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Fri Oct 31 15:59:42 2014 +0000
272d21e922037a9d68b5e2265f3436c38a4b636fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1083167 - Fix FormHistory error in ContentSearch by not passing an empty string to FormHistory.update. r=MattN, a=lsblakk
6459604b7ccc4642a0ad73eb66145c7d77788d55Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1083098 - Allow to handle GTK composition events if given IM context is same as one of our own IM contexts for cleaning up composition state which is being committed asynchronously. r=karlt, a=lsblakk
372443d1753736199bda53d72b024f99e8aee7ebTim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Follow-up to fix small SECItem leak in PublicKeyToSpki(). r=rbarnes, a=lsblakk
9b74e7cf7995e8b10bff9134cce24ca4a4a5c4d6Tim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Remove CryptoBuffer::ToSECItem() using moz_malloc(). r=rbarnes, a=lsblakk
cc040db9b406d929a0a7c78963be27578c5ec53eTim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Implement SPKI public key import/export for DH. r=rbarnes, a=lsblakk
8e01a459f5322fc38bd1e7997f89f3400cdebd51Tim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Implement raw public key import/export for DH. r=rbarnes, r=smaug, a=lsblakk
4db14b0721a27be97e216f2f00a2b642b71e2c1cTim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Implement deriveBits() for DH. r=rbarnes, r=smaug, a=lsblakk
5ec58576edf397e74f67df24f0a73ee2cbb01058Tim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Implement generateKey() for DH. r=rbarnes, a=lsblakk
af5fea2deedb7fef5b3d7e59dc03c40368c28e54Tim Taubert — Bug 1034856 - Introduce DhKeyAlgorithm. r=rbarnes, r=smaug, a=lsblakk
a0b472565f9e5bc22b34a364d3679f3be2c7e546Tim Taubert — Bug 1078847 - GenerateAsymmetricKeyTask should allow generating key pairs where only the public key or the private key has any usages. r=rbarnes, a=lsblakk