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Sat Mar 30 01:00:08 2013 +0000
3274a156c130027e408de0717bd361740755d0bbTanvi Vyas — Bug 836951 - Add mDocShell to nsSecureBrowserUIImpl. Traverse up to the root doc shell. r=bsmith,smaug a=bbajaj
4717c038bc0c1f3436ccc4c8648e7986959a590eTanvi Vyas — Bug 840388 - Mochitests that navigate https frames to http frames, both when a secure parent exists and when no secure parents exist. Tested with the mixed active content pref enabled and disabled. r=smaug a=bbajaj
c4237eb085c3e74fe41b837c84df46623697c857Tanvi Vyas — Bug840388 - Check if a iframe has any https parents. If not, then there is no mixed content since we are not on a secure page. r=smaug a=bbajaj