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Mon Jul 23 23:27:54 2012 +0000
6addc3c4408ecdaca3e572dbcf3bd4d11f19daaeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 776547 - Add text selection support for web apps. r=wesj a=lsblakk
63e4dbbffa2c62542672da074a1b958d3e79c6e5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 776390 - Get selected text for context menu actions. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
33799e1ebccff27baec42f19a8e40c34ade6bfd4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 775759 - Native handles don't precisely line up horizontally with the ends of the selection. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
caeaf8a403556f21174a1deaff9cc12dd40a0a8aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 775969 - Native handles vanish when crossing. r=mbrubeck a=lsblakk
19f189f814a5aabe5622a95ee1f2e5dc8ec37344Margaret Leibovic — Bug 775723 - Native handles shrink when dragged to the right/bottom of the content area. r=mfinkle a=lsblakk
cb23493f8d3c8ee9bc9012e984b80a086182ff10Margaret Leibovic — Bug 774938 - Native text selection handles. r=mfinkle,kats a=lsblakk