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Tue Aug 28 00:20:43 2012 +0000
a8e95ae10ea72b0adb271021a39afa4690ff7244Alex Keybl — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
3f769350a3045ea8f132677a1f9b669da66dd473Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE
46022716901f49d6ccc85eea6aa662eef52833faAlex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
fd72dbbd692012224145be1bf13df1d7675fd277Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c. FIREFOX_AURORA_17_BASE
f400c8e5cea46069f4e68b2b801eb34ba810a250Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 785772 - Don't use -O0 during stage1 on darwin. r=rail.
5acb2a155d121f7686460c30e2dacd40cea315a4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 776825 - Separate message managers into senders and broadcasters. r=smaug
d36a98542b01fee2c7469eb466c27099f1e727b1Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 763897 - Incorrect behaviour of through xray; r=bholley
febe1ad166da318e6965ae129e8c44872048115aGabor Krizsanits — Bug 738244 - Supporting DOM specific collection properties through xray wrappers; r=mrbkap
d985281cad1377334f72e5d3c85f6c42a38bc85eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 781035 followup - fix indentation. r=me
4bb09a1e8c1592feedd94b1aea70dbc8b5e10df5Benjamin Peterson — Bug 781035 - Use the C++ JS compile API in more places. r=jorendorff sr=jst
c203425c094d439877b2faf2c48e56051e605ce5Benjamin Peterson — Bug 785781 - Remove artifact of the old re engine. r=njn
8b22f48262d184975d3be62ad3078a7129f4a53cMark Hammond — Bug 780987 - implement social.user-recommend-* messages. r=mixedpuppy
a8f183cf4b38272152dac2a43819592406ec54a6Ms2ger — Backout bug 781731.
cd5eb6f6f4954a83fb37ec064b0c8e09d8750463Anthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Fixed failed assertion in reftest1; r=doublec
dfdfdf5ae236757f9267dc3a7fae8f951fcc9a92Anthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Fixed crash caused by an empty shadow region; r=Bas
8ac3a7df2b6a64ab5ebe600c91ec0de9ef33d9d4Anthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Use a similar surface for non-blurred shadows to improve performance; r=roc
3b2797ed0518b438b468bac4d1a76f08afc02be7Anthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Set azure shadow canvas size match thebes in order to match performance; r=roc
aec0729913fee9e86cf3d7aff9315382f963b5ecAnthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Speed up shadows by using tee surface to avoid doing a read back; r=roc
4041007e49cd37f4fa1018bbda066c8cc158e2a9Anthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Fix shadow surface extents so they aren't double padded; r=roc
ddff99db5f7c61f3a58eadde82541bf0235d5a3aAnthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Clean up DrawTargetCairo::DrawSurfaceWithShadow() to make it simpler and paint correctly in all modes; r=jrmuizel
7402befeff1c5462046704415800b16b690f5cc9Anthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Fixed passing of text bounds to AdjustedTarget in order to limit the size of the temporary target; r=Bas
f3fa6d8742ffe6f91aacb77f73945d441dc1dfdfAnthony Jones — Bug 781731 - Fixed Azure Cairo GTK perf by removing xlib to buffered image conversion; r=Bas
b3fde74539de8ea3e44ad707416de4caacfbad4fChris Pearce — Bug 784932 - Allow HTMLMediaElement.buffered to be read when readyState > HAVE_NOTHING instead of > HAVE_METADATA. r=roc
6c6a080be434b81d8189de2ff2389376a1615a57Cameron McCormack — No bug - Comment fix now that InvalidateAndScheduleBoundsUpdate has been renamed to InvalidateAndScheduleReflowSVG. DONTBUILD
4a20b03e608d46190258a51a5651ff8bed135366Jared Wein — Bug 780433 - Update the volume bar and scrubber icon. r=Unfocused
257e181b2a96d2afbd1bfa82c7ee27333dd4d920Dão Gottwald — Bug 783282 - When dragging a tab within the tab strip, move it directly instead of displaying a drop indicator. r=jaws
e934a9d8be1f2c82d36234d007193e6c87290969Jonathan Griffin — Bug 785273 - Fix MarionetteJS case breakage, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
49aded7afc77808e3e6c6917e9fe0cc48d3e376fMs2ger — Merge last PGO-green changeset from m-i to m-c.
a684417d8536290f830eb71ddeb3f217c00df2c8Cervantes Yu — Bug 779358 - Change click handler back to use capture. r=cjones
caffdfa95b07527ab8c091ba7a533aac81e96964Anthony Jones — Bug 773460 - Change the default canvas over to Azure; r=nrc
14f5c776d20ff71ceb6f00390f5a7b69294e0f0cMark Hammond — merge backout
e53008d2ca14a30908bc681fb68c94b8c4bdf44bMark Hammond — Backout f79e4c7902a1 (Bug 780987) due to talos being angry and red-faced
7ca10f967b059335645909eea2dbb32ca3adbd5eBob Clary — bug 681704 - disable js1_5/extensions/toLocaleFormat-02.js on Windows Debug builds due to CRT Assert, r=dmandelin.
5dbb817a449c00c557a0691b0e7b3af2a611e38dShane Caraveo — Bug 784535 - enable opening chats from worker. r=jaws
224d02609af4cfd6a046914c0e8784605e0c6b9eShane Caraveo — Bug 774506 - Implement toast notification support. r=jaws
f79e4c7902a12ceef3367a7b03657f05859d3c60Mark Hammond — Bug 780987 - implement social.user-recommend-* messages. r=mixedpuppy
20b009e26b4c918c3184cf8f7594f48e3517de3aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 774479 - Create about:feedback page, and show it to users after the app has been launched 10 times. r=mfinkle
59f82234c8d9c584e2b2f97b81903ba2c312cd73Doug Turner — Bug 782351 - Device Storage - Expose sdcard/volume state flag on stat result followup. If fetching the available disk space fails (due to a path not existing), return zero bytes available. r=khuey
32d1839f85a8887fb5cfe20dbf4825f395aac5cfDoug Turner — Bug 784388 - Remove setTimeout from device storage watch tests. r=khuey
16c5acf424367682bec5be4378720567a0d72c09Doug Turner — Bug 783593 - Device Storage - Test to ensure onchange notifications go to the right object. r=khuey
9dd60aeba5b7b48260679679bdf347479a0183b4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 784361 - Make doorhanger and site identity popups have the same width. r=lucasr
5c49d6790357cfb8d593e585b43b3cad7c2d28f2Ms2ger — Merge last PGO-green changeset from m-i to m-c.
6bf3ae02890edbd368c03e13f9cb16a2791fad55Eric Chou — Backed out changeset 8f79f5a6b073 because the author name was missing in original patch
8f79f5a6b073634badf0a1ae1f575bc93fff53eeEric Chou — Bug 779358 - Change click handler back to use capture. r=cjones
9a19aeacd593c9ae697782318181e672350e99e5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 783077 - Attach accessfu to b2g shell. r=fabrice
d6192cb67e8cb7b4400536141a8cbf8345c9cb7aEitan Isaacson — Bug 785510 - Add accessible retreival service to utils, and remove it as global from modules. r=davidb
b7f9634b073f5def4ff7ca80c84cad7dddcb59cdZoe Bellot — Bug 746142 - Part 2 - Use inputmode attribute to vary the virtual keyboard on Android. f=mounir r=cpeterson
317b3811087c23c40d4f9e7673fda57bb28b9a09Zoe Bellot — Bug 746142 - Part 1 - Add inputmode attribute to HTMLInputElement. r=mounir sr=smaug
fe06529df13550deb4fa63b116e4d054a7750077Vincent Chang — Bug 783976 - WiFi list can't displayed after enabling/disabling WiFi repeatedly. r=mrbkap
64980ac7c48b3fc1fe72c5830cdb42e4f819a2fcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b2ad6e5fc690e5fd561ef698d0bf8e0f291d9d04Raphael Catolino — Bug 781313 - Move the euclidGcd and lcm algos form nsStyleAnimation.cpp to mfbt/MathAlgorithms.h r=dbaron,luke
810398e25284f42214eed1ec0d7dc9d85787d9b4Jared Wein — Bug 785593 - Make the chatboxes larger and with a small gap between each one. r=mixedpuppy
469f4e91bb5da42ed59803c2a9bf74007e233b21Jared Wein — Bug 784272 - Docked chat boxes should not overlap top-level vertical scrollbars. r=mixedpuppy
8af6a22827ecaffe6328a02633411da0421ccb90Phil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset from m-i to m-c
9c6cebe4aa59d4c75f6fe013ae26137715133045Lucas Rocha — Bug 785758 - Always update security and reader modes after progress visibility (r=mfinkle)
1c013be9911e51315e0f55f39306fb6e2fea5134David Zbarsky — Bug 785671 - nsHTMLMediaElement::mSrcStreamListener should be an nsRefPtr r=roc
0fdd937d7a81faad224139abdfa1d1e5eb4d4558Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 785001 - Add default constructor to PlanarYCbCrImage::Data. r=roc
d178a49c979c576e8b47e0d8517f38ce91975410Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 8) - Remove FunctionBox::parent. r=luke.
660d18ddffcd0c150fe58200e5c041df1e73f3e4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 7) - Change the form and meaning of ParseContext::innermostWith, and do follow-up simplifications. r=luke.
878eb7f978b676c9e2887355e2ee41057358953fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 6) - Rename some parsing and emitting variables. r=luke.
45ac09b4bcb4a279eda0828cc50d84eff0bc5402Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 5) - Rename some FunctionBox method args. r=luke.
12cca7e45cce0bf1c3de730d4e4a8c9e1de6d94cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 4) - Remove FunctionBox::inAnyDynamicScope. r=jimb.
52cf0f9db2f9fcbcafe5789aff9947f9b9b864f0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 3) - Remove FunctionBox::node. r=jimb.
fdc5717ca867d86c5bcd32a897a33f5a342ee867Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 2) - Remove FunctionBox::level. r=jimb.
49c35b696124cf5fed13aebd79492dd02127d61bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 784608 (part 1) - Remove FunctionBox::inLoop. r=jimb.
a5ffaa0753dd052d540b69855646fa5a76fd9b4dDoug Turner — Bug 784404 - Intermittent assertion in dom/devicestorage/test/test_basic.html. r=bent
0a9e931cdcf3ffc4f34bcd440b1f2fe087afa44aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
74666a1eb791ef2b4447c442556017cc86e59544Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
260d65801b2255ff61a02af2dd06137d27617c86Landry Breuil — Bug 783875: Fix OpenBSD/arm platforms detection in xpcom. r=bsmedberg.
a5d691072fd6192d4197d67c065bae3b2455e299Abhishek Potnis — Bug 785415 - Remove unused getInnerWindowById from WebConsoleUtils.jsm. r=mihai.sucan
0eece65be2df5d1538f9f6624e7fc9edb7dd4020Shu-yu Guo — Bug 784873 - Improve ParallelArray jit-test code (r=dvander)
bf3e9e62d5dee3807b0f2800ec830ffadddfc9b5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 785631 - Temporarily allow permissions if they don't match the app/browserElement info. r=cjones
9435261f7808c2d214e14ad8e97a255cee5a4ed6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 784878 - Use version 2 by default when no version in found in permissions.sqlite. r=sicking
4e1840fca4f3070193405a12c0a9f4af7d91d37fMounir Lamouri — Bug 619236 - Set user_version in generated permissions.sqlite for tests. r=sicking
5e035bffbad5ea7ed6b1a0a962c38ebe925cbd22Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 7/7 - Tests. r=sicking
961258980236d3b3c1a943b919e0e3936beccff8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 6/7 Update the Permission Manager database to save appId/isInBrowserElement. r=sicking
346a4ed09e06d7f094b6ca903adcabd4eb070b20Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 5/7 - Update IPC::Permission to use appId/isInBrowserElement. r=sicking
789055abc89d6f8ec91ac54b4c46c5c836829880Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 4/7 - Update nsPermission to use appId/isInBrowserElement. r=sicking
ef0744b50b6112938601a17f170292c880dc6943Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 3/7 - Update nsHostTable and nsHostEntry to make them aware of new security model. r=sicking,jlebar
0e1c51a8387d2298be9a4202301d406c80f22759Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 2/7 - AddInternal() and CommonTestPermission() should use nsIPrincipal. r=sicking
2b4f2729b40176a6e54df204955584bf5ec6025fMounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 1/7 - Move the logic from methods taking URIs to method taking nsIPrincipals. r=sicking
11a5ebc0e43a196d74ebeed4f60ca64563d2a28cBrendan Dahl — Bug 784718 - Update pdf.js to version 0.4.11. r=dtownsend
ad09eafd9bd4da63a3c162bf2dc15248e737a944David Zbarsky — Bug 785630 - nsIDocument's mAttrStyleSheet can be nsRefPtr r=khuey
029b553451eb52eb3a36a16d4160a9c417fd4bacDavid Zbarsky — Bug 785630 - nsIDocument's mstyleImageLoader can be nsRefPtr r=khuey
e08a67884b9b0af40492adcf7acd81a409f4e23dPaul Rouget — merge fx-team to m-c
c4d19217db8d5887ddb2b99ac0b52c2c59f072eaPaul Rouget — Bug 770818 - [inspector] highlighter v3. r=jwalker
2b9625825da7911aba106256c48fa6750fb9cd24Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
6564c3183a04f13151ab20ad649cd57680579f64Jason Orendorff — Bug 778851 - Disable E4X in content by default.
7dd78bf25baae3bc8fe9df9f993f03ccbe2d9111Jan Beich — Bug 784776 - Don't assume NULL is numeric in Hunspell code. r=smaug
77cd258827fd3210898afd6d722581dcb1800f17Jan Beich — Bug 784776 - Provide a pointer as an argument to time(). r=smontagu
b5078f2a37dd972c6f9acce6d742300391946c2cJan Beich — Bug 784776 - Don't assume NULL is numeric. r=cjones
60a42d3210906150274a8dd16d00a2ee7993df14Mike Hommey — Backout changeset a1ba35958b98 (bug 781529) because of a gcc bug that leads to bug 785679
88755b34790a1f42fa05163210b05f080376770dRandell Jesup — Bug 773847: Fix popupcontrol logic and take snapshots from main thread, enable Snapshots on Android by default r=mounir,blassey
dbc34849f109bf134213e085cb02363f952a519dMatt Woodrow — Bug 779940: Meter layers transactions in addition to composites. r=cjones
b8893f7f80c5c76f739b9396a36822852329bc59David Zbarsky — Fix 2 logging calls I added today to also log the element and it's id, no bug, r=me
f26d6c5a2d93719516da85b0481d173fa8a5a8c4Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 767480 - Remove offset field from PlanarYCbCrImage::Data. r=roc
c4f20a024113801c6df7037d6cbb391f8fe96f4dShian-Yow Wu — Bug 785620 - B2G RIL: datacall.dns is null. r=philikon
f551e52160e062737ea77c0b1eece31000c81dddJan Beich — Bug 785026 - Merge into r=cjones
8a566c3bff64acba851640a8919610e35452202bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
90c92e55affdf1698371956adf6e24fa182d91b9David Zbarsky — Bug 785657 - Enable async animations in content processes r=cjones
9961642b6f0acdb455732b2b33d50a88c21cc87dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 785648 - Improve OMTA logging r=cjones
b543ecb718e3dd5e51b43942a137f75d86c1c2edChris Jones — Bug 774988: Compress touchmove events across processes. r=bent
730c4f0ec3ae03637cd8d79135d10fa125677640Brian R. Bondy — Bug 784842 - Add the new async nsIFilePicker::open to the XUL file picker. r=roc
af3d980899704fa608576eb27c5a97088311a315Chris Jones — Bug 782460: Fix hal enum serializers, make wake lock permission checking match the DOM's, and log a message when an app process fails a backstop permission check. r=gal
d2b3cdaa149b928160ac08249afccf687818dc79Mark Banner — Replace broken ifdef with ifeq for toolkit to fix the Mac define, follow-up to bug 785102. rs=glandium over irc.
b3cce81fef1ad4558bda4dd899db70c4c301e6ccRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
7ef5b8b2c2c72582d852887b1772268747fe0c56Justin Lebar — Bug 775009 - Part 2: Fix. r=bz
b431f498a9baa3cdf126608523222a4e9cac4dc6Justin Lebar — Bug 775009 - Part 1: Fix test broken by part 2. r=bz
573c753b7bc806585fac9ccb3499d0b66499c9b5Andrew McCreight — Bug 765527. r=mrbkap
0b399d43b570de2eea85a6da24612e87c1563c5aHub Figuière — Bug 668469 - Part 2: use InteractiveState() instead of NativeInteractiveState(). r=surkov
7c2aaefc3891ee3cafa971006dac064aed05901cYury — Bug 776208 - Plugin preview overlay test. r=jaws
2fee87b2367aa9f2b1e156f2e0e0b6d5ab802c18Yury — Bug 776208 - Plugin preview overlay. r=johns,jaws,margaret, sr=joshmoz
8a9316111cf6ac23874f412b67f090848e21ab08David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771617 - Tests for readTo/writeFrom/readAll. r=froydnj
7b6763a02065f5901e5f6db6a419d714b0282567David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771617 - Fix WinFile.{ReadFile, WriteFile} to accept void*. r=froydnj
e555d4f92c1dd06e24abf8734141dfc02634b636David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771617 - OS.File.prototype.{readTo, writeFrom, readAll}. r=froydnj
719af14ab13364758f9126cace04883e9733a5fbDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771617 - Refactoring to better share code between implementations of OS.File. r=froydnj
1db0e95acab859db02aedabd7c210426955693e4Lim Wei Zhong — Bug 724346 - Ctrl-Tab should not cycle through hidden tabs. r=dao
815d9b2bd355379485bed4b2ce0aa97ab29331acRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 778413 - Move and rename the reftest. irc-r=dbaron
8b88613cd6f895d2b87e237b86f8e458034ffc06Andreas Gal — Revert B2G UA string regression (bug 785647, r=cjones).
779bdf71cde512dc03ca698b7d1c715ed80bbd28Chris Jones — Bug 784647: Ensure that Tasks and XPCOM events are dispatched with the same priority. r=bent
34081ff6b8ac8984abff8c0b0f374a8762720cb4Chris Jones — Bug 636063, part 3: Honor compression requests when queuing messages. r=bent
9a3d78f6623c46623d311e660455bb21146f6cdbChris Jones — Bug 636063, part 2: Backend support for |compress|d messages. r=bent
10547af1914b27adba081b5d8ce2b57caf5f7144Chris Jones — Bug 636063, part 1: Frontend support for |compress|d messages. r=bent
35fddfaef1b6d52763972f51fd79e674400f8947Tal Aloni — Bug 778413 - Minimum cell width calculation reftest. r=dbaron
ce222ba667f21636ef3ad54e0c1ad60816bba468David Keeler — Bug 760307 - Preloaded strict-transport-security site list. r=mayhemer, bsmith
36f85f213ee28ce22a753c963d971408674cbfb1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8ffabf9f1fa30444e52207cc407eb56650a5537fMark Capella — Bug 759851 - remove build goop for building mozilla/services, r=mbrubeck
368de938d9e1e58e20673a34d6db9cc20c2a4f00Daniel Holbert — (no bug) fix an instance of end-of-line whitespace, so I can label this push as DONTBUILD since it just backs out & relands a cset (no code changes, other than this whitespace fix)
9245897374c1a8647716680c89b4fdf49dc8c01cRobert Longson — Bug 783915 - Make SVG Fragment identifier processing more robust. r=dholbert
4b46b309c12631fc1412cef7526fcc5dca5cb86eDaniel Holbert — back out 8247f7b038ce because it landed with the wrong bug # in commit message (said bug 785017, should've said bug 783915)
4a40ae179ea2d665a48979b7daaf741edcc54982David Zbarsky — Fix virtual dtor warning, no bug, blanker r=bz
f7e7a78f6ff4bdaadeeb944a632ce16bb62dbc26David Zbarsky — Bug 785583 - BluetoothReplyRunnable instantiates nsAutoPtr template in the header r=qdot
7112cff6bdbf958f12f9c49ea0911c02c866cd73Michael Comella — Bug 784016 - Bug fix for patch in bug 781977 - correct misordered params. r=jimm
39da15b8b6aaad0f65535ef66e806a4b52564c9aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 780692 Part 0: Make sure frames that have async animations are marked as having active layers r=roc
1a6fa8dd582bcefa1ebbf529c3ec9ce57c392188Brian Hackett — Don't automatically assume that uint32array reads will produce doubles, bug 785543. r=luke
8dc1dad174fd82765acec3ddce5ce99418a499d8Siddharth Agarwal — Part of bug 593585 - Parallelize Pymake builds on build slaves. r=khuey
3ee8dd0d4bd74f2a9cd211c0d491b1430bb8d1c7Ms2ger — Merge backout.
941fff75a9e7ec1cee54538af443c1e7e16f1cf7Ms2ger — Back out bug 636063, bug 774988 and bug 784647 for busting all of Android.
6edc438cb29af5ffc7467629c6a8aa50eca2e4f1Lucas Rocha — Bug 777562 - Pass the right node to have styles cleaned after parsing (r=mfinkle)
66cd9a4209973a4a7b80f899a1564aaae1d68decLucas Rocha — Bug 785343 - Don't convert DIV to P when it only contains a SELECT node (r=mfinkle)
5e2b2c9c4f670491189755b90f319da0d78e63f3Lucas Rocha — Bug 774914/785145 - Convert divs with only a <p> element child into plain <p> elements (r=mfinkle)
8182bfe539f8e94c93e9048db41309903bbcbb15Lucas Rocha — Bug 774914 - Ensure newNode is orphan before replacing a node in JSDOMParser (r=mfinkle)
7e5db456160a178717f044d5fba40862c7402141Lucas Rocha — Bug 771380 - Use animation to show/hide lock icon in toolbar (r=sriram)
fde4b39fa70805ed32e7f6989146f7079c4a1f22Lucas Rocha — Bug 771380 - Reorganize toolbar layout to better handle dynamic icons (r=sriram)
8247f7b038ced1dcbe73187e650dd612fe8ab8b1Robert Longson — Bug 785017 - Make SVG Fragment identifier processing more robust. r=dholbert
3d3e80ee5ec181003376ba5621fe2ace2d89413ePaolo Amadini — Bug 748160 - Update the Downloads command to open the Downloads view instead of the Downloads Panel. r=mak
52540206fb9167b7224480906e5184b6d21ab9d1Paolo Amadini — Bug 747903 - Limit the number of items in the Downloads Panel. r=mano
a86ecc9f22ad8e2fb8dda4e1aa3490dbcb3eba22Paolo Amadini — Bug 748381 - Update the behavior of the Downloads indicator. r=mano
566171c7e6090b0802441151b4de71c1ddf9bf46Paolo Amadini — Bug 760607 - Update the Downloads Panel visual design. r=mak
2bcda3ce2bc9013e6656337a15ccd257ac62b938Chris Jones — Bug 784647: Ensure that Tasks and XPCOM events are dispatched with the same priority. r=bent
196094fe2f7aac1d84f4fa7cc9a423a4194cfe93Chris Jones — Bug 774988: Compress touchmove events across processes. r=bent
a719a38c25c8e346af83ec9c28053d59a5fedb4bChris Jones — Bug 636063, part 3: Honor compression requests when queuing messages. r=bent
ff3e4559bfa3ef05eafe613cffb505df920fba20Chris Jones — Bug 636063, part 2: Backend support for |compress|d messages. r=bent
d47636be8facc7f0ab6ef011b38911c6af050eb2Chris Jones — Bug 636063, part 1: Frontend support for |compress|d messages. r=bent
116a2c73193165553c0ec29d64aabe11f20a9173Gavin Sharp — Bug 785205: adjust wording for social activation prompt, r=jaws, ui-r=boriss
bc23ba35391382a3de4dd325ad6baaaa88292ec3Dave Camp — Merge fx-team to m-c
4d6471c1cdd925abdbffc40019df0bba6de833d8Joe Walker — Bug 773227 - GCLI should open a help menu on enter for non-VALID (like pressing F1); r=dcamp
e11af99c55665e44df7318661f524742a0b8952bVictor Porof — Bug 773732 - After reloading a page, the selected script and line should remain the same. r=robcee
155b4c470d2438790cbfad04c3f78e9b3d143bc9Dave Camp — Bug 785635 - Markup panel undo is broken. r=jwalker
bfafefb62d4bc5b7851dcb4fa74a93b46c128858Dave Camp — Bug 785628 - Markup panel not sending a change event. r=paul, r=jwalker
328402a45248dbcfebbcd2a5e96ce3e8a755234cDave Camp — Bug 785335 - Changing an elements tagName collapses the tree node with no way to expand the tree node. r=jwalker
aeb96f8edcb804722bcca98fd9b46d7cdb33f58fDave Camp — Backed out Bug 770818 (highlighter v3) for test failures.
d8accb9118ce3328d71dec425b24a8249b4e46afMihai Sucan — Bug 785387 - Autocompletion display glitch; r=rcampbell
cbaa56e4bebbe9a4408df611e36a03301553a859Paul Rouget — Bug 770818 - [inspector] highlighter v3. r=jwalker
9ea94325f9f5d62832f5880557e28e07d3188ef7Paul Rouget — Bug 777011: WebConsole dark toolbar. r=robcee
350499bc1b85b32fbf55da7b78b611664bca21aaVictor Porof — Bug 766054 - [debugger] experiment with collapsed panels, r=rcampbell
11a0db7262a04c8481f672122d1bded2636c5451Victor Porof — Bug 774788 - free text search across all scripts, r=rcampbell
bbd267f16fc721c3e5f316659512d75711068c13Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 774808 - GCLI sometimes stops working; r=jwalker
e5588de9374ca703808fa1186621892c8f6a1032Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 771526 - GCLI needs a command to log function calls in chrome content; r=jwalker
33945cb30eaedb696c3f6835a98ac8e3a7bac7b3OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 777001 - [Developer Toolbar] Change "inspect" command's param name, "node" to "selector". r=jwalker
76b7f323b8f37b739c1bd5cb3bcc8f476635a958Joe Walker — Bug 782820 - typos in; r=jwalker
5fa145ef906a778d1a1729ecbaa40884926c5ff5Dave Camp — Bug 785528 - Don't allow deletion of doctype nodes in the markup panel, fix test failures. r=jwalker
4c3e82b3dcaf9afbac95ef95fff6b17b7fa70110Dave Camp — Bug 785528 - Don't allow deletion of doctype nodes in the markup panel. r=jwalker
45ec9c8d4f272606830cf8e6841f727cb02e66bdDave Camp — Bug 785380 - Can't close the page inspector after toggling markup panel. r=jwalker
9b58a0a085ee0254597c98205c9afcc1360b480bDave Camp — Bug 785186 - Use the context menu in the markup panel. r=jwalker
73b1af99b72db8051f53b8fff859637cc980f740Dave Camp — Bug 785151 - Use ScrollIntoViewIfNeeded in the markup panel. r=jwalker
c80d0e010be310c2770e6668a89ee5cce1e97f3dJoe Walker — Bug 773565 - GCLI Autocomplete goes wild when boolean params are used in a group; r=dcamp
a275a3c32e714c1bc5e8e886e60b15804f4dd5c5Joe Walker — Bug 775031 - GCLI should display [options] rather than either hiding them or showing them all; r=harth
efd1509146d56880a49c04dbac6c937fbb089fabJoe Walker — Bug 773347 - GCLI hidden commands don't execute properly; r=harth
ebb525cd2e7018a51b30c4a687fd66505f471828Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 776875 - GCLI: Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs; r=jwalker
f4596ef17eed20290eb9b62fb2089272544d4ac9Rob Campbell — Backout bug 776875, bug 773347, bug 775031, bug 773565 due to test failures. a=orange
35e5ee61e193771a906a39c7d21e66651cf03ae0Joe Walker — Bug 773565 - GCLI Autocomplete goes wild when boolean params are used in a group; r=dcamp
7bf846af58d35674c1b02f8dbfa260f6012a78d5Joe Walker — Bug 775031 - GCLI should display [options] rather than either hiding them or showing them all; r=harth
6b00d1edb2e717b0d658dc3408fae6f38add9b02Joe Walker — Bug 773347 - GCLI hidden commands don't execute properly; r=harth
828067f7c340b7a62b17eeac5a0a2ba2cd059486Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 776875 - GCLI: Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs; r=jwalker
e874475efe15461988861e6172417b7b09fd7b62Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
54fdedb218f858cda41f4c45d91dc8ee46d998e5Mike Hommey — Bug 783751 - Remove support for MOZ_OPTIONAL_PKG_LIST. r=ted
8056f890ce791be8e9b8d4b55fd21203171e83fdMike Hommey — Bug 785436 - PageThumbsWorker.js url is wrong when creating the worker in PageThumbs.jsm. r=gavin
d7fb23a822dd7ce3d641dcaa7ca485ee96fafb0eMarco Castelluccio — Bug 783765 - Use libnotify as a dynamic library. r=glandium
542e9ac22e76fc3d462add927c788063b940cd9dChris Peterson — Bug 784329 - Part 1: Add some OmxPlugin error logging. r=doublec
3d75661e7e210ac0d83bc7acc30ec870786f87ffChris Peterson — Bug 772252 - Remove special casing of ALT key codes that broke ALT locking. r=blassey
012b2f6825ee5cdb164306949775b5c5acc79b5fChris Peterson — Bug 777591 - Part 2: Fix Favicon deprecation warning. r=blassey
772c3eed0cfb3c568f9d885c8be8fb8249e502a5Shane Caraveo — Bug 779923 - implement social activity flyout panel. r=jaws
5734825a4f1f1c74017261c6d7afacfa2de5094fShane Caraveo — Bug 784238 make isVisible API work for notification panels / chat windows. r=jaws
aa807b020b71559cc39bc0ca23bb4b75529c27c6Shane Caraveo — Bug 784879 - use collapsed instead of hidden for status panels. r=gavin.
42c88798cb2c858dbc77beb4af5f5e804c96b72dDavid Zbarsky — Fix a logging message, no bug, r=me
a828ba358047fdfb71b2603adbcae1ed86c75125David Zbarsky — [Bug 785454] Remove nsPresShell::GetFrameForPoint r=smaug
005c47c479fa1d4bad341f08a7be881e01b43049Fabrice Desré — Bug 785391 - Activities 'data' content cannot be accessed [r=gwagner]
c9068173a7da089812e522340c48fb0d3a26f2c4Mark Hammond — Bug 783410 - prevent social URLs from ending up in global history. r=gavin
86b8965a4c7f4993ae61e5dd69b72a799d470406Eric Chou — Bug 785320 - [b2g-bluetooth] Crash after renaming device in Settings/Bluetooth; r=qdot
c7a28dfd1f814fb0ac8a26a53694accfb35383ddMichael Comella — Bug 785562: Fixed the non-breaking spaces in the AboutHomePromoBox. r=mbrubeck
c58f5c9a5e0b864dcd21bf93b229600653586557Mark Hammond — Bug 780010 - Update browser_shareButton.js to use common SocialAPI test functions. r=jaws
16089a551f630b9c46d073d7c23559621d8b4723Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784691 - Upgrade clang to r162360.
89e186d2a1716b5609fb939394853d23558b4b01Tim Taubert — Bug 784558. [Page Thumbnails] Re-add removeFile function to allow single thumbnail removal, used when removing entries from the history. r=felipe
010b43686a5fb14887b56289d8635582eb49c9fbGeoff Brown — Bug 770456 - Robocop: be more careful when accessing child view in testHistoryTab; r=jmaher
dc3f29a730b10ace9129d2605c7a40822ee8121fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 753517 part 5. Enable the list IC for new DOM bindings too. r=bz.
c526d9dfb684d8d7c053157861b9c147e8c5b0cbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753517 part 4. Set up auto-generation of CSS2Properties.webidl from nsCSSPropList.h and enable Paris bindings for CSSStyleDeclaration and CSS2Properties. r=khuey,peterv,dbaron
75f3cd90e74364a16d8d3f5674a81974274e946eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753517 part 3. Expose the API needed for Paris bindings on nsDOMCSSDeclaration and nsICSSDeclaration. r=dbaron,peterv
67ff83142ba5058e9370fb6e1289c929739cdd5bDave Herman — Bug 632027 - comma expressions in array literals are discarded. r=jorendorff
0e8f4d4d62fe3cd44aed3eb55f139fcf7016bd6aFelipe Gomes — Bug 782468. Basic telemetry for SocialAPI. r=froydnj,mixedpuppy
770b96704cde49dccceee90e433e43eb6cd7a35aGavin Sharp — Bug 766616. Part 0. Strings for the error UI. r=mixedpuppy ui-r=Boriss
ead893fc780c8e4c1fa43a4c688d75e725709448ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave09
f077de66e52d0f333f2eafe1ada66ade685a15f0Benjamin Smedberg — Revert bug 776208 for semi-consistent failures:
7058cad952ca4057bd5c009279f234cefa1ae038Matt Brubeck — Back out b3c861bd1e2f (bug 785190) because it depends on bug 776208 on a CLOSED TREE
ee747ea1354fdd302c34b092806b63eb046381b7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 785500 - Remove the unused CrossScriptSSA::cx member; r=luke
50430d101d34fbd28d5e02d20eac5d6878025287Chris Jones — Bug 785166: Protect against already-canceled vibrations. r=jlebar
e89ead1bbe389ca1a0a1e6ce5a9662dbf3881f9cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 785486 - DomCameraManager redefines DOM_CAMERA_LOG_LEVEL r=mikeh
f56f3d3f2c12b67624a84c2bbfdb38f7bff29fd7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 785459 follow-up: use the python 2.5 syntax
68a243c559b23d08fa8a824d93ebd8531454c143Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 785472 - The Web IDL parser should not allow inheriting from an interface that is only forward declared; r=khuey
1bc0e4eac6e53c239afd2bc8416f543024d92b77Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 1142882b6c0b (bug 785472) because it breaks the build
b3c861bd1e2fda67d732c0520c4c0eec997a7258Yury — Bug 785190 - Add canActivatePlugin to reshowClickToPlayNotification. r=jaws
4e2788b485d4ee18379a678ac2271bb228ed08a1Yury — Bug 776208 - Tests for plugin preview overlay. r=jaws
ed93b381d52ae402e79295cd342cf65bb87f21d0Yury — Bug 776208 - Plugin preview overlay. r=johns,jaws,margaret, sr=joshmoz
e1700d9065d832c1fb179ff6fa6c37f0189d34b4David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 783676 - Export OS.Path (companion test suite). r=taras
f6ec0707def6e9348e563e84b2945fc74bdfc921David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 783676 - Normalize "../../..". r=taras
c97a5e95e1aeb2d1d2ba14d9b32935d917279c68David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 783676 - Export OS.Path. r=taras
1fd86c175258ec5235ae95212b6225033a78fa74David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 761138 - Create/remove directories (testsuite). r=froydnj
3eb65ac5a609267437717ea444a6c9438aa60d69David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 761138 - Create/remove directories (constants). r=froydnj
d94e6c20c4dc9e1b6df52c73e723fda55948be70David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 761138 - Create/remove directories (Windows version). r=froydnj
f9b8fb3c9395aaadd36be46e36d8036d2bd0a216David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 761138 - Create/remove directories (Unix version). r=froydnj
62f13ac39e4c9c1fd2a24b0fbc6a83f460c64b1aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1142882b6c0b58eb019ca0514d32552de9efbb09Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 785472 - The Web IDL parser should not allow inheriting from an interface that is only forward declared; r=khuey
1bdc56a180bc2b8c588b4982103c3a7e6b6baa3eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 785459 - Enable the WebIDL parser to be used stand-alone for syntax checking; r=khuey
258f0a5ed7f552678ee55dd15cf2cae62b1ad402Terrence Cole — Bug 776583 - Make post barrier verifier pass interpreter tests; r=billm
544b0cbdbb094dad18947f2994a3709d95621a96Nathan Froyd — Bug 783357 - part 2: convert dom/ to use PARALLEL_DIRS; r=khuey
fb4219f3723d49d9b878187d7b52b36f6a25e9c6Nathan Froyd — Bug 783357 - part 1: add XPIDL_FLAGS to make idl dependencies more explicit; r=khuey
b4316e1c474d14ddfa6e9e03575e801cdeae006bNathan Froyd — Bug 781531 - generate histogram information from JSON; r=taras
63d6c36e40b8cae2185a5fc90f2a074dcbc3a9aeNathan Froyd — Bug 785118 - use PARALLEL_DIRS in netwerk/; r=glandium
0291edeff9fbbf9b030c18f4e356183be2358e05David Zbarsky — Log when we can't use async animations due to pseudos, no bug, r=cjones
1c44596f22cfafe720cded7ea16099c332c9555eJan Varga — Bug 763854 - Check file references (cleanup stored files) only when needed. r=bent
a5549c0a8817afb1ba4a8087b8b1759140ac4606Kyle Huey — No bug: Fix some class/struct mismatch warnings on MSVC.
3331ec03e60fe6bd4bf8b4ba79679c44515c8443Robert Lickenbrock — Bug 784756 - Remove an unnecessary loop from DecodeWorker::DecodeABitOf() that caused it to always take 5ms, even when decoding didn't take that long. r=joe
0eb750ce354b9f9b55e768012a6b809547429046Michael Wu — Bug 781039 - Mouse input support for gonk, r=cjones
8bd8ec63a020a56aa9d654d99c83bf6b97c5efe1Kyle Huey — Bug 783162: Make mapped attributes hold the image alive. r=bz
814de647442cdcc0cfc815fc06335750fe13a61bBenjamin Smedberg — Revert bug 776208 for semi-consistent failures:
8bf32bc47aa24befbf334e90da12719b3823f3f1Benoit Jacob — Bug 777028 - honor for Mesa WebGL workaround - r=jgilbert
5870ef9c6afacc38175f767a0989c301cc8f3445Benoit Girard — Bug 785287 - Profiler: Add the document URL in DoReflow. r=roc
3c0b16397ce910ca3e04ba058d4621d2609a5b80Jonathan Griffin — Bug 785273 - Prevent circular references to Marionette instances, r=mdas
e5259919146b1cc402ad9f4b20217d612af91037Alex Crichton — Bug 785175: Discard column information if the script is too large instead of aborting. r=jorendorff
3f9d182bab1d254ed153205d4acdaf28998d602aAndrew McCreight — Bug 782735 - turn nsNodeInfoManager into a non-leaking native CC class. r=smaug
c144761a799fdac1a08a4b32433f4fa3dd1619d4Andrew McCreight — Bug 782485 - turn nsXULPrototypeNode into a native CC class. r=smaug
ecbb10bf79b32677e5a673f5cd7bae33b019759bAndrew McCreight — Bug 750570, part 4 - Switch most native CC classes to use the purple buffer. r=smaug
24368b894189f68944f2acceded49f6a3f0859a4Andrew McCreight — Bug 750570, part 3 - Remove unused stabilizeForDeletion argument. r=smaug
9077df78db40c7cf71f564831e66673be1e49e05Andrew McCreight — Bug 750570, part 2 - Add purple buffer support for non-nsISupports classes. r=smaug
786f414ea72681508af57225d8b2082332cdc758Andrew McCreight — Bug 750570, part 1 - lift UnmarkIfPurple to the root CC participant. r=glandium,smaug
88d90921b34838c4d4e880f80b987ebf819a3c20Luke Wagner — Bug 784706 - clear proxiedScopes in DebugScopes::onCompartmentLeaveDebugMode (r=jimb)
8618d9956e869630165c7e2def703010fd3bf1e2Dave Herman — Bug 742612 - address additional style nit from review. r=jorendorff
8aa9e479b24f2be5f2e507142d84ebfa0533f5afNathan Froyd — Bug 785226 - fix -Wenum-compare warning spam in accessible/src/base/RoleAsserts.cpp; r=davidb
c3cff93ee869647bbfedc3cf33bc3da714b939acDave Herman — Bug 742612 - Reflect.parse: separate guarded/unguarded catch clauses. r=jorendorff
a1756976e61dd0e6800db361b450fc74389dad10Chris Lord — Bug 785333 - Keep track of merged frames with all display items. r=roc
79345542f8535d29891b68397b7e7fc85b465fa4Chris Lord — Bug 785333 - Store container layers against merged frames. r=roc
7055bd78827448669b53dc0dd1827cf477295cb2Hubert Figuière — Bug 668469 - Don't ignore focusable elements. r=surkov
600cc083dda03b846250bdd76c1bd0a3e8c6a159Hubert Figuière — Bug 772060 - Part 1: Implement accessibilityArrayAttributeCount for mozPaneAccessible. r=surkov,tbsaunde
3e1fa8a59f8db1cc34e2942b556c4ef32d320776Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 779845 - Import PSL test from r=gerv.
1ec081fd2580188b9f48c53ded10615d708ac1acMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 779845 - Update the PSL test to catch up with the .jp PSL update and fix test's bug about unlisted TLD. r=gerv.
1bd1a16af051592e2ee4d1206502c82c62ee21bbMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 779845 - Import PSL test from r=gerv.
b229d9eaa8437f61dc2d84aafd5f06e917765fe3Joel Maher — Bug 785238 - Should catch AgentError inside devicemanagerSUT's getInfo. r=wlach
863a436af29c36882173f9a94858c284439c9b8bEitan Isaacson — Revert "Bug 782320 - Use names for pushbuttons. r=davidb"
e764ad3c6c688e5075eecf8e893a1791d54e74aeEitan Isaacson — Bug 784748 - Make TextSwitcher and its contents invisible to accessibility. r=sriram
46365c62935cfc66b86e7179e9d6d0ce976413bfMs2ger — Revert to changeset e048ac9eb279 for bustage.
269195e72bf9f48f7dec0dc635da4b6a034e5be6Hubert Figuière — Bug 668469 - Don't ignore focusable elements. r=surkov
a1ff5b12fdf26bb58230c1c0af56d196d2da23c2Hubert Figuière — Bug 772060 - Part 1: Implement accessibilityArrayAttributeCount for mozPaneAccessible. r=surkov,tbsaunde
8406983b121cf95bc56d72f7d6e2e64f78a2cb0bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 779845 - Incorporate the PSL test into our test system. r=bsmith.
d3a2125835befa2aea3b825595faf883591e638fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 779845 - Update the PSL test to catch up with the .jp PSL update and fix test's bug about unlisted TLD. r=gerv.
44f88d64b1166ff8edebaec68b0cdd1ba478477bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 779845 - Import PSL test from r=gerv.
e048ac9eb279b4140bf6e97812fbabecadf6a576Neil Deakin — Bug 783899, notify the view for resize events before the webshellwindow, fixing thunderbird window size when maximized, r=jmathies
0363ed04a870419c1e72e871065b2716846ecc2cNeil Deakin — Bug 582719, remove unused GetParentMenu method that was missed by 1ca7e8b00fbb
0e5c7b2f7d61329c1e6ca9f18e52320db279be5cEd Morley — Backout 9c2c1987abc4 & ecaff5097b0b (bug 583890) for intermittent failures in browser_bug583890.js
9e6948f521011c737cb789c168524a32196fb710Yury — Bug 776208 - Plugin preview overlay test. r=jaws
e80dea0213a0e1afffa0d8723d948e54f87f0c56Yury — Bug 776208 - Plugin preview overlay. r=johns,jaws,margaret sr=joshmoz
fe4538ef86c5eb28a9c950419b32bd0548c82578Chris Pearce — Bug 781279 - Forget update plugin geometry frame when presentation detaches. r=roc
a485ff9049542ead6fb380e3e8f047d7e05eec7bChris Lord — Bug 781516 - Remove DisplayItemDataEntry.mIsMergedFrame. r=roc
5f8728a398a91ca95c9746e03ad293a5e0c48961Jonathan Kew — bug 784837 - call SetPrimaryFrame earlier during nsSubDocumentFrame::Init. r=roc
ede84a1a43cf1bae39b293f8447ad194cca1f42cMakoto Kato — Bug 783206 - replace NULL with nullptr in intl except to OS API usages. r=smontagu
3559149341e06348c44fd450c1f4cebf40b1b921Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 5. r=mfinkle
ee35e4c5e26c8c4533bfde4f7ea3c27d1c48c2e6Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 4. r=lucasr
726f7f71fd458c1f8bb7b5df019a95e30ea7a28aBrian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 3. r=mfinkle
e106316f41e485ed04d63fafa6ebce0c9376cdc6Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 2. r=lucasr f=mfinkle
950379788e3365fb8bfdb06e4db3da42b3c8c625Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 1. r=lucasr
8e3e0ae18274c9576e694d335f23591233d6658cRobert Longson — Bug 785017 - Use NS_GetStaticAtom in svg content where appropriate. r=dholbert
008a58e4a33889b6d5aef891d91a2220585a1ef9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 4bb90f8c6909 (bug 756645) due to Android opt M3 orange on a CLOSED TREE.
f1fb44a75e0d209d73856966712129a9e0e866f8Luke Wagner — Fix backout to account for infallible-JSAutoCompartment change on a CLOSED TREE (no bug, r=bustage)
deeadcce3f6483ea9ee5e0f9256b2db449c12ae5Matt Brubeck — Back out 670c8a2695b3 (bug 771354), 134557d57e6e 4ad52e488977 (bug 774607), and...
b9d4600374dcf7c99d4b56d7fa3aa33a8eef709bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
7d83016f15625673de05422434e577560c16d2d1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 784657 - Fix potential problem in nsDIskCacheMap timer handling. r=michal
281b36542acd08890101493a1bac38af711e42dbBrian R. Bondy — Bug 784414 - Ensure cache clean file is open before seeking in it. r=michal
c766aa050f0f95d3645da1a3152a9a9152506b4dBobby Holley — Bug 780370 - Remap objects from standard prototypes even if they're explicitly exposed. r=mrbkap
20a3b0eeb776ba57f2219fc49470c5716f07b849Bobby Holley — Bug 780370 - Clarify the compartment situation in ChromeObjectWrapper. r=mrbkap
a2834312d80d216f5586ec84dd94338ddc97b736Luke Wagner — Bug 625199 - Actually that NULL check was necessary in js_GetPropertyHelperInline (having a non-null pc does not mean currentScript is non-null because currentScript returns null when cx->fp is in another compartment (r=bustage) CLOSED TREE
9c2c1987abc41cacfda266117d7cd8bfced5d03fAdam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 583890 - Tab Title Abridger module and tests. r=ttaubert
ecaff5097b0b0b775e56f23bb65734b7658c46e7Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 583890 - Add visibleLabel attribute/property and tests. r=ttaubert,jaws
a3b7774cb5be105704f09a5f36169acf7c86354bLuke Wagner — Bug 625199 - Convert one more JSAutoEnterCompartment in ObserverPair.h (r=bustage)
d5f32f0e1c05005f5e2a5bfeb6cd85353add3823Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 742195 (Implement the extended attributes for null and undefined handling on strings in Paris bindings). r=bz.
8ba35e8d4457e22ac453627d30e144a59110973ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 785188 (Make Xrays work with newest DOM list bindings). r=mrbkap.
1bed30d952cc688c1c5d7575c4bf6574aedfe570Boris Zbarsky — Bug 784809. Allow null for the repeat argument of canvas createPattern. r=peterv
0d61ae018d9f97407a37e327ee526fb018619f62Luke Wagner — Bug 625199 - s/JSAutoEnterCompartment/JSAutoCompartment/ and make it infallible (r=bholley)
986c07b3f3e68af098d7e85fd507a7d4139b4eb3Luke Wagner — Bug 625199 - kill dummy frames (r=mrbkap)
ea32388d45a805c72f179375dc2b763c75454f6dLuke Wagner — Bug 625199 - remove unnecessary uses of 'parent' that can now use cx->global (r=mrbkap)
5e5711c63caa76923b613046d4224e3167399affChris Jones — Backed out changeset df85150b8d2f
df85150b8d2fd9c8d2b7d75b48951600d4c0c4f5Chris Jones — Bug 785167: Protect against already-canceled vibrations. r=jlebar
af4b272232b9e3aea0710490250b85ac8cc85036Jason Duell — Bug 767516 - Rename: s/SSLConnect/ProxyConnect/ r=mcmanus
346289a882b84ac4ae871e24aeb06b11241d31daRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784895 - Remove unnecessary token pasting. r=mrbkap.
90e517924f06a56e4bcea68cc01c38228dfc639aMatthew Gregan — Bug 596453 - Fix typo in test_error_on_404.
e137f28dfe7043a5ab7531fd2989c610092826a1Anthony Jones — Bug 781380 - Fix cairo surface memory leak in DrawTargetCairo::DrawSurfaceWithShadow(). r=roc
c97a0ffcf50061f24a924001ca46064f18ef3857Anthony Jones — Bug 781380 - Fix cairo surface memory leak in DrawTargetCairo::CreateSimilarDrawTarget(). r=roc
14f0f28ad1a99989b4885d376dbd0ea6794d57eeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
670c8a2695b3e729322627fb947df319b47c0a2aBobby Holley — Bug 771354 - Don't special-case principal assignment for chrome windows in nsGlobalWindow.cpp. r=bz
134557d57e6e32ce80fa99e63b43e1e79b80335cBobby Holley — Bug 774607 - Remove JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject API. r=luke
4ad52e488977dd381d2bf96ede2687e9b7f86363Bobby Holley — Bug 774607 - Remove use of JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject from Gecko. r=bz
036eb8c2a08afd909c05101c0fccc92dee2d15bcBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Assert against switching origins on a compartment. r=jst
d4d36e3b948f7b8527247433c2e1effb2de71016Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Remove "is chrome window" condition for inner window reuse. r=jst
35334e8206322bbb4a591c02ee680c98ab5b2d8cBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Move the call to SetInitialPrincipalToSubject into nsAppShellService::RegisterTopLevelWindow. r=jst
6bd07fd5147dcb6c133ff36fd468e43fdc544f0bBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Fold SetOpenerScriptPrincipal into SetInitialPrincipalToSubject, and make it indempotent and callable without an existing document. r=jst
d49e7c0d762cfd5ceee1d8953d0c2c64fdd56281Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Remove dead mOpenerScriptPrincipal. r=jst
407f19deb14c6e755f1b48acbdc32e78c62b3d32Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Wean SetInitialPrincipalToSubject off some parameters and clean it up. r=jst
d84551808abb046b9a50ae923095be4e509116d9Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Factor nsWindowWatcher call to SetOpenerScriptPrincipal into a method on nsGlobalWindow. r=jst
dbd014cfb8488efe09a57e7f9bac5a0c93819384Gavin Sharp — Bug 784153: remove "Oops" in social undo button string, r=jaws, ui-r=boriss
8eb991da28afe836f0d718411b6ca10cb8f74267Kyle Machulis — Bug 779378: B2G Voicemail: Hook up to permissions manager; r=gwagner
6e67b20609d24dc062fc89a6eb6ffd8682cdf6feDaniel Holbert — Bug 785191: Push a null JSContext when binding / unbinding image elements in a document. r=bz
45204dc49ac2e75e33170539fe251e48507cefccOlli Pettay — Bug 785463 - Tweak PurpleBuffer Block size, r=mccr8
35431a5588e0186b2a176d51927f9962d47e0044Rob Campbell — merge last green changeset from fx-team to m-c
73622d728d4cef8a8550c866f1d814683151b284Nick Fitzgerald — Fix test hang on Win opt (Bug 783393). r=past
d6b2e1f60d02c7ef137059c55afbb063b8a45713Panos Astithas — Bug 783393 - Breakpoints not getting caught on reload, r=rcampbell f=rcampbell,dcamp,vporof
f2146a6c104e87e943d08c89b89d1dbac6f544f9Alex Crichton — Bug 785175: Discard column information if the script is too large instead of aborting. r=jorendorff
6a6f205e757045642d6a9a020db56fcf942275fdOlli Pettay — Bug 785228 - nsGlobalWindow is described twice during traverse, r=mccr8
85634e93f08dc6d63d5963c48bd03dcc267ad324Mark Banner — Backout part of the follow-up to bug 785102 for causing unexpected segfaults on the Linux 64 bit builds. r=bustage-fix
f37e93ab69c00669bace52f1f681b5596d5ae964Joel Maher — Bug 785249 - deploy new to capture recent changes. r=coop
b3c4235d1300c55027f95e079d2fd85f85843a3aMark Banner — Follow-up to bug 785102 - Set the library path rather than using to fix builds for apps that don't ship on Mac. Also define the command for when LIBXUL_SDK is set. r=glandium over irc
1c0ac073dc650d335197c2b14501605de264e4dbPanos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
844da7b047d2a07984844c795b8cb9d2e529bd07Dave Camp — Bug 777085: New markup panel for the inspector. r=jwalker
eccef9b3f1f1a82b6d9753b7b518964a52b4ea50Chris Jones — No bug: Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE r=bustage
6bd825157e6cc3050804ceb2b901fd5f62dfc79fChris Jones — Back out bug 777072, bug 619236, and bug 784878
29ca472bf2d278a27e7d910bf40ece6f501af3c2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 4bb90f8c6909 (bug 756645) due to Android opt M3 orange on a CLOSED TREE.
e509c7472f301a805ee6430dd175daef55b98987Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
7fb25861ffd9d6b23d10d783f8e68160f3527315Matt Brubeck — Back out 2c9059056119 and 52453ab440ec (bug 771380) for robocop perma-orange on a CLOSED TREE
c95b9d40a1738112574959718f08d1e19c6d99a5Matt Brubeck — Back out 156eaa94f73c (bug 782786) and 05d1a3fba90b (bug 777028) for frequent Linux reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
f49728317fad7ec0566200749b64fceca592b5c8Matt Brubeck — Back out b2900e347f5c (bug 783393) for Windows xpcshell hangs in test_listscripts-01.js on a CLOSED TREE
2266e0721327c9e7873bf4b40d67459e5c639951Matt Brubeck — Back out b88ccf7bd3e3 for Linux test_canvas.html failures on a CLOSED TREE
ecd18a2ed3ef0b67bdbc72445f7dd70021a6645eKyle Huey — Bug 766793: Look for .pp files for shared libraries. r=ted a=philor for landing on a CLOSED TREE
bb414dc59262f90ea68031b6e0034ff952e56c03Wes Johnston — backout c0bf8f743419 CLOSED TREE
e53c5799835032cc436209da3194d3b43474d524William Lachance — Bug 785108 - Fix devicemanagerADB's isDir to handle symbolic links properly;r=jmaher DONTBUILD
0a7b2834337b53afb19e895aaa4de56d7a0edeb7Malini Das — Bug 755856 - look for adb in path first for mozdevice emulator automation, r=jgriffin
9fbe008c291f3e983e5a3618c3b9a4f6f6dd2558Johannes Vogel — Bug 755856 - make marionette client look for adb in path first, r=mdas
c813eeb62b92f836087e0a44aa8288b28d14050dBen Turner — Bug 784726 - 'Remove old IPC::URI'. r=cjones+khuey.
7f81af866697da01f611c31c07bb3847cfe52b2dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 785102 - Two different used while populating startupcache. r=glandium.
b88ccf7bd3e32478fc8c26d2cb7631a53a21dbcbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 784809. Allow null for the repeat argument of canvas createPattern. r=peterv
042463c88673b17f7459900cbaee5972987ce41cNathan Froyd — Bug 781200 - fixup several cache histograms; r=bsmith,hurley
43b106855cbb1941bd5ec5aa1ed0826412251601Alex Crichton — Bug 785094: Fix negative colspans showing up in the wrong places. r=jorendorff
946c68705ac909f50b93408a3259e5d96225eef6Kyle Machulis — Backout of f98bea38e654 due to mochi bustage
15584c68bf8171c82055e9670ac4075f9bd5302aKyle Machulis — Backout of c129811b87ef due to mochi bustage
da0aa4b65f8429596939f3ef441af682d1ca60e9Fabrice Desré — merge
b173c738d021d6fd655c31a0e68305858cdf841bFabrice Desré — Bug 784678 - Error when calling postCancel and postSuccess in an activity : followup [r=mrbkap]
156eaa94f73c9110bd521063f08fefff432209e0Benoit Jacob — Bug 782786 - BasicCanvasLayer: avoid UpdateSurface of non-dirty canvases - r=BenWa
05d1a3fba90bd35e41719d48a28641952c9fb454Benoit Jacob — Bug 777028 - honor for Mesa WebGL workaround - r=jgilbert
f4c286fc04f0a4275cdb24546a916f3750f58a8dGregor Wagner — Bug 785147 - Contacts API: fix import contacts from SIM card. r=fabrice
c1e3da499d876c011d23fa20c272a9101454b5d4Bobby Holley — Bug 757046 - Convert enablePrivilege into an insecure test-only construct (preffed off everywhere but in automation). r=bz
9ecd49f138f0ecb9f5b15f13c76792092d7077cbBobby Holley — Bug 785162 - Disable test_bug760802.html on android. r=smaug,dougt
e5fc65cdf0d470f6b26b1914b6bc65684d1c35daBobby Holley — Bug 784560 - Fix more tests. r=mccr8
a24e5db2886ddcb021dd8e5ae1ea2d8758aa26dfBobby Holley — Bug 784857 - Turn on enablePrivilege for JSReftests. r=mccr8
16e1ff49a6a5e908f3923991c7b9e39f62cd8919James May — Bug 702555 - Remove obsolete, broken debug method PrintImageDecoders() in imgLoader. r=jlebar
3de71b93776b59122bde4f6464e6a0bc3a6dc732Siddharth Agarwal — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound.
2c90590561194f511e388e53ec0f251634aef6a8Lucas Rocha — Bug 771380 - Use animation to show/hide lock icon in toolbar (r=sriram)
52453ab440ec85a6bbde0310d88f43a938ab0849Lucas Rocha — Bug 771380 - Reorganize toolbar layout to better handle dynamic icons (r=sriram)
a41978cc803f6320d4907cf75a7fe2331edf9c7cLuke Wagner — Bug 784551 - remove JSSecurityCallbacks::findObjectPrincipals (r=mrbkap)
00646164061dfcf3d35f796e9c54ef09a2195bc8Luke Wagner — Bug 668558 - remove JSSecurityCallbacks::subsumePrincipals (r=mrbkap)
fcbf82dee1db51014afea64aa31a4921ed5aa374Alex Crichton — Bug 785089 - Fix an assertion failure when naming functions on labels. r=jimb
c129811b87ef38c26d4fa80b1df7fbcee033a72eKyle Machulis — Bug 783426: Patch 2 - Async DOMRequest Firing Tests; r=sicking
f98bea38e654fc7a14d166f3582e0988a32da807Kyle Machulis — Bug 783426: Patch 1 - Async DOMRequest Firing; r=sicking
f4e742d57ce7a24f38bbcd450d156d263955de9fNathan Froyd — Bug 764190 - fix PLACES_EXPIRATION_STEPS_TO_CLEAN telemetry; r=taras,mak
00dea115746d20840e13d816e8be618964464bf5Andrew McCreight — Back out Bug 773440 for causing M2 orange on Android on this CLOSED TREE.
5853a841672ebbdd4f45e8d05610af903a4353d1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784691 - Upgrade clang to r162360. Use a local copy of tooltool and
fcf13879b58754bac6f084d0cf340398113bc2f9Geoff Brown — Bug 782242 - Robocop: be more careful when using Java reflection; r=jmaher
c0bf8f74341984843682b8c0eeb1518deebc540dWes Johnston — Bug 784759 - Move database creation to after first page load. r=mfinkle
d720637283ebc849076442a338e5670ab468bb7bWes Johnston — Bug 784397 - Apps should have their own task affinity so that they all show in recent apps. r=mfinkle
6c3457b601d8021ce7b6793445cb091a47b0b3b2Lucas Rocha — Bug 784682 - Penalize nodes with "hidden" class or id in Readability.js (r=bnicholson)
ca491b4dc1727a5c88829a27d4b371829762cc9eLucas Rocha — Bug 784680 - Remove utility nodes from Wordpress blog posts (r=bnicholson)
08b790ce10cdd77757ea5d772afb7ea22dd8f957Lucas Rocha — Bug 784674 - Better byline fetching in Readability (r=bnicholson)
55c4a3f3a6a96597f7b9ce3d698071f3820e4abbLucas Rocha — Bug 782285 - Don't offer reader in pages with too much reading competition (r=mfinkle)
236151ae351f82468be10b7b104d20f001efb49cAndrew McCreight — Bug 761620 - Throw an exception for unpreservable weak map keys. r=billm
679fcc8f57d0be8cee67365f403a071717ffb51fJames Willcox — Bug 783754 - Fix Flash on the Galaxy SII r=BenWa
d636babbf53239d1a62d62fc7bc546d86361723eEitan Isaacson — Bug 785076 - Work around touch emulation timestamp issue. r=davidb
ef0db3592a2ede23738b37cb989b215cc023fed9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
78d6548c9c2340e6d974ca03911a894be412bc29Geoff Brown — Bug 784186 - Robocop: wait for paint in several tests; r=jmaher
00ba8683d7c941db5035fbbc68f5a41540261e5fNicolas Silva — Bug 773440 - Remove one video frame copy when using async-video. r=roc
9e98e33cb80df128010a11f20bb6eab2f3bd85c2Jon Coppeard — Fix bad indentation in fix for 784282 (no bug, DONTBUILD)
2995a63cf3991d9c439ee25b8783871af2f19b92Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784889 - Use nullptr in a function that returns a pointer. r=ms2ger.
6797919f02f2d447b3e3758a9cea91685d934647Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 8: Make it safe to call MediaInputPort::Destroy after streams at both ends of the port have been destroyed. r=jesup
98de5d3c227b43feae7dd4d1e8cf72b847fd318aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 7: Update test_streams_element_capture_reset.html to test new functionality. r=cpearce
5536f349f504249e5935051c0ef187a7d47aea20Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 6: Rework capturing MediaStreams from media elements to use TrackUnionStreams. r=cpearce,jesup
89f96727117692db346acc8faf498f749ec6b4d9Chris Double — Backout bug 730765 Part 3/3
adb719a12c464397276c2f553ce8dc65079b8112Chris Double — Backout bug 730765 Part 2/3
afe10b61951a383c240c52b8c5b4094abcb1cad2Chris Double — Backed out changeset 581cdaf67a25
a10b82a0012d496ca8413c4b1ed8c9df240b2c64Chris Double — Backout bug 730765 Part 1/3
f7e71fef7de93358b888f6a47d154eba2d8ace2aChris Double — Backed out changeset ec5685278f82
68fc1a8f97d0acbe604c68147c0a20cff1e4a68dChris Double — Backed out changeset 5583ccdfea18
3110f58a46f4a5c214cb853f40a1da78dc231da2Mark Capella — Bug 772272 - Remove do_load_httpd_js from xpcshell tests, Final, r=ted
69b6210ae965e2f3ffa5f3e37ca0670caecaaf01Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8bc22ea75c01f2a6da5947da14aa9a36f5ba59dcChris Lord — Bug 771154 - Invalidate only the frame rect when new frames come into view. r=roc
6229a3b222e4b9afd7e4e02f5047ef169ffd050dChris Jones — Bug 762221: Enable font hinting for "app" processes. r=jfkthame,jlebar
7a1ab48fc87606c774b24a8b83440c10578d662aKO Myung-Hun — Bug 773958 - Define NP_CALLBACK as NP_LOADDS for a calling convention consistency. r=josh
535465bc2005ae83cc299276025e0fb5a18ede3aEd Morley — Backout 254a6ae6cf2a, 63f9b653db9d, 73f018c8fbea, be2dc5ca1acb (bug 778582) for native R3 failures
4b228bcfa794137f041604bd47ab7359c621b92aEd Morley — Backout 06f6eede6b77 (bug 762221) for crashes
330c2cc06bbd902a8079ed587151183071cc6879Chris Lord — Bug 781516 - Fix invalidation caused by unprocessed merged frames. r=roc
06f6eede6b774c09122233171093bdac54c6ad39Chris Jones — Bug 762221: Enable font hinting for "app" processes. r=jfkthame,jlebar
fca63fc533e2abb2aa003245e8112d76512c5c15Cervantes Yu — Bug 779358 - Fix mousemove event handled twice in content panning, r=cjones
92ad8d042827fa246e21aecafd64c71bb8b575b0Alex Crichton — Bug 433529 - Part 8: Fix dtrace builds with new displayAtom(). r=peterv
254a6ae6cf2a4d7f6d7ac487ecdbec0f5cdf1517Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 4: Miscellaneous about:reader fixes. r=lucasr
63f9b653db9d61384fb4b8ecfac4f41ddb84b49cBrian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 3: Automatically resize reader frame with contents. r=mfinkle
73f018c8fbeaee672297672afeff84aed5670ed5Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 2: Split about:reader stylesheet for each frame. r=lucasr f=mfinkle
be2dc5ca1acba2ba20036fc6bcf1c657f4268401Brian Nicholson — Bug 778582 - Part 1: Split about:reader into privileged and unprivileged frames. r=lucasr
d98216c47a77bf3e15b892c2d0b81f03908a5881Geoff Lankow — Bug 773214 - Make AddonInstall/AddonInstallWrapper aware of different icon sizes; r=Unfocused
c80863b9bf12e417f1c43116d088545001a2150bDaniel Holbert — Bug 784828 patch 2: Make nsSVGAttrTearoffTable lookups use nsRefPtr instead of manual NS_ADDREF refcounting, in nsSVGLength2.cpp. r=longsonr
165cd64fb08ab25f43421e72df7a14fbfab7e4a2Daniel Holbert — Bug 784828 patch 1: Make nsSVGAttrTearoffTable lookups use nsRefPtr instead of manual NS_ADDREF refcounting, in DOMSVG*List.cpp. r=longsonr
167fdd4db264a8bd9dea4295c6131175262045ebGina Yeh — Bug 783934 - Final Version: Add events onconnected and ondisconnected in BluetoothDevice, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
2a645c4ea73f4401e30ae3a74fceaa16e1238595David Zbarsky — Bug 784846 - The ShouldPrerender check for async animations is wrong r=mattwoodrow
96cd349f463be14d49ed4f2d0a0eadac130d0a96Chris Jones — No bug. Don't prelaunch app processes in debug builds, for easier debuggability. irc-r=bent
cd86e0d61c3facabea95de41947273a143c9d95cPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 768692 (Move DOM list binding generation to the new DOM binding codegen). r=bzbarsky.
455ed4a415aa930e7bd3916362a0dd6b2e32c8e0Eric Faust — Bug 781855 - Fix incorrectly shadowing 'own' properties in the case of prototypal setters. (r=bhackett)
759b5d914905b34cee5884d97a09c876eec44ddaBen Turner — Bug 782649 - 'Remove old IPC::InputStream'. r=cjones+khuey.
cace7cc25814f222284ade58e875f11c5f32c36cMatt Brubeck — Back out b2900e347f5c (bug 783393) for Windows xpcshell hangs in test_listscripts-01.js on a CLOSED TREE
3c39442f9f19c5c3e5db6453242dc38ca39fd4e7Chris Lee — Bug 771284 - Use the child selector to get to button-icon and button-text. r=dao
4bb90f8c690974bc60f9df01a36f275729248c24Mounir Lamouri — Bug 756645 - Implement IndexedDB apps isolation. r=bent
53f3963dedc01f50f36a94c39f9110622f1f2040Mounir Lamouri — Bug 784878 - Use version 2 by default when no version in found in permissions.sqlite. r=sicking
82eea30b2963d3e621dd11214b6958cdd0e1c044Mounir Lamouri — Bug 619236 - Set user_version in generated permissions.sqlite for tests. r=sicking
41f9eeefbee7a6fd9ba4be0d199a6758edba5456Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 7/7 - Tests. r=sicking
212b861d4d223c49ff68215645912040e0dfb352Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 6/7 Update the Permission Manager database to save appId/isInBrowserElement. r=sicking
a050027d1520f3868af8a90eb3e4823f2afed662Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 5/7 - Update IPC::Permission to use appId/isInBrowserElement. r=sicking
0e6ed173961e3d1faf0dd8c64247689e45c72dc0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 4/7 - Update nsPermission to use appId/isInBrowserElement. r=sicking
8700d3b9054d191a2a71cf45534969860081ac7dMounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 3/7 - Update nsHostTable and nsHostEntry to make them aware of new security model. r=sicking,jlebar
13c586b3c010fc9ddfce4e19a7b26e07e73eccc9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 2/7 - AddInternal() and CommonTestPermission() should use nsIPrincipal. r=sicking
4e0bd449dcb19b9b12bb8c42a0fe2d0f4684ed89Mounir Lamouri — Bug 777072 - 1/7 - Move the logic from methods taking URIs to method taking nsIPrincipals. r=sicking
ebe6e3330f6384dec428eecc7950ea72e0790d2fMounir Lamouri — Bug 785161 - Stop uninstalling all installed apps in WebApps tests. r=jlebar
93a43b48cb6690c16fad7cb866502af09adc97d2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 775815 - Use new Permission Manager API in SpecialPowers. r=sicking
ad7963c93bd8e334e06433b6357fe0a432f107dfTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
b2900e347f5c30f26d5a57d83182d65b5702341bPanos Astithas — Bug 783393 - Breakpoints not getting caught on reload, r=rcampbell f=rcampbell,dcamp,vporof
8707f5ddeda32eb386197629b656e1e286998c98Jen Fong-Adwent — Bug 704204 - Allow user to increase Web Console font size; r=msucan
21a815b9f4c73757abcdc6ddc1415e5333cfea9cSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 782866 - Pymake: commands that don't use shells don't honour exported PATH on Win32. Use worker pool to execute Popen-based commands too, and fix up os.environ["PATH"] as necessary. r=gps DONTBUILD
198ca6edd0aee50da84f7a2c2d28ef504e555d24Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
bbf6a7e1598d66d88322515784c7f5a9084d4b9bNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 783464 - Fix condition for removing the constrained output vector. r=bhackett
17607e337dfd2587a835cae76a6e292f1b294667Alex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 7 - Name functions whose field in an object literal is a PNK_STRING node. r=jimb
6735faf4d313655951b1557775e3c3da4439407cAlex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 6 - Add JS_GetFunctionDisplayId as a jsapi function for a JSFunction's displayAtom. r=jimb
d26a8e451fa2526e011de1ac6b77cd396bc81814Alex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 5 - Add jit-tests for the displayAtom() attribute of functions. r=jimb
234d99170fbf1079c4561900e836d60f9e50f4dfAlex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 4 - Add DebuggerObject_displayName for a function's displayAtom attribute. r=jimb
8a751b65df8b19861b94fc6ce3303a05ce1d03deAlex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 3 - Change error stack traces to use displayAtom() instead of atom(). r=jimb
4ebcfba34c383b8829d8e4d2e57d9ac248085249Alex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 2 - Add a displayAtom to JSFunction to store resolved names. r=jimb
d7568555261ce6c7166c880f35bd64d5ba99a94bAlex Crichton — Bug 433529: Part 1 - Statically resolve names for anonymous functions. r=jimb
7dab8a726f441a8ea59ffb6d2cb0e7e97f120135Matt Woodrow — Bug 780260 - Remove PRInt32 types added by the previous changeset. r=ehsan
74733ab50e1cf93b57f3ffbd85db2766767705a9Michael Wu — Bug 784858: Pass LD_PRELOAD to child processes. r=cjones
ea2cf37ddf54274777564f0da81f4e58cdd78d81Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 775543 (Passing a Worker object to console.log() results in a crash). r=bz.
1b51b88d45aff5db803d756af07aea8ad3951b7bJan Beich — Bug 784741 - Unbreak --enable-debug --disable-methodjit on platforms without YarrJIT support. r=dmandelin
fa9bc5be6d9b92563811e4d3b89a96cc64fab50dJan Beich — Bug 784741 - Don't implicitly define ENABLE_YARR_JIT with MethodJIT. r=dmandelin
529608d3f3ff2112b2e89456aa3a056950097c71Chris Lee — Bug 771284 - Better fix for expander icon padding and unprefix -moz-linear-gradients. r=fryn
eb81ebe55d99f1fa778a20495851ae8373f21f70Justin Lebar — Bug 784436 - Part 2: Use new infallible nsIDocShell methods. r=bz
bd0bf4b676dabbe74111442391e93ea21d641279Justin Lebar — Bug 784436 - Part 1: Make some nsIDocShell attributes infallible. r=bz
6c7efe05324138b63abb38ed31f32d1000312026Justin Lebar — Bug 780970 - Add [infallible] attribute for XPIDL attributes. r=khuey
08f91bc1bd99976883cd79c8be9fe68edc660287Cameron McCormack — Bug 782610 - Fix format of @supports tests. r=dbaron
566153e74dd1a4c5f866d9e4d69a8fedd71e2464Cameron McCormack — Bug 782591 - Ensure needPaddingProp is always initialized in nsHTMLReflowState::InitOffsets. r=roc
8c95a0d692faed3f0ff71174f354a1f5879cd3dfCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 38: Ignore the non-SVG frames when propagating SVG changes through a tree. r=longsonr
24ae54fe53a7bf05267f2dc57fca27a9cb70e76eFabrice Desré — Bug 784678 - Error when calling postCancel and postSuccess in an activity [r=gwagner]
7bced3d7427a358ea34309e5cff939ca215f510eKyle Machulis — Backout be6da7f8989c due to bustage
4d4e97519d50f30e230c944b2fce7a3a5d44dcd9Kyle Machulis — Backout 81fc1a3fc920 due to bustage
be6da7f8989cfe0e03929c85c6003cf938ac2cb4Kyle Machulis — Bug 783426: Patch 2 - Tests for Async DOMRequest Firing; r=sicking
81fc1a3fc92030cc49a69841422cebc86b07f281Kyle Machulis — Bug 783426: Patch 1 - Async DOMRequest Firing; r=sicking
38535165c87b112e95b8f7e95845ded6cf643647Kyle Machulis — Backing out df43ad6d04c1 due to incorrect commit messages
d029dd0ae5a5676c7116bc1609ad26ecae316964Kyle Machulis — Backing out 542abbd15139 due to incorrect commit messages
542abbd151391c20a58cc7b05c2fa2e988591ff2Kyle Machulis — Bug 783426: Patch 2 - Tests for Async DOMRequest Firing
df43ad6d04c1b0f8e72a376377e3acbef6b9cdaaKyle Machulis — Bug 783426: Patch 1 - Async DOMRequest Firing
6dc02881f1b640a8f5a3342660ae5a0eea6a5704Nicholas Nethercote — No bug. Fix a spelling mistake in a function name and avoid a compile warning. r=terrence.
fdc76cb3b523191deb357accab5b24f2e22dad26Cameron McCormack — Bug 705184 - Count unexpected reftest crash dump files as test failures. r=dbaron
d76195e9e2b8c4ea553cd977dac86b73ac4d9108Matt Woodrow — Bug 780260 - Add serial numbers to Images and use it to check if an image has been painted to its BasicShadowableImageLayer already. r=cjones
6e3a0a5d61a3bfc2f489068a752733f15bb7fb68Wes Johnston — Bug 781844 - Use consistent page titles on about pages. r=mfinkle
0abb573e90fcd05c6b9a658aa12794ec49b3ec50Jared Wein — Backed out changeset c29869656f46 due to wrong bug number.
4317c2e28a5c85037a3d0d1c5f2bbc5cf6cc2f54Chris Lee — Bug 784844 - Use Australis rounded button design for Mac OS X. r=dao
fc19d9b5a5318945648f42ed8af1c643b48dbdd5Chris Lee — Bug 771284 - Use light coloring for Mac OS X arrow panels. r=fryn
7f20dca58350d92becc25f5e63b62074d88dc45aMichael Comella — Bug 784472 - Long press on text selection should show context menus again. r=wesj
daa163c8e26b4a9745fd005e9aaef7ddfc41cd80Michael Comella — Bug 766389 - (3 of 3) Add apps promo box to about:home. r=sriram
98071de42c1c7be4f4c17495c98c1d192781be9eMichael Comella — Bug 766389 - (2 of 3) Add apps promo box image resources and rename sync logo ones. r=sriram
b101122fc4173c6c069c1474a2dedbe509ce2953Michael Comella — Bug 766389 - (1 of 3) Updated strings for about:home apps promo box. r=mbrubeck
71bbf99f060f588bcc474b95d85dd7a97963eb2dMichael Comella — Bug 744662 - Sharing an email address no longer copies "mailto:". r=mfinkle
02b6677f5f8dfacc577251c4c31c5e240d4bf6c4Michael Comella — Bug 776064 - Make long press "tel:" link context menu behavior more consistent. r=mfinkle
4f008e6bbb9d26582755a12b74391cefe20b2b1dJonathan Griffin — Bug 779984 - Re-land patch without letting ENABLE_MARIONETTE=1 actually load Marionette in desktop Firefox, r=ted
80c3029990c656f861a4cf8d990cb8f515b91870Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 784810 - Disable browser.tabs.remote for b2g reftests, r=jgriffin
3f340329e85bdc81c60acf4ce926e23f93946597Gregor Wagner — Bug 784746 - Contacts API: optimize debug statements. r=bent
9209d9af04d4053e67361eec953f2d1f33fc8c0cRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 41a3cdf92063 (bug 782649) for Linux xpcshell failures.
004b8c1500c2305f02277b991ddb21d08d444ec4John Schoenick — Bug 781126 - Followup, remove accidental tabs. r=me DONTBUILD
dba7f413d26b56cf6d0060f508c0a4556c10a24cDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 775588 - Test that temporary directory, profile directory are present. r=yoric
a9fefd087abca7b6685beb8796e13f1935708f07David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 775588 - Do not define a special directory if it doesn't exist. r=khuey
1a822acf8faa09193f5544d74f9feb4a0ddde483David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 775588 - Expose path to tmpdir, profiledir in OS.Constants and make sure that weird loaders that violate loading order do not segfault. r=khuey
a5b7988bdde72799211c36c683e9b48b6d890e49Justin Lebar — Bug 721264 - Followup: Add bug number to comment. DONTBUILD
53e7eb3528cc3f9643481a3282b02cea11076e6cJohnathan Nightingale — Bug 721264 - Blocklist babyfox.dll for instability. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
497c8c08b98171c2fb261601b8a99222c13affd2Blake Kaplan — Bug 777203 - Keep a list of managers that are interested in wifi events and send notifications only to them instead of broadcasting notifications to the world. r=gwagner DONTBUILD
517169ca9082facd14f12058c71ebad9b9e7a0cdBlake Kaplan — Bug 777203 - Respond to requests by sending our response directly back to the manager instead of broadcasting the response everywhere. r=gwagner
4666c4ccea092752dd84d4354359c1d084786b0eMasashi Honma — Bug 783742 - Add support for WPS PIN method. r=mrbkap
ca3a3ff0af73b6e885b2c2de97f249cacf8dd099Nicholas Cameron — Bug 784260; DrawTargetD2D should deal with Cairo surfaces in CreateBrush... . r=Bas
e508c52d91efdbd7a81f679210aca353a3152fc9Jared Wein — Bug 783928 - Remove the 'Remove from Firefox' menu in the Social API toolbar button dropdown. r=felipe
903124068c0799a3056cc023942431eca8e1b924Gavin Sharp — Bug 784198 - Rename notifBrowser to notificationFrame. r=jaws
d0d826d18cec3ca3399560c75404486e310b1277Jared Wein — Bug 784198 - browserIter.docShell is undefined errors. r=felipe
2b5032429f8002154baaf7534254a6f19841ff70Matt Brubeck — Bug 783565 - Don't look for mobile doctype or handheldFriendly if there is also a meta viewport tag [r=jwir3]
0cd39066334d84cb70172b381f2fb9a98ab02196Matt Brubeck — Bug 784704 - GetViewportInfo does not read minimum-scale and maximum-scale [r=jwir3]
d7c041240db3ebd46ff2e9cdcda998c8cf27c4d9Jonathan Griffin — Bug 779984 - Backout 98fc3d40910c due to leaking crashtest, CLOSED TREE
739eef9dbbdded722f8e97ad6ac41283e457350dChris Jones — Test for bug 783184. r=jdm
5253021171872eada9416ea7294a53588cec7408Chris Jones — Bug 783184: Ensure that child-process pref state always is the same as its parent's. r=bsmedberg
67c5213dfe2b944d0c2d019f9a47cb7da74823a2Josh Aas — Bug 728106: Add Notification Center support for OS X 10.8. r=smichaud,dougt
41a3cdf9206337399613463f3f008b24d764d1a4Ben Turner — Bug 782649 - 'Remove old IPC::InputStream'. r=cjones+khuey.
2f60f3a4bdd703c40ac2b49d9547707bcf9614c2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 783867. Don't blindly assume IsDOMClass objects are nsISupports. r=peterv
a8601aeb1d1d1cb838832fc15cd4d6d0653a6448Alex Crichton — Bug 568142 - Part 2: Have ParseNode's pn_pos enclose children better. r=jorendorff
753d5e8c80640b35cd5bfd1b2b1cd8d009ac56efAlex Crichton — Bug 568142 - Part 1: Add column numbers to error reports. r=jorendorff
bf07c6253287bb55cb346002959048c15822ed67Brian Hackett — Allow purging analysis-temporary while retaining jitcode, bug 778724. r=luke
98fc3d40910c19cbc1ab131488f81546ac089b06Jonathan Griffin — Bug 779984 - replace --enable-marionette with ENABLE_MARIONETTE and make it consistent, r=ted
e8289a629cd44b6720aa8fb93e47861cfc7bf25cNick Alexander — Bug 783659 - Fix Android Sync integration tests by initializing exception cause correctly. r=rnewman
236d384dc4f98ab74e5bdece2a9da58eac7c1fddLuke Wagner — Bug 784639 - Fix SetNameOperation to not use cx->fp since it is wrong for jit-inlined calls (r=bhackett)
cc589462f4ca7879fac34b7a0c48f2d9eacc287cGregor Wagner — Bug 784099 - Contacts API is not saving contacts. r=fabrice
c29869656f46a7c3dc14854b40294664d47687cbWes Johnston — Bug 653813 - Use consistent page titles on about pages. r=mfinkle
c5ca56e666683e5c96a1c89fc9e3d420200a9637Vicamo Yang — Bug 707659 - Part 2: fix test scripts, r=philikon
b87b0846c9137de02fdf9a0e8e1db19231cf3098Vicamo Yang — Bug 707659 - Part 1: DOM implementation, r=jlebar
e97800e74b636eb088edd68ee219a8a30c7dc9b3Lucas Rocha — Bug 784683 - Don't create temporary H1 element for title (r=mfinkle)
fcb1cb11935f91aa0778837f98235123e5422ca0Brian Nicholson — Bug 784126 - Fix JSDOMParser textContent setter. r=lucasr
91cba558c70c3a08699ba5c4958239f2c77f6d33Nick Alexander — Bug 769671 - Don't use IOException(Throwable cause), since it is only available in API level >= 9. r=rnewman
0f34437ce5332e039d7ecb37ee9f8b754971e0f0Matt Brubeck — Bug 784612 - Remove old XUL content autoScale hack from meta viewport code [r=mfinkle,jwir3]
2a9b3c766512e7841b7393be8f425e7c78738997Alex Crichton — Bug 782659: Fix assertions about empty registers when profiling is enabled on ARM. r=bhackett
cd82204dcb678c08b63a7774c7af0bbda292dcf8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 8: Automatically convert some more NSPR numeric type usages that were landed on mozilla-inbound; r=bsmedberg
9c39400dd21d13d416759339f0505688e119629cEhsan Akhgari — Merge the landing of bug 579517 to mozilla-inbound
2a040b73f268165f182560b5ff8d3023a857aecdLuke Wagner — Bug 784550 - Fix overly-conservative deoptimization of assignment to named lambda (r=jorendorff)
2e06b3299a5e7e1325062d4bdb65a94705900ffbWes Johnston — Bug 741621 - Marketplace app should open for market urls. r=mfinkle
1c14ca0ce21fef10640fe6e633c025cc4d96333eWes Johnston — Bug 781061 - System notifications should call back to the process that created them. r=blassey
8ce5250fe80f401eb955fade014cab9f9bb885ecEd Morley — Bug 774062 - Make configure error out if the DirectX SDK redistributables cannot be found; r=ted
3ded80c6a2da0f5bbf6475e7ccaba395f152bc7dDão Gottwald — Bug 784621 - Empty address bar isn't always focused after startup. r=enn
4c0af103f0f84d44088302d82087f6f2a6c3de3dEd Morley — Backout d62929fa4325 for talos crashes
d62929fa43251d582362225df3dcc9033b8c19beBrian Hackett — Allow purging analysis-temporary while retaining jitcode, bug 778724. r=luke
5f0e24568cbb5801171fd94807f526f195f7f0ddjulian reschke — Bug 781693 - Accept ';' as delimiter after 'base64' keyword. r=bz
8e4f89f8c4513069ca75bfb634d59b1b64c789b6Jan Beich — Bug 783463 - Don't include <malloc.h>, it's unused. r=dougt
93d2b46f35f183e2328c86b87a19c8b05a8a402dJan Beich — Bug 783463 - libc++ and -std=gnu++11 want explicitly declared close/write. r=dougt
e8e54b17e6f2dfd69a91db0d0276e49c22248034Eric Chou — Bug 783520 - [b2g-bluetooth] follow-up to bug 730992, r=qdot
a8785c8a603a156de71d42cc11d861fd95c409e3Jon Coppeard — Bug 779183 - GC: Incremental sweeping of atoms table part 2 - Sweep atoms compartment at the end r=billm
271c3965015e4396bc27f82bdd5e2572d4adb58dJon Coppeard — Bug 779183 - GC: Incremental sweeping of atoms table part 1 - Add per-compartment mark/sweep state r=billm
e8bf3b589c2d88707b9e58bb2a1a6d5050c42326Jon Coppeard — Bug 784282 - GC: Assert that cross-compartment pointers are wrapped when marking r=billm
eb0deea718b3184c1056587a77612baa70721a4aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d51a3bf72b9c549903868a998783bf3ba3f69130Gene Lian — Bug 777226 - Alarm API - If an alarm cannot be fired when the device shuts down, it should be fired when powering up. r=vivien
3e2cbfcaccd444308bf24a7f28e6f4f6284f4013Michael Comella — Bug 778811: Removed "No Top Sites" text from about:home. r=mfinkle
d066131af975ec9a26fb904acdbcf292340047b5Karl Tomlinson — b=671820 implement async nsIFilePicker::Open and make sync Show close window on response r=roc
610e570628166960ae06b574a4d72e113ca2d244Doug Sherk — Bug 780397: Convert FrameMetrics.mViewportScrollOffset from nsIntPoint to gfx::Point r=roc
59a7c786871107092f045cb30065177ffd4930abDoug Sherk — Bug 783747: B2G: Lower async panning friction r=gal
408707dae83791046256889add0b364c82f40727Doug Sherk — Bug 775447: Rip out old checks for DOM touch listeners r=cjones
746eb3e15dec03fb1e3b133b9d57b0e9de8f2fb5Doug Sherk — Bug 775447: Let touch-event listeners cancel async pan/zoom r=cjones
5650196a8c7d203f3408717e5be05ce3a8f0bcd8Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
fd69732899315d872e2d4a2a733110bbf498bd03Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 5fb14f57f34a (bug 784558)
5fb14f57f34ac0ded126cb7e53454cf4c01654d3Tim Taubert — Bug 784558 - [Page Thumbnails] single thumbnail removal doesn't work anymore when the corresponding site is removed from history; r=felipe
e1cdfebb423df4287eac249fc9b36d355505cb56Blair McBride — Bug 775072 - Inline autocomplete munges URLs that contain characters that would normally be escaped. r=mak
df17d6a5a330a812091bfb6754cacdceebaf90a8Panos Astithas — Don't send newScript notifications for ignored scripts (bug 770882). r=rcampbell
8e30c456cb6e268748013d1dc81f8e1dac3e2fd8Tim Taubert — Bug 754671 - Follow-up to rename old thumbnail folder instead of removing it; r=felipe
327883b4f2fe04f20f7ab0d1f0cd3603d85307d2Tim Taubert — Bug 754671 - [Page Thumbnails] size of thumbnails directory (in profiles directory) keeps growing infinitely; r=felipe
32064546c8fe7d06a5cf9ababbed2226a9f11ce3George Wright — Bug 740194 - Add missing .patch file to gfx/skia/patches which was left out of the commit for bug 740194 by accident. r=none
ee1fb253dfce82cd1d9d4be32672dffe2adda786Justin Lebar — Bug 721264 - Followup: Add bug number to comment. DONTBUILD
102dc21187374e00da2e867b88b52219f3952089Johnathan Nightingale — Bug 721264 - Blocklist babyfox.dll for instability. r=bsmedberg a=lsblakk
88d7348e0b059da50c09ec0f05d0da5ffb7555f4Blake Kaplan — Bug 777203 - Keep a list of managers that are interested in wifi events and send notifications only to them instead of broadcasting notifications to the world. r=gwagner DONTBUILD
8a40c103e16a3403a1dff35d4b126e02bef2cfbaBlake Kaplan — Bug 777203 - Respond to requests by sending our response directly back to the manager instead of broadcasting the response everywhere. r=gwagner
f921ed75d75d35b920025324f50f8cefa577eb5bMasashi Honma — Bug 783742 - Add support for WPS PIN method. r=mrbkap
88e47f6905e9b154027744f6b2bb09034cd860b0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 5: Add missing StandardInteger.h #includes where needed; r=bsmedberg
325891716910101f51fbb15f2bdd4730fe53cdf9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 4: Manually rewrite some parts of the code base not covered by the automated conversion; r=bsmedberg
8e62cbb35f67193e155d17d12945776fd4accb8bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 3: Remove NSPR types from the IPDL parser's built-in type list; r=bsmedberg
c0726f9e6dc201c0521dc3a8b9e87bc71ee99913Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 2: Make the IDL parser aware of stdint types; r=bsmedberg
a16372ce30b5f6b747246b01fcd215a4bf3b6342Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 1: Automated conversion of NSPR numeric types to stdint types in Gecko; r=bsmedberg
4d59eb5ac2c6fd6c71762637647dabf9cad25dc0Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
cc1f0a7f68a476a1b71d9f0ece0535c24545fb37jmaher — Bug 781580 - deploy a new to capture bug 781507;r=Callek
d6a5f82cc3fc7cc8e9cdee1e9d0e575c26869fe0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 766366 - Add GLContext::BlitTextureToTexture - r=bjacob
1ce3324a8bad9ac6ea55c9dad9760dae0f60897eJeff Gilbert — Bug 738833 - Add webgl force-readback pref - r=bjacob
ce9f5c71a4aa1e5131a9b341d9bb93bb59bd125aChris Double — Bug 766395 - Enable hardware video decoding on Otoro B2G devices - r=edwin
07e6edef8ea552c0d82f24280085e67a618413e6David Zbarsky — Move mStyleRule and mStyleRuleRefreshTime from ElementAnimations/ElementTransitions to CommonElementAnimationData, no bug, r=dbaron over irc
1941821345f31fe2995b12c87f31b13a2d4686b2David Zbarsky — Bug 784239 - Perform async animations even when not all properties can be asyncified r=roc
ea6a5e9b25db15151224b5103936c2b33e450b4dDavid Zbarsky — Add a gaia setting to log slow animations, no bug, r=vingtetun
3764a9891e74afafeeaf1722570996adc2464299Donovan Preston — Bug 733573 - Expose a client TCP socket API to web applications [r=honzab,fabrice]
ec5685278f82d5443b1bfc75fcfa101ac5dc0fb5Paul Adenot — Bug 730765 - Remove commented out code that should have been removed. DONTBUILD r=biesi
3adcae5fbefb975f9b4530fcb8da0f396a459db4John Schoenick — Bug 782644 - Prevent against nsObjectLoadingContent re-entry from content policy. r=josh
69c5fcb15368dadecba94bc1ba906e46eb66de05John Schoenick — Bug 781482 - Fix rebase error in nsObjectLoadingContent. r=josh
854c1028d1472713efeca722e01f51ffc5282dd0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 782785 - Use temp surfaces to ReadPixels with correct stride - r=bjacob
581cdaf67a25a491c3471ab8c72c983ac42865d8Paul Adenot — Bug 730765 - Tests for nsISeekableStream when backed by a nsMultiplexInputStream. r=biesi
5583ccdfea183a42da2c6fe071ab8352f53f8d79Paul Adenot — Bug 730765 - Media cache shouldn't be used when loading from blob: urls. r=biesi
56cec1a9c52a6cb69e16730ae22bedd3a6c9a28fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 784536 - Use the name of the enum value directly as opposed to access it from the enum's scope; r=dzbarsky
c1a702d0425d5b9fc9eb9139d20125e1665c5dd2Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 784496 - Run Pymake tests in sorted order. r=gps DONTBUILD
3047a182724d742630f02a2f15ed60010f9d63dcRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 783154 - Refactor the chrome hang code to use the same class as write poisoning. r=taras,benwa,vladan.
492ef59eb26860fab13ffb04b22c0239dbcbca4bRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 3ce94808577b, 56f288230d5a, and 18ff170ecb1f (bug 730765) for bustage. r=fail
dfe6a63f3ae9d1a7bde5c834a56f1a2c1d332d78Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 782847 - Pymake native commands don't pass the correct environment to subprocesses. r=gps DONTBUILD
18ff170ecb1f0fb9ddc286989de737872320efbdRyan VanderMeulen — Fix merge bustage from bug 730765.
ecb96c6485ef9ff59c74bb33fa5200f817697ddeDavid Flanagan — Bug 784205 - On-device screenshots don't work (Failure arg 0 [nsIDOMDeviceStorage.addNamed]") [r=fabrice]
dc73026c0fa464ff8216f435c8983e787a422a5dFabrice Desré — Bug 784511 - ContentStart event never fires because reportCrash() throws an exception [r=hub]
4e5692e129b21409254e3022d2e17ec0153634baMichael Comella — Bug 784451 - Remove unnecessary comment in AboutHomePromoBox. r=sriram
6945a923ce83a686ca91889d6facfcf05951b1d7Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 778072 - Add pref for reftests to use iframe mozbrowser. r=cjones
56f288230d5a9d3519e30abfa4da9344ced351d0Paul Adenot — Bug 730765 - Tests for nsISeekableStream when backed by a nsMultiplexInputStream. r=biesi
3ce94808577bcc0334ef359fa2dc3664cf0e264aPaul Adenot — Bug 730765 - Media cache shouldn't be used when loading from blob: urls. r=biesi
62e4ba7192955230b9c0508bb9c8357e2e02d9c1Leonard Camacho — Bug 695879 - Use SyncScheduler when adding a new device to sync. r=rnewman
3b94ca12777065b0f652265d32e7d352a1488e18Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
5d16194a425f533c7ddccb20fee8ce630cfb06ceDão Gottwald — fix indent (no bug, DONTBUILD)
abc17059522b0146742a0f79901adf7ee8bdc909Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
4814d0570ca2564dbdb68f320c12c35189b85bfaEd Morley — Backout 3c39fdebf386 (bug 733573) for native Android m3 failures in test_tcpsocket_enabled_no_perm.html on a CLOSED TREE
f27460e427ccc20d895ba707415a57b215eb970aWes Johnston — backout c5961842578e CLOSED TREE
228414e0953377a2cf2b9292a06e76f52915b15cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0ca713e1db4790daaa271dd320a919300cf2db53David Keeler — Bug 767636 - expose plugin fallback type to extensions. r=jaws
b21f4cb16f088dab7d151b52bddb17556500d6f9Shu-yu Guo — Bug 767961 - Only mark properties as definite if we could analyze the entire constructor (r=bhackett)
f6ff05c68a6181efaa3d73a0cb683b40c8148b30Shu-yu Guo — Bug 783924 - Part 2: Fix TI assertion in ParallelArray constructor (r=bhackett)
6087ddaf99114e86a2c8c5acbbbedb79efd14646Shu-yu Guo — Bug 783924 - Part 1: Fix ParallelArray constructor being called with non array-like objects (r=dmandelin)
a8d115b3b7e11865bae4b7502d76c9f038a13f66Vladan Djeric — Bug 779310: Remove string literals from slowSql reports. r=taras
bf1a005f1e61d7e3861b644b5db1953d487792a0Brian Hackett — Make JSObject::doSomethingToThisObject methods static, bug 782646. r=terrence
987f760ee458f2587ba1fc0697cad8c0c5ebe9cbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 688575 - Disable layout/base/tests/bug482484.html on Windows because of focus issues which cause it to fail intermittently
5228384d4da86e33e1c4bb22a59785469214820bMark Capella — Bug 741858 - Change stored password doorhanger doesn't handle large password string very well, r=margaret
9a520dc23009b35172d65941bcafcb1c43dc523eIsaac Aggrey — Bug 711862 - Do not process the node itself in nsHTMLEditor::RemoveStyleInside if the caller requests only children to be modified; r=ehsan
a9469aea7b1996243a0933b8ed6a1002e326d458Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 689435 - Disable layout/base/tests/bug644428-1.html on Windows because of focus issues which cause it to fail intermittently
321da000a2281b8ca719f2290df8e13571a62cb3Nick Desaulniers — Bug 784245 - change uuid's for webapplicationregistry [r=fabrice]
6f955c140b60ae8399bc4a013a80e794f64fa315Bobby Holley — Bug 784233 - Relax __exposedProps__ check for sandboxes until we can repack AMO addons. r=gal
0e73660050a44ecd554cd3859f4af01bbdca2f65Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 784313 - Replace body[dir=rtl] with :dir(rtl) in browser/. r=dao
8f9cac092f384e954438f77e7b5c81beb47d79ddIan Moody — Bug 737792 - Use for..of loops in browser.js. r=dao
c5961842578e037826200d73e6871819414552d4Wes Johnston — Bug 741621 - Allow opening market links in the market webapp. r=mfinkle
3c39fdebf3862b9f0bc7348ca6ba461feb259540Donovan Preston — Bug 733573 - Expose a client TCP socket API to web applications [r=honzab,fabrice]
dff40a793fab02d253ad2a69f7ed38b0d9b02479Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 783208 - Force a zoom out on double-tap if we're already zoomed in to the maximum allowed zoom. r=wesj
27b3a3e33f9246961a38378d078290c6d1fb928aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784381 - Build bustage for comm-central - SHA1.h - Cannot open include file: 'stdint.h. r=ms2ger.
86980fdd59dc64c422da337609f1abc1a7a58d6cJohn Ford — bug 776783 - disable warnings as errors for Linux B2G Desktop builds DONTBUILD
57c1c330e85f68dc2ccb36a5467d1d13c4dacd40Luke Wagner — Bug 774915 - don't use the property cache for dynamic name lookup (r=bhackett)
c5d905357e1bb61d80528bd445e89edd5ea67295Luke Wagner — Bug 783978 - disallow duplicated argument names when default arguments are used (r=jorendorff)
0fa2e09c092e2fa39f47faf0211c61a001532526Javi Rueda — Bug 503761 - 'Remember passwords' check box is broken when no history - in Private Browsing mode or when Firefox set to never remember any history; r=ehsan
88def2d79ce8c144b1b1599f74bbb424430d6b33Irving Reid — Bug 782471: Add library name to ctypes Library::Create() error message for easier debugging; r=bholley
caeb23f6d9570eff0f7a040e2a7b0a92e1354422Dão Gottwald — Bug 783103 - Avoid layout flush from isElementVisible when attempting to focus the URL bar or search bar. r=enn
aaadec548e0b3afa08959ecdb675cce04b151cb3Eitan Isaacson — Bug 784162 - Add "touches" field to accessfu gesture events in Android. r=marcoz
0d4cb05fb97fa3a59d24a12728c06fc498ffebadEitan Isaacson — Bug 781987 - Use accessibility helper class name instead of LayerView for pre-JB accessibility events. r=mbrubeck
a295ff4319fbafd50072a69fd233b95cdb515d2dEitan Isaacson — Bug 773749 - Add Jelly Bean support to AccessFu. r=davidb
3e0e57eb237aac0a5f9c59927c46d7d439e59e7bEitan Isaacson — Bug 777560 - Add Jelly Bean accessibility features to Java layer. r=mbrubeck
eb4392d9bc48dec32c8350ff7a1dbf8a3d9229a8Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 784279 - Replace body[dir=rtl] with :dir(rtl) in toolkit/. r=dao
a1d9dc5637315f791e02e470b847cee46e6f9ee4Patrick McManus — bug 782570 - nsHttpPipeline::CancelTransaction force connection close if no sub transactions are left r=jduell
26da3bdbf618f18917bcbfe7c8c9b92b0377e8bbAryeh Gregor — Bug 783863 - ArchiveInputStream::Tell incorrectly uses mStatus as an nsresult; r=baku
788a128c8ea5db343c3e6f477d57a9291f24bc60Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 779687 - Add detection for ARMv7 CPUs. r=dougt
03dd9481be201b3283b0b840979d9e21015f3d94Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 779687 - Telemetry around Fennec OOM kills. r=blassey
4c81cb568cb40a56f5466c38e83226c28436c825Georg Fritzsche — Bug 781124 - Report CPU usage for hung flash processes. r=bsmedberg
6cfd16fe1cb3052056e9be8e99a44b70d1453bc9Georg Fritzsche — Bug 781133 - Fix locale specific numbers in hung plugin CPU usage reporting. r=bsmedberg
79e9fb28b8e17a0efcffd3153c50a0b5870e52ebPaul Adenot — Bug 775319 - Determine the sample format at compile time for all media code. r=kinetik
94f6e5a00d8b387296defb979ee03955c2a244b7Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 767480 - Gralloc backed video buffer. r=roc
e1ec49e3076f2f3d42bc0b6a4aaccc3ea369ba90Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 767480 - PlanarYCbCrImage Refactoring. r=roc
7bf66490dfadc559934a7f73d8a528e9caf62668Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Back out c8f7bace9cf9, 17ec4e01c126 (bug 767480) r=bustage
c8f7bace9cf901c983648de962a21a46975f683eKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 767480 - Gralloc backed video buffer. r=roc
17ec4e01c12695d80dd0af6d14d8ea9dee93bcaaKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 767480 - PlanarYCbCrImage refactoring. r=roc
e6fe39185cd4ec7880c445b1524368091b79a81bJon Coppeard — Bug 782993 - Part 2: Tidy unused parts of FreeOp r=billm
a1e67b8915a072ffeec373a3183444d83837db38Jon Coppeard — Bug 782993 - Part 1: Always sweep background things at the end r=billm
afd29b8ab521c9c8cec75ad4cf13eefcf285d60bJon Coppeard — Bug 779897 - GC: Use arenaListsToSweep to queue arenas for background as well as foreground sweeping r=billm
62d00e115522f1eb685884483bb60a0c446d5473Dão Gottwald — Bug 783614 - Cutting a sub string from the location bar value can unexpectedly modify the value further. r=Unfocused
613bc459e292c2eb84546512b01171ed63e7991dDão Gottwald — Bug 782684 - charsetLoadListener needs no event argument. r=gavin
e33c175f680739c80f4838861e9d3521eb6b9c15Olli Pettay — Bug 783015 - Chrome refreshdriver runs all the time, r=khuey
9315dc9bb36f4c0c7c11f4eb639861b272645fa8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 768503 follow-up: fix the comment to match what the code does now
1b51c7bf1e05aa084372f0a017f1e45ca1b2502cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 700583 - Null-check our way out of crashes on both mobile and desktop in pr_FindSymbolInLib caused by plugin code where the plugin fails to load correctly, r=josh
688a80cdf39fc0c26b4558702800a6cc279ddea0Gavin Sharp — merge fx-team into mozilla-central
6bcd473bcf339816960093cf6e83180184b4c58eAbhishek Potnis — Bug 781122 - orion.css does not exist from debugger tests; r=msucan
bface603ef7211eb6c637f7ed0dd0b59b7df7dbdBlair McBride — Bug 783763 - Move browser_bug435325.js to /browser/ and remove reference to nsIDOMWindowUtils. r=dolske
fb8c41ccafedafc7637136bf5bbbbdd48ef700b1Michael Comella — Bug 781262: Replaced sync box on about:home with promo box abstraction. r=sriram
ca2c1aa1acbc28d78407cff3f16dfb39e3bdbeabMichael Comella — Bug 779321: 10" tab about:home layout no longer animates when remote tabs are opened. r=sriram
e262e9e1a0b1eac63be08d3dfd90f616e7169c7aShane Caraveo — Bug 783691 - show/hide events for social content. r=gavin
26d631be3337cd394ee1fdf6ff5aa49be9875f0cMichael Comella — Bug 779861: Fixing styling on Font Inflation dialog. r=bnicholson
1f256d6070ac93baafd76373afc09774e63d5477David Creswick — Bug 739092 - Neterror icon should not be visible behind robot in about:robots. r=dao
94b79a2eb30dd6845c418ac81ed2046339a38812Abhishek Potnis — Bug 771086 - Fix 4 strict warnings in toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.js r=Unfocused
f9a8fdb081936577a38d596b3514f1a78a0c17a0Eric Chou — Bug 784255 - [b2g-bluetooth] devicefound event does not come up correctly, r=qdot
b64118688939b90ec06addbfd0fbe69147f6066bL. David Baron — Fix reftest bustage from changeset aa86bacc7e57. (Bug 691950)
aa86bacc7e57e2bffe44be1fbe5f7e2ce74c43baL. David Baron — Move the imported css3-namespace test suite in with other test suites imported from the CSSWG repository, and make the importing script import it. (Bug 691950)
d086edab3616d5357655213a4c0235c0327fae0bL. David Baron — Treat argument of :-moz-locale-dir() case-insensitively. (Bug 741293) r=smontagu
be7d6ce3ee9b076175dd7c1bbe9e43cd6d2649eeShu-yu Guo — Bug 784015 - Fix division by 0 when calling ParallelArray.prototype.partition (r=dmandelin)
f3c8dd3b9ea47215248c6498ed8cdfd2dac49f25Shu-yu Guo — Bug 784011 - Fix ParallelArray.prototype.get being called with an object with length 0 (r=dmandelin)
d194a7d36e65f987db2ef52e5b7ed9f33f7e4fa4Shu-yu Guo — Bug 783923 - Fix calling toString on an empty ParallelArray (r=dmandelin)
b9f41d4aecb106b8c832d82298df3b49e3f3d4e0Chris Pearce — Bug 783824 - Don't stash the presentation (discard it if it was stashed) when subdoc frames are destroyed if the presentation is being destroyed. r=roc
e45223cbd1c45c3a2413aa1db7e99e218ac8076fChris Pearce — Bug 779914 - Remove redundant reset of nsHTMLMediaElement::mAudioStream. r=kinetik.
028c2346c777101717ef30bbfc6c499e788ef213Chris Pearce — Bug 779914 - Reset Mozilla Audio Data API in nsHTMLMediaElment::AbortExistingLoads(). r=doublec
94174af1fd88b18480a919d56a2ded18f2c749eeChris Double — Bug 783927 - Handle zero length audio reads in stagefright backend to fix audio issues - r=cpeterson
e7a5abbbafa4c8da049c735cb94cebfba7db34a3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 784246 KeymapWrapper::GuessGDKKeyval() should return GDK_colon for NS_VK_COLON r=karlt
ee70e70fb7f8ddb52edfe242037fc9171a1dbb73Bobby Holley — Backed out changeset 61e9eaf9aae2
d8e82fcec23b6be862182fea27bca7a1701c0665David Zbarsky — Bug 783893 - Clean up async animation code r=roc
3000e30d082c63adf8222aa82e47245646806ea6David Zbarsky — Bug 784004 - Don't include Layers.h everywhere Part 3 r=nical
d2d18014b3333c25e62f69314952f65198a38c3cDavid Zbarsky — Fix layer tree dumping code, no bug, r=cjones over irc
61e9eaf9aae29d81a750d7cac895f3f7226db1a0Bobby Holley — Bug 784233 - Relax __exposedProps__ check for sandboxes until we can repack AMO addons. r=gal
e81f71fda16fd64c26a9c62bf85202f9afb2c1cfBobby Holley — Bug 783989 - Return false after reporting error. r=ejpbruel
8e0ecc8a4f3e672bd9004d6081c7135da1969627Phil Ringnalda — Back out cbb72643bbae (bug 723362) for leaking
ba7652be9d0972721443d0eb2753379a4b560a1bChris Double — Bug 782508 - Enable hardware decoder usage in Android libstagefright OMX plugin - r=cpeterson
f52fe5212d92b1a818a4d8f4740f6418a0d5c218Eric Chou — Bug 783932 - [b2g-bluetooth] Fix wrong textwidth(tw=) value in Mode line, r=qdot
ac55adc7758fd68d463a896f5b2827a1bd875d3dGina Yeh — Bug 783454 - v1: Create devicefound event with event generator, r=qdot
73de2885e0e376b5fb2daefcb59e24710e93378fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 770865 - Rename TreeContext as ParseContext. r=luke.
2a39d3361d725e6a75cd13a2ef8a90fad8d10500Matt Woodrow — Bug 782980 - Force synchronous repainting when we resize a widget. r=roc
cb1c9884c07ec7bb2c5f09bf78299d965cf60c37L. David Baron — Back out nsXBLPrototypeHandler changes from changeset d09b4e60bb09 to fix bug 776075.
98df684d7a3a3ad534fba73f6024953f10387746L. David Baron — Do first (small) round of importing W3C reftests into tree. (This provides a test for bug 782401.)
b300b474c35e17f90d791d9446f7a97d34f33e28L. David Baron — Add missing SkipUntil call in @supports parsing. (Bug 782401) r=heycam
67f1eff2cc7c506b8411d491284e5eda3ecd4fc4L. David Baron — Only do hyphenation when the language was specified explicitly, rather than using an encoding-inferred language. (Bug 702121, patch 2) r=jfkthame
198f6c4784cb17758e931a354bb4aaff2513eeaeL. David Baron — Track whether nsStyleVisibility::mLanguage came from explicit information in the document. (Bug 702121, patch 1) r=jfkthame
d656e6d3d9969f20ff7eb1bf3ab6e8959df136eeL. David Baron — Accept unitless lengths in quirks mode for bottom, just as for left/top/right. (Bug 776591) r=bzbarsky
e778a1713d9b3e2b547f61d906fbee2a0f4917aeShane Caraveo — Bug 779686 - implement docked chat content areas, r=felipe
23870683fcc22a20208bf1c7fddcd5f2e9c15acfJared Wein — Bug 779360 - Implement mozSocial.isVisible API for social sidebar window, r=felipe
cbb72643bbae80d0ebbdcb851942742f7d6ba03bMichal Novotny — Bug 723362 - Make an asynchronous variant of nsCacheEntryDescriptor::Doom, r=hurley
587ab949e65aed1acf8a7d437a0b868253d219b1Kyle Machulis — Bug 783431 - Fix js array initialization for bluetooth and telephony; r=mrbkap
e85a6a1c8b7007095bafc5e7db3620ffc88a799bKyle Machulis — Bug 784179: Wrong thread assertion in GetPairedDevicePropertiesInternal; r=gwagner
c0b0ff6e6908030153d0bb0b5ba0d6de33344575Vivien Nicolas — Bug 774581: Unable to know the status of audio/video recording; r=fabrice
88d36d74c414a8bf1eb39d0e0c50d7d97f5ec8e9Paul Adenot — Bug 774581: Send event when starting/stopping audio or video recording; r=anant,mhabicher
3e952e6793ae032c7e87d6de862ea4cb58a29d9fNick Desaulniers — Bug 781379: getNotInstalled should be under mgmt and return apps from all origins; r=felipe
b1c6b8695e5eff13e7359bef66c977f1e90ef9fbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 784203: Firefox logo left uncropped on about:home on tablets. [r=mfinkle]
e86c64641778124a5780a5a892a875b68cd72424Michael Comella — Bug 780486: Corrected about:home draw order. r=sriram
0900ffbccd14e98243c4b3d03885b2b2e020008dWes Kocher — Bug 784113 - Update Jetpack code being tested against mozilla-central.
313eb51d2b577436f8ca590b6890085b0d87b6daShu-yu Guo — Bug 784201 - Use maybeShortid to print out shortid in Shape::dump (r=luke)
f9094ef74bf369e3112887164afc9e8a6fdfb799Frédéric Wang — Bug 781494 - Remove support for composite char from nsMathMLChar. r=karlt
17ddc4d169e1f9d54cfc005e5e67a4ea8e97146aYury — Bug 777388 - Make PDF Viewer settings persistent. r=mak
c4bb5e49effc32f5d708caf4167cd0ca2c9940ddRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
657b3f3a616b7fffa9aa1b8cc2e1bd11125e9f07Kyle Huey — Bug 783379: Remove unnecessary (wrong) optimization of image decoding notifications. r=roc
68f2ac456dbc3c264ab29b59101d82ef7befe5c3Jeff Gilbert — Bug 783663 - Add ReadScreenIntoImageSurface for reading pixels from the screen - r=bgirard
55b7ad1fd6510acec74b6cae97ece41067f902c3Gregory Szorc — Bug 776077 - Silence hundreds of conversion errors in cairo; r=jmuizelaar
2127be51a12e3cf43465114fe40a04ec12cddf4aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 782871 (part 2) - Rename the |TreeContext| module as |SharedContext|. r=jorendorff.
9971bdf03cbb2e1b8c710cb009c60d47f1451009Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 782871 (part 1 ) - Move TreeContext and related things into the Parser module. r=jorendorff.
70d0984bf533210f732c1c3ed3126c8b90118775Phil Ringnalda — No bug, trigger CLOBBER REQUIRED ON LINUX builds on a CLOSED TREE
559c5895bad627b53d6adeb216bf2e6ef6dc002dPhil Ringnalda — Back out fb49a2f819ad (bug 766112) for destroying the a11y village rather than saving it, CLOSED TREE
9434db5cfd47267c6ec6d427a160f63d37320339Nicolas B. Pierron — Revert "Bug 783464 - Fix condition for removing the constrained output vector. r=bhackett" CLOSED TREE
1906fe4159fe9dfb43c70795aff6c070195b3de4Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 783464 - Fix condition for removing the constrained output vector. r=bhackett
ae40b8512ddfa9191ec7040b86131c9628340692Lucas Rocha — Bug 784050 - Put back code to remove style tags in Readability.js (r=bnicholson)
3d24b28eab4a2b3967b51858ad8b3d7f51f7788cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 781220 - Remove the mLayerClient field from GeckoApp. r=sriram
a528b117f0d41a0cee559d8cebe1c2b48b589045Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 781220 - Move some functions from GeckoLayerClient over into LayerView to simplify access to them. r=sriram
c6bf83751da8f5c62474d79819ac748ad5242a63Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 781220 - Hide other GeckoLayerClient methods and expose them via the LayerView API. r=sriram
c6645860382f869dc7819c8ba8ea3be579bf78d9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 781220 - Expose a getLayerView function from GeckoApp and use it instead of going through the layer client in a few places. r=sriram
f4e6f48cb9311d5272716b0d5061614e02bff89dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 781220 - Replace a bunch of code that gets the layer view via the layer client to just accessing the layer view directly. r=sriram
e318fd737692f901879ef3c2b055b030ddbb2214Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 781220 - Simplify initialization codepaths by having the LayerView create the GeckoLayerClient. r=sriram
fb49a2f819ad28942ff2ba58b4d34e16a0e47edcTrevor Saunders — bug 766112 - add logging for orange test rs=davidb
876519ac69ebb91ad65a0f6d95e75932502661bdFabrice Desré — Bug 726062 - B2G UA is wrong, better fix [r=gal]
27f8a4f625063035919fe3d4c5dceb7edb00c5ceTim Abraldes — bug 758280. Refactor the way we handle `WM_NCCALCSIZE` messages and how we keep track of our frame offsets. r=jimm
74cef2e06a354bd6744d7dca8b22f734e7e58aabRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 781627 - Copy security/nss/lib/freebl/sha_fast.c to mfbt. r=jlebar.
9819f1e610ef00ac0f6d53aab37d73902637db14Irving Reid — Bug 557024: Mock out the locale service to make test reliable on non en-US systems. r=bsmedberg
4e01ed5b3b805647d44a7373886291c2ae5a0a8fBrian Nicholson — Bug 784104 - Disable search suggestions by default. r=mfinkle
f2b98e6e2f9cc970a05a3cd4b6eaadfd0d71e640Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - iframe sandbox - block indexedDB if sandboxed without allow-same-origin, add tests for indexedDB r=jst
15963019be1b20806c6e6f52b6ebfd46fe98d43bIan Melven — Bug 341604 - tests for iframe sandbox - general r=jst
22442334592f2ba19fccda1197f78a07710c6aa4Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - tests for iframe sandbox - inheritance r=jst
58eac2139a58d4c42e3148b6b9c847f27852410aIan Melven — Bug 341604 - tests for iframe sandbox - navigation r=jst
fbeb787ced4158bb61f91c101e61e2f086a0709dIan Melven — Bug 341604 - tests for iframe sandbox - plugins r=jst
43418ba7faff0a0c9a868deb27ed0ffac5955c45Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - tests for iframe sandbox - workers r=jst
b5cda76908404feac21cbed1236d97a64947a0e5Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - tests for iframe sandbox - same origin r=jst
7bd4f494eb063a845015bd721b808126ec680c22Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - modify CheckMayLoad to allow sandboxed workers to load blob and data URIs r=jst
9eb507cc06e52d4da8abb77403949781a22e2042Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - workaround for workers wanting a string origin r=jst
63a4ad84d4c8e9f8f32bc765a52152dec1200c23Ian Melven — Bug 341604 - Implement HTML5 sandbox attribute for IFRAMEs r=smaug r=jst
b48a2499872cb194b54d8b7fc91b8e495396c9a1Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 777705 - Default policy for expanded principals. r=mrbkap
f11e42f6678bcb9c0c77c931b437226bd126c6beBrian R. Bondy — Bug 777328 - Gather telemetry data for how much cache corruption reduction plan would help. r=michal
0255e9c7f468ab236654240c385556c31a538dd6Wes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Support apps setting their default orientation. r=blassey
04472ce8d6cd29fa318e6aa54ba21af0333b05d0Wes Johnston — Bug 781900 - Update Clear Site Preferences string. r=mfinkle
31f1b05f1bd5650e6cb51260235406542da0e5cfWes Johnston — Bug 781900 - Move site preferences dialog to urlbar context menu. r=mfinkle
84790ce30096e973a722daeab5dfd67f9ec7d146Bobby Holley — Bug 784071 - Add __exposedProps__ warning back into r=mccr8
bb6adf1cdfe46e5e92e13c23d9803c8438debf3eBrian Nicholson — Bug 782421 - Use parsed result for reader articles. r=lucasr
359d21e0b88a680cf499d3fb90764a09694581d7Lucas Rocha — Bug 784055 - Remove all code dealing with offsetWidth in Readability.js (r=bnicholson)
650fedd0f93017fe4fa7f8de269e1c2a7c6df184Lucas Rocha — Bug 784050 - No need to remove stylesheets and style tags in Readability.js (r=bnicholson)
783a295687d2f186af1917726b5c27d759c28a16Eitan Isaacson — Bug 783706 - Bump minimum version to SDK 16. r=blassey
5b9871536be8382bcd8ef27537f7aff3ed5cbf0fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 783840 - Fix build warnings in js r=luke
5848ee9dde724c931ccbdc8e53e93784ca0ba567Justin Lebar — Bug 783644 - Part 3: Test that dialog=1 in called from <iframe mozbrowser> is ignored. r=smaug
52dba3e319953f81ee0bc2c1bcb1a7639e0a817dJustin Lebar — Bug 783644 - Part 2: If we're inside <iframe mozbrowser>, ignore the dialog=1 feature in r=smaug
2b703fb6aacef83b8ec5ef72b350a1a0127d3cdcJustin Lebar — Bug 783644 - Part 1: Flip a pref so B2G ignores dialog=1 in, like we do on other mobile platforms. r=smaug
75ed4a4cc1024e35dd3577e52d818face035c2b7Hubert Figuière — Bug 781090 - Preserve minimum a11y support when we don't have Voice Over. r=dbolter
1baaa5534998e97c4bc423c8d94d4de59574f6a6Luke Wagner — Bug 783540 - add missing STRINGVECTOR case in AutoGCRooter::trace (r=bhackett)
49123250304ff3a9f495b7f9424ebe7ef6ef1192Mike Habicher — Bug 783682 - Camera - always assume the camera gives us yuv420sp [r=gal]
b00ca24001f639f2c082d45f1e8b459ea490b2b9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4d76ec905c11b55b1ba4f9c085964eab26cf93a1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 783505 - OS X gcc builds failing. r=jorendorff.
2c4a0edcf9069b1a56d712ca0c1fff6cde69d449Masayuki Nakano — Bug 565245 Use waitForFocus() for getting the timing to start tests r=smaug
bf32bd170798ea64dd752513312cd25959e0a191David Zbarsky — Bug 776401 Part 2: Add animation to the layer and then add segments directly to it r=roc
f36ab372817e504675e6088a287fc01d824cceb2David Zbarsky — Bug 776401 Part 1: Avoid copying animation segments when creating animations r=roc
e4714af49469187358e379521cad0c6a750508ffDavid Zbarsky — Bug 783835 - Compositor needs to know the css property being animated r=roc
e470be600db22df86579ac76089e39bc34fd4b59Rail Aliiev — Bug 783551 - Get tooltool running on the b2g on OS X builds. r=respindola
fedc45481456fda180085a0e5d296efcb826c6f8Lucas Rocha — Bug 782348 - Fetch byline info from articles to show on Reader (r=bnicholson)
1df4d69620f9455d45a2e8b1a6f6a0e5e0aaff73Robert O'Callahan — Backing out parts 6 and 7 of bug 779715 (5a87f1d1807d, 5a87f1d1807d) due to crashtest orange.
80de6c5ae79fcc721101400ff51fb675a30b8d3dPaolo Amadini — Bug 763311 - Implement basic "Task.js" interfaces in Toolkit. r=Mossop
d24355724d6e90b685107a561972488607d8ed79Paolo Amadini — Bug 756542 - Implement make files to include Add-on SDK modules in builds. r=gavin
f33b216d95eb202bb088245c49bce2277970b61aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 7: Update test_streams_element_capture_reset.html to test new functionality. r=cpearce
5a87f1d1807d538eeee78684c17f93b733827ef0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 6: Rework capturing MediaStreams from media elements to use TrackUnionStreams. r=cpearce,jesup
7ef22534a6cd4f5b03b47cc5091eaeb6e55a6a27Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 5: Rename identifiers related to media element 'src' MediaStreams to be more specifically about 'src'. r=cpearce
86b2cd5958f33f12b9d2b8f80351d84dde04eb65Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 4: Play all tracks of a media stream with multiple tracks. r=jesup
c6fd7f4798c9d46658b9d40cb4973100028fde57Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 3: Add an API to get notifications of changes to the main-thread-visible state of a MediaStream. r=jesup
965f5e18ee05abd76fd76a5a44a5de9c6bd8c358Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 2: Create TrackUnionStream. r=jesup
74e761adfc42f308406a51ce82c5fef4ccd2d046Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779715. Part 1: Add basic support for ProcessedMediaStreams. r=jesup
1f6cd8529ae938be08e7a08162087e71ce79169fMatt Woodrow — Bug 783449 - Move android specific NeedsPaint checks into the android widget implementation. r=roc
bc76f965c041a6355bb61c5664c59528a3721f4bMatt Woodrow — Bug 739671 - Store optimized Color/ImageLayers on the ThebesLayers that they replace. r=roc
6ee82ab0b116ff61884909a2b6421c5ebdee4f1cMatt Woodrow — Bug 770056 - Remove [NSView focusView] conditions from cocoa theme code. r=mstange
360ab7771e2779e9fcc5a3637d1548456c055f57Olli Pettay — Bug 783856 - Autogen PopupBlockedEvent, r=jst
36e366621f46dbd6f8fca83a06499cc28e9df5c8Olli Pettay — Bug 783376 - codegenerator should be able generate implementations which inherit other simple events, r=khuey
5b057a27cd0e77f2208705bdf9dad9624bb28dd7Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
0212d089434135a28ec36162a7b2524e9c21bdadTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
67c042561a372afffcfbe4ff35f56f14cdecc05bMarcos S. — Bug 758950 - Part 1: Use more for...of loops in Add-ons Manager frontend and backend code. r=Unfocused
866eba87272260e60a890dec489aaecc359e9c98Blair McBride — Bug 758950 - Test fix, test_bug292789.html should load xpinstallConfirm.js with a newer JS version. r=dveditz
257a59b45897c597faf361cedcc8ddc2554ae547Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 752841 - [New Tab Page] Make the number of tabs adjustable; r=ttaubert
04ac0e577ccbfe584f1daa0933009e1ce95897b6Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
a8f42a338f37d3b6a5d27a5562c9008ce0ec3ff7Thaddee Tyl — Bug 780791 - WebConsole autocompletion doesn't autocomplete on string literals; r=msucan
78ad8bb8b0308935eae6e4d2c9ee4b4a8a63cc9eMark Capella — Bug 783404 - Remove superfluous check that nsIDirectoryEnumerator returns a nsIFile, r=unfocused
dad400d69b0eea34567189a9bf2622691f28da9dEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
06ea22b8654cf7a0c075578d2b0dc8adec14a8deGinn Chen — Bug 783533 testValueABI.cpp and valueABI.c should use same prototype of C_ValueToObject() r=bhackett
9b6f5ce1065a2251957c0aab46b4ea47947da6abLandry Breuil — Bug 777357: declare mjit namespace outside of #ifdef JS_METHODJIT, fixes non-mjit builds. r=bhackett
ce8976e74c03fce85dee3745b2b4ec8586a4adebSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777026: Use a touch delegate on Tabs button to overcome overlapping on menu button. [r=mfinkle]
b73563109b57f27214c233c56b16bbf4a0f5b511James Willcox — Bug 783028 - Enable stagefright media plugins on Android r=mfinkle
f8e7d6319d5027afef10573bc366f3a43874022aKarl Tomlinson — b=780059 remove use of glXGetVisualFromFBConfig and glXCreateContext r=mattwoodrow
2ed060f2734ab3bb390bb7ddfdd43d7c9ff94efdKarl Tomlinson — b=780059 combine two variables both indicating an alpha channel r=mattwoodrow
953a366b40384bd98262ddcfc256a82d602d01d8Karl Tomlinson — b=780059 accept fbconfigs with alpha bits for opaque Pixmaps if visual matches r=mattwoodrow
aba8e8ce7c7bb8a338c76b6d5332c1f0ffe4cdcdKarl Tomlinson — b=780059 tidy up API for FindVisualAndDepth r=mattwoodrow
6913d1272cee691128114c419c8adcf734ec6e7dGina Yeh — Bug 778640 - Final version: Firing devicedisappeared event, r=qdot, r=smaug
a2535133b802ad23ade72a969742df17d047050aMark Finkle — Bug 783912 - [ARMv6] Use more conservative GC settings for ARMv6 r=blassey
4d22460a96ea6732c09132d00ee6b730a09a8876Mark Finkle — Bug 783909 - Fixup app update timer prefs r=blassey
d03d9f932d606d66d68abca49bd6fc5671ba6124Mark Finkle — Bug 781169 - Tweak aboutApps strings r=wesj
191119f14832825709a3c6e6f1524b765d1da21eMatthew Gregan — Bug 783940 - Remove unnecessary nsOggDecoderStateMachine class. r=cpearce
c66b3243591b78ee2f06f6753850e1ba47209b48Matthew Gregan — Bug 783179 - Remove unused mCbCrSize and mCbCrBuffer members from nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine. r=doublec
785cd1cb9446b1bd457385f4366bedf424922d9aVicamo Yang — Bug 782338: fix 'Emulator callback still pending when finish() called', r=philikon,marshall_law
d948973975b7f15158e83e87b3ff6d1759fe1c23Matt Woodrow — Bug 782372 - Fix clang build. r=nical
12fdeb3b0aba24efee47ae3e6b63ece914ea9e79Masayuki Nakano — Bug 422132 part.3 Disable smooth scroll in the new test due to random orange r=smaug
863bce1674f5e74e874865571c4c65b21dbc9be0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 422132 part.2 Add new tests r=smaug
8e7ce1cd72a66cc64b060f792e0e2f9c6f519208Mats Palmgren — Bug 308801 - box-sizing:border-box with min-/max-width/height reftests.
3a0f4470276fec6b4c6af794a2d4f29cc15fda77Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 783505 - OS X gcc builds failing. r=jorendorff.
c676b554c7bbc2a2ab62f541063aab3a36310d77Chris Double — Bug 781831 - Part 2 - Fix package error on XUL android - r=mfinkle
62786c75d7cd963c65abf5122ea5940c1bf0abcbChris Double — Bug 781831 - Build media and omx plugins by default on Android - r=khuey
7a9ef73422decc7a529c2ce4be592d32e7c43da7Matthew Gregan — Bug 780490 - Re-enable test_seek, test_seek_out_of_range, and test_timeupdate_small_files on Linux. (Also bug 780491 and bug 780492). Test only.
c11e66f2143a5ff1f1dbc162d5752988d0e59674David Zbarsky — Bug 783841 - Fix build warnings in layers r=cjones
28dc3eadf4a08de39728beff55dc9cdb310a0929Andrew Sutherland — Bug 782862 - Add a --runapp command to b2g-desktop to automatically start an app, r=vingtetun
54f5895b567a767b6f738bd78dff3f90bc6dcd29Nicolas Silva — Bug 782372 - Splits ImageLayers.h into ImageLayers.h ImageContainer.h and ImageTypes.h, r=bgirard
6c1dfc8d5b4b19218d57468ec1536db62f1e2fe7Alexandre LISSY — Bug 783825 - Fix b2g breakage after bug 553102 - Part 2: wrap keyboard event detail [r=fabrice]
b95f8a1ca34cd0f1ecec0522a2106972dd6ce267Fabrice Desré — Bug 783825 - Fix b2g breakage after bug 553102 - Part 1 : fix mozChromeEvent events and system message manager [r=gal]
f34cf4635b82673353e0d8982605d610bf57fc61Phil Ringnalda — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
68b7239f4e35288dc737b0c518837be57f0a77d4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 422132 part.1 Store unused fractional scroll amount for later wheel events r=smaug
d99b258809ca1a1c85164fcbec9559b5be4bd1d8Charly Molter — Bug 776265 - changing the way ComputeHeightValue works to make it work just
35b8d6ef5d46373206497cc7e576d9db2dfa12cdPhil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
84bf198836853a2b967ada4b2f05ce7b40b1b0b2Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782614 - Don't return nsresult from main() (xpcom/); r=bsmedberg
e4210bdcf836aa69f997cfb04c48093d0b4cc58dAryeh Gregor — Bug 782614 - Don't return nsresult from main() (rdf/); r=bsmedberg
e9e13da6a652b59008b6b0c312b34f608688e070Aryeh Gregor — Bug 776481 - Don't try returning nsresult in place of bool (accessible/); r=tbsaunde
d04dd4660c545d20af63fcff45dc9eeb593848f3Phil Ringnalda — Bug 763894 - Increase the fuzzy comparison of how much the idle time increased to 1.5 seconds instead of 1 second to account for the fuzziness of WinXP PGO
b2559ad2a0fec5fe4f7aa9b46eaff26300d55537Phil Ringnalda — Back out a9f462ea67f9 (bug 783825) for mochitest-chrome bustage
a9f462ea67f944f728d253cc541314d29d614f48Fabrice Desré — Bug 783825 - Fix b2g breakage after bug 553102 [r=cjones]
175c0a74f7445c4328f0263062071499d776fcc1Ed Morley — Backout 2b5b8baa5816 (bug 767636) for causing bug 783836
41e3045d37b0ac3b5c17484059ffc6179af86930Chris Jones — Bug 776069: Disable remote audio for gonk. Sigh. r=kinetik
7a06c82253ab5d3ef0ae8270eb708319495daee0Ed Morley — Bug 552424 - Disable browser_464620_a.js and browser_464620_b.js on Windows for failing 500 times without anyone caring; r=philor
7fdb5fa19cf3de8830fe2b2abff79c2d8d4bcd27Ed Morley — Bug 608634 - Disable test_error_in_video_document.html for too many intermittent failures; r=philor
cd626d738af7ab71594451001460d6d6b916aee1Ed Morley — Backout 41722f2e0c33 (bug 422132), 69da5f098237 (bug 782903), 5c601428c70b (bug 422132) for bug 782903
367463c4136bf99a4753e8791309ffe4871aca3eChris Jones — Bug 783736: Load in-gecko controls for media-plugin types. r=roc
9fd67bb245e3486523c71cdceeed4d2703827199Myk Melez — bug 783709 - Launching a web application on Nightly shows a window with no title and white content; r=felipe
8c85c83068e79540ea4dfa9774d0f24380a74462Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f1c9b2f9e8bd6148206ead3f09d233f2225fdb22Saurabh Anand — Bug 730085 - Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty calls ToString on first argument before calling ToObject on this. r=evilpie
98e27fcf7e3396dcae1d5a6d1a447ce0a5dd7a85Tom Schuster — Bug 783016 - Make space for Int32 string type. r=luke
8d77429ef5fe94150a1b844c144e1f8dacbb70c3David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 782303 - Serialize directory entries. r=froydnj
e4380b304c5a0f49b3761c7c400d5bac4b4f809dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 776259 - Serialize file info. r=froydnj
f9a8c6ac4f16795719031d594ef0b682d3658950David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771929 - Serialize numbers. r=froydnj
a6ab6aaa8aa0b9e6a95a376cb7d2def42bb96330Justin Lebar — Bug 776132 - When the gonk AppShell is trying to shut down the OrientationObserver, don't call OrientationObserver::GetInstance() -- that might /create/ an orientation observer! r=cjones
bb2bd7862bbd8383c6500188b840a3171bb01a21Ed Morley — Bug 685516 - Mark more tests as random; rs=khuey
7a1a745a45f2eec31d8a54ee7a0c18f035a379acEd Morley — Backout 6943b37c68cc (bug 751809) for bug 783723
1669cdb480f3a3d5a6ed881be74e2e50a0eb2e29Mohit Sinha — Bug 781189 - Remove rowline attributes from mtable-align-whitespace.html and mtable-align-whitespace-ref.html to fix intermittent failures. r=fwang
e2f52263118e0a86730394653bca0a5c7f1c81e0Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 783532 - Remove DOMError::CreateForDOMExceptionCode. r=sicking
15cdfa85ed109c928e2e8d6bdf551d2fd135ac9dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 783284 - [OS.File] Rename *Time to *Date. r=froydnj
007530514a39efc39142ba5bf8fae1b1528b7cefMarco Castelluccio — Bug 780528 - Webapp uninstallation on Linux through desktop action. r=karlt
50dd132b84402bffb6cdb45fdc297fb076bcee3fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 780530 - Notification after webapp uninstallation. r=mhommey
e867ea87ac56b31bcab74506c8dc7ff8a317d14fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f390e36c7fe22cf2dafb2b36000864782949c24eShlomi Fish — Bug 781808 - Don't fail to remove inexistent .pyc files during sdk packaging. r=glandium
a1ba35958b98f6b281361ec9ec7fdbb76afc63f0Mike Hommey — Bug 781529 - Use -MMD flag for dependency generation instead of -MD. r=ted
e5080772cee828b7e4dc7abc8f64ebf504f7f9c8Mike Hommey — Bug 781461 - Work around mksh/pdksh bug in config.status.m4. r=ted
9dc6b1b9db8e0a2d59d483e5cd075395b5ba25c8Jacek Caban — Bug 782908 - Updated harfbuzz to current version r=jfkthame
795f17fe361d3f9fa2ebb4018ed061f5c75203a2Geoff Lankow — Bug 740289 - Check install.rdf has a valid combination of optionsType, optionsURL and/or options.xul in the add-on. r=Unfocused
68ecea83a7da0f7fdd358a0ed830fddb75f7945bGeoff Lankow — Bug 704751 - toolkit/mozapps/extensions/content/extensions.js should not use sync XHR; r=Unfocused
c06577220b1bf30d4963c8d7bd011801c85ca728Kyle Huey — Bug 774888: Error out if there's no TimeStamp implementation. r=glandium
fd9112dd82715e3e72d2adbb991731cbd3c9e1caKyle Huey — Bug 773435: Remove some extraneous nsIImageLoadingContent includes. r=jlebar
9c48df21d74453daafabd9388e14c5b7d442a747Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
0f090cc7e9faf744a342c0746148df7e0792a567Bobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Make content-> access default to deny if __exposedProps__ is not defined. r=mrbkap
2f210fb9f63cf58455b80341ab7b0b4f5ec47d7dBobby Holley — Bug 553102 - Remove unnecessary SpecialPowers wrap in test_canvas.html. r=me
d11657f18f85b6114c4571404fdaba2a3d150962Phil Ringnalda — Bug 783738 - Use Components.results.NS_BINDING_ABORTED instead of hardcoding the value, r=gavin
13efbdf35a8b713dd536208e97228c4b3703e2a6Doug Turner — Bug 782391 - Device Storage - Watch should also go through the permission prompt. r=sicking
77d2640d9892851b26fe4f531b6cb58f19d1a0bcDoug Turner — Bug 782352 - Broadcast local io to onchange listeners. r=sicking
c7934a5efa2cb5e5994c86eb893a55f5f13e39dcDoug Turner — Bug 777101 - DeviceStorage - Add onchange notifications test. r=khuey
6d5892177f44dbee1349b42bb5a3d64ff6bdcde6Doug Turner — Bug 759416 - Backout API change part 2. r=dougt
edc8f91fd74726856fb791c9a363986bc95f17d7Doug Turner — Bug 759416 - Backout API change. r=dougt
ee1071fbb020595629c2c5cd9ac30e500491ed28Wes Kocher — Bug 783728 - Update revision of Jetpack code tested on m-c. r=philor
26c1570f162a21c5e112b85d922c51cbbeec61d3Bill McCloskey — Bug 783421 - Need to clear the right JIT code when setting GC zeal (r=dvander)
e141e1418174776bf6aa799b3303a9cb1689b06eBill McCloskey — Bug 783537 - Fix some barrier accounting during JIT compilation (r=dvander)
c694e2557b1e4705ba93a05e7fe41d1eecec8d76Bill McCloskey — Bug 783147 - Collect telemetry for SCC GC sweeping (r=mccr8)
e3be0d0460854baa57b2389e70ed0ab4086a4dfbLuke Wagner — Bug 783441 - Fix AliasedNameToSlot to deal with duplicate formals (r=dvander)
a32f22345f2f0b3dbfdfd1caea893833ebd6dd57Luke Wagner — Fix warnings in js/src (no bug,r=themaid)
7e0c5cdfc6489eb8415edce2c498011883426ad8Luke Wagner — Bug 783543 - add test for fix in bug 783315 (no bug, r=me)
53951ff066a676c89cca4ffa46ab6924546706a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 783700: Switch nsColumnSetFrame::BuildDisplayList() to use nsFrameList::Enumerator for walking its child frames. r=dbaron
f450fe554bd686c9fd7bc7a3ca870b887db3c620Andrea Marchesini — Bug 781153 - ArchiveReader doesn't support zip-in-zip archives, r=jst
07d5886658b2a4f48f5325c363512636e5cd4067Gregor Wagner — Bug 781331 - Hook up systemXHR to permissions manager. r=sicking
166b0fcabc73864fc9e463e32e50163ee4fd993eGregor Wagner — Bug 782472 - Contacts app doesn't work when OOP. r=fabrice
957cd281bbba20817dcb4342ab431e6107ae9aa1Chris Jones — Bug 782411: Work around having multiple compositors when -jsconsole is used. r=ajuma
0d9fbfd32c1055172df7f80ed47e410ee8315eddEitan Isaacson — Bug 780350 - Support gesture scrolling and pages. r=davidb
2e24233c9339e69ed785b95a71efe004f0a97d2aEitan Isaacson — Bug 780350 - Introduce TouchAdapter and add some gesture support. r=davidb
3131d6765a0e611773a1657ffb9a9f765ab07a03Eitan Isaacson — Bug 783084 - Activate AccessFu when screen reader is enabled in B2G. r=davidb
117688e8aa1d507c14f7c3ae8f1b40cdedf9afdaGregor Wagner — Bug 783151 - Contacts API: remove whitelist leftovers. r=fabrice
1e6ae60ea418c383a146cbc969f76d169acd40eaBobby Holley — Bug 695292 - Port SimpleTest.executeSoon() to SpecialPowers. r=mrbkap
d3bc83c14073521837cd51102e9b3e46f0d3e313Sid Stamm — Bug 783497 - Fix CSPSource expression intersection to resolve "self" data. (r=jst)
54e0653278ba2cf62e3107a995399e37480878f1ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos5-32-vmw-011
812ea773f16642c714947a3b5acde6d7d7472250John Schoenick — Bug 781126 - Part 2 - nsObjectLoadingContent should call shouldLoad and shouldProcess sanely. r=jst
85faeeb2306d513be0198fe8302d63699d316380John Schoenick — Bug 781126 - Part 1 - Browser content policy should check TYPE_OBJECT at shouldProcess rather than shouldLoad. r=jst
45b6b015f792a9179efb47ab46aa914a3bee380fLucas Rocha — Bug 766948 - Implement new Reader style (r=mfinkle)
2b5b8baa581625a6d9f188690905a2de193a4fd5David Keeler — Bug 767636 - Expose plugin fallback type to extensions. r=josh
57de8dafdf2d6246ca391f74bbf626813a59c7e3John Schoenick — Bug 783351 - Remove unused variable. r=josh
9d10b718c9a87953eb24f80485237653b4986eb9John Schoenick — Bug 782707 - Move waiting-on-channel bailout to after we potentially close it in nsObjectLoadingContent. r=josh
882ce0d4a2946952ff96f5f9d5596ce72e1bec31John Schoenick — Bug 782703 - Ensure object tags get reloaded when unbound/rebound to the tree. r=josh
471f34ddcceb9622a4e630ed87d1e7fcfc268640John Schoenick — Bug 767639 - nsObjectLoadingContent - Remove activeX stubs and simpify classid/java handling. r=josh
66e1e2f6f108dcd6c78462a0499a205767ca51cfJustin Lebar — Bug 776129 - Part 2: Test that when a remote <iframe mozbrowser> calls, we get a remote frame, and when an in-process frame calls, we get an in-process frame. r=smaug
1ade2d26d26e9c4baf933876de9891fc18014bc6Justin Lebar — Bug 776129 - Part 1: When an <iframe mozbrowser> calls, the resulting frame must be OOP iff the opener frame is OOP. r=smaug
8b3891772df82055e645d7bc473a43e2c8feb0f0Karl Tomlinson — b=709477 use precise region extents instead of loose clip extents for clip rect r=jrmuizel
5fb4e694c64d3389b8629abf78cd10af3f5a3b0eKarl Tomlinson — add back 468496-1.html, accidentally disabled in 95977d7f113d (b=709477)
bbb5e18e6c0a8a99e4e0e6b0f7e74b0dd9fda436Bill McCloskey — Backout bug 783147 (12753a1a11b8 and 0a70fc2d7d25) for WinXP dbg M-3 failures
85698a1c20cb77aaa9e791beb4ff8212f716d649Steve Fink — Bug 756267 - Move the internal logic to only call script destroy hook if create hook was called from inside the JS engine to JSD, and add a flag for controlling it. r=jorendorff
d7d6e90e2580486b0d95d6ac76ee2cbb2b6d0868Paul Adenot — Bug 762282 - Don't notify the HTMLMediaElement if we reach the end of the media while seeking for metadata. r=chris.double
9556e43af1be27538b7e0cbbae704736aa799204Daniel Holbert — Bug 781869: Remove redundant "NS_FRAME_NO_MOVE_VIEW" bit in a few places where it's already implied from NS_FRAME_NO_MOVE_FRAME. r=dbaron
8200500fbee52eea0fc23f2e5ffed11dfb0f968bBrian Nicholson — Bug 783601 - Remove extra textContent reference from getInnerText(). r=lucasr
ea2ad8970f3e50e2ef2685ef568316448aae719aShu-yu Guo — Bug 778559 - Implement ParallelArray API with sequential execution (r=dmandelin)
a0cf81efe4aa940dccc4c06b8fbe215ec71771c3Alex Crichton — Bug 783030: Prevent the profiled line number from incorrectly pointing to the start. r=bhackett
e8427646099454cfb6beeba73e27b595ca65daf6Bill McCloskey — Bug 783416 - Stop saving the prototype in WindowStateHolder (r=mrbkap)
12753a1a11b85ec41e025203500e80df6c893081Bill McCloskey — Bug 783147 - Send telemetry about SCC GC times (r=mccr8)
0a70fc2d7d251c83b94b8399dde24865a00d71d8Bill McCloskey — Bug 783147 - Decompose compartments into SCCs for GC (r=mccr8)
6d1deb480cfd2b07da11cc98115dc53e3e91c04fBobby Holley — Bug 783057 - Expose find results via XPCOM. r=gwagner
76a7b5eea991f929c85e7fb1c5d084b684a76cc4Joel Maher — Bug 782396 - Should be able to disable logging behaviour of SUTAgent (and that should be the default). r=gbrown DONTBUILD
a06b13aab674b5d08084f979d231fea2da494abfBobby Holley — Bug 783173 - Fix test_ipc implementations to handle mandatory __exposedProps__. r=khuey
37f9c2c2493185dca2c5354b79272e2dea14f6a6Kent James — Bug 780908 - Fix crash in editor with head after body. r=ehsan
71dce48a6079b54228bb766ae6414b38a23d2b4fAndrew Quartey — Bug 783383 - Add null-checks for nsBaseWidget::mWidgetListener r=tn
ffb7e84bae017b03489e53eef1dbe018099288e7Brian R. Bondy — Bug 731307 - Async filepicker test changes. r=roc
d6d44f461483ccf73cf5b2bc6e137b3836352c79Brian R. Bondy — Bug 731307 - Use async filepicker from /content. r=mounir
fccf7aeabfe96647c8155b3e7a4100731cf5556dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 731307 - Async filepicker widget implementation. r=roc. sr=mounir
b16ef09f140c65e1a6983e83505b536f14b952c0Brian R. Bondy — Bug 731307 - IDL change for async file picker. r=roc, sr=mounir
314b3a20a88cce6da2d8a439f4cd6d51a795dcc5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
83f6e76262be87be0b8d7ff4d0580a8f09ab62f9Brian Nicholson — Bug 783373 - Change mobile-specific Google search URL to standard Google search URL. r=mfinkle
d1ae1dae0fa1a14090504a0730ab3ffe31372701Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782916 - Do not compare nsresult to noErr; r=smontagu
7d2db7e3879afa454ac21ef5e0f3f4b18ea43b2aAryeh Gregor — Bug 782919 - Add zero-arg constructor to enum class workaround; r=ehsan
3a8e68d8d6d981aab3e038822d5ea21aad31ee01Aryeh Gregor — Bug 780474 - Set -Wno-mismatched-tags for clang; r=glandium
ef98bbc9c8d6fe1928701e9715af61f06513c72eEd Morley — Backout 506268f7735e & ea163112807d (bug 746142) for Android build failures
22ce0a41fe217d074a2837ef9edbd04a70f2658dEd Morley — Backout 19ec214f806c (bug 782916), 88b802832f52 (bug 782919), f16429aa2210 (bug 780474) for Android build failures
a4c49da8ed4e3f2c8df09f0ca7ad14a2cb7d0d0eKan-Ru Chen — Bug 757341 - Camera direct texturing with async video. r=cjones
e1ebc55a599e4fda72aaab6c50de13c26a054d80Kan-Ru Chen — Bug 757341 - Move GonkIOSurfaceImage to its own header. r=roc
676954e4d2a7f4e99c34d218a23f515e0b3d96b7Eric Chou — Bug 730992 - Patch 3: Hooking things up to BluetoothAdapter, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
6fa3009c086f8631755fe506c180f228b37393e5Eric Chou — Bug 730992 - Patch 2: The machinery in Bluetooth*Service, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
7d926d24c4ead707d65f165463e2c22bf643f465Eric Chou — Bug 730992 - Patch 1: The DOM boilerplate for BluetoothPairingEvent, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
19ec214f806c0718e00892db334eac6b0f2fcf94Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782916 - Do not compare nsresult to noErr; r=smontagu
88b802832f52b1ebe468d005f9b3475507b00821Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782919 - Add zero-arg constructor to enum class workaround; r=ehsan
f16429aa2210a7271315816ec623b6163401471bAryeh Gregor — Bug 780474 - Set -Wno-mismatched-tags for clang; r=glandium
506268f7735e0e8195716f5d33d1e6da46546b7aZoe Bellot — Bug 746142 - Part 2 - Use inputmode attribute to vary the virtual keyboard on Android. f=mounir r=cpeterson
ea163112807db614628a87994b0ab6448fc278abZoe Bellot — Bug 746142 - Part 1 - Add inputmode attribute to HTMLInputElement. r=mounir sr=smaug
d9092bbda533c110e6abe69defa50718c976db0cGabor Krizsanits — Bug 779821 - safe XHR creation for sandboxes
fc8dc06d7592b3423f87eca745cbbb3093200094Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 768503: Only disable selection on non-editable content. r=roc
833cc8c891dba177ef1904d65e74f175763ada14Matt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Only notify the parent of the first TabChild paint. r=cjones
fa5e8b9e9a44539b48efae8815d12f2a1939e80dMatt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Only mark Layers as Mutated if the property values are different. r=roc
c22f375fec38613d004e85c57a6bea49180674c3Matt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Retain RefLayers instead of creating them every frame. r=roc
aecd4db48e8ebb29d4282c190f284aa6db3fdd1cRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 783546. B2G macosx64_gecko builds should use the same clang as regular firefox builds. r=ted.
d9923f7b8930db545de2549c18aaea2b2bb242d8Ed Morley — Bug 783515 - Re-enable falsely blamed native Android M3 tests now dom/indexedDB/ipc/test_ipc.html is disabled; r=gbrown,jmaher
cfe2fedf15f19461a0b90d723617f1c2ee97f47bEd Morley — Bug 783509 - Disable the newly created test_browserElement_inproc_AppWindowNamespace.html on Android for permaorange timeouts; r=jmaher
3bb770efb7730d6fff4f499a6216f32ec2094cd3Ed Morley — Bug 783513 - Disable dom/indexedDB/ipc/test_ipc.html on Android for mochitest-3 permaorange due to OOMs; r=jmaher
f5f29adc6d30246a6fa4e35bac207de1e9a827e4Ed Morley — Bug 685516 - Mark more tests as random; rs=khuey
e1cd9fb39dd77c26cc99b20d488683632a802074Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 777202 - RadioInterfaceLayer broadcasts request responses to all content processes. r=philikon
c8f9da21bc8891413d2e853773b2102af6c2ede6Matthew Gregan — Bug 778675 - Add some logging to debug a cubeb_audiounit test failure.
221388169ca7e1285c962cffaf9d5c5ba3f532d2Matthew Gregan — Bug 761917 - Fail when stream restart is attempted on a dead PCM. r=doublec
b83bfbfa9b608bc8ee66a3b9a85fadd8ae0ee28dMatthew Gregan — Bug 770945 - Back out unnecessary change. r=backout
83c15a039a0940c4c072207e723e060215c374d8Phil Ringnalda — Back out e6761635f9cf (bug 695292) for Android mochitest bustage on a CLOSED TREE
57c7f49b37b3e996ed9f101eb6b136378570ebedDoug Turner — Bug 782351 - Device Storage - Expose sdcard/volume state flag on stat result followup. If fetching the available disk space fails (due to a path not existing), return zero bytes available. r=khuey
431d680e9e2f0e0c410ee3bd6d422960d5637276Doug Turner — Bug 783086 - DeviceStorage - in OOP apps, the enumerate() method ignores the since argument. r=dhylands
a74b11baf961f93a0ce422204aa08cf63d7ee577Doug Turner — Bug 782676 - Enable test_stat.html on mac and windows. r=khuey
2d036225c7ba68772acaf9b6bb7e03da81b649e4Doug Turner — Bug 783398 - DeviceStorage makes calls to nsVolumeService from the IOThread. r=dhylands
6f2c8195793c4b87b8457e3ffaa91f211f9ae4abChris Pearce — Bug 775965 - Store root pres context used to register plugins on nsObjectFrame. r=roc
0cfcc4e860c52a5dc328a34613cbfafd15f9fc51Chris Pearce — Bug 775965 - Ensure presentation persists across nsSubDocumentFrame reframes. r=roc
42af0a2ee337af48ea4554dc312f4895358e63a3Chris Pearce — Bug 775965 - Make nsRootPresContext::mRegisteredPlugins a refptr hash table to the content object rather than weak refs to frames. r=roc
7fe1c2d3d1f41e90160ea520d45eafb9bcf90523Chris Pearce — Bug 778640 - Backout due to burning. r=bustage
26ae4450ab79d1a4b0cf4dd2be81775b79aa284bGina Yeh — Bug 778640 - Final version: Firing devicedisappeared event, create nsIDOMBluetoothDeviceAddressEvent by event generator, r=qdot, r=smaug
016e279674347ecd82b1ae1c23b96954e8fdeb52Karl Tomlinson — b=782185 use extend_pad when compositing image layers even for Quartz and X11 r=roc
48d2889019edcd94c119aa0ec7000d9c95938af2Karl Tomlinson — b=782185 provide a gfxXlibSurface method to indicate when cairo's extend_pad will be slow r=joe
95977d7f113d14cab2cbd53f0981792e0266a314Karl Tomlinson — test for bug 709477
61c03f309b98bdc1d7d12ee4b3589ec4d7755376Matthew Gregan — Bug 782876 - Remove unnecessary returns from event handlers in media tests. r=doublec
806f04d54ab5f8731f4f3ddd45b143cd2d8e2134Matthew Gregan — Bug 770945 - Simple media events shouldn't be cancelable. r=roc
c47a3d1bca140e37acc610f25d767bc7a14a131aGina Yeh — Bug 777671 - Final version: add function getPairedDevices() in nsIDOMBluetoothAdapter, r=qdot, sr=mrbkap
e4f3ede0569d4e7e58f2bda798ee27e177f89301Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 782778 - [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Receive 'connected' call event twice for the same call. r=philikon
4c0f3d35933baa763ad0046a3855c33dc030fa5fJesper Kristensen — Bug 782115 - Dictionary add-ons should be compatible by default. r=Mossop
277e7c231f1a8314a46e756aae7cbbf2b0061091David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780501 - Path types for OS.File;r=froydnj
e953b3f9ddd6869da67150689b9c2f7e3507e7faDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771928 - Test OS.File pointer arithmetic. r=froydnj
acbba69667d84a0afb19a3b58489167633b12f88David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771928 - OS.File pointer arithmetics. r=froydnj
36f21854b6273527da4384c06a3f5ceccf43be75James Willcox — Bug 735112 - Add some thread synchronization for plugin layers
90a5d5cca5fcd63dbb78d3a44759c9300ca62f20Vicamo Yang — Bug 760199: fix test failure due to SMSC timestamp truncation, r=philikon
e6761635f9cfb220bbc7016d4972fd49b2d97257Bobby Holley — Bug 695292 - Port SimpleTest.executeSoon() to SpecialPowers. r=mrbkap
8fd107240fad02c4f3255577988d508e0c589dbbBobby Holley — Bug 783031 - Make js1_5/Regress/regress-328897.js throw a different way. r=jmaher
41722f2e0c3304ceda0da579c891e629ef6573efMasayuki Nakano — Bug 422132 part.2 Reset DeltaAccumulator::mPendingScrollAmountX and DeltaAccumulator::mPendingScrollAmountY if the direction is changed r=smaug
112f7d84d94b88b391c1feee06addeae3a4049d2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 782175 Support slower scroll settings with mousewheel.*.delta_multiplier_* r=smaug
cd7025e07686ef571e334dddd92233db6a30ef75Jared Wein — Bug 777176 - Preload SocialAPI panels. r=felipe
96131c46e845084a300bd71fe64115c5d1543244Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 772113: Expose source map URLs via Debugger.Script r=jimb
b51c44f468d56f0c766665d1f6deae8435932be0Till Schneidereit — Bug 462300 - Embed self-hosted scripts and compile into special compartment. r=bhackett, r=gerv, r=ted
498d4cb8db09e21a3a83bde554fb5759b5d6723bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f674f3e9d064213d17f909c0925389c04d9b4cd5Chris Pearce — Bug 781384 - Allow web apps to exit fullscreen outside of user generated event handlers. r=jlebar
e9dbc925fde8e8b79903a8d45c7da637a9a1608fChris Pearce — Bug 782852 - Assume fullscreen/pointer lock is approved hwhen full-screen-api.approval-required pref is false. r=smaug
7c1fa02d9465e338bcfafea46387665a309a2bfcGregor Wagner — Bug 779379 - B2G MobileConnection: Hook up to permissions manager. r=jlebar
c068429832ead0e8e49544f842b8d0c50a7978faLuke Wagner — Bug 783315 - Don't touch script->bindings.bindingArray if the script isn't fully compiled (r=billm)
ef116cb88c2a51deff822b3cca73f3c4f41a2a6eRyan VanderMeulen — Bustage fix for bug 480745 on a CLOSED TREE.
d38c7ec8c98f662882a49017c628ba522968b56bGregor Wagner — Bug 782694 - Set GC parameters for otoro. r=cjones
e316e0cca3dc3b2e8a930e8094e9d94e63e52594Myk Melez — bug 783391 - NS_ERROR_FILE_IS_DIRECTORY on mochitest-chrome runs; r=adw
b7133286856317da1eaf617b9ac0c39b69e967a1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 06dae3ea0f89 (bug 778559) due to Windows build failures.
4da9e1e0b18626e408218068feeaf128cebad822Bill McCloskey — Bug 783135 - Remove jitstats.tbl (r=dmandelin)
bf9094653729e1072d9ef856d31ddb4e99e9559aBob Silverberg — Bug 781920 - Remove getElementValue from HTMLElement in Marionette. r=dburns
1dcdf207aced9f7c3c5b02d240b0e5559494034eMichael Comella — Bug 777450 - Part 2: Long pressing a Flash video no longer activates text selection. r=wesj
db27c82f7225644bbd7fbbe904a73370e242be17Michael Comella — Bug 777450 - Part 1: Clean up general context menu code. r=wesj
6943b37c68cc5b47ff30308b29ae68a1bc090c9aGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 751809 - Fix OSX focus issue with click-to-play. r=josh
b15957ea2fba2fe98084eeba1d11295c8897d81aLudovic Hirlimann — Bug 480745 - Remove XP_MAC from mozilla/security. r=bsmith, sr=kaie
bf7feddb68a3ae5785d0f22297dbe2e447cce36eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
06dae3ea0f89410e364f3534bc5f47435c21e1b3Shu-yu Guo — Bug 778559 - Implement ParallelArray API with sequential execution (r=dmandelin)
ac1fae667a88d64fa82f9886b3914a0aef43ecc5Bill McCloskey — Bug 782337 - Stack clobbering (r=bhackett)
5c8e8efc80a8307cc9ac16323de26fdf2a75e411Bill McCloskey — Bug 782337 - Make incremental GC marking validation optional (r=bhackett)
c90be658d59d194e89d93177641d4616438e09bdNathan Froyd — Bug 783050 - tweak STARTUP_MEASUREMENT_ERRORS histogram definition; r=taras
9e314d3b7120ad89129b6aad2fb7517d32b3974cChris Jones — Bug 776835: Check process capabilities in hal. r=blassey,jlebar
769750c602b2264ca176fee27c89eb999c40ab39Chris Jones — Bug 776664: Check "sms" capability for PSms. r=mounir
7bd865cc52c5d496ac79b0cb165d4e1e995abe86Bobby Holley — Bug 781476 - Test. r=me
87fb202e726151e7bc9bdc18fc0d68bcc007d45fBobby Holley — Bug 781476 - Cross-compartment wrap same-origin objects with PreCreate even if PreCreate requests one wrapper per scope. r=mrbkap
497806930eb6a81c69d914679bd79b45f6733b80Nathan Froyd — Bug 779298 - part 2: fix fetching of lastShutdownDuration and add a test; r=taras
28944cefdd3c9aba19330d83d423480c4c82712aNathan Froyd — Bug 779298 - part 1: store shutdown times in profile directory and initialize class members; r=dougt
a79132ac2f0579c589c143ddec56d59e91e978ffRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
773ecacea4f7062626f708182ae807d66f65e34cFabrice Desré — Bug 783323 - Send the message name to content for System Messages [r=vingtetun]
da1a2c7ecb4db8f8e6c64f7705c79062358ecb3fOleg Romashin — Bug 779726 - Move QGL includes into isolated wrapper class, and fix qgl.h and GLDefs.h conflicts. r=dougt
23c6383ace2fcc7c32d49c4a3b3aea594a0f2924Oleg Romashin — Bug 778385 - We perform 32bpp slow video decoding on arm instead of 16bpp neon. r=joe
62342ad8d7fcd6e79a0e8260b30152ac80b089d8Jim Blandy — Bug 777174: Change CallNonGenericMethod to take the predicate and implementation as template arguments, not function arguments. r=luke
d5fab9ef16a4cf45728c03bf6f2b77ea54ee3600Marshall Moutenot — Bug 737064 - sync CSP source-expression parsing with w3c spec (r=geekboy)
136209f365134f57ff420b54be8c8c4c5b0ea3b6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 783132 - bump mozprocess dep and add call to processOutput, r=ahal, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
75f67ed39ebda44f8c87147279f251319b209870Jonathan Griffin — Bug 783120 - Make datazilla import conditional on options.pref, r=mdas
b46ea11d0e1e9df8b618e8af319af6090d6a61a7Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
12c614d36e0b73d9ad3962ffe115e79cd13dd25aJames Willcox — Bug 776334 - Don't double free shared texture handles for Flash on Android r=blassey
6a85b6cd56ffc13fd0efa08bb3292d8f889835d8James Willcox — Bug 781542 - Don't require a layer invalidation for Flash video on Android r=blassey
4392d5928cf148fe29ace861fe84d9997f60fffaEd Morley — Backout c4b249ca469b & 5bd90df027d0 (bug 779298) for assertions on OS X
76d7daeaa6240ccf2a7f46a62c7167242be23aa5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
75f5849d649544ea7c240b4851a31a2d9afa8184Andrew McCreight — Bug 782677 - Misc. fixes for CHECK_VALID_NODEINFO, and demacro it. r=smaug
5ee83f13ff3e21cd7b4c97c16761bbd6f506c8a2Chris Peterson — Bug 781748 - Part 2: Add debug logging for IME state parameters. r=blassey
2eb3a82921b83e0a787ca21451c73730b2e15bd9Chris Peterson — Bug 781748 - Part 1: Guard against null mIMEActionHint or mIMETypeHint from Gecko. r=blassey
a3ded704cf28c061eaf0202796173735e94d4353Nathan Froyd — Bug 782117 - part 2: don't save pings that already exist on disk; r=taras
1ffe10e14d7c75e9c5b02f95981728502ac33378Nathan Froyd — Bug 782117 - part 1: don't use safe-file-output-stream when writing ping data; r=taras
6383531428d1e7cd6ef117429b998797da7a5cbeMats Palmgren — Bug 783041 - Minor cleanup: remove local 'shadowIntRect' and use 'mRect' instead since it has the same value, and use Intersect instead of IntersectRect since we're not using its return value. part 2, r=roc
9e3450bbd3e36b6c250ba88767e6f38fb766ccd9Mats Palmgren — Bug 783041 - Check IsEmpty() after rounding. part 1, r=roc
c4b249ca469be37c79a609bc4e4e1b78bef27016Nathan Froyd — Bug 779298 - part 2: fix fetching of lastShutdownDuration and add a test; r=taras
5bd90df027d0e3193058f0803ed4fdbc90dca6faNathan Froyd — Bug 779298 - part 1: store shutdown times in profile directory and initialize class members; r=dougt
8a49e57545c0a5be59f0996c09f5da5283002a18Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
572b721001181090518319ae5ce7652d7efd314aAryeh Gregor — Bug 782602 - Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test (parser/html/); r=hsivonen
66ae8a550cfc1acd14419edcb3a22af48b39dac6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782605 - Make nsNPAPIPluginInstance::SetCached infallible; r=roc
e0f7d474fb52f3ee9495577cc7168c202d9a64efAryeh Gregor — Bug 782608 - Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test (image/); r=jlebar
11d577df701f74f322b54a2b61f7679e295d6b55Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782606 - Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test (dom/indexedDB/, dom/workers/); r=khuey
276b57e03eba270cf62d2d4b5f8b85678cac409fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 779399. A horizontally-flipped gradient can dither differently. r=jrmuizel
461c9816a3be274f4fb80cf75064e99892247b1cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 779399. Scale gradient cell to exactly fill snapped rect. r=jrmuizel
d457d1d6504c430502f4803a71bc591244ca7d46Jonathan Watt — Bug 780963 crashtest. r=roc.
a6c9088eb26706357f333ff95740e5cc25385059Michal Novotny — Bug 475444 - HTTP standard violation, Content-length header appears to be ignored under some circumstances, r=bz sr=biesi
47720e51836f460d2bfba60249d40c0b84c23e98Ed Morley — Bug 776405 - Remove superfluous parentheses that cause test to be executed in a subshell; r=ted
2759cfa65dc57d57c917423689f9aff1e383e6a9Chenxia Liu — Bug 755638 - SecurityException when attempting to sync multiple Fennecs to the same account. r=rnewman
6b0193cd6bf9dc33c001cedc673a0c0175d6607fMark Banner — Bug 741972 - Test failures on ESR when channel is set to ESR, TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_AddonRepository_compatmode.js | == and more. Change tests to re-use the new AddonManager.checkCompatibility attribute for future-proofing channel additions/changes. r=bmcbride
1ecca798b1fb7dec63dabf3cea9cbf3c4ec01ac9Masashi Honma — Bug 780465 - Add support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup functionality (WPS). r=mrbkap DONTBUILD
57e59b2e017e9ed8ab2389b23a675431dbe83d1fOlli Pettay — DEBUG_smaug build bustage, Bug 743975, r=me
88ba578cbaab8afbba0b392a9e28ed2705fb4aa3Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
51471fc062ec5614bc2aa5ec38a11c52db9b589cAtul Jangra — Bug 767236 - Part 3: Name all anonymous functions in XPIProvider.jsm. r=Unfocused
d33742ea515f9f5ebc5abef78923630e1804ec97Dave Townsend — Bug 782881 - Protect against attempts to use the Add-ons Manager APIs after shutdown. r=Unfocused
7a847385e42bcdc4b3807fba6e333e29659f14ddBlair McBride — Backout 42bc5a310a29 (bug 782881) due to multi-orange.
cdca67c9cf4ba0e469ae84bbd3585d97629881a2Mark Capella — Bug 779407 - Remove usage of nsILocalFile in Add-ons Manager, r=unfocused
42bc5a310a29c2708ed72b9a8ad7b237b9942326Dave Townsend — Bug 782881 - Protect against attempts to use the Add-ons Manager APIs after shutdown. r=Unfocused
4de6137c510e8eac74a3321b0e9efac8379f2ca4Ed Morley — Bug 782196 - Temporarily disable layout/reftests/bugs/598726-1.html on Windows 7 for being near-permaorange; r=philor
4428a325f571b0b2082c1e54145feabe3b2cb50dKyle Huey — Bug 651866: Disable test.
ea85bbaa681e32554eb6766082ad8dba4b9e4df1Ben Hearsum — bug 783241: add extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/preview.png to r=ted/bmcbride
f7cf6091063772039b71153e196d81ff0d0957bdAryeh Gregor — Bug 768865 - Make NS_SUCCEEDED/NS_FAILED always inline functions for C++; r=bsmedberg
3940df6f9356f5681b7ebf99b31f65577f2567bfEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
bc01b7e45d032dd61cd749a401bdd9ea19f7396aKai Engert — Bug 782784 - update_nss and update_nspr should toggle the trailing whitespace line, r=glandium
36a8ff6ae00354fe4758e8cbd5a56230651f63f5Luke Wagner — Fix compiler warnings in js/src (no bug,r=themaid)
abc8c217f0322a277430e02f5746836505206df8Luke Wagner — Bug 767013 - only store aliased variables in scope objects (r=bhackett)
70a7988bfd21fc86eeaf11b4912c294bf788e97aLuke Wagner — Bug 780647 - use bindings, instead of CallObject's shape, in DebugScopeProxy (r=jimb)
cbe1f44c87496ad3a19b105240247f2a298c0e13Luke Wagner — Bug 780647 - don't use unaliased CallObject slots as storage in DebugScopeProxy (r=jimb)
401453e782ab288fdca7abad059cd8b423adec4dLuke Wagner — Bug 775323 - remove PN_NAMESET and dead uses (r=ejpbruel)
48cfc16cac717fc5f6347b6794c668c70298121aLuke Wagner — Bug 775323 - build Bindings after, not during, parsing (r=ejpbruel)
858ab0d138a068ef69faa34a1af80761a4dbb74dLuke Wagner — Bug 775323 - move bindings construction (r=jorendorff)
418b5cbc7cd9f259d950526cb450881d4d6d4a1eBen Turner — Bug 781256 - 'Share FileDescriptors across processes in preparation for OS-level sandbox'. r=khuey+cjones.
da866a8a19e384f197d62109d03fd5be32b3d9efGeorge Wright — Bug 740194 - [Skia] Implement a version of SkMemory for Mozilla that uses the infallible mozalloc allocators r=cjones
56ae921df543697d729b8b77f2b3b2dd9fc0c5e7Mike Hommey — Backout changeset d945ae198516 (bug 760152). r=kats
e0f50d6dc61e7ad0740b921c8677f1d57476c99bYoshi Huang — Bug 783150 - B2G RIL: Fetch ICC Record only when SIM_READY. r=vicamo
cb192b83831c57b6f4eb3bb025ac042211199098Eric Chou — Bug 782905 - [b2g-bluetooth] Calling setEnabled(false) twice in a very short period may crash, r=qdot
66f381b9547e43b0d6af8f327227948b21bb6709Vivien Nicolas — Bug 782973 - <select> elements in-content looks as a textfield. r=fabrice
31c4f7ab45b77d575f463684705fedce03eb79e5Chris Jones — Bug 782006: Prefetch the "built-in" stylesheet cache in content processes. r=roc
b6967661b5887032309c8feab8fa0a0967c37954Chris Jones — Bug 781742: Try to keep a process pre-launched for app content, if the pref says to. r=jlebar
7440244d723767ca7f7facf759f155d113619ec6Vicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 4: add to global interfaces list, r=me
011c3d6769d0944e9c35978c53fc733ed2b5ad7eVicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 3: marionette test, r=philikon
90c19283f1b275efb1445d92d35bdc923c1e9b11Vicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 2: RIL implementation, r=philikon
26b91c24f901b1f9da3b1c43bfaeab0e31106648Vicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 1: IDL change
0b4b29ef15704f0038bd6431fe901c2109011d04Justin Dolske — Bug 661813 - Fix intermittent failure in browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js. r=mihai
8e656eb1630787d546d074715ed0c7fec51df296Jan Beich — Bug 782521 - Don't use const for pthread_setname_np's 3rd arg on NetBSD. r=cjones
35518a0793837f031dda3f3acad20ca842b6b10eEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 781932 - Update enabled() to be is_enabled to make Selenium API. r=jgriffin
e16055525c5991f08790788f8db48b64cbb45fd1Steven Lee — Bug 779149 - [Dialer] Audio does not go through headset. r=mwu
e79bf6f458f74c4352babb58bb8b9408a48aa8a6Marek Stepien — Bug 636245 - Allow localizers to change the Device Manager window size. r=kaie
2d89567b206bc026c5190ddbfc4bb93d28dcfdc3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ac8287aea1fbc951caecd3a6e9103d3c31265b44Chris Jones — Bug 783139: Restore setting .widget on nsGUIEvent. r=dRdR
d60761f2ce8928ad842dcd6ec21557c69f6ef511Chris Jones — Bug 783134: Work around crashing on startup with fullscreen widgets. r=roc
01a3cbde459cb95f5404523010c16571b3fc52f2Gregor Wagner — Bug 782136 - add carrier field and ContactField interface to Contacts API. Review Comments. r=fabrice
12d306fa30d5c0674a473c0fabb0590ae6c86e68Matt Brubeck — Back out e8fae7f2ce39 (bug 781318) because of reftest failure
82dba0cf6958757d2b1dc356744ed1d5e32c1f4aGregor Wagner — Bug 782136 - add carrier field and ContactField interface to Contacts API. Impl. r=fabrice
ab0c6dd14478b1dde4d15604b7b06ae174d36ec2Gregor Wagner — Bug 782136 - add carrier field and ContactField interface to Contacts API. IDL. r=gal
90b4786131bdf77eb14c184002d1f82335c17211Masayuki Nakano — Bug 782190 Implement onwheel attribute and onwheel property on window, document and element r=smaug, sr=jst
f6dd071e8ff93c47b4ab6658d101b18c082bd96cAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 778725 - Fix program error managing snapshot errors in b2g reftests, r=jgriffin
31036bc023a8729a7f438e4632f1f42b1e5d8880Fabrice Desré — Bug 773383 - [Web Activities] Activities filtering heuristic does not support arrays/regexp in filters [r=vingtetun]
5c8fcc4cc760241487f9d24c68419630cbacf8a7Joe Drew — Bug 781679 - Assert that we're not in the middle of a transaction when we switch layer managers. r=mattwoodrow
8f6b4e0bcef0922e09b722a6b52285918ca88c63Joe Drew — Bug 782416 - Switch from NULL to nullptr in gfx::2d. r=Bas
e00f4d16eeed04c089402d805a2453a7406d8bc4Joe Drew — Bug 782416 - Make gfx::2d's nullptr definition actually work. r=nrc
5fbacb9e6e627f1a10a19a55979741eba6a9190fGeorge Wright — Backed out changeset c2475674e105
c2475674e105eef9a93a5adad033745308040271George Wright — Bug 740194 - [Skia] Implement a version of SkMemory for Mozilla that uses the infallible mozalloc allocators r=cjones
2f0808dd3a119eba5b020fdd52ed24593ccf0434Wes Johnston — Bug 650399 - All webapps should use the same webapp database. r=mfinkle
e8fae7f2ce393c292cdb906a1d2b7f15cc8828daWes Johnston — Bug 781318 - Autofocus textboxes in prompts. r=mbrubeck
2137da1041bea76b527c98cb8ea45cbcc3a38ba7Eitan Isaacson — Bug 782320 - Use names for pushbuttons. r=davidb
e0876ea69295b7215c0e537ad99d4dd9318a9997Eitan Isaacson — Bug 782317 - Change platform conditionals for Android Firefox to "mobile/android". r=davidb
4e6595190bb132eeb593288192ec53bd4da959cbEitan Isaacson — Bug 782316 - Removed HOME and END keys from vc controller. r=davidb
a46956396b4946d218ace2980a24156c95911ce1Fabrice Desré — Bug 782835 - System Messages: oop processes not receiving web activities system messages [r=vingtetun]
7b25f5ebc95552ab36ca0e2e2e32dc0869ddc8eaAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 782655 - Enable remote xul for B2G reftests, r=jgriffin
d20c2724cfb34fdd8b44fa0d61db123f19624117Kai Engert — Bug 496005 - some locales will not allow you Unload PKCS#11 Device, patch contributed by Makoto Kato, r=kaie, r=rrelyea
70545fbaccd7cba45d1cf55a9e2ac4d0c5504296Neil Deakin — Bug 775110, allow data from the same domain to be dropped in editor fields, r=ehsan
50e4ff05741e6485aa0248e20f2ebffb4e81f2d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
dfcc0507902cf689c7369acd54c9bde50cb4b2a1Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - remove the view wrapper,r=tn
e66c290ab9fcbb37b809fc5273ef54b0cbd14339Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - remove the event handler argument to widget creation methods, r=tn
54badf5d08b073d45b0f8a5da272021118dd9f99Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - Remove events that are now unused, r=smaug
4aca82dc0d41007d1fdf231d1c3be86705132d73Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - add a getpresshell method to the widget listener, r=tn
448410c2035ef7bce315bb6b3c46f60fb909145eNeil Deakin — Bug 743975 - use a widget listener interface instead of the remaining events that don't need an event, r=tn,jmathies,netzen,smichaud,karlt,blassey,chrisjones
481e19da0409a2979bf4a17449ae6f1b066274f6Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - remove NS_DESTROY event, r=smaug
e389f7bcd86d14ba2d9f35d4f9a3b0111448a385Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - use a direct call instead of move uistatechanged event, r=smaug
92fdc7bd7f5fbd1304b701c4f7d36efdb3943e37Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - remove accessibility events from widget, replace with a nsBaseWidget::GetAccessible method, r=trevsaunders
1fdb203e1e04e02974cc1d4581628d1b8280ccf7Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - remove unused NS_CREATE and NS_TABCHANGE events, r=smaug
340f7af0fb8e7f4f17c916b1337c3e46223795d6Neil Deakin — Bug 743975 - move theme and window size done events to direct calls, r=smaug
4db58ba7848f9d74bfea774df7712026987292b3Justin Lebar — Bug 782971 - Fix crash resulting from not initializing an argument in ShadowThebesLayerOGL::Swap(). r=cjones
194bf5cfd25fec90357d98422041b03d4a0fa3d2John Schoenick — Bug 781265 - Remove old logic that double-creates frameloaders in nsObjectLoadingContent. r=josh
a5418205a35ff0f07c8696e2a83c1b28ab3380a6John Schoenick — Bug 782707 - Avoid an assertion in nsObjectLoadingContent. r=josh
8973d9714190d86d571db99d9a55c1590f56a880John Schoenick — Bug 781394 - Don't fire plugin errors for plugins that never got to a determined type. r=josh
62bb2e74fe6726f354ad6e0f2614ec8d393786f3Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
dad98b444955403051e637035da4be14af3b7b41Bill McCloskey — Bug 765065 - Annotation for crash reports: "Are we GCing?" (r=bsmedberg)
fc50fe61fd712ca0b62bddc04e3136a08a70066bBill McCloskey — Bug 782782 - Move js::MaybeVerifyBarriers on Windows (r=bhackett)
b9850fa8fcbfa0dbcbdd05b42a101e26b914a94eBill McCloskey — Bug 774859 - JM: Missing write barrier on JSOP_INITPROP (r=bhackett)
03784748970d4858b00a0657b2980bb8ebe9edb8Bill McCloskey — Bug 774859 - JM: Missing write barrier on JSOP_INITPROP (r=terrence)
07f21ec5d516bb6e2b76121cb847970a78ed8a27Bill McCloskey — Bug 781390 - Make barrier verifier testing work better with the methodjit (r=bhackett)
a5bda30839524c43bce30542d795302ee09d7e62Bill McCloskey — Bug 781393 - JS VM stack values shouldn't always be clobbered during marking (r=bhackett)
f12bf48505b999a1d86b9910bdf05f2bc8095a82Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 761620 due to Add-on SDK test failures.
c1fbceec9a0511c86c038c434342a981af5c2ebcGregor Wagner — Bug 781355 - Hook up mozBrowser to Permission Manager. r=jlebar
14c44cb256a77e8ae5dd93f0968e6a7b3ff187f2Nathan Froyd — Bug 782373 - use HISTOGRAM_BOOLEAN more consistently; r=taras
238498ace67e9327ce82061753a83859ddcffb90Nathan Froyd — Bug 782405 - delete UNIX_ASYNC_DNS; r=glandium
6ce9bc206a7d8fad6d271d494cde4878a5895f6bJoe Drew — Back out 98d2c24ce932 for failing to build r=moron
cddb8d3836dfd3eac84f8d9b9300188dd7debe3aJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 774114 - B2G RIL: Refactor the way of handling RIL_REQUEST_{ENTER_*, CHANGE_*} responses. r=philikon
26b8e99cb58bde9bc506ce74c9e2f2132ed06432Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 781431 - A few minor build system improvements. r=ted
1a78fe7fa40a8ce72b0d00b9154d48c676b2a2d2Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 782759 - Remove the --disable-auto-deps flag from Windows nightly build mozconfigs. r=ted
98d2c24ce932753f929d0004581c11269afefa30Joe Drew — Bug 782416 - Switch from NULL to nullptr in gfx::2d. r=Bas
5e73b7902658a67cb7b12aed4e68a5f431543957Gene Lian — Bug 782772 - Support the href property in web activities. r=vivien,fabrice
9493806638d03b6572524e36c4d9e68ccd58660aLucas Rocha — Bug 781865 - Ignore DOMContentLoaded events from iframes in Reader (r=mfinkle)
130965086c2a167e4e24c878b99579a95e7a2197Lucas Rocha — Bug 782480 - Clear parentNode reference when removing a child in JSDOMParser (r=bnicholson)
5fd8fca1ebea0c59b837872f5f1637be4d18cf9dLucas Rocha — Bug 777565 - Don't overflow pre/code elements in reader, wrap them (r=bnicholson)
3b3510edbd6ecbeb277473920915db7225902a06Fabrice Desré — Bug 782859 - Add e10s support the ContentHandler component [r=vingtetun]
cfd10c640375579a80bffc3e619b13810b83722aFabrice Desré — Bug 781127 - [b2g][Web Activities][System Message Handler] mozChromeEvent to System app does not expose enough information [r=vingtetun]
d0ca290ec99c53c7a9e2ada76455c605f307a64bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 782739 Handle new mousewheel prefs in browser_fullZoom.js r=smaug+dao
07b53bdc212ac3876cea6c2c7906e3106985043eMyk Melez — bug 770770: refactor webapp runtime test harness to reduce complexity/special-casing; r=adw
1fa3735f14ed8a90af762f9c26d66d0af01458f8Timothy Nikkel — Bug 782878. Remove weak views. r=roc
f2a4e69f264e2a9ab777cdb6cabd11c5fb5061b3Malini Das — Bug 782749 - add timeouts for shell/checkCmd to devicemanagerADB, r=jmaher
1a96900f09c8c7d0c5847d8f336ebcd49087361cBenoit Jacob — Bug 763355 - attempt to fix timeouts in WebGL mochitest on Android slaves by avoiding loading the js-test-post.js script - r=jgilbert
2cad366318ba1cbd2a9664a9f8d785dfce751b2aAryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Use NS_FAILED instead of boolean test for ToInteger()/ToFloat(); r=ehsan
f8476ef1d352c671ef4cc9cfdcc61f1d273657feAryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Don't treat PRStatus as nsresult; r=ehsan
5d6abce303570dacf5437117e256f840f919b6a5Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Cast some nsresult to bool where the function really returns bool; r=ehsan
239d64d31b1bd81b378f29910821b26023edba46Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Cast some nsresult to PRUint32; r=ehsan
fc1972ad497b5903dcec6c53dfe712672aa5a703Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Cast more setjmp()/longjmp() nsresult usage; r=ehsan
494157fa4561b636813ab71213a414307652b3c5Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Don't return nsresult from main() (editor/); r=ehsan
e158214617dda68e7821c1dec9d8411801d0ebe7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Change named constants to correct types; r=ehsan
fb5f3b3cc280475f437bee3278b67ba56c3388b0Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Cast NS_ENUMERATOR_FALSE to nsresult; r=ehsan
4ec6f3cb235863f8f838846c21a0242103de7a85Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782252 - Convert declared types to nsresult; r=ehsan
3bc014ea9703529dd858f4445f706d01067a44adEric Wong — Bug 773760: Save privacy status of transferable during cross-process clipboard transfer. r=ehsan
0b26e7597f318860cdeaa6384e48319fcf5b67dfReuben Morais — Bug 782853 Initialize scrollType to avoid -Wsometimes-unitialized warnings r=smaug
53639beddbc2a7f533c5c27f442d9074cbef9470Masayuki Nakano — backout 295c9fc5e652 due to wrong bug#
295c9fc5e65288646efa2111801d6ec9af51d1b7Reuben Morais — Bug 659153 Initialize scrollType to avoid -Wsometimes-unitialized warnings r=smaug
69da5f09823708614e707459dea1a9beca599923Masayuki Nakano — Bug 782903 Set enough long timeout time in test_bug422132.html r=smaug
9f49d90a18c7370633f8ddeebb930e306f421fb9Chris Peterson — Bug 781713 - Inline getEditable() and remove unnecessary null checks. r=blassey
75e7e41c1437b3f423b60a707d134e0783f1ef1cChris Peterson — Bug 781708 - Log warnings about unexpected beginBatchEdit/endBatchEdit counts. r=blassey
88b068a67b4a777fc3abedacff21a7f70f1ad96bRobert Longson — Bug 757751 - attribute updates on non-rendered svg elements result in an abort. r=jwatt
b56234cc76ff2898defb4404de2f019e2c2f479fRobert Longson — Bug 782387 - Blank SVG rendering, after clicking a link to a view fragment and then navigating back. r=dholbert
92f022b4ae92af77a7b6859e2992ca6142841f62Jon Coppeard — Bug 782598 - part 2: tidy get_max_wait() r=terrence
726c3013ab9fbecc1a76a9c47d50b89b22e05853Jon Coppeard — Bug 782598 - part 1: fix total_seconds() r=terrence
996a68d8420ee36b459933a3e27853d4810e6b39Kyle Huey — Bug 685516: Mark a couple more tests random.
131799806373850d8330f278a04f7f55480f634aKyle Huey — Bug 685516: Disable background-image-tiling.html on Android XUL.
7d4268f8884cef2e331e46b7e64da81a5adc66b0Ed Morley — Backout bcac58cbf328 & 9c75f0428f8a (bug 775965) for causing bug 782981
9c67b2ff95b76bcaa8e96e16209f5b01ffaebd4aEd Morley — Bug 685516 - Disable background-size-body-percent-percent-overflow.html; rs=khuey
0678e3e849234b4e6743c21b7e23418c93e9b3dfEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
99b0a4f5de3383db587e04f6512b79524af6e467Ed Morley — Backout 34d187fac5f7 (bug 777176) for possibly causing bug 782901 on a CLOSED TREE
62cc5a20b2f127857f709f0476bce91a6e5c32e4Andrew Hurle — Bug 634139 - Add a service for finding the representative color in an image. r=MattN
104388bbcab2614150104c4acb3842c1a655f2a4Blair McBride — Bug 781688 - Remove usage of nsIDOMWindowUtils.goOnline() in B2G's netError.xhtml. r=cjones
60c71aa341d6302cd49838ccd254fece71a49a43Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Update the new SafeBrowsing code to MPL 2.0. r=dcamp
db9449735349d74494c43a1a4e3c8e0d4a290029Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Skip chunks we already have during merges. r=dcamp
0f66a50598616908fb02db9c30abed0b3e758491Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Simplify PrefixSet by removing (unneeded) thread safety. r=dcamp
ba9ae0fe8297a1ba467bff5dd40c1e31eb4152a8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 738533 - Replace NS_QuickSort use by qsort. r=dcamp
4c01bc89b521c6e1b37672b561c85f2db0ca991fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 750625 - crash in nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::GetPrefixes. r=dcamp
021d3422e0c09a3e511fd8d4788fe75a158b808bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Remove some unneeded PromiseFlatCString. r=dcamp
3f632cd689e5abf635b03a67fb0f84ea4b9934c9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Make the PrefixSet/LookupCache construction infallible again. r=dcamp f=jlebar
553ae070f33a456123c74b4620945d83f906df09Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Expire SubPrefixes that can't do anything immediately. r=dcamp
bad7e62cd7d23dc3425b2e3c88123b8b2f04a611Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Don't resort if not needed. Fix comparator. Cleanups. r=dcamp
033c251cfddb96a3fbeb67b778b94bee5be50d62Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Fix wrong order of arguments to KeyedHash function. r=dcamp
df42853860962ad0dbe9d87662fb57d67e96bbb8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Fix order of SubPrefix Knockouts. r=dcamp
39d14868da4a6d0333a7875261043cfabdaedd96Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Remove unused compare functions. r=dcamp
bcc48229a84f499bfdf663eb13196779cdeb6a2aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Fix inconsistent variable naming. r=dcamp
86d22bb381f3862a74d3dbf3ce8801fa5da4c183Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Fix format description in HashStore.cpp. r=dcamp
fe1b30709c1ffbd6262cd6170ef647de10cf96e7Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 768871 - Provide an option to disable per-client randomization. r=dcamp
c716b0e67d083e04053bb3c56f7e73ab0bca8b27Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 730247 - Use byteslice coding for SafeBrowsing data. r=dcamp
0636e5319324b2d70f993e2669a27639e78c0c6cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729928 - Cleanup unused cache preferences. r=dcamp
0f125c23208cbf947ffc654710cacfa48448d1f2Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 729640 - Fix broken UrlClassifier assertion. r=dcamp
aa57f7757c972a2439ec984ca7e004950aa54034Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726002 - Clear some big nsTArrays as early as possible in updates. r=dcamp
3dbf00bb0d706214e23436b26276dd72e12b8c9eGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 726002 - More OOM handling in UrlClassifier. r=dcamp
e63466828f6bab408677e693ef65a10b5918a96cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 725597 - SafeBrowsing fails to update persistent PrefixSet on Windows. r=dcamp
de9d6a87d00eb778e2a8cc315be90ae80033ccb7Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Optimize input buffer size. Cache active tables. r=dcamp
90f47a584aed2cd21242076e3a6b17ecff73ee14Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 673470 - Replace the sqlite safeb store with a flat file. r=dcamp
34d187fac5f7116065e698fe04fba3eb33107ca0Jared Wein — Bug 777176 - Preload SocialAPI panels. r=felipe
6b8f8e5e758059c84236e0930a3af69b310c8c41Marco Castelluccio — Bug 782171. Create webapp profile directory on installation, even when there isn't an appcache url in the manifest. r=felipe
c4b397422e1120f22eb8f7260400c9d0caf60695Marco Castelluccio — Bug 782476. Provide a notification for successful webapp installation. r=felipe
3dbfe7ede3d412d7da08711242f3cf549acacc3bChris Jones — Bug 781014: Make sure the toplevel gonk widget doesn't resize smaller than screen on exiting fullscreen. r=cpearce,mwu
70bee2ddfa2fb2649df10a9fbbfd113d33cb4db5Phil Ringnalda — Backout cfba38edc205, cec9aff342dc, a154933f2bef (bug 780558) for mochitest-3 bustage
5ac49037cb7732d53f5ffe7e9ea62f8d64d9de0dNicholas Cameron — Bug 773460; turn Azure/Cairo on for b2g. r=cjones
cfba38edc205bc49d9c487aac95bf2a78bd61183Vicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 3: marionette test, r=philikon
cec9aff342dc871d670ae4e3568183c6a6f2985cVicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 2: RIL implementation, r=philikon
a154933f2bef52d0eacd77eeefbd28cf91f7e063Vicamo Yang — Bug 780558 - B2G RIL: expose cell LAC/CID - Part 1: IDL change, r=sicking
6d0ce062c403c25589e153b835650eebaa8d9e7dAndres Hernandez — Bug 325901 - fix unnecessarily preprocessed files in browser/, r=gavin
ee8dc455cf2ac2e5ab185f144c6ea8de20f9189eGavin Sharp — Bug 781323: fix about:sync-log, r=gps
98fe6154218220a3b91e8823fcabad765a1ed7d0Bobby Holley — Bug 781521 - Fix BrowserElement API. r=jlebar
aed48f3c0fe16556ba0b11d8526119076a3dd009Bobby Holley — Bug 781521 - Fix Message Manager blob test. r=Ms2ger
a0b22dc37b46f01504a92cab052efd8557ced2f3Bobby Holley — Bug 781521 - Fix Settings API. r=gwagner
4f2aecfd6119ce9d686e94381120aafe5912859aBobby Holley — Bug 781521 - Fix test_SpecialPowersExtension. r=Ms2ger
f8d76d32e29b3b001650c56a99e00cc5f2cb475eMats Palmgren — Bug 780661 - Update mDropdownCanGrow also when the position is currently outside viewport to allow a resize later at a different position. Also, don't call PositionFrameView unless the position really changed to avoid infinite number of calls to AbsolutelyPositionDropDown (via nsResizeDropdownAtFinalPosition event from NotifyGeometryChange). r=roc
74649a7a17c82b1665f20a4b204ac54152ec0881Chris Pearce — Bug 725770. r=bz
9f185f2ebded67915f0a7a7adc1e21991d3a0496Mark Capella — Bug 759824 - Doorhanger button callback functions in LoginManagerPrompter.js contain incorrect arguments, r=margaret
1c3efa824966f8884bfde166b0cf2fee02267765Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 777537 - Ensure validity of CompilerOutput without a dangling pointer. r=bhackett
1ffe70e0ef4da18ae510df534ff30077efe519ebDoug Turner — Bug 782354 - seperate sharing state from unavailable state in onchange notification. r=sicking
8c4e3f8254b44092d42e0d99ce5d9c3bc874f5fbDoug Turner — Bug 782351 - add volume state to stat() API. r=sicking
9b175938ba35f91bbcb389970dc64344fd2f544bMatt Woodrow — Bug 782808 - Apply the widget rotation to the gonk LayerManager at all times instead of only during the paint event. r=cjones
7529011f9becec331c39e0bed21330d5195ad531Michael Wu — Bug 782473 - Add keymapping for end call key, r=jlebar
6155a2a8c09069982d2f1a38fa4c39224d1342a8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 782552 Set overflow delta values even if there is no scroll target for the wheel event r=smaug
5c601428c70b95083fdd17e9751731a6e8b7caf1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 422132 Store unused fractional scroll amount for later wheel events r=smaug
906aa1702cda2376455f0fbf7dd2fe840493031aMartin Stransky — Bug 782612 - Move Xt plugins OOP. r=karlt
16127a6e0bf3511e211f557e98d5eb42d93098eaNomis101 — Bug 782155 - Set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.6 for all architectures and clean up powerpc-apple code. r=ted
a3f82fa71b248694e3fecb22151a0dbc38d9cd3cSanchit Gangwar — Bug 781935 - Change the function names in /testing/marionette/client/marionette/tests/unit/ r=jgriffin
eb2ccd16a2c01c498d5769d987faa274e0e06ea8David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 773643 - Test (de)serialization of errors. r=froydnj
03c71c9f71a95671b91d1ea986ba2d57277b01a1David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 773643 - Serialize Windows errors. r=froydnj
4387edee40991a1323af0f472ab62bb9907760f2David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 773643 - Serialize Unix errors. r=froydnj
3b7250c5316a60b2442d76b666bd6362ee8d5bd0Alexandre D'Eschambeault — Bug 751452 - Prevent DNT modification in unprivileged mode + test case. r=khuey
1230521b11d32352d89f2da2bde168bde56f428bDavid Keeler — Bug 749257 - Improve test plugin. r=josh, r=bsmedberg
3f2e53e13f401fbc3ef04898b62b555872da2146Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ccf120bf46385db23431e1ea4418a38e4c4bd8e9Ed Morley — Bug 773732 - Temporarily disable browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js due to frequent failures (bug 780198 & bug 782179)
618652af63c95ae77ee0dd1df43d1e354493c513Ed Morley — Backout 3b46b03dff5c, effectively relanding bug 781186 and 773732 because it seems like a clean backout isn't going to be possible
d67c02074ced694fd3436c9e131386503ce8e600Kyle Huey — Bug 780618: Follow up to switch to nsError.h in merged patches. r=me
a0bddf5fcb910de63170f62868f567fe86995e00Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
b9b3b3373c0878ceb027772a798b3b4953763ae8Kyle Huey — Bug 685516: Disable one more test.
b11ae0f50e1ef3d8c8433baa148395ba2b8be529Kyle Huey — Bug 685516: Disable some more tests.
d5e42dcb36fdc3171aa43aa6f1b6231bce5114d2Kyle Huey — No bug: Eradicate some nsnulls.
d1b05e332e4e8ea05d990ca44054c2cc5246b0e2Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
91711277a553ec1800d0fd7b062512a26b93151aKyle Huey — Bug 683290: Followup to placate nsObjectLoadingContent. r=johns
30ce9f55180f0f94bff4a7a99e5cbc94e6b9bb72Kyle Huey — Bug 683290: Followup to placate nsObjectLoadingContent.
54f586a529ae187a036cba27adfa22f17e0b8fc1Kyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 3 - Make style images block onload. r=bz
55b5cab554b5086d9040b56cee25f1d92886cf69Kyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 2 - Push onload blocking logic down into imagelib. r=joe sr=bz
5c730c1f22745b05780a5747c1882803e6ecd56aKyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 1 - Centralize style image observers. r=bz
5709499c7c6628bdc29a3caca358dad41c214ffdKyle Huey — Bug 697230: Part 0 - Make table frame classes call into their superclass in DidSetStyleContext. r=bz
adf31747cf5ef96c581cad69f824c912493bd56cKyle Huey — Bug 683290: Discard images that are not in the DOM. r=bz
d3829aea9cd1ff3d38f44d1038732ceaec3b634dKyle Huey — Bug 685516: Disable a bunch of failing tests on Android XUL. r=jrmuizel
3bb125057939031b2d020467147b4ab4627bff7eKyle Huey — Bug 685516: Instead of decoding small images synchronously and large images asynchronously, always decode synchronously for some time, and post the remainder to the event loop if necessary. r=joe
a33215aa549cae270aa0d101f5284e20a8c36c23Kyle Huey — Bug 693319: Factor out some common code in RasterImage for dealing with decode flag changes. r=bholley
92727400355ae693fa19fb22932f9d7a1f18c741Kyle Huey — Bug 683290: Make RasterImage::GetFrame actually honor the flags it is passed. r=bholley
3b46b03dff5c999ab08a1258ac1fad9f0790ed34Ed Morley — Backout 2a6310e0ed9a (bug 781186) and 64bc6b0e9127 (bug 773732) for causing bug 780198 and bug 782179
1340cabb01d1e65977faa717a6a797cbc7a68c4aOlli Pettay — Bug 780199 - better mutationobserver handling when attribute value doesn't change, r=sicking
86ee4deea55b0749e863b937d0f15f561f2eaa6aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
e2e8d066279bafb7098a10a61a6485213b24d220Bobby Holley — Bug 777628 - Do a Checked Unwrap in JS_WriteTypedArray. r=jorendorff
14afa26b8ac77f45d7ea5d9bf52e52f09d8a13f9Ehsan Akhgari — Merge removal of nsnull
7211dc2af8112757f5029e33c927474269c6c83aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 626472 - Remove on last nsnull!
d3faac91b5756cbdc148698aa27a3f6c832283cdWilliam Lachance — Bug 782382 - Fix syntax error in devicemanagerSUT;r=jmaher
06a7377ac153d4e6df2792f000a0d05802f259c1Ed Morley — Backout 327d9e9efbf7 (bug 773760) for bustage
5bda15ef0b4c4433dc4dafd07d471f4b559f3c44Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 3: Tests for clicking _blank link from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
b9d4cc7af705429fc720c67dd232d9f16d971fd9Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 2: Modify nsPIWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJS (renamed to OpenWindow2) so we can pass in the URL for target=_blank links without navigating the opened window to that URL. r=bz
327d9e9efbf796b3bcaf16678cc6366a59840bb5Eric Wong — Bug 773760: Save privacy status of transferable during cross-process clipboard transfer. r=ehsan
59a5054c874c817658275d5b4bf654bfd2f80977Geoff Brown — Bug 774833 - Robocop: use finishOpenedActivities instead of finalize; r=jmaher
227c29b3c0eed6434284a12b44e9ea5611774177Gavin Sharp — Bug 782287: better delineate SocialService initialization code from provider loading, and lazy-load MozSocialAPI module only when needed, r=adw
22d3f22dd62e6255e998ce1a592c498caff9de27Dominik Oepen — Bug 774293 - Fix issues in devicemanager revealed by pyflakes;r=wlach
2955526619552bf8fae7cf0b0bae188705cfc4e2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 780906 - Add context menu items to start text selection in input fields. r=wesj
67d9cf5ea4552832697c3695841dd777a67e7bb5Jim Mathies — Bug 781977 - Add optional pressure and source parameters to nsIDOMWindowUtils's sendMouse methods, r=roc+smaug.
43a3646575541dcbdc7182d47897d1de62912a0bMark Capella — Bug 772272 - Remove do_load_httpd_js from xpcshell tests, Misc Folders, r=ted
7ffbeea756f23bf5ce109b48e5ed98c879bfadd9Mark Capella — Bug 772272 - Remove do_load_httpd_js from xpcshell tests, Toolkits, r=ted, f=gps
0e3bbc5048ee9620f021b52793471b69c17dd503Mark Capella — Bug 772272 - Remove do_load_httpd_js from xpcshell tests, Netwerk, r=ted
2bc119b6770961ebea622390b9626d0aebc14976Andrew McCreight — Bug 775424 - Make JSCompartmentParticipant vtable rodata. r=glandium
1d43c660759dfa2af6a02d0e66ead3e2fd3ab0a5Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
7f707cf325d53ea5d622b51550baff044649f010Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 780650 - Clean up dynamic dependencies from robocop on fennec. r=cpeterson
ac17d5c3d3701ed55580191b4b8acef62dc09e8bJon Coppeard — Bug 782318 - GC: Simplify compartment GC state r=billm
13d2ad44ba747fd47058082294b768b4ac72a556Jon Coppeard — Bug 782315 - GC: Cut out unnecessary work when not collecting atoms r=billm
59707ed19e48846651a27b53afbd308058024a4cMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 764213 - Provisional desktop UI for website sign-in with Persona. r=dolske
2d595c62abcb188f208ad7bf6703a882a826fbb6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 782232 - Fix more cases where bool is returned instead of nsresult; r=josh
a1cb80516a0061cc0e0e3312e93b6a2585689367Aryeh Gregor — Bug 780618 - Move all error codes to nsError.h; r=ehsan
4b92b8cf09669d4a91665abe589efb4dbea12d84Aryeh Gregor — Bug 780035 - Don't cache font-style as CSS; r=ehsan
4110062a8d78cf9d5a0407f381b6641ace9997abJacek Caban — Bug 782204 - Fixed osfileutils.cpp compilation on case sensitive OSes r=dteller
226e3ed31f87b75cfd174d4b75d95df4ef2dd5a9Jacek Caban — Bug 781773 - nsLocalFileWin.cpp clean up r=bbondy
a2f41b9ebdba28fbc70c003e9f3b470628a6bf6bJonathan Watt — Bug 782141 - Don't mix signed and unsigned variables in nsSVGFEMorphologyElement::Filter(), and clamp radii to 100000. r=roc.
ad77846165e301f5cd3f028147fab7b72230f1b4Jonathan Watt — Bug 780963 - Make UpdateOverflow() on filter primitive frames a no-op. r=roc.
8afba7332d77a36456d47c068dae6a443d1f5a61Blake Kaplan — Bug 780066 - Ensure that WifiManager's state is correct after shutting down. r=vchang DONTBUILD
16932b47500242c040db2e65fdef1c82aa38def6Chris Peterson — Backout a1c1113cdf3e (Bug 781274) to avoid user confusion over StrictMode screen flashing. a=me
fb2d41f41c15acda67d298774c9e315d9aeb1f16Aryeh Gregor — Bug 626472 part 3 - Remove nsnull for good; r=ehsan
d9183f015df867977de7d9eef4d23ec51d4a875bEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9e7c04aff0e6e07edb91f602a4899e2042721e52Chris Pearce — Bug 782517 - Make nsFrame:MakeFrameName() annotate an iframe's src. r=roc
d29b79c37f86cea741af162866002b26f72aada1Brian Hackett — Preserve types when swapping objects, bug 774953. r=dvander
4ddd9c731adc030c02d060c42e733f6dcb23943eDoug Sherk — Bug 781734: Implement pinch threshold; fingers need to move a bit before page zooms r=gal
c3e6b6733d25482ab049c54a1707e7235d806a34Doug Sherk — Bug 781734: Decrease axis lock angle r=gal
914c63df201eb9b49eb91bdc587a607b35ba8670Doug Sherk — Bug 781734: When flinging many times successively in one direction, accelerate them more and more r=gal
3b6115a8427c53933086b7db814b21e8da3ace4cDoug Sherk — Bug 781734: Greatly increase friction on flings, remove pseudo-kinetic vs. static friction distinction r=gal
086bac56bb0066b825f7e9b36f14a7c643d874aeDoug Sherk — Bug 781734: Detect very light touches and pan the page r=gal
bcac58cbf3280af21b0845639734a48e6b228167Chris Pearce — Bug 775965 - Ensure presentation persists across nsSubDocumentFrame reframes. r=roc
9c75f0428f8a36e9f164580a8e88e7f42eb3d6adChris Pearce — Bug 775965 - Make nsRootPresContext::mRegisteredPlugins a refptr hash table to the content object rather than weak refs to frames. r=roc
303b75594832450afb7f61821cc78e3e6d441d25Dão Gottwald — Bug 782043 - Get rid of the fullscreencontrol attribute. r=felipe
d1306b8d32424435b8ad1b94a6b435446b35430aSimon Montagu — Don't split inline ancestors of bidi frames if we don't have any child frames after the split. Bug 779003, r=roc
ada93768fd5b194856807bbdaf099bdafb5bbde7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 782487 - Remove traces of JSStaticAtom. r=billm.
af170b7f422b23daccc6d7fff30a34f3a54a604bChris Lord — Bug 782327 - Enable OMTC async video on Android. r=blassey
84f253d1174cc2185f3eb5acbf8a3be7544af8a9Chris Lord — Bug 782332 - Don't retain fixed-position tiles. r=bgirard
d7f2c4c8180472f998252b06d1e314f6002be0acTimothy Nikkel — Bug 781086. Accidentally misplaced argument meant we were getting the min size instead of the pref size causing scroll bars to appear where they shouldn't. r=roc
e81694fda5a98be1f2f7107f776ebdd3f55ae5a6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 765156 - Fix NPE from getHandler() returning null for a detached view. r=mfinkle
9fe1f9765d81433a6094138aa4dbaedeaae1a8aaChris Lord — Bug 777260 - Fix invalidations on transform items in container layers. r=roc
fcea5d24a1b430145728d209f45bc5f458e78eb7Chris Lord — Bug 777260 - Respect LAYER_ACTIVE_FORCE in ChildrenCanBeInactive. r=roc
636c283ed0edbafc9e1e1198a59123d69a4e2c83Will Nayes — Bug 781956 - Don't close the wizard when using advance(pageId) on the last page. r=enn
e025a4eadecaf74f87e46226437515f3ab64b4d7David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780499 - Companion testsuite. r=froydnj
033a6bdf9250421d132055b7f1fa12f6a4cd5ac4David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780499 - Rearrange setPosition constants. r=froydnj
625e7031ee593dd13793231fe85b6740b054f402David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771927 - Companion testsuite. r=froydnj
11372010763f6cbf31cb541e16013d0746056cd6David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 771927 - [OS.File] (de)serialize ArrayBuffer, C arrays, C pointers, Strings - Implementation. r=froydnj
ce89d8c06783090b1c42d15e9d3d23b73be8c0b6Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 767375 - B2G network manager: expose IP Information of network interfaces (implementation). r=philikon
fafcc046e839f0b428977849d7cc51fbf888c49dShian-Yow Wu — Bug 767375 - B2G network manager: expose IP Information of network interfaces (IDL). r=philikon
376a20e68396f0224fd1634b9b0d71af130dce08Alexander Boldyrev — Bug 738866 - Implement WEBGL_depth_texture extension - r=jgilbert
4b26b044d57d99dfbc21201ba116d1c1e9afcea6Kyle Machulis — Bug 781692: Always fire DOMRequests for Set functions in BluetoothAdapter
a80bf450ed280e1a32ca3374b3ccce7b3893a595Brian Hackett — Don't generate missing property ICs for non-native objects, bug 782146. r=luke
aeda05c44f523ac51aafdbc43f2c1eeeeafa8914Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 776906 - Remove unnecessary conversion of bitmap to PNG. r=blassey
4599d8ff535cc166a09c5e4ccf1ac2ad107f3074Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 776906 - Remove unused enum. r=blassey
82d357c6f409ac08b5427cfe86fbbbc8cff77d2fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 776906 - Fix thumbnails on Nexus 7. r=blassey
6615f5ae4ffde8b9717a2fb6778b9adb4327cec1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 781722 - Loosen over-tight assertion in JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain.
db19e7eb0ef5d7b1ec9b6a3bd04e34fe6067ebd1Nicholas Nethercote — No bug - Fix some JSString comments. r=luke, DONTBUILD because comment-only changes.
36a13b8669b5f5b0fcace4ce3297a5f767a23cfcEd Morley — Bug 782431 - Disable dom/imptests/editing/selecttest/* on Android for being permaorange
b441413e4c2d1aa73382f88909eb0ada247d76dfNicholas Cameron — Bug 781943. nullptr macro. r=joe
6e0d8fef7d781d053b5d0a2f8a90cd59e1cbe642Dão Gottwald — Bug 782375 - pageShowEventHandlers should check rather than event.originalTarget. r=gavin
2076b10db1df96e89254f3243ef906e2ad6879edDave Hylands — Bug 781978 - Automounter should initialize ums.mode to zero. r=gwagner
b24f11ad62b30f9f5defd49573dfd8e32f57a265Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 774471: Store source map URLs in the ScriptSource, not on each JSScript. r=jimb
6e12afd7b4bb39ec610c83a537e31dd88f9efb5eJustin Lebar — Bug 781320 - Part 4: Test that <iframe mozbrowser>'s name attribute is set when the iframe is created as a result of r=smaug
01ad2dc0e9bfdcad9ca2519468c41e7235f2d8e4Justin Lebar — Bug 781320 - Part 3: Set <iframe mozbrowser>'s name for iframes created via r=smaug
1cb5ff3b90b1303f4e9524a85a1e74ee29a0aea0Justin Lebar — Bug 781320 - Part 2: Tests for forwarding <iframe mozbrowser>'s name from parent to child. r=smaug
0b51cea790e129990d0b792077ee898ce56caaccJustin Lebar — Bug 781320 - Part 1: Sync iframe name down from parent to child in <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
e2e23255b6bf52669339e2d07444d7eef453846dJustin Lebar — Bug 780351 - Tests for ensuring that mozapp divides the window name namespace, but mozbrowser does not. r=smaug
815ab7dc9b1293c854f0973c7f6b150035d58964Justin Lebar — Bug 780351 - Don't let code in different apps access each others' windows. r=smaug
6c7ed23db4b2bbf222581c3a6411f42abf191b67Justin Lebar — Bug 780546 - Add test for opening named windows inside <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
c5779872c0f02a49a009aa6ec2dfcf2671e070e7Justin Lebar — Bug 780761 - Fix race condition in initialization of message manager for popups from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=smaug
46f73c07286e4b82d501c39e324131fb0892dcbdJustin Lebar — No bug - Tweak dom/browser-element/mochitest/ r=me DONTBUILD
bc02fa8b78492d490b00c1053a204b3212e4f18dNeil Deakin — Bug 391834, don't allow prompts in beforeunload, unload and pagehide events,r=smaug,patch mostly by gavin
a2b13e2f75ec20b9f4c1aa7177df06c9a17f37fdNeil Deakin — Bug 391834, rearrange some popup dialog code to be simpler,r=smaug,patch mostly by gavin
90c34346473d830522d31487093faa5a4e439fa7Dão Gottwald — Bug 782306 - Remove bogus web console panel styling. r=msucan
5c8970dae4138ec11283a4d543750e4bfc75ff14Dão Gottwald — Bug 782305 - webconsole.xul should not load browser.css. r=msucan
743d539a61e385f08d967b3370b8c14baab7b2e8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
538c9b7000378e398ad36e49ef0aecff9aae359fGeoff Brown — Bug 770461 - Robocop: improve diagnostics in testHistoryTab; r=jmaher
25949bac4b82e2425413c8b365816820c6931302L. David Baron — Update syncing directory location in README. (No bug, DONTBUILD)
d5639fb6025492c4ea7c65afdd38c4b893c35408Ed Morley — Bug 782328 - Disable dom/imptests/webapps/DOMCore/tests/approved/* on Android for being permaorange; r=Ms2ger
cdb3c9eb8070d10441fe2b8d21e913df0e37b67eEd Morley — Bug 782275 - Disable devicestorage tests on Android; r=dougt
bac11eca1505e57b24c7e1cfafef12b29bfe7644Jonathan Griffin — Bug 777842 - make Marionette Python2.6 compatible, r=dburns
762b97255eed8c0504ac5ef7a4dafdf9bbba502fEhsan Akhgari — Fix a spelling mistake in a comment (no bug, DONTBUILD)
65bc2e5b574f11c4f0aaf91e44ff0722bddc84ceBill McCloskey — Bug 781945 - Improve GC telemetry (r=mccr8)
356689768e3f9dcae8468e69d867ebdd239e9d50Justin Lebar — Bug 777135 - Part 3: Remove nsDOMWindowUtils::GetIsApp and friends. r=mounir
3a51e992d7f1abe56118bf639531f844fd86a659Justin Lebar — Bug 777135 - Part 2: Stop using nsDOMWindowUtils::GetIsApp and friends, and instead use the relevant methods on the principal. r=mounir
58910754c255a11719e55133def49c7ae6de3a5bJustin Lebar — Bug 777135 - Part 1: Add nice C++ version of nsIPrincipal::GetAppStatus. r=mounir
6eaf90901568b9d88d8193b5ddb8297aaf4e1d4dPaul Dagnelie — Bug 779006 - Display pid in xpchsell's check-interactive mode. r=ctalbert
3f3973091eb7e5e8dd60844a77b81aa48d65fba6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 782183 - Add some code to the robocop harness to dump all stack traces in case of hanging/deadlock. r=gbrown
823ee7ad34118677031d5b4b72e5dff8b7191d52Masayuki Nakano — Bug 659071 DoScrollZoom() should check if the event target is under XUL document rather than checking if it's XUL element r=smaug
22288130fea282b627888bedc84f2f7eb3c7cf71Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
84324c3237625035c72ea0a875b64559090e8b5bAndres Hernandez — Bug 625273 - Intermittent browser_tabview_bug587503.js | In the end, the group was showing a dropSpace - Got false, expected true r=ttaubert
274f20ffcc5d98d96e8cbe707ec08bd54e03d20eTim Taubert — Bug 753448 - Part 3 - Adapt tests for the new tab page; r=jaws
a5b58ae99ac9bdb6556ac2765f6534caf8c122d7Tim Taubert — Bug 753448 - Part 2 - Integrate the new tab preloader; r=jaws
c767ba96126f5b9efbd61d3aec3f13c6f172f3e5Tim Taubert — Bug 753448 - Part 1 - Add BrowserNewTabPreloader.jsm; r=gavin
9fcf6f5cb2c1182d0a903f0c2caf07f0606819efThaddee Tyl — Bug 779415 - The WebConsole autocompletion doesn't deal with non-objects (numbers, strings); r=msucan
320b8cd5c893d6482e102dc6a043bc40eae010aeBlair McBride — Bug 780121 - Expose internal Add-ons Manager objects in debug builds. r=Mossop
f360d7bf33dcfa0b7c4418e57ea07d8282412e09Blair McBride — Bug 772238 - NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST @ XPIProvider.jsm line 1932 when installing addons on B2G. r=Mossop
aa23416861c53f6fe8d847f7a08db4c3dac41dc7Blair McBride — Bug 779680 - about:neterror's GoOnline() should be invoked from events, not nsDOMWindowUtils. r=bz,dolske
22f6adf8685b7b8277b84eaafcce94d5a2369b08Matt Woodrow — Bug 782413: Only paint widgets that have a layer manager. r=cjones
75cdb3f932c629a06f811404fb1ff1322610a6beEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6627eca98f7e969920e40dea08696996970efcf6Ed Morley — Bug 782254 - Disable dom/imptests/webapps/DOMCore/tests/submissions/* on Android for being permaorange; r=Ms2ger
154fa794a1aa040bbd3e90943c3df2f2681e75a8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 782181 Remove unused method nsMouseWheelTransaction::IsAccelerationEnabled() r=smaug
292d68f4476fbf526e9e19ed56b964890593e385Mounir Lamouri — Bug 782227 - Add a todo() when there is no invalid form submission observer (content/ tests). r=Ms2ger
6a0b53d784651bfa841b791cd50bd91ccf5a1425Matt Woodrow — Bug 780868 - Only reuse MaskLayers on LayerManagers with the same backend type. r=nrc
9974441b02526a3e6049d5ef4c2cfb3f4fdaa6ffMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Add to pref to disable painting from the refresh driver. r=roc
1302dc0adcd596b51abd1d0b2b81362aabd715a3Matt Woodrow — Bug 781362 - Delay the start time of some SVG animation reftests to prevent intermittent failures. r=dholbert
5d8b73612d3371f04cf53bbc44e6839f1e43a399Matt Woodrow — Bug 733323 - Remove references to plugin surfaces when the plugin is destroyed. r=roc
9cd95fc416719fba071d78afef2b078d348a10fcMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 33 - Change test-overflow/single-value reftest to use MozReftestInvalidate. r=roc
4d0ae80a26bc322182415e56550f5b4c0274ddc6Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 32 - Change some SVG deferred animation tests to not require calling GetBaseValue. r=dholbert
e5877ec037e305c4215a27b1cec7eb0e273e23e5Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 31 - Call Azure canvas DidTransactionCallback even when painting from DrawWindow(). r=roc
278496852aca4e7175da2b5aab6f2939de41ab3cMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 30 - Make ShadowContainerLayerD3D10 hold references to child layers. r=roc
febfb5404b8202587119c079ee214af27e6015bfMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 16 - Revoke any pending ViewManager flushes when we do one (sometimes we get this called from Will Paint events). r=roc
0ad204385022dc9c34f91b5685e0d999c8101036Matt Woodrow — Bug 770000 - Call WillPaint and DidPaint from the refresh driver instead of the widget events. r=roc
6723b36d8bfa33c25a5802fe6ab280e9f5b1d40fMatt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 24 - Don't paint android widgets that aren't being composited, or at the front. r=roc
7261d1f3f42e0aefabae4ca252cf620872538c15Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 17 - Don't paint widgets that an invisible or empty bounds. r=roc
9f1ef3d37558ca28b4ca2d0f66ffafb09a2f1aa8Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 13 - Only repaint widgets that have had changes since the last paint. r=roc
0f615af9a607efd81f2a839186386f05d0f4fb72Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 8b - Move painting of retained layers to the view manager flush, and only composite on the paint event. r=roc
13d19788ad1db087470cd292e464fb1577347ef3Matt Woodrow — Bug 539356 - Part 8a - Add END_NO_COMPOSITE to EndTransactionFlags and implement in for all LayerManagers. r=roc
ed614ea130c098a974f055d84913d4b92d7937b8EKR — Bug 769930 - Split PSM and NSS builds so that we can build NSS early; original patch by glandium. r=khuey
99e4bca05805f2235ede1a12c5365ebc464c7e2dMakoto Kato — Bug 781479 - Remove unused Tru64 and QNX rules. r=khuey
9e0799cf10964d4060c3b3e9e90c13207ccc3dc7Phil Ringnalda — Bug 782167 - Downgrade MOZ_ASSERT(win->IsClosedOrClosing()) to an NS_ASSERTION until it stops happening so often, r=khuey
94e4dbce3b94147d06e80b336773a7e68bbdce44Robert O'Callahan — Bug 780345. Use a heuristic to reduce the scroll-port height by the height of fixed-position headers and footers when scrolling the viewport vertically by pages. r=tnikkel
f4e247827babf3a9af03d600290dc0272f66ceddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 691651. When an element changes between having a transform and not having one, don't reframe if we don't need to. r=dbaron
2d6fd808c2b072736a0ae452cf87acedf80c9c4aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 383026. Centralize code that converts DOM scroll offsets to/from layout scroll positions. r=dbaron
3954cda5b9ef0d8bbebfc6a0182667aadfe95fa8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772726. Part 3: Optimize DrawTargetD2D::GetClippedGeometry for the case where all clips are rectangles, to work around a D2D geometry-intersection bug. r=bas
b753e1dce89f2d569bcd452285514729bbe401d2Phil Ringnalda — Back out d093de44e850 (bug 774953) for test_postMessage_chrome.html timeouts
f111e43bc076331456c5aa3ae68b557d58c5afb1Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 781353 - Hook up "power" to Permission Manager. r=jlebar
4b7f0b17d69528e12bc7c73de101a42c85076ae2Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 777899 - speakerphone toggles off on answer call. r=philikon
e4b0e60b6bca07bacd86443011b5a0a87d5668a6Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 781756 - B2G RIL: no GECKO_MOBILE_CONNECTION_STATE_UNKNOWN. r=philikon
d093de44e8509a4ae394665e29af06b16fade56bBrian Hackett — Preserve types when swapping objects, bug 774953. r=dvander
454e12a2460fdead7805cf496e33ec93ca9148d8Brian Hackett — Add various autorooting, bug 772303. r=terrence
ee73e7a89076deb0d85b9b52d6b19411e1091e5fvliu — Bug 777123 - B2G RIL: move quirk detection to config/build time. r=philikon
c14e2d5f17de87fefd570085152f394ebc59a3e0Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
ea4dc0320767872f8e6512deb79244f3eeac60edGregory Szorc — Bug 618233 - Re-disable test_jpakeclient.js on Windows for oranges; r=rnewman
f9452e60f4ad02bcb2a3cc0241149cd84bf03e0aGregory Szorc — Bug 781307 - Remove rules from services/'s; r=glandium
af422959e662dfa1fddb8bc42cf64153df3ac8deGregory Szorc — Bug 759487 - Refactor services/sync/; r=glandium
164ba0314872a98d8ed6ec506833968ef29ee1c8Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
bea63e23a073055a7cc8459b461c5386d1142aefGregory Szorc — Bug 618233 - Enable test_jpakeclient.js on Windows; r=rnewman
e1c2f8982a9dbed2f5d26b673041a20627efd4c9Gregory Szorc — Bug 781348 - Style improvements to service.js; r=rnewman
f89feda9d99743dbae5fef2cacd8ae46b5a78e6fAryeh Gregor — Bug 751554 part 5 - Rename OperationID to EditAction; r=ehsan
038266727ddc37a3573aa535ab3892f04ffb6229Gavin Sharp — Bug 781386 followup: fix forgotten review nit (reset pref that this test sets on test end)
245a6349b1c19bf763692181a030c320a3314614Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
23e85147b822e95ca8fabd0e62a114555cbe111aAlexandros Chronopoulos — Bug 748144 - Support multichannel Opus files. r=rillian
241a91038e8c2aa3b0c625b0057a3a27153d8d37David Keeler — Bug 741130 - Attach XBL bindings for html:objects in nsElementSH::PostCreate. r=bz, r=jwein
df8bdd5813f0018f4e49d8fda10bff543f9b3e44Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 fix bustage r=no
9d086534903aefa26ae7d1421b9677161dac7d98Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
a9be0ad3321f4e4ab9c6466886e7b392c05bb2b0Scott Johnson — Bug 777089: Add preference to control the function used to map specified font sizes to inflated font sizes. [r=dbaron]
506e4d2a9c0250914639a3361a4b7faee67a1a4aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 734496 - Don't apply resistance to pinch zoom unless an axis is in overscroll on both sides. r=Cwiiis
eac51122b5aad1317e7afa58af566a0729151d4fMs2ger — Backout changeset c77acb256aec for failing to work.
1022af7974c986510eeaae7de4c85cb220fd7687Edmund Wong — Bug 774584 - Remove $(shell) from browser/locales/ r=glandium
14e988e17b792ef5f50feb9aa96dbf9d71052215Honza Bambas — Bug 215450: Allow uploading of files greater than 2gb in size. Involves making input streams 64-bit capable. Significant work done by Makoto Kato, finished by Honza Bambas. r=hbambas,bsmedberg,jdrew,sicking
7f3d9cf9b3a1d17d6c0de62450408466fd7123f4Phil Ringnalda — Backout dcb9d2f694eb (bug 769254) for Windows test_resize_move_windows.html M3 failures
30d68a18f9338a70d4e1f5db0c2374b542e501e7Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 780009: Update NSS to NSS_3_13_6_RTM. Note that this overwrites
e89e79c1560b1ac0162d4c8cc09614be283049f9Alex Crichton — Bug 778979 - Part 5: Expose the line number in the JSON output of SPS. r=ehsan
fa3f3fd7e19037dfd47e589c5c5abbe8d54f0289Alex Crichton — Bug 778979 - Part 4: Provide an ip => pc translation mechanism for currently running JIT code. r=bhackett
519084424637af798ebadf21527cdbe4e3315349Alex Crichton — Bug 778979 - Part 3: Track the line number in the JS engine for SPS profiling. r=bhackett
6b1ab2486190cc531a7da42e514878e15aa284a5Alex Crichton — Bug 778979 - Part 2: Change SPS's StackEntry to inherit from js::ProfileEntry and add a line number. r=ehsan
985ce4db863510f14035f149d1b6ab7f81af6d66Alex Crichton — Bug 778979 - Part 1: Change the meaning of enableSPSProfilingAssertions and actually turn on the assertions. r=bhackett
9be47a089c6acf80ef54aa3f791637f37f31329bKyle Huey — Bug 781700: Revert test changes.
8ed0328cfa9e409f993ce9101a2403b9fbe1adaeRob Wood — Bug 781548 - Add WebAPI tess for resuming held calls, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
7084761aa77b6f7cb7f4a564ba50a031db9c1847Geoff Brown — Bug 764901 - Robocop: make testPasswordEncrypt more robust; r=jmaher
90a3045cda15020bacc13d8adf805f4091e09e09Bill McCloskey — Bug 762580 - Fix bogus pageload responsiveness regression (r=mccr8)
664ce0cf6f6c58fe7add8d951394fdb464abf8e6Gregor Wagner — Bug 781929 - Fix SpecialPowers.addPermission typo. r=bent
20299820ca666d39aa692e96d9130d1cde1bc406Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 781676 - Fix possible NPE from a null mTouchEventHandler. r=sriram
683e8441bb24992217183638cc79772f37c2aeb3Andrew Quartey — Bug 762897 - Implement UIA_AriaPropertiesPropertyId r=tbsaunde
edb166cc85b98b9c1e48b2bfe453ea29046beda8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 781646 - Windows widget AudioSession::Start should not fail if COM is already initialized. r=jimm
62346f5a2fc618d63fd89379e7dbbc6bb37f79f7Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 770490 - Infrastructure to run reftests on B2G, r=jgriffin
a3f1d6668fcbdc49fc4251aec5446314bf177c01David Burns — Bug 757069: add the ability to get session data out of the browser; r=jgriffin
a51e6cb9533998594fa2ea5fad0ffb10764ba8afDão Gottwald — Bug 661858 - Style tab-modal prompts with system colors. r=dolske
75ee06f5d6e1601b00cb49587fb3aebee63ced23David Zbarsky — Fix virtual destructor warning, no bug, blanket r=bz
86660d9e93b931bd43ae7d624ee96e9e1d74b9b8Kyle Huey — Bug 781700: Disable failing test in xpcshell.
a0dc2d401d71f91f6234b5efef63386736021f1dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 773842 - Fix build warnings under content/ r=mounir
1967d96747a83976ff8d2c1371c365c91e59e092Chris Peterson — Bug 781020 - Remove IME's composing spans when Gecko resets the composition state. r=blassey
9676734d2960eef7fd19bbe28f35b05810b31126Justin Wood — Bug 781735 - SUTAgent should not die if it can't create a file on the sdcard. r=jmaher DONTBUILD since its NPOT-on-change-Builds
6c46136790a172457e96723ab8b362bd933b79f7Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 10: Make all event registration go through EventDispatcher. r=blassey
fc6ca832818010364045abe7ddd18f567ff11208Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 9: Use EventDispatcher to remove ui dependency on GeckoAppShell event registration. r=blassey
db477a55f1cc7ddc4edc97968e33be5372b3a1dfChris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 8: Add EventDispatcher to remove gfx dependency on GeckoAppShell event registration. r=blassey
cefb4ae9e7d5aa7622df9577c1914b3592c4654dJonathan Griffin — Bug 781711 - Make mochitest manifests work properly with both runtests and excludetests, r=jmaher
c7af21dd3f06b88323bd17fc3dbc16b7ce1b79e5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 780272 - Audit calls to MozillaUnRegisterDebugFD. r=jlebar.
f2591f1d1fa05fdc5e4b1d6af38cc9e7f0047c5aEd Morley — Bug 781837 - Disable dom/imptests/webapps/WebStorage/tests/submissions/* on Android for being permaorange; r=jmaher
5761e34e5247d945e01cd68a023d0bbb57a39f5eKyle Huey — Bug 781700: Don't hold strong references to databases from the synchronization queue, so that GCing a database will unblock waiting operations. r=bent
7266ce1abf6bb6d787cad9226ddd073b46ebb9bfKyle Huey — Bug 758125: Don't rely on the order of the timeout array to discard expired timeouts. Check explicitly instead. r=bent
ccbcf343832831f877f200847317cf6017b2bb25Joe Drew — Bug 773097 - Don't create our surface from GetCanvasLayer. It's called while painting, and doing so will destroy the layer manager that we're painting with. r=roc,mattwoodrow
aaa7993df9f63045e3e42bce954db0f259559914David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 770215 - [OS.File] Utilities for strings - Tests for Unicode conversion. r=froydnj
f096ccec3bb48b09ff34f44d35c6db1a0a94baaeDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 770215 - [OS.File] Utilities for strings - Companion makefile. r=yoric
fda9d490e0063f34946c8eff3281efc030b3496fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 770215 - [OS.File] Utilities for strings - Expose native code to JS. r=froydnj
dccf9af0230e209769efe2de355dc817a79024d1David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 770215 - [OS.File] Utilities for strings - Native code. r=froydnj
75023a9d0da5ba51551a6678a414bdb9473a71a3Nicolas Silva — Bug 773469 - Remove unnecessary layer transactions when using async-video. r=roc
dcb9d2f694eb427249af0f8f5b55a3e274b9c251Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 3: Tests for clicking _blank link from <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
22d637d39566f1da3fb83543aa6ea3a7152eed60Justin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 2: Modify nsPIWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJS (renamed to OpenWindow2) so we can pass in the URL for target=_blank links without navigating the opened window to that URL. r=bz
b3b06948b953d58f53ccd1f05dba37849e1d678cArjun — Bug 780553: Fix error caused by merge of previous patch; r=anant
343e745e40166cbe5ff5e990bc8fbff6109a8d5bFrédéric Wang — Bug 781494 - Remove dead code from nsGlyphTable::ElementAt. r=karlt
54568120778aabb3757c2425a4e1134165df092bFrédéric Wang — Bug 781494 - Change line length in nsMathMLChar to be 80 characters or less. r=karlt
8a43488f1543c91e1f2d886087436b5e0e58d6b8Frédéric Wang — Bug 781494 - Remove dead code from nsMathMLChar. r=karlt
115bed385a7759eeaf04399df1b2dbe893f13f96Jan Beich — Bug 781457 - Define _GNU_SOURCE for _Unwind_Backtrace. r=dbaron
79e57b09177b08cca965c3b4ae3147904f76b52dTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 781338 - .mkdir.done file should not be bundled with final package and omnijar archive. r=mhommey
38190b5c8d2940864e5cac50b7553c2aea269b58Raphael Catolino — Bug 780857 - Enable the pref to use the experimental forms by default in b2g r=mounir
b2cb5e0b65258930d5d76eb0c7ee5df988bd88ccChenxia Liu — Bug 775360 - "Show me how" link should not launch Browser Intents page. r=rnewman
4483bada42be4fcfaea908912d7c7861109a10a1Ed Morley — Bug 781789 - Disable dom/devicestorage/test/test_stat.html on Android for being permaorange; r=jmaher
3bead0b0dd75a0ac24fd69936dcf4ee5bebd0fd5Ed Morley — Backout 5d77941eba28 (bug 772726), df597d36bcbb (bug 383026), c9c7e1b9aed9 (bug 779399) for failures in meter-native-style.html
440c8b75f1ce3f39697f347379874231be666bdcBobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Tests. r=ejpbruel
a014e9ee1ed5afda80d5d2809a12f0ba01622c15Bobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Add a wrapWithProto function to the shell. r=ejpbruel
5159ce49551c9dd12135d996d3557cf22458a422Bobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Add simple withPrototype versions of DirectWrapper and CrossCompartmentWrapper. r=ejpbruel
b591dd65cc5deb5439e2130f2c1af2b9f5bbeadaBobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Add prototype suppport in Proxy::foo implementations. r=ejpbruel
087ae309f7ddbd24c7b99cde3e93124d9c92ba2fBobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Add AutoVectorRooter.append(AutoVectorRooter). r=luke
595868a946747e504eef032e4f260e368b9d05c5Bobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Add optional getPrototypeOf trap. r=ejpbruel
4c02e5467a98b12116ba7f293fa0b56c6469762bBobby Holley — Bug 778085 - Use the Handle API in a few more places in Proxy. r=efaust
3d93599ccd6b0fe40e26f545027bd9ccc6c3840fRobert O'Callahan — Backing out f89374c446c2 for build bustage (bug 691591)
5d77941eba281fe5ced799d78e5f65367227f133Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772726. Part 3: Optimize DrawTargetD2D::GetClippedGeometry for the case where all clips are rectangles, to work around a D2D geometry-intersection bug. r=bas
df597d36bcbb0766b9a03553330b99bb5e5af5eaRobert O'Callahan — Bug 383026. Centralize code that converts DOM scroll offsets to/from layout scroll positions. r=dbaron
f89374c446c2a8ae3198ec43738deb9d8fb30ac4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 691651. When an element changes between having a transform and not having one, don't reframe if we don't need to. r=dbaron
c9c7e1b9aed91d45ee87a3a41fa9eeca4369e502Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779399. Scale gradient cell to exactly fill snapped rect. r=jrmuizel
357de24b8abc1762ee1d793c3738893bba716bb5Jonathan Kew — bug 769303 - precompute intrinsic width of floats. r=roc
60f0b304f8c646cd1475fa510ec1d3546f3fca4aCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 39: Get bounding boxes of SVG text using new text frames correctly. r=jwatt
eb0d0666b2bf90b6305205932dbbb9a52497b6c6Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 30: Allow PathExtentsToMaxStrokeExtents to work with nsTextFrames. r=jwatt
d65dc56b72430bc82ccb32699207504078c031a8Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 1: Move some path drawing functions from nsSVGGeometryFrame to nsSVGUtils. r=jwatt
92ca5b751abfdb1245f4208c7d2f306ec7994bd3Nicolas Silva — Bug 776957 - Use OpenDescriptorForDirectTexturing when available in CanvasLayerOGL to avoid useless texture upload. r=cjones
c47012dda861396a455ee503844a5bee183be354Chris Double — Bug 759945 - Part 6: Respect media.plugins.enabled preference - r=cpearce
46972b7d90c33422f230cd8d0443d9d52b3942ddChris Double — Bug 759945 - Part 5: Fix build errors on B2g -- r=cpearce
5ab960f1879e9cd269269bbd175159dd6b4bf10fChris Double — Bug 759945 - Part 4: MP4 test file - r=cpearce
b3da99fa97204159bd98684b6dd0cc7d1ab0376dChris Double — Bug 759945 - Part 3: Android OS headers and stub files for software decoding using libstagefright on Android - r=cpearce
4676db63406f1888b7509cdea6b072f9ae2b9119Chris Double — Bug 759945 - Part 2: Android package changes for software decoding using libstagefright on Android - r=mark.finkle
26f6849a88c783aec903f7e7c8a4f818a464d043Chris Double — Bug 759945 - Part 1: Build changes for software decoding using libstagefright on Android - r=khuey
46a012b16d3d4e347ccd0a8202d19f80641b9bb7Chris Lord — Bug 779269 - Implement a TryMerge method for nsDisplayFixedPosition. r=roc
4e0f55796e6f393de15b309e1361545da56ff824Bobby Holley — Bug 776328 - Only create holders for WNs. r=mrbkap
0707699ac5495b6ec715ecb48b239e78daf2edffChris Double — Backup bug 775319 due to audio issues on android and b2g
a1659b2b5ac0fd1c3b7c50f763baa9e0db5dceddChris Double — Backed out changeset dcb9299974a0 due to audio issues on android and b2g
b32dbbd0df6fd99b07b36585984b96b4e9641ef6Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 24: Add UA style sheet rule to inherit unicode-bidi on <text> to its anonymous block child. r=jwatt
83eeedda95c20ed9b868befd746a74ba9b1b9b9dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.18 Clean up legacy mouse scroll event r=smaug
07819a70a6a5361549855a667f31a055223a2f86Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.17 Replace legacy mouse scroll event dispatchers with D3E wheel event dispatcher on nsWidgetUtils r=smaug
99f8bbe053e29c1b9f4b4cb52e1c8b5438678560Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.16 Replace legacy mouse scroll event dispatchers with D3E wheel event dispatcher on OS/2 r=daveryeo
208dc5fa121ba556d98f3bceb5743b631b28572fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.15 Replace legacy mouse scroll event dispatchers with D3E wheel event dispatcher on Qt r=karlt
a43a1923cceaffe70f6b4e78621bad62cd22784cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.14 Replace legacy mouse scroll event dispatchers with D3E wheel event dispatcher on Cocoa r=smaug+smichaud
e9a626db6c6916ec64c2192f5aa865189a0ff5e2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.13 Replace legacy mouse scroll event dispatchers with D3E wheel event dispatcher on GTK r=karlt
4dd145ea74d2f82ed7608555b5381fecd467acbeMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.12 Replace legacy mouse scroll event dispatchers with D3E wheel event dispatcher on Windows r=smaug+jimm
738efdde4d4ce9db56e60d7ed1b867c63691b7f7Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.11 Fix new test failures r=smaug
e978181b5940a257b2c1cc01a38801544423eac9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.10 Add new tests and remove tests for old ESM's legacy mouse scroll event handler r=smaug
70f1befd3216f9d8083259a126971b387e260e1aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.9 Implement nsIDOMWindowUtils::sendWheelEvent() for tests r=smaug, sr=jst
9f71b2d92ca524922975d4790710de8daa7bab4dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-11 Cancel applying delta multipliers from overflowDelta r=smaug
baeed7c057867218e5311b47e39d673520d1e278Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-10 Remove the code handling legacy mouse events in layout r=smaug
db912be9bc19cd1fa19664a29651fa307225b6b2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-9 Handle WheelEvent.deltaZ in ESM r=smaug
c648f9903e5893638281098a3d370d5e8f58ef13Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-8 widget should be able to speicify the scroll type r=smaug
b9472dc9837c337f85b48e2ef465088516edea20Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-7 Implement the other default actions of WheelEvent r=smaug
842d2eaa63bc6b4f7367c150dc6da2a6291c7de5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-6 Init lineOrPageDeltaX and lineOrPageDeltaY from accumulated delta values if the wheel event is caused by pixel scroll only device or the delta values have been modified with prefs r=smaug
8a59a17c195cfa909b7f675305ecbf6a84761370Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-5 Dispatch legacy mouse scroll events before dispatching wheel event into system group if the wheel event isn't consumed r=smaug
81a0791331da3de07aa4c5a500d14ed26e24ab7fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-4 Implement D3E WheelEvent handler for scroll r=smaug
745475f156d26e02f8b32c548cea1973c9e7ccaaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-3 Redesign nsMouseWheelTransaction for D3E WheelEvent r=smaug
f8dc49fed3524220d8b05558e855afaaa97707ebMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-2 GetScrollAmount() should return both width and height for oblique wheel event r=smaug
28a9293fb8726004fda36f316a40ec1a6ee32c44Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.8-1 Drop legacy mouse scroll events from IPC r=smaug
2d5c36f4d6dbf1fbd4d6690ec0c64c4b76f238f9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.7 Drop NS_QUERY_SCROLL_TARGET_INFO handler from ESM r=smaug
9953c53532ab359315d8c4435ce2e3453bb5c979Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.6 Separate pixel delta value accumulation code r=smaug
6a4cc533c88b22ce02d7d8d5359d339adad35d5eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.5 Redesign mouse wheel action prefs r=smaug
863b63c60cdb71467f080a57c67ff2206903b6d2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.4 Remove mousewheel.*.*numlines and add mousewheel.*.delta_multiplier_* r=smaug
514cd0d4702ed5a55eeb0dfd3ca1752ec643ee15Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.3 Use ComputeScrollTarget() for deciding detail value of legacy mouse scroll events r=smaug
d1f62bfbc5e4772f2b4ab621e2266af102e3c287Masayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.2 Separate code for deciding scroll target from nsEventStateManager::DoScrollText() r=smaug
61d8207c4fa3b31c9823661980daa47136ebf8ebMasayuki Nakano — Bug 719320 part.1 Add DOM3 WheelEvent r=smaug, sr=jst
28aa0856c08eed1bb26eeb0571120b01075d8976ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave40
b5ae446888f54480e2d20e59dc1b8723799a5cbbBrian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Part 6: Remove article generator function in Readability.js. r=lucasr
04f2152643e64832f151ade90420670a039ebbb9Brian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Part 5: Move Readability parsing to a web worker. r=lucasr
b5efa2cc01f50b514768a011c53905c0447d5093Brian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Part 4: Remove XPCOM-related code from Readability.js. r=lucasr,mfinkle
e89419a3b021c4daebbbc8ff93c562bdf2d1e51fBrian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Part 3: Update Readability.js to be compatible with JSDOMParser. r=lucasr
4ed72e80519c682799d4fe784a784afcdffdee15Brian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Part 2: Replace Reader checks with full parses. r=lucasr
c2b13e9506a08e6c9c514b1f8ed512e0f12c5383Brian Nicholson — Bug 779796 - Part 1: Implement JSDOMParser. r=lucasr,mfinkle
0b15ba8e56bbe28354a07c8d35032bf1835a8052Yoshi Huang — Bug 780825 - Part 2: xpcshell tests. r=vicamo
343d99c84db282a2ef449cb62dfbb4bd01510d91Yoshi Huang — Bug 780825 - Part 1: Read 0x81 and 0x82 UCS2 String on UICC. r=vicamo
8405e424a35177ec080f12f49ab37833d8d32a30Yoshi Huang — Bug 779885 - Part 2: xpcshell tests. r=vicamo
461d2a2a5b88a7017fd0053406cd8ad0eab2cb53Yoshi Huang — Bug 779885 - Part 1: Revised readAlphaIdentifier. r=vicamo
4a08177931d26928812755c21b86fa195a388568Dave Hylands — Bug 777259 - Launch VolumeService earlier to prevent races on retrieving Volume information
51739311572b99d02ec2103bdfbcb32b3a1d6d6bSimon Montagu — Bug 562169. Add support for :dir(ltr/rtl) CSS selector, content part, r=bz
407bce2f4e97029b61c02d9ef46f471dd3c9f9c2Simon Montagu — Bug 562169. Add support for :dir(ltr/rtl) CSS selector, layout/style part, r=bz
3dde6600c45fd285673dbd9ebf4d2c8f20e47c80Simon Montagu — Tests for dir(ltr/rtl) CSS selector. bug 562169, r=bz
4f31d157cf6b0019745b02e9140ce32fd79f90e3Eric Chou — Bug 758504 - Final: patch 2: Implement function to remove reserved services. r=qdot
c5459232d867b9ad31533d492dcf9f72d2d35a05Eric Chou — Bug 758504 - Final: patch1: Implement function to add reserved services. r=qdot
8d17980dc06db238ca9c6f72ab34c31d72807331Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
249175dc7f8ae3456e46444367ed9b8068094de7Benoit Jacob — Bug 777028 - WebGL: allow only 16 samplers per program on Mesa - r=jgilbert
a1c1113cdf3e8c8ecd61154f33a5dfb8c53fe45fChris Peterson — Bug 781274 - Enable StrictMode's red screen flashing on unofficial builds. r=blassey
8fbaea0f82e853da8605241f6b3fb01c251c9d20Chris Peterson — Bug 781038 - Part 2: Extract setSpan() and setSelection() boilerplate into a convenience method. r=blassey
3422d26da179120af0165b13418fb53775ebb57bChris Peterson — Bug 781038 - Part 1: Span and select the Editable's actual length. r=blassey
ded8626838cbd867d30df9f43504da458d1f3effChris Peterson — Bug 780191 - Commit composition string before sending autocomplete text event. r=blassey
e00d93c8fefc430d97be319b9ac91316ce15cad6Benjamin Peterson — Bug 781009 - Make CompileOptions constructor explicit. r=jimb
a3c509c4d315791bda54ead833dd45ccbf77dd15Benjamin Peterson — Bug 781403 - Remove weird, old performance tests. r=dmandelin
6b656b2c10373d17c6577b6cb1dc7434f9015001Kyle Huey — Bug 775206. r=bent
05ccb3544dc845af9c4e9d792de07bb04d38d1f7Patrick McManus — bug 780522 invalid port handling test case r=honzab
1d635991a241a4f42037e329da4ea735392df0a7Patrick McManus — bug 780522 - stack overflow port out of range part 2/2 r=honzab
a15c1d9a449096b1e2a579643b1ae59c1a1c93a9Patrick McManus — bug 780522 - stack overflow port out of range part 1/2 r=honzab
296192b98fa218e848e152286d6d4fd495702c63Gregor Wagner — Bug 779794 - navigator.mozContacts.getSimContacts() should return an array of mozContact elements. r=fabrice
b6e70e92f758699092cd0e914feb240f2875d485Gavin Sharp — Bug 781386: add pref to avoid loading built-in providers during test runs, r=markh/mixedpuppy
a461b5f53b201af25c7d4f5dab2c59404581052bMark Hammond — Bug 775779 - don't skip social tests in debug build. r=gavin
bb4c98f406c07de789d7932b8c3740ae5b256104Luke Wagner — Bug 780288 - Fix bugs in js shell Help native (r=billm)
c638bcfd56bc86c7c78f62435b0770d847b529a0OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 771818 - Using WeakMap to store popup notification object. r=MattN
97b33baf71b17b6a1cc2bcbd5fd5309311e65986Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 773485 - Update identity Makefiles to use MOCHITEST_FILES. r=glandium
14c4b37f9a0ef49f8e7b708272033978ca29c8c3Benjamin Peterson — No bug - hot fix for android build bustage r=me
ef06eb15d5208fe3b2b8b90f9d040dfb7af09c85Doug Turner — Bug 777088 - device Storage - file stat API. r=bent
3664e5ab11b3981c3eb76cfe60438e64e8a22b93Doug Turner — Bug 773798 - Multi-process support for MediaStorage - Use PBlob. r=bent
cc583bf8519cc620daf6f957d74b8bd8dfcf074fDoug Turner — Bug 780691 - DeviceStorage - Add onchange notifications for volume state changes. r=sicking
5334f92a9f343b3f30f86f1fc4a29b76a4b1cc6cDave Hylands — Bug 780693 - IPC VolumeManager on Gonk. r=bent
4e150530c925a6b2143f82e9c0e81b7425e665d9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
87b84230f0eea6ca6ec2a9389dee355409b3df80Chris AtLee — Bug 776185: use the buildid based on MOZ_BUILD_DATE for ANDROID_VERSION_CODE r=mfinkle
88160f960ef8bcb86c09a5390ebe96a16005d1cdArjun — Bug 780553 - Validate media type parameters for getUserMedia [r=anant]
ccf302e93ca4e9ba38b3b797ad96f4199ea2cb19Jan Beich — Bug 781474 - Don't try to use FP_X_DNML on FreeBSD non-x86. r=bz
9808b7c10bc73097b2bfddb18e0b9645d9ad6e4aPavel Zaichenkov — Bug 745251 - Implement --jitflags argument for r=terrence
08631f0a9b1d617dbff065138ea6475ff037f6caJohn Schoenick — Bug 334288 - Use early returns in nsObjectLoadingContent::IsSupportedDocument. r=bz
c20b340b192223d91e715cd237545439f20d8d47John Schoenick — Bug 764480 - Don't try to instantiate plugins while not bound to tree. r=josh
2689e1c1883c0cafa31100c058066f01d225c218Margaret Leibovic — Bug 781143 - Add mDoorHangerPopup null check in GeckoApp.onBackPressed. r=wesj
afc4105801f9e57967e26ee663609cf15966c679Margaret Leibovic — Bug 730039 - Persist Fenenc's open tabs in TabsProvider. r=rnewman
cee342fc2c0d70ade9a6ac353b16943f4a80e128David Burns — Bug 781050: Change equals() to __eq__() to be more idiomatic for python r=jgriffin
7ba91b3e9f38f3662f3e2f6f31c2fb36be29dde6Wes Johnston — Bug 757680 - Add a pref to turn off event coalescing. r=kats
62f8e90be342294ff40d91fa66c38c9a322d7d28Wes Johnston — Bug 779490 - Remove code to handle UTF8 App names. r=mfinkle
d88a0fac0cc9cb707e2cb54b18eb0a0a2cbd3ca0David Burns — Bug 738408: Adding the ability to get the page source; r=jgriffin
5976c3d86e7533d5499126e3b28a70ac5346c576Nicholas Cameron — Bug 781056; remove extraneous save/restores from DrawTargetCairo. r=bas
2730ef5ea1d0ea88a61617cc024a31cb66cacd49Nicholas Cameron — Bug 773460. Pref on Azure/Cairo for Android. r=joe
c25027433c158c884f9c65f6218ab716c75da6e5Nicholas Cameron — Bug 773460; IsLinux should be false for Android. r=roc
2b8724983551eda42a3a15810bfbab4f06108cbbDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 772187 - OS.Type refactoring (Unix-specific). r=froydnj
12896d95f76708689698e63e3505af419e4860c5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 772187 - OS.Type refactoring (Windows-specific). r=froydnj
3aaa1600c3228976b696f75f886b5d871ce230d8David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 772187 - OS.Type refactoring (shared code). r=froydnj
5784d6ac4c5e28e8aab48d4107174eab157cb51cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b90a734c9336959bdb208301c1a408dfd1c91100Bill McCloskey — Bug 770713 - Fix PC adjustment in JSOP_RETSUB (r=bhackett)
cf8b707ee6dff0377faee0d62061813570a7045fBill McCloskey — Bug 777693 - Initialize values before rooting in JSD (r=terrence)
475b2318e1825c2b35c188b42274c9cfceabce7aBill McCloskey — Bug 780027 - Initialize AutoIdVector before use (r=terrence)
604554b4a1df5fae1b4c71923cad2705b703fe47Terrence Cole — Bug 781445 - Remove a python 2.7 only function from; r=benjamin
8b8c307c955c5b870f8463ed05cd45d405ef4148Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 765156: NPE in Property Animator's invalidate(). [r=mfinkle]
a96d79dd9d2c629974eda8949f5ea69ae16dc589Gregor Wagner — Bug 780707 - Contacts API: support prompting. r=dougt
10237eeb36c43106e62ff36967dd9a12d0b3b519Terrence Cole — Bug 780309 - Move atom methods into js namespace; r=luke
b6319530d74cc3762a1c861a32becbcfde6fbcafNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780274 - Remove & Invalidate pending compilation when sweeping. r=bhackett
61037dd2fc684dc1fd8749ac5a97d9312bc4a1d6Bill McCloskey — Bug 780653 - Make CellIter work during incremental sweeping (r=jonco)
7ea7620b372814217296ebd855381e3291a234bbBrian Nicholson — Bug 780713 - Disable reader mode logging by default. r=lucasr
8e5ce6580352eb57ecc8a765a22f4c78daf565c3Brian Nicholson — Bug 717428 - Part 2: Add missing breaks in database upgrade logic. r=lucasr
ab946a12992a45b05fe625cd0af367b47a5b4331Brian Nicholson — Bug 717428 - Part 1: Remove AndroidBrowserDB. r=lucasr
704e0a2a1a90b0f631dcb17ab51a5f0b40a6b300Brian Nicholson — Bug 777966 - Replace regex <br> matching with replaceBrs(). r=lucasr
3b655b3c008ccbe04dce91b73d97e88bcc9a3082Gregor Wagner — Bug 781297 - Remove addPermissions from shell.js. r=fabrice
e8e5b353ca9cd7f655cfa640d0266a615480d4ccValentin Gosu — Bug 781399: Fix warnings in networking code. r=jduell
35451c7292baffccbc520298962a3288a0d7eb8eMarco Zehe — Bug 779448 - add contentDescription to the Go button, r=blassey
08e0e3b95f03ad78cb3eb1e7cd00b918838cdad3Edmund Wong — Bug 778035 - Add extra else block to set CC/CXX for systems that don't have clang installed. (m-c) r=ted
9efc7b150f4178452d9f159bcbe2b0cda1979362Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
2adcd343440494c5acf39d548ede7b47e2caab2eBenoit Jacob — Bug 781545 - Fix PluginInstanceParent.cpp build with GCC 4.6 - r=bsmedberg
28a61955e49cd1a46742af577d4b62d18b6980fbBenoit Jacob — Backed out changeset c69b5af20a85 because Ms2ger already fixed it on m-c and this would only give a merge conflict
c69b5af20a85c3e237cba78c87b0cb968214739fBenoit Jacob — Bug 781545 - Fix PluginInstanceParent.cpp build with GCC 4.6 - r=bsmedberg
66b421cf32b942cdcf40d2250db97a12ae64b261Fabrice Desré — Bug 779176 - Activities doesn't work with different entry points (not using href) [r=mounir]
2691aa65ac972e10c81fa243de076ac17697bef5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 781191 - Update doorhanger popup anchor after inflating a new browser toolbar layout. r=wesj
b627fbbdf0e49129781ccf434a74d13b4094844fMike Hommey — Bug 776325 - Set nsXREAppData::name instead of using g_set_prgname is Linux webapprt. r=karlt
f1adad380895585dca12fc893b0f76e4e8dfc181Mike Hommey — Bug 776325 - Set gtk program name to the one defined in application.ini. r=karlt
076954b3555eff506eab8ea9407eb8d38c4de0f7Mike Hommey — Bug 716295 part 6 - Create elfhack tests for both DT_INIT and DT_INIT_ARRAY. r=nfroyd
8d4e4fc8adf87c85aa948ac82fd19666a1a97369Mike Hommey — Bug 716295 part 5 - Add support for R_ARM_THM_CALL relocations. r=nfroyd
80caa5061f404adbcf6bf1897f73e1234273cbdbMike Hommey — Bug 716295 part 4 - Interpose elfhack injected code in DT_INIT_ARRAY's first entry when possible. r=nfroyd
ac414499bc14e2c6290dd133d97541cfe0aafc35Mike Hommey — Bug 716295 part 3 - Add serialization into a buffer instead of an ostream. r=nfroyd
23fdc9b894d3bf10e5b8aae4802d813278a93f85Mike Hommey — Bug 716295 part 2 - Fix assertion in serializable::init and cleanup serializable constructor. r=nfroyd
e043018e92ba69bd149cef94e87b5fbd1a634cf8Mike Hommey — Bug 716295 part 1 - Fail more gracefully when .dynamic section can't be grown. r=nfroyd
2e809e2113ad53e2d17ccf9b9aea7d5b9492c218Mike Hommey — Bug 703843 - Use mkdir_deps instead of order-only prerequisite in build/unix/elfhack/ r=ted
4250f3bbb10cc3a52a01434ddc2ab731daa1324bRyan VanderMeulen — Backout 9d4d0dc404b8 (bug 767754) for Windows m-oth leaks.
fc527396f0f56091c9fc9c43d65be392c74d1d8dMark Finkle — Bug 781091 - aboutCertError.xhtml XML Parsing Error r=margaret
aaac2eaf07f219e557ef2a2c761e7746874cac8cGeoff Brown — Bug 769919 - Robocop: Add more diagnostics to testBookmark; r=jmaher
a16f00f39351811d385e5ea450d82524426bc3b7Geoff Brown — Bug 727152 - Robocop: improve shutdown of mAsserter; r=jmaher
f0929c40e255f2f13edd3b6aea560f5cdab23bffEric Chou — Bug 781398 - v1: patch 1: Replace mConnection with gThreadConnection. r=qdot
1f9d563e85424a2139c4cf2407dc23de6fe4724cEd Morley — Backout f67014b40e1e (bug 780345) for failures intest_page_scroll_with_fixed_pos.html
e3422c4a00b43a6e7ab12fc51f674127596aafc2Trevor Saunders — bug 780203 - follow up refix silly formatting r=me
f799dd18029265f44319c37d66a12c9c51e50f21Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2e9222b7cfcc8d8145727fd072f610900a8bfd55Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779721. Part 6: Add a flag to track whether the main thread has called Destroy on a stream, and check that flag when sending a message to it. r=jesup
cdf37b6a641ad4d5d9fe432467302345d3682b22Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779721. Part 5: Add a comment explaining more about how MediaStream lifetimes are managed. r=jesup
409c0d581dcd2b98a7f130e34a3b57bd0900759aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 779721. Part 4: Fix lock ordering inversion when running control messages during a forced shutdown. r=jesup
cecd42ed79433091aa46688aa2145d809d8d062eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 779721. Part 3: Don't clean up streams on the MediaGraph thread during a forced shutdown. r=jesup
28860e96d78d1618d472840cf28d43b578eafe71Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779721. Part 2: Don't block a stream just because it has no consumers. r=jesup
51de5c54e500a1c267f95545a3e9d94bdf356fd9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 779721. Part 1: Simplify MediaStreamGraph's invariants around when messages are processed. r=jesup
f67014b40e1ece5b2025578031b3ed122977130eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 780345. Use a heuristic to reduce the scroll-port height by the height of fixed-position headers and footers when scrolling the viewport vertically by pages. r=tnikkel
9d4d0dc404b858977218d4068ddd0cb1644c5143Xi Yang — bug 767754 - move application accessible life cycle logic to nsAccessibilityService r=tbsaund
6c88e6a56be4020017b0a0c5f3055c595ba7674eAryeh Gregor — Bug 777292 - modules/libpref/, toolkit/: Fix incorrect conversions to nsresult; r=bsmedberg
6470b9cd490f22aae77706f25419a1c841af472dAryeh Gregor — Bug 751554 part 4 - Make nsEditor::OperationID an enum class; r=ehsan
ec30d0346e92b15b605bfabe1b4eadf448d442d8Aryeh Gregor — Bug 751554 part 3 - Fix OperationID type errors; r=ehsan
1731751746eab3b036f45bf710ae1d137b2bb9d1Aryeh Gregor — Bug 751554 part 2 - Support strongly-typed enums in MFBT; r=ehsan
62a5c7e3be903a8e39155a319ccfa3051f9daca8Aryeh Gregor — Bug 751554 part 1 - Support explicit underlying enum types in MFBT; r=cjones
d65e9bb1608ccab34bf02f71eb4fc18ee0716287Robert Longson — Bug 780880 - patternTransforms that involve rotation do not work properly. r=dholbert
ed5c848f50e0d48341e4f7ee5ffbff74f650e587Jonathan Griffin — Bug 781608 - Don't call waitForFinish with a short timeout, in case old mozprocess is still in use, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
4770bca010461123a3bfde393bdebd1884dc3fcfTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
54f9a8c340c830422b53ee6442dadc42c9001834Tim Taubert — Bug 779618 - Tiny follow-up to remove unnecessary return; r=follow-up
c7bc29d4de78aeaf4237d38896ca61d898f9909dNick Fitzgerald — Share the breakpoint store across ThreadActor instances (bug 777146); r=past
3411e98278d67e024c848d8e360f991d45b5fc4aTim Taubert — Bug 779618 - [Page Thumbnails] make tabbrowser use the thumbnail service; r=jaws
0c3dd2229961e79beda648fb8191f7a530b12a1aMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 771169 - Some linux window managers steal focus on noautohide panels (Which causes some bizarre focus issues in GCLI), r=rcampbell
0349be34cdc190214657dd06f601100980b188dfVictor Porof — Bug 780631 - Don't change the selected script while filtering if the file part from the search expression hasn't changed, r=rcampbell
ff74f6bac60d47cfc4bdf26e1fa8804ee2648334Victor Porof — Bug 781102 - Continue with debugger initialization after the editor finished loading, r=rcampbell
2a6310e0ed9adacdfba048a0a08b25a732d8f71cVictor Porof — Bug 781186 - Navigating between pages initially shows 'No Scripts' in the menulist, r=rcampbell
9249f0c9ca93f2f51bf7559a19725a8469f28ae0Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3c589e94b3e00d357ad8d3dba86c439430c47706Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 647367 - Sequester jshash.{h,cpp} in js/jsd/ (attempt 2). r=luke.
beb7a4c0d06f6dbec6cff778cd64df780b3f1f4bPhil Ringnalda — Back out ecb6aaee9601 (Bug 781133) for Windows moth orange
cc595773e189ce150bfb3e836227b3dca934be5bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 703855. Don't update performance timing or navigation timing state during r=jst
d2465f38b85b1ed349d2cce40f01895d72081015Chris Jones — Bug 776649, part 3: Add an API for checking whether apps loaded in PBrowserParent/PContentParent have a given permission. r=jlebar sr=bz
0ecd2d7ed3ae94dc6f8a5ecc2dbcf20abc7f58c8Chris Jones — Bug 776649, part 2: Refactor content-process/browser creation to use mozIApplication for passing app info. r=jlebar
97a699cd8ae954cba9d9089bfcb64cc041ca5825Chris Jones — Bug 776649, part 1: Add mozIApplication in order to expose a hasPermission() method through it. r=fabrice
37acca195ac104a25d814b1f796b50bc396a5631Chris Jones — Revert e3e9040a6eb9 for M2 failures
934749cb1749be31e8451d4e59453256785baf80Doug Sherk — Bug 775463: Implement tolerance in double tap detection r=cjones
e8049b1a59263e10a53527b77d3be636c8b07813Doug Sherk — Bug 775463: Implement double-tap-to-zoom content r=cjones
bcd9fb49866b47aca81e0db06bfe7fb2d20c355cMarco Castelluccio — Bug 774142. Support webapp uninstallation on Linux through mozApps.uninstall function. r=felipe
5556678cfd6c10e134c85c7dc5caa0713f23470fBonnie Surender — Bug 781046. Make the Create() functions in TypedArray.h take a const data array, since they make a copy anyway. r=bzbarsky
e3e9040a6eb9f8e7d78fe91c98ac80d42bd06aa8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 703855. Don't update performance timing or navigation timing state during r=jst
a047c51aafd082c39d82aa5706286d426530aec2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 780542. Make construction via a function proxy with an object in the constructor slot actually construct instead of just calling. r=ejpbruel
c2dfe04ba1cba41f4ce7879345665acf56c3e59dChris Jones — Merge backout
1be3b987748af42d05372002c7940b3be7d7c346Chris Jones — Back out bug 776649. r=bustage
452e01f58420a127a42c82f4d769b7605fa09409Nick Alexander — Bug 761682, Bug 777973 - Version prefs; don't always invalidate auth token. r=rnewman
8fc9f7605bb6b8b2440d2a0ef7d85c3b329ef651Chris Jones — Bug 776649, part 3: Add an API for checking whether apps loaded in PBrowserParent/PContentParent have a given permission. r=jlebar sr=bz
c132707b8ca059651f0a416114c2c533aa16300eChris Jones — Bug 776649, part 2: Refactor content-process/browser creation to use mozIApplication for passing app info. r=jlebar
2be79bff0426d07dc4580809465c7eaae5e18a81Chris Jones — Bug 776649, part 1: Add mozIApplication in order to expose a hasPermission() method through it. r=fabrice
ecb6aaee960187229fefe6f72993ec561a5423d4Georg Fritzsche — Bug 781133 - Fix locale specific numbers in hung plugin CPU usage reporting. r=bsmedberg
3b5094bf47d05cbba27ca9d32958feabdeb2a7d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6c8f8fbe9aee9ff7921c0d335327f6319ec9e802Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 7158af024a9b (bug 779013) due to suspected Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
dd4f4c909104c3b1f5864fe8d49690240dd29cc5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 1844cc5b131a (bug 775588) for suspected Linux Cipc orange on a CLOSED TREE.
40e59c86c2b36825cd2431ec83fbea6dbf7cb18bRyan VanderMeulen — Backout ac8d6c79a074 (bug 781133) and fccc68cc904f (bug 781124) for Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
f4495eb1c973cbb380a74c2611145dd34ff9d5cdWes Johnston — backout c030a8af8abd and dd0c287660e9 CLOSED TREE
a2e0038507ffd0262fc975bde37616c84eec4efbDoug Sherk — Bug 775451: Reduce diagonal checkerboarding r=cjones
b468eccf7261c9c5fafa9c6548b88876dccee4ccDoug Sherk — Bug 779572: Properly protect state in AsyncPanZoomController with a monitor r=cjones
7f25c14787016bc4e84d94eb23e1c8bf0c2596abDoug Sherk — Bug 779572: Factor zoom into min pan distance before moving the viewport r=cjones
0ff614eb788dc6fa88a56c17e670d222b4622d75Doug Sherk — Bug 780210: Fix B2G focus point calculation for pinching r=kats
174a57bbcb225b08864d9284a0ffe86d54a25346Doug Sherk — Bug 775448: Add gesture cancelling support during sync subframe scrolling r=cjones
282bfd3e56e029cc430ac372a7cdcaa660586e1fDoug Sherk — Bug 775448: Disable async scrolling when we detect a scrollable subframe r=cjones
986a9cafa237ab8b46ea3cc6e5bff270f4ff64faDoug Sherk — Bug 775447: Properly count number of touch listeners in AsyncPanZoomController r=cjones
fb0d1d0a683763cbce3fad6a312684cefbf6f058Bobby Holley — Bug 778420 - Fix up tests that don't like the new enablePrivilege. r=jmaher
9772a4983ec952277190cac4a5ea7b3268111745William Chen — Bug 778420 - Initial stab at the tests. v2 r=bholley
2d2fc75725d8653420ed4a9c550ebbdefd8b6ba5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 778420 - Fix test_bug372964. r=bholley
7382e74530ec28b125ea6d9a76828ca06fa06b99Bobby Holley — Bug 778420 - Add Services getter to SpecialPowers. r=jmaher
f700556031c715e02afef26937d78b9c548ee8a9Camilo Viecco — Bug 726053 - Add in-chrome context to specialpowers, r=ted.mielczarek
6e4204e4c08b994fda78336d175d3092c6d96e83David Burns — Bug 759477: adding the ability to get the tag name of an Marionette HTMLElement; r=jgriffin
309786fce827fb8f1f016af8b33f7e8623675b36Nicholas Cameron — Bug 779401; Teach HelpersCairo.h about 565 image formats. r=bas
bedac566fd5af4674c80f78ec3c696ab49566623Nicholas Cameron — Bug 780392; Make ScaledFontDWrite inherit from ScaledFontBase. r=bas
8a736f13c5f8c2099b91ec052c12a9b26dfb59c4Nicholas Cameron — Bug 780392. Crashtest. r=bas
9372939f013e52d1f513dcb3bbd612c848b5bba9Brian Nicholson — Bug 779089 - Add proper Apache 2 header to Readability.js. r=gerv
164655cefe0bbf99e79477bad0d35deeb52f76daWilliam Chen — Bug 776134 - Part 2: Make AlertsService remote alerts from content process to chrome process. r=dougt
a561c905c6f416d004e91224488353d2a8b78c78William Chen — Bug 776134 - Part 1: Rename files of Growl nsIAlertsService implementation. r=dougt
35ac9dfcef9b11f2599281e9a728b90c782f1afcJared Wein — Bug 756419 - White standalone image background flashes into view when switching tabs. r=roc,bholley
2b0fbd3c00874af975d9f93ae911a7232304b1fcWes Johnston — Bug 776677 - Show a toast when we receive webapp install errors. r=mfinkle
dd0c287660e9c344d1da40b5a042884083c48dc3Wes Johnston — Bug 776677 - Send notifications when webapp install errors are not handled by the requester. r=fabrice
27de96f5f67a4051a1524efdadd406b4b0bcbe90Wes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Allow passing some default prefs from the manfiest to the webapp. r=mfinkle
6dd4e5c2fe0a0911a7d9289802889fefa42bfc5eWes Johnston — Bug 776600 - Add support for orientation in webapp manifests. r=felipe
c030a8af8abd549cc765a4ac11de7ae47a659e03Wes Johnston — Bug 780718 - Return false from DOMRequestService is preventDefault was called on events. r=sicking
0f7d2d447ed501408c8d86707f921c0ae038515dMarshall Culpepper — Bug 777514: Wake the EventHub when nsAppShell is released, allowing the b2g process to exit immediately. r=mwu
ee8a5b7e0d3164f0cb01fcb161588c84277b8587Luke Wagner — Bug 778919 - remove CheckStrictParameters (r=ejpbruel)
e60512aa511fc5e0d98d02be39d1d8049282ab71Luke Wagner — Bug 778919 - CheckStrictBinding for formals like all other bindings (r=ejpbruel)
7f3055bc1c4ca5da678bd88c52e0c43a00302b10Luke Wagner — Bug 778919 - move DefineArg and BindDestructuringArg to be next to functionArguments (r=ejpbruel)
5ea43af33ec9864752a37f4ca721201fc48c49caLuke Wagner — Bug 772328 - simplify ParseNode::resolve (r=ejpbruel)
441cf1a50af8f16eca181764a45d8e69b2572daaLuke Wagner — Bug 772328 - function statements should restate, not shadow, formal parameters (r=ejpbruel)
e8153d80529663ba81a89ca925098475cb61c400Luke Wagner — Bug 772328 - add and use IsArgOp and IsLocalOp (r=ejpbruel)
bb94aecac98f8b4db60a410a7368b50b49f557d3Luke Wagner — Bug 772328 - simplify MakeDefIntoUse (r=ejpbruel)
fccc68cc904fb33417965ed942822a78460da9bcGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 781124 - Report CPU usage for hung flash processes. r=bsmedberg
ac8d6c79a074b1417b67e786c2907a6876b0acc8Georg Fritzsche — Bug 781133 - Fix locale specific numbers in hung plugin CPU usage reporting. r=bsmedberg
1844cc5b131a13282f1fa6ed5a178b7d942ca38eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 775588 - Expose tmpdir, profiledir paths in OS.Constants and make sure that weird loaders that violate loading order do not segfault. r=khuey
7158af024a9b3717ad79f38d2c32d7f31d2d476fChris Dearman — Bug 779013 - Align the mValue union in IPDL-generated code. r=cjones
3199bc043da4f3c556c8a12de2c78858a9c98954Ms2ger — Bug 781058 - Part c: Fix -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast in nsDOMClassInfo; r=mounir
2a19a83e94c81372b7d1f4a797bf30cf53a6ea48Ms2ger — Bug 781058 - Part b: Fix -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast in PluginInstanceParent; r=mounir
8759d59636f089b1ce1c12a45867513a24fd76b1Ms2ger — Bug 781058 - Part a: Fix -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast in nsPluginNativeWindowGtk2; r=mounir
144b21a87da45f1447c4556efccbfef8baa3bf72Ms2ger — Bug 780502 - Remove unsound assertion; r=ehsan
b0b9d41f016a77944e9c218e1ac356c2aab7dd69Ms2ger — Bug 179956 - Remove unsound assertion; r=ehsan
753b39a6e95753f20aeb7ffba717e9c127f9dc0fMs2ger — Bug 461440 - Remove unsound assertion; r=ehsan
0f96a7f073a84bda7e695e48c605efcce5dd1dc8Ms2ger — Bug 780146 - Part e: Move all standard classes resolution code into the !ObjectIsNativeWrapper() branch; r=jst
0e6e404c6baf3a0b080fc42435dde9789801b1f4Ms2ger — Bug 780146 - Part c: Don't define constructors by contract ID; r=jst
b20779389b5aae449384cb0f64151f78be7a35d9Ms2ger — Bug 780146 - Part b: Inline nsDOMClassInfo::RegisterClassName; r=jst
c77acb256aec13024f61adaf174c4d152b1c381eMs2ger — Bug 780146 - Part a: Move window._content into IDL; r=jst
9c0617ad9de331534d7c325d4d73ea63bff7acdeMs2ger — Bug 781116 - "finished in a non-clean fashion" message should use error() instead of log(); r=ted
7532bf93435cae8243fd6543852380b28215035fMs2ger — Bug 727547 - Add test.
cefda2b7296bdee2d34c4e5496e296b769dd685bMs2ger — Bug 780993 - Reinstate support for setting indexed properties on HTMLSelectElement to null; r=bz
5b0ac8d41b804bc3e854bde85a1afd52f75ef070Ms2ger — Bug 780387 - Part f: Stop using PRBool & PRPackedBool; r=bsmedberg
44fe712a01c88f3be3bf1d3ee8b1c74ff4062496Ms2ger — Bug 780387 - Part e: Stop using PRSize; r=bsmedberg
25378953c5843e7be9df9fb22e7dc6e9f90f87bdMs2ger — Bug 780387 - Part d: Stop using PRFloat64; r=bsmedberg
4587cc2d01545d18cea6d650e725af5751f549eeMs2ger — Bug 780387 - Part b: Stop using PRIntn; r=bsmedberg
62d94d3c6affb5181a13e7dc4029dd18ac176c4eMs2ger — Bug 780387 - Part a: Stop using PRPtrdiff; r=bsmedberg
257777cf58fe7c3eee79e113c35b4faf63601b77Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f52e079838e00ca824aac10561d3e16398fa466bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 781289 - Remove unecessary check that let variable name matches are atoms. r=luke
abbb9f6d48dda1c8f1305ceec142fbf158a188baBenjamin Peterson — Bug 781071 - Account for the enclosing scope being NULL. r=luke
98b680684d158b0b23c7257d89ba76b307dd0ba4Doug Turner — Bug 773528 - remove device.motion.enabled. we now use device.sensors.enabled. r=smaug
532ff9ae12b8a63755ef7e766a9ace4ae1984d41David Keeler — bug 779662 - click-to-play overlay click handler too restrictive. r=jaws
0f03bcb8d362d5b79b592b27a7a2bd4664782fffJared Wein — Bug 777569 - [Developer Toolbar] Web console error count is too close to label (Windows) r=shorlander
8e377d8f45082d66499e759144e602f3f2c63132Brian Hackett — Fix typo, bug 769911. r=luke
a7594623ad0dd1ba98b8d4e961ff5e8f439d2edbAryeh Gregor — Bug 780832 - Make nsSupportsArray::GrowArrayBy infallible. r=dougt
37694e6f8df0117982ad6b79c63d59691b8b8db5William Chen — Bug 775377 - Modify nsIContentPermissionRequest to use nsIPrincipal instead of nsIURI. r=dougt+cjones
e6fff75af75fe27c97120d6b27fb1f24269578b8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
7e0466ba65c45490309046d9e63173ab68a3ec38Andrea Marchesini — Bug 780145 - ArchiveReader doesn't unzip large files, r=jst
34ae2864bbd8cf109162c7b75595b63ceb4ee7c7Andrew McCreight — Bug 761620 - Throw an exception for unpreservable weak map keys. r=billm
f4e702ef9113dbdb850f42e2ee6318c89741edc3Terrence Cole — Bug 780765 - Do not create DependentStrings that can be InlineStrings; r=luke
b60c2eedc7598155fa810d69b705b3ca440b024cChris Jones — Bug 781024: Use the current decoded image as the reference for allocation. r=roc
d1cf20feadc18758d8747e0b2e147d4ba786da37Chris Jones — Bug 671196: Kill content processes that cause processing errors in the chrome process. r=bsmedberg
1b8130ed506cbb215bc0793d33d8f4d0aefad852Chris Jones — Bug 778067: Disable 735943.html for <browser remote>, for now. r=jlebar
0e2a5e7e2423ccd66e8ffff68d468ec548a0cf9bKyle Machulis — Bug 768306 - Patch 2: Change BluetoothAdapter initialization to get properties via off main thread blocking calls when creating Adapter object; r=mrbkap
8045e57e00dd2e6875006499f63026532ae6246fKyle Machulis — Bug 768306 - Patch 1: Fix error handling in unpacking DBus replies, set up DBus blocking call handling thread; r=mrbkap
2195e7d3d8a33990bf2efa9ce26f118ee10d0729Fabrice Desré — Bug 781224 - Rename APP_STATUS_TRUSTED to APP_STATUS_PRIVILEGED in nsIPrincipal [r=mounir]
0b06584e1de8ee4dfd75c788015eecbf0e4a4c2fFabrice Desré — merge
a137b39297dee271a0f974928941192c934ae632Fabrice Desré — Bug 779935 - nsIAppsService.idl need to get mozIDOMApplication from manifest id [r=mounir]
4baae73d53c08bfaf345fea620c8c058d8c01db1Mike Hommey — Bug 781128 - Fix application.ini dependencies after bug 767839 on a CLOSED TREE. r=ted
bcb0cc43c6221c250bca5d286dfb1bc1ba9a1d08Nathan Froyd — Bug 781152 - make telemetry ping save directory properly readable on Unix-ish platforms; r=taras
add211f29374e0c68b3ecabbc1ffcd94ab2502dfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 780699 - Prevent possible deadlock by reducing the scope of a synchronized block in GLController. r=ajuma
5faf4c39e64cd7ff7e5f8ac81f991c57d2ce8a86Matt Brubeck — Back out bug 562169 because of Dromaeo DOM regressions
4a4eaeca4dfce88ea90127a2855f271078ec2b57David Clarke — Bug 780031 - Mochitest on b2g reliability improvements, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
4e3fb1f9f72adcb30c3c130d2417079f50de7d5bMike Hommey — Bug 781128 - Fix application.ini dependencies after bug 767839 on a CLOSED TREE. r=ted
b99a81e70b068deb9d56a5e209563df805c48c0dEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d21893bdae919da43e3d8145a3896e42e141a8a6Geoff Brown — Bug 779250: Make Robocop tests run faster; r=jmaher
8803492c677a6bda5140cb1613e3213edcec5ad3Mark Cote — Bug 777331 Clarified some comments in devicemanager. r=wlach
bd8ac25f41c4abd32e7d129f6cdd1a9176356862Vivien Nicolas — Bug 780336 - BrowserElementScrolling cosumes 7% of profile time on gaia homescreen, but isn't used. r=cjones
1ea9a4023efac7f108e6cb130b8f058cfdc392e9Ed Morley — Backout ec46cfa51bf8, 4a54f06efee8, de811fbd27b0 & 67ea1314c777 (bug 567077) for causing bug 781141
76835a9e3efb5fb30f7ff510a458abd9da22c4adCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 22: Add function for getting the 'is SVG text using CSS frames' pref. r=jwatt
4823b8b02b27608768166b50c02b8dc12bf4fe43Chris Lord — Bug 775431 - Add missing indentation for MOZ_DUMP_PAINT_LIST. r=mattwoodrow
9f477f32c157eb2818e0ad98c4c0157a87f3e3b1Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 40: Factor out 'distance from point to rect' calculation from text frame selection routine. r=roc
5cd1bb53c262021846e607f6478591a3cfa06f2aCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 32: Allow nsCharClipDisplayItems to be constructed without an nsDisplayListBuilder. r=roc
342718ea6734aa5c459adf4a1474a4a46eddd6a1Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 31a: Atom for new frame class nsSVGTextFrame2. r=roc
e45aca2a5d8781f9557aa6139311aa1ce37b5dc3Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 28: Paint SVG text frames using 'fill' not 'color'. r=roc
dd0e5c7393472a39e416da7f54acd9c8258d4e2dCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 27: Ignore text-shadow in SVG text frames. r=roc
a90b2757ccc2e3cdb0b234da04c438366fb92bffCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 26: Give nsTextFrames the ability to invoke callbacks after painting different parts of the text. r=roc
856faff0f5872fb6e16df08605e94e5508f4d015Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 25: Give gfxTextRuns the ability to invoke a callback after painting glyphs and partial ligatures. r=roc
fcde7b899e8762fe190502667a709f251ce92c91Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 19: Add function to convert text decorations to a path. r=roc
5fe07a3a84589bf244e4c27fb72cc7d2bb1ac4f3Michal Novotny — Bug 746920 - Uninitialised value use in nsDiskCacheMap::FlushRecords, r=hurley
cac33abc0c4cb1c5b86949e5db4b011bb13e2f1aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780498 - Test that OS.File.move removes original file. r=yoric
d6c3c6ccfa58ed9d0cc1044625e009522fbbdbcfDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780498 - More general fix. r=nfroyd
4683a522952d77db8b282e8b31c178f59c35269cAryeh Gregor — Bug 778428 - Refcount arrays of nodes in editor/; r=ehsan
bfc2565b697ce1d7420f179b12cf80f579131c63Aryeh Gregor — Bug 777292 - modules/libpref/, toolkit/: Remove conversions to nsresult that will always result in NS_SUCCEEDED; r=bsmedberg
e287b5a87971c1db3c787c575876fee3bcda8807Aryeh Gregor — Bug 779442 - Fix a few more incorrect uses of nsresult; r=ehsan
fda1cd4d7dbab3e58143df8c5179afb16f7000faMike Hommey — Bug 780462 - Don't remove dist/bin/components when building, but remove dist/bin/chrome.manifest. r=khuey
0aff1ee2a4fd5a52aad87254c0d8426fb72217beMike Hommey — Bug 777379 - Ensure that default is always the default target. r=ted
9428d40e8ead32f380a7e31bbaa52232096b0550Eric Faust — Bug 747287 - Followup: Add cast to fix build. (r=me)
83e17c9f2e4a56aee6853e163d6051f2c61b0954Eric Faust — Bug 773546 - Part 2: Centralize Paris binding accessor and method top halves. (r=peterv)
6bed0413c96e5053d855f5af0cf58a28056f31f4Eric Faust — Bug 781040 - Fault in methods and accessors with JSJitinfos on ResolveProperty. (r=bz,benjamin)
f97d1a956d56da1648458803b9cb5291570f49f5Eric Faust — Bug 773546 - Part 1: Punch an API hole to retrieve stored JSJitInfos. (r=luke)
532d31e06fb87b6a62239bb77155dba36d75adabEric Faust — Bug 775289 - Remove generateNativeAccessors branching from Paris binding codegen. (r=peterv)
09a3938bed6d894f7e63f2c244a1fd04a7d3ee0fEric Faust — Bug 773548 - Part 2: Pass the generated JSJitInfos into JSFunctionSpec. (r=peterv)
de8febc86738d0b0042e7d96670a48f24fbcb00aEric Faust — Bug 775788 - Modify JSFunctionSpec to accept JSJitInfos. (r=luke)
d84df7edf0ded6a9e87ba72ff9a829df13171bb5Eric Faust — Bug 773548 - Part 1: Modify Paris bindings to specialize methods. (r=peterv)
7d9b9f1158a2367ba737ff0f9e3445f68e0c59a9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 747287 - Part 3: Add callback interface to allow JIT to interrogate DOM. (r=peterv)
ddacf21b5431255706812135bf54824ad87575cbEric Faust — Bug 747287 - Part 2: Generate infalliblity data for further JIT optimization. (r=peterv)
87ddeea57fbddfeb6b3095e88caddeef698d4531Eric Faust — Bug 747287 - Part 1: Generate JSJitInfos and specialized accessors for Paris bindings. (r=peterv)
46f6ff1007bc1eca57538b7cc4ae6ae0c8b7becfEric Faust — Bug 766448 - Refactor JSPropertySpec and JS_DefineProperties to accept JSJitInfos. (r=Waldo)
e001a7b3b817b3dbd9f7b590d62b7c5b807ba0aePhil Ringnalda — Backout 5439489dc320, 983f76488e59, 7a92558a8dec (Bug 714358) for debug build assertions and leaks
a468dc4bfaf49203a4cf50b4acfea35fd4cea7f4Jason Duell — Bug 780818 - Remove getExtendedOrigin from nsILoadContext. r=smaug, sr=sicking
3029842b3204577804136244486cc947986a3a1aMark Capella — Bug 772272 - Remove do_load_httpd_js from xpcshell tests, r=ted, f=gps
841cd6e1e585831a25ab406d48b3e5750c564781Simon Montagu — Add support for :dir(ltr/rtl) CSS selector, content part, Bug 562169, r=bz
e226e413dd27afb24965180b472aef966f20ec34Simon Montagu — Add support for :dir(ltr/rtl) CSS selector, layout/style part. Bug 562159, r=bz
9c24b7287c5ba4fce4f692d4ff9dff690a96e8c2Simon Montagu — Tests for dir(ltr/rtl) CSS selector. bug 562169, r=bz
6a732d5ea1e894b84a9d6bd73bb255b37f52a155Jan Varga — Bug 780625 - Followup fix for "Don't install quota handlers on chrome databases". r=bent
6be6808c2a4a291d700d8e83ae570d7693b1dfabPhil Ringnalda — Backout e662aa8c9389 (Bug 780604), 3979c98e3e9a:5ccb28fc0bee (Bug 780498) for Windows orange
5439489dc320dbe10c3826682983480b712039aeSteven Lee — Bug 714358: Time manager implementation. r=jlebar
983f76488e59d6cda341d0441c2666acf4611aa1Steven Lee — Bug 714358: System time change implementation, r=mounir
7a92558a8dec5290a6f692801d73c144cad5ef3fSteven Lee — Bug 714358: Time manager interface. f=mounir, sr=mounir
9e64393fa8c0f8284e08aebd5d89da2be35c7984Eric Chou — Bug 780812 - [b2g-bluetooth] Implement function to get RFCOMM channel of specific Bluetooth service; r=qdot
9215610e05a1123175ea49dab834ba7d8e9ffd3fKyle Machulis — Bug 759883 - [b2g-bluetooth] Divide out bluetooth specifics from DBusThread object; r=echou
8f7045786fbf27ace25c28e653313340420f43e2Kyle Machulis — Bug 779384: Hook bluetooth up to permissions manager; r=mrbkap
ad4cd965a1a3ab38fe0cc20c5af46317dcc1b031Kyle Machulis — Backing out 936cfbd263b2, wrong commit message
936cfbd263b2d585f5c372a18a329587884c4dfaKyle Machulis — Bug 778384: Hook bluetooth up to permissions manager; r=mrbkap
ec46cfa51bf8249caa9eadd19d2decc92bc81bbcPaul Adenot — Bug 567077 - Fix an assertion failure when the decoder was cloned. r=cpearce
4a54f06efee82bbb88cb464810dc8cff18a41c89Paul Adenot — Bug 567077 - Sniff types of media files that are served with no Content-Type -- Tests r=cpearce
de811fbd27b078dcf1d8299e52b917b4ecf74e3dPaul Adenot — Bug 567077 - Avoid sniffing when recreating a channel. r=cpearce
67ea1314c77705b25fa0e813665de42c5945747bPaul Adenot — Bug 567077 - Sniff types of media files that are served with no Content-Type r=cpearce
d8878c0bd67cbb203a41b0574516bdd64bad71fcPhil Ringnalda — Backout 8b3b879bc63f (Bug 777463), 32cc8084d1b7 (Bug 775451), ce9014442e13:4d52cfac7c37 (Bug 779572), b33f2b2dbbc5:963aed158547 (Bug 775463), 36832ad5ea65 (Bug 780210), 10695750e4e9:a2afc5b5e538 (Bug 775448), c9f42eebd694 (Bug 775447) for Linux bustage
8b3b879bc63fd0e2f2ef058817dbee23398f8d77Doug Sherk — Bug 777463: Fix bustage, no r=me
32cc8084d1b74fab9d4a0b5d39aa47653bdbac26Doug Sherk — Bug 775451: Reduce diagonal checkerboarding r=cjones
ce9014442e13dbcfe1e54f9ef9878e2a5a3814ebDoug Sherk — Bug 779572: Properly protect state in AsyncPanZoomController with a monitor r=cjones
4d52cfac7c3779ff0f964f63e5be8316a14e0b20Doug Sherk — Bug 779572: Factor zoom into min pan distance before moving the viewport r=cjones
b33f2b2dbbc5a8214e19807c4df5db37d6245252Doug Sherk — Bug 775463: Implement tolerance in double tap detection r=cjones
963aed158547cd3f415ba45de718c17b4508d614Doug Sherk — Bug 775463: Implement double-tap-to-zoom content r=cjones
36832ad5ea65ba4de9f0ef5e8ed33557cb8de1b9Doug Sherk — Bug 780210: Fix B2G focus point calculation for pinching r=kats
10695750e4e9ce07a0724a03bb0a8ea2acaf40dcDoug Sherk — Bug 775448: Add gesture cancelling support during sync subframe scrolling r=cjones
a2afc5b5e5387612191299c9e5449b429bbb74beDoug Sherk — Bug 775448: Disable async scrolling when we detect a scrollable subframe r=cjones
c9f42eebd6945040e19c931f9238298d87a45a71Doug Sherk — Bug 775447: Properly count number of touch listeners in AsyncPanZoomController r=cjones
d1ed1834ee750060f465b9d49068e759feb8867bPatrick McManus — bug 780104 - fail gracefully on invalid spdy dictionary r=honzab
4bdc7b03597ed4a438ef3fe1e4d50f53f8e0fc3aTrevor Saunders — bug 780203 - add [u]intn_t types to xpidl r=khuey
41755706db39a15dd771a24744c3bed03555e3f1Mike Habicher — Bug 780905 - Remove excess logging from DOMCameraManager. r=smaug
e662aa8c9389976ba3e67a896d710b3594fa8251David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780604 - Fix merge snafu in Windows version of OS.File.DirectoryIterator. r=yoric
3979c98e3e9a9da6ad2fba2c801733a90e91919aDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780498 - Test that OS.File.move removes original file. r=yoric
5ccb28fc0bee86392cf0e54860b5ef8e6463c93bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780498 - More general fix. r=nfroyd
af6beb179c82fdf4d9775bf7f3cc13c27a275aecJan Beich — Bug 761077 - Use same xptcall stubs on FreeBSD/ia64 as on Linux/ia64. r=bsmedberg
0688cd4ca145b95645d5417328147bd5b948e3a5Jan Beich — Bug 761077 - Build xptcall on FreeBSD ia64/ppc/ppc64/sparc64. r=bsmedberg
2fad6a5ad23a3f8331ad540bd955503ee56d049bMyk Melez — bug 772299 - <browser> widget's addProgressListener method should pass through aNotifyMask argument; r=gavin
922cbdeaaec41a86758ce92d5e5998aac091144dMyk Melez — bug 780686 - DOMApplicationRegistry._cloneAppObject doesn't clone the `receipts` array; r=fabrice
5886a528d6dbd0dd413b0f893d07cc8f2e8ec877Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 4e54a6eb43d2 (bug 780686) and f10e4ac36ed2 (bug 772299) due to mochitest-other permaorange on a CLOSED TREE.
db1308490142aa685ffee2409e65f32445a8a2e6Michal Novotny — Bug 779461 - Do not transfer the ownership of the key string from nsCacheRequest to nsCacheEntry, r=honzab
6aa2820d30124a92392ee8b23be277e42da30e33Fabrice Desré — merge
f8638ec4a85c1e3e5a0a4c42fdea7a8d150674e2Timothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 780487 - [b2g] All |oveflow:hidden| became scrollable, r=roc
97b04123694aee756ed27662f9f136c7d1c86bf7Fabrice Desré — Backed out changeset c99709de566d
dcb9299974a03426b2822765892da40d72cda9d1Paul Adenot — Bug 775319 - Determine the sample format at compile time for all media code. r=kinetik
c99709de566d6814fcc1cdf3af612fc328605478Fabrice Desré — # User Timothy Guan-tin Chien <>
b93b161b1ad443194b313e39284058054d9e57e9Chris Jones — Bug 774131, part 2: Add GeckoChildProcessHost::LaunchAndWaitForProcessHandle() to do that, use it in ContentParent, and share more process-launching code. r=bent
ba6d6b6b58bcab5de52e73148fbdd6db84ecd226Chris Jones — Bug 774131, part 1: Refactor GeckoChildProcessHost to use a state enum and eagerly create a ProcessHandle. r=bent
501ef57a8121ce78b578af8cdc7c83b4cf41772aChris Jones — Bug 778382: Don't put anonymous sockets in the PipeMap because they can collide. r=bent
7047de4a90f25509943b6e903b4d10eda58e5effMargaret Leibovic — Bug 778263 - Clean up SelectionHandler data when we bail in startSelection. r=mfinkle
d3b21ac4dbe607562fc3458b9d4fb508b57c62ceGregor Wagner — Bug 779331 - Settings API: new permissions. r=mrbkap
1631dacc1066d59df769fb342ca4f422691dee27Marco Castelluccio — Bug 761806 - Support webapp uninstallation on Linux. r=myk
2940e190783fb38d04d8477b7b2fc91257f1930bPaul Adenot — Bug 778902 - When a video finished playing, "pause" should be fired, and |paused| should be true. r=cpearce
0a1325b95bd43ca41d793b3afad2dcd76a8d0b41Paul Adenot — Bug 774084 - Fix a crash in nsBuiltinDecoder::GetSeekable. r=kinetik
a5c486bb219f366d140dfeb73ef6df13efb8b49bJan Beich — Bug 780432 - Explicitly pass CFLAGS for ALSA and PulseAudio. r=kinetik
5ee816acf901134b50ad20548e88eecee418269fJan Beich — Bug 780432 - Add experimental --enable-pulseaudio configure option. r=kinetik,khuey
fcb650e7bd6e4cace8668c60d7264465f127655dFabrice Desré — Bug 780686 - DOMApplicationRegistry._cloneAppObject doesn't clone the `receipts` array - followup [r=fabrice]
3247ce86f58f5451b2fedb7c1d368d64b475630eNick Hurley — bug 709297 - reduce max cache size to 350MiB the next time we have to trash the cache. r=jduell
c7231d7d68e88052a93710536272d54b4cbb7750Jason Duell — bug 780750 - HTTP cache never gets used/fixed if wrong permissions on CACHE_MAP file. r=hurley
d0d82983f678c3b165c17c215b18a80c2b7e78d4John Schoenick — Bug 778858 - Enable OOP plugins in webapprt by default. r=myk
3a5ad716bb8ed7bb34858c12a9726d06eb5ecccaGregor Wagner — Bug 736883 - Contacts API: Add pictures. r=bent
28e537336f50391cdff4f2c78c3fbb15ebca9c31Matt Brubeck — Bug 778468 (followup) - Add missing import to
119935b8a413c5d4fe6a4bf820062a62925c501bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 777122 - Add telemetry reporting of late writes. r=jlebar.
025b02f6ce33fa0a26c58b2d3890b2bc4d30644fKyle Huey — Bug 774732: Always modify the busy count in NotifyRunnable to avoid busy count mismatches. r=bent
403c8e569571e2264815167c5d4f89da51a661c8Daniel Holbert — Bug 666041 patch 4: Mochitest for flexbox layout. r=dbaron
1f4b4a45e4cfb05a73a9444476bc08eb6e39254fDaniel Holbert — Bug 780965: Use C-style instead of C++-style comments in JS headers included by .c files. r=jorendorff
8cb978beef295755d0b21e7a06715bde85e6bad4Landry Breuil Bug 776174: Followup, remove extra semicolons after macros. r=jduell
f10e4ac36ed20d6e9c67f5175eb90f6766a33c21Myk Melez — bug 772299 - <browser> widget's addProgressListener method should pass through aNotifyMask argument; r=gavin
4e54a6eb43d23d28cfaf9382e1bc6b097728dd24Myk Melez — bug 780686 - DOMApplicationRegistry._cloneAppObject doesn't clone the `receipts` array; r=fabrice
6ee7b6582fbd620af43f71f17525e674e95d73efMarshall Culpepper — Bug 776742: ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer now points to a no-op function, fixing a process exit segfault in the emulator. r=cjones
84739a192aa9baf5f1332d2a6b5f77d7ad2f1a53Benjamin Peterson — Bug 780405 - Set the funbox kids in LeaveFunction, so generator expression boxes don't lose them. r=jorendorff
e2d35dd85c62253c6193411d4f85924aff352c96Timothy Nikkel — Annotate crashtest assert with bug number covering it (bug 780985).
cf6bc1dcd073710a968dc4e1b461c7ea728064a4Timothy Nikkel — Mark crashtest for bug 460389 as sometimes asserting. Bug 780985 covers fixing it so we don't assert.
b25596aab94633f7d13c6723b4efbe4e975001c9Benjamin Peterson — Bug 774706 - Ensure script to be serialized is not gray. r=mccr8
8ef97697b18dbee7a92fc64e06b5ed896f428620Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 779920 - Fix mismatch between window and coordinates passed to anyElementFromPoint. r=wesj
cb90deebb650ff949f2e7545d64357b78f2392e8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 771575 - Remove unused function. r=mbrubeck
fd673fa4d1d731749e5f074d737ac96df601d716Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 771757 - Set the browser size without triggering a reflow when meta-viewport elements are received before the first paint. r=mbrubeck
257580e4ccef1ae98900359c98bf152a2733068bJosh Aas — Bug 574229: Open new window in the current OS X space when opening from the dock menu. r=gavin
0dee35fee53370c66f32bad4feb139c86a110884Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 585011 - Invoke as a pymake native command. r=ted
d52cc7128720f56ea9fdcd0ae16810c01f154b28Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 780612 - Add a list of characters which probably indicate shell scripts but native commands won't reject. r=khuey
d001f07613917cf62b40892893a87d6a7a78240cSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 741014 - Pymake is busted with make l10n-check. Hack around the spaces issue by using a wildcard, and fix an underspecified dependency. r=ted
6947db9a3dcf08fa57da0d470bf06493d1ba9130Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 767833 - Pymake on Windows is busted with config/tests/makefiles/autodeps/check_mkdir.tpy. r=khuey
26e02cf3a1f9c3d038444a1cd65329481b86de7aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 777057 - MobileConnection: expose whether or not the radio is searching. r=marshall_law sr=sicking
095da8941d4c9c856cc16de4f73ad4922160b86aPaul Dagnelie — Bug 759416 - XPCOM FileWatcherService. Interface change only. Patch to previous interface changes. sr=bsmedberg
e10b948a6e63c87f88da6951c7e6d47a315f0a7bChris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 7: Move GeckoEventListener to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=blassey
fa134d4bb4703a98c2aea30ccc2ae1de98a2bf05Joey Armstrong — bug 771287: xpidl unit test failure
058768a8c20914941c23b93434d30c360b521054Timothy Nikkel — Add crashtests from bug 460389 and bug 522170.
ef39e71409e0f7d95ebf6e45dadfb58194511c8dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 779288 - Set CCACHE_CPP2 on linux too. r=khuey.
e539f011a452379837344da0767e2747cbc1d849Chris Lord — Bug 775431 - Make MOZ_DUMP_PAINT_LIST output terminal-friendly. r=mattwoodrow
3b52919b46136805e232b5121459ae2fb9e16ac4Chris Lord — Bug 780928 - Fix rawtypes usage in r=kats
13e6a06bc805442bafa7190c2c6147232accf1e7Marshall Culpepper — Bug 780739: Add -Wno-psabi to suppress B2G va_list mangling warnings. r=ted
a2398a7be210807551680096696a8626650eecafLuke Wagner — Bug 780712 - CrossCompartmentWrapper needs to handle regexp_toShared (r=billm)
de346dd6e48aa229d6bab5cdba5c2331988d553bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 779724 - Use finer-grain source controls in the browser. r=jorendorff, sr=jst
bc3a07fc6887aa33740fcb478bf0fba60300d0bdBenjamin Peterson — Bug 779724 - Replace JSOPTION_ONLY_CNG_SOURCE with an enum on CompileOptions. r=jorendorff
7ba67166a93b87db4a327ca608a8d6875a6df3aaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 778257 - Fix javascript warning because of function returning inconsistent types. r=margaret
ce9504d8a2a28dd9f8c7db300227a77adae5910bMike Hommey — Bug 780835 - Unify test manifest files with sort. r=ted
621cb0844bf504b93fc90dcd21826f29b9b5cb37Wes Johnston — Backout 81a090e983d2, 8236b3579bf3,
42314e12d3254a6563291810ca18770bdb7ab74cJason Duell — Bug 773475 - Revert bug 584863 to keep redirect semantics cleaner. r=honza
1bb507f20428e3b022ac036a02d8a5a22c195331Wes Johnston — Bug 766392 - Style about:apps to match other about pages. r=mfinkle
8236b3579bf3c6f6457a220462c77e575bfe7ff8Wes Johnston — Bug 776677 - Fire notifications when webapp installs throw errors. r=fabrice
81a090e983d214f62f8257f98acf6bac305020b4Wes Johnston — Bug 780718 - Return false from DOMRequestService is preventDefault was called on events. r=sicking
b3c8c576ac7e65d7bb6e9ad72882c9207efba0e0Rudy Lu — Bug 780080 - The type returned is always 'text' for input type='date'/time element in the mozKeyboard.onfocuschange; r=vingtetun
905bbf61dbe651cf77bfdf077c15a1a8216216d7Joel Maher — Bug 780855 - Permaorange Android dom/indexedDB/test/test_event_propagation.html | Test timed out. r=edmorley
8e4d94efad3ef53258b82f58063f32c1101eaab3Mike Hommey — Bug 767839 - Avoid preprocessing twice. r=khuey
90b41051251cc224ea9b3f557955b4e817f7e1adPatrick McManus — bug 779413 r=bsmith
09300210812a9e903f55ac03debd48e3b3e4eb14Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Scope down and inline some functions in the new GeckoLayerClient. r=sriram
2fb7d7b2e62d33cf634383a8142024fc6239a37eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Remove unnecessary getBitmap function that always returns null. r=sriram
eeebc9bf9712a54d2d4bb09c9bbec593361e5509Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Fold LayerController into GeckoLayerClient. r=sriram
d7f17e94071abfc04443c556ebe54e3f1edfa7b7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Some minor cleanup in r=sriram
5461fa96ce5fec34f7b1f27e8fc32c5999e57b55Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Move the getDrawable functions from LayerController to LayerView. r=sriram
f8f959a0eb5fb3f4cf9275f94690a765c8a6561eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Remove notifyLayerClientOfGeometryChange from the PanZoomTarget interface by baking it into setViewportMetrics and setForceRedraw. r=mbrubeck
c7501863b61224c9ea4dbe07cdc45525c519dc47Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Add a getMutableMetrics helper. r=mbrubeck
a0cc76df8f3b0ebc9271cd769b01e8730bef6267Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Trim the PanZoomState interface by moving some LayerController functions into PanZoomController. r=mbrubeck
e3e51a7d8f08761d962b38b3858a1a6f2dd3fa4dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Extract a PanZoomTarget interface for functions that PanZoomController depends upon. r=mbrubeck
0e86f20539bb51d0a6480c095e010cc22bc0699aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Eliminate the getViewport and getZoomFactor methods in LayerController to further reduce exposed surface area. r=mbrubeck
2ac3296d73a12726517455274717c8605f82c6eeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Extract a ZoomConstraints class to carry around the pieces of data that are otherwise floating around Tab and LayerController. r=mbrubeck
2cf97e254d9536c6f5cb9d871bcdb73fb519de93Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Refactor PanZoomController to consolidate code that gets the viewport metrics from the LayerController. r=mbrubeck
a8700c238ad0c165452bd85a38f99e1d4cea5f11Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Stop prograpation on clicks in toolbar buttons (r=mfinkle)
9bff363a148f75d45f446a665a7543939cfd0702Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Get rid of mInReadingList property in BookmarksTab (r=wesj)
c9a377baf0745f6de85dae0d012e4a7bd725f402Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Implement new reader toolbar (r=mfinkle)
21aab12ef0ba251af3e998f67335649a8379e694Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Change Tabs to handle Reader:Removed message from Gecko (r=mfinkle)
49dc584b5275a3cf9561490207f56cd2bd04f72cLucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Fix GeckoApp's showToast() to actually show the notification (r=mfinkle)
22529b2d0e4c22ebc34ece3ce18602553fd0fca0Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Set query argument with initial reading list state (r=mfinkle)
ed360f992f9c54fe6e94a3857203ceb6db307c8fLucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Add Reader:GoToReadingList bits to GeckoApp (r=margaret)
0d9cbf4373f7112ad66a633bc92ea2ada13ee6f3Lucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Support showing reading list directly on awesomebar startup (r=margaret)
49b3e00465ed38cbd3b61e693bde2380778c132bLucas Rocha — Bug 766942 - Change bookmarks tab to support reading list as initial folder (r=margaret)
d75263064dc537b662ef86ed82ffcb817387282fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 780582. Ensure that mouse-up/touch-end events are processed by some frame, so that capture is released. r=smaug
e52c71762ca4c8a3f3db2de7270ffdeecc72bc8cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 776836. When invalidating ThebesLayers due to an appunits-per-dev-pixel change, we can't trust the frame geometry. r=mattwoodrow
2dfbe4b9403b18b3aeaa4af3644c11895fd827a3Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
ba1293500482668ff9e40f60520a23a32adec672Mark Capella — Bug 779057 - DirInstallLocation._readAddons() deletes stale pointer files unsafely, r=unfocused
fba2eb0c80ab5106ca2e23a814efa24476010537Tim Taubert — Bug 780645 - browser_595601-restore_hidden.js needs to wait for all tabs to be restored before continuing with the second test; r=felipe
a15f73561f766fec176744598e2a387eb637bf36Ed Morley — Backout 16a8b66f1503 (bug 758950) for M1 failures in test_bug292789.html
16a8b66f1503a7c3122384d89f9ed512575f11c5Marcos Santiago — Bug 758950 - Part 1: Use more for...of loops in Add-ons Manager frontend and backend code. r=Unfocused
602c2e7ee0d2b68ca5e86b6085ceb1cd4b54536aSam Garrett — Bug 771554 - Update mozbase deps to match in-tree versions, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
e55638d4037a439147a5630bd5962ddafcd4a51bKyle Huey — Bug 754759: Unannotate tests now that Bug 774770 is fixed.
99fb6977d46c860b036b8c7f5ca6808680905a02Johnny Stenback — Backing out 77e5cdc7af9a due to it landing w/o following our code checkin process.
2637d896de910490608297df2991107cba81a701Landry Breuil — Bug 780409: Followup, remove extra comma at end of enum. r=jfkthame
08b1e1a4b8518b20932782a348b74240523f707dAryeh Gregor — Bug 743573 - Followup: Fix build warnings in gcc 4.6.3; r=Ms2ger
e7c738caa6435dc1596757931fa8dd6f53dce79dMs2ger — Merge.
4870719fa1bf80941aae1b348626a166137a7646Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
6e534989a794637425a6c9ce356e152f921b99d1Aryeh Gregor — Bug 777292 - security/manager/: Don't treat number of bytes as an nsresult; r=kaie
3eb11c697f1307113b67c90becb85f2c80993680Aryeh Gregor — Bug 777292 - security/manager/: Fix incorrect conversions to nsresult; r=kaie
d1f0011fdef2e6ddc218b1e5b613d0ccfe86068eSimon Montagu — Implement the new CSS property value unicode-bidi: isolate-override. Bug 774335, r=dbaron
6f224e55d00ba1e71d07fb6ff82cb513e73c89d5Simon Montagu — Changes to tests for bug 774335, r=dbaron
7915a59a16911b9f2a5b2399431047531344b004Simon Montagu — Use printf instead of sed to prevent lots of blank lines in console output from make -s. Bug 756382, r=ted
8eb11b30a8f2808c65020f7003f855863d6112fcMike Hommey — Bug 780457 - Adapt to changes from bug 774032. r=Ms2ger
6130f1bb0fe7edf211b13f97f07561a3d3f1e5c5Mike Hommey — Bug 777892 - Link CPP_UNIT_TESTS against zlib when linking js statically. r=khuey
8bd1b7ccff26ec0d6ffa969bd9c2a589df8cab80Mike Hommey — Bug 773202 - Generic install/copy rule. r=ted
4d183847fc6923a93a73c2575b8485d0286c1a14Mike Hommey — Bug 770426 - Replace double colon rules with dependency chains for preprocessing rules. r=khuey
707a4a6340f0db280176defeed487080e6668ffbHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 779353 - part 2 - testcase: Telephony hook up to permissions manager. r=philikon
2898f99f375c4077862c1815ce3b6398ec6796a9Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 779353 - part 1 - B2G Telephony: Hook up to permissions manager. r=mounir
f940a77ee24724134a9dbcb81e0bc921582379b9Mike Hommey — Bug 742795 - Autogenerate r=ted
e677fd2a66ddcbd5977ca36cea7b3e3271dc6107Makoto Kato — Bug 778389 - Password mask should be U+2022 on Android. r=cpeterson
a525ac9349eb4bf29d4c2c650517791dea282669Matt Brubeck — Back out 9fb78d71f361, 28f8ce199bed, 78ffaa79a3de, 9f6f9b74d685 (bug 779940 and bug 778036) because of Android failures
5a6ac05db368df50b92e501801436c127733ff25Jason Duell — Bug 776174 - e10s: cleanup IPC nsILoader code. r=smaug, r=jdm
533e0681e6ff2d4909e5d7ea0f8a47d607c0b954Josh Aas — Bug 780489: Fix some compiler warnings in plugin and mac code. r=smichaud
b6fb1ca1cfc9ecad3c4a2310a73fd66a6a30e131Makoto Kato — Bug 780069 - msdmo.dll should be delay loaded. r=khuey
60d2911bf59ec1d35a22961c7b7e0915078e79f8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 0127c9c41bf2 (test for bug 780498) due to orange.
9fb78d71f3614a9dc79a6b52c54b15aa5c19b66aMatt Woodrow — Bug 779940 - Add a ShadowLayer transaction fps counter. r=cjones
28f8ce199bede458b958aec583d72aab5a78bd05Matt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Only notify the parent of the first TabChild paint. r=cjones
78ffaa79a3de2d452cf44951b74f62c49a9c6d4eMatt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Only mark Layers as Mutated if the property values are different. r=roc
9f6f9b74d685b2ee791e6afd362a0e2d53e86113Matt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Retain RefLayers instead of creating them every frame. r=roc
c392b83d59406b01892d69e9f21cbd158129f63eKarl Tomlinson — b=779786 check fbconfig alpha instead of buffer size against render format r=mattwoodrow
77fea247fe32ff8d07d05d15313afb7647b80584Karl Tomlinson — b=772883 replace MOZ_ENABLE_GTK with MOZ_WIDGET_GTK to restore nsUnixProxyModule r=roc
9c4db6a32c93eb1922cdc7fe2d00650d69aee502Anant Narayanan — Merge with mozilla-inbound
b8b948b3565a2ccd10d4ab7eb6feed5d402a5872Marco Castelluccio — Bug 760748: Add the category of the application to the desktop entry file - Part 2; r=fabrice
c6452db0947308313f20cadc9de30292a9ad09baMarco Castelluccio — Bug 760748: Add the category of the application to the desktop entry file; r=fabrice
f8f98c855eccfd468fb600953b7c95a2aacd4949Anant Narayanan Bug 779626: Javascript-global-constructor objects should be passed a window reference; r=mrbkap
9c94085402c9fcc11433151460fbc841eed2b35bPatrick McManus — bug 765048 - backout 3 digit accept-language q values r=biesi
6afd61ba31de83cc0332a5016af2c2f2c6c74d8bMark Hammond — Bug 779431 - ignores SRCSRV_ROOT if hg provides a path. r=:ted
0127c9c41bf29b8f98af8c9c0463dc613514e1e9David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780498 - Test that OS.File.move removes the original file. r=nfroyd
94f0205404448cbaa9e90b9e970fef3133d435dfMichael Comella — Bug 780481 - Fix top sites item height. r=sriram
fad487db4ea9a283f72c207d1af2bee9050f43aeMichael Comella — Bug 780367 - AboutHomeContent should no longer have two views. r=sriram
8bf69c3fd81419337cb93f96020bb5e88a333d32Jan Varga — Bug 779684 - Move FrameIteratorFlags to nsFrameIterator class. r=roc
78aaaf0d8185368f2606061ac4f897fa36b8839cBrian Hackett — Generate ICs which see through ListBase proxies, bug 769911. r=peterv,dvander
3cfa59dc5d8d7a1dce26614a0cef328f2714f15dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cf99db30a20cafa54377e9563c0ff6cf386a6994Ed Morley — Backout b4a63a0b90c2 (bug 778420), b849f1b3859a (bug 778420), d522b5a13b27 (bug 72964), 3a12c64bf53a (bug 778420), c07148142675 (bug 726053) for failures in test_bug435425.html on a CLOSED TREE
2ecf7d9b7580f8ee79167c1eba31c0b3eb1d8e58Ed Morley — Backout 34a7d2909954 (bug 780546) for causing bug 780761 one push later on a CLOSED TREE
1184b44427558170230db9ac7d58b8bb345c36c7Ed Morley — Backout 684958bd600b (bug 769911) for failures in test_bug435425.html on a CLOSED TREE
5e1f90ff980e77abac85e63b27442a8967a8bee8Gavin Sharp — Bug 780702: fix nsIDOMWindowUtils comment by reordering some fullscreen methods, r=cpearce
0bd439a357b7ac44658a78e32488690df311edbbDaniel Holbert — Bug 780728: Remove unused variable 'pixelRect' from nsDisplayCanvasBackground::Paint(). r=mattwoodrow
9d5f326881c7fc54f1a960658b66b93c6323c96bJan Beich — Bug 779704 - Cleanup FreeBSD linker cruft from configure script. r=khuey
4129a9d0f8878eff1b5c0c04f487b54e4212f652Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 6: Inject LayerView's InputConnectionHandler to remove GeckoInputConnection dependency. r=blassey
6fcc646aa521d014d3a4145b50cc71dfc5582032Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 5: Move GeckoAsyncTask to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=mfinkle
ac4bf00b43fe08eef0def16511aa3bafc8071f14Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 4: Move GeckoBackgroundThread to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=mfinkle
7bebc2480a5caf4906f67ecbe3d2723df119afc6Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 3: Move GeckoJarReader to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=mfinkle
8f318daea7c38f3f11ec1d516d976009b0ae614aChris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 2: Move INIParser to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=mfinkle
800a810a9466d06f04db05907a6e3a122ee6db47Chris Peterson — Bug 778468 - Part 1: Move ActivityResultHandler to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=mfinkle
a8145e7636011a2bdc8c6e495756505bb3f2fff8Dave Hylands — Bug 780670 - Added some error reporting to nsVolumeService r=dougt
63ee77218fadd1d00285f625b6a725419a627ff0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 779621 - B2G RIL: Give message.type a better name to avoid conflicts. r=marshall_law
5b8f3e2803cf611c172af45712ce03fad3eccbb8Gregory Szorc — Bug 759664 - Register testing-only JS modules with mochitests; r=ted
a218e9b11bc560532b123fead5478a70a18940ebSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 780222 - Address review comment.
9dd1dc9801e61d286280dc89b0ff0dc970f56ac4Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 780222 - Remove redundant check-sync-dirs call in js/src/ r=ted
3cc378b302c9513af0f94dc515c99b32a1bccc80Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 779922 - Export Windows-style paths in the in-tree mozconfig.vs2010 when building under Pymake. r=ted
89ea9764f9e98584b04f262ef70562d5e3dca32dGregory Szorc — Bug 778495 - Part 2: Add query related APIs for functions and expansions
7e28e6b21a061bc307283a1c68705c62efc25e38Gregory Szorc — Bug 778495 - Part 1: Add BaseExpansion class and new methods for expansions
e97779ff22631981d1d593a531de55a7a8655655Gregory Szorc — Bug 769976 - Statement reformatting and equality operators
40e682b208cc9ab16e54ffa6842dd4f1346be85eChris Peterson — Bug 780212 - Fix buffer overflow beyond MAXPATHLEN when querying Android's GRE_HOME. r=glandium
e410677cc1091fa701feae383e49c5ea0a342842Kyle Huey — Bug 689328: Ensure that lengthComputable is always the same for a given series of progress events by claiming that it is false even if all the data has been received. r=sicking
684958bd600bf4d9ea871271f8f358442b1b3aeeBrian Hackett — Generate ICs which see through ListBase proxies, bug 769911. r=peterv,dvander
f3bd764deb315b9e82dc3f362933ae98b41d07edJohn Schoenick — Bug 745030 - Followup, consider capabilities when checking content policy. r=josh
615a657305b5c53cc2fe1cd232518a6f1ad3b9b3John Schoenick — Bug 745030 - Refactor nsObjectLoadingContent fallback paths. r=josh,sr=jst
40a8737b62a1f1c74deac8cb4075fc316ea9799dJohn Schoenick — Bug 745030 - Refactor nsObjectLoadingContent loading paths. r=josh,sr=jst
b4a63a0b90c25628245dc4ebb33983897201c25aBobby Holley — Bug 778420 - Fix up tests that don't like the new enablePrivilege, r=jmaher.
b849f1b3859a096ab9a7686b6ac7d0233d47c028William Chen — Bug 778420 - Initial stab at the tests. v2 r=bholley
d522b5a13b278d431e1a878a684e56c07b50d59cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 778420 - Fix test_bug372964. v1 r=bholley
3a12c64bf53a25315fe2f6a0b82bc391996b6cfaBobby Holley — Bug 778420 - Add Services getter to SpecialPowers. v1
c071481426751da559781593621c0c70a66f9d3fCamilo Viecco — Bug 726053 This patch removes all forms of 'obj instanceof Components.interfaces' for the new specialpowersAPI call. r=bholley
8832cdd52d1c72e7f00d0664dcf331564d516c75Andrew McCreight — Bug 763773 - replace WrapperIsNotMainThreadOnly() with false. r=billm
ac4ee04df5e2080ae9b108c9229bd51a4a069f01Jim Mathies — Bug 780511 - Pipe additional debug output to the Windows debugger, r=neil.
a6c4661c3ead0be431bcd3a765c58e6e11cbad58Oleg Romashin — Bug 780646: Don't check for pango libraries when pango-disable option provided. r=glandium
759748513d641b953378472641da57b04d68d2a2Daniel Holbert — Bug 780680: Remove never-read variable 'prevGlyphCharIndex' from gfxHarfBuzzShaper::SetGlyphsFromRun(). r=jfkthame
c80832b8841b1cc4f8e5d4a444684cc834eb0559mbalaur — Bug 778363 - dmSUT - retVal can be None;r=jhammel
0fbe36ab89647d36fd262ad8b7697d32a2268746David Zbarsky — Bug 780342 - Don't allow compositor-driven animation of frames that are not prerendered, provide diagnostics for when that happens r=cjones
6beb523ebcb572d9f09b3416c2bf39dec2507540Sergey Glushchenko — Bug 776429: Unify scattered M_PI definitions into mfbt/Constants.h r=dRdR
ef62a9a2ee425de0ae494159190d4e51eaf8f09aDavid Burns — Bug 751637: Added keys helper to Marionette and removing sendKeysToElement atom; r=jgriffin
fa77c8c2a3464037199d9333fa051d89857a6c52Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779975 - Refcount ScriptSource. r=jorendorff
853059c5f3db02bc58d8c0f27368835e62bcde32Michael Wu — Bug 780287 - Don't wrap jemalloc on gonk, r=glandium
1bbc0b65dffba17754b8b2066f3c2ea52f757234Ms2ger — Bug 743573 - Fix a number of build warnings in dom/; r=mounir
f53c2abc69bdf8b17e38f6d0ef4f050b3efead5bGavin Sharp — Bug 780763: add MoTown to the social activation whitelist, r=jaws
bab33224e22cb4f56d0649b74d7be2e442f1cc45Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
870b30638837c578560a5538e1a34e2287ff81a3Mike Hommey — Backout part of changeset 1f4eae8d9e08 (bug 777379) for bustage on CLOSED TREE
0b4991ba3af69defa8836cb2af1aa3d9f23185a0Wes Johnston — Bug 769821 - Save app cache at install time for webapps. r=mfinkle,fabrice
633d8533e7cfa1e446a5aef07cf3172971019767Terrence Cole — Bug 772303 - Add missing roots for analysis builds; r=bhackett
5804800a7009c452143b2d6f89f25c70b31159d5Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 780508 - Avoid a bunch of process spawns with Pymake by removing a redundant shell script and switching an echo to a $(info). r=khuey
0748aa30bbda88679faa57ee75059d5221053dfeJustin Lebar — Bug 780547 - Disable idle API's fuzz factor. r=mounir
f10321e6ef51d59e728f1325aa5eee9103fc60ebJustin Lebar — Bug 780507 - Expose the idle service only to certified apps (and chrome). r=mounir
8b97d52a038e4c4d798a3c9a8ecbc33c42da08b1Kyle Huey — Bug 774770: Move the assertion to after the code that handles the cases the assertion guards against. r=bent
34a7d290995416753a6ce5516b0aa6ca9dc2254bJustin Lebar — Bug 780546 - Add test for opening named windows inside <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
dc18da2fd18c33dd3c286b97dd7164e6409c9cafAndrew McCreight — Bug 779669 - Return error in GetMozDash. r=peterv
867c9f564966b8995494955846d2f6597d6d978aEd Morley — Backout 7f8928077ed4 (bug 742795) for make-package & find filepath failures
1e9ec6f54266e358bf5e88de6b0f4eb82a68eebdLuke Wagner — Bug 780332 - rm getTypedArray (r=billm)
9cf05312594383991c0636a5e7cef7210f0f1c9eYoshi Huang — Bug 780063 - B2G RIL : ICC lock cannot work on Otoro. r=vicamo
7bc9fc61d58f48ec48657fdb399585c4158da952Mike Hommey — Fixup whitespaces from bug 777379. DONTBUILD
1f4eae8d9e089cbc97fd8e0c444473184b2f1f68Mike Hommey — Bug 777379 - Ensure that default is always the default target. r=ted
7f8928077ed4fed434d03af45843de85298b13e1Mike Hommey — Bug 742795 - Autogenerate r=ted
0a9fd0b1b5bfbad9622877f3cdcba29b7491d07eAlex Vincent — Bug 779910 - xulrunner builds fail to compile on windows; r=bz
07ac04d8e32b66e6c629ab030075e17fe8379822Aryeh Gregor — Bug 780469 - Reduce unnecessary includes in some content/ header files; r=bz
5f17d8754132b50fb7b286675faa1abae1d21f67Aryeh Gregor — Bug 780070 - Remove unnecessary includes from FragmentOrElement.h; r=bz
12053d923e8a0407ba12b2ed126a89d07d21cac6Jonathan Griffin — Bug 778912 - Marionette should shutdown Firefox instances it launches, a=test-only, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
cdc84c93ffe3d88d0fc5880b3db181c500b26db0Tim Taubert — Bug 780641 - Unbreak b2g mochitests, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
f24229bc0ec81d97f9248789a1df23251c81e404Jonathan Kew — bug 780409 - updates to thebes harfbuzz integration for hb api changes. r=jdaggett
e62bc7eb40318d729f69a3e47a6fb5d2227a66a7Jonathan Kew — bug 780409 - update harfbuzz to commit 8ba8042... to pick up improvements from toronto hackfest. r=jdaggett
77e5cdc7af9a5d58296200221be631b4cd41bb9eMs2ger — Bug 770046 - Disable test.
8e260b44e90d2ac73d03828cb17b3d85b36e2447Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 779217 - Intermittent test_outgoing_hangup_held.js: got OK, expected outbound to 5555552368 : unknown | got false, expected true. r=philikon
6abf66d40494507a7d574397407cf48d8b20e9feEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
493da08175ecb33c45b33a2c5545afe6abbdbbcbMakoto Kato — Bug 771201 - Characters committed at every typing on fullscreen keyboard. r=cpeterson
03a0ad94d77a1238d8edc67afed5cad1909d570fLuqman A. — Bug 775049 - DeCOMtaminate nsIRadioGroupContainer; f=Ms2ger r=mounir
39ab0e54330a3b95b0233381d1d298c652308360Paul Adenot — Bug 774357 - Fix a crash in nsHTMLMediaElement::EndMediaStreamPlayback r=roc
6efd09dda9e168917b08648efe0253d214f77688Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Make test_offsets.js handle the viewport being transformed. r=tnikkel
970496fa31dd1e3da7c203cf5fde0372a25557b1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Handle frame with NS_HAS_CONTAINER_LAYER having no display items. r=tnikkel
1ee6a1ae6cfc0b0339fba8dd2ced4b0ec9ba276cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Mark test as passing on Mac.
b2127fc9bd2b215f46414af73fcd22a554335c09Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Testcase.
8364cb62506ed930bb7fbfd8fc3d9b30a2a9eb2eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. RestrictToLayerPixels needs to accurately convert between appunits scroll offsets and ThebesLayer pixel coordinates. r=tnikkel
2ed51e5b476adc0504d65ebc3cb6e522d5fa929fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753517 part 2.75. Fix the QI impls to not lie. r=bustage
422dde19e8d1e29d139080e8d66eba71e4f09c82Matthew Gregan — Bug 779187 - Fix nsBufferedAudioStream's sample format selection for big endian machines. r=doublec
b569dbfda9091864c03fc17da12c8cf7cd61f04dJustin Lebar — No bug - Fix error in nsIPrincipal comment (it's nsIScriptSecurityManager::NO_APP_ID, not nsIAppsService::NO_APP_ID). r=me DONTBUILD
43a138ec34e7338eec97198f60fce4657598be2bJustin Lebar — No bug - Fixing typo in comment in nsPIDOMWindow.h. r=me DONTBUILD
9ae5f9ed9a33d02b5e4ce577d116766af3adf3b2Makoto Kato — Bug 780072 - default value of android api version should be 9 on x86 or mipsel. r=glandium
8745c8473918aa1e882021d3306878a906377857Makoto Kato — Bug 780077 - _MSVS_VERSION should be 2012 when using VS2012. r=ted
b398d42e2f116a73d2a19ee53be0c11c08191b68David Zbarsky — [Bug 780439] Kill off the remains of nsIBox r=roc
3546da8a22abe4125baa5489545603a91dc18226David Zbarsky — [Bug 780428] Don't include nsIFrame.h in places where it's not necessary r=roc
b3f0e5c7874dbd470d96e476e116740e4ca35925David Zbarsky — Bug 779684: Create a stack-based nsFrameIterator class out of nsIFrameTraversal and nsIFrameEnumerator r=roc
4bc7154190dda6cc2d9b13a07a0e410959bd7f4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753517 part 2.5. Include nsWrapperCacheInlines so things will actually link correctly. r=bustage
3bfbd9a8ed9007d521d306f0e3112637acd98164John Schoenick — Bug 771666 - Update sandbox test to reflect expected plugin behavior. r=mattn
61951a8d507f1ce13c3d424f311790d446f4b6d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 753517 part 2. Make all CSS declarations wrappercached and make them correctly handle preserved wrappers. r=mccr8,peterv,smaug,dbaron
4a98866591a04d22ed35fe809893c82e0655e26bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753517 part 1. Make GetParentObject() on CSS declarations return a useful nsINode if possible. r=peterv,dbaron
466ee677956676c48f9de1e97c61e4dc194d255bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 765588. Make CSSFontFaceStyleDecl an nsICSSDeclaration. r=dbaron
fbb86d7aaafb18ccac25d87770b20fb2a38af45dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
fd9cd6608ca4a34f3fe5f928f839b87a8cb347eaMasayuki Nakano — Bug 780436 Union actual text-decoration rect to the overflow rect of floating first letter's child r=roc
a14c95f1a374ffb329786354a534334b629d0918David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 780498 - Add OS.Constants.libc.COPYFILE_MOVE. r=yoric
c8d94fe7506a46415651d3b41fa340155a1fa7d1Kyle Huey — Bug 780414: Followup to fix my build. Sort-of-but-not-really-r=Callek
4ef4ffe2bca1c6960f78d4289b287d89775cfd41Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
d7a0c5b760fd92d87e8f0aa23b454cd310d0b86dSiddharth Agarwal — The correct fix for bug 780497. Missed a backslash.
9fc6f70c11aa701e05abcb978e6000db455c867aSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 780497 - Pymake build broken because it thinks touch {uuid}/Makefile contains shell metacharacters. r=khuey
22e600473209a55ddcdef8f741bd88f1b2d775afRobert Longson — Bug 619964 - Implement FillPaint and StrokePaint filter sources. r=jwatt
3f0298834ad99f1ad9aa943780b4c5d2f0207233David Zbarsky — Bug 780340 - Allow compositor-driven animations of visibility r=mattwoodrow
949770676b0fdb32a74e316bdcfca686a3ab90f7Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 780357: Resync js/src/build/autoconf
91de8ff323d4147463f8252714f7d92dfd7c7af4Mike Hommey — Bug 780357 - Allow m-c's to be used from c-c. r=khuey
d83147d64e0639164ea7cf43f4a7ca5f7cca50baMike Hommey — Bug 780414 - Fix for the case where top_srcdir is a path relative to topobjdir. r=khuey
a2d271ce54ffcd1cc5ec08fab56d86fb0062b76dAndrew McCreight — Bug 777806 - rename RootResultArrayBuffer to RootJSResultObjects. r=bz
6c60e99d97397a5b2b5062f1b708e6a6ed345cf6Oleg Romashin — Bug 779679 FT2_ flags overriden by MOZ_TREE_FREETYPE env setup and fontconfig get's dropped. r=glandium
6347710412a5d5c58b77c9f76431a2ea9e1d80f2Kyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
4e8871b8e9138dfbe46c374fac544f9259e40a8fEd Morley — Backout 6ea008b301da, 14d17919e235, b15fb3603bfe & f89ae41eed63 (bug 772679) for turning test_offsets.html perma-orange on native Android mochitest-7
85872a2e11db3f36105cad9d818627c7beaf0bbfHenri Sivonen — Bug 768138 - s/must to be/must be/ in a parser error message. r=smaug.
b5b5fb7f05f2627c34c2e9516419d0c41bca5e83Matt Brubeck — Bug 779551 - Mark spellcheck-superscript-2.html as failing on native Android, so reftest-3 can be unhidden; rs=edmorley
b872322622129dd15c35364c2a92d7bba25de853Geoff Brown — Bug 775227: tweak set of Android M3 tests disabled for OOM; r=jmaher
ab9cc855bb3997bdd039587d8b144b5f9b7c354cJoel Maher — Bug 687032 - Intermittent test_bug590812.html | noxul domain same as ref and test_bug590812.html | xul supporting domain same as ref. r=edmorley
24389ed3dd7271d55fec897bf10a112e1c3320c3Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 780446 - touch Makefile after invoking config.status. r=glandium
f56aa65b70ae39703f67e8d04bb252ee3eb18e24Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 780430 - Declare encoding in config.status. r=glandium
043cc75b3a4c3adfaf3a187d4deedf19d7615bb2Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 780421 - Use $(PYTHON) to run config.status. r=glandium
cda0a576a7a80599e1ab9994ed6d3fc44b29e3f1Aryeh Gregor — Bug 732153 part 1 - Computed transform should be 'none' if there's no transform, even if backface-visibility or transform-style is set; r=dbaron
6ea008b301da3adc83346aa6d339d61c8154992dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Handle frame with NS_HAS_CONTAINER_LAYER having no display items. r=tnikkel
14d17919e23588f03c7627365b39f6ae4d889086Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Mark test as passing on Mac.
b15fb3603bfef8fd088486359b577e338dfed98cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Testcase.
f89ae41eed63ecc2ba51b7a2b5c2e29819854da3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. RestrictToLayerPixels needs to accurately convert between appunits scroll offsets and ThebesLayer pixel coordinates. r=tnikkel
0e213ba77dca4032ddc876d788d83fa28eb48f49Justin Lebar — Bug 768832 - Set OOM adjust for background windows. r=bz,cjones
05848864b5f9f908b60d4bac8922291119c70091Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 29: Don't underline links within SVG text by default. r=dbaron
6899651a0f096311cb8c1573b3854f81bb9a1ab7Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 21: Avoid assertions when nsStyleContext::GetVisitedDependentColor is called for an SVG paint property. r=dbaron
d8c6025c0881195cf71d6dda0ed3b91c4cef7ae2Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 20: Make nsTextFrame QueryFrame-able. r=roc
270c17de5f452cd313fc82ca8b53586d9c325556Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 18: Ensure even line-ending white space SVG text frames are created. r=bz
47f0da584ea308a4ecd0ec6d4a44cc864f22fc95Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 17: Ensure non-SVG child elements of SVG text elements do not get frames. r=bz
24ed03720db79471aee9273d768746c7996546f3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732336 - (Part 3) Listen for tab events in doorhanger popup. r=wesj
0d60c5d6e88250fd592c3c6e2a7508edfaff11a6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732336 - (Part 2) Refactor DoorHanger/Tab to centralize logic in DoorHangerPopup. r=wesj
d2231c3083b9943ad8e43e9dde55740f61b70704Margaret Leibovic — Bug 732336 - (Part 1) Move doorhanger-related event listeners to DoorHangerPopup. r=wesj
38bf3dfd81a0ad58dda40c4932849d6cf09283c3Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
fe50f205782554401b9d0b5b4c35a092d2888a02Mihai Sucan — Bug 676722 - The output of console.log(object) isn't expandable/inspectable in the Web Console; r=rcampbell
9453cf029b7229dc05be2fd51c95918bea6e7925Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 780407 - Pymake: Export variables in MAKEFLAGS, including those passed over the command-line. r=khuey
f001138cae47a311e5ac60d483ef191c7a14c5adMs2ger — Bug 780164 - Make nsAttrAndChildArray::GetModifiableMapped infallible; r=bz
47127a5b7acea8fce3db113aa39607f9b50518e5Ms2ger — Bug 780168 - Avoid a couple QIs in nsDocShell::GetInterface(nsIDocument); r=bz
909c1be5b6e46d39e079801eb6aaa2179c2a39b5Ms2ger — Bug 780165 - Part c: Use nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc() in drag&drop; r=smaug
6452d75c8b53a8c07a2847e41e1c2c393cb08b09Ms2ger — Bug 780165 - Part b: Use nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc() in the special case for window.document in nsDOMClassInfo; r=smaug
30332765790cbb44f4de7188ad58021dab466151Ms2ger — Bug 780165 - Part a: Introduce nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc(); r=smaug
a146692884540709377435e86500029b1dd2c0fcMs2ger — Bug 777306 - Remove NS_NewHTMLStyleSheet; r=dbaron
4027e2283d986cc3a0a24c26b90fb42022a2e84eMs2ger — Bug 777293 - Remove NS_NewCSSStyleSheet; r=dbaron
e5b07db1a5744277c11038b2ae47eeee4209c020Ms2ger — Bug 600111 - Throw the correct exceptions in XMLHttpRequest.setRequestHeader(); r=sicking
111b81ca63968dcec9755e047d018bd23e19fe61Ms2ger — Bug 714279 - range.compareBoundaryPoints should throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR when called with an invalid 'how' argument; r=smaug
84666ccc06cfdc79cdaa9a4bb2a65ce1e391408bMs2ger — Bug 636123 - Part b: Don't null-check the result of nsDocument::GetOrCreateRadioGroup; r=mounir
1a4ffaef8acd07a1c20e4c2dd2807d17fedcbfbcMs2ger — Bug 636123 - Part a: Split nsDocument::GetRadioGroup in two methods: one to get the radio group and one to create it; r=mounir
df072441c8bb0512e4c43f12b15508c86f7554bcMs2ger — Bug 716822 - Move attributes and methods on nsIDOMNSEvent to nsIDOMEvent; r=smaug
b0e43ce07b18db421d3cc139eddd195b5990f526Ms2ger — Bug 776224 - CheckPref should always initialize its outparam; r=peterv
e06889b2f24a7b254c8d9458c01bbdbe1a16fcb0Ms2ger — Bug 774705 - Part b: Throw a TypeError when trying to construct an interface without a constructor; r=bz
94fb2a8a4c39c3db2ad1ac1026918664a99a630fMs2ger — Bug 774705 - Part a: Update /resources.
fd2d64e3d8c614b005098ffeba5c05c37390845aMs2ger — Bug 771934 - Throw NOT_FOUND_ERR instead of HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR from nsINode::RemoveChild; r=bz
6932dd959e4c912b48210f2fd1d8bbfa851d0ac3Ms2ger — Bug 768310 - Don't throw from Event.initEvent if it's called during event dispatch; r=smaug
d397dd7998a6c734ada8a5b7199cf269835fa8daMs2ger — Bug 771932 - Import some more DOM4 tests; r=sicking
7641d18552a659b8b63e4195e0475e0e36d61352Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part e: Expand the set of JS mime types we support; r=bz
2b9b6c46393f6a737dc83f7759a6c54e53bc872eMs2ger — Bug 672814 - Part d: Move the type attribute parsing in nsScriptLoader::ProcessScriptElement into a helper function; r=bz
72823d80a5660c557de9886a1a1fb780393ccef7Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part c: Remove the typeID variable in nsScriptLoader::ProcessScriptElement; r=bz
db7c6b522dcfb5927a0ddbbf5eaf0a5f44355620Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part b: Introduce nsContentUtils::IsJavascriptMIMEType; r=bz
48977890b1b8a953fbe4979324366985f73532ffMs2ger — Bug 672814 - Part a: Move nsJSRuntime::ParseVersion to nsContentUtils; r=bz
d6318b8974376743ed04c7116528b2a59e99157fMs2ger — Bug 773933 - Remove libs rules from browser/components/sessionstore/src/; r=ted
393b9e4e7404384c2abfaa91d8af4b46e512da86Ms2ger — Bug 773326 - Add test for previously inverted thread check in getJSToNativeConversionTemplate::onFailure; r=peterv
65e5f28b578c2d07b1c8bddf401362556822f3a7Ms2ger — Bug 352437 - Part c: Escape quotes in tagify; r=jorendorff
1fc4a72e45f7692f54228494bd868f03532b1cd2Ms2ger — Bug 352437 - Part a: Use a StringBuffer in tagify; r=jorendorff
a184e7de6ba978ed73631af3d54be2dc2200ca1cMs2ger — Bug 780111 - Share code with new DOM bindings for primitive conversions in XPCConvert::JSData2Native; r=bholley
cb1eac927462acb6e9be402bf87199f27a2f44d8Ms2ger — Bug 780108 - Get rid of the double switch in XPCConvert::JSData2Native; r=bholley
7abce15d1cb3b6f07ff8689008285f732b7bc9a8Ed Morley — Bug 780373 - scrollbars-01.svg & scrollbars-02.svg are perma-orange on Android. r=mfinkle
91e49679104c80b1972cdab98ca0f8d0e984d14aEtienne Segonzac — Bug 779793 - Properly send a NO_PROVIDER error when there is no options to handle a WebActivity. r=vingtetun
d802da5c4ed21443a565f6781253e1ced568060aTal Aloni — Bug 778413 - Fix table cell automatic width calculation when using box-sizing:border-box. r=dbaron
7366f3e37a5361c536192353d93b75f318058261Etienne Segonzac — Bug 775638 - Set dom.send_after_paint_to_content to true in the gaia profile to ease compatibility when testing in nightly. r=vingtetun
8f0244595d4230db5283b3a1a58662cd80bf2fd0Jonathan Kew — bug 721750 - reftests for text-shadow in ::-moz-selection. r=dbaron
d4084a5a23a5e786cf7aea6631cf071e059b27ecJonathan Kew — bug 721750 - support text-shadow property on ::-moz-selection. r=dbaron
66f8a222e9bccec5d55b3048ed135c4cd72c2d3aBenoit Jacob — Bug 778006 - reenable WebGL mochitest on Android - r=gbrown
162130598df094e19b044610902abecd403278d3Mike Hommey — Bug 774032 bonus - Use @DEPTH@ and @relativesrcdir@ in r=ted
ef314df1088182c05bd5c5f0c906dd634c2bff98Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0a48f2d0e2a0626a53b11a670f070cde9d3856b8Andrew McCreight — Bug 752764 - Nuke wrapped reflector during transplant. r=bholley
0a17cde2a4b69265c48577b9848b33d0a1ab0d5bEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c801b99d726f06fd89b517936a42e1cffe0a1ca5Ed Morley — Revert inbound to 3d5d1daa2505 to stop OS X M5 failures (backout not clean/could have been a bad merge) on a CLOSED TREE
02cbcf0159fae7eb42e51a4faad09db878e551d5Etienne Segonzac — Bug 779793 - Properly send a NO_PROVIDER error when there is no options to handle a WebActivity. r=vingtetun
2ebe042fd6245b07fc044ac552e1f4959ad170c4Tal Aloni — Bug 778413 - Fix table cell automatic width calculation when using box-sizing:border-box. r=dbaron
7e7501faef122f91f73bc995242d3f8240fae8b1Etienne Segonzac — Bug 775638 - Set dom.send_after_paint_to_content to true in the gaia profile to ease compatibility when testing in nightly. r=vingtetun
61ad814fab44ef43581c4fc0ac0690f7d09ba12bAndrew McCreight — Bug 752764 - Nuke wrapped reflector during transplant. r=bholley
8cddb8632ceaaca93f76395f6c5d1d8ed14fccd7David Zbarsky — Bug 780340 - Allow compositor-driven animations of visibility r=mattwoodrow
e63fd4fc05a0cf1afb9302eb74335a961a1c549eMs2ger — Back out bug 772679 for crashes.
313b5b97e7e3cf833cdbec05f29ca7677666659eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Mark test as passing on Mac.
7566f863512b4f28b83b28f9ea70231b17f25d89Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. Testcase.
6424adfb7ac2be06d083250e63dbe54a2eb8bc99Robert O'Callahan — Bug 772679. RestrictToLayerPixels needs to accurately convert between appunits scroll offsets and ThebesLayer pixel coordinates. r=tnikkel
197ea74511d5030c36f60c2ebee8e3ce6becffd0Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
3d5d1daa2505a160978aeb1738e26c05d8279de8Ed Morley — Backout fce1836888b4 (bug 778608) for failures in browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js on a CLOSED TREE
1fc17369c9a6c85dfd5724b9b6ecc073f0b3cc6cMike Hommey — Backout changeset 2ef51674316a (bug 774032 bonus) for various Mochitest bustages on a CLOSED TREE
92e7a70cc2925fc4092ceb51613ee70d9f8cfc9fCameron McCormack — Bug 780337 - CSSSupportsRule serialization test fixup. r=burning
efe20b02bab164a0a1520e867e04b3a935f84655Cameron McCormack — Bug 778600 - Indent closing brace when listing GroupRules. r=dbaron
c9564834bfe1183d537b445b86b25e348043b02aCameron McCormack — Bug 780337 - @supports rule should not parse if property value is empty. r=dbaron
a8c1c8501141ea8e36d2f0e9de0c9507231c1691Mike Hommey — Bug 780159 - Remove obsolete REGCHROME. r=ted
040c3b5a99d09e1017d221fe3dfb24dfa92f3ec0Mike Hommey — Bug 778740 - Allow to use Linux kernel headers for perf events. r=khuey
47b9642f6f1b45eb3596922ed0ea95904e85f937Mike Hommey — Bug 778259 - Fix fallback relpath implementation for python 2.5- in r=jhammel
ea718abec95cb6ccddd54532ec264ef37eeb4342Mike Hommey — Bug 776561 - Avoid OS_LIBS containing -lrt when there is no config.cache. r=khuey
2ef51674316aadfe26a46877b16794f758bf4b6dMike Hommey — Bug 774032 bonus - Use @DEPTH@ and @relativesrcdir@ in r=ted
75ac79f11192db4d40b2cb71144a6d49ecbc34c1Mike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 7 - Remove make-makefile and r=ted
21c3069ddc4a9d294de06151a7d3486577b1429aMike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 6 - Replace autoconf handling of config files and headers with our own. r=ted
b4218536a9e6b18f0d8de9c8e16abad414fce76aMike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 5 - Use explicit _NON_GLOBAL_ACDEFINES, and rely less on pattern matching. r=ted
ad1693a9b9080b5950e8abc7b3a248d73401f7d7Mike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 4 - Add check-sync-dirs exception for *.pyc under build/. r=ted
4440a3d03b5142f70032dc2cac542ca69d38aa5bMike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 3 - Remove variables with no AC_SUBST in r=ted
bc06248ee601999f3f04bf934b8dab53abfdbd37Mike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 2 - Allow to disable markers in r=ted
c3f1d6b6cd6351558b35f9348d829bee1ad1be3aMike Hommey — Bug 774032 part 1 - Avoid replacing undefined variables with the attemptSubstitution filter. r=ted
c65fa0ee6e2886ae61e888fe45f1bce90cde7652Mike Hommey — Bug 776968 - Avoid modifying after running nspr configure. r=ted
d19bc0ab5a98ba027d1da77342623d3c71dd363cAndres Hernandez — Bug 621564. Use Map in nsContentPrefService's cache. r=felipe
01f85b0fe9fc6b73340613e03f9244c680717d75Felipe Gomes — Bug 775803. Move WebappsInstaller to toolkit. r=glandium
fd329615ef3e64d1ca449346df91d3845a3e1955Benjamin Peterson — backout 6609595c84eb for leaking mutex
b97b846f6c3cfca9649a2e5cb86a287625b44b4cChris Jones — Bug 780346: Add a sample label to refresh driver. irl-r=mattwoodrow
0a329df2f15e8aa0ef69a6bcfd2a50d1638bebbdAdam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 769791 - Optimize adding ranges to the end of mRanges in nsSelection. r=smaug
460e23aef181cb3823a67a0c948ab28798c13342Dao Gottwald — Bug 779302 - Speed up arrow panel opening animation. r=shorlander
cb6de405463b3e32a8604269c5eb724c7d6ca046Jared Wein — Bug 774174 - Linux styling for Social toolbar UI. r=gavin
5d7b0289ccc7d8dd47fddb3a4980dd490c937ed2Blair McBride — Bug 780313 - Remove unnecessary preprocessing of Toolkit files. r=gavin
fce1836888b45ad655f794023636d4333ea9b67fJustin Dolske — Bug 778608 - Move SafeBrowsing.jsm to toolkit. r=gavin
1a7e9878a9d6122ed43d18e77808926e627064b9Matt Woodrow — Bug 778036 - Add Has function to gfx::UserData and use it in Layers to correctly check for existance of user data. r=roc
6609595c84eb7819a4166102296cb73c9a4e139aMatt Woodrow — Bug 780260 - Add serial numbers to Images and use it to check if an image has been painted to its BasicShadowableImageLayer already. r=cjones
83c9437ff26db74dab81cf5352b7f247b2c1471eEric Faust — Bug 742188 - Implement ToInt64 and ToUint64 per the WebIDL standard. (r=jorendorff)
cda60803eb9185886caa16c437cc2194f665aeafEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
bc1c8194da40cc4da503360c0705a8de21768a17Shane Caraveo — Bug 777177 - Keep the social sidebar loaded, and dispatch events when it is opened/closed, r=gavin
22badde74fb91013cbbb82d1910257253e5fd46dEd Morley — Backout 14245bf85a3d (bug 778420), b9f603d3eef4 (bug 778420), e9bc27234022 (bug 72964), d5aa53121d29 (bug 778420), 959cc7ef5f5a (bug 726053) for m1 failures in test_offline_gzip.html
e76632e148d6bfcf3562932f4f3ef5af78705a45David Zbarsky — Bug 706179 Part 3: Turn on the use of scaling for layers in FrameLayerBuilder r=mattwoodrow
c2917d3532c849e383b3057b5f57fc4f572faa42John Ford — bug 774215 - package libplugin_child_interpose.dylib on b2g desktop builds r=cjones
ec210ececc2c358bf7871c3e914e5d5d704b9b89Ben Turner — Bug 780048 - 'Some input stream types cannot be transferred via IPC'. r=khuey.
c206e3d4a533fe694f6982b270f96f067673564dEd Morley — Backout 21d92e8dd85a (bug 780048) for bustage
14245bf85a3db26c5e6471ba6f55571bb366db8aBobby Holley — Bug 778420 - Fix up tests that don't like the new enablePrivilege. r=jmaher
b9f603d3eef4337ac987894c1dc9c0cfb2d48c12William Chen — Bug 778420 - Initial stab at the tests. r=bholley
e9bc27234022f0dd9032ae060f95a3b7be745f31Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 778420 - Fix test_bug372964. r=bholley
d5aa53121d29bc1d249932f40dfe8234a34bbc62Bobby Holley — Bug 778420 - Add Services getter to SpecialPowers. r=jmaher
959cc7ef5f5af30735eb77d5024259f82cfa0490Camilo Viecco — Bug 726053 - Add SpecialPowers instanceof wrapper. r=ted
21d92e8dd85a8d12a52763874c7440f14a5a723aBen Turner — Bug 780048 - 'Some input stream types cannot be transferred via IPC'. r=khuey.
4f774268e674a746bdcbb5f434d8d75f99b34329Bill McCloskey — Bug 779849 - Fix NPAPI wrapping (r=bholley)
4863aa94957552d113e8f59e081af0e5dec08912Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 765079: Text selection in HTML input elements. [r=margaret]
ccc56082c2e4eee1afef0c219a17dde9ac7a5890David Zbarsky — Fix virtual dtor warnings, no bug, blanket r=bz
08dbf37ae570e450e2cd977649c64e6bdf2c0d3fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 777358: Large tablet tab new should be added to [r=mfinkle]
d6d2dc5cf8155855f2ffbdc59f887c3653c882aaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 779322: TabsTray lost its scrolling capabilities. [r=mbrubeck]
ba994bcb9d335caaaeba8e958ed8d3b7335c059eSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 780241 - should not be a native command. r=ted over IRC.
d6deca9f6666164191d114e10fb4c80366aa3545Gregory Szorc — Bug 777233 - Add warning module to mozbuild to track compiler warnings; r=vlad
da67b46ba82ca7d0bba833405722659d0388f173Gregory Szorc — Bug 777231 - Add skeleton for mozbuild package; r=vlad
87e7abe891a961aa58369bd89ebea121e8dbdeeeBenjamin Peterson — Bug 772733 - Implement String.contains. r=sfink
6f89406dc7639c947c6349154ae8205192969dccBenjamin Peterson — Bug 772733 - Implement String.startsWith/endsWith. r=luke
aa100b9efcca939783a3cb8acd2ce425d88ea6daVladimir Vukicevic — b=780213; don't call glDeleteTextures when len == 0 in TextureReaper, because Adreno; r=snorp
af61b4b10e3a74d98efaffe92a9f2d3ed27d61e6Vladimir Vukicevic — b=779936; can't use TextureView without android hardware accelerated windows (S3 bustage); r=snorp
a28c47bf240fed1d7d80c411ce8ddd8f6cd5eb58Benjamin Peterson — Bug 778531 - Update Array.prototype.join/toLocaleString to follow ES5. r=jorendorff
7eb691b3ef12289256e9691065340937e4c6e2dfAndrew McCreight — Bug 777806. r=bent
a3a94eb254c81cc52bcf126dbb67cf8cd132865aTerrence Cole — Bug 778383 - Make use an options list to pass around extra args; r=dmandelin
169186616cd27541d8bf4976dd69fffa3f8fcaf4Fabrice Desré — Bug 714299 - Manifest fetched on install shouldn't be cached [r=mayhemer]
c150fce9c39e99fccdaa16b06f5f44d738169441Justin Lebar — Bug 773356 - Fix scrolling in enabled textareas in B2G. r=roc
33d2a320f683739be5b21ac68230272755b69bf7Andrew McCreight — Bug 724666 - Remove debugging printfs. r=bgirard
0d1da7c6afd56abc1dbd9a2dcf393f9be944fc8aBenoit Jacob — Bug 778765 - Work around nouveau driver bug by changing samples=1 to samples=0 - r=jgilbert
470c2ac0548a9acc2f60a2d8f99a6fbbe73ea757Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d848e7c66c613b460819c721d69df169853c16c0Jan Beich — Bug 779847: use optimized color conversion on BSDs. r=doublec
d8010258ceea6631ada572a013e2bcd6c3b9bea7Landry Breuil — Bug 763976. Followup: remove extra comma at end of enum. rs=ms2ger
2d8bd0de9362422bfd80ff514eaee36d1f603073Vivien Nicolas — Bug 777672 - Remove changes to dom/browser-element/ that are not related to bug 777672. r=me
c449b548784e7b445ac4849bab25698307e9d2d7Vivien Nicolas — Bug 778810 - Show/Hide scrollbars depending on activity. r=roc
f687cf5c1bb522969eb48a3f1b924724e2bc91a2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 778810 - Show/Hide scrollbars depending on activity (css part). r=fabrice
a741513132bd6c387794321b7f754fe0db0bf80cVivien Nicolas — Bug 777672 - [b2g] |body { overflow: hidden }| do not hide scrollbars. r=roc
6a13303220dd79b42c90842533be81d263a5b027Vivien Nicolas — Bug 777672 - [b2g] |body { overflow: hidden }| do not hide scrollbars (css part). r=fabrice
a99a135fc810dffeeefeefa5f44fa6d4739a85e3Vivien Nicolas — Bug 770453 - [b2g] Semi-transparent scroll bars should not occupy content-flow space mobile/xul part. r=mfinkle
b5e444664a6cac31324bf6ff6fe64f1f2eea9a02Markus Stange — Bug 770453 - [b2g] Semi-transparent scroll bars should not occupy content-flow space. r=roc
d75ca2cb6a2cc1850a737ae90a8a13e0f88fc81effxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave32
20fc34efd73393a064b90360f2d8a72bcd1677b7Ms2ger — Bug 780164 - Make nsAttrAndChildArray::GetModifiableMapped infallible; r=bz
3dceba4ba1229a6040eed477d98af6f8f2033136Ms2ger — Bug 780168 - Avoid a couple QIs in nsDocShell::GetInterface(nsIDocument); r=bz
e94a0bfcac97c58f020423dd88de0bfeac35954dMs2ger — Bug 780165 - Part c: Use nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc() in drag&drop; r=smaug
20521e4727d62f886eee74799d50c101d4a7f34aMs2ger — Bug 780165 - Part b: Use nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc() in the special case for window.document in nsDOMClassInfo; r=smaug
18f2ed71b5913c7169e5ac30bef7e6f0a6d06309Ms2ger — Bug 780165 - Part a: Introduce nsPIDOMWindow::GetDoc(); r=smaug
297b9ebe9f8f11c7cf41177afc0a01d443aacefaMs2ger — Bug 777306 - Remove NS_NewHTMLStyleSheet; r=dbaron
dc145011431fbfa19400913b0fe9e39a1af18fa7Ms2ger — Bug 777293 - Remove NS_NewCSSStyleSheet; r=dbaron
8426cc6a787591140c681be5f69d3c4bf2a910fcMs2ger — Bug 600111 - Throw the correct exceptions in XMLHttpRequest.setRequestHeader(); r=sicking
c87914bb143994a7c0fcb757b8da83b21f4c3ff6Ms2ger — Bug 714279 - range.compareBoundaryPoints should throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR when called with an invalid 'how' argument; r=smaug
42c33d3dd1b03b1fc9f081346015b4f834f41ed4Ms2ger — Bug 636123 - Part b: Don't null-check the result of nsDocument::GetOrCreateRadioGroup; r=mounir
29ba0ce22560d5ada747a0051a1a1b773d24bfc3Ms2ger — Bug 636123 - Part a: Split nsDocument::GetRadioGroup in two methods: one to get the radio group and one to create it; r=mounir
0bb1a5882d49419041d1eba1a3656eb1b820ea61Ms2ger — Bug 716822 - Move attributes and methods on nsIDOMNSEvent to nsIDOMEvent; r=smaug
048b907059f4905cee28dd745d3fd5d25d4748a2Ms2ger — Bug 776224 - CheckPref should always initialize its outparam; r=peterv
c7cdc41bc68575cd53cdd567b4b825335e273260Ms2ger — Bug 774705 - Part b: Throw a TypeError when trying to construct an interface without a constructor; r=bz
3cd9ccac3181c1a799810f513ea1e1833688fdf0Ms2ger — Bug 774705 - Part a: Update /resources.
3dad862708b832f1e55e72f2cdf1f278ba2ac176Ms2ger — Bug 771934 - Throw NOT_FOUND_ERR instead of HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR from nsINode::RemoveChild; r=bz
c353270e78dfd9c7923deed408576ba4e0be24c4Ms2ger — Bug 768310 - Don't throw from Event.initEvent if it's called during event dispatch; r=smaug
75de0df7f9268506e676c584434da318a83d8a33Ms2ger — Bug 771932 - Import some more DOM4 tests; r=sicking
8d520e1c293696f6318bcc2175aa8a913c172c59Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part e: Expand the set of JS mime types we support; r=bz
7bdb887fadcf7705b86cf172f90dd5649ee79432Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part d: Move the type attribute parsing in nsScriptLoader::ProcessScriptElement into a helper function; r=bz
ad10220d809325ddaeff4a6905d923c6359f2a51Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part c: Remove the typeID variable in nsScriptLoader::ProcessScriptElement; r=bz
a246a4b88efb3806a61615c2363877de0ce6f7f2Ms2ger — Bug 672814 - Part b: Introduce nsContentUtils::IsJavascriptMIMEType; r=bz
39877da5d9dd2cdfc13bdac3d8f9c055424716ccMs2ger — Bug 672814 - Part a: Move nsJSRuntime::ParseVersion to nsContentUtils; r=bz
c6ae36a7f8a9282b894e281c3335cd5e9485fc52Ms2ger — Bug 773933 - Remove libs rules from browser/components/sessionstore/src/; r=ted
67e0ec3563f61835dc4d23f0469890354d54f614Ms2ger — Bug 773326 - Add test for previously inverted thread check in getJSToNativeConversionTemplate::onFailure; r=peterv
355e0e643065f4ec6d368515d49cc736da63f373Ms2ger — Bug 352437 - Part c: Escape quotes in tagify; r=jorendorff
75b38c2345826a5c115d7c5182c883fada15490bMs2ger — Bug 352437 - Part a: Use a StringBuffer in tagify; r=jorendorff
4221c868e4a2cf4504a817616347c72d86359141Ms2ger — Bug 780111 - Share code with new DOM bindings for primitive conversions in XPCConvert::JSData2Native; r=bholley
04215dfd0e6c5fef34a36bc2e73278855d44b6ebMs2ger — Bug 780108 - Get rid of the double switch in XPCConvert::JSData2Native; r=bholley
a7fadfbad93262a227f70459aa36d968aed3ae61Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
083607a91532e06e109a3d79598308d575136e54Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
163ba68c71cfbd4ee7771ff0be36cca2a53ef136Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and fx-team
c3b7cfd70d378d78e84cfcb256f3b6962eef3970Tim Taubert — Bug 728294 - Part 3 - Analyze cycle collection logs on testsuite shutdown to detected leaked windows; r=ted,smaug
80367942e54c11a62a010d6ec57448c9b087bb58Tim Taubert — Bug 728294 - Part 2 - Add last opened URI and windowID to a refCounted node's description in debug mode; r=smaug
c10c3ac392d5f69e3df42cc61b57f5f8b031c11cTim Taubert — Bug 728294 - Part 1 - Remove old debug log parser; r=ted
98cdb3e2d30acb5dd0e21e2bd0127308132540a9Panos Astithas — Backout 7e5f3a8a7ca7 due to test oranges
68a0ed01021d4039fe947236a5d60e7a7158a4fdAllison — Bug 756681 - Scratchpad should display exceptions when throwing a string; r=rcampbell
7e5f3a8a7ca78891e75464e4e3132f31164bd5caMihai Sucan — Bug 676722 - The output of console.log(object) isn't expandable/inspectable in the Web Console; r=rcampbell
98216d5724de0596f63382a7670e99f90414dea4Rob Campbell — Bug 706092 - Inspector : can't close inspector pane; r=dcamp
6ad33e8a2fb899267c061ae5cfcf824ddae8c2daRob Campbell — Bug 778732 - Change JSTerm's $ helper function from getElementById to querySelector; r=msucan
45146b1667de1486dc8cf26a866a0f9ea777aad5Panos Astithas — Bug 779462 - Use Device instead of Fennec prefixes in Fennec browser actors; r=mfinkle
2fdb5c89e9e24b932b590d7f41c30f242bac242bPanos Astithas — Only use a web progress listener when a tabbrowser has been passed to the tab actor (bug 779641); r=rcampbell
64bc6b0e91277037838cba030d27cd900afe211dVictor Porof — Bug 773732 - After reloading a page, the selected script and line should remain the same, r=rcampbell
b44ee676ced83226721c5b91309b4cbaf58dcfc3Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 779420 - Fix mixed up variable names newVersion/oldVersion in XPIProvider.processPendingFileChanges. r=Unfocused
a7628f408c217f7ba6d7cff4d128f6e88ce6de9cGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
369f4847191837ca58a8dd4af0ae01c2cccd782cRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
4e43536ac5c33074de0ba828956ca18d81b8161bRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
b0e33649d79a57f626ed4f11376accbfdd366299Gregory Szorc — Bug 779589 - Move services/common testing-only JS modules into own directory; r=rnewman
73d5011605a612eab4910f633be5e12756297c1bGregory Szorc — Bug 779391 - Move deepCopy into CommonUtils; r=rnewman
eab1c5f7064cabc987864c785d1a01c6659c84e7Gregory Szorc — Bug 777989 - Make Add-on sync TPS tests work again; r=rnewman
e1ff9c86e56fe108c76c102b5e9b737da91500a6Gregory Szorc — Bug 777989 - Update TPS to use new AddonUtils module; r=rnewman
6b3df1b77985e4a3888fa80bbb265675f8981378Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
cc797e43345c767d71144397d783980d170b084bGregory Szorc — Bug 777989 - Move add-on helper functions out of add-ons engine; r=rnewman
cb8e301cc81d327dcf9871cd75a75176d55fead7Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 579604 - Save prefs file after setting up Sync; r=gps
5c8ff069f92354c97780e4e94ad40c269cff0ae7Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
28af75be8a4729602b403dd311e407957deeeac4Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
bd91e48a4131574a95ff24e112d87f252dd58e1dRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
28b962fbb6618f1237025dc28a59f4ad637de51dRichard Newman — Bug 762606 - Another attempt at stopping tests finishing too soon. r=orange
8d1a0d6f57032f717b192fa8392dd16d75ce82a5Mihai Sucan — Bug 778597 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_position_ui.js | Timed out while waiting for: web console position changed to 'window'; r=rcampbell
62d4f0efe48520fc9052c35a0bbafb131c3ee2feEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
86db73c43c8b4f8a7d3782da291660488e6f926bEd Morley — Bug 760770 - Mark test_timeupdate_small_files.html's "got unexpected stalled after ended" as todo for seek.webm, for frequent intermittent failures; r=cpearce
3f0b1cc00bc2a8e67b11c845f3de624dd8399583Ed Morley — Bug 620598, Bug 661076 & Bug 687972 - Disable frequently intermittent media tests on Linux; r=cpearce
f45e03f390532a2ec2ab8c9a4b83db3b24f41c2bEd Morley — Bug 661099 - Disable part of test_bug596600.xul on OS X 10.6 for frequent intermittent failures; r=mstange
a870e6e0b5178e54a48a94f561167f12bb43556eEd Morley — Bug 733848 - Temporarily disable part of markuprules.xml for frequent intermittent failures; r=surkov
f633b07099d941783bccc1179ee9cf9dc62119c8Ed Morley — Backout 1924fe55fb6e (bug 771294) for causing failures in test_cross_domain.xul
8bdecf300a0713244417f0564486ee7fdfe63234David Zbarsky — Bug 779385 - Help CSS authors diagnose why animations aren't async r=cjones
3cffd20b3452dec347634f44eea42dba58df79f3Ben Turner — Bug 778968 - 'Avoid stat-ing remote blobs on the main thread'. r=janv.
6ecf2a75d1e5db2aedf36ea6d017ce0a0eeb69f9Richard Newman — Bug 774300 - Clean up mistakenly added test file. r=oops
3f0334d53fd2d8bc809274157986fdfef03e365aRichard Newman — Bug 774300 - Sync authentication errors if passwords contain non-ASCII characters. r=nalexander
a46b1a65f871eef5fcae6e2e1ffd3c20a421cf6bNick Alexander — Bug 741960 - Fuzz backoff times up to 25% more to avoid client lock-stepping. r=rnewman
8233e9b84a462b2a02686f976d8c57dad42c2733Ben Turner — Backed out changeset 46653198caac
46653198caac5e4273f27e2fe2f188ef1e9ff4cfBen Turner — Bug 778968 - 'Avoid stat-ing remote blobs on the main thread'. r=janv.
20c3e03a259abf4fb9f6fbd0617bfc838f45bd41Benjamin Peterson — Bug 780051 - Remove JS_MAX and JS_MIN. r=luke
e3c588f74c89894fbf856f73f7714d91d9022155Robert O'Callahan — Bug 778045. Add helpful comment to ImageContainer explaining its modes. r=bas
261a1476751eda6d8ff929438c9e626e250eba53Robert O'Callahan — Bug 646331. Specify correct duration for 320x240.ogv. r=cpearce
cf46b1ea1ccc15b7e346a04f480a0f62315ee7f6John Schoenick — Backout 1f47de086284 (Bug 771666) for orangeness
6a82b0462271dadc79f584028abb290237e48344Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c2090a46d34e345af6499d4ac6b7d5ae70b9451eDevdatta Akhawe — Bug 767676 - Implement Security UI Telemetry. r=honzab,bsmith,felipc,dtownsend
766981b3d8682d684eb33468ef31d990aa7aa14bDave Hylands — Bug 780042 - nsVolumeService should use nsCOMPtr instead of nsRefPtr for nsIObserverService, r=dougt
ba3fa936e3f6c09fbe2771abce0aad3b0d7cb6d6Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 779701 - Marionette tests aren't properly packaged on Windows. Convert backslashes to forward slashes. r=jgriffin
1f47de0862849f102b83383040d1a9f7052cd2dcJohn Schoenick — Bug 771666 - Update sandbox test to reflect expected plugin behavior. r=mattn
f41cd7125dbd67dc52ab6d74d2638af0c3c07a29Bill McCloskey — Bug 743112 - Incremental deferred release (r=smaug,jonco)
1924fe55fb6e9752861ac0a92ddcd3c629a67795Felipe Gomes — Bug 771294. Use window id for webapp installation. r=gavin
157026a9b9c6396a74f475c92995480db3194e9dJared Wein — Bug 776606 - Require user portraits in the Social API to use http, https, or data schemes. r=gavin
032ba64ab1f107ff320f96d24f5d54a7d10458baNicholas Cameron — Bug 773460. Pref on Azure/Cairo for Windows. r=roc
73b3b3f828b095d5b260728310f1b160f72b94fcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 779916 - ServicesHelper NSIS plugin was updated with changed paths. r=jimm
89dcadd42ec4b68b6e39b71061f04cd8d1aefc25Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
38b216220e608d9d1613765d3dbde93d1119a33fKai Engert — Bug 778845 - Must upgrade Aurora 16 to NSPR 4.9.2 final, r=wtc
90495de76df05a577ee4abb65aec19536e07bdb0Benoit Jacob — Bug 779580 - Blacklist WebGL MSAA on Intel driver on Mesa 8.1, as it was lying about GL_MAX_SAMPLES - r=jgilbert
b9c0e16d1730b757bcc40081a133619b3331f0edBenoit Jacob — Bug 617453 - lose the least-recently-used WebGL context when a certain limit is exceeded - r=vladv
91d9f8930d4e2c225f181d63245630edaa349f54Benoit Jacob — Bug 749678 - re-add missing MakeCurrent call in certain WebGL uniform setters - r=jgilbert
3a17236e908482aa5f48580e5e5b5102bb2b7333Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge again.
f36cf6866998430dfadda7b138350083ae374537Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 778133 - Update mozbase in m-c for bug 776931. r=jhammel
ba9e4b81d7f60615ad111586a184e3bbcdb9a1c7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 773919 - Cut query string before resolving URI. r=sicking
ac5e5cb7e93413b4bca2d1698845f5e02ae5d10fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
89fb39735ee35f02b5e51a2f41eb4c689bc91387Margaret Leibovic — Bug 779007 - Don't make about: pages privileged if they don't need to be. r=mfinkle
979e03a6fe14e406e94aff58305de3cc50fe83d2Margaret Leibovic — Bug 778940 - Clean up our session history logic in Tab. r=mfinkle
400ef849f6d85590d19924ccf69a391c2304eaaaBenjamin Peterson — Bug 779865 - Make CompileOptions public. r=jimb
90771aea43267147946210af444a5420575d8510Christian Holler — Bug 779111 - Disable certain mochitests in dom/plugins when building without
8f23ed15a005331310a7f0777fec2a901333c454Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779694 - Handle zlib errors correctly. r=jorendorff
68137fab26d96a9bfcf084b9c7e241f0ca65f681Doug Turner — Bug 779864 - onchange notifications of DeviceStorage should use code generator. r=smaug
e5345853fdac66907197bb8d5e2523148465bb23Jason Orendorff — Bug 769504 - Atomize strings when using them as hash keys in a Map or Set. r=luke.
a5f46bf6c00e4d6eb825d86c1f9136c7b58b4530Jason Orendorff — Bug 779601 - Minor cleanup for JS_ValueToECMAInt32 and friends. r=bhackett.
2d5c8c401f287434192e1ee20149a03cb2e284d2Bill McCloskey — Backout bug 779183 for Talos crashes
65d35a2858f6bcaef66b816e04a8857c4fe16d43William Lachance — Bug 779871 - Default behaviour of watcher should be not to do connectivity ping at all;r=jmaher
cd69a2caf03790accf75f1744a508e1fd3e482daMark Cote — Bug 777331 DeviceManagerSUT support for info uptimemillis. r=wlach
c994ae546da061912784eb681134fd0f9e774c37Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 777122 - Add telemetry reporting of late writes. r=nfroyd.
84ae895140f3714019f4b05ee33630dfabad1833Wes Johnston — Bug 777706 - Backout new dom bindings for touchlists. r=smaug
de433963900fb155573623291b6d47274be28af6Florian Queze — Bug 779843 - nsIdleService never fires the "back" notification if there's only one listener, r=vlad.
01b9cf7935beeae81abd73ed61e6261af5477575Terrence Cole — Bug 777589 - Fix regress-50447-1.js, don't work around it in the harness; r=sfink
9d1e28ff0bfafb42f506cf8faab0481646f832f1Wes Johnston — Bug 772968 - Use a special appid for webapps on android. r=mfinkle
7852a8f733135a50501f243ddb6d66358f3a6722Benjamin Peterson — Bug 767274: New expression decompiler. r=luke
d8a5ec252311fd139e2cdeae45a35eb5a5948ebcMihai Sucan — Bug 779857 - Build failure with clang: widget/gtkxtbin/gtk2xtbin.c error: void
d1b5e2bca3d634fcec622a06f08e3f7efeef6018Ed Morley — Bug 778433 - Raise ShutdownLeakLogger's MAX_LEAK_COUNT to 5, until bug 728294 lands; r=me DONTBUILD
0d0cf69c69a88e950fa9253a6521c8c16d507382Jon Coppeard — Bug 779183 - GC: Incremental sweeping of atoms table r=billm
be31a4c795f72194f5f38f2e241193e5851cd1e5Chris Jones — Bug 779735: Fix up shim code supporting hack to deliver mm message from C++. r=smaug
242c7b638980c170c3e9ed9c9faf04c761ea71c1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 770911 - Remove all prefetch clearing code. r=taras.
3111cd3bc5f5e54f6553f5f651eb7c05f4531ecaJustin Lebar — Bug 778355 - Don't clear mWindow in nsWebShellWindow's destructor; nsXULWindow will clear it when it's destroyed. r=roc
719b1d10b55480524fc13d02ba7c53227c37f277Justin Lebar — Bug 766437 - Fire an event when content inside a remote <iframe mozbrowser> crashes. r=vingtetun,cjones
5e80ccb26f3d441112eae6c3bb08ca1dd2ecf816Gene Lian — Bug 777224 - Alarm API - .getAll() and .remove() can only interact with alarms scheduled by the same app. r=vivien
111ee5107308c375a79269698c5ccff407911516Jacek Caban — Bug 778129 - GLContextProviderEGL.cpp fails to compile on mingw-w64 r=snorp
043613bace8be0e6fbe14b132b2e402626fc05c7Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
d7749fadb594c0cb41f563cfb9a5dbfd229efedcCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 16: Treat all values of display other than 'none' as 'inline' in SVG text frames. r=roc
b99801e9a0c0525f1cc2b1683978a13cce9eff14Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 15: Don't treat SVG text frames as being positioned. r=roc
3efee683c154c7c3a39bf5e8b0a1760ec44feabcCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 14: Ignore float in SVG text frames. r=roc
4aeedcac9ecbe2e8c73e730bf08a1c46e5095622Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 13: Make :first-letter apply to <svg:text>. r=roc
f4f26647c5559a03bb89b9e93d7045f854b0f7c6Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 12: Ignore margins, borders and padding on SVG text frames. r=roc
58c16e8cfdc7b39c64ee5917392f6ff37e54b2deCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 11a: Ensure we reflow SVG text when dominant-baseline changes. r=roc
19cd8d99dfbea29f513fa7b4b97e99fe92a7d45eCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 11: Ignore vertical-align and map dominant-baseline to vertical-align in SVG text frames. r=roc
ddf80ca678337e26b87cf768e8fac4e2f09186e5Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 10: Ignore text-align and text-align-end in SVG text frames. r=roc
12d4dbe798eb4a2f9f4fd5788ebe9fc1d6738a3eCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 9: Ignore word-spacing in SVG text frames. r=roc
57377260ce4f6b24a1eda8d049f1c755543f116aCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 8: Ignore letter-spacing in SVG text frames. r=roc
b5d5270fbd928128aed6736fcf2ea99f1ce8179bCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 7: Add IsSVGText helper function to nsIFrame. r=roc
5d5b4d1a78f33cba27a0ad76c805a67f122fe3f8Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 4: Add FCDATA_ flag for SVG text. r=roc
7bb6717bc95f92682817a3449aed365630aaa5f4Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 3: Add a frame state bit and anonymous box pseudo for SVG text frames. r=roc
053116224bc97ab5227e4671f68b6f739b88c5d5Jon Coppeard — Bug 779172 - GC: Incremental zeal modes interact badly with BudgetIncrementalGC r=billm
430c7512acee8d16b530945771e4ab3f253c1351Aryeh Gregor — Bug 776849 - Fix unused variable in nsHistory::Go; r=sicking
11d2ba3ec3d188f4b30d82416b84a6012845b139Aryeh Gregor — Bug 778680 part 2 - Fix incorrect nsresult usage in netwerk/; r=jduell
31d125be7ac50fbae3837044aa1c0c0a90e64c04Aryeh Gregor — Bug 778680 part 1 - Make netwerk status codes actually nsresult; r=jduell
8d9891ef7bcbab357e42ad4b1386a9bccf890065Aryeh Gregor — Bug 779123 - Return NS_ERROR_FAILURE instead of false from nsDocShell::GetExtendedOrigin; r=jlebar
865a6f2d3a831e77a6756780acd1d3dbc501bdfaAryeh Gregor — Bug 779091 - Make Accessible::Init() infallible; r=surkov
030feb4315fc1d8401477dd14a2cc57704eeb9dcBlake Kaplan — Bug 779886 - wifiMangager.connectionInformation throws when we're not connected. r=bent DONTBUILD
0f66a7ecf8de7a71dd9847e2664e93258a8a38dbJonathan Griffin — Bug 777871 - Get mochitests running OOP in B2G, r=jlebar, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
e62747d22841dc61185cbfa8d5a9d14a64898f10Vladimir Vukicevic — b=779826; fix Invalid size exception in DirectBufferAllocator (Android nightly bustage fix); r=snorp,kats
074fb996dfd77c993b1de2f91070f4db78714a34Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
cb017d0510296e4f873855f4c9ab09129a64a578Doug Turner — Bug 777084 - Stop returning arrays from DeviceStorage.getDeviceStorage(). r=sicking
d628a6d43f6c00a9b0d5eae5bda4cbf4addce109Doug Turner — Bug 777078 - Remove DeviceStorage .type. r=sicking
d1a6847f6df33ded82c2e70a3181c2308ac40672Doug Turner — Bug 763976 - Add onchange notifications to DeviceStorage - IPC - r=khuey
42a279333ade1fa6fe3ec3e264997acc9d6eafbfDoug Turner — Bug 763976 - Add onchange notifications to DeviceStorage. r=khuey
482dd6331e42acb5088f36f432ba92690398a98aDoug Turner — Bug 759416 - XPCOM FileWatcherService. Interface and stub impl. r=dougt
4048c64af6de6c36e592300e9b44ba500635559fBen Turner — Bug 759427 - 'Multiprocess blob support for MessageManager and IndexedDB'. r=smaug+janv+khuey (rs=sicking for nsBlobURI changes).
b83188166929f88004baddef6420b6a5f7c535ddJan Varga — Bug 778023 - Need to figure out how cycle collected DOM files are supposed to play with workers. r=bent. Make worker.postMessage() to just throw for now.
c5d2c5daabf4bec775e66e853bb8bff2ff75c34dMakoto Kato — Bug 779408 - error: cannot convert 'std::nullptr_t' to 'mozilla::gl::SharedTextureHandle {aka unsigned int} on gcc 4.6 in NDK r8b. f=ayg r=roc
4141cfa136851e0265e85797e8c16fcd1ea65bc3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 779650; handle Cairo DrawTargets in CanvasLayerD3D10; r=bas
71531b2ece95f1f3058758d4fba9135d904ecebdWilliam Chen — Bug 779573 - Fix generated code for empty string as default dictionary member in WebIDL. r=khuey
88e900fd365e2086ce4933e686891e429b30e585Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (5 of 5) about:home recreates itself onConfigurationChange. r=sriram
ac4872c6b21a21b58ca05b10f3928f8269c9a12dMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (4 of 5) kTopSiteHeight in AboutHomeContent uses a dimen constant. r=sriram
080333495957bda490d91eb9f3a0ef545e1beee6Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (3 of 5) Set padding for about:home tablet layout. r=sriram
584d61c94a1c856d7e0dbf861658df4f08236761Michael Comella — Bug 686528 - (2 of 5) Clean up about:home and add 10" landscape layout. r=sriram
81a6affeaebc22666ea95dc353611efff77574bcMichael Comella — Bug 686528 - (1 of 5) about:home uses integer resources to handle different sizes. r=sriram
5a68b9915e2623bb282bd83339be8a2021e55b5eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7cd42d8f1bfa844bbb7708ee3246db8fdc865ba8Kyle Machulis — Bug 779702: Fixing Device and UUID array assignments in BluetoothAdapter; r=echou
8cb18cbbd8af139e2a744ca7a590eab0c4b42c23Kyle Machulis — Backed out changeset be7c3fa1a34d to fix commit message
be7c3fa1a34d9dd373f3749e1347b625ceac2b92Kyle Machulis — Bug 779702: Fixing Device and UUID array assignments in BluetoothAdapter
935501afee0949d0fccb9dce9ad0302483258477Kyle Machulis — Bug 773370 - Fix rooting in JSArray creation for mozTelephony; r=bent
2c700f9a2c1d6f02bc8af9373890efb273e6972aScott Johnson — Bug 779566: Remove code from nsColumnSetFrame that aligns RTL columns to the left of the frame. [r=roc]
6ccb6b98704abc009bb9cee48774aaa1cee175eaScott Johnson — Backed out changeset da35ab16d9fa to change commit message.
da35ab16d9fa3e5d7a0ae09739a11dacf40fa094Scott Johnson — Bug 779566: Remove code from nsColumnSetFrame that aligns RTL columns to the left of the frame.
70d749a0e1ffb57450866411f0b49666feb47632Eric Faust — Bug 752223 - Implement JS_NumberValue(), replacing JS_NewNumberValue(). (r=luke)
20c9acfd33eb3aa2678a539429f205cced7312a8Matthew Gregan — Bug 779416 - Shrink some unnecessarily large char arrays used for codec types. r=cpearce
a01fbe624484f90371a54e62505c4e8b76098ad0Matthew Gregan — Bug 779412 - Iterate over correct test array in test_info_leak. r=cpearce
dd435393e11e901d1cf3dceff0f090d9b7775991Cameron McCormack — Bug 649740 - Implement @supports. r=dbaron,bz
a3221ce758e5fd617634bee751bcd590b196e8aaShu-yu Guo — Bug 771871 - Fix loading doubles into return regs in JM call IC when call/apply lowering speculation fails. r=bhackett
84c7c91dd2f5659ca6c6116abde7112bf478f734Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 779688 - invocation should have a $(PYTHON) in front. r=terrence
00bd101ce6564d68a30bbfeced52eb024601514fJason Orendorff — Bug 677032, r=jimb
b077c43a43065fc8d9427d7a4199d295bbecec0cJonathan Watt — Bug 776054 - Flip the prefs to enable the use of display lists for SVG painting and hit-testing. r=roc.
9dc8f2dc324a61b60a1a6ceb07f7d2bde23a4e1bChris Peterson — Bug 779366 - Part 2c: Query resources for DisplayMetrics, not the WindowManager. r=sriram
f0ac9e6acaa5beff29e02c789468b172a15e510bChris Peterson — Bug 779366 - Part 2b: Remove ViewportMetrics' dependency on GeckoApp by passing DisplayMetrics. r=sriram
a799b5bff84c841a6d35eb5d079ba308a122f675Justin Dolske — Bug 778606 - SafeBrowsing.jsm should use nsUrlFormatter. r=gcp, f=gavin
7960368f7a22df60a69d10b0c81aa148ba796bedJeff Muizelaar — Bug 779636. Add SAMPLE_LABELS to gralloc implementation. r=cjones
7d053a9a3f06c6908dce343e97a9614a484c475fJonathan Watt — Bug 779514 - Mark reftests/svg/image/image-opacity-01.svg as fuzzy on Android XUL due to slight color diffenence when SVG display lists are enabled. r=me.
7023fc293372db2e1b2f022295704dc1ddac7202Jonathan Watt — Bug 778995 - Mark webm-video/zoomed-1.xhtml and ogg-video/zoomed-1.xhtml fuzzy for slight color difference when SVG display lists are enabled. r=kinetik.
975aa53578537cc01b50d8e3e31123668735d795Ryan VanderMeulen — Bustage fix for bug 779535 follow-up.
0333ef695e71b7071b43d31123adb5f2b4e116daOleg Romashin — Bug 779535 - readability followup. r=jgilbert
88798c5eafa90f99544649f33195482138a8e7a1Jason Orendorff — Bug 677957 - Fix peculiarly dynamically-nested for-in loops. ("Assertion failure: !cx->iterValue.isMagic(JS_NO_ITER_VALUE), at jsiter.cpp:1017") r=dvander.
688734575830713cdee907bf4f2c519edcf51d3cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
e4359dbd754c6fd9125d0d67dda44799febf69f3Victor Porof — Bug 775050 - Add keyboard shortcuts for stepping, r=rcampbell
834a0c1ef40b9f822217427406e2a0811da0f0dbVictor Porof — Bug 770193 - Make it easier to start searching for scripts in the Debugger, r=rcampbell
3e77bd3b1596ecba299e66209233093512004e9fVictor Porof — Bug 777093 - Long script urls still confuse the debugger menulist, r=rcampbell
fcb3934935e28a4541cb852d1073ddb86bc61a0aAndres Hernandez — Bug 771504 - Nightly is focusing last app tab instead of homepage r=ttaubert
e44d72b0e20e406f505daa8bef16688e434b2e86Tim Taubert — Bug 771979 - Intermittent browser_newtab_drag_drop.js | Test timed out; r=felipe
c7a4be29936ecddb3409c1525eb046181818ff1eTim Taubert — Bug 779445 - SegFault in WorkerMemoryReporter because it accesses mWorkerPrivate when null; r=bent
5884240242948d90aa0bfdc80803b4a4ad853e04Olli Pettay — Bug 772966 - force XBL parameter names to be non-zero, r=sicking
61d7f15ea6a760def8b09109848a6dd2e6481941Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
a91040f69ea354d3c19a250e0fa5da1bbf9aabfcSteve Fink — Bug 777219 - Prepare SpiderMonkey for a fully rooted API; r=bhackett
aa61e5ec56123c8411689e146ff4c3983bdc9b67Chris Peterson — Backout bcb8b2b5a310 (bug 779366 - Part 2). r=me
4888b839508926a6da1a9f795cf18e8aaed78abeChris Peterson — Bug 779366 - Part 3: Move direct buffer allocation to DirectBufferAllocator. r=kats
bcb8b2b5a31022ee11ce766427b0a1efc4a1b5d4Chris Peterson — Bug 779366 - Part 2: Move DisplayMetrics to ConfigurationUtils. r=sriram
fdd559da59cfbe356a6fdf90eeaed1cd5e3e4031Chris Peterson — Bug 779366 - Part 1: Move FloatUtils to org.mozilla.gecko.util package. r=kats
a5a0186233f6fb956a111bfb824f32cf309286e8Michal Novotny — Bug 737615 - Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests - dom tests part2, r=honzab
2147868fa8d5c8bcd34e80c93e21c9a237978b91Michal Novotny — Bug 737615 - Remove use of synchronous cache API from unit tests - necko tests part2, r=honzab
0f2965ada1cdc5a1500fb7e66931e3349e2afe03Kyle Huey — Bug 779638: Delay dropping the transaction until later to avoid races. r=bent
19609455b05d724cf7e615627180c78015292d89Kyle Huey — Bug 754142: Don't install quota handlers on chrome databases. r=bent
9a6f3b00a101f339136a5acc9d1085b222694831Jared Wein — Backed out changeset 68e5b042c0f5 (bug 776606) for leaks.
a19d59d6e3a6fa9ba4cf4272f97019be0cb6afcdGregor Wagner — Bug 775199 - Review comment. r=mounir
52a37789b6c46e44905c71d262dad58f534d3b45Gregor Wagner — Bug 775199 - Contacts API: remove whitelist approach for permissions. r=mounir
d2805aefa5b74a8fba1047687f32de0a7eeb334dGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 764660 - Collect and report on CPU utilization of a hung plugin process. r=bbondy
1a29b0cb50cc36aa4f8f653c98f0b5e704713b42Martin Stransky — Bug 544088 - UseAsyncPainting() -> IsOOP(). r=joshmoz
099b35c036723b2c98f3b18c2567ac986df0cacdMartin Stransky — Bug 544088 - Export XtClient methods. r=karlt
a624042b95ef62acf0e470951379f4ed5eb80622Martin Stransky — Bug 544088 - Support Xt plugins OOP. r=karlt
8b0faad0630d74b7686e0dfa26d5c5863db46594Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f0b216d9f512ad5af8fec073e22bd5c652342ffdOleg Romashin — Bug 779535 - defaultNoAlpha preference is not used in case if nsIPropertyBag argument is 0. r=vlad
412282a35c2d1d743fed748d754db8dc43baad50Chris Peterson — Backout f6aff596b0ff (bug 779287). r=me
4f5a56859501563d5884bd653eae0e37670c73c4Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 778329 Fix and improve DeviceManagerSUT.unpackFile(). r=mcote
13c257f7c332964b2c478e73a0ae562d5bc2c772Vladimir Vukicevic — b=779019; disable added assertion due to Mac issues
7198b3ea17635f047721b3b7149348a5d154b9f3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 779001. Falling back to Cairo for large canvases. r=roc
b7b30f362defdee387cc24decf002df3779afbeaNicholas Cameron — Bug 746883. More test fuzz. r=roc
9a41f88085af631c3386856442d3ec26dd461856Nicholas Cameron — Bug 746883. fuzz for Skia gradient tests. r=roc
ce9bc8ec663df70e9e71bb06cd3a4be0b243734eNicholas Cameron — Bug 778595; reftest fuzz based on cavnas/content backend mismatch. r=roc
4976c4bb8b27e5977f3d4f3c36717f75ecf3287eNicholas Cameron — Bug 776802; Give better info about Azure. r=Bas
820d13f4d15fc8d773c5621bbefdf22a31ee2abaNicholas Cameron — Bug 718849; patch to keep Skia up to date. r=gw280
abf5ac19472ba2d1e77b6bbc3ec0c02e1d0a957eMatt Woodrow — Bug 718849; match radial gradients to spec. r=bas
675d6bad2418e7a8954f3e041308cb92a6e3bf02Nicholas Cameron — Bug 776685; throw TypeError exceptions from Azure canvas bindings. r=bz
d14731ba12c16aa8ef9f46334070eb36f06c5039Chris Peterson — Bug 778472 - Part 3: Standardize order of import statements: org.mozilla, com, net, org, android, java. r=mfinkle
f6aff596b0ff73896350c9bea2f5bfb4dbc4cb6eChris Peterson — Bug 779287 - widget/android: Replace NULL with nullptr. r=mfinkle
2f36e642ef8d0b5f835bd97402e92c27ccd3237bMalini Das — Bug 778204 - update marionette test harness emulator documentation, r=jgriffin
0ec324e401a1b1445838065473e69c3a9e755b44Vladimir Vukicevic — b=779019; bustage fix
9c835504961be6e1c3fc0769006a8d09649795b9Shane Caraveo — Bug 777175: fix sidebar splitter styling, r=dao
66985ff899e2915616159b06953c3ab7b9eb4be2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 778322 - Remove the prefetch deleted registry key from machines that contain it. r=jimm
b20ceed92d394df0c6a346c6c5b9b65138d3f544Vladimir Vukicevic — b=779019, GLContext being destroyed on wrong thread with OMTC textures and shared handles; r=jgilbert
67c6d1cabab133a575436acb8be1413eb6757362Matt Brubeck — Back out c0a09f9d5215 (bug 778230) because of Android build failures
7f5412991d003f1b6fe307f55050d3df808e6573Malini Das — Bug 779504 - pin datazilla pypi package to version number, r=jgriffin
78d893dda88f6ef627d85beb8a96759efe2f8cbbDale Harvey — Bug 779516 - Handle exceptions in BrowserElementParent.js when calling getBoolPref on an undefined preference. r=jlebar
68e5b042c0f5eb0d29092adb559e36e41de69826Jared Wein — Bug 776606 - Require user portraits in the Social API to use http, https, or data schemes. r=gavin
2df6ea8741e27142c7710b0a6f391b6120b7611dDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 779386] Clean up some includes in a11y r=surkov
c71328b82545f6186becdd3a3f4574c260b2801aNathan Froyd — Bug 778282 - remove libs:: rule from image/test/browser/; r=glandium
496cc55a452a870cf0e601fecfca1acd3c0c3794Nathan Froyd — Bug 778220 - remove $(wildcard *.$(OBJ_SUFFIX)) calls from xpcom Makefiles; r=glandium
c0a09f9d5215024ddf9e479134419a564a08376bNathan Froyd — Bug 778230 - remove wildcard calls from robocop's; r=glandium,f=mfinkle
97ae0098d25167359c624cdb200c5fcad804f33cNathan Froyd — Bug 778234 - remove wildcard calls from toolkit/library/'s Makefile; r=glandium
785e4e86798b4d1119f461a215983b2268a6f29dDavid Mandelin — Bug 779393 - Fix compile error in jsiter.cpp involving --enable-more-deterministic, r=bhackett
89aab2c5344bc20c2780f35e13a65395426b3aa9Mike Habicher — Bug 779351 - Camera needs to get/configure the SourceMediaStream on the main thread, r=roc
45308696575a27adb89826f72405fc6a5f939074Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779400: Split ScriptSource::setSource into setSource and setSourceCopy. r=jorendorff
ac7b1d3e3d832133824863b0fce87beafa4e07ecBenjamin Peterson — Bug 779372 - Add missing USE_ZLIB. r=jorendorff
9c7c2a86bc884ef714def6c01d717a6443c74fcdEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
7fe96a690596e484b1c4c0ebed350b1b69cc177fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
24e4580308429d908d19321c050732062890a11eEd Morley — Backout d2ee4c12c0b3 (bug 777351), 5aa6f94160dd (bug 777351), b47c470168fc (bug 777351), 5fb303ba52f7 (bug 777351), be81e4c3d928 (bug 777351), abc5b9a922dc (bug 777075), 8f1fc980f1f1 (bug 777075), 0b194a7f47d4 (bug 777075), d10df9bfef60 (bug 777075), 65393fe32cce (bug 777075), b52dc1df2fde (bug 777075), 8aeda525c094 (bug 777075) for Android native R1 failures on a CLOSED TREE
970f2d2336155774116f28f52a688c67e324a907Steven Michaud — Bug 764176 - Cap area of rectangles passed to CUIDraw. r=mstange
c3606b8bbe01428d9bfd9cccda809129acd30fc2Steven Lee — Bug 745078 Get switch device states at any time, r=dhylands
3041cf7e42ed082c615580a95e70e4945bb6e7c3Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 740640 - B2G 3G: Support HTTP proxy. r=philikon
4c7c41b33485b3f3e6312c1cc584771a0a7e59e2Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 776294 - B2G 3G: Configure APN settings through SettingsService. r=philikon
d2ee4c12c0b34c9735ac3c8453bb155e907f4198Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Scope down and inline some functions in the new GeckoLayerClient. r=sriram
5aa6f94160dd8238d124bb9032a62298fa1aa3b7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Remove unnecessary getBitmap function that always returns null. r=sriram
b47c470168fcaee2225c560c179a1a9f51b57a7bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Fold LayerController into GeckoLayerClient. r=sriram
5fb303ba52f7ce3be5b824f843e53aef335257b9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Some minor cleanup in r=sriram
be81e4c3d928bcb38ae84fce4e74ce74cd511f41Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777351 - Move the getDrawable functions from LayerController to LayerView. r=sriram
abc5b9a922dc525e58eeacf455fc6ec949e23c00Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Remove notifyLayerClientOfGeometryChange from the PanZoomTarget interface by baking it into setViewportMetrics and setForceRedraw. r=mbrubeck
8f1fc980f1f1ea39812bbcddf843f9168584c58eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Add a getMutableMetrics helper. r=mbrubeck
0b194a7f47d4c5a5a9eb3b74edaefb7fdaf40e4eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Trim the PanZoomState interface by moving some LayerController functions into PanZoomController. r=mbrubeck
d10df9bfef60c853024aa37c049327a223fd1016Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Extract a PanZoomTarget interface for functions that PanZoomController depends upon. r=mbrubeck
65393fe32cce957b65481ac244935308828da481Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Eliminate the getViewport and getZoomFactor methods in LayerController to further reduce exposed surface area. r=mbrubeck
b52dc1df2fdee0fcf5ae7d3c5550ef9d708906f3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Extract a ZoomConstraints class to carry around the pieces of data that are otherwise floating around Tab and LayerController. r=mbrubeck
8aeda525c0946600f789a433f9508b2ffcef92cfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777075 - Refactor PanZoomController to consolidate code that gets the viewport metrics from the LayerController. r=mbrubeck
7736701637e7ade606bb9816ade7eb6bd21f709dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 779259 - upgrade clang to r161022. r=rail.
e42d92aa5b40654c2dfce1bbd14d768f848dabb1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 779259 - upgrade clang to r161022. r=rail.
a2cac33cda2a19cceb25ec901f528a681eecab1eJohn Ford — bug 776045 - add a manifest for ics toolchains r=qdot
a25d0900dcdaffbddda671eccd24be7f3018f3c9John Ford — bug 776045 - add mozconfig files that work with new ics based toolchain r=qdot
278d4641b7391eb06cdeb09176794fd49c1d965cOleg Romashin — Bug 778024 - Bug 774139 will break Qt/Maemo builds due to #define signals. r=dougt NPODB
e54118dd247177942a56d4e3aaf2687a1b120830Oleg Romashin — Bug 778184 - Add GetScreenDepth API for Qt gfx platform port. r=me,dougt NPODB
bcfe6817a2139bccbf423afe588554a57d56ba7bEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
9d3c9b863c697634e434b687d456bb82fa794ecfJonathan Watt — Bug 777430 - In BasicLayerManager::PushGroupForLayer, call the less expensive gfxContext::PushGroup instead of gfxContext::PushGroupAndCopyBackground when possible. r=roc.
a26c651ff5cf17aad200823fa48d8ea94ccc5595Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
59d1993da7e1dc3a1d70efba135cf7875e586f7dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 763232 - Handle shell service throwing on Linux in the advanced preferences pane. r=jaws
07ba7d3a5b56d9fa0cfcf199f8246008ea91b189Aryeh Gregor — Bug 563659 part 6 - Remove #if 0'd code; r=bz
768dbbd4d968de520416c347bf3b6afed1e018f0Aryeh Gregor — Bug 563659 part 5 - Move things from FragmentOrElement to nsGenericElement; r=bz
9de96cdf02c266b7adfb6c5efa3adae06fc8d39dAryeh Gregor — Bug 563659 part 4 - Make nsDocumentFragment stop inheriting from nsGenericElement; r=bz
e349e8b0f48f55f1e50dd1e3030213ee2e529e1dAryeh Gregor — Bug 563659 part 3 - Make Element inherit from FragmentOrElement; r=bz
bc6363649ed4aa56d79d4e4823a43a79774a596dAryeh Gregor — Bug 563659 part 2 - Create FragmentOrElement and move all nsGenericElement functionality to it; r=bz
657325841098ea7d7d4a95dee89382700fad7af4Aryeh Gregor — Bug 563659 part 1 - Override GetNameSpaceElement in nsDocumentFragment; r=bz
7a62a2433ba157ae96c2ba4ab79652222bb3c0dfAryeh Gregor — Bug 779122 - nsXPCComponents_Utils::RecomputeWrappers should return nsresult, not bool; r=bholley
4198ceecf0ee583061677538cdc7718cf7256556Jonathan Griffin — Bug 779011 - Move acknowledgement for setScriptTimeout to content script, r=mdas, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
476a189f5cda075980415dd9b819d007cb0520bcOlli Pettay — Bug 777278 - Implement nsIDOMStorageEvent using event implementation codegen, r=mayhemer
f6daa7cc4dd93c1a6d7e7847f2df86371ede6383Olli Pettay — Bug 777285 - Autogenerate SettingsEvent implementation, r=anygregor
bcfaabb6bac8b4fea120206de9ca70496b96b43aEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f94b5c54e94e5ed7c286b2bdfcbcd497bf7b2733Kyle Machulis — Bug 761511: Patch 3 - Update Manager/Adapter/Device objects to be BluetoothPropertyObjects, and add class specific setters; r=mrbkap
e05666048b33a8aeb87779cf7a7823ee346ff2ceKyle Machulis — Bug 761511: Patch 2 - Added BluetoothPropertyContainer base class and utility functions; r=mrbkap
f3f84816bd596b36840eadabffcddeed848533f2Kyle Machulis — Bug 761511: Patch 1 - Boilerplate for BluetoothPropertyEvent DOM Object r=bent; sr=mrbkap
9abc2abb27b3f018462b5183872497eb9e73a91eEric Faust — Bug 749535 - Part 3: Remove JS_Is*Array() from Paris Binding argument unwrapping. (r=bz)
680f63b02698dae855614eb39c6952c6facc10a5Eric Faust — Bug 749535 - Part 2: Rewrite dom::TypedArray to use JS_UnwrapObjectAs*Array(). (r=bz)
46f9f5e680826ca9853a826585c35d233b62670fEric Faust — Bug 749535 - Part 1: Implement JS_UnwrapObjectAs*Array(). (r=bhackett)
598bdf564949b57e9fd4157672812e55aa840878Eric Faust — Backout changesets 6e78bc0145ee, 97a1463cde9c, and 9097d0b3acc6 (Bug 749535) for
e7c1adbb81827eefa5096015db85c32931ff0ffbJustin Lebar — Bug 769254 - Part 1: Fix crashes in BrowserElementParent.cpp, TabChild.cpp on null URI to window-opening code. r=bz
64c45d6c350c652aab3d77994799fe08dd767099Eric Faust — Bug 779015 - Make JS_Is*Array() not throw. (r=bhackett)
9097d0b3acc63faf3e6497c8e3f521400e64b0b2Eric Faust — Bug 749535 - Part 3: Remove JS_Is*Array() from Paris Binding argument unwrapping. (r=bz)
97a1463cde9c2d03ea22e63e992368cba0e70096Eric Faust — Bug 747935 - Part 2: Rewrite dom::TypedArray to use JS_UnwrapObjectAs*Array(). (r=bz)
6e78bc0145ee413876a0ee1da79bc3140e155a8aEric Faust — Bug 749535 - Part 1: Implement JS_UnwrapObjectAs*Array(). (r=bhackett)
e6a683016c735546d6cb1f2d2fcc42e2087d524eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 779017 - Give every JSScript a ScriptSource. r=jorendorff
f6ebe752f7cd60e041b2a9390a6c9e18a7d6ccf4Bill McCloskey — Bug 767209 - Consider changing GC slice time, or making it dynamic (r=terrence,smaug)
c894763d1bbc762ad5b6ad395b7e0c3fd9811c3eBill McCloskey — Bug 778993 - Separate runtime's gcMallocBytes from compartment's gcMallocBytes Bug 778993 - Separate runtime's gcMallocBytes from compartment's gcMallocBytes (r=gwagner)
3fc0a0b7fdda20b3ea61b8b09d27fdb140728fc0Chris Pearce — Bug 778105 - Fix an nsOggReader::GetBuffered() return value type mismatch. r=doublec
ae767e8de4956d431370c7e1e2a019c9ca6776d3Matthew Gregan — Bug 768333 - Follow up: remove redundant call to GetPositionInFrames. r=cpearce
9263673d378cac9214558a8427d948fe8199ded2Mike Habicher — Bug 779283: fix assertions in ICS camera r=dzbarsky
dbbee8bebdef17fc92b9138a67f8779e6cbd4effRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 779249 - Make the script executable. r=forgot to chmod on the previous push.
162b401d8774a1ce12be9a9aa0e8ad01958a7f34Benjamin Peterson — Bug 779347 - Add AutoFile to automatically handle the closing of FILE *. r=jimb
842dfac49ff88b578791b8d2eafc577a65b6cbc6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 779329. Add labels for gonk widget. r=cjones
66957d7f16cd17ea1c1659f72cea1fa437a911ebDoug Sherk — Bug 779344: Properly transform B2G panning/zooming after layers changes r=dzbarsky
2903be101c322c90e6b70f3807bbff5b29511105Michael Comella — Bug 778879 - Switch relative URL conversion code to use Services.jsm. r=mfinkle
7fe2e18675f8f619378ce1ca6d4af2fb7237cca3Michael Comella — Bug 778862 - Change match_parent tags to fill_parent. r=sriram
6d996fd1c80c0025e29f8b12aa41b9d4a4336214Michael Comella — Bug 778491 - Make about:home last tabs text correctly centered. r=sriram
ef761602cc3684433fcb852ef76a1668bb995d83Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
668a0ce3f6d7a249d6e93a5030051575607e619bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 779038 - Add an Evaluate variant which can read files. r=jimb
7455fb9d0ccc982441dc49021d8c3f70ba9a7b79Till Schneidereit — Bug 462300 - Add support for self-hosting syntax and operations (r=luke)
87736e458d15d5a08dd8ad399bd06516bbf62d41Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 763166 - Fix race condition that could result in using an uninitialized AndroidBridge. r=snorp
481bad76c16981235ae8a34f6f7c677a1e8a1408David Zbarsky — Fix virtual destructor warnings in dom/camera, no bug, blanket r=bz
242dab03e447d93d3c57529c5b2d9df32bb8d077Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 779249 - checkin a script to create the tooltool manifests for clang. r=rail.
701fd0265295c3de587da82bf0413d2f11e562c1Karl Tomlinson — b=775848 Initialize BasicShadowLayerManager::mRepeatTransaction appropriately r=BenWa
5f422778766aaf891ee5556394746f7e531498f0Karl Tomlinson — b=687831 use XSync for glXWaitX with Mesa r=mattwoodrow
eb7bcfee6a5d887d203ba4e8a104086a03539a79Karl Tomlinson — b=687831 remove unused gIsChromium r=mattwoodrow
d0fed2c586070151442fabd970ffef165989a3d3Karl Tomlinson — b=707722 select config in CreatePixmap to match Pixmap format r=mattwoodrow
deba4b252efef69a4e554e8cdd54cb701863bec6Karl Tomlinson — b=778031 remove unnecessary ScopedXErrorHandler::GetError interface r=cjones
330f9bebf53f6a16ad852f66e2d1ae0d7977408bKarl Tomlinson — b=778031 add FinishX to XSync less frequently and use it r=cjones
843a8689d5ebeb9164b3f3573e733352350901c0Mark Cote — Bug 778159 Remove SUTAgent network-verification ping. r=wlach
3656de95dc9c37722d743c36f79061b09a920235Geoff Brown — Bug 775227: disable one more test on Android for OOM; r=jmaher
dc03be5f571dc7a8bb932d50e3adbdde73be046bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 778307. Don't shadow mFormat in DrawTargetCG. r=bgirard
5109f7ed46d5b5272e6da42e9512030090ba19a0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 779220. Add JS_InternStringN for callers that know the length of the string. r=luke
7ab3af6a212dd8e8e9f1802d573cde5f479f3cb0Honza Bambas — Bug 774243 - [Linux] Process name changes to RunProcess, r=benjamin
36bf4862be19cb9113100676ecd0e252327e73eeHonza Bambas — Bug 768568, r=kaie
c55c42ea076e8b7369e5643c6a604c49b0c17db8Honza Bambas — Bug 766210 - Delay updating nsPrefetchNode's reference to redirect channel until we know redirect is approved, r=jduell
e5000bb5fa0380000530ef64cc42f32aae7b5e7aTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
86c5e4ecba1e362f6193ba5a08b63d8fcbcc4d04Rob Campbell — Bug 756423 - Make mention of the keyboard shortcuts in the comment on Scratchpad; a=orangefix
4f39921f782f850af09250871841680bc9d01828Mark Capella — Bug 756423 - Make mention of the keyboard shortcuts in the comment on Scratchpad, r=robcee
582d4c67b3a7c68ce2b371704d3d9057575beb0cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
3ab53aa585144e4c5a7f5a55003c86fcbe9347c6Luke Wagner — Bug 779215 - CallJS(Native|PropertyOp|PropertyOpSetter) should JS_CHECK_RECURSION, r=dmandelin
710a0800bbef2048790cdcbc91053377c4ba8ca4Nicolas Chaim — Bug 770317: Fix class name in mof file. r=glandium
9fa54a1fc055eb3cef6b8357b23e18612f58afe6Jason Orendorff — Follow-up fix for bug 778921. We want tests to pass even when we have an even number of them. rs=luke via IRC.
25e961798919f6c1d8ac0c236a76e5cfcbb3bc2eJason Orendorff — Bug 778921 - Fix "warning: invalid manifest line element "pref(javascript.options.xml.content,true)" running JS tests in the shell with r=luke.
8d2206c84e31cd3fbe7b21e8e165ac335c36ac76Wes Johnston — Bug 766604 - Convert UTF-8 App names to UTF16 for Java. r=mbrubeck
ba24181ef04a9e7e0742480a9a9d4d9f8cce4f62Ed Morley — Backout f84910a8474a (bug 462300) for crashes in xpcshell
4ef4832463885f6d02db760b0cf4a653b7f1d2ccMatt Brubeck — Bug 778333 - Back out 4b197ffb4dcc (bug 775372) and 7d11ab4b1a8c (bug 769857) because of link-clicking regressions
be1b9c66071ac962a6ad04fd86f6437b5c9e7805Wes Johnston — Bug 779078 - handleRelease should just return if not handling a mouseEvent. r=smaug
fe59d3af41f2e7c3bc590d6e03151e1831fb7393James Willcox — Bug 779152 - Render into a TextureView on Android where available r=kats
5fc650b30514f28a43df72968fa9287edd5cfd2bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 779196 - Fix some initializing pointer as bool warnings r=luke
49dccc4947eacfdc43baf7100f129ae2834ff1d7David Zbarsky — Bug 778799 - When offloading animations, use the device pixels to figure out scale instead of CSS pixels r=mattwoodrow
176d33be7c59f5e8e17dc52f38af94eb932c4d62David Zbarsky — Bug 755084 Part 3: Move checks for whether to animate opacity and transforms on the compositor thread to nsLayoutUtils, and make them also check whether the compositor is actually running r=cjones,dbaron
8652f9d5ec7d11931953b36a25766cee18dfe99aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 768440 Part 2