDL, r=Ms2ger
e90c1e76bd3069607dfdaf196ab7ecf1d04af9c2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - Rename nsHTMLVideoElement to HTMLVideoElement, r=Ms2ger
8a12afcc09bbb69b5d4058eb08f0d791e3832102Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - HTMLAudioElement to WebIDL, r=Ms2ger
d5884ca6c0d7c458c152db2cbf1454614d1935e9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - Renaming HTMLAudioElement, r=Ms2ger
333f330e2952b22d3ae110c3e7948efd0599f010Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - Move HTMLMediaElement to WebIDL, r=Ms2ger
59f21770c4daca8fd405c9ee324a914e920d88f5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 841493 - Rename nsHTMLMediaElement to HTMLMediaElement, r=Ms2ger
9ee6267f0a9db7ea4bfbae4a0d8229ece51af537Gene Lian — Bug 852471 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (follow-up fix). r=vicamo a=leo+
2f4cfeefb5c20ef583934c2d9fe6b884744a0b7fGene Lian — Bug 852460 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.onreceived event (follow-up fix). r=vicamo,gene.lian
6fdbfac4b51cc6bcfe9083bfe7867f4db66c5683Jan de Mooij — Bug 851053 - Remove MRecompileCheck. r=bhackett
4f795e7abe83f32d909fff8315900b7cee1ebf99Hannes Verschore — Bug 851552: IonMonkey: Disable GetElement caches after failing multiple times to attach stubs, r=djvj
f4394e306dad66e325db24dd7f46bf3cb1d2a3d0Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 852435. Make the bindings example generator use the native type name. r=bz
e562fcadfcf3ffa715793cc8134ed277467a212aGary Kwong — Remove suppression for bug 824647 since it is now fixed. DONTBUILD
55860fd20f67936b871953f0f3c6eba3a0da30a9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
a53f03e0eeda6c752c1a53fa186d9503ea25fae6Tim Taubert — Bug 841350 - Follow-up to fix 'this.updateCurrentBrowser is not a function'; r=me+bustage
f923d52bfbb18880a1bb8fd75097b52819288395Girish Sharma — Bug 851349 - Possible fix for intermittent failures. r=paul
2c41bf87b4e535fa9f5fb4976c5864dc8797a750Hannes Verschore — Bug 850534: Crash on Yarr OOM, r=dvander
96fb830b930da758dba84adf179fb168f2842243Chris Lord — Bug 852158 - Fix content scrolling to the top with the dynamic toolbar enabled. r=kats
5cec3a86714d693f383b8302c504141bde0dee89Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 844767 - B2G RIL: correct telephony marionette test_outgoing_onstatechange.js. r=allstars.chh
b2942eb4d283fd453152247b75e345e110863875Boris Zbarsky — Bug 823227 - Tests. r=bholley
0b6a4443faa1f502f3f1f4e411a3405bcbaf21e0Bobby Holley — Bug 823227 - Stop pref-controlling the GSP. r=mrbkap
96fc6637a9427a447f803629cab7684ccad1045fBobby Holley — Bug 823227 - Resolve named frames for non-HTML documents. r=bz
34511e89a1a8207feae56ec2fa889f1962066c50Bobby Holley — Bug 823227 - Have the global scope polluter find the document via the global. r=bz
9189484d54b72d65155aa084cf7c98e2792804efMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 852103. r=me
7beb6da3316a7b7794ba7d10ef30f0b52ad441d7Mike Hommey — Bug 852103 - Fix race condition with .deps directory creation. r=ted
323ac99c03763995fd717309ff85186e90b18dbeMike Hommey — Bug 852068 - Update removed-files after bug 648407. r=ted
a58872e5c1bb2fdf5c58ffce7ec938eea8783da9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 01207a5deca5 and 34e30f1b46d8 (bug 848939) for Android bustage
cdc2b811d0e268e7d7b19e581e8d6f12d305aee5Cykesiopka — Bug 536771 - Fix XPCOM README HTML (Original Patch by Andrew Robbins) v1; r=bsmedberg
34ca09eff02dbb9a4587c2ee8c2f4a70974e7cfdBrian Smith — Bug 841135: Remove the marketplace test root cert, r=honzab
dd27b00a412c2b48445083ea86c25bdf6173cbadCamilo Viecco — Bug 832942: work around an ARMv6 code generation bug in gcc 4.6. r=wtc.
4cd8bd47cd1d98418cc58cd94fb431abe915493dGregory Szorc — Bug 837292 - Part 1: Don't give each provider its own Preferences object; r=rnewman
bc6c0983cec5211233785280ed9878c45c9c84ecGregory Szorc — Bug 845842 - Use promises that resolve on later ticks; r=rnewman
168b5f190be6ca4b45243222823d7d0d341e2907Michael Wu — Bug 848581 - Enable cubeb by default on Gonk. r=kinetik f=mchen
20247b8020f18071bbf2c0f0cdfb25b1ac7c2686Ehsan Akhgari — #include prlog.h inside StreamBuffer.cpp, no bug
ea947ec162a17ce543e6b2a7edebacc9ccf9729cPeter Van der Beken — Bug 812617 - Provide a JSBindingFinalized hook for the native classes using Web IDL bindings to know when their JS wrapper has been finalized; r=bzbarsky
4f119b3f804681f10a5ad9f42cfcf6aec3dcd4a1Bobby Holley — Bug 850246 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from ServerSocketListenerProxy. r=mcmanus
dee308dcf609a041f976351ef540f83702211469Bobby Holley — Bug 850245 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from DNSListenerProxy. r=mcmanus
6c9741bec69ff3d613a4f38264a2bae3824b79a6Trevor Saunders — bug 850797 - add nsIDocument::IsVisibleConsideringAncestors() r=bz
c5389284d0ad9198de38d64d2e9cf085238a7f32Trevor Saunders — bug 850981 - make AppendChild inline around InsertChildAt() r=surkov
254cde8d39744f5a785ff253e6d2fe077efd86d6Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field marquee. r=jaws
01207a5deca5dcd068639557e66709ed7b5c9ebdBobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field videocontrols.xml. r=dao
34e30f1b46d86a2615f5e66e99f63c9a67a1c160Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field scale.xml. r=jaws
b036536b0252c90f0f11cba86f691d703ab04d0aMark Finkle — Backout bc88f1602468, Bug 842911 - Remove support for Samsung mini-app mode r=blassey
0bd1bccaaa01af0413c3dfdaa64085c58acba272Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 850523 (part 2) - Use C++ comments in LifoAlloc.{cpp,h} (2nd attempt). r=wmccloskey.
6c38f67f8f56c42bb41a36125710a5ee5c15e8d2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 850523 (part 1) - Add a "js-main-runtime-temporary-peak" memory reporter (2nd attempt). r=wmccloskey,jlebar.
cbe09ce5f9ed4695b83ae6c52fc2e3520efc4c9cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 846908 - Move functions from nsISMILAnimationElement to SVGAnimationElement r=birtles
5eb7efc431c8cda53b6bfb796abc1c8bd0a640efPhil Ringnalda — Back out a23ff3177682 (bug 823644), 02d63d7e6c87 (bug 848961), 505fbab9b980:2f24c9525f57 (bug 823644) for mochitest-1 and robocop-2 bustage
4673849a821ee683aa52977cb809751a0d204965Phil Ringnalda — Back out 28db68d1a57a (bug 842911) for Android 2.2 destruction
ce50afadce0706839f3095ccccc8b0ab40e2bc85Jason Orendorff — Remove silly debug statement left in a test (for bug 848062) that breaks it in opt builds. No bug#, r=sfink on a CLOSED TREE.
79f5f64f33b1a32719624aa78e8841bb4c2a0fd3Phil Ringnalda — Backout 49ca6a3ef0b6 (bug 850922), 1ff4af81172a (bug 849453), 5e0347b9a4e4:085337fa9658 (bug 841059) and 88942e6ce28d (bug 850749) for busting the build
68621375dec1797c803c6655c5a634f3ddf83aa3Phil Ringnalda — No bug, remove trailing whitespace
49ca6a3ef0b6a159abab2056111789dc7d01d00dTerrence Cole — Bug 850922 - Don't put NULL getterobj/setterobj in the reloctable store buffers; r=billm
1ff4af81172a07ead111878ba4fc3f0f69c58d9fTerrence Cole — Bug 849453 - Use the AllocKind to get the size instead of sizeOfThis; r=billm
5e0347b9a4e48ccb695b8721cd01c5803f11b521Terrence Cole — Bug 841059 - Do not use the ArenaHeader for getAllocKind on JSObject; r=billm
085337fa9658bd9cec38d83f051b7827403799c6Terrence Cole — Bug 841059 - Do not use the ArenaHeader for zone/compartment on JSObject; r=billm
88942e6ce28d71ac2824e6ab1304b31e04f0ed56Terrence Cole — Bug 850749 - Make Cell::isTenured use the new IsInsideNursery; r=billm
28db68d1a57a3b7e68ee81e79c79b9cce858fd48Mark Finkle — Backout bc88f1602468, Bug 842911 - Remove support for Samsung mini-app mode r=blassey a=blassey
db61c284f4501ef7d1640e509c1266f2cecbe816Ed Morley — Bug 852341 - State in the CLOBBER file that for now a manual clobber is still required; DONTBUILD
66362cdd8519b18ecbcc79c97defde38429aa3a1David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFECompositeElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
8b5889e318d6a511aa26492511629f588457219cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFECompositeElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
1a4518e6fdb82ba8e643220351c7ed8938c1a01cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFEColorMatrixElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
1de3ed642b6d8ac52c8a979011a20b6b9e196dbcDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFEColorMatrixElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
ca6a498dcf69b4ce833f17fdfcec33050d20526dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 850958 - Implement instanceof without relying on nsIDOM interfaces r=bz
d047a7ed2871760f789b0d083a93641ead2b5cb5Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 7 - add basic code gen test. r=bz
8212a0b3bbe7078a40b9608a8836ad11e488d60eAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 6 - generate headers and code for JS implemented WebIDL classes. r=bz
7fe1bc48dd10ad01e57831ad4502a549c07fc8f4Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 5: add the main JS impl code gen. r=bz
2f6ae75fb1244478cb3b57155b8409d203805ccbAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 4: copy parts of example generator to JS impl generator. r=bz
4958713cfe14d747b5c76ff5ec6b0a7c15235714Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 3 - add dependencies for CGBindingImplClass. r=bz
0201a604e8e6150e7adc963d69c37105da822affAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 2 - Refactor example class codegen into common base class. r=bz
649be71ae43b11ee47f198dbcc330a124fb619d2Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 1: add JSImplementation extended attribute. r=bz
d40d19445f9a9d2a447d0880e52fdd1e40426502Luke Wagner — Don't assert asm.js validation errors with --disable-ion (no bug, r=me)
f2706052a3bf670b5e13460fa90a4846627f25acDavid Anderson — Diagnostic patch for bug 837370 topcrash (r=bhackett).
1255520f471bb03663e5c9602f241b72be5390bcJason Orendorff — Bug 848062 - Make arrow functions inherit the value of 'this' from the enclosing scope. r=bhackett.
bf3ce88c6ea35d0a5d94da40595c0062451f2b0dJason Orendorff — Bug 846406 - Implement arrow functions. r=bhackett. Changes to Y.js r=brendan.
260c1b2a4b3390f015f97d59d2f42e512eb127ceMargaret Leibovic — Bug 841151 - Don't try to restore wyciwyg URLs. r=bnicholson
7dafe64aa7f71198ceb5fe5c143b8709fdbd82a1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 848420 - (Part 2) Test for distribution search engines. r=gbrown
f49cd7c9b7664296c92d05098d8287a7cfda2240Margaret Leibovic — Bug 848420 - Distribution support for additional default search engines. r=mfinkle
d0c34cd5d1226e44cc154dcdb9ce4ff1c9d483ebMargaret Leibovic — Bug 848254 - Add support of pre-pinned bookmarks on about:home for distributions. r=rnewman
545649dc10e7a172599e837f10124ebecd37da6fAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 848134-condense metro css attributes whose only value is true(Mbrubeck Memorial Bug)r=mbrubeck
061871df8f9e416fdcac9930ef19819570ee05ebOlli Pettay — Bug 782211 - Follow up to fix compilation error with gcc 4.7. r=wchen
b66cea2dc7d273cb3fbc1cd5ac88fad3853c9277Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851073 - Move MouseEvent to Web IDL; r=smaug
a23ff3177682f22f6c615365bca1ccc400e1c08fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Text appearance for about:home. [r=mfinkle]
02d63d7e6c871b8bf56a858acec6ff1987dd9610Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848961: Cleanup font-sizes in Android UI. [r=mfinkle]
505fbab9b98073c16a408604e6ed7859f5fe0897Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850927: Redundant doorhanger layout xml file. [r=mfinkle]
f0c492121470a89bd22ec6a98f86a540fda2a310Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Base TextAppearances for the application. [r=mfinkle]
db52418726e68e998bb5152968f4bf6c70b471ecSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Cleanup list-view style. [r=mfinkle]
809b5e32d3a2dea7429cec74978dbebf4a850948Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Remove the style named "Screen". [r=mfinkle]
2f24c9525f5757c0bbd97cbcb833548adbc54db3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Base theme for Fennec. [r=mfinkle]
cb810d07bc933d3a245535546ca0a3144adde3adGavin Sharp — Bug 851646: remove unused strings, r=mixedpuppy
bcf9c06aa2cb8518c9778ec73f0856c2f3260786Gregory Szorc — Bug 848861 - Send stack traces with FHR errors; r=rnewman, sr=mconnor
4dff991eac0981d95901ff126adff025d383bac6Lucas Rocha — Bug 852227 - Don't highlight tab cell background on press (r=mfinkle)
e83371a150ef6f7c41d47552f8dac27742ecc457Lucas Rocha — Bug 844959 - Set an explicit height for horizontal tabs tray (r=mfinkle)
9ed0c198ff6b88d5b227644634bc7754817dcd8fLucas Rocha — Bug 848551 - Use same tab thumbnail height on phones and tablets (r=mfinkle)
86ff51b2a3c800d35f0e82c67310d2f1f609ae13Lucas Rocha — Bug 842621 - Gap between horizontal tab thumbnails should be narrower (r=mfinkle)
fbef0319725bbf53d7f0a8d0653b94b7b9301be9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 852237: Tabs button pressed state with neutral highlight color. [r=mfinkle]
f7e1b97dcc734e84550aba15c3e7eeef51cedacfJan de Mooij — Bug 851109 - Add NAME IC for invoking getters on the global object. r=djvj
eee0650e0d5ab11ebfa91bf4d93d40985f692b0fJim Mathies — Bug 851271 - Follow up for scale3d-all.html and scale3d-all-separate.html, reorder annotation rules. r=mbrubeck
56aa0efd1144e2131f0fe4ecc2a4ee4cf503992fJim Mathies — Bug 850457 - Fix for reftest 759036-1.html Win8 failure. r=mbrubeck
632ec7d6a9aeaae3fce4a4ba8d369a1a2d2ea063Bobby Holley — Bug 851987 - QI to nsPIDOMWindow instead of nsIDOMWindow in XPCWrappedJS. r=bz
a1f3efbbe97ab76f317a4c515f4b10211f31f836Bobby Holley — Bug 851418 - Unscope the pusher in CompileEventHandlerInternal. r=mrbkap
411fd163b845d88dfbe330ed8a0b90cb86df70c5Hubert Figuière — Bug 845095 - Disable test only on MacOS 10.6. r=
2cc397611921d22899365cd4200b9bc869f17d9cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 852011 - Reserve 5 elements in MediaStream::mBlocked in order to avoid excessive cost when dealing with removals from it; r=roc
3e36f224082583f8fe644928f98dd50729d7ec57Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 852017 - Clean up the private browsing browser-chrome tests; jdm
865a2157b6087c2d4693450268542344147099faEd Morley — Bug 851842 - Make jit-tests log output more suited to TBPL bug suggestions; r=terrence
25c76053d44ae9fb04b260673d6d8a8e576c8146Timothy Nikkel — Bug 851785. Stop RasterImage::FrameRect from initiating a decode. r=joe
9502b3cccfe3d7f8566c463f21670274ac0acfe9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 851785. Stop expecting the image to be decoded in async_load_tests.js because it never does anything that would require a decode to happen. r=joe
baa90816699d5c38dc1a76ae99ac40614e797079Ian Melven — Bug 846458 - intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | /tests/content/base/test/test_bug548193.html | Assertion count 0 is less than expected range 1-1 assertions. (r=sstamm)
b10a9f0e0a76f910a9068938660c3a54735ca2aaMatt Brubeck — Bug 852046 - Hide the Close Tab button label in the Metro tab bar [r=jimm]
8da24aaaaa26e1243a130af6921e875cb8a12207Matt Brubeck — Bug 852183 - Remove unused testpilot extension and removed-files from /mobile/android [r=mfinkle]
284df6d78bc55ec816f7c162d858cb8361239c0fYiming Yang — Bug 841101 - Add support for multi touch action chains in marionette, r=mdas
75b300cd1c3dbb0017420606d5157c707ff7163bKyle Huey — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE.
20152b50f68a57c7edde43d02701f9a950613d35Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 827486 for PGO bustage. CLOSED TREE
d764382ed4cf45467027f632018c6b8b8ec18df5Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 462463 for massively regressing pymake depend build speed. CLOSED TREE
ef711d90e7b7461dd7ce97122e43b9a3fcd247b9Bobby Holley — Bug 848538 - Followup test bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
b7f53f9b0205aa76bd99d461f8b7162516decc0aEd Morley — Backed out changeset 7268c16cad16 (bug 829747) for causing B2G test timeouts; CLOSED TREE
7e13a94a3f3b5336d52632d58fa781d0be830822Luke Wagner — Fix OdinMonkey when --disable-ion (no bug, r=me)
f1fd4792d0bc4e03024ca3f600a0e6cf2d9aed6cBobby Holley — Bug 848538 - Push a cx before calling into ctypes callbacks. r=jorendorff
bdfac277d15ffa6d67242b334fc86e4515888210Jonathan Griffin — Bug 845785 - re-exclude test_Range-mutations.html for frequent crashes, a=test-only
8696e05237729bb008c8484f8b717647fcfd6897Daniel Holbert — Bug 851981: Make loop iterator in mozalloc_handle_oom a size_t instead of an int, to fix build warning for signed/unsigned comparison. r=bsmedberg
e8909e54a20d513341612559ebfdaf96f1a59f1cDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 851972] Remove XPIDL for ComponentTransferFunctionElement r=Ms2ger
dc796f4da8356e93dad5d3a388c10a44e9a73061Brad Lassey — bug 851224 - make install should ignore version downgrades r=mfinkle
7268c16cad1648e132d3e08e2e04a68cf6827aaaJames Willcox — Bug 829747 - Update WebGL canvases asynchronously r=jgilbert,bgirard
a365ad559c4559f6f411d898e1c5c2ec287c0cd6Nathan Froyd — Bug 824647 - delete histograms when StatisticsRecorder is deleted; r=jlebar
2490b7e423d654ce5153d8171fc5d702faec55c2Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 7 - add basic code gen test. r=bz
07c51bdbd801eb09d2e3b8ebaf8b495bcc6ddd4eAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 6 - generate headers and code for JS implemented WebIDL classes. r=bz
9abdb274d5c8b9f23b6c839c8b4197b2ebb5cf01Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 5: add the main JS impl code gen. r=bz
b8e85d11e93dd32e6cd91e0add5c7011f3fff50bAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 4: copy parts of example generator to JS impl generator. r=bz
8d31fbd561294dc8e4296b891c9a2aea4f59dc9aAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 3 - add dependencies for CGBindingImplClass. r=bz
32851c16ed452ebb75ca811ada632b35f2e9a059Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 2 - Refactor example class codegen into common base class. r=bz
e4a689014130eb6cee46fc7d991051a766b4af6fAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 1: add JSImplementation extended attribute. r=bz
7ac3f76249e78b56fe64518d20b1c6787634f114Ed Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 11: Move processString to the message part of log lines & remove unhelpful process IDs; r=ted
025f582f8005489ebeec78514eb9c7ef31da51a8Ed Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 10: Tweak comments; r=ted
de7502c6b940eefd26148306c81caae5bae0e6ebEd Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 9: Return early if possible during leak summary generation; r=ted
ae92e0819f2b0e925436aba44318dd571083cfcbEd Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 8: Only parse the leak log once; r=ted
6d5de0363957979f5633b5eb0d935cac2e3fc4e5Ed Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 7: Use the cleaner |with open() as foo| pattern & and don't close/reopen the log unnecessarily; r=ted
321bca7cf97ace1e1e5db97d202e2335d0f7ad6fEd Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 6: Clean up log parsing conditionals & move the leak threshold reminder to the calling function; r=ted
2931467b2c54ec4b560a4d3a1e44239fc196a233Ed Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 5: Clean up logging; r=ted
a40f95ea3951eb372d11a4ee944809fa551d4d57Ed Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 4: Add a partial list of leaked objects to the leak summary, to allow TBPL to make bug suggestions; r=ted
0c83c9036f9e70644541bafc7a34ee4074199b14Ed Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 3: Output all of the leaked object lines as TEST-INFO rather than a combination of TEST-INFO and TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL; r=ted
c314aefc1244a6c370c163e0e29f5613eaebb77bEd Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 2: Wait until the full leak log has been processed before outputting the leak total; r=ted
102365bfe4d3344eef6d7ec451c1c8890f2a74fdEd Morley — Bug 850681 - Part 1: Use the test name 'leakcheck' rather than 'automationutils.processLeakLog()'; r=ted
22d16e3d3ea191e72c5e593d2e43061fcc97643eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 852163 - Unregister pref observer on activity destroy so that it doesn't leak the activity. r=Cwiiis
f7208a072eb75afc226616daf7b6b0a23da46f07Alessandro Decina — Bug 851906 - Restore compatibility with older GStreamer versions. r=doublec
196693568165b81ee7df8c3ea6fce6c54338c036Sam Foster — Bug 851443 - Tests for richgrid/richgriditem bindings + stubMethod test helper. r=jimm
62512f057d58b3b5c4975ea3c51c43fafd15a7f5Jim Chen — Bug 845416 - Detect mangled package name in ANR reporter; r=blassey
16f7a494895be1a7d4462572236ebba68df8a75dJim Chen — Bug 845416 - Limit ANR stack to Fennec stack; r=blassey
ee2e53392df1146327fdf5ea889df45a23333b99Olli Pettay — Bug 851996, Simplify MessageEvent's jsval handling, r=mccr8
867475abb8948a8e585f41f973ea1410968c93b2Dão Gottwald — merge backout
6678ea192a6c07dc9675151a6b94a3f21920e6f4Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset f029edccac09
240dc14b1b87b21edec6980a89062587268d117cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 851897 - Fix crash in mozilla::widget::nsWinMetroUtils::GetActivationURI. r=jimm
bee24b51a1a918b93b7e0aebe99721e945ab767fChris Lord — Bug 850889 - Fix jank when animating dynamic toolbar. r=kats
e581d54aa570b9d69552a89369a08d58931727abChris Lord — Bug 850889 - Fix animation conflict with overscroll and dynamic toolbar. r=kats
a7ea5daa2dc952af25407605a8498dbe3838a4ccHannes Verschore — Bug 850534: Various Yarr performance improvements, r=dmandelin
9c6474e8d3c84451d9f3626162728278bad6e189Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831768 - Delay async painting calls so that they never nest within RPC calls. The Adobe Flash implementation doesn't expect this reentry and sometimes deadlocks. The Apple Java stub doesn't expect this reentry and corrupts NPRuntime objects. r=gfritzsche
5e9fe5a74270fa2948656ee3e1c6379a4c560b2aMarco Bonardo — Bug 830423 part 2 - Avoid history view refreshes when onvisit falls into the Today bucket.
b6ea788e50f69f5fab65fd26244d369075fb1973Marco Bonardo — Bug 830423 part 1 - Avoid repeated execution of daysOfHistory query.
e9904afcea7d2a70e4ebdcc35cf6a5bd96201350Aryeh Gregor — Bug 851911 - Unused variable rv in MakeOrSetMinidumpPath() in nsAppRunner.cpp; r=bsmedberg
d4b5921c8a42abdd697b6dc597a5905e6f33bb97Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 852070 - Update ANRReporter to use ThreadUtils. r=jchen
f029edccac09f362c5b304c6cd61cd3261b4737cJosh Matthews — Bug 847971 - Make openURL select recent windows that match the current privacy state. r=dolske
e23e43a2c14e051ec59b4b186cf2946ce2c1ee58Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 77f321ed3d9e (bug 851611) for breaking the build; CLOSED TREE
1bed4fd2b0fa4f67407ee191e37318e83e04eecbEd Morley — Backed out changeset c75481a07302 (bug 851611)
be8691daf71ec5b28e6a37485c83b5906d518a30Ed Morley — Backed out changeset d195190adc48 (bug 851611)
74795c6fd7d6be56da55d19ba68ca0fe66ca85afEd Morley — Backed out changeset ecce21507ea0 (bug 851611)
dadc8416f4df3468f54dfd763dcd315ee1a500f3Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 843296 - Check for crashes and minidump_stackwalk for b2g emulator unittests, r=jgriffin
ecce21507ea0ebdf25cee4187fb22cae51b468baBenoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 4: Split out GeckoProfilerFunc.h & PseudoStack.h. r=jrmuizel
d195190adc48685c4fb133717e157405c3b60af3Benoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 3: Rename headers. r=jrmuizel
c75481a0730275ddc009c2315089b029f68d04eaBenoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 2: Update profiler calls. r=jrmuizel
77f321ed3d9ea312274c42452169c3954807f027Benoit Girard — Bug 851611 - Part 1: Refactor profiler interface. r=jrmuizel
404720032d1cd5fc334740d1ee1b0d159939e6e3William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 10: Update webapp browser permission test to clean up alerts. r=fabrice
c9732200552d37d7304845e4f3459af9604d6640William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 9: Remove native notification systems on desktop platforms. r=dougt
d068e438438dc7320cb2f5a685140a2ae7d0763aWilliam Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 8: Updated existing XUL alerts to implement the Notification API. r=enn
9a471f858d6b4b2bf730f637e02b0841ea7dabdeWilliam Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 7: Added permission prompt for desktop notifications on desktop platforms. r=MattN
e84fb66cf7f1095abfba7822b7d37c42782420e4William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 6: Updated the B2G notifications to implement the Notification API. r=etienne
dde6b08c74f7c0443223e24a3d364e0fe06a1693William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 5: Implement Notification API. r=smaug
ff9b93ce514cf2450c95ad67a0a54e69174a33d0William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 4: Add function to remote test for permission in nsIPermissionManager. r=cjones
a4508a65ccbe30c23d15b49f44f569470fe79a19William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 3: Make nsDesktopNotification generate unique name and cookies to prevent collision in the IPC observer and coalescing in the alerts service. r=dougt
c8b3e4b6a8b51a1766d60b97868a6aac8b7c5017William Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 2: Updated the nsIAlertsService API and its implementation to include support for bidi overrides and a method to close notifications. r=dougt
e96b9c546f07c615d20543c8bd00198e654f005aWilliam Chen — Bug 782211 - Part 1: Implemented additional functionality in Fennec to support Notification API. r=wesj
4a21247a08eb2f7fe2f3e681504315e8cc0f69c2Blake Kaplan — Bug 850676 - test_mixed_content_blocker_bug803225.html is causing docshell/test/navigation tests to fail. r=tanvi
cd0bb4cb792d6ae0e7748ad1d16e8c064fcfb85cMark Finkle — Bug 851920 - Resources removed from the pre-processing chain are still dependant on MOZ_PROFILING/MOZ_TELEMETRY* r=lucasr
83cb7a59803fe38c23a3eb8fc88db9be3e49ab16Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
13ddefe3068a9263384578c5c0e2931b80b16e57Irving Reid — Bug 841028: Add last build ID to telemetry system info if build ID has changed. r=froydnj
4b69df3f802d4df7ab19f3b2cc506dab9555242cIrving Reid — Bug 768482: Add URI of resource to "file not found" exception in asyncFetch(). r=bz
509b300bda68f9f360f934ac7b01b3e45f81250aEd Morley — Bug 845190 - Disable test_645970.js on debug Linux for too many intermittent assertions
b903c81b23ebbf7a9cad0137d3ace4356939911cEd Morley — Bug 754860 - Disable test_bug726904.html on OS X for too many intermittent failures
48e028f2a5d78fe7255556993be42283e611ad0dChia-hung Tai — Bug 849741 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.onreceived event. r=vyang
97813cd8f26f03aa3674e72e43d056c7c72ec3b7Makoto Kato — Bug 851439 - The paramter of _open_osfhandle() is intptr_t instead of long. r=jimm
5e115ca281051185d08bad6ca11851928e08afd3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 852024 Implement MetroWidget::GetIMEUpdatePreference() r=jimm
80034b418a48a9fab7d6668c721ebf841de8bb86Nathan Froyd — Bug 844331 - part 6 - move saved-session writing to profile-before-change2 to catch cache and FHR activity; r=taras
f92ce45a6b9256edf70f69501058a0f14534f81dNathan Froyd — Bug 844331 - part 5 - add profile-before-change2 notification; r=bsmedberg
3b54f36d54a8961876c0af472e6557018ec996afNathan Froyd — Bug 844331 - part 4 - cache the profile directory in TelemetryPing; r=taras
f8e226c778e11b358f157a5b228b7425ff25c51bNathan Froyd — Bug 844331 - part 3 - split out payload/payload+slug construction to separate functions; r=taras
53c240fdf21cf7a9c63b91ac3510f2dd33bc408bNathan Froyd — Bug 844331 - part 2 - move getSimpleMeasurements to live in TelemetryPing; r=taras
62139bbc7af6942bf43a794823ad15fea792347dNathan Froyd — Bug 844331 - part 1 - rename bits with |getCurrentSessionPayload| to |getSessionPayload|; r=taras
0834efe48f1eb64b3160a76c891ba08960f94cc5Trevor Saunders — bug 694254 - disable the test on windows 7/8
7c296b25c9af4f8093c07522a29dcb5a9d116416Edgar Chen — Bug 847820 - Part 4: Marionette tests for updating SIM contact. r=allstars.chh
175853edfc529c6bf590d7b09fc6a47f33873154Edgar Chen — Bug 847820 - Part 3: RIL implementation. r=allstars.chh
13d27a59ee08fb230c5ca0e92764749e5c6cd0c7Edgar Chen — Bug 847820 - Part 2: Modify IccManager for exporting contact to SIM. r=bugs
0f0d01f00f1edde2435a55dae10e92eada1ca561Edgar Chen — Bug 847820 - Part 1: IDL for exporting contact to SIM. r=allstars.chh. sr=jonas
5c8569d8e01ea5e3bb4886c6cd7a21c309ebb197Eric Chou — Bug 851563 - Fix memory leak in UnixSocketConsumer, r=qdot
c213189c95c7aefa1baeaee36d47f659b3ab7263Chris Lord — Bug 824745 - Fuzz clipping tests more on Android. r=karlt
d894d02ee21932247cc5fb9b41cb974154712ccaPhil Ringnalda — Back out e0038e628250 and 02b242697afb (bug 850523) for test_memoryReporters.xul crashes
86bf4afce68f8b414f5ec8d6ef37e0212623ae1fMark Hammond — Bug 835924 - (hopefully) fix intermittent error page test failure. r=felipe.
d67b2524bd3f94592618afe69608a47f2e48a574Bobby Holley — Bug 813901 - Tests. r=mrbkap
b8e357cea6f605897de5e14226cc9476dd199dfdBobby Holley — Bug 850000 - Don't clobber exceptions set in security wrapper check() hooks. r=mrbkap
1fcf5b4a953e679e22c4e44235fb15c2cba02e11Masayuki Nakano — Bug 807241 Use ITfMessagePump and ITfKeystrokeMgr r=jimm
e0038e628250ccf7311f5841b742a6e811974073Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 850523 (part 2) - Use C++ comments in LifoAlloc.{cpp,h}. r=wmccloskey.
ba70784af08b47b57779416ec3e5b0c6a2a15d26Jan Varga — Bug 847099 - Intermittent test_readonly_lockedfiles.html | Assertion count {2,4} is greater than expected range (Didn't find the locked file we were looking for!: 'mLockedFileQueues.Length()...) followed by a timeout in test_add_put.html et al (bug 783913). r=bent
02b242697afb9d7af3a7adfb234a826ac99653e4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 850523 (part 1) - Add a "js-main-runtime-temporary-peak" memory reporter. r=wmccloskey,jlebar.
9c7dea4aed4bf9bd5efc9db32ab692fd55d727fdPhil Ringnalda — Back out 0bbb5cacadaf (bug 694254) for timing out on Windows
bd6476403edd5598307c2bdebbb8216faf1dbda0Joshua Yuan — bug 833256 - role=note should use eFromSubTreeIfRec name rule not eFromSubTree r=tbsaunde f=surkov
246083a5c939af21f8fcd3fac1bdbc1de75c6441Joe Drew — Bug 851985 - Mark tests that don't reliably block onload (or loadeddata) as random. r=doublec
5cd5d96f223c393b532249fd921a7e468bae83acNicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 10) - Rewrite TimerEventAllocator and remove nsFixedSizeAllocator. r=bz,ehsan; sr=bsmedberg.
60ab8fd2676bb461a9e2928b739236513f0ce48eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 851986 - Avoid calling a virtual function when getting the source for an AudioNodeStream; r=roc
19e6f5093cad59862b657f6578df2ad7e31a1e42Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851966 - Only store the produced AudioChunks for AudioNodeStreams that will result in playback; r=roc
0a0951f42b0b36ee40ef15ee37fb616e855d3793Gregory Szorc — Bug 844635 - Update CLOBBER; r=me DONTBUILD
0bbb5cacadaf650748f0999d3f33087cebbc127bTrevor Saunders — bug 694254 - disable test_focus_browserui.xul on windows 7/8 to see if the leak goes away
336b6586074ee8c550c47a15c717dc8ccc8ed47fGregory Szorc — Bug 844635 - Part 3: Remove empty files; r=glandium
3c87e1fe617dacec9dafb5dc19d72e6082c26db1Gregory Szorc — Bug 844635 - Part 2: Don't require to exist; r=glandium
a0336cae081545b6fb2ce58a30160776c75eed8dPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
d75e34da1a9f18aeccf3eabbd834f8597c409c6cPhil Ringnalda — Back out 2ea5f267af77:218356c595fc (bug 827486) for Windows builds dying with an obscure "MemoryError"
c57716222668745a6550ccaf9c2ee1402c8be646Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 845175 - Lazily allocate the bytecode and srcnote Vectors' storage. r=jorendorff.
31fdc925c3107d8f072f94a373d90a824704604bChris Peterson — Bug 850408 - Part 2: Remove Snow Leopard OS check from nsStackWalk. r=bsmedberg
6396d766a611c7c472b7757364b26a5e7665dbf2Josh Matthews — Bug 847952 - Make utility function to return the topmost window discriminate between public and private windows. r=dao
3fe35ae2db776d18213e195b631c13fbb6607e46Dão Gottwald — merge backout
5b09deb221f94c80cfe3a1a79e4c7e2f22934e25Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 3f534921cf61
7fbba1340a2325bf64174d209d91046fc120a588Frank Yan — Bug 851436 - Revert tab strip logic by backing out patches for bug 837486, bug 649654, and bug 821859. r=dao
2b631364d86992a9439135ce61fc540cc7d543d6Chris Cooper — Bug 600949 - remove unused testing/extensions dir (NPOTB) - r=aaron.train
019dfc114d05172a1c75f30d579c46746cf63c5cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 851949 - Avoid setting AudioParam values needlessly; r=roc
f5bf6a0d04da0ac2bc73417824bd7cb593e1e18dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 851816 - Fix the Copy Image command on Linux in private windows; r=roc
ad3260c0c384f5f2682168ba735ce13363c11b60David Zbarsky — [Bug 851954] Uninitialized variables in nsSVGFELightingElement::Filter r=Ms2ger
533804c056bdde8d83650e528c6fd6f980822fd1Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
e69bc37414dd16cb90325c484c0dcf57efe5c4d1Frank Yan — Bug 848150 - Update about:home favicons. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander ui-r=limi
c9d9b906b4e0e5590f982884f67b4810a75d9edcEthan Hugg — Bug 805533 Patch 2 - Pass SDP parsing errors up to PeerConnection r=jesup
2ea5f267af778d932000c167ad871639b822e5c6Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 7 - add basic code gen test. r=bz
f3a58b8ac8b11cc4ac0875fe08d996794c426b2bAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 6 - generate headers and code for JS implemented WebIDL classes. r=bz
4919ef4c63c3ceb337010809e0267b424e2f4b46Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 5: add the main JS impl code gen. r=bz
3117a41c48ea1807800cf45a2fbe15fc77e05ac3Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 4: copy parts of example generator to JS impl generator. r=bz
976579f8e55f9c68ee7383794b8cc1a85ba61a7aAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 3 - add dependencies for CGBindingImplClass. r=bz
3ae4b90221eefbc26f1295c6ea2c6733ce96f255Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 2 - Refactor example class codegen into common base class. r=bz
218356c595fcd3b969bc5f83ddc1c6c0ee43fd6eAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 1: add JSImplementation extended attribute. r=bz
6c9fcfd9f4cedc9d3f722f79e72e0d10882f11fbJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset f85e650c1df7 (bug 847971)
f85e650c1df785fbc77785ac363fe92a5aaeeaeaJosh Matthews — Bug 847971 - Make openURL select recent windows that match the current privacy state. r=dolske
3f534921cf6188c2af8740f4db99906ed12fb62aJosh Matthews — Bug 847952 - Make utility function to return the topmost window discriminate between public and private windows. r=ehsan
9e036c0cf98107da300e34e7af43e76bf1b02c22Josh Matthews — Bug 849723 - Introduce API to use the private hidden window correctly. r=ehsan
09bbdb7b40dd97059a81e9b6e9270542d89106e1Josh Matthews — Bug 851489 - Delay restarting the browser until the preferences dialog elements are completely updated. r=ehsan
df0eeae20a568bfe74e493a323c5dcba4e4f470dJim Mathies — Bug 851657 - Remove obsolete form element navigation from form assistant. r=bbondy
59afa67c0d23f4bd0933f2c2d0fd107aedd24a8bJim Mathies — Bug 851596 - Move ContextMenuHandler element detection utils into Utils. r=fyan
8c134490188696fb8c93258a67f71fc35419aaa1Jim Mathies — Bug 851526 - Clean up event handlers in Content.js. r=mbrubeck
dd888bc71adc649891a1ab6bfa3d2d10b73d1d82Boris Zbarsky — Bug 846972 part 3. Switch CSSStyleSheet to WebIDL. r=peterv
883db473ec469f8377ba4922776673a21b5e8dc6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 846972 part 2. Add the WebIDL APIs for StyleSheet and CSSStyleSheet. r=peterv
946419184f9983a5ccd945cee78f0bbcaa6749d8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 846972 part 1. Make nsCSSStyleSheet wrappercached. r=mccr8
ca91f19a36dbf32b52d3f42a91a194ce442f451fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 843627 part 4. Add IDL attribute reflection tests for <embed>, <applet>, <object>. r=peterv
4f79d9d9d818b6639987a190fe10f567d1d63b39Boris Zbarsky — Bug 843627 part 3. Enable WebIDL bindings for <embed> and <applet>. r=peterv
61099fdb7b2398302cf9a695e03169cd3ea00b0fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 843627 part 2. Implement the WebIDL API for <embed> and <applet>. r=peterv
d31cfe6eeb240339619c6c360866ecdedf66709fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 843627 part 1. Rename nsHTMLSharedObjectElement to HTMLSharedObjectElement. r=peterv
b2636816c7fdd53110d877c57d7fcbb1c4396bdcTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
a4d096b5a2f99a6bcd61f640c9be48ca4bbaa5f8Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to fx-team
4b35a698dae2d00f83b6e5bc11ffb421cf409ca6Eddy Bruel — Bug 808960 - Can't fetch sources packed in jar bundles when debugging chrome; r=past,vporof
b832bfd6fc24a52d5a0488706d62ae5abbd135a3Eddy Bruel — Bug 820012 - unable to debug scripts loaded via loadSubScript in Browser Debugger; r=past
7cc974e3a6a3a8e3fb08cbef3638e0685d0481c4Tim Taubert — Bug 841350 - Drag and drop a CTP tab in a new window makes the CTP icon disappear; r=gavin,ttaubert
21530ba4bd554a4689119dc23cd1a12f20f6d431Sebastian Hengst — Bug 845825 - [New tab page] Undo bar: Close button's tooltip not shown. r=ttaubert
b03bb3ce8ceee784f3a26fc150f77a57438ca891Bobby Holley — Bug 851851 - Null check win. r=me
a9a25781850ee0a8b56b547c8b81b58577644794Gregory Szorc — Bug 851975 - Don't use conditionals in; r=ted
aa0fc30a3c2ef0505da12655ef70f488af06db26Luke Wagner — Disable OdinMonkey on OSX until we can get Breakpad to cooperate (no bug, r=me)
09f72f45a0b78f48260f1a4b603e25ebc84ed683Phil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green mozilla-inbound cset to mozilla-central
774c83ca418054fbae80e699e68586057024375dMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
7aa2918a77783b94b80baf8a722b202949553c90Ms2ger — Merge backout.
b6d96f7aeea5d5439b014e26e00eb09c051484ceMs2ger — Backout bug 658909 for Marionette bustage.
62a151ec5bdb3fc9c97000eac68aca2db97102c6Mike Hommey — Backout changeset 120a29c1b1c9 (bug 850332) on suspicion of Android M8 orange
dfd1c5d036769924f0a6fbef2e33e55dc3e8fd86Mike Hommey — Fixup for windows bustage after landing bug 648407. r=me
a8b4ad85b5764b337a5450ef50627662f1e09255Robert Strong — Windows stub installer only - compiled plugin - Bug 850110 - Download server IP address is sometimes reported as a single digit. r=bbondy
168bba446d3e99e1435ba7ef7fec7fac8331f13fRobert Strong — Windows stub installer only - plugin code - Bug 850110 - Download server IP address is sometimes reported as a single digit. r=bbondy
4d31a3c8b067645758c2e63892273a96ade48aaeMike Hommey — Bug 851002 - Adjust Elf headers before adding filler segment in elfhack. r=nfroyd
1436171edffa68a542ba88a7e5cecbf2da66f44cMike Hommey — Bug 850643 - Check "cc" before "gcc" for host compiler when cross-compiling. r=ted
120a29c1b1c939769722d6d3acc5725a821980cdMike Hommey — Bug 850332 - Use jemalloc inside mozglue. r=kats,r=mwu
3630976c4dd9c1efa09d62aae55fd540f2f48943Mike Hommey — Bug 849497 - Enable getUserMedia in xulrunner. r=bsmedberg
10153343281df79504f74f3b1f3380ba0e5135c4Mike Hommey — Bug 648407 - Fold NSPR, NSS and SQLite libraries all together on B2G, Android, OSX and Windows. r=blassey,r=cjones,r=bsmedberg
c03af1a12d8428fbf7abb682a2138bbf0664d5e2Mike Hommey — Bug 648407 - Support loading the folded library on Android. r=blassey
e26ae173a3e5db2ecede844dc2314ee07d2b3dd8Mike Hommey — Bug 648407 - Allow to fold NSPR, NSS and SQLite libraries all together. r=ted
267c636bd241616fb5e83b84feba2a5c1dd3b23eMike Hommey — Bug 648407 - Support --extract on windows. r=ted
fc11223a77451464f54852d1cc307d4dda15237eMike Hommey — Bug 462463 - Stop using r=ted
d926c77d4cd79879dbd29735569666e5aa0ff0f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851814 - Do not clobber the high word of SharedLibrary addresses/offset on Win64; r=jrmuizel
e9a876559846c8f8bb9489a33acb5d718423a8aeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 851603 - Enable Web Audio in Nightly; r=roc
3a5f73a4f816f07af763a8841616c84775e364e0Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Tests. r=mrbkap
8e353c981fc00ccd54244bd12d6314491fcfc29bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Port tearoff-handling guts of GWNOJO to XPCCallContext and remove GWNOJO. r=mrbkap
59f99d8d2cc6f680db7bcaf7d9073e167ba32f18Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from PreserveWrapper. r=mrbkap
efd70f9744f065d1ae1abfa4692cc1e441dab762Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
d1f7b662ba9ac6f8e0dad3bf167da335798f78b6Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from AccessCheck. r=mrbkap
3290d77fb6acc52c468956e98cea52e0a19ef164Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from nsXPConnect. r=mrbkap
519f06cae45467bb81195a608319f9d52db3c2efBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from XPCVariant. r=mrbkap
218ca8a31f9af7d8c00e09fddc2641e690ce1fa4Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from XPCJSID. r=mrbkap
2b42cac96ee70d611e27a130f617eeaa3cf3ff45Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from JSValToXPCException. r=mrbkap
37b2fc91791c24c4d11d506dc2fe81d90cf255f2Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from JSObject2NativeInterface. r=mrbkap
06852afa8721257547f926a6343d98c28c03d87fBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO for helper stubs. r=mrbkap
5dbc6f79a2a2b39840851338db0f3737f009110bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove GWNOJO from MarkWrappedNative. r=mrbkap
b0899c816e8f9049c1fbfc07ff2048661641cdbcBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Add a new, much simpler API for getting WNs from JS objects. r=mrbkap
f7874be842bc1c8ae8d758319cde93a81fb64f92Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Stop doing all the crazy stuff in GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject. r=mrbkap
94014e4d1ab51a92c39f58fb6899c5f55900eb8fBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Add a hack to support calling nohelper XPCWN methods without the proper |this|. r=mrbkap
682ad22f239f7771fdb5f9fe713d8a99c960a158Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Use JS_{,Strict}PropertyOp instead of null when defining value props in nsDOMClassInfo. r=mrbkap
d4253db9e56065538c084b95ab87405172af85a6Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Implement carefully-checked unwrapping in XPCCallContext. r=mrbkap
cd8e50acc2fe2159743983110da60fd11a339a5bBobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Set args at XPCCallContext construct time in XPC_WN_GetterSetter. r=mrbkap
de490b035b9cf4f1e9f6be7d88cbb0da5d710ad5Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Initialize the same fields in both XPCCallContext constructors. r=mrbkap
ef12935784712436a7393e827c1ee84f42432382Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Remove unnecessary ccx param. r=mrbkap
9f153c67ec84ac78d0b28f8e2284213704d0f421Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Make isSafeToUnwrap pseudo-dynamic for SOWs. r=mrbkap
aa68b74a149563279ad94beaf6642733c912ee87Bobby Holley — Bug 658909 - Force |this| computation in SandboxCallableProxyHandler::call when using Xrays. r=bz
267ade6627346fbe23fb0373ed47dbfe3c600e93Daniel Holbert — Bug 848159: In jsopcode.cpp, cast formalIndex to be unsigned when comparing it against another unsigned value, since we've already asserted it's nonnegative. r=jandem
23df95aba9cde5613e423b5d4c70e9ae5dfdfb65Bill McCloskey — Bug 759585 - Zones (r=jonco,bhackett,njn,dvander,luke,bz,mccr8,bholley)
78e874a8d47368189ad606ce4f8ab24b78830bfbPhil Ringnalda — Back out 9bfca2900825 (bug 694254) for incompetent review
730fbb35edd52e6c2ea196dce80a190b0450e68aNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 849014 - Check type inference before optimizing regexp calls. r=sstangl
9bfca2900825957c6cb15206b8ea16693a646164Trevor Saunders — bug 694254 - disable test_focus_browserui.xul on win 7/8 to see if it fixes the leak rs=philor
2930b46ad0b5e705e70cb5c27a9fb7d6625e7c5dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 849342 - Remember passwords preference does not take effect immediately. r=mbrubeck.
c90398761b18df918be48f92217afe0cd9250e8eChris Lord — Bug 850789 - Pin the dynamic toolbar on screen when the tabs tray is open. r=kats
97ca1fe7446f13142e8acd808451cca499900950Chris Lord — Bug 850154 - Fix alignment of find-in-page bar after bug 716403. r=sriram
2bf29458cd13ee6b61f74407e6dfd1dc218301eeChris Lord — Bug 850724 - Don't hide toolbar on load, or pin while loading. r=kats
dcd1fc5731339886e88832a07077a8d2ff9c2d2cGene Lian — Bug 847756 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.markMessageRead(). r=vicamo sr=sicking a=leo+
549474bee42cf9615d2f24b67db6223d5907f044Phil Ringnalda — Back out 85f522534c5a (bug 829456) for apparently causing frequent failures in test_bug607464.html
f5a19977d51e45062c32d4aed0537121d4d15c4fPhil Ringnalda — Back out f408dd29944c:db5c280d1907 (bug 827486) for probably having needed a clobber
a59af50c07e2a16bd35a2cef8c05ba273c592b09Gene Lian — Bug 847736 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.delete(). r=vicamo sr=sicking a=leo+
44b0df91e49d7a9944725d3c1151b63dc2226bc1Gene Lian — Bug 847738 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.getMessage(). r=vicamo sr=sicking a=leo+
605348ff1ee6a4742d480dda503410aa99deb0bcNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 4). r=jwalden
124883708b7c0717fdef102d6e3975b3b0168b28Jose Cortes — Bug 842186 - Replace use of jsval with JS::Value in cpp and h files in the content/events directory. r=jwalden
77639edc57a1c3bc5f53d9498bbe1b9b315f0adbJose Cortes — Bug 842186 - Replace jsvals with JS::Values in .cpp and .h files inside the ipc, security, tools, caps, xpfe and startupcache directories. r=jwalden
058f18f1426b3631a80c718286735236f9f62920Jeff Walden — Bug 851673 - Assertion failure: v.isUndefined(), at jsarray.cpp. r=bholley
f408dd29944c4e5f44db9f8ee935c45f45bc2db0Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 7 - add basic code gen test. r=bz
c832fed8e85b0660680cf79fbfc1c3b1d9e7b6c4Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 6 - generate headers and code for JS implemented WebIDL classes. r=bz
9b5c9e5beba95be8e450f3d56c630590e4c401e0Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 5: add the main JS impl code gen. r=bz
56d26727c9003fadb8111fc79fee12b2dcaecbeeAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 4: copy parts of example generator to JS impl generator. r=bz
130895fa32f431c2306911379f9010ae7ba6869cAndrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 3 - add dependencies for CGBindingImplClass. r=bz
c41dd4249fe9bbcc31795c1e367e0b5a7c9e5b26Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 2 - Refactor example class codegen into common base class. r=bz
db5c280d190765122a3802d44074a898cc215d40Andrew McCreight — Bug 827486, part 1: add JSImplementation extended attribute. r=bz
f06b4ca5c9a4259f2a16c80b215f18b99aee592cPatrick McManus — bug 819044 - better spdy stream cleanup when handling goaway r=honzab
8cda8247066bb28349a90b811f21c4e45cb88fdfBill McCloskey — Bug 792304 - Disable test_contextmenu.html on 10.8
2251c1d2218e6ceae16695f59cd0b0c193c704cfBill McCloskey — Bug 802504 - Disable test_fullscreen-api.html on 10.8
8e54d1ef2c91ec3e6bf7b33faf8aa95eb5691e22Bill McCloskey — Bug 846150 - Disable 'Window has gone away' assertion (r=bsmith)
29fdd1949b09fa88e59c1afbfe6093744d5ab029Brian Hackett — Bug 836968 - Cache shapes for JSON objects and assign types to constructed JSON objects and arrays, r=waldo,jandem.
3648f5fa5787fb113a7c228e9df157d4d6416f11Jonathan Watt — Bug 851090 - Make <input type=range> fire change/input events as appropriate. r=mounir.
85f522534c5a2d4f5f2b52b819a71ee84ec7f876Drew Willcoxon — Bug 829456 - Update browser-fullZoom.js to use nsIContentPrefService2. r=mak
53bafc73432dc29ef770cc49303817c103f2285cphilringnalda — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host slice - a=blocklist-update
e2c97ca79bd6120efd5e8030325e7af5976b717eGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
74b3075c2d9445d28d327bfdd34bf8c79054381fGregory Szorc — Bug 846083 - Submit an FHR payload after initialization failure; r=rnewman
e0d0c6a85a4a80904f709d3aec04c919409a0296Gregory Szorc — Bug 845935 - Don't perform FHR activities unless fully initialized; r=rnewman
7eeb6eb9b8026db041eea5d07ed0cee9903d2f3cGregory Szorc — Bug 849947 - Flush preferences after FHR document submission; r=glandium, rnewman
9aba82c4908b86953c138bec784f6f54b74a6fbeGregory Szorc — Bug 830408 - Tests for data reporting notification bar; r=gavin
d08a79d6b9c45af46f3e345d0e987d4be4a45182Lucas Rocha — Bug 851894 - Only update empty state when emptyview is not null (r=mfinkle)
c444f2bfadc4bb477cf830dcd480d424a1c7fd5dMs2ger — Bug 824986 - Followup: fix botched merge.
7b70e6d2455fb2c7ae98ec0022403ebec1bd1949Ms2ger — Bug 849665 - Outparamdel nsHTMLDocument::GetDomainURI; r=khuey
04c24f5d233faa26b8a5938785fb1bf586193c39Ms2ger — Bug 824986 - Move DOMRequest and subclasses to Paris bindings; r=khuey
27a901ae549c38d0f9d3253f96acab52321389faMs2ger — Bug 844134 - Move the 'attributes' property from Node to Element; r=sicking
9f6d49a43a69caf71499bb3147bbb81d862b9ec4Ms2ger — Bug 846860 - Give HTMLOptionsCollection its own header and put it in the dom namespace; r=khuey
01160c5599ecb28fddd80723e447d613e7435106Ms2ger — Bug 851134 - Part b: Implement the EventTarget getters in the WebIDL API for Event directly instead of calling the XPIDL implementations; r=smaug
3c539a702328ed8dda743676acc40794c900ddd4Ms2ger — Bug 851134 - Part a: Implement the primitive getters in the WebIDL API for Event directly instead of calling the XPIDL implementations; r=smaug
5543ae8ff7707115d0818ab64e9d7339a4de6be8Ms2ger — Bug 851108 - Stop exporting ds/BitArray.h; r=billm
08747ec5e575218c9cd2ac76162fbb21d33dda33Ms2ger — Bug 850817 - Move ClientRect to Paris bindings; r=bz
03d31990c12b3a9e04757d950f602509be64355fMs2ger — Bug 851025 - Remove nsLayoutUtils::RectListBuilder::mRv; r=bz
15452886f54eb55604b2b1c9bffa79144662f554Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part t: Stop including js/Value.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
cf53a926a60db6a8672f72151b80e4f1f5db98adMs2ger — Bug 845374 - Part s: Stop including nsTArray.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
f5da57075370a182557a904a3c46813ead070691Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part r: Stop including nsTArray.h in nsReadableUtils.h; r=khuey
1aba40692b5d0df2fd3b70c0ad90c654ac0531d0Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part q: Stop including nsThreadUtils.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
4d13fb8077fc61411373339a4d7edf64ac862479Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part p: Stop including nsDataHashtable.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
a685608fd4efda509b8ff98dc205b4ba250b5e70Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part o: Stop including nsIDOMEvent.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
2edee0157a26ddfad49dcae9f77687dc6935c514Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part n: Stop including nsINode.h and nsIDOMNode.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
cbcd134afa176234509050a588244f0e06cc4714Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part m: Move nsContentUtils::PositionIsBefore out of line; r=khuey
e92dc4c995eeeab4d8176fb0d3b17bf8c057b762Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part l: Stop including nsIDocument.h in nsContentUtils.h and fix two nits; r=khuey
f89a0659f96fdaf297b72137661ae8f9e055e678Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part k: Stop including nsIContent.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
8668238bc3d69e369809e8abd6474a1ac4760a55Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part j: Stop including nsIXPCScriptable.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
32c51f939d3be1ee907b99700e3f37d4c503c2a7Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part i: Stop including nsNodeInfoManager.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
2b31cd940a78c0894b46a153b329eb383f641174Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part h: Move nsContentUtils::NameChanged out of line; r=khuey
5398b2d00b9f383eb22f0bd55e1a3e8411c133c5Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part g: Stop including nsContentSink.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
98f7b66f7ced4efe46084e2a25ca45faea916c26Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part f: Create a new nsDocElementCreatedNotificationRunner.h; r=khuey
f9d6556f83a82d2fd6201e5c0957dc5bd5d0ba02Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part e: Stop including nsContentList.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
1904813e2c59f2ff47830bc1b3bd64de95355bf1Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part d: Create a new nsContentListDeclarations.h that doesn't include the world; r=khuey
971876285540e9ccdcf1125b71b6b352be3283b8Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part c: Stop including nsHtml5StringParser.h in nsContentUtils.h; r=khuey
a8595e3ac5665bef602bad4f641f0783519b1a9bMs2ger — Bug 845374 - Part b: include nsAutoPtr.h in nsDOMCSSValueList.cpp; r=khuey
3b68556f1d004dc6389e80a915ab84e1d00cd7e2Ms2ger — Bug 845374 - Part a: Sort includes and forward declarations in nsContentUtils.{h,cpp}; r=khuey
0b052daa913c2b060103505a55d0b9a7843812f6Phil Ringnalda — Merge inbound and m-c
1456c01ca2b8f5d21ade4d79cb7af701322b6671Ms2ger — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE.
37b4a5f15295ea00ca2232f2262189e3e48d6e1eMs2ger — Backout changeset f4beba4909b0 and changeset 1666ca9b946b for bc test failures.
3f6e9985b5469208b942a3cf7fdf3e1a45f271f9Ms2ger — Bug 766546 - Disable test on Mac OS X on a CLOSED TREE.
3ca17fc803e4e7ce42445abfb81b98e3bb398406Ms2ger — Backout changeset 46585b03426a for assertion failures in test_input_range_mouse_and_touch_events.html on a CLOSED TREE.
18c542deba7434cd72d1c36f19e064c061ed7852Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6922ed98876a (bug 851603) for failing a test it should have removed
1666ca9b946b78fbe4a49decac5fcac92db42be2Frank Yan — Bug 848150 - Update icon data url in Google search plugin test. a=test-only
f4beba4909b026dec2bbc9bd846eecfb1f2b168fFrank Yan — Bug 848150 - Update about:home favicons and Google search engine icon. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander ui-r=limi
a66d427eb0a131cf735974c8e4bf6d98b4a7ac5bReuben Morais — Bug 837865 - Use DOMCursor instead of DeviceStorageCursor. r=bent
46585b03426a268600caaaf2f5896023393be6caJonathan Watt — Bug 851090 - Make <input type=range> fire change/input events as appropriate. r=mounir.
3a1ab4d115134c4789a54856079af73bb03e16c5Daniel Holbert — Bug 851607: Make nsFlexContainerFrame::Reflow reflow its children unconditionally. r=dbaron
d4c1d68f2d9f9bfbbc7e4f4b22e2b2680b324da9Jonathan Watt — Bug 846883 - Add support for native theming of <input type=range> on OS X. r=roc
6922ed98876a158a62ab2ec32569ddeaee9b5977Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851603 - Enable Web Audio in Nightly; r=roc
60261728879e50e5c47c5f886bf5f2102b25259aPhil Ringnalda — Back out b21345c5027c (bug 843868) for build bustage
b21345c5027ca84160d6648e7c1b3f0d78632ec5Kyle Machulis — Bug 843868 - Change sockaddr* to be a union of all possible sockaddr types; r=tzimmermann
4a54cc0f7c36e28caa75e16e93a60faa9488c715David Zbarsky — Bug 849710 - Convert SVGFEComponentTransferElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
709b80d1dc570b72c1fe252ab78f0b2ce3a0986cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 849710 - Move SVGFEComponentTransferElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
af48e32a1479820ad3ff6307921b9d9b3f5031afGregor Wagner — Bug 851741 - Contacts API: make continue async. r=bent
6c3ea4720ab96a50d0ec723968ca5cc61e060c6fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 6690c6da6cc6 (bug 848150) for test bustage
b9fb91275c69590447df1c1fdc922f0982721a3cBobby Holley — Bug 850251 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from HTTP Activity Distributor. r=mcmanus
00dbfbea1ba84bfc94660393027b782cfaa196dcBobby Holley — Bug 850249 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from Wifi Listeners. r=mcmanus
8c1fa23505247e7f550f466b003388afad9ca8caJustin Dolske — Bug 850925 - Remove front-end UI for unused npapi-carbon-event-model-failure plugin error. r=bsmedberg
ea6b05238e689ea5274dbf7b1bad4daea94773ddTerrence Cole — Bug 851107 - Skip invalid poisoning of inline chars in RegExpExecute; r=sfink
457812aa73cf406435f731b2a5c47d3f1fa9bc58Mounir Lamouri — Bug 766546 - Re-enabling browser_bug561636.js just to give it a last chance. r=me
8043fbfed7ef8ae97daf60766ba2868f2abc54a1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 766546 - New temptative patch for intermittent browser_bug561636.js. r=me
2642614673d01e0bc89acb7bb69e33c1f6d19855Yiming Yang — Bug 848932 - fix action chains so they return at the right time, r=mdas
501804a40144c5d6035d2f491e5d454c84bc954bMats Palmgren — Bug 851485 - test.
6ce79dc8036bd1e104e9b259b0be6c1b2734d4fdMats Palmgren — Bug 851485 - Restoring scroll position from history should only suppress one scroll-to-anchor. r=bzbarsky
a8f58efc2619aef34e3c186fad253c097aa3e1dfMats Palmgren — Bug 849219 - Store the scroll state also when the position is 0,0 to avoid scrolling to an #ID on reload. r=roc
a809066fbda900d83978f7156fec99b87ce9b6c5Mats Palmgren — Bug 850964 - Remove obsolete NS_FRAME_INVALIDATE_ON_MOVE flag. r=roc
fb7e2b6eef1b95a47dc33aec8bb596a0837ca9ffMats Palmgren — Bug 849603 - Make sure we use StartRemoveFrame for the first (existing) list to remove from. r=bzbarsky
1a2cb1ef8354c5e2fa9414960e6855ae9e6c4029Mats Palmgren — Bug 847209 - Don't assert if the frame is in the kOverflowList child list. r=bzbarsky
a6355247c934a7c1aff49a0c4e2d7e3b1caaf36fMats Palmgren — Bug 847208 - Reuse RemoveFloat() in a couple of places that did manual removal of a float child frame. r=dbaron
3761f1b7df28397541b631a6eeb8a61d3dd3ae70Mats Palmgren — Bug 847208 - Make RemoveFloat() check the PushedFloatsList too. r=dbaron
fa0ee26e949cb0fea011a8fbed7d0252ad996c32Jason Orendorff — Silence two GCC warnings. No bug#, rs=evilpie on IRC.
300c0d09903dc5af98325929b6b12b4d1d437499Frank Yan — Bug 851010 - Remove Google as a content handler for feeds, because Reader and iGoogle are being discontinued. r=pike
10c6b99b544652262ef3c1409747d903b3294b2bBenoit Girard — Bug 848949 - Null out mTargetChan when destroying AsyncChannel when using an IPC ThreadLink to prevent Use-After-Free. r=nmatsakis
c3bcfa552c4cb3dab4d2a786b029c1bb97ac172dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 815862 - Bump up max allowed scrolling acceleration to deal with high-dpi devices. r=Cwiiis
6690c6da6cc65831ee8481a6c0cbe3d4b5fe894bFrank Yan — Bug 848150 - Update about:home favicons and Google search engine icon. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander ui-r=limi
ee2bba86031b9b8004a64f632caeb3863719d77bJonathan Kew — bug 851197 - respond to changes in LogicalDpi in Metro widget code. r=jimm
9d2b8487146ce73e9e796c90f5ab9b9e16b44d85Mook — bug 851674: content: nsContentUtils::CheckForSubFrameDrop: don't dereference null pointer (r=smaug)
6b990517cb945852a3befa4ee9b52f9981c47e87Geoff Brown — Bug 819419 - Wait for list to settle before checking item, in testAllPagesTab; r=jmaher
aaf32e584c536d11b33d988afedd2360aaf50bd0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 702949 - Do no longer block form submission if an invalid file path is given. r=sicking
ac609be0e1391cb04f5cdeb5db1d0538545a8fe9Lucas Rocha — Bug 848070 - Import View attributes to TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
9c63866c0b1d2b80bb85dfc933d601dca2b4c616L. David Baron — Bug 850559: Make mochitests check that the test didn't leave the refresh driver under test control. r=ted
70969851084e4be2d86808edcba39defde219704L. David Baron — Bug 850559: Fix tests that call advanceTimeAndRefresh without calling restoreNormalRefresh. r=vlad
0d24c96dfd4dde40260c97603d56d157938ab7c6Cykesiopka — Bug 445371 - In </security/*>, "use a xul <stringbundle/> instead of including the strres.js code" r=bsmith
6d3f1e3ccf5cf8d6256bab68a7de4c6205b925b5Mike Habicher — Bug 850845 - don't dereference null mCameraHw pointer, r=sotaro
9421582028249b1c37602bc3806bf4e8794829ccRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 851650 - Use a relative path in the B2G r=gps
84b7697121397f730d90d5eb6fec1297b5dbbaaeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 831609 - Cleanup when to show start UI. r=mbrubeck
85952c1d69b99e58f7661c96ab57b852f00c9b67Brian R. Bondy — Bug 831609 - Provide support for determining activaiton URI from WinRT. r=jimm
0f15f3f1ec62b499d2f11b92fa5c021d06d8f05fChris Lord — Bug 850690 - Fuzz translate-pattern-1.svg for Android. r=jwatt CLOSED TREE
c45d34db0d69d9a7143a8a25bec96060d7431c95Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 921e9f7f8924 (bug 849723) for mochitest-other failures on a CLOSED TREE.
cc590755a7dca37803bc4891a4a617199eba2040Scott Johnson — Bug 762902: Add a new ReflowChild flag within nsContainerState to disable deletion of next-in-flow children to prevent crash. [r=mats]
a71c3f178d91686b83b22e3367ac762be32b93ddChris Lord — Bug 850690 - Fix gap sometimes appearing between dynamic toolbar and page. r=kats
921e9f7f89245ccdd8521312114089dbf6566eb3Josh Matthews — Bug 849723 - Introduce API to use the private hidden window correctly. r=ehsan
9f33c23b3b779079116f781eeadb58db3a71538bBrian Nicholson — Bug 850424 - Clear private download notifications on last-pb-context-exited. r=mfinkle
8c4e1ad6d30b0e179ac4d322d18af827a25047f2Daniel Holbert — Bug 849086: Remove unused *_CLASSNAME defines. r=bsmedberg
af9fa6a7c567be25311f17e060ec43b831459a7fPaul Feher — Bug 846257 - Robocop: Extend 'Web Content Context Menu' test to cover the context menu options for images. r=jmaher
9ed8fb86e214033782ebc36c39c984e990167c6eMartijn Wargers — Bug 817638 - Add content mochitests to B2G, r=jgriffin
ba0b144c146f277bb9d8782bbfddb95e1c36a1a8Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Remove unused (verified by manual inspection and try) DeprecatedAbs overloads so it's harder for new uses to pop up. r=Ms2ger
7d6d8029f70f955a6c7e0d2a3745d6987525e4a5Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs uses in animation code. r=dbaron
963e62fb0ab4fb15b0738bda57641c625fd9213cJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs use in NS_LUMINOSITY_DIFFERENCE to Abs. r=dbaron
0ed3d38e0e4dd1d122699246a3aa6092dcb12ea6Jeff Walden — Bug 837957 - Remove the suppress-unused attribute from a bunch of functions that now have uses. r=trivial
c3d72dcbbe949cee8c61f68473209ebfa96f4f1dNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 3). r=jwalden
f723856dac075cae03c17ab8c8532a69e37b4732Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 2). r=jwalden
e1cc50bfee41a2d6486e77f2714a1eaa2833a482Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (part 1). r=jwalden
9ea11ddff33b37316fab484873f228f36ae3b41aBobby Holley — Bug 850054 - Add opt-out for strict checking in nsMainThreadPtrHolder. r=bsmedberg
9d4a41ffdcb7e3cd3d5238bacab15bee41ed3a84Bobby Holley — Bug 850054 - Do some more work on nsMainThreadPtrHandle. r=bsmedberg
83720eb64f44d19a2a80b8078d6dbcfa9f64f66bShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 847310 - Test cases for WBMP decoder. r=joe
e8101722986a93c9cfff23b40a71b1d328ee5a75Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 847310 - WBMP decoder implementation. r=joe
d5dcd62f32dd809af751904e6dd80cd542c5f40cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 851473 - Include the correct prompt string when switching from/to permanent private browsing mode in the preferences dialog; r=jdm
512c93bfdb6655b6a4c72c8b7cede7943fcdfbebIan Melven — Bug 849791 - Frame DocShells do not inherit sandbox flags from their parents - tests (r=bz)
629a55eb6ff88fff62f351f2674d285c1ff79d17Ian Melven — Bug 849791 - Frame DocShells do not inherit sandbox flags from their parents (r=bz)
d63f896ab3daaf1378a43db30902b7cef7eddbe8Joel Maher — Bug 851097 - 2 tests are failing on debug builds in ubuntu VM's on mochitest chrome due to assertion counts. r=dbaron
aed82bbaefa48b9c943ee5ad86b58d0a2c407cc8Jonathan Kew — bug 851495 - add Khmer to table of scripts requiring shaping support. r=jdaggett
31fa8606869478b72a07e4084540d659bfa5b7b9Ed Morley — Bug 766546 - Disable browser_bug561636.js until it can behave
16b99bc7800b650d3907faea6d738fcf0ae41d73Rail Aliiev — Backout ae43242f72d1, Bug 848978 - Please generate a new Otoro, Unagi, Pandaboard and Emulator snapshot for Master branch. CLOSED TREE
c75172789a3ca427441c5d6199360884865f46d7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 831614 - Desktop sync UI checkbox for Setting up Sync for Metro at the same time. r=jaws
19eed0fb290e38b673a9d502fa8082fc909fbc6aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 831614 - Metro code to auto-import sync credentials. r=mbrubeck
b855b1ac3f1435734f8917c281aa826b396dcd4cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 831614 - Widget code for storing sync credentials. r=jimm
a63b7a4c03f895b4d1772fd051bbf64e396c0a0cFabrice Desré — Bug 849988 - Implement support for a removable property for preinstalled apps to define if the app can be uninstalled or not. r=ferjm
337e4c8c7b259af7b173734f46781d29f3cc6eb1Joel Maher — Bug 834737 - mark text/475092-pos.html as fails-if for gtk2Widget. r=bz
d72f782f429b980a6b2cac7f89aa7c43a266bdb5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 851374 - Don't use _useDDCopy, r=ahal
e9ad9edfa3a8f33a80d23021f5b62d3788250c34Eitan Isaacson — Bug 850005 - [AccessFu] Make Utils the single owner of a weak reference to the top-level window. r=davidb
ae43242f72d1205d64213dcdfcbfd71e202bdfa8Rail Aliiev — Bug 848978 - Please generate a new Otoro, Unagi, Pandaboard and Emulator snapshot for Master branch. r=armenzg
1c16fe5ae5aeb430651b4a13f56d5fa00bb048d5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851338 - Implement AudioContext.currentTime; r=roc
a4e388a97ff3e6a0b15cf2155ca2963fdc5a217dTrevor Saunders — bug 833164 - code gen xpcom accessible events r=surkov ted
80be1feda16c38a8a32d6f88bc50e504edaa9983Ted Mielczarek — Remove some orphaned test files. no bug, DONTBUILD
e90fa0a09ac517b846c9db9ea4d62a3776eba58cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 849699 - Don't change focus for form manager fields when there is no autocomplete. r=mbrubeck
90b526ec24cb2c07bd713ef4dc8d3d88dde42aefRandy Lin — Bug 849335 - Make the FMRadio API privileged. r=fabrice
901a79e85148dc4dd921072683becaf477fb492aYuan Xulei — Bug 844716 - Enable keyboard Apps to get/set selection range of the input field. r=timdream
92dfd74bb5149442e69f4a12a2f7fe52ef6e6e9fEd Morley — Bug 681138 & bug 682837 - Disable bug106855-1.html and bug106855-2.html on all platforms for too many intermittent failures
690a86b55ba581fa4307986e5987adfc550d8ad1Neil Deakin — Bug 850198, Fix null pointer checks on clipboardData when clipboard events preference is false, r=smaug
94edf380da350b8d169cae253833969adc3bc02bJim Mathies — Bug 851271 - fuzzy clipPath-and-shape-rendering-01.svg, scale3d-all.html, and scale3d-all-separate.html for Win8. r=mbrubeck
04544e876ce31eac9ff6df5c144fca681d24bd81Yoshi Huang — Bug 849758 - [b2g-ril] SIM PIN requested after booting/rebooting with airplane mode on. r=vicamo.
b3d85b68449d38bf16f1b92f19aeea24d4c1f957Luke Wagner — Bug 840282 - OdinMonkey (sr=dmandelin)
0ba5f40a034013eb9f36f17a4897cc4bcc909517Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 802130 - Add a ThreadUtils.isOnUiThread helper function. r=mfinkle
418eea6b1963b4d4b44fefbf178bef2585f91cdbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 802130 - Move GeckoAppShell.getHandler() to ThreadUtils.getBackgroundHandler(). r=mfinkle
1ebda01226c8fa0ab157495de6e2a86e71b7346eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 802130 - Move mMainHandler into ThreadUtils. r=mfinkle
a08bb4602689648fad3de007714a8f1cacf3f68aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 802130 - Move assertOnThread functions to a new ThreadUtils class. r=mfinkle
5f3f50a74650ffd5d2fdc266b68ceca1c6bc9c49Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 851060 - Move util files into the util/ folder. r=cpeterson
acc2016079996e0708f5aa4f6f052cdef4fcb521Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 850875 - Set the intent-specified gecko environment variables in setupGeckoEnvironment rather than loadMozglue. r=blassey
c2d6d3a6f1cd027427bac4fb9ab0e23f4c97478eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 827347 - Update entity name to go with string change. r=mfinkle
a1aeae4b00eb086a376544f09b27cd0c18aed410Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 851180 - Ensure AndroidGeckoEvent::mAckNeeded is always initialized. r=gbrown
159e6f0fc37c10b391733aa46c7a6840d7f4b0c3Paul Adenot — Bug 847918 - `install` command for mach. r=gps
0e7006217d7d2fe9b60a42fe24dd4b9faae014d9Aryeh Gregor — Bug 801562 - Remove Node.isSupported; r=bz
2915c18ec64bbf0bcb47feb7b7093ec6b485cfcfLucas Rocha — Bug 850602 - Update empty view state when dataset changes (r=mfinkle)
63d40a84b7b2868690592b063b805895b06092fdLucas Rocha — Bug 850602 - Handle non-recyclable scrap views properly in TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
93fe1f895a4a5f689b59dff6e30a689434462bcbLucas Rocha — Bug 850602 - Fix handling of null AdapterDataSetObserver in TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
e9843158cc6a9ad0371b56847cef594e09a5a529Lucas Rocha — Bug 838652 - Use res-auto namespace alias instead of preprocessing files (r=mfinkle)
a1b34cb6b77e6bad539a011bd7dd19b4db9f9338Olli Pettay — bug 847599, trying clobbering, r=me
8c88ac65a81b348d1af88f2deb436867b6445119Olli Pettay — Bug 847586 - Paris binding for MutationEvent, r=Ms2ger
cceb495a89d695ef43e9209471b2d57b2c5fd29aOlli Pettay — Bug 847599 - Paris binding for TransitionEvent, r=Ms2ger
c3a84e883c3dff5b7c5464508688a9669edbc759Olli Pettay — Bug 847589 - Paris binding for AnimationEvent, r=Ms2ger
fc80b4d5c4ecfb296660ef4f400999e1584a09d2Jonathan Watt — Bug 841948 - Flip the pref to enable <input type=range> on Nightly and Aurora. r=mounir.
8de291574d1aa72af8fedc55125afe1445af5149Jonathan Watt — Bug 842179 - Keep the thumb for <input type=range> within its content box. r=dholbert.
0a289854fe9d443814932a625f3e83b149d38032Frank Yan — Bug 851011 - Remove unused feed handlers from mobile/. r=mfinkle
d0df4c867df857812f66de9292d520078e1836b9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 829952 Reimplement system scroll speed override stuff for D3E WheelEvent feedback=avih, r=smaug+roc, sr=roc
da8c5998b7e4a7151a53d04b84c3bfdd3a36de3aYoshi Huang — Backout changeset f445e0cbba3b(Bug 849758)
88ca40b7feebd401a3887e57c0542df7b34dd1a3David Zbarsky — Bug 832155 bustage fix
f445e0cbba3b94c3b64c51b6ae233894e319c102Yoshi Huang — Bug 849758 - [b2g-ril] SIM PIN requested after booting/rebooting with airplane mode on. r=vicamo.
9e2a5ad873b6f38627193e4f56f2b5651982b878Yoshi Huang — Bug 849757 - Part 4: xpcshell tests. r=vicamo
aea8b504b894cac0f4e109f4479e378345a77fd7Yoshi Huang — Bug 849757 - Part 3: spck and cck in RIL. r=vicamo
bc5e49c1b9c61837675a09abbf5fd2e55376f442Yoshi Huang — Bug 849757 - Part 2: Add 'corporateLocked' and 'serviceProviderLocked' to cardState in RIL. r=vicamo
c186529c4b062bdb8476df1320a1039c2e270743Yoshi Huang — Bug 849757 - Part 1: Add 'corporateLocked' and 'serviceProviderLocked' to cardState in IDL. r=vicamo. sr=sicking.
df77c8581d8d50a88fc524c8e228cbdefcdb02b9Gina Yeh — Bug 834590 - Cache adapter path in BluetoothService, r=echou
989966a6e245248bfef75e4dc0bd5479d6687488Makoto Kato — Bug 837598 - cannot build WebRTC for Linux/arm. r=glandium
41aed8cfdfa9b98d164f774536140ed3da0a9c2dGene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 6, dispatch MMS events). r=vicamo,mounir sr=sicking a=leo+
dc24619bdc8b5e6e1a80d458db42adfe7337cdf3Gene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 5, nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.send()). r=vicamo,mounir sr=sicking a=leo+
45ec3f65d86328fba09632ca98f6def185b2ea85Gene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 4-2, nsIMmsService.send()). r=vicamo a=leo+
0a3b82e8f06880b7e84ea0ce3ef042cd64d1a42dGene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 4-1, multiple delivery status). r=vicamo a=leo+
eae203b80dd0001fc5c9ff017621d6716727268bGene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 3-2, nsIMobileMessageCallback.notifyMessageSent()). r=vicamo a=leo+
8b3e06cacd1d05c8ddfe82f0ccc6e2b390bae98bGene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 3-1, s/nsISmsRequest/nsIMobileMessageCallback). r=vicamo a=leo+
71828abe98b5bb8a550cec719b57ca286a436b3aGene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 2, nsIDOMMozMmsMessage). r=vicamo,mounir,mrbkap sr=sicking a=leo+
a999914becb7746be559072b2c4c188e8be5f7c3Gene Lian — Bug 844431 - B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) (part 1, nsIDOMMobileMessageManager). r=vicamo sr=sicking a=leo+
a6e337fb1f61b1513ddf8d209b17841322a89e68Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 851040 - Try to fix intermittent browser/components/search/test/browser_contextmenu.js. a=test-only
9606fa13b8e30f6b611569883f349adf241dbf88David Zbarsky — Bug 832155: Convert SVGFEDistantLightElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
11a2ae73e70578d0e5413b030f3abaf21e2bf93eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 832155: Move SVGFEDistantLightElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
cfa16b1c70a3f0783191fe96db3973da405dde5cBobby Holley — Bug 850517 - Tests. r=bz
886a6c69b60ddcaa2980ab9324c43904b36b72f8Bobby Holley — Bug 850517 - Propagate ifr.setAttribute('name', 'foo') to the docshell. r=bz
e7ec6701c27e91e5d48dac4e1babd363648a5c78Bobby Holley — Bug 850517 - Remove nsWindowSH::GetProperty. r=mrbkap
27d4aafb847d78dbbb34702e0368d0cb020dd3a2Bobby Holley — Bug 850517 - Switch named children resolution to pure getters on the global scope polluter. r=mrbkap
7f3b18b41d78b1b15d1201dab03e45af2a744b76Bobby Holley — Bug 850517 - Support named window access via Xray. r=mrbkap
ab28b02b63b37bbb76d4bf4dc5a2885042aff015Bobby Holley — Bug 850517 - Factor out child window lookup into a helper. r=mrbkap
22b3fa2e22c1e69df8734de9ff130ac037df9042Daniel Holbert — Bug 851183: Mark toolkit/components/telemetry/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=nfroyd
9965ed3759c87cf3d744ed13e6a364407bd32ab2Daniel Holbert — Bug 851169: Add (void)-cast to silence GCC "unused" build warning for variable in Telemetry.cpp whose only usage is currently commented out. r=ehsan
37f55a0c903a77173acf9c0854fc812e31ae1a94Landry Breuil — Bug 851149 - Fix cubeb_sndio build after switchable-backends landing. r=kinetik
8e0441770277688342281aab429f06eb211a559cPaul Adenot — Bug 698328 - Add a new cubeb backend based on AudioTrack.cpp. r=kinetik
7f8791dc5d908cf7eb128cc4fea23762fbfedbb4Paul Adenot — Bug 850713 - Bump the required NDK version to 9. r=blassey.bugs,mh+mozilla
4d228e87b2cc9ba213f563582c938958a555fcf9Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 6a23d4536079 (bug 851338) because of Android test failures
f3ada007b70d8166508aa6fdce9f433d611f8c08Karl Tomlinson — b=850128 don't overwrite NSPR_LOG_MODULES r=ted
ac0eadfc2075cde7acc0f7ef24f9ac582d44540dKarl Tomlinson — b=850559 remove unnecessary advanceTimeAndRefresh() usage
8c8789fb12a3e506f97f7ccab3ed83a71e566b51Jared Wein — Bug 767669 - 'pref show prefName' should show the pref name next to the pref value. r=jwalker
3df2b971c10611983cab157d35d48618eef4c5a0Bill McCloskey — Bug 671976 - Fix print preview asserts (r=smaug)
133c7241391deca27d2dc660e41b2c87de12439fTrevor Saunders — bug 850990 - remove nsAccessNode::IsDocumentNode() r=surkov
90e9290f6c6e77f5d1ccee5a559d5665817dafc3Trevor Saunders — bug 850973 - remove nsAccUtils::IsText() r=surkov
09fefb4d9a81ad11b546e52cc17cb70ae647c725Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 841651: Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_6_RTM. Remove the private patch.
629d94d308ddc89b826784b246ce742073e38350Matt Woodrow — Bug 676746 - Forcibly initialize the persistant layer manager when we try to read its backend type. r=joe
5308a47dd766cf4c1774cf51189de5b915cc0bb4Matt Woodrow — Bug 702504 - Make USE_WIDGET_LAYERS disabled a test failure. r=roc
f67071c9458486cb32b8101beb08584eb453d05eLuke Wagner — Bug 837011 - CallCompiler should return 'true' because it doesn't throw an exception (r=dvander)
16ac88f4d5b65f5c986cdd6d5299cd1691f20024Phil Ringnalda — Back out 298a598dde74 (bug 849988) for test_bug_779982.html timeouts
2850e56ee75daa9f95b7f425dd18e11f15968e3ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 0044e4c2dc53 (bug 851149), 3080f18ba53d (bug 698328), 0b147c3f682b (bug 850713) for Android bustage
6a23d4536079ac2f2fadf33918e6ea0ef4b18909Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851338 - Implement AudioContext.currentTime; r=roc
d9538b12df22ed4e7bb66acde805119d84c31d52Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset a96fb85d42bf (bug 851338) because of Linux build failures
0044e4c2dc535d760c1ba7bd2fedaed5575ed7c2Landry Breuil — Bug 851149 - Fix cubeb_sndio build after switchable-backends landing. r=kinetik
3080f18ba53d60e1102dc5b4c17778abf04b6b95Paul Adenot — Bug 698328 - Add a new cubeb backend based on AudioTrack.cpp. r=kinetik
0b147c3f682be92d6e05205a275cc86432122f1aPaul Adenot — Bug 850713 - Bump the required NDK version to 9. r=blassey.bugs,mh+mozilla
298a598dde744d84182b44558645d5802a1d2ac6Fabrice Desré — Bug 849988 - Implement support for a removable property for preinstalled apps to define if the app can be uninstalled or not r=ferjm
a96fb85d42bf0d7800bffb8f70720bcdca2f0ce5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 851338 - Implement AudioContext.currentTime; r=roc
1fcad70f70b7807fc43624c5bb9caa712ee7034bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 850970 - Set the initial value of gain nodes on the audio stream to make sure that they don't mute playback; r=roc
116a46d187fe9b0b7376348efd803acee9ed5258Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 845592 - Adjust the New Window menu entries in permanent private browsing mode; r=gavin
6d587302645ad19a586d6f4fc056f6c7252899f8Brian Hackett — Backout 04695ce03bb6 (bug 836968) for topcrashing on a CLOSED TREE
8f5b1f9f580492af9096e903ef225d7ffc8297f7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3e1241c6d2ced86d238f08d7573b2cfdaa53747cHannes Verschore — Backed out changeset 9f39547cfab3 (bug 850534) for yarr crashes on a CLOSED TREE
9d96ddb6f022fc6331dc509d6516f5b0c9d382afBenoit Girard — Bug 850833 - Fix unused function warning. r=bustage CLOSED TREE
828162ad3ab0215b02616eeda01e2aa22365b609Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3614febde426 (bug 841028) for xpcshell failures on a CLOSED TREE.
b3c09fc390c5be1bae943ca93044e18d778b3ae1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7d2ea731f5a5 (bug 838374) for B2G test bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
f766a0b4686875b0137c4cec1d126eb16eb4634fBenoit Girard — Bug 850833 - Remove desktop logging for Gecko Profiker. r=ehsan
a60d1c61af47064cdba33d22a26f298716eda516Josh Matthews — Bug 847959 - Make RecentWindow return any browser window regardless of requested privacy state when perma-PB mode is enabled. r=ehsan
1e4be735f546be73808e9062a4f0ea10eb753dddKyle Huey — Bug 849943: Remove an extra bounce to the end of the main thread event queue for IPC IndexedDB. r=bent
8f6fa0ad12737fac26c6d8fbe96034daf8439758Kyle Huey — Bug 714453: Make pldhash assertions fatal. r=dbaron
2626965bcf333f15f9c30c3836cf4b0477593961Jason Duell — Bug 845273 - Backout Access-Control-Allow-Origin checks (bug 814117) for site breakage r=jduell
8b3c093d11eb8ec44353ae1ba4fecb24e2d743e8Dave Hylands — Bug 846670 - Initialize stackBase and stackSize properly for the main-thread when using bionic. r=billm
7d2ea731f5a5309583451dc519c6bedb1e692dddJeff Hammel — Bug 838374 - release mozprofile, mozprocess, mozdevice (and other?) and mirror to m-c;r=ahal
3614febde426849e3c1972e9be90bb66191cd569Irving Reid — Bug 841028: Add last build ID to telemetry system info if build ID has changed. r=froydnj
d4a5a1e1e8e9187ec190091702039d35c433dbceAvi Halachmi — Bug 590422: Remove delay line filter from timer thread. r=bz
04e088286219f9723d614fa456407de4e8437123Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848745 part 2. Add a scriptable API for converting RGB triples to CSS color names. r=dbaron,miker
daa5e00d64282d20dd9ef1a8c236ff0796c073d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 848745 part 1. Add a scriptable API for converting CSS color names to RGB triples. r=dbaron,miker
a3fcc4ba944ccad1da2ff3801ac7326dc702575aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 839443. Add an API for getting our supported CSS property names in inspector code. r=dbaron
083ae059a5f161cfb15769e9a4bc1d8d0d6e926bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 849307. When generating code for a WebIDL dictionary with interface members, include the relevant headers for those interfaces in the binding header file, not just the binding implementation file. r=peterv
7dc016fc39bfa566c810ee4e242ae50cd46e18d0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 837339. Re-disallow nullable dictionary members inside dictionaries. r=khuey
c994692d1ea862ace947e81e36e173cfc6754713Gregory Szorc — Bug 844204 - Report high Finder CPU usage when building; r=ted
8920d009778e2e639ffe5adb0262701e8b2d9215Gregory Szorc — Bug 846523 - Relax Unicode encoding requirements in files; r=ted
d9b1dbbb28d4ec7e3125c83a5db7c3f5fd8503e4Gregory Szorc — Bug 851141 - Use appropriate config.status for external files; r=gps
effe4b6bca9c7640b037c17795da56f3a5265e5eMatt Brubeck — Bug 840690 - Improve handling of relative paths when running mach in subdirectories [r=gps]
4d6bd84ed4fd96d3001bc7cedc99f308e6fa9345Matt Brubeck — Bug 845096 - Clean up Metro sync strings [r=jimm]
867f0631207a1a8556f7f0f6ab39c12ac647f446Matt Brubeck — Bug 851156 (part 3) - Clean up Metro password manager strings [r=jimm]
7ff84bff1a6188c35d26e935194b49aa8771f8c0Matt Brubeck — Bug 851156 (part 2) - Clean up unused strings in Metro locale files [r=jimm]
bdff2cef7745c475c9cdf20dd30b37da588506b2Matt Brubeck — Bug 851156 (part 1) - Clean Metro strings for button and menu labels [r=jimm]
3da6a0ba66ffc89709adb1a1f66f3512acdf3a7eJed Parsons — Bug 839500 - Close system persona iframe when not in use. r=fabrice, r=benadida
6347b649cc749cec2f8bcdd248b3f97db44f0515Girish Sharma — Bug 838069 - Intermittent browser_toolbox_window_shortcuts.js - disabling on Mac OS X 10.8 and Windows XP
59611a3afcb34d4019071ced1eea19b9b0546576Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 4bfe5e636d68 (bug 850964) for assertions on a CLOSED TREE
b7db07693ac549eb2898ecd059f74c99565b95ddEd Morley — Backed out changeset 82bfa9035c6a (bug 847208)
b9bbc1547d3215ca103cf526f9dee9fe5324d46fEd Morley — Backed out changeset 253df4cdfdb9 (bug 847208)
a9984c7bfb50e7e9d0ed82c923c22c3809a711c6Jim Mathies — Bug 850454 - clipping-5-refi and scroll-1 reftests need to be fuzzy on Win8. r=joe
051405e33fc4e68e1b68e67b2f3171fcfe2d9509Oleg Romashin — Bug 848611 - MathAlgorithms.h:116: error: 'fabsl' was not declared in this scope. r=Waldo
071f201633608c7b57f9433eb270d2b72607540eJim Mathies — Bug 848936 - Annotate various SVG reftest failures on Win8. r=roc
4acd42c81df7b33f3f802eab828fafb2e097118cAdrian Tamas — Bug 822259 - Robocop: Add test for Find in Page feature. r=jmaher
253df4cdfdb9551da36b047ae8a9832aa09306a0Mats Palmgren — Bug 847208 - Reuse RemoveFloat() in a couple of places that did manual removal of a float child frame. r=dbaron
82bfa9035c6af6f0d7a74e2d851840a0a61d9986Mats Palmgren — Bug 847208 - Make RemoveFloat() check the PushedFloatsList too. r=dbaron
4bfe5e636d68ed575772c4a81ab7169b90a41ae7Mats Palmgren — Bug 850964 - Remove obsolete NS_FRAME_INVALIDATE_ON_MOVE flag. r=roc
9f128f1af70646b955fc0f9d80b8dad8f816af20Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 46ba7eb77ae1 (bug 847589) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE
44810fa6c3122477c8f8ec2061c536f0caa39216Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 6ab8497cb00f (bug 847599)
630d841daf46397e796c7fa30f6cee92a8f672acEd Morley — Backed out changeset ea13caf078a7 (bug 847586)
ea13caf078a735f3bd4904a56900df59cd6e8e18Olli Pettay — Bug 847586 - Paris binding for MutationEvent, r=Ms2ger
6ab8497cb00fcf154e9d215b5a9af7477cec9cfdOlli Pettay — Bug 847599 - Paris binding for TransitionEvent, r=Ms2ger
46ba7eb77ae139dce3e30bb39c3343360be676f6Olli Pettay — Bug 847589 - Paris binding for AnimationEvent, r=Ms2ger
7d91d21471d0c15fb21221947460272a803c3cfbKartikaya Gupta — Back out d501d97c05a6 (bug 847002) because it doesn't help. r=me
cf64837a7dd7c79b2f2bc883fa99deed057c47bfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 847002 - Guard against going into codepaths that assume GetLayerManager doesn't return null. r=Cwiiis
04695ce03bb6b374480fd9506829624c4f4228bbBrian Hackett — Bug 836968 - Cache shapes for JSON objects and assign types to constructed JSON objects and arrays, r=waldo,jandem.
81b7759d33e925caee12917de60633dfe04a9ac1Jonathan Kew — bug 816709 - HiDPI support for Win8 Metro. r=jimm
0f7261e288f21f400e55e7681f43c1009ce03e42Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
e542dc7d650114e18c49b5cbc0364274e718f6b2Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
9db3cfddc9be4fd5821644b8c0e05baa366c067fRichard Newman — Bug 849353 - Add basic app info section to top level of FHR payload. r=gps
7036707114197511489a9e080bcc41f3ed10c07eRichard Newman — Bug 851209 - Make exceptionStr robust against null exceptions. r=gps
a4b1b14b865a34d252bdff608574e01f685f9116Paul Rouget — merge fx-team to m-c
936255a0384a4056213be7517ae657a15c8d2adaHeather Arthur — Bug 850513 - [style inspector] Remove notification when navigating away with unsaved changes. r=paul
ab77f1f91522d167515535d1caaedec13d379436Girish Sharma — Bug 835899 - Web Console autocomplete popup could need some UI love, r=msucan, r=paul
2e3aba92a71386539964d183492190dc9fbdc4e0Girish Sharma — Bug 831693 - Experiment with auto completion in Inspector Searchbox, r=paul
10e454c1640616ea12ff6fff00cfa38bb08d113eMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 818151 - [toolbox] adapt the toolbox UI to make it fit on the side of the browser r=paul
96af92fa87fda4ddb69cd85162996c65668bf7e1Fernando Jiménez — Bug 843309 - paymentSuccess sometimes does not appear in scope (payment window does not close); r=fabrice
fa2ffdf930beaa12b929fe04851f02dada1591e9Daniel Holbert — Bug 841827: Mark flex container frame as having a relative height, if it's abspos w/ auto-height and top,bottom both set. r=dbaron
c5e8cbefa8c822c30ba26fc697dd852d1d9093f5Makoto Kato — Bug 850957 - Update injection test for some functions. r=ehsan
8af239e2e57c6dbe7a1e013201f8b6089887891bFabrice Desré — Bug 848615 - B2G: IPC's nsStringBuffer leak r=bent
06f85e10a40c8c094ae3c029472cf4e8fd4cf84dJohn Daggett — Bug 847272 - avoid userfontset updates within font stream handling methods. r=jkew
e38d0a3fe054f8e55b900c48d9801237258ebc5fBrian Nicholson — Bug 844407 - Make Tabs thread-safe. r=rnewman,bnicholson
6bbd7ce8308e4aeaeca73b2540f557bab3905681Chris Double — Bug 848639 - Prevent DecodeHeader for Ogg Skeleton tracks from failing on valid indexes - r=cpearce
1987fe6f38d5025374a231b79ad1c28817c265a1Luke Wagner — Bug 850548 - fix ion::StackAlignment value on non-GNU (r=dvander)
f7e7835ea89a3c13b5c90e4e519a7813f1934f67Benjamin Peterson — Bug 850928 - Fix assorted JS compiler warnings. r=dholbert,dvander
7c406c24a3aebb557691e2485583a7be6c4996c1Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to inbound
3a2a6239763e3c4f7ae4be61b5d86506dca03717Dave Hylands — Back out 29230c04b932 (Bug 846670) because of broken Linux builds on a CLOSED TREE
8cbb58a451d9db220e0bbb6b086b68fc0d0ba9e6Reuben Morais — Bug 849616 - Use ObjectWrapper.jsm instead of __exposedProps__ in Settings API. r=gwagner
adc0079eeb545d0874df991463a3165047a6baeeMatt Brubeck — Bug 849819 - Enable thumbnails for HTTPS sites when disk_cache_ssl is true [r=ally]
29230c04b932cfa084a1b0afdccb4977e2bce572Dave Hylands — Bug 846670 - Initialize stackBase and stackSize properly for the main-thread when using bionic. r=billm
ac134bae8d29df6a8cbac7bb7c38a43ac0c2a045Mark Hammond — Bug 849216 - open social toolbar popup in setTimeout handler to avoid auto-rollup handling. r=felipe
bd8615bc2be53eb9f1553a5c756971aed02743feBenjamin Peterson — Bug 846984 - Prevent race conditions when USE_ZLIB is not defined. r=jorendorff
d1d5909f3d0224b8277166d6b18a13f7af4e4d00Rail Aliiev — Bug 848978 - Please generate a new Otoro, Unagi, Pandaboard and Emulator snapshot for Master branch. r=hwine
8a34d1952fe80942e6dae0e86cc1f2bce3d8c0adSteve Fink — No bug. JSScript::filename is now a function. r=woof!
df1c39f05b4623ce129b6158b64c61333acefd3aSteve Fink — Bug 850873 - Fix null-checking in JS_NewArrayBufferWithContents. r=Waldo
0b67c5f5cc01da25754e340ac964cd915d48db4eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 850346 - Change inputmode to inputMode for nsHTMLInputElement. r=bz
15e663a7ee41ada3c7970307198ee41cd51e8bd8Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 2e6f598201ce (bug 850346) because it needs a UUID change
8a1ef77e58f66e70ad83b2c409c244c9aa26f737Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset dab2619094d4 (bug 845592) because of broken browser-chrome tests on Linux
030a2c32976579849d82ecaaee3c14b1eb3e8d99Bobby Holley — Bug 849730 - Let objectClassIs through for COWs. r=mrbkap
ac31c2b64d675fdd9cf681bb283a9bdea6aa7e36David Zbarsky — Fix style on WrapNode, no bug
36094d21286a8195440b77b3238572c97bfa78c9David Zbarsky — Bug 832155: Convert SVGFEPointLightElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
74ff58a4b51d833f0f2b1c95731c4a4ccf9442adDavid Zbarsky — Bug 832155: Move SVGFEPointLightElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
2ef912e53996b7eaba6c65a61a5884e484417f15Joshua Cranmer — Bug 846540 - Remove dead code from mozilla-central to let comm-central build. r=Standard8, NPOTFFB.
6681cf6b14e61452bed89e1debc91f19ecedd45cOlli Pettay — Bug 847591 - Paris binding for CommandEvent, r=peterv
5cb34f00f6ae4bf8af1b1fc64b165591dfa0872bDavid Anderson — Disable PGO for ObjectImpl::nativeLookup (bug 844580, r=billm).
03c1bff644916196ca3d0a7ffee551b2ea11f2adDaniel Holbert — Bug 849407: Disable flex item style fixup for anonymous content in nsFrameManager::ReResolveStyleContext(). r=bz
f345667b192dd1dcf2c3c2a965f1c6dd48a3d383Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850814: Align the BrowserToolbar's curves properly. [r=mfinkle]
67d0bd22fe140e12e534b22e2c1c1edae4da6b9eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848707: Add focused states for buttons. [r=mfinkle]
b0a6d63bdec6d310d635ceff409544b2706cfedbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848707: Change highlight color. [r=mfinkle]
401981c0ea5106f3b2ac986d27c428336eea0624Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 684887 part B - make a SafeMutex which should crash if you try to recursively lock it, instead of deadlocking. r=bent
625ba43c97c6c374d4dfdf9d96eeb7ae9a7c663eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 684887 part A - Make the XPCOM component manager non-reentrant, and make sure that nsFactoryEntry.mFactory is protected by it, r=cjones
91952c264bcc3d60bbf67e5a9252f887fb15f147Avi Halachmi — Bug 749894: mochitest3: Better spec compliance, stricter test, better slack. r=bz
0fa0bb45aa57cbb9bc1b8b520f1e74fee6d169beOlli Pettay — Bug 847583 - Paris binding for MessageEvent, r=peterv
e8e539fc6d56fd3ba7358a561e885cf7307c0d4aOlli Pettay — Bug 847585 - Paris binding for UIEvent, r=peterv
c7382fcb77a45858c3fc75fa5c793caba2520b6aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 5: Implement the looping logic in AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine; r=roc
ac78a9192951fa2f0f29df4d1deb58f31f22e3baEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 4: Refactor the logic for borrowing the output buffer from the input buffer; r=roc
fdb8aa2f50e90044a169a1bc225cd4e25d7c6be2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 3: Set the loop parameters on AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine if looping is turned on when start() gets called; r=roc
3df9da356bdc9596a147dee15a3753b377818248Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 2: Accept the loop parameters on AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine; r=roc
f74273a94c5b2c23df7172daf7966007b4840c06Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 1: Add DOM bindings for AudioBufferSourceNode loop attributes; r=roc
c9bbfe4c72ff94cbca85c0e4a65b79cb73699fb6Brian Nicholson — Bug 850487 - More code cleanup (@Overrides and unused imports). r=kats
459afca0e3918c63780ea449c0d5bb77152d5abeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7c3e470dc0ebc1cbc52ab576b8b5a6a0fd1aad31Alessandro Decina — Bug 761018 - GStreamer video buffer handling optimization; r=cdouble
d09a98157090da0ccf0b7e15863f4ae5255adafdAlessandro Decina — Bug 760140 - rework canPlayType in the GStreamer backend; r=cdouble
baa11ab9988ce47e5574e44ae26b8a866f70ec2cAlessandro Decina — Bug 833628 - GStreamer backend has shutdown hang in content/media mochitests; r=cdouble
b65eb98101d5e0958ff4c142d9fb44ca8036bf39Lucas Rocha — Bug 818079 - Don't allow entering awesomescreen while animating (r=mfinkle)
f3fd0c85eccbb0fdf66495b4d098afd522a0833eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 849422 Allow plain text document word-wrap to be turned on after the fact r=bz
2e6f598201ce27de53c76ce8ea0f9a4cfa5a30f7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 850346 - Change inputmode to inputMode for nsHTMLInputElement. r=bz
6e8b0f074720ddb58cb8dec5ff8d0c55b6e01517Ethan Hugg — Bug 845372 - remove some debug stats from Signaling code r=jesup
896fca472831ad7e504918c62a219d393c8114e0Sean Stangl — Bug 850446 - Fix NULL deref in StartOffThreadIonCompile(). r=bhackett
dab2619094d433c76f1a7e2d3b4a97ef9357baceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 845592 - Adjust the New Window menu entries in permanent private browsing mode; r=gavin
fdc2a6bf577bfa852582cce8fc0bc07e22d0d231Frank Yan — Bug 850730 - Do not add browser handlers to about:blank. r=gavin
3dac95162a78e56901f778febb344c04f982fd31Frank Yan — Bug 849460 - Use image-rendering: crisp-edges when upscaling favicons in Awesome Bar and bookmarks menus. r=dolske
2ca452c42502fec99a24930e962e918007771868Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets da71d1eb9521 and a174d3a0ce2e (bug 848939).
2a450024df4e2d116418bcc3ec49e324e66a270aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849995 - Build with -Wsign-compare on clang; r=glandium
e3a247547c357dde5453887cddd943762e3c0305Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e0a7ac3aee3d (bug 848939) for mochitest-1 failures on a CLOSED TREE.
0531bbbb0ee13a0af433061cf2a0c2b22b3c8be1Chris Peterson — Bug 850408 - Part 1: Remove Snow Leopard OS checks in gfx and xre. r=joshmoz
5d58b6d250d56de5196bdb84b7ddedffb3880d7fJeff Walden — Bug 843402 - Make all always-inlined methods just inline, and let the compiler choose how to optimize. r= is a wash
d0ad849d2bd0722205fc6cabdf5a70ffee535274Chris Lord — Bug 850396 - Disable single-tile paint path in BasicTiledThebesLayer. r=bgirard
738733ab166d0f48f15691191cdbd5536c3f659eHannes Verschore — Bug 848319: IonMonkey: Enable hoisting of MRegExp, r=sstangl
ba0ef31a1726be61921ffb4fe34b76093ab67743David Zbarsky — Bug 842201 - SVGUnitTypes interface object is not being instantiated r=bz
f77559dc68c39576ef59f07859139f095f009b40Daniel Holbert — Bug 850539 - Make nsSVGTextFrame2.cpp include its own header first. r=jwatt
8e9c48cb651dc87af5b3879df97e801bdd3511beAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 848999 - change topsites grid count to 8
9f39547cfab344ff0b6e98364ad9f019bff90636Hannes Verschore — Bug 850534: Various Yarr performance improvements, r=dmandelin
d97ecf9f9b842698c698d848da87dbf60c717437Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e44bc308642a (bug 813901) and changeset 19f154ee6f54 (bug 850000) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
acad61792b530761337b2394107509a361ed564cJeff Walden — Kill off unused-function warnings for all the ICU stubs temporarily in Intl.cpp when the Intl API isn't enabled. Followup to bug 837957, r=warning-spam-up-the-wazoo
4006800a51db2d93c221b0f3863d00b50c31b28aJeff Walden — Bug 846976 - Move CallArgs into its own header for better readability. r=jorendorff, f=bz, f=bholley
f12fc82440c643a20914ac8dd4240013e8b9ddfeJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs uses on nscoord to Abs as appropriate. r=mats
de1e0f4b4db551c79f5ec13d605caf8aea3f0a7eJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Remove DeprecatedAbs uses from the SpiderMonkey ARM backend. r=mjrosenb
b4d6dd6b06d14038ed7b11168347cbadd4315305Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Remove all DeprecatedAbs uses from range analysis code in SpiderMonkey, fixing a couple bugs and adding tests for those bugs. r=nbp
0780edf29bf1eae5143159433904db306c8c859dJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs uses that can relatively obviously be changd to Abs, to Abs. r=Ms2ger
1338c63a370bb2c030b73276a72eedc835eceb01Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs overloads taking floating point (except for nscoord uses, when nscoord is optionally a floating point type) to Abs. r=Ms2ger
eb393a9ef207cc8de47d100bdc2ef7ed5a42dfd0Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Make mozilla::Abs return the unsigned type, for the integral types. r=bjacob
a92b863e4fbd43f3ff3bffcb14cffc3413975454Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Blindly convert all existing mozilla::Abs users to mozilla::DeprecatedAbs. Individualized conversions to the reformed mozilla::Abs will continue until mozilla::DeprecatedAbs is unused, at which point it will be removed. r=Ms2ger
7c26a953082dd0b861f1dcaccb700cf970c37fa7Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Copy the existing mozilla::Abs as mozilla::DeprecatedAbs, to allow mozilla::Abs to return an unsigned type when possible. r=Ms2ger
1b6a570e134564677d0aa9171365283e4a092e48Jeff Walden — Bug 848747 - Detect a likely-overflowing case early and bail on it. r=nbp
53d3d33713c26015e3c0a0fa28200c1b10caac75Gregory Szorc — Bug 845127 - Record Telemetry for wire size of Bagheera documents; r=rnewman
acada241cc5d43207ef1f897b7a0aa2d7b8f3531Gabriele Svelto — Bug 850607 - Properly react to changes to the 'memory.free_dirty_pages' preference. r=jlebar
62a6fba29defa98ddc5ffe811b469fe11597ccd2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 849495: LWTheme bitmap should be at least as wide as the device width. [r=mfinkle]
da71d1eb95214d5cfd263056dd1323c1449a5cfbBobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field marquee. r=jaws
e0a7ac3aee3dcd7954264bec00d8e402cebde0f8Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field videocontrols.xml. r=jaws,dao
a174d3a0ce2e763d59c9a6e9e364a5d8e7bc2fc7Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field scale.xml. r=jaws
e44bc308642a4528251952f1a5d7aa88498bf641Bobby Holley — Bug 813901 - Tests. r=mrbkap
19f154ee6f54284a782caaa351ca11b597e7a972Bobby Holley — Bug 850000 - Don't clobber exceptions set in security wrapper check() hooks. r=mrbkap
be29491ad188aa7edf4df08ea4d199e98dbd4298Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 846949: Cleanup browser toolbar animation. [r=lucasr]
f5f4ef33fa067bb4a3ffaa4031b476767d7ace58L. David Baron — Bug 804944, patch 2: Also condition @-moz-keyframes parsing on the animations preference. r=bzbarsky
8d62f3d758b7417d9910ea68bb3fff6f8dae81beL. David Baron — Make gAliases be just an array of ids. (Bug 849656, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
c3b5d2b711527bb399bca000d5f6260169ec05f1L. David Baron — Move enabled state for aliases from gAliases to gPropertyEnabled. (Bug 849656, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
fa369a860f47db7e3a8f8fb5b0980b4424039853L. David Baron — Move names for aliases from gAliases into kCSSRawProperties. (Bug 849656, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
e246322a8026fceba73ea329b41628d22bcc80d9L. David Baron — Add ids for CSS property aliases to the nsCSSProperty enum. (Bug 849656, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
7259179ac442df55ff9e5e5a550fcabe61bd5b36Kyle Huey — Bug 788999: Disable the test on Mountain Lion.
7190b9dd7f51d118ad1c11d57af4adb56314c19fGregory Szorc — Bug 841568 - Timer for daily data collection; r=rnewman
dc86bd63b953e39575380f904a277dc194ee59c9Brian Nicholson — Bug 835022 - Switch to correct tab when a tab is closed. r=mfinkle
d6e2267744e360128d56bce6cf2be59c75150614Bill McCloskey — Bug 846890 - Disable security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy for reftests (r=dbaron,dholbert)
2bcb4a9e46df75b22d9c5dd9d198e81dde91a95aBill McCloskey — Bug 846890 - Fix leak from cycle between parser and XULContentSinkImpl (r=smaug)
b313f1eab148659a15714b4ff24c7b0c3f64d847Bill McCloskey — Bug 846890 - Avoid check for native anonymous content when possible (r=bholley)
f54de2bc565b608bc9e7057abe1dea65fa6f3290Margaret Leibovic — Bug 772598 - Use "Site settings" instead of "Site preferences" in clear private data dialog. r=mfinkle
905682481543b7f0060aa97a6e72a6980b7d66f4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 847849 - Hostname in site settings dialog is misaligned. r=wesj
5f8529b5ffb9179f4d7e2e8e98a07bcdca2212fbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 850307 - Get rid of unused strings in r=mfinkle
0c6630dfce4cbc0537173667d825e3ca97aac0aeFernando Herrera — Bug 612331 - nsIAccessibleText getText related functions test in multiline text, r=surkov, tbsaunde
dc9c8f3f4f3b04cfe62da7ad2091c67fa74815a6Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into inbound
85a2fba45e5b623cea25b16407cbbb18279724baJonathan Watt — Bug 849524 - Avoid reflowing when <input type=range>'s thumb position needs to be updated due to its value changing. r=dholbert
0081c622b8390a6ab7730810ac6485c632f58b6dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 827347 - Allow force-downloading and installing of updates from about:firefox. r=snorp,blassey
7b65f38865b9590ded043b3f7620f799067cd048Randell Jesup — Bug 848401: switch from ReentrantMonitors and PR_Lock/Condvar to Monitor. Fix {picture:true} for desktop r=khuey,dao
b871dfb2186fb5750284d5c05771b3d7bca8292bTed Mielczarek — bug 751673 - fix Windows assertion stacks. r=dbaron
057b2bcbf33ef0d85a8fa8b93425a3136343e881Ted Mielczarek — bug 824396 - implement mach buildsymbols. r=gps
75c22901329302603466c59cbaa92f287df57a3dNathan Froyd — Bug 850377 - fix opt-only unused variable warnings in accessible/; r=tbsaunde
5ab2ea763be2e60b5b251e05e447ae4d6ae18081Mark Finkle — Bug 849211 - java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: bookmarkdefaults_favicon_support r=margaret
ee634efa5f4b4218d511a9cc918ee073fc90e793Mark Finkle — Bug 844872 - All addons and search engines present an option section even when the plugin does not have any options r=margaret
0cb671b3125b88ef9f9e88da27d5164ed4242270Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 4: Don't rely on things still being around when we run PannerNode's dtor, use a weak pointer instead; r=roc
8f91725a3005c7da6e2d794615869c39909e57beAlexander Surkov — Bug 845134 - enable focus logging for accessible/focus/test_focusedChild.html
ceb7ccdb7a30e470da2365e029a5251c8456980fJim Mathies — Bug 850422 - remove some old fennec cruft from content.css. r=mbrubeck
4dd54f8f80f4043c9191b76118575771b1c782f1Mike Hommey — Bug 850625 - Remove MOZ_DEB_TIMESTAMP from r=ted
80944f3666425d534cb92126d30744bce90feca7Mike Hommey — Bug 848770 - Choose the best compression settings automagically for seekable zstreams (szip). r=nfroyd
bbde2235d308bda9d99cb1da8d8accbca59b214bRobert Longson — Bug 849688 - Crash with getStartPositionOfChar when argument is out of range. r=dholbert
b9c6db9049cd9fc49a8b6bde9182e2dace137478William Lachance — Bug 816694 - Add support for device temperature monitor to agent;r=jmaher
4ba9f5462656ce191564a58c05e4c1c11e8c93c5Jim Mathies — Bug 844362 - Don't invoke various interfaces during shutdown if GetActivationFactory for a interface fails (crashfix). r=tabraldes DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
43412c1b770bb5b0e696c8bdeeda9b49f45b3b85Jim Mathies — Bug 844362 - commit backout changes. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
8ec75663a560ae63bb1a8c569f58db297c9df119Jim Mathies — backout 7416ba3eb977 due to a bad bug number in the commit message. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
3c3f560a2a5caa2c4171c3baa2ab3e5c188c15ddEd Morley — Backed out changeset 34f280f8fea5 (bug 849524) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE
0a02276859d1d0d90755641330db0a6b91d5966eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1c19d2a03d90 (bug 827446) for packaging bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
d50cbeebba114de414996b7de2851ef3edabcb88Alexander Surkov — Bug 849496 - crash in mozilla::a11y::DocManager::RemoveListeners, r=tbsaunde
fd51fe9f7236edcca21bbb9c0e6e567cee2eb2d5Julien Wajsberg — Bug 836708 - [B2G RIL] Validate the numbers that are passed from SMSManager.send. r=vicamo
6ce961aa9996a39389d6842ab792d4225e906a93John Daggett — Bug 849976 - use HTTP(..) for reftests that require it. r=dholbert
ed808dbcf9512fd23d9f8956b828187afd87274cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
34f280f8fea54a6f2e3349f0fa4daf4503433086Jonathan Watt — Bug 849524 - Avoid reflowing when <input type=range>'s thumb position needs to be updated due to its value changing. r=dholbert
08449d84f18d853488788a239372530ea851d6c1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 849955 - Put the quit menu item back for non-touchscreen devices on ICS and up. r=sriram
1c19d2a03d900cef52914ff4c9d4306bd173c508Joel Maher — Bug 827446 - update mochitest, reftest, xpcshell to use mozcrash. r=jhammel
281971e111cd586f632c8ead7a01726ab29684c3Jonathan Kew — bug 844604 - default to auto devPixelsPerPx setting on windows. r=jimm
b672877ed04656a9f4041f31ef5d8030df662726Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 850349 - Cleanup browser search tests while debugging intermittent failure in browser_contextmenu.js. r=gavin
8e68f4d73ec4668cf8d284c03b6688c29d9e964fJeff Hammel — follow-up: Bug 838733 - should have a convenience mode for staging;r=ahal ; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
d3d9a1552a4d62a7b80c53b5af8ef6fd610b3ae6Frank Yan — Bug 846255 - Provide relevant HTTPS manual update links in Firefox for Metro. r=mbrubeck
e5603ef9f61ccbcad35340a96cf62d3964a5048cMatt Brubeck — Bug 849604 - Metro Settings charm is not populated if opened to early [r=bbondy]
89f02489c41198c7ef02fb14b6f88033886b2962Matt Brubeck — Bug 850719 - Install mochitest-metro-chrome files to the correct relative path [r=jimm]
092fcca11bdb6279bcb18e22da93643275f6f2dfPaul Rouget — bug 847890 requires a clobber
b0000e1b03171bd5029742be09739aeda2ee3fd8Paul Rouget — Bug 723281 - Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command. r=jwalker
37ea428eee3d06fb81fb51c01f3354232c38a77bPaul Rouget — Bug 723281 - Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command. r=jwalker
3af46f38ba7fe89d465e118f99be6c757e992236Paul Rouget — Bug 847890 - paint flashing for content only. r=roc
29e0434508be278e56827604dbe08e95d50e1a70Paul Rouget — merge fx-team to m-c
564ddd109940e2ce8a4407ffa7a5292dbecf2a16Girish Sharma — Bug 838069 - Disable browser_toolbox_window_shortcuts.js on OSX 10.8 and Windows XP for now. r=paul
c803f5c2685e0843c7b58ecd248c2d2b4d78d757Paul Rouget — Bug 849545 - Intermittent failure in browser_fontinspector.js. r=jwalker
ab8603b9d9fdd1e9865f9312127a90e5aac9a19eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
a9d191946bb275b60d5076dfd6c08ff0874072dcJoe Walker — Bug 685526 - GCLI should allow basic async types; r=dcamp,past,harthur,mratcliffe
b98d7eb83da66c3db8ad2a2b59917e1889fa2660Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into build-system
97fd63c1ff7b221efc60a6b625bfda6efc5934ebGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into build-system
e105eedc18c954680440946394ee07db386ddb72Mike Shal — Bug 818246 - Part 9: Move XPIDL_FLAGS to; r=gps
570563fe3824d988ef2f638b31fb6497f0f4fdf4Mike Shal — Bug 818246 - Part 8: Support XPIDL_FLAGS in; r=gps
57a08895caccb40e0e0fcb336b8e6ff2713f3cbcMike Shal — Bug 818246 - Part 7: Move XPIDL_MODULE to; rs=gps
b8f89bbfb7f1d0508107b63b7d1b17458b05bc9dMike Shal — Bug 818246 - Part 6: Support XPIDL_MODULE in; r=gps
b5dc4f0d5a32f120dc402b31ccda80af5501a69bGregory Szorc — Bug 818246 - Part 5: Move XPIDLSRCS into (manual); r=glandium
d54481a205e308b645e33d977e40fe753c9e5682Gregory Szorc — Bug 818246 - Part 4: Move XPIDLSRCS into (auto); rs=glandium
b7be91238e89165faedc277ab1b023f0b47cfdc2Gregory Szorc — Bug 818246 - Part 3: Build system support for XPIDLSRCS in; r=glandium
072b936973fe4df49a9d14436507ab232d3e6f36Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
cf4112d50b6820950887c1231c682c2790f7c457Ed Morley — Bug 736036 - Disable several intermittent Panorama tests since it is going away soon so they won't be fixed
2e57968e04d3790916b85d5799e88b44da23165aRichard Newman — Backed out changeset ab05fe92799d (Bug 844407) for robocop bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
f8dfab5aebf658b73f8831170555eef6d0baf47cPhil Ringnalda — Back out 7d1510d544d9 (bug 836968) on suspicion of causing bug 850547
eb428b0e2167653e2209fe80c8a2f005550c139aHannes Verschore — Bug 850536: Only get the chars of a string once in FlattenSubstrings, r=sstangl
ab05fe92799dbd9bba5cf72ea03dad48e1653249Brian Nicholson — Bug 844407 - Make Tabs thread-safe. r=rnewman,bnicholson
838efa504a6b3629ae32edb85c57adf0cc741cbeEthan Hugg — Bug 849888 - Signaling - Enforce minimum buffer size in sub_send_msg r=jesup
8b15e0890b1f75b2caac8d1a821a8790e060f149Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 843958: Support SCO in switch statement; r=qdot r=echou
2b4945329805968a62812215cd9c47967eacd053Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779233 - Count script filenames as part of script source memory. r=njn
c51d394e31f32ac5512697cae818277acdcf9a69Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779233 - Put a script's filename on the ScriptSource. r=billm
a6e4fc1312bd47a8aa5e188304b5b4faa0e05f36Brian R. Bondy — Bug 849608 - Change - Auto close about, settings, and sync flyout panels on snap view. r=mbrubeck
6ea59ba4f9bee5cee22cb90decbf36f63313f2bcRodrigo Silveira — Bug 850335 - Don't position Metro context menus past the edge of the screen [r=mbrubeck]
8134a5a378159d7d9e26e485a0073cd2253f4d76Matt Brubeck — Bug 850398 - Buttons on Metro pop-up blocker notification are broken [r=rsilveira]
7880f7434daa6b31983e128175dd55424d159a56Christian Holler — Bug 728188 - Add missing test for bug 728188. r=needed-tests
7d147fc0477ff83c5da9b1cbb2ecdd58b0e27e0fChristian Holler — Bug 756851 - Add missing test for bug 756851. r=needed-tests
b52d521ba82452d199a216ce469b460f8b55f321Christian Holler — Bug 763440 - Add missing testcase for bug 763440. r=needed-tests
d4c287630c151356f54ca90e494d48e600cf021eChristian Holler — Bug 792239 - Add missing test for bug 792239. r=needed-tests
a51d9ab333b964584ed4894a1eaa3593719d9dedChristian Holler — Bug 794025 - Add missing test for bug 794025. r=needed-tests
7aadc0e21f7559897137d8fe3e8834b87cd98862Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.10 Make nsTextStore::RecordCompositionEndAction() for processing composition end action r=jimm
3f4641d29cab8be381da682112c963da701c1246Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.9 Rename nsTextStore::OnCompositionStartInternal() to nsTextStore::RecordCompositionStartAction() r=emk
f0431bc8042d3c03bc7f7e723582ff4ce7309f7dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.8 Rename nsTextStore::UpdateCompositionExtent() to nsTextStore::RestartCompositionIfNecessary() r=emk
f11dcd5c542b7319cdbcfbf2120fc65729a92f29Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.7 Remove nsTextStore::Composition::mLength r=jimm
de121608ca36559b24291049e9ad5e79aab4798bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.6 Cache content during document lock r=jimm
fdb30fa1ffd12fe4e4b5aaa42ec0d698f3bbf348Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.5 Store selection even if there is no composition r=jimm
ed0d1d378577dc5d90daeed86c90d7d07c5e8e03Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.4 Refine logging the document lock state of nsTextStore r=emk
7001fb7460a22441cc08bb2004f37c95c746c265Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.3 Store edit actions during document lock and flush them at unlocking the document r=jimm
08f12498de976a1930f5faee0cd92a4b9eb284d2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.2 Make some useful methods on nsTextStore::Composition r=emk
9048c032545b538dd4180b01ce1856c097dcb960Masayuki Nakano — Bug 790516 part.1 Move composition string data of nsTextStore into a nested class r=emk
0b9505f9af26d3817d3735014be6b018929cf321John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 15: Test STK Setup Idle Mode Text. r=yoshi
35d8649043128f1a9d6aeb6df12eb3bf37febd34John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 14: Test STK Setup Menu. r=yoshi
2f6ef14fa3b52ce8e17396ddbe488b6f4013ba0bJohn Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 13: Test STK Select Item. r=yoshi
29707091ab83761d67fd5d1f6726eb5ebd802656John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 12: Test STK Get Input. r=yoshi
3b9b3ba143ebeccdb674b6fe7ba0af1e7e162ec3John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 11: Test STK Get Inkey. r=yoshi
7ce9fa20fb1968b5b466b7480ad2a1fac6f986bdJohn Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 10: Test STK Display Text. r=yoshi
d75651cff1bee1c10a637fbbde8d3eefd3c19440John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 9: Test STK Launch Browser. r=yoshi
42424b62ca230d8049a2004893455c7ac09356c0John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 8: Test STK Send DTMF. r=yoshi
23e438b0264c0963785c82baa92f00606f68fe21John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 7: Test STK Send SMS. r=yoshi
322bfcca74c2cea243c969bc24ef51d916cea951John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 6: Test STK Send USSD. r=yoshi
60240a6d40e9a06c4d7b2549d55562851d1a8a35John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 5: Test STK Send SS. r=yoshi
85a99a931072de2cdd16c6c07e64c08a467b1c19John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 4: Test STK Setup Call. r=yoshi
deef21121046a67acea6bb1200674614ea445b79John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 3: Test STK Setup Event List. r=yoshi
a999b78a26bd63109d6575d9ca3c86b3e1c66de3John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 2: Test STK Poll Off. r=yoshi
df8f39f4e92716fd52ab5c4f18fa7294fe837789John Shih — Bug 797296 - Part 1: Test STK Refresh. r=yoshi
f79290f4b8d3aee4625715572441bdd250688dcaChris Lord — Bug 849845 - Map Gamepad L1/R1 to back/forward on Android. r=kats
e36e2d2b62eceaec6da30e5bc9c13aa140d12998Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Enable dynamic toolbar by default on Android. r=kats
b3db97a3cbb7251994c9d87c9a692f5d78f05e39Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Fuzz/un-fuzz tests for the dynamic toolbar on Android. r=jwatt,matspal
73f641ace00e832b69a6117f71f011f8a2e7c179Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Disable dynamic toolbar on robocop tests. r=kats,jmaher
3bb6e67fae0b4f3c495fd83be0269b9f19c3b5cbChris Lord — Bug 846772 - Observe dynamic toolbar pref on Android. r=kats
88c999e8aee1f5a7a4a41aad93a6548fa00a50a7Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Add prefs observing to PrefsHelper/browser.js on Android. r=kats
d4399862345e15f73d89471e11a635578ea28e40Chris Lord — Bug 849958 - Add primitive axis-locking code to dynamic toolbar. r=kats
917e4ba6a8469bd047f2da82f49ffb00eb8e4cc7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 9) - Remove nsFixedSizeAllocator from parser/htmlparser/. r=hsivonen.
b01a2d4c6d09e3c75ec6d1eed9dda8a697ab848dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 8) - Remove nsFixedSizeAllocator from xbl/. r=bz.
7f716164bb7735cab02c8369d0ad92e812ef3c60Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
963b17787839df94ed46577aaac5185db2f192a2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 948da26ff5a0 (bug 840673) for frequent Android ts timeouts on a CLOSED TREE.
68d039b40df9c574c5348eb0e4f4b1181f177275Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 846772) for Android reftest-3 orange on a CLOSED TREE.
14c0d137f08eb7ccaa5fc9b2cb5bf96313c3d042Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 71d1bd406c7e (bug 849845) and changeset af753b784e28 (bug 849958) to see if it fixes robocop timeouts on a CLOSED TREE.
ccc0d4c2ad6f95ffe6cb9881f99a4705a564b239David Zbarsky — Backout bug 830221 so binary addons can create DOMImplementation
34798ef80ec159c95b2519e095293bc2679de536Kyle Huey — Bug 849654: Kill nsDataHashtableMT. r=bsmedberg
ad9ab32b68ab1d4e9e5cfd3d45b3c83beb582968Kyle Huey — Bug 849654: Remove the sole consumer of nsDataHashtableMT. r=bsmith
d537ff6052e87bc375a7c34de41285bb8f54790cTerrence Cole — Bug 850074 - Move SpiderMonkey stack rooting infrastructure to RootingAPI.h; r=billm
14f64332f3ea0d051fe0ed9f94357a980221b8c6Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 837957 - Implement ICU dependent functions of Intl.Collator, Intl.NumberFormat, Intl.DateTimeFormat (ICU stubs). r=jwalden
082bdc8fcc2a12d4deadaeba53a61f5bf99573a5Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 724533 - Enable use of ICU headers. r=glandium
d1ed5609258835c1ff37285fb83dd38f503c860dKyle Huey — Bug 850153: Try harder to avoid blowing out the command line limit. r=gps
75a92967f22c3f086fa633b07c226a9e9c640a27Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 844371 - Add Cut to the text field context menu. r=fryn r=mbrubeck
4d670756c497784bf4d5a361a3018de253877ed4Frank Yan — Bug 837486 - Reposition pinned tabs when resetting tab strip underflow. r=dao
948da26ff5a0aedb99bdee30353f6c8432c5e7e7Kyle Huey — Bug 840673: Shut down the timer before shutting down the thread, so that spinning the event loop while shutting down the thread does not cause us to see the timer firing and reenter. r=bent
d64d4a7cf0ea098d70b547f2d10d0faf6199fa27Seth Fowler — Bug 843895 (Followup) - Use a dummy variable in FrozenImage::GetAnimated. r=me
37dce17133d904ac9e1c316442d80d3a87163e96Till Schneidereit — Bug 787927 - Prevent self-hosted JS script from being registered with the debugger. r=jimb
76a478fe3e06f5b5d0ae038a5832a0dafabb22c1Sunny — Bug 844127 - Replaced 'Span' with 'Unknown' and added tests for the same. r=bz
13a8acb57b35ff15d38fa8a1b822fba0744216c9Kyle Huey — Bug 849094: Tests. r=bent
4c0d6d844a4e0b4d1c98252dc868d710732a28b4Kyle Huey — Bug 849094: Check our state again after spinning a sync loop. r=bent
f2a81fcf82fd73666e124e754b0c1ad24e47cda6Kyle Huey — Bug 849654: Kill nsClassHashtableMT. r=bsmedberg
10d17cb9cd1d3259d08edad93b5d8ada65f29bd4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 3: Create an engine for PannerNodes and make sure that we deliver the panner and listener parameters to it; r=padenot
9481f3f04df9bab09d1fb25ba1c904c0779a02d1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 2: Add helper functions for sending different argument types to the AudioNodeStream; r=padenot
e2f71314b177a12ef14f171307c611b78aa9c4abEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 1: Make it possible to send ThreeDPoint objects as commands to the MSG thread; r=padenot
7b501d844f6dab79815b859e6368f834b06a8f6fTerrence Cole — Bug 841065 - Do not call pre-barrier on finalized objects when finalizing Map and SetObjects; r=billm
29bff4ae64176de0866bd177682bf3726a9806f6Terrence Cole — Bug 849536 - Make GetGCThingTraceKind work for Nursery things; r=billm
8d65f437c771c932256641087379123883184d5eTerrence Cole — Bug 848199 - Rename the post barrier verifier nursery; r=billm
bfb1bb39e88b7bf3134757e95da8da52a8b9a8a5Patrick McManus — bug 787158 - nshttpconnection::mtransaction null pointer r=honzab
aa68f61aed74a3cfeb4f903aae596898f0c8bc92Patrick McManus — bug 829120 - spdy could call connection::Activate re-entrantly r=honzab
3bf16356ae8bc47fe37c728369d01ceac7755befPatrick McManus — bug 788001 - incorrect spdy assert conditions r=honzab
018998c48bbed5e29880019c0334989efcb8a9d4Mark Finkle — Bug 826476 - Modify sqlite database pragmas to possibly improve performance r=kats
03275a0cc91f2139647d2459dc0b2b67dd9192c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 4ee69256f8f2, 2becc603eeb8, and afad1c17015e (bug 849916) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
9c8454e1506ef7d68d76941be669012c763e5215Jonathan Watt — Bug 828157 - Reftest to test that the focal point of a radialGradient is handled correctly. r=Bas
0e664105158d7a8b2eb7dfa187ce458a385b7826Bas Schouten — Bug 828157 - Properly offset gradient origin when using D2D to draw moderately complex gradients. r=jmuizelaar
ea9b4ef5df58cf45b4d183c1b72c14e86760026bCykesiopka — Bug 751378 - Remove unused CAPS strings from stringbundle. r=bz
b16eb3dac7bcabab968358993bc6a9e7a148644eYosy Attias — Bug 845055 - Check the mime type is not null before testing the mime type itself. r=dao
7d1510d544d9668d2f14b70b5b63bea054a1d9dcBrian Hackett — Bug 836968 - Cache shapes for JSON objects and assign types to constructed JSON objects and arrays, r=waldo,jandem.
4ee69256f8f26a2a6fcf7eb85727f7eefbf1961bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 3: Create an engine for PannerNodes and make sure that we deliver the panner and listener parameters to it; r=padenot
2becc603eeb8f210b5005ec3dc6d7076281b78f0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 2: Add helper functions for sending different argument types to the AudioNodeStream; r=padenot
afad1c17015e10ce2d49dd028a89888972f31c65Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 1: Make it possible to send ThreeDPoint objects as commands to the MSG thread; r=padenot
e8210480590765ce708b08d7b2fd52904de913f1Benoit Jacob — Bug 840260 - make an assert crash release builds so we catch this sooner - r=peterv
7e347694edf22feab6a55d7e04b7a7a7174a2697Benoit Jacob — Bug 849667 - Fix/simplify CheckedInt's use-outside-of-MFBT setup - r=Waldo
2d4a7e7ca1184926b11cc936ab0553a5673d479aBenoit Jacob — Bug 843273 - block Direct2D on Intel drivers <= - r=joe
a073d9c494259e802711e93b2cb0fac91e55f8b0Eddy Bruel — Bug 850086 - Recognize source URLs inside multiline comments. r=tschneidereit
b0a8bd999113003d1a67f9dbd4667230e51ce5a7Jesse Ruderman — Bug 404077 followup - remove bug mention from a test. DONTBUILD
dd945da3cc5d94622ce65a737b805a6b69a7677aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 805479 - When calculating the initial fling velocity use an average of recent velocities to work around bad input events. r=Cwiiis
9cd9a1e658ffe8fa32d081ab441b191f9c20ec21Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Enable dynamic toolbar by default on Android. r=kats
0661df360cc2fabc889b42e63fc48bdf870886afChris Lord — Bug 846772 - Fuzz dynamic-clipPath-01 and scroll-rounding tests for Android. r=jwatt,matspal
1a4957bd3d852c0d0ad7f597ffccfbc787aa9f00Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Disable dynamic toolbar on robocop tests. r=kats,jmaher
22569c8ec88a7d272a48d39751e22c2552d3dcd0Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Observe dynamic toolbar pref on Android. r=kats
f6c3698fb492af89d5351f5b8ce38a1e7bd2cf82Chris Lord — Bug 846772 - Add prefs observing to PrefsHelper/browser.js on Android. r=kats
afb575121cc97f4e1343d765811a61662f5635c1Olli Pettay — Bustage fix for Bug 847607, CLOSED TREE
bb7e29036271e2b428be5c558dc5efdc91031898Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d31d517c7f7c (bug 840593) for robocop orange on a CLOSED TREE.
8b366545161d029c6f172d23d07b0a1c978c7065Julian Seward — Bug 779291: Implement SPS stackwalk using the breakpad unwinder. r=bgirard,glandium
71d1bd406c7ec99a921035c66f37030bf25aa45cChris Lord — Bug 849845 - Map Gamepad L1/R1 to back/forward on Android. r=kats
af753b784e28c6bad2f5d857717b93c5c010d834Chris Lord — Bug 849958 - Add primitive axis-locking code to dynamic toolbar. r=kats
27dbd66e7436688475b62aebabe33bb213e027dcNathan Froyd — Bug 850270 - write a request's rectangle directly in nsDOMNotifyPaintEvent; r=smaug
dd3df1d9ac0032cbf8397d40a8aee0c110c56431Olli Pettay — Bug 847607 - Paris bindings for IDB event, r=khuey
1343cc74ff21b266e51e00b08c63096622be35beChris Lord — Bug 849246 - Follow the scroll velocity for the dynamic toolbar. r=kats
a9e5d4379740e3b4a606f7a0e14277173c61aaafHannes Verschore — Bug 848803: LICM shouldn't hoist intructions that depend on instruction in or after the loop, r=jandem
4b67ec4c0d4ea5f9699f02fdbbc1b9db6fa8745dVladan Djeric — Bug 842852 - LocalStorage performance improvements. r=mak
7416ba3eb9778c87bd6cc87b40f0b89d68e84f9aJim Mathies — Bug 833362 - Don't invoke various interfaces during shutdown if GetActivationFactory for a interface fails (crashfix). r=tabraldes
d31d517c7f7cf62a2b96f89752dcf981eaf631d9Wes Johnston — Bug 840593 - Remove minimum width on about pages. r=mbrubeck
36ec9c5b8da421d162a8f681139e831743f49293Margaret Leibovic — Bug 739757 - Update doorhanger notification strings. r=mfinkle,gbrown
e1cee7393c7381523c32283ce6888ebb7d8a9d4cJeff Walden — Bug 849666 - Make CheckedInt<T>::operator-() not depend on undefined behavior when negating minimum signed values, and add a test for this. Patch is something of a tag-team effort by bjacob and me. r=bjacob
69aaf27c68416dc8f75139f107cd4a3d9a7c0a07Ed Morley — Backed out changeset d398e268b1db (bug 723281) since it relies on the now backed out bug 847890 on a CLOSED TREE
512ef393c2ce383021929d962cfa44ba095f748aEd Morley — Backed out changeset 40c15b9a5d14 (bug 723281)
53f7536d1ec5185f7907025e886cbdd598b76009Ed Morley — Backed out changeset eaf182f23c3a (bug 847890) for failures in test_bug847890_paintFlashing.html on a CLOSED TREE
c1a5c44ae3d8f39fe7181ed4c3b2ec1811a3c925Paul Rouget — merge fx-team to m-c
40c15b9a5d144558aa97b1c9b20ba6649f747230Paul Rouget — Bug 723281 - Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command. r=jwalker
d398e268b1db9c32387e7e8a0260b67e8c99e59ePaul Rouget — Bug 723281 - Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command. r=jwalker
598d99bc4dd887c7a6d0883e7091163e1f47cfe2Paul Rouget — Bug 767678 - Responsive Design mode has no close button. r=mikeratcliffe
eaf182f23c3a37e500d890d6bb100da71d6798b0Paul Rouget — Bug 847890 - paint flashing for content only. r=roc
a3a6837d404c1172926dc821a78c215767321c01Paul Rouget Bug 850480 - [responsive mode] Re-introduce mobile scrollbars. r=vporof
eedc1eafc96839fa4d82972cc3bb1b2d7a3a51cbPanos Astithas — Bug 785704 - Part 1: fix a newSource regression from bug 795368; r=vporof
9df484a3fe56c808e14755e30577f34f9bb3ea7eGary Kwong — Suppress bug 850134 on 64-bit Linux builds. DONTBUILD
1b49fb552e189a9518022834bbe571caa7d21925Honza Bambas — Bug 839141 - Change to require system NSS 3.14.3, r=bsmith
f46697a173d347fde8ae1496890d540b0025741eHonza Bambas — Bug 839141 - Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.14.3, r=wtc,bsmith
6c309875420c957364f650b8b6b449880a7f9650Jeff Hammel — Bug 838733 - should have a convenience mode for staging;r=ahal ; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
79b8e0a0bdb70761769aeba0d7f6d08dcc759b49Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 637898 - Update assertion annotations for test_1.html.
1deb63f2d936fb9555deb8dfab5a2a2bb1d61574Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 815862, bug 805479) for making bug 768459 nearly perma-fail on Android 2.2 opt.
4bdd1a790a850ae7184866decaebac0bed90e357Jim Mathies — Bug 848963 - disable bug415761 reftest on Win8 due to bug 850194. r=bbondy
347a2732f42cda034d6579d26f3192706eef35fcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 849607 - Sharing in Metro Firefox start screen should indicate nothing to share instead of error. r=jimm
e1538a45f97bb8dbeec9881653e5c0f56d06d296Jonathan Griffin — Bug 847256 - fix marionette logging UnicodeEncodeError, r=mdas
5410bada8645304318a9c85cc647b673488cc094Trevor Saunders — bug 825341 - convert range to webidl r=bz, smaug
66483dfa678f846fe70fdedb843a7877a17ea6baRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 71190bec18a7 (bug 817058) for build bustage.
71190bec18a7a06cc52c8a4a6622fbc4a5f0e7d0Tobias Netzel — Bug 817058 - AltiVec acceleration for nsTextFragment. r=jst, r=bz
29f9c2b3c4ae7da93a77b12cad2321b085149e59Lucas Rocha — Bug 844526 - Reset touch/scroll state on ACTION_UP while in overscroll in TwoWayView (r=mfinkle)
397034d19dfcb8ddc9a5b1e242b1e596228078f6Trevor Saunders — bug 637898 try and fix HyperTextAccessible::GetPosAndText() to avoid asserts r=surkov
cd118a1602b238b850e519144bd198e2a7effae8Chris Lord — Bug 849845 - Map Gamepad-Y to toggle chrome on Firefox/Android. r=kats
fe50e7d880ffb3e23a8071aded59e60722c9e35cHenrik Skupin — Bug 845452 - Lower volume of media mochitest tests. r=roc, r=ted
ea8197d7d5883d21b7a2e5470132185e0d73e852Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 839981 - Adding Unagi pixels constants and color conversion. r=edwin
c69ac844a778a882c7b8065e88fdac4a73e3b2dfMarco Chen — Bug 839415 - [Audio] Add support of SLAndroidConfigurationItf into backend of Cubeb + OpenSLES. r=kinetik
fc1e85affa7fbdf76c9585bbb5f22e20a3bec9b0Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 848943 - Wait for popupshown to know when the context menu is ready. r=gavin
22d591b9a684ff6da0af8b2173edb9c673a4808aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
56e5fc18e1ad4cfbfc3ec78e59a85f799fb8da9aJonathan Watt — Bug 849552 - <input type=range> should be given focus on mousedown/touchstart. r=smaug.
6e993ef95ad7eb3dff39f75864c9a9d319d1d8bdJonathan Watt — Bug 849961 - Make nsWindow::DispatchMultitouchEvent honor event.mFlags.mMultipleActionsPrevented. r=smaug, r=wesj.
1515379f6d6ffb94f2aa86ee4f22a828850a8b4dJonathan Watt — Bug 849855 - Expose BaseEventFlags::mMultipleActionsPrevented to chrome JS. r=smaug.
2decb8b91c3b32f39158a26824318c0a54a844a8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 815862 - Bump up max allowed scrolling acceleration to deal with high-dpi devices. r=Cwiiis
35bcf4b4af782f94dfacb45a9100900f68529eb1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 805479 - When calculating the initial fling velocity use an average of recent velocities to work around bad input events. r=Cwiiis
1907546aa8e7cdf4a3128baf663ffcde7e23e152Chia-hung Tai — Bug 792321 - Check max values of MMS parameters in sendRequest. r=vyang a=leo+
80e584c6ac74f2900ed9c41060acae667a6278ecJacek Caban — Bug 849198 - Merge nsPluginSafety.h into nsNPAPIPluginInstance.h r=roc
612506f83f28a0bc8b6f2369d6630299cd181523Jacek Caban — Bug 849207 - Use __declspec(dllexport) for exporting skia C++ symbols. r=gwright
90fbe56a05b181d9cc215990b97455830c1db01fChia-hung Tai — Bug 845643 - B2G MMS: Save retrieved MMS into database. r=vyang
5f0aec2baecc10da24be221b9fdaa84e7db64743Kartikaya Gupta — Back out ecc5ce4b7632 (bug 849955) for missing Android API level checks. r=me DONTBUILD
ecc5ce4b7632ca0bff1fc9d47e23e5814efc9868Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 849955 - Put the quit menu item back for non-touchscreen devices on ICS and up. r=sriram
fa003f7e016e2374b20db5f3d3c35f29e4f9795eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 845499 - Make the action bar items show up in the right spot on landscape layouts on tablets with a hardware menu button. r=sriram
2472ca0933cd3162aa693c6b011b4a409bbc61edKartikaya Gupta — Bug 845499 - Fix broken sIsSmallTablet result cache. r=sriram
4cb12c0bcc00e0d9b29dcf607b01215feadeafd4Jan de Mooij — Bug 846288 - Silence assert in Label destructor after an OOM. r=dvander
e40a3de37603fc6f2409a4d9f3e3c832194863daReuben Morais — Backed out changeset e56f3e0f00d9 (Bug 821630) for B2G mochitest failures
9ba5ebc462e559d699128f3472a1e8874e396f5dEdgar Chen — Bug 828307 - Part 6: Save lastKnownMcc as string type. r=vyang
4a6dced5d2ea66feb08c7725623ddfab1c9e3b1bEdgar Chen — Bug 828307 - Part 5: marionette tests change. r=vyang
0f469f29041f36bc117308f5ec11219b88cc7be9Edgar Chen — Bug 828307 - Part 4: xpcshell tests change. r=vyang
cea302feb67fb5cfe2ffe5b05334c8c090c1bc4eEdgar Chen — Bug 828307 - Part 3: RIL implementation change. r=vyang
d630cab30499ffea6bda9af28b6c3a91dce8e183Edgar Chen — Bug 828307 - Part 2: GPS change. r=kchen
205360b12ae3258f7e03f3af99ef62f643a98ec9Edgar Chen — Bug 828307 - Part 1: IDL change. r=vyang. sr=jonas
78a916e9e4f503d7bafd75e3d30794db473e94b8Richard Newman — Bug 850060 - ALL_PAGES is a crummy log tag. r=bnicholson
3f0a26b5925566fd364cc87b134b8d8ae5468107Richard Newman — Bug 850058 - GeckoDisplayPortCalculator is too long to be a log tag. r=trivial
e8938a43c31ad1f407d486596cd99aef43fca2a4Richard Newman — Backed out changeset cc45fdc389df (Bug 779291) for breaking Mac Android builds.
22835e17f50a5381b7091deba9bf7d1f998d973bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 842438 (part 1) - Remove @line support from SpiderMonkey. r=benjamin.
a3228bb6f72e62074bb6cc1ca709a22e9600708dEric Chou — Bug 848414 - Reply with ERROR to unknown AT commands, r=gyeh
e56f3e0f00d9db0f46493c5f6ff7cc1a7b26e0bdReuben Morais — Bug 821630 - Fix retrieving blobs with get() in Settings API. r=gwagner
8ef4cb8c92e373125964527296e9e0cde9e8fe66Mark Hammond — Bug 849347 - handle that a social activation page may have no data-service attribute. r=mixedpuppy
a40c769474877f926b0fb2b24d93e267501e3db7Phil Ringnalda — Back out fee79a593fd3 and 2c8930343985 (bug 825341) for having probably needed-clobber
f9b13d4bca88bad6540b7130a51dbf5199f676beVincent Chang — Bug 815924 - Wifi hotspot (tethering / internet sharing) should be disabled if data connection is not established r=mrbkap, swu.
c5a9366bb26cf0d3771ad69140124c845845ba61Brian Hackett — Bug 845404 - Handle common 'for' statements during syntax parsing, r=jorendorff.
8d7a31fbb87963a3a53e4f76573c220ef25dd148Josh Aas — Bug 843434: Fix assert in nsUnicharStreamLoader. r=emk
8948998650e16e9f04fb1d5c8d27a6dc53fd061eBrian Hackett — Bug 849785 - Avoid repeated computation of local standard time vs. UTC time difference, r=waldo.
6d81ef71bfb31c2f280780f3ea43bf2b58020e12Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849914 - Implement the latest spec changes to PannerNode and AudioListener; r=roc
fee79a593fd3fae0cc0321e1e0e7a98517bea69bTrevor Saunders — bug 825341 - fix rebase of WrapObject landing on a CLOSED TREE
2c8930343985493ae6e57cd0640007a68cc93f21Trevor Saunders — bug 825341 - convert range to webidl r=bz, smaug
38e753b7023ff70debe096eab267004e97af6616Terrence Cole — Bug 848595 - Move the hashtable postbarrier to Barrier-inl; r=billm
64b60056b8df81b98c6c0efb75ec26c3666983a7Monica Chew — Bug 841212 - Add 'Allow first party only' to permissions.js. r=margaret
049b349ac5a1caef68bae418c1d96c929d9602d1Steve Singer — Bug 817356 - Patch SKIA to recognize uppercase PPC/PPC64. r=gwright
63dcbb90839da42c74334a5f46591e07ef8229aaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 260fb463334f (bug 848963) for Win7 reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
10b98a87ae8774e6727b5ff139d2ea4a34da2be8Matt Brubeck — Bug 847626 (followup) - Trivial punctuation fix for the last patch. DONTBUILD
98280804365ae535d72757f4f9b92d8d2a05c711Matt Brubeck — Bug 847626 - Add a "learn more" link to the Metro geolocation notification [r=ally]
0c502a66d9987ed1ba0af27a8913ea1b0e865a07Terrence Cole — Bug 849452 - Remove unused SetProxyPrivate; r=billm
7dc8dba912a6f18ff4832c2af4007117d3016b5fTerrence Cole — Bug 849068 - Fix some build warnings in the StoreBuffer; r=billm
cb2ccaf0b8941a6fd70ed6b593255c1173e97470Brian Nicholson — Bug 835022 - Switch to correct tab when a tab is closed. r=mfinkle
43128c241d3e0a95200703f9168d4fdf039d7ae7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 848339 - Remove the vestigial boolean outparam from nsWrapperCache::WrapObject. r=bz
75fb668382323a77f8a40ccfeccb72884e262876Mark Hammond — Bug 840568 - mach: handle @CONFIG_GUESS@ in MOZ_OBJDIR. r=gps
0e6809cb3ef9d116ebc98db56cfa90abb937bc38Chris Pearce — Bug 850021 - Change WMFSourceReaderCallback to use its own log so that we don't spam MediaDecoder NSPR log with uninteresting messages. r=padenot
87e22489d39d882d92b31b2aad73443fe64fc86bMark Capella — Bug 837815 Reading list button opens Top Sites, not Reading List, r=wesj
6f57d1e1a4eec4d7d46c85aa69354dece5013074Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844471: Menu obscured in landscape mode. [r=mfinkle]
078256713f768551fb1df87729121bb89a0ceed5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 844471: Menu is obscured in landscape mode. [r=mfinkle]
a526847e4f90d46da8a615dd02ab0f1f4b850a31Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 847578: Reduce redundant views in site identity popup. [r=mfinkle]
eaf1992eb7938b91a4b5ee93c3fc87ecd1d69d6cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 847578: Flatten Site identity popup. [r=mfinkle]
7759f17f1e3ca415f9ce493d9e2df80cefd04382Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 847578: Flat Holo styled door hanger buttons. [r=mfinkle]
a8d31439630131375c5cb07130fe54a27c98f101Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 847578: Flat Holo styled door hanger buttons. [r=mfinkle]
60e2ba8bd317f6dab3cee067732b5782e3fa67e0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 847578: Flat UI for Doorhangers. [r=mfinkle]
6ad1095ef85859d62d79802d71c6d7a25cd26eb3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 7) - Remove nsFixedSizeAllocator from nsXBLService. r=bz.
ed1bfd0c2af6804b1361ee0f8a01da3306a3730aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 6) - Remove nsFixedSizeAllocator from MemoryElement. r=enndeakin.
4a06106700bac7f2dceaea60312b2009b33e3f4aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847112 - Fix up includes in content/svg r=jwatt
8bdb5bb64b9e29593704db2c48b4350851a5ea73David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Remove nsIDOMSVGURIReference r=Ms2ger
3e3c062230bd4b2e02099f6693e36bfac46e8f2eMatt Brubeck — Bug 849277 - Remove unused content permission strings in Firefox for Android [r=margaret]
65bb00392010b0a9bacbfa70b8c675b2dfbf8332Brian Hackett — Bug 849420 - Use MaybeRooted instead of Shape::AutoRooter, r=sfink.
260fb463334f6797db8a884f8f80096b6a42d7edJim Mathies — Bug 848963 - Fix for bug415761.sjs reftest fails on Windows 8. r=bbondy
ecc947f95662a70f1f706bf34f1bab4f6f164f62Bobby Holley — Bug 809674 - Tests. r=me
3ba2cd25663be6d9783723d7de4ccd8dc6800c18Bobby Holley — Bug 809652 - Tests. r=jorendorff
fdbe3970ed1992f3caf63d91c52587150c8c7de8Bobby Holley — Bug 806751 - Crashtest. r=me
c5a9a8bb2752197645c87c693ce5f8db0f1ac7bfBobby Holley — Bug 805807 - Tests. r=mrbkap
ff3cf0d570a87733dfe98e10a27f4d822fd8b895Bobby Holley — Bug 786142 - Crashtest. r=me
723ecd18f89865f88519d7375fafd85c882dc2a3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 5) - Remove nsFixedSizeAllocator from nsXULTemplateBuilder. r=enndeakin.
8b136fd785b9323379804e932affbc7057e16397Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 4) - Remove all uses of nsFixedSizeAllocator from rdf/. r=bz.
9e353ac8efaa8dfff5ffb11dc11d0e52b62df16dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 847248 (part 3) - Remove the nsFixedSizeAllocator from nsTreeContentView. r=bz.
97d6871f02e7c671fdcb23b5e9ae7ee2b4c9b410Gregory Szorc — Bug 847662 - Part 3: Move provider management code into provider manager; r=rnewman
5e2536a86e7f66acf6426f2f2815b9b2d8dc6d98Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e7f298d7b17b (bug 829602) for frequent B2G mochitest crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
db9a9746f2cb49e442b6dbca3b23a3f256c878b5Matt Woodrow — Bug 702504 - Mark reftests that fail with the new resolution as fuzzy. r=roc
5cb86cbd48d71678948fed1d2e125e48993b380dArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 702504 - Switch windows 7 machines to larger screen resolution. r=jmaher
b126da2498a2bb7abc221aa4a59bb29eb0226c3aEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 849713) since builds fail because of warnings as errors
d2ae88e9925bfa0276166e08956f74577253dabeEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 151b845b0fa9 (bug 849713 part 5) because it has not been reviewed yet!
151b845b0fa9076c7cb41a09e3f63a12d8025214Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 5: Implement the looping logic in AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine; r=roc
e811d4258d450c0ad0c7ece97d7f8eef171560cfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 4: Refactor the logic for borrowing the output buffer from the input buffer; r=roc
26aa58e87d5d44b1d10ef52b9d687eca45dd995cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 3: Set the loop parameters on AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine if looping is turned on when start() gets called; r=roc
9a6552161effca751333e7cfcdd484818977368bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 2: Accept the loop parameters on AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine; r=roc
3551877d9b92ec439076b0bfa1edf04a38c6b784Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 1: Add DOM bindings for AudioBufferSourceNode loop attributes; r=roc
019f5532e8cb53af072008775d89ed0e0610eba6Geoff Brown — Bug 817899 - Use ListView.getChildAt responsibly in robocop tests; r=jmaher
1e3e737fce5174f00b4069a6416c74a3a1221349Jim Mathies — Bug 849771 - adjust annotations in layout/reftests/bugs for Win8. r=roc
09df0abeda7c1e21bcced5f475be03ce7b62b0bcJim Mathies — Bug 848941 - make certain layout/reftests/border-radius tests fuzzy for Win8. r=joe
417263f13987142630e0e7814fba73df3fbd73e6Jim Mathies — Bug 849772 - make certain layout/reftests/css-gradients tests fuzzy for Win8. r=roc
88f15bda9f71ff5e2d298cfd841c4191c062cb4dRalph Giles — Bug 849442 - Fix EXPORT_NAMESPACE typo. r=ted
62f0629bf21f61f8a800bd3c8fd6f6c66a5f57bdRaymond Lee — Bug 847814 - Remove browser.geolocation.warning.infoURL preference for mobile/andriod if it's not used. r=margaret
d42cafe0fbfdbc9e06391b0481d14ef38b1d9ca8Julien Wajsberg — Bug 846499 - [B2G RIL] Don't reject so many numbers in nsIDOMTelephony.dial(). r=gwagner
80d1a17de628f0535eeb8c29a81af7408878cde7Brian Nicholson — Bug 823285 - Use foreground notification service for downloads. r=kats
d8648c78e3adacefc7014a577fd820891768673fOlli Pettay — Bug 847600 - Remove SVGEvent, r=jwatt
18df15462240d878b418357cd02b82686efc5831John Schoenick — Bug 783059 - Plugin instantiation tests for embed/object tags. r=josh
c7ff3b1f040fde0050e41c851026e5a91e350fa5John Schoenick — Bug 783059 - Add do_lookupGetter helper to SpecialPowers. r=bholley
edff7aaa5e652cf300523ebeeb37d1d04c0fcf9fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 847942 - Make active tap highlight color gray instead of orange. r=wesj
7fd8d9bbbd9c87b668be064ba1f444d7a8fe032fJoel Maher — Bug 849911 - upload new to pick up changes for components disappear for content. r=armenzg
e7f298d7b17b5945406238edc961ca396de5b028Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 829602 - Enable self-hosted ParallelArray r=dvander,till
519c7cf5605bd621aa07780a4badb81d3e44b944Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
6b087f0ef2cbb9da944b3075911b23688ebb3017Girish Sharma — Bug 835722 - Infobar reappears even when not needed, r=mratcliffe
62067564d53966f196bd48c84104696e0bfb8fcbJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 830543 - Add padding to style editor nav when no stylesheets present; r=paul
b446612962cf67b274c6f0f3a8e2745864eb4657Nick Fitzgerald Bug 848576 - "Remove scripts and newScript packets from the RDP"; r=past
619f2df16dfe4bae1d669d99c340390ede755306Gary Kwong — Suppress bug 850134. DONTBUILD
7433bc4545c9930cb609bf86f8f4be04c0265decRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7b3da1dae19ae2fa087cfaa3e18dbbb6cda66d84Terrence Cole — Bug 843907 - Move to manual barriering for MapObject and SetObject's key; r=billm
b0ad066a12bca2f94e6a6c72b9977cacae203d7fNathan Froyd — Bug 849866 - fix signed/unsigned comparison warning in nsDocument::Register; r=smaug
d4f5562cbabfa83b592668cc154bc3787bef79caBobby Holley — Bug 825697 - Check for all wrapper types. r=mrbkap
64bdaa6a86cdbeb965446a2a109ea5beca4d0b0fJan de Mooij — Bug 830943 part 2 - Add asserts, testcase. r=dvander
635e926d9e4f1f3b9ecd32009feea56c8ea0cf53Markus Stange — Bug 676248 - Make the window GL context transparent on OSX. r=bgirard
cecc73dc627aa6c553a067063f5820010197d74dChris Lord — Bug 849254 - Fix NullPointerException in BrowserApp.setToolbarHeight. r=kats
b123c8210d41679343d568d10f683142bc2ce7dfNeil Deakin — Bug 407983, add clipboard events constructor, r=smaug
1cc899b40731f8052b0dfcd3c7f089ef8ec80ab8Neil Deakin — Bug 407983, add support for clipboardData in cut/copy/paste events, r=ehsan,sr=smaug
875c77fe1e798ddc98f7f0df61b1b87d5fe4f67cHenrik Skupin — Bug 837458 - Cleanup PC Test Framework to Allow for Better Maintainability and Reusability for Future Tests. r=ekr, r=jsmith
120158b9849d53dc79b05908df213b9c8a4b684fChris Lord — Bug 849539 - Fix launching web-apps after bug 716403. r=mfinkle
d46a482ab8c0b9badad98bc1e0540d6150df621fChia-hung Tai — Bug 842235 - B2G MMS: retry send on error. r=vyang
5e0366a64dfcc6affb3ec04342c8926f9478c661Benjamin Chen — Bug 824920 - Fix zoom ratio and check the zoom offset to prevent over-scroll. r=drs
b5448e182c480c31397aedba570f4d5c8714b360Benjamin Kerensa — Bug 758874 - Test browser_sanitize-download-history.js contains typo in window name. r=mak77
d6f51f2bac4bd129110acb00f4908741900464d8Gabriele Svelto — Bug 689256 - Record invalid PROCESS_CREATION timestamps and adjust tests to cope with them. r=glandium
ff9278fc1554d1ed3ed46e7af241e735c39793c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a59a323e52f0e3480bdaa69eba5cd09d76b665b0Patrick Wang — Bug 839402 - Part 5 - Test case for updating display condition. r=vicamo
4e06397565a274bb8d5c1c97b1a930622c5501caPatrick Wang — Bug 839402 - Part 4 - Test case for reading SPN. r=allstars.chh
be270cb736a5789723e4fea3cc6fb77840e5bcd0Patrick Wang — Bug 839402 - Part 3 - Update display condition for CDMA network. r=vicamo
14415ab6c873743852644462a2831b3622067bcbPatrick Wang — Bug 839402 - Part 2 - Read SPN from RUIM. r=allstars.chh
17b65305f13195c96aad14b33f7edb5643b978d7Patrick Wang — Bug 839402 - Part 1 - Make decoding cdma pdu message reusable. r=vicamo
db7aaa4e41844b03b3dd922db22fdf4978bf0394Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849693 - Use the new -fsanitize=address flag in the asan mozconfig; r=decoder
2a8cfcbb89714b606a7bcd2d1ebf54fb6e0fb264Dão Gottwald — Bug 849237 - Remove _handleTabTelemetryStart's useless aTabContainer parameter. r=felipe
0fa7493d1dcfc09ba794f9eb6f5fefa8b89a101aPaul Adenot — Bug 846612 - r=kinetik
c80bfb6663b843f73722ac494567e70362380b50Ms2ger — Bug 849659 - Make Ripc/Cipc pass on OSX; r=dbaron
cbacce36ee58c1223eb2de780b67443db0b53b68David Zbarsky — Kick off a build because of the clobber, no bug
243f097d4ba547b5d1e31f2593493770d866fa11David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFETileElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
885607afe05c5aca872d9244b7659fb76a804734David Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFETileElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
72952b8e3e811f9e62642f4b20642fd7ba0b405dPhil Ringnalda — Back out d39b5acb8d83 and cf778a07299d (bug 847120) for Windows build bustage
f3817c9dc83d3d31afa4a2a09ada2fd99bffb661Kyle Machulis — Bug 843958 - Fix compiler warning for SCO not handling LM; r=echou
4f155de58dbf579d03d04483f4e69eca0937b5d9Kyle Machulis — Bug 849078 - Change SetNonblockFlags to SetSocketFlags; r=echou
d39b5acb8d83c05ecead7963d63e1251e927ba1cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Convert SVGFETileElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
cf778a07299dbc93e27da295361a556c4e9fa2abDavid Zbarsky — Bug 847120: Move SVGFETileElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
45c65a344578a3b141b4e370a2c787d05eaf7843Alexander Surkov — Bug 845095 - disable mochitest accessible/states/test_tree.xul
73658fed05eb9e46e19e6107079d38124133998fGavin Sharp — bug 818014 followup: replace _all_ null bytes in titles
51fbe526dbc9851ed38382eca1d1eb7b489e2216Edgar Chen — Bug 848688 - Have a consistent naming for error message. r=allstars.chh
cc45fdc389df2d1161bcc8ff244cff31d562ede0Julian Seward — Bug 779291: Implement SPS stackwalk using the breakpad unwinder. r=bgirard,glandium
f42a8ed7bf2fa8abaee85875238f65e7a4ac624fSeth Fowler — Bug 843895 (Part 4) - Use FrozenImage instead of ExtractFrame for imgRequestProxy::GetStaticRequest. r=joe
1b269c239a7537c95387cd2c929882a2a2e8d2abSeth Fowler — Bug 843895 (Part 3) - Add the FrozenImage wrapper class to stop image animation. r=joe
6e2d12e2be75171c2920f069373c3acd4145fb21Seth Fowler — Bug 843895 (Part 2) - Add ImageWrapper. r=joe
ef39bbfd87e00aac1310ffe3859222c1298412f9Seth Fowler — Bug 843895 (Part 1) - Add an aWhichFrame parameter to imgIContainer::Draw. r=joe
9cad83c03950a81d4b0ea600526d4e760b583607Matthew Gregan — Bug 849519 - Raise INDEX_SIZE_ERR if media element volume is set to NaN. r=doublec
463a06b91cbf99b76e58353e9bc4deae4afc11f8Matthew Gregan — Bug 837564 - Implement switchable backends for cubeb. r=padenot
5f92acf341046fc0713fe333793ad3894dbdd701Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 846774 - Make GeckoEvent member variables private. r=cpeterson
95729bbde2204a5d6d50469dc8161919d68cf1f3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 846774 - Replace the sync event with an ack flag on events. r=cpeterson
bce499a0ac45d5cf8fc060948431dc1ad3b8f6e6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849652 - Copy enough number of bytes in AudioBufferSourceNode::ProduceAudioBlock's memcpy loop; r=roc
e2cdf49fe8734ee66120913511e75c171b815d30Seth Fowler — Bug 847630 - Stop deferring OnStopRequest in VectorImage. r=joe
14f662af1c91d0673e8b5570e978b9ae9621962dSeth Fowler — Bug 849114: Add parser support for spatial media fragments. r=cpearce
cc6c725d463de2d2f55114a5fb7394bb1a634adcL. David Baron — Backout changeset 6ff3de859ce3 (bug 804944), which depended on an unlanded patch that I currently have tagged for bug 784461.
9a9689e414e452f7948fdf37445e2d1954811e26L. David Baron — Bug 849263: Make OverflowChangedTracker actually sort by depth in the tree where it intended to. r=roc
6ff3de859ce3109659f5738a7625085bcc1be190L. David Baron — Bug 804944, patch 2: Also condition @-moz-keyframes parsing on the animations preference. r=bzbarsky
dfeacbbb793d3617edd3ef430e99bd7c56176476Tim Taubert — Bug 847100 - Make sure dummy thumbnails aren't expired too early when testing thumbnail expiration; r=yoric
1176278e959bc64353a72b5bd220a23d525f0d7fTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
39cad9d253fe8d5af514a6245104d2a9e868a68fVictor Porof — Bug 812083 - Add widgets.css to windows/aero in, r=me
552590afb1e3724ae784ed34380eba9dd80466c7Victor Porof — Bug 828983 - Variable View twisties on Linux are cut on the top, r=msucan
acc254c3c50d40f7fd6550402731e6799a0f4dddVictor Porof — Bug 812083 - Implement a SideMenuWidget (add a tree view to the remote debugger's script selector), r=past,rcampbell
dc25ef7de1f2acd351cce5d2ecc4812bb0fced58Victor Porof — Bug 802546 - Prettify the Stackframes UI, r=rcampbell
315a1bf40723de2d50086f6df06a874d5d8d39f9Heather Arthur — Bug 826982 - [style editor] Show a notification when navigating away from page if there are unsaved changes; r=paul
eccf4574940004ba8e317e2bab8cef15d8e851e0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 7f12ca5e6d0a (bug 750303) on suspicion of breaking l10n builds
393f4a1085281dc4645c1fcb496fa1c2101bc6a6Phil Ringnalda — Bug 849009 followup, add missing files from Add-on SDK uplift in 0745394ef7b1, r=KWierso
a61fc19b0b249762208467233c40406a5a6c39baCameron Kaiser — Bug 849598. Get in-tree Snappy happy on big endian platforms. r=khuey
ba321bc503eb15346bbf17a9f85cac57d7b987faMs2ger — Merge m-c to inbound.
c6208d0b66fec082848507feadd161c9bccf1ee9Martijn Wargers — Bug 839519 - Permission.txt documentation fix. r=gwagner
c1de9b068ef2b8fa027b34ffdc8e15c7f2d3a5ebMartijn Wargers — Bug 839519 - Add systemXHR permission. r=dclarke
80f3b6ae39bb61703c6bfd80b173d7a64034ff30Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 849281 - Use the NdefMessage constructor that is in API 9 instead of the one that is 16+. r=mfinkle
b1a08130fae67ee3c02c63349628f5b645030cc1Ms2ger — Bug 847195 - Make NamedNodeMap only deal with Attrs; r=khuey
aefab5bdd684ce2800e8e5f791db3eb1a2a4776bMs2ger — Bug 849191 - Cleanup some ToDOMAnimatedString calls; r=dzbarsky
9d627c3267fcef84f820aff4815a454633958d34Ms2ger — Bug 847144 - Rename Element::GetAttributes() to Attributes() and remove null-checks; r=mounir