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Fri Mar 27 00:27:16 2015 +0000
cb0db44ce60e0eebe6e1682672a31674a241b4b6Jared Wein — Bug 1148098 - Enable reader mode outside of Nightly. r=margaret a=readinglist
572a200405b45407c4c2f358d65fe7309c6442dbDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1148060 - Fix test_Sync.js pre-39 failure due to defining `delete` on an object. r=jaws a=readinglist
a3e6d4e1890cbad8c82071ee2b3da0c87a061d99Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1146046 - Update testReadingListCache non-reader-able testcase. r=rnewman a=readinglist
0dd708c5b576ae51f0a427837587e4a3ba9f4eb6Mark Hammond — Bug 1146054 - browser now reports a prolonged readinglist sync error after the correct time. r=adw a=readinglist
ce90526403d8b465c1cb751727e78890233c27bcMark Hammond — Bug 1131413 (part 2) - add readinglist support to browser-syncui.js. r=adw a=readinglist
7bf115416751c9ceda69c6d8df6a149b6f9f805aMark Hammond — Bug 1131413 (part 1) - add tests for browser-syncui.js. r=adw a=readinglist
cdda1e9c607daea0717287db445484bf9593fca5Mark Hammond — Bug 1147270 followup - fix stray quote character. r=me a=readinglist
bbad6053a2592634fc78029551546f71224540dcMark Hammond — Bug 1147270 - extract Sync's device name logic so it can be used by reading list. r=rnewman a=readinglist
20d4b2b21a8f9e24f470388d61b362b6ce6bbb62Mark Hammond — Bug 1146068 (part 2) - fix log manager to automatically set log level for all logs under its control. r=adw a=readinglist
312551e075004fcf9a90aefb0c6935831dc60ee6Mark Hammond — Bug 1131410 followup - addressing review comments I missed in part1, r=adw/rnewman a=readinglist
214e71c08482583542c79e337b1967f608b494c4Mark Hammond — Bug 1131410 - Extract sync's log management so it can be reused by the reading-list back-end. r=adw a=readinglist
d93c3c3ac3221757ac2982def0fa5abea460f1a2Mark Hammond — Bug 1146068 (part 1) - fix scheduler to match readinglist sync engine implementation. r=adw a=readinglist
e700ba708c291e9b7bded685ad96faffecc1199dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (sync module). r=markh a=readinglist
ee9b3d01d1c2b5f5477047545b80316d028953e4Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1146666 - fix reader mode button's dealing with history.pushState, r=margaret a=readinglist
5a005b821daee4994d7a1e895dea23066eb79feeBlake Winton — Bug 1146946 - Handle empty lists in sidebar.js when using the up/down key. r=florian a=readinglist
6e5a2a95f319e79211b143c5ef50b7a6d8458cc7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1145259 - Add pageshow listener to check whether or not to show reader button when DOMContentLoaded doesn't fire. r=Gijs a=readinglist
2b44abf2f570c90cd58ef4ab0f8f96715a41a985Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1132674 - Show reader toolbar button on DOMContentLoaded instead of pageshow. r=Gijs a=readinglist
2bc473feb50a6327dfef164d1df2329760b4299aBlake Winton — Bug 1137556 - Make the ReadingList sidebar look like other sidebars. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=florian a=readinglist
57a010d48a4722d9b1ac815acaecd30107c380aaFlorian Quèze — Bug 1143388 - Loading an item from the readinglist shouldn't make the user leave the reader mode if it was active, r=jaws. a=readinglist
8f553b5d176835c39516d8419d2ad6a05cbf4206Mark Hammond — Bug 1146786 - make readinglist sidebar logs less noisy. r=florian a=readinglist
8e91ca6e762d08ae38500cbd6bf16213144d9d6aMark Hammond — Bug 1131416 - module for the readinglist sync engine to use to talk to the server. r=adw a=readinglist
fc08c7dc1d51b2c8e3f0012b053ad21bfd20ee69Jared Wein — Bug 1145911 - Enable reading list by default, r=florian a=readinglist
86fdca1c5b68cd1511aab701dfa99a22fbfd3a59Jared Wein — Bug 1146486 - The generic reading list thumbnail graphic is stretched too big and on white background. r=florian a=readinglist
54820487703f004e16d29fa1f935bd5faacf465aJared Wein — Bug 1146463 - Prevent reading list description text from wrapping on hover. r=florian a=readinglist
61685c383230ebb0f2f91c33a93aa608f9205b76Jared Wein — Bug 1146358 - Adding an item to reading list from reader view fails. r=adw a=readinglist
dfd7c0ccfffda4afd76c57bcf5ab5546b1895340Abhinav Koppula — Bug 1127337 - Show article favicon in the browser tab in reader mode. r=jaws a=readinglist
cb38b4973ea93df3807296d0bdee82beb1cc13f0Margaret Leibovic — No bug: update readability libs to the up-to-date github versions. rs=me+Gijs a=readinglist
54db0a4c777fc2e2f2d33229d2b2754be1dbfb29Florian Quèze — Bug 1145911 - fix leak and other test failures for reading list, r=gijs a=readinglist
4f9d6ba4a684ad19c207c3240740a4b0fde1fde3Gijs Kruitbosch — No bug: update readability libs to the up-to-date github versions to include significant perf and quality improvements, rs=me a=readinglist
79bc8606e3155585c3f61f1abe70180d48f90970Jared Wein — Bug 1145909 - Use an image instead of toolbarbutton for the reading list button. r=florian a=readinglist
b7de0775a8d922415b69c9d552daf621638e23c7Jared Wein — Bug 1140345 - Use an image instead of toolbarbutton for the reading view button. r=florian a=readinglist
7b9c0e41f86a885bd933e664c385252ae405877cDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (one more fix to prepatory changes). r=jaws a=readinglist
e52d11853e9825f3dd8b3465c357f96046ec6a29Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (fixes to prepatory changes). rs=jaws a=readinglist
54e9be44f35c5e041a91f64912b43a73c90c7363Jared Wein — Bug 1133485 - [ReadingList] Open the Reading List sidebar when the button in the location bar is used to add the current page to Reading List. r=markh a=readinglist
7d452f002a02cbb1dc4682166a6a3a1d459cc31cJared Wein — Bug 1123518 - Follow-up, use background-size:cover for the reading list images. r=me a=readinglist
599e67dd8b26a24d1e59a8b50e999d4e40ff0059Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (test fix). r=me a=readinglist
de26a56440142abcdf236a886a3031ae3c24710fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1131416 - Desktop syncing module for reading list service (prepatory changes). r=markh a=readinglist
2dbde197a04e343d806d345ed81da18c031533e6Florian Quèze — Bug 1144823 - reading list sidebar should be sorted by most recently added, r=markh. a=readinglist
4c492ecaf5e7d2b5a4f4aeb73b1119aa612d7d73Florian Quèze — Bug 1144380 - active state on reading list sidebar persists after switching tabs, r=markh. a=readinglist
b0e7f69c3590c883b733d0c6a0d4acd6dcfcd380Jared Wein — Bug 1123518 - [ReadingList] Display article preview image in the Reading List sidebar. r=florian a=readinglist
395fa1ecf377e8f736312f2d1961094e58534632Mark Hammond — Bug 1131414 (part 2) - add the reading-list engine to Sync prefs. r=adw a=readinglist
bf356118c79edd721906d013977d475bb6d01a5bMark Hammond — Bug 1131414 (part 1) - add a pref to indicate if sync is disabled in its entirety. r=rnewman a=readinglist
28912ec5344f23094e927e370d4504c362ab23f2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1143844 - Update readerModeArticle.html test case to have more paragraphs. r=Gijs a=readinglist
6f97fe51dff7a52045be7c7b33960ac0c31ee4a5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1143844 - Check document for readerable content to determine whether or not to show reader button. r=Gijs a=readinglist
7ed35febcb504b460ceed21b8e4aaa565150a9e3Jared Wein — Bug 1133429 - [ReadingList] Store image URL in the ReadingList sqlite database. r=markh, a=KWierso. a=readinglist
73a88d5a05d3ced5caf3b51c85773defe86eacc1Florian Quèze — Bug 1145372 - The add to reading list url bar button is larger than the other url bar buttons, r=markh. a=readinglist
70a942a84ad58abe0963b800c186deb5a7fe8f6cFlorian Quèze — Bug 1144680 - The Reading List URLbar button should handle about:reader urls and filter out other non-http(s) urls, r=markh. a=readinglist
69c5f5536e10e7119f277e93e27695eba3107ed0Florian Quèze — Bug 1144675 - The Reading List button from the Location Bar should have a distinct icon for pages currently in the list, r=markh. a=readinglist
4510e7024404394e75fcbe4074245bca73dc859eFlorian Quèze — Bug 1144377 - hover state on reading list sidebar items remains after the mouse leaves the list, r=jaws. a=readinglist
e967dc8f6f3e96f27e38d5e7980783ac92d36dcfJustin Dolske — Bug 1133662 - [ReadingList] Show something useful in the sidebar when the Reading List is empty. r=florian a=readinglist
57a7834350dd4d46c62fbf85d7ebdde70115d788Florian Quèze — Bug 1144382 - title text in reading list sidebar item wraps poorly, leaving partial text visible, r=jaws. a=readinglist
3e0c6d66b371d3ec541d8159d2e71360870b0911Florian Quèze — Bug 1123525 - [ReadingList] Allow deleting items via the Reading List sidebar, r=jaws. a=readinglist
090a386f48d55cfd5c9ebd868013854bb2905aa6Jesse Ruderman — Bug 1144351 - Add newline at the end of 'JSDOMParser error' messages. r=mfinkle a=readinglist
8492c9dae13c3f5ab25ea54b052393adafa6a8caGijs Kruitbosch — No bug, update Readability.js to the version in github, rs=margaret,me per discussion earlier today a=readinglist
b7c0318cd5b0ac571011aca8e6dfa1ad2298a52aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1139678 - (Part 3) Don't try interacting with the window in AboutReader if it has been unloaded. r=Gijs a=readinglist
ead131a382fe5b74190dce9a0fca78c88563d192Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1139678 - (Part 2) Update non-reader-able test URL in browser_readerMode.js. r=Gijs a=readinglist
afede426f944bd4961a49ad09750f4fbca69a343Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1139678 - Don't do reader parse until user clicks on reader button. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
b2227f72c242b9625d07610554909eecb968b07cBlair McBride — Bug 1131457 - Add a button to the URLBar that allows adding the current page to the Reading List. r=markh/adw a=readinglist
1155419379269a1a638c772e92421aafd84bbeadBlair McBride — Bug 1131911 - Extract page metadata extraction from Social.jsm to its own JSM. r=mixedpuppy a=readinglist
f2e7171388b1c3ba174393506f56001926d81de7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1143508 (part 2) - Optimize pair returning from makeNodeElement() in JSDOMParser. r=bnicholson. a=readinglist
3af32770b0f3628c0a4e17ae4518bb2a34b7dd31Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1143508 (part 1) - Optimize tag name scanning in JSDOMParser. r=bnicholson. a=readinglist
a7946db30b62636c1c893a22d6b9c831893199dbMark Hammond — Bug 1143970 - clicking on an item in the reading list sidebar now opens the item. r=gavin a=readinglist
c8f5fabac3693dca7d0f8bf5a4855cd333bf05bcFlorian Quèze — Bug 1142217 - Make the '+-' button in reader view work. r=markh a=readinglist
47992ba93d42af911f841011c7306c8763e8d9e0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 998031 - Reader Mode toolbar should scroll in and out instead of fading. r=bnicholson a=readinglist
62207e715de5efdfe038b4dafec9aa9f612e74bfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1141757 - Catch exceptions thrown in ReaderWorker. r=Yoric a=readinglist
82be87b08032f3d4512813b25077e9998081c0e7Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1140389 - Fix test_SQLiteStore.js and test_ReadingList.js failures on Windows due to NS_ERROR_FILE_IS_LOCKED. r=Unfocused a=readinglist
b18bdcfaba790d7f8261306bcf9d16fb97411a5cMark Hammond — Bug 1141505 - avoid array.includes in xpcshell test. r=adw a=readinglist
569f5001706570cc73b0aba67d05092175ecc552Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1141618 - Disable reader worker logging by default. r=Mossop a=readinglist
bf9ea14440703f1d1560f4398d7ee0c95b358845Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1140172 - Use a single reader worker instead of spawning infinite workers. r=bnicholson f=Yoric a=readinglist
1b23ce8302cda994023c58841a7eb53a275ea28aDrew Willcoxon Bug 1131362 - Update Readinglist.jsm consumers to use new API. r=Unfocused a=readinglist
ef56ce2db9302160775ac3f87472b4ca24919916Drew Willcoxon Bug 1131362 - Create a reading list SQLite database and JSM to provide access to it. r=markh,Unfocused a=readinglist
6d3dc7ed4b28fa7fb95e48634cf3fa89b69f74e2Mark Hammond — Bug 1131412 - implement a scheduler for the readinglist. r=adw a=readinglist
581298c4704e72b8f9b6b5da9bdcb2bfa2ab8e07Matt Hammerly — Bug 1124271 - Entering reader mode from an app tab shouldn't open a new tab. r=jaws a=readinglist
a024d69753b4791f534be8d182dcf8b100c80504Boris Kudryavtsev — Bug 1135364 - Close <meta> tag in aboutReader.html. r=bnicholson a=readinglist