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Thu May 28 03:50:58 2015 +0000
b104a8b24b279a8dbb44fdc7a8d21e17375af8d6Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1167230 - Use nsCString instead of std::string in FrameKey in the profiler, a=sledru
087c3f171562534ce7a4d55dcfce7bf2d567e32aTom Tromey — Bug 1050500 - add fields to ProfileTimelineStackFrame; r=smaug, a=sledru
f523187a627a83f30a12732f5e3dda378a9aabc1Victor Porof — Bug 1167962 - Fix import in synthesizeProfileForTest, r=orange, a=sledru
43911f395ef66b82a5df1e3d1b4428a78e025888Victor Porof — Bug 1167975 - CallView._displaySelf sets this.document just because other functions use it; it should pass it as an argument instead, r=jsantell, a=sledru
1183a9938bb5dccb9035db792e9804c7781a04cdVictor Porof — Bug 1167967 - Memory allocations tree render() has an extra unnecessary options argument, r=jsantell, a=sledru
4fe037d2f8778925a5342ad0c519a5cdb9131ffcVictor Porof — Bug 1167963 - FrameNode should not export `isContent`, r=jsantell, a=sledru
76a2777f32682837fdaa6ef5e2c8e68905e3f8eeVictor Porof — Bug 1167962 - Keep exports at bottom of modules, r=jsantell, a=sledru
1b5736de0e4f228dcf49b7ee7c85b6ba31d4da38Victor Porof — Bug 1167961 - Task is incorrectly used in compatibility.js, r=jsantell, a=sledru
0cda21618fea64cfc731978618cb3cd2eaf98e9cJordan Santell — Bug 1167006 - Refactor marker details to not handle stack traces explicitly, and move logic into marker utils. Separate out some source link styles. r=vp, a=sledru
d6d39fe9ec036203b6aa7d33efc62d87ceb90fbbJordan Santell — Bug 1167006 - part 3 fully revert merge from 780e1f999f54, a=sledru
2a600507cad0330bdc0103008e023509e55b1997Victor Porof — Bug 1167733 - Consolidate prefs access and usage in the new performance tool, r=jsantell, a=sledru
9febab7820650d8eff4d9f85b8fc8b44a18f39c2Jordan Santell — Bug 1167006 - Fully revert bad merge from 780e1f999f54, a=sledru
f86e3be823d908f9f43bb50a4501ad16a9dc39d5Jordan Santell — Revert "Bug 1167006 - Refactor marker details to not handle stack traces explicitly, and move logic into marker utils. Separate out some source link styles. r=vp, a=sledru"
f0b5a5abc1304c8c5ee13952f27de6b2ca8ad021Victor Porof — Bug 1167428 - Don't add event listeners in PerformanceController.destroy, r=jsantell, a=sledru
3ef44497abecd4d008493b67294b2f37086a000fVictor Porof — Bug 1167426 - The `_connected` property in PerformanceActorsConnection is not necessary, r=jsantell, a=sledru
1606aab5216f89bbc29f96da0869d9d93541b1daVictor Porof — Bug 1167298 - Remove the ordinal property on categories, r=jsantell, a=sledru
980d943b262c84ba3fa0e1a15428b7f88d93e2aeVictor Porof — Bug 1167300 - Fix all performance tool imports to work with the new file locations, r=jsantell, a=sledru
b6618222aa95979961ec741c231354170b1d0bc0Victor Porof — Bug 1167300 - Create a way to get strings from multiple localization files, r=jsantell, a=sledru
f0fa2388c1e8515e5fb9b0ae2048eac82ccf0ad1Victor Porof — Bug 1167300 - Consolidate the performance tool directory, r=jsantell, a=sledru
c47ce06ace203de60316d89622cb9a10efa3a4f7Jordan Santell — Bug 1049865 - part 2 - fix up browser_profiler_tree-frame-node.js to handle the new stripping of query params from a displayed filename in tree models. a=sledru
955dc6f63530fb279a8b6bf78484182bf1a677f8Ravi Shankar — Bug 1049865 - Remove url query from items in the call tree; r=jsantell, a=sledru
7bc05d558a2de9d4ec171111d335623ac24a2c61Jordan Santell — Bug 1150761 - Rename the performance tool's details view names to better describe the data visualizations. r=vp, a=sledru
efff9db98e86851faa7a480d6107293294a77adaJordan Santell — Bug 1162662 - Map JS markers to human readable keys, and hide if platform related via (Gecko). r=vp, a=sledru
701cee0f9ec1641c3c78c924e1132057485e7144Jordan Santell — Bug 1167006 - Refactor marker details to not handle stack traces explicitly, and move logic into marker utils. Separate out some source link styles. r=vp, a=sledru
de16e4cd139ad060023e30042e05ec588cb34391Tim Nguyen — Bug 1164784 - Eliminate CSS duplication with perf tool record button. r=jsantell, a=sledru
98b12f19c7b3a1ff214bc881dc19c72fff86caf0Tom Tromey — Bug 1050500 - Add callee information to Javascript timeline markers. r=smaug, a=sledru
11c00eb7c82aca85b1cafd45d12fcf90b6c16d79Victor Porof — Bug 1167459 - Skip rendering function name nodes if there's no name available (e.g. for C++ pseudoframes), r=jsantell, a=sledru
80a01b680aceb904adc0e66fc49646873f0dfe9bBrian Grinstead — Bug 1122662 - Resize graphs when window resizes;r=vporof, a=sledru
f00b5164da00bd7609386bb3982b309ccb7119c3Jordan Santell — Bug 1166494 - part3: Correctly handle marker definition fields that are described via function rather than array. r=vp, a=sledru
c7d51f7a9a55c9ab1c3ca4e4cec21363d51e12f8Jordan Santell — Bug 1058898 - Enable e10s tests on the performance tool. r=vp, a=sledru
bdcdadeb595c5a99b9062179052ef6fe98dc0f10Jordan Santell — Bug 1166494 - part2: correctly add labels to console markers and properly add style markers' restyleHints. r=vp, a=sledru
500cd2821bceacab9dc7dd58e386b2585411d721Jordan Santell — Bug 1166494 - Re-add console timestamp and style markers' metadata. r=vp, a=sledru
f8f7e83e4a1d54dd94c0ce4b364f25d0829412cfJordan Santell — Bug 1164552 - create new colors in light/dark themes for devtools specifically for rendering graphs in the performance tool. The highlight-* colors in light theme work well for text, less so for rendered blocks and appear very 'bold'. Most of the dark theme graph colors are the same as their highlight-* equivilents. r=vp, a=sledru
53629d541666ac0874b1b47c2b1cf15e11d7da5bJordan Santell — Bug 1165885 - Handle scenario when clearing out recordings while a console profile is recording. r=pbrosset, a=sledru
5f877b17350f8d265a2ef65c52b04b5e7bb453f3Jordan Santell — Bug 1166559 - Add documentation for ProfileTimelineMarkers from a dev tools perspective. r=fitzgen, a=sledru
4d7df5d653a61eb86198bb44956c11c36174934dJordan Santell — Bug 1166823 - Merge arrays in performance's recording model one element at a time for performance increase and get over the Array.prototype.push.apply 500000 element limit. r=fitzgen, a=sledru
e0ad76a6eea5c0cd0a48dd51e7ea4aa1387db3d4Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1160811 - Lower the max allocations log length to avoid internal allocation overflow errors; r=jsantell, a=sledru
06f7462668af4bf096a7b2a17cb6f48723be7baeVictor Porof — Bug 1149626 - Performance timeline legends should be dark with light text in dark theme in LineGraphs, r=jsantell, a=sledru
3a82f6bef3898ea79e487ff6edcf37e0d329dbfcBrian Grinstead — Bug 1090950 - Properly bound fillRect call for Graphs with selections that start or end out of bounds. r=vporof, a=sledru
19a6b64c5155803e2dc66e545b31aa1af0fabf7cJordan Santell — Bug 1157916 - Add tooltip for displaying start/end times on marker details' duration field. r=vp, a=sledru
0940df6a02e2147d026e677410cc356c68eaad2aJordan Santell — Bug 1166124 - Change 'buffer capacity' string to a more accurate 'buffer x% full' stirng. r=fitzgen, a=sledru
886e53a3c83556cbd7e54659e2520de1b26857a7Jordan Santell — Bug 1166139 - properly display the generic class name for markers in the marker filter popup. r=vp, a=sledru
222c2b8e7b918e6c8f38a1b194de6ee3c335bd1bVictor Porof — Bug 1144034 - Flamegraph text is barely readable on non-retina display, r=jsantell, a=sledru
a8957c73dde714e191629038c5fe494aecc12ae1Victor Porof — Bug 1166122 - Fix regression in the call tree caused by bug 1165045, r=jsantell, a=sledru
11b76c3a915e5a0995a69c03fd0ab428dc681881Brian Grinstead — Bug 1166029 - Update SVG toolbar icon fill colors for devtools;r=jsantell, a=sledru
318a476397721639f43a8d59900debb625ad11f3Jordan Santell — Bug 1164593 - change the import message to be 'Import recording...' rather than 'Save recording...'. r=vp, a=sledru
7f933abba006cafd1a5af8e991959b98facc257bJordan Santell — Bug 1162583 - Disable realtime rendering in performance tools when e10s is not on. r=vp, a=sledru
874dfde6ee0b0132c1dba0bc5df3f276e2387cc1Jordan Santell — Bug 1164281 - Make a new pref devtools.performance.ui.experimental enabled on nightly to show experimental options. r=vp, a=sledru
903c90590b5da28414551b5ee57ae67c8376511dJordan Santell — Bug 1164338 - Tests that the style markers have restyleHints. r=pbrosset, a=sledru
668917d1cb31732393efab01fa2583a315c81276Jordan Santell — Bug 1164338 - Move styles markers to be generated in DoProcessRestyles rather than when the Flush_Style queue is flushed. r=smaug,heycam, a=sledru
d088567ac3133703e428fb36035b9c48292ffba0Jordan Santell — Bug 1165504 - Refactor out marker details view into utilities, make marker definitions more declaritive. r=vp, a=sledru
598885f81bb2b6987676c3d40da803e24de756b7Patrick Brosset — Bug 1146239 - Show the recording as loading in the performance details pane after it has stopped; r=jsantell, a=sledru
0fe415e2576e3953cb114897453c93cd05248551Jordan Santell — Bug 1164598 - Remove legacy timeline tool from devtools source and its styles. r=vp, a=sledru
a19453eac6e3118d3569f5e6e32fc5b05d384ae3Jordan Santell — Bug 1160313 - Remove temporary retro-mode for performance tools. r=vp, a=sledru
d39b7bb9acd14d367a0121b47990fe1cb805ffd8Victor Porof — Bug 1165045 - Don't create nodes with empty text in the call tree, r=jsantell, a=sledru
b6c6ab339e672eb3a448dc1e5840fb422ede556aVictor Porof — Bug 1151973 - Inverted call tree should be ordered by 'self cost', not 'total cost', r=jsantell, a=sledru
30677c6282dd0c5cbec471cfab35cf6034a07358Victor Porof — Bug 1152631 - We no longer display category data for platform data in call tree, r=jsantell, a=sledru
2346b4e5b5bba5cf596fa303254a628967d56e1dVictor Porof — Bug 1160521 - The markers list sidebar should be wider by default, r=jsantell, a=sledru
1ff6d58a4e0aa2ee19c1f7912ad25b429ba29248Daniel Holbert — Bug 1050500 followup: Annotate js.cpp "Exit()" method as "override". rs=ehsan, a=sledru
50a6675e974b2008915025872c7e35cf1ed0d71eJim Blandy — Bug 1050500: Add SpiderMonkey API for reporting JavaScript entry points. r=shu, a=sledru
1d26316f101540752358c65a16150163adb5e95aPatrick Brosset — Bug 1146239 - Show the recording as loading in the performance sidebar after it has stopped; r=jsantell, a=sledru
02659d1bb6499ca130e1c3367732b036100d646bJordan Santell — Bug 1143004 - markers from console.timeStamp() should be rendered in the performance tool's timeline. r=vp, a=sledru
b361f39e79d5c4de9f8b4ba9c1fb67df81cc0c6bJordan Santell — Bug 1164130 - Correctly include RecordingUtils when importing older version 2 profiler data. r=vp, a=sledru
fc6d8e85c5c23117e208abc1ee368b123ed57162Jordan Santell — Bug 1164131 - [regression] parse urls with port numbers correctly in the call tree, and display the host (hostName+port), not just hostName. r=shu, a=sledru
257a509e7c39eca0592e5209c3f6cddbd0c975b7Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Fix devtools tests to use the new profiler JSON format. (r=jsantell, a=sledru)
67666cc08e73eefc33fdd7d1303ca7190be872c8Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Fix nsIProfiler xpcshell tests to use the new profiler JSON format. (r=me, a=sledru)
e0185275c34030e02dfa8fd1db42f7b6107e920bShu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Make the memory stuff in the performance devtool synthesize the new profiler JSON format. (r=jsantell, a=sledru)
4c67c1f6531bcb69908fd1dedb206121f41cb687Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Add adapter that deduplicates old, undeduplicated profiles in the frontend. (r=jsantell,vporof, a=sledru)
b7ba8798ffc76799f97004bbd0fc9cfd435fffb7Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Make the performance devtool handle the new profiler JSON format. (r=jsantell,vporof, a=sledru)
b78b5fac8645243dc08097675a86e0b89290c84cShu-yu Guo — Bug 1160696 - Display MIRTypes in the JIT optimizations side pane as "Site : MIRType". (r=jsantell, a=sledru)
ea3d70cbe275f099dbc4e87e726c47827a6324efShu-yu Guo — Bug 1160691 - Optimize FrameUtils.isContent and FrameUtils.parseLocation. (r=jsantell, a=sledru)
abc21b1b28adaf480fca7aa7a9d9339c54056443Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Rewrite profiler JSON streaming. (r=mstange, a=sledru)
1d73cc5907f1dfb2a777c857b85aa08d61af3f84Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1154115 - Rewrite the JSAPI profiling API to use a FrameHandle, as to avoid multiple lookups in JitcodeGlobalTable. (r=djvj),a=sledru