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Mon Feb 06 20:04:22 2012 +0000
2f88bdcf5fbf925c15a629f5bbc50459c7f10109Lucas Rocha — Bug 720764 - Show toast notification when opening link in a new tab in awesomebar (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
4e7107d35192e74612ddf7241ac897ab95eac0f4Lucas Rocha — Bug 722655 - Fix crash on about:home when tab isn't present (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
53b837964a4b5fba0a13cd740cba707d6c0a3133Lucas Rocha — Bug 710335 - Hide recommended addons section from about:home when empty (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
b1cd565bc9991489adce96e442f68c057e76e617Lucas Rocha — Bug 722752 - Show/hide sync banner when sync accounts are added/removed (r=mfinkle a=akeybl)
01693365cd8501f4f76e71b2783fa14c03a4f32eBrian Nicholson — Bug 723550 - Lots of base64 decode errors in logcat [r=blassey a=akeybl]