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Fri Dec 02 01:12:01 2016 +0000
618770ed4835a5ee8852afc1406754ea6391b2d4Ryan Kelly — Bug 1319904 - Ignore origin attributes in webchannel origin check. r=markh, a=ritu
35b331da8f1520eb289ff12684fc0ef38aaaadedKit Cambridge — Bug 1319037 - Disable trace logging and increase timeout factor for test_bookmark_tracker.js. a=test-only
0402dc72ef21459b2ec67e26ce11e22aa388f944Neerja Pancholi — Bug 1295466 - Revert w3c-css/submitted/ui3/box-sizing-replaced-001.xht to remove previously added MozReftestInvalidate and add fuzzy anotation for this test. r=dholbert, a=test-only
ba27799bd6cd97283088d499584cba0d72954ec0Neerja Pancholi — Bug 1295466 - Copy test box-sizing-replaced-001.xht and use non-standard MozReftestInvalidate event to avoid test failure when paint delay is reduced. r=dholbert, r=mstange, a=test-only