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Tue Feb 19 18:42:39 2013 +0000
d8c97bae852106496ea7d9f8f6c97107a6fc4397Lukas Blakk — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
00c575eaa9f88152db251f44f406e4951e1561d6Lukas Blakk — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
db9384d590d5867d380e715dcdcc6c75f80cc03aLukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
631304d1cf47b3f6fd5d62204b5fa38a89bbd146Lukas Blakk — Bug 841919 turn off --enable-metro from win32 mozconfigs for Aurora CLOSED TREE
dc071fe9100bae8056e24a1689eadf895cb7b5f3Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
cc37417e2c284aed960f98ffa479de4ccdd5c7c3Ms2ger — Bug 839447 - Part 4: Fix a potential null dereference; r=I'm an idiot FIREFOX_AURORA_21_BASE
88d66cdbdc81e898d72c580e7d3c411f78dc4eaaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
64a2c3fb2052f981a243dc315425ebed719900c8Hannes Verschore — Bug 836274: Disable funapply inlining when typeset of callee is tighter than caller, r=nbp
b35634fa6a4abe215c5b4a649a12b0dda6674264Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8551e3fd968150bc57a29b2c720edac2bf754bdbHector Zhao — Bug 842228 - Set shell to open in AddDisabledDDEHandlerValues. r=bbondy
00623df83261f40003c0ea738e6cbe2115cef55aReuben Morais — Bug 836519 - Implement getAll API for contact manager using cursors. r=gwagner
6bd304c9f9920c2ffe347befe2f4f8e93952c558Marco Chen — Bug 835232 - To adjust FM volume should be done after enabling FM functionality. r=jlebar
9b8cdf7f47b0abf12a9fb8fa71e901e11cf2f0eePaolo Amadini — Bug 835875 - Add the ability to cancel downloads. r=enn
a7a57be02f88b21de5d586a5fc059565996ced7ePaolo Amadini — Bug 835872 - Handle download errors. r=enn
dc90a0618dd20d0a06510109fa02816a76ffbafbFernando Jiménez — Bug 841631 - [Intermittent] Large Packaged App Downloads on Weak Connections can have HTTP requests stopped in the middle of download, which results in a corrupted package download; r=fabrice
caa9e261c08ce342f7fb79f7d34437f0e4e16edeFernando Jiménez — Bug 839071 - We're resetting some states when we shouldn't for hosted+appcache apps; r=fabrice
1ef37f5cf7d65c9ceb18a547a50102dc5fc74dd9Fernando Jiménez — Bug 831524 - Payment JWT w/ encoded HTML causes decoding error in navigator.mozPay(); r=fabrice
9664c3c609a1e309bacc2cce8137e43951d638d8Phil Ringnalda — Back out 3de5ec9de48a:7a1ecef13ae9 (bug 840696) and 62fa6ee0a279 (bug 814823) for Android bustage
3de5ec9de48a1942d40a86edfee15a9f6cae1023Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 840696 part 2 - Add typed array support to GetElem ICs. r=dvander
7a1ecef13ae9840df2308fc6a7540634f456fb54Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 840696 part 1 - Enable GetElem IC if typed arrays & arrays are mix-up. r=dvander
62fa6ee0a2796915ff090b7a97d25f1ad46a9829Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 814823 - Clean-up Ion cache mechanism. r=dvander
e219bbd25e3eb96207fde1479303cecba44336e5Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
7af8bba450dff1eaf73c49f34e7705375460aaf9Raymond Lee — Another attempt at fixing bug 822284; r=ehsan
ed5efb38f2ef5a023edb5a07bbe9966fc29e816aRaymond Lee — Another attempt to fix bug 826964; r=ehsan
44ffa1083d55f26c29b822f734f286ae8df4c539Shawn Huang — Bug 833206 - Remove invalid OBEX header: ConnectionId, r=gyeh, r=echou
0fa9eb04723292cf58cab64c302824d5d3a4bc64Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 841564 - DMD: Fix the second percentage in stack frame records. r=jlebar. DONTBUILD.
c36791017011317b5471bd63d6c818a69f2fcdcfCameron McCormack — Bug 842119. r=longsonr
fe5e2415c67c25782e4deb71165f16d3fdd02ae4Ehsan Akhgari — Fix the documentation of TimerEventAllocator threading expectations, no bug, DONTBUILD
0169230798315264391d7c667e33a868abc79d29Mats Palmgren — Bug 822910. r=roc
35a2fd406e4f7e9b23bcff38e0734db2f922e282Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 12: Don't recurse into static tier directories; r=ted
19d084d39eab11b42a8dfd2e73c02a47e0683e23Gregory Szorc — Bug 842393 - Documentation for Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman
5060a8ce0be450649a5ef4a8163c3eab701bcdc4Gregory Szorc — Bug 842370 - Use Tasks for provider collection; r=rnewman
412fa61ea374c3b7a5619874178f8784aaba40b6Cameron McCormack — Bug 842138 - Propagate rotate="" values even if rotations were specified on a parent element. r=roc
ea99e1b1d574bbd05b5428d5194ceaea506e2caaEthan Hugg — Bug 842332 Fix 842332 Fix missing unlock in PeerConnectionMedia r=jesup
a0c57dffd179b3718e696579cc14dd10d408a591Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0577eb1893c4 (bug 840094) for orange++
b8b9100f6c418c164a8a2a1d6e70bed8019af0f9Ms2ger — Bug 839447 - Part 3: Add a missing addref; r=mounir
0577eb1893c44ccce6f6085603f4b12021c01d5fMike Hommey — Bug 840094 - Change how nsZipArchive logging works. r=taras,r=gps
3f0f2fc4bd0f4c9df2061a1ce9fd462a1a86fa4cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
e884af799de8a163fd41b327dab601ebc5dbdb86Anton Kovalyov — Bug 841954 - Make sure onOpen callback fires in all cases, r=past
32f30440ced7a0bfcedef76c4e0927f074f06ac1Tim Taubert — Bug 795939 - Cancel FX_PAGE_LOAD_MS when the request is aborted; r=felipe
c398fc5f72cf0e49561f07be0e5ae4f2805c38adTim Taubert — Bug 829568 - part 3 - restore the initial session in case the user opens a non-private window; r=felipe
bcc9c69de523523be6b9ab860506072430ba3c8eTim Taubert — Bug 829568 - part 2 - back up the initial session when starting up with a private window; r=felipe
a919f0c65b692a23cf65859eb7ecd55cba9eae4cTim Taubert — Bug 829568 - part 1 - don't save (invalid) states without any windows; r=felipe
300311c8e0eb169e1f2a44c0881e299805c76f4cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5d7a14c71f51454dfce3250e9a957ff432e37280Mihai Sucan — Bug 834721 - Use plurals for toolbox button tooltip; r=paul f=l10n
c080abd4eb7ad97826149d053aa0b2efb9646249Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
02524d3d9d8acbcc524da38ba21590905424d0ddTim Taubert — Bug 672474 - followup to use GetExtantDoc(); r=ms2ger
e8f8a3f6f1f67c07b9f62dab068ebb97c5f508d0Gregory Szorc — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
29181e9515ec6502c76e221b81a3bab370dab8e2David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGMarkerElement r=peterv
85addbf2e26408978968c79fb68bd5cb3a80e2e1David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGImageElement r=peterv
e20ec1200920fc1f8de7eaaf0e4fd1302d6f2503David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGMaskElement r=peterv
0ea520af174ed4db1990c431620cf18c3bdc350dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGAElement r=peterv
beca555617478a690a8bc78e0a91bd7e10566764David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGTitleElement r=peterv
b5e103247c9f351e25a3980516a164989e397610Chris Pearce — Bug 830171 - Use SourceReader in async mode to better allow shutdown on MediaResource close. r=padenot
987a4c1c0a68ebd374f5874a64c8e2fd63ff4892Chris Pearce — Bug 839031 - Blacklist FLAC MFT DLL. r=padenot
48bf677726b8dcc7bd4510b0b6c81279d83f33baChris Pearce — Bug 839031 - Block non-whitelisted WMF decoder objects. r=padenot
40f6ab9cf2f3db2818b1f8125f71bb2fc5aaf6f0Chris Pearce — Bug 839031 - Report Content-Type on WMFByteStream to faciliate WMF selecting the right decoder. r=padenot
e50df4a601e4d9743038a7c881fa5fcb4b51f27eChris Pearce — Bug 839031 - Store the Content-Type/MIME-Type on MediaResource. r=padenot
83e2c0975a620ad51de68acd1654bf4680d0dee9Chris Pearce — Bug 839031 - Implement WMFByteStream::Read(). r=padenot
f598352c7f7f0dc2be8adb1073bee5fb58b5d1a3Chris Pearce — Bug 839055 - Refuse to play a video file with WMF which has corrupt or unplayable video or audio streams. r=padenot
f992507bf21879a9b34f3e5568ed20108d038c2cRichard Newman — Bug 842369 - Profile provider should be robust against stat failure. r=gps
8febb0aa205f439e0449e4e9d6b17ff2bee005e0EKR — Bug 835283: Thread asserts for nr_socket_prsock r=jesup
adf96501de917cf1516beaa2ef79c19ae3a4c67aMark Finkle — Bug 836924 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.Tabs.getContentResolver r=bnicholson
fc380df34bd6a0055483a554695cf8276d803ca5Dão Gottwald — Bug 839445 - PopupNotifications need to know about location changes in background tabs. r=gavin
69cc1bc86785012023ae4e5870f9c6da162271e5Dão Gottwald — Bug 842017 - Remove broken support for displaying window.status / window.defaultStatus. r=felipe
7da1d0ed25d7b57d9d4b8ea8b15f53e8da566d38Gregory Szorc — Bug 842377 - Rename "constant only" to "pull only"; r=rnewman
6e0f106fd859046a1d5dbad9c5dd5df33f464e94Gregory Szorc — Bug 841244 - More Telemetry probes for Firefox Health Report. r=rnewman,gps,vladan
584660a01e6411e8c0089b900863b3514437dd57Randell Jesup — Bug 796463: enable PeerConnection by default r=roc
162a860a2b39a3c76bed87561dcf9520e77dabfcRobert Longson — Bug 842272: Don't destroy SVGElementFactory's hash table if it was never initialized. r=dholbert
3bd8f038263de01b208f4e320634c4b71e7ac965Jim Chen — Bug 841507 - Mask events when removing composition; r=cpeterson
2eec9cb2be86a86473208b8f74ff88ddb7af99aeJim Chen — Bug 841036 - Set default composition color to text field color; r=cpeterson
cf0437ccd0136992937c757773c157da1ff11169Jim Chen — Bug 838177 - Add more debugging output to GeckoEditable and GeckoInputConnection; r=cpeterson
95e67683fe4e17e4b8c2321251fe6e7b0c28956dHannes Verschore — Bug 839315: IonMonkey: Fix fault in TypePolicy of MCompare for CompareType_Boolean and CompareType_String, r=jandem
33feebc4a09f1b3482ad1b7e76933b657d126093Margaret Leibovic — Bug 841938 - Implement nsAndroidHistory::SetURITitle. r=wesj
ae60b8d343e5e23888d1ee4b35ad18f18f132416Daniel Holbert — Bug 840209: Make existing implicit char-conversion explicit (w/ assertion for sanity-checking), in txXPCOMExtensionFunction.cpp. r=peterv
4e92ba60695d675be9c797a5cb1dabd109bf2820Daniel Holbert — Bug 841261: Use init list instead of assignment in nsFrameIterator constructor. r=mats
5dec45f30b77f60ac6415b26c6aaa57b0e14f547Ben Turner — Bug 832109 - 'crash in Telephony::RILTelephonyCallback::CallStateChanged'. r=jlebar.
46897ceac25352c7c53c979703d3d664010aeb49Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 809821. Update pixman to 0.29.2
eaf5f56832b4e02edd345046a2d044fd19dfb317Florian Quèze — Bug 839106 - Add preferences to control the stun behavior, r=jesup.
323f90679193965b5f0302e314088a14e3733a4dJonathan Kew — bug 827093 - cherry-pick Cham shaping fix from harfbuzz commit b1f4407..b8e8472. r=jdaggett
68cb1f5270a8a7e7f16c94200b4bd77c941657deAndrea Marchesini — Bug 839447 - Convert HTMLOptionElement to WebIDL, r=Ms2ger
ea6e27e21be80a32f4151a2e235eebbeae23fc45Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839447 - Rename nsHTMLOptionElement to HTMLOptionElement, r=Ms2ger
a09e3d0f005d2e67faa6dcce33ba0275a2ba6a2cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838559 - Convert HTMLMenuElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger, r=peterv
cab8ac207ba48376653a02d4b67742eecce59578Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838559 - Rename nsHTMLMenuElement to HTMLMenuElement. r=Ms2ger
653bcba12dc600c31546ddeb278b7346e0847795Jacek Caban — Bug 841695 - Fixed ToPropertyKeySlow redeclared without dllimport warning r=Waldo
abba7ec43f009b480e8d57c6e71da246c3d85ea4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838343 - Convert HTMLFrameElement to WebIDL r=peterv
6b7b42fdfd57276b1fb0af6e6791289078f2ca36Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838343 - Renaming nsHTMLFrameElement to HTMLFrameElement r=peterv
10f97cce1a590ff50b93bb5bf8998655c9699610Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 803675 - part2: Add tests.r=bz
a71e34325926548ba83c33e0a07e9c6106db13e4Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 803675 - part1: open a new tab instead of window when browser is fullscreen mode and the caller is content context. r=bz
9a708c976f45bfa822b3d7a634faf7afe263a366Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 803675 - part0: Reduce to check caller context in nsWindowWatcher::CalculateChromeFlags(). r=bz
725e172de3586cdcce4bacbff14b41d3a02efd7aRandy Lin — Bug 837573 - No music sound output after A2dp link disconnected. r=kinetik
ff752cb0c0cbfc6a0d3725511505adf3eb290cf5Jon Coppeard — Bug 841356 - GC: Some minor rooting fixes r=sfink
9c6fe95e2668125f29a04eb17da14d4509ece0abEdgar Chen — Bug 835729 - Part 3: xpcshell tests. r=allstars.chh
86c7d1b67175e819d74d411e2a181922735004f6Edgar Chen — Bug 835729 - Part 2: Refactor updateNetworkName and _processOperator. r=allstars.chh
785ce24738124c33b8d0c8708790087ae4a326acEdgar Chen — Bug 835729 - Part 1: Fix updating operator's info. r=allstars.chh
3fa2b18fae9c2f4e9575f1a14dc83f773fca4affAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838598 - Part 2: Convert HTMLMenuItemElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger, r=janv
8497cf15a6dcab190aa6f55d33389f672a0c6086Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838598 - Part 1: Rename nsHTMLMenuItemElement to HTMLMenuItemElement. r=Ms2ger, r=janv
b4a233c10cc9c24bd9370c517b393fe757d90de3Landry Breuil — Bug 842131 - Use egrep to detect clang version, fixes build without GNU grep. r=glandium
673dd484f5b5eaecbcb45e8da3d0a07ac82017b1Christian Sonne — Bug 842185 - "Remove From History" doesn't work r=mak
148ea95584b4e1b4c610732e7c1e3e4a69dd7a6fOlli Pettay — Bug 842132 - Crash with contentEditable, selection.deleteFromDocument with overlapping selection ranges, r=tbsaunde
4514f27f41ffad228ccba19462f278bb19c9550cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 645cb4fbf390 (bug 842132) for build bustage.
645cb4fbf390452b445ebc3778b8a81257cd32f8Olli Pettay — Bug 842132 - Crash with contentEditable, selection.deleteFromDocument with overlapping selection ranges, r=tbsaunde
524e7bc6743104e4bbc6f1a0eb520e23b1fe4abdL. David Baron — Backed out changesets b093ba2c7ff9 and 0acbd06d48a9 (Bug 836655) for failing unit test.
0acbd06d48a9aeea17696f5280231e4ee5fd029bL. David Baron — Bug 836655: Fix bustage ("comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions", warnings-as-errors) by using Contains rather than IndexOf.
91134dd6ac0ad65ef60524fc2caa6eeb4ef3e293Eric Chou — Bug 842214 - Replace JS_NewStringCopyN with JS_NewUCStringCopyN, or non-ascii chars would be shown incorrectly, r=gyeh
b093ba2c7ff9d5ec10ae4e70686f28eef08c3babMarco Chen — Bug 836655 - [Audio] Remove ChildID if there is no content channel playing in foreground and only send audio-channel-changed with normal when ChildID in the background has content channel in playing state. r=baku
5474b831ece7011e78cba505d992b11cdd5b2ff4Randy Lin — Bug 834165 - Implement BlobEvent. r=smaug
08fb57d88c011695df9e2eb5c35fc454767b2798Daniel Holbert — Bug 839347: Move SkNO_RETURN_HINT out of anonymous namespace so that clang won't warn about it being unused. r=mattwoodrow
11ca90723b3ab2e08a5cb68acbd75a4ea3f304a2Ginn Chen — Bug 837561 ReadInt16 and WriteInt16 should be paired r=benjamin
9e0279c63245a179ec1c3efd6b4fdb365b49c95aVicamo Yang — Bug 838190: ensure every received SMS message is acked. r=gwagner
df03beb83b39fa9fac1267bb785086d9094fb482L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Add -Wshadow to CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS for layout/style. r=ted
ff75b06e2330e7586556bdea50c31e27ff550a55L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in gfx that affect layout/style. r=derf
4fa2028f2e3c8b926018621b8efcf5eb5facb09bL. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in public SPS headers. r=BenWa
2b8d67b35d8292c9363bd80ed06a1c6542db4e3aL. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in layout/style. r=bzbarsky
43fa20226909036be7d36f1605dc70d0c47dc384L. David Baron — Bug 563195: Fix -Wshadow warnings in public JS API headers (those used from layout/style/). r=njn
761d4d55680d50700e4aef7ae7419c329d9ec9c6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 563195: Avoid triggering -Wshadow warnings in mfbt/. r=Waldo
e0ffe719035b6aba48c9fa79303284a8509d1086John Daggett — Bug 833169 - fixup idents and trim out redundant initialization. r=karlt
eb1a14e09f50df22978eea54caf2bf9887821e7aZack Weinberg — Bug 842134: fix serialization of unquoted url() in CSS. r=heycam
a1310b986ebe61e0e8eeb618bb1d0aba89f4b658Jeff Walden — Bug 664528 - [].sort misbehaves when the array being sorted starts with at least one hole and otherwise contains only holes and |undefined| as its elements. r=jandem
fa40088b0833af00e3d3b064cddf7c2eba0114c2David Zbarsky — Bug 837044: Remove nsIDOMSVGFilterElement.idl that I forgot to remove earlier r=me
da82798eb2751aca52f3802a6540db180a591c20John Daggett — Bug 833169 - initialize family name in pango font entries. r=roc
820dff9bdc55add3299ad566fb44070cd762b29bJohn Daggett — Bug 833169 - add font family name to font entries and use in user font cache key. r=jkew
8a5523cc2812c8290d79ac419b0d80901ff84563Chris Double — Bug 823523 - Part 4 - Whitelist Samsung Honeycomb devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
d5cb684d6b761a4ab841cb7656e26042f08521f2Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 3 - Whitelist Samsung Gingerbread devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
50dc45f30b221045d569886cd6332a832ce38306Chris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 2 - Whitelist LG Froyo devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
cef45c1cb7d446d1a16df24aa3e670bc1ce3d47fChris Double — Bug 823253 - Part 1 - Whitelist HTC Gingerbread devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
547bfb2239d1ac59c7feed9de4c0d7d3db8bca3cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 837044 - Convert SVGFilterElement to WebIDL r=bz
411288642ab40162bde09d5cbb5e30b734eb8bbaMatthew Gregan — Bug 842176 - Partial revert of bug 839319; use WAVE_FORMATEX when channels <= 2. r=doublec
fa9f36138ad8fdca7f79ddca99a5879fa19f374bChristian Holler — Bug 838557 - Fix obvious problem with previous patch in nsPresShell.cpp, r=me
5faf053cccaf361b0cbc2ea1f375cdd612fb194aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 837044 Part 1: Move SVGFilterElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
2a21768b10f09722018659cbeef5eb8a577e2f57Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 835712 - Use more webidl for safer JS traversal. r=bz, r=jesup
f213ceb739aa7d812a30eecf52f42c148de616e4Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 835370 - Optional offer/answer constraints work + unsupported mandatory ones fail. r=bz, r=jesup
1a9f0e93437032d0b421a1006c23ac58e6a12f6dJonathan Kew — bug 841470 followup - fix signed/unsigned warning causing build bustage. r=me
16ff7211d7b22aebc9004d51f4a81f46257858a4Jonathan Watt — Bug 842158 - Fix comment in input-range-direction-1.html. r=dholbert. DONTBUILD.
841077d27df82a4723a0f2b79e652779835f9e8dJonathan Watt — Bug 842158 - Make <input type=range> honor the 'direction' property. r=dholbert.
fe1aa97b77a6e9de2aaf56733c9d77f87473d7e0Jonathan Kew — bug 841470 - don't call AppUnitsPerDevPixelChanged unless the value has actually changed. r=roc
de56ae61946d17ca9015dc2ab817bc0da0ff276bTom Schuster — Bug 508061 - INITELEM behavior differs with -j. rs=Ms2ger
8e9f7c5419473b281fec857e864b550cd85866fdRandell Jesup — Bug 826044: enable WebRTC crashtests r=jsmith
31fa1546a849d6af0a0dc19797b9f69f2f5651b0Randell Jesup — Bug 826044: Fix Webrtc crashtests, disable known permaoranges r=jsmith
d73b0524cb1fc3d4c691a5ca4fcab5c5fbf490fbOleg Romashin — Bug 840869 - division-by-zero possible in gfxFont::Draw when mAdjusted == 0.0 r=bas.schouten
fa528f1db0d513faa36e54db480194325707fc05Matt Brubeck — Bug 840270 - Don't show a popup for select[multiple] with precise pointer input [r=jimm]
046df99b88b0d9d4b6fcac2b48d0809091fde775Boris Zbarsky — Bug 841404. Make sure that we treat dictionaries inside sequence and array members of a dictionary as dependencies for it. r=peterv
87d5ffb1da7250f611f2aed3c66cb0d0d3a3beceJonathan Watt — Bug 838256 - Fix <input type=range> dynamic reftests to use the MozReftestInvalidate event instead of the load event. r=me.
f59bdcd8476919aab9136bb1397cc96eed69194aJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 841958 - <reftest-wait> avoids JS SecurityError in crashtest 822197.html. r=jesup
fb5ab899cfa8e1d0f3dd071d586d24bbf4e3cf69Cykesiopka — Bug 583566 - Remove old Java plugin scanning pref and related code. r=bsmedberg
bf1c98a314c53acb5ea235687dd3d7b1d3b85ee9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 842087 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.236. r=yury
ab16cbe1bf1197a20def79ecc3bf5a87f2cbb3d6Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Remove stale documentation for a nsAbsoluteContainingBlock::Reflow() argument that was removed from the code in 2006. comment-only, DONTBUILD
03f26f5e781cd18888b771659449b06b19b83be7Daniel Holbert — Bug 839265: Remove unused enum value OP_ARCTO from the PathOp::OpType enum. r=Bas
db9ec9c7ce228c79c23a9a5e1bb42f6fd0fe5a4bDaniel Holbert — Bug 839257: Mark Factory.cpp's HasCPUIDBit() as inline, to fix build warnings on some configurations about the function being defined but not used. r=Bas
5e137a87e84f08a1143349300c8d0f999602af7aCameron McCormack — Bug 842016 - Make pointer-events not affect whether SVG text renders. r=longsonr
6693706cbd4f99090f444aabdc12d788670b50a2Cameron McCormack — Bug 842009 - Ignore <tref> elements when computing SVG text layout. r=longsonr
3a8784560224a9f0a89859ab79bca57a03cf2e94Cameron McCormack — Backed out changeset e4831a8b042c for lack of proper "r=".
f16a01e65b270c793195abb052378f143e7f9a4aCameron McCormack — Backed out changeset cbf7a8294eae for lack of proper "r=".
cbf7a8294eae41c83cfbe466a221faf910cd5a76Cameron McCormack — Bug 842016 - Make pointer-events not affect whether SVG text renders. r?
e4831a8b042cdcca130dc85f0e6f8ebb23eaa47bCameron McCormack — Bug 842009 - Ignore <tref> elements when computing SVG text layout. r?
20abb67042df3176230fec417c84dd0a0fb636fcL. David Baron — Bug 841983: Require whitespace around 'not', 'and', and 'or' keywords in @supports rules. r=heycam
a235e0d9dd7042ef059c92af53d3589d9c375662David Dahl — Bug 440046 - expose secure PRNG in the DOM (window.crypto.getRandomValues) r=cviecco r=bsmith
73437c0d0091151511699aa563f640f589ed8993David Dahl — Bug 683262 - window.crypto throws if MOZ_DISABLE_DOMCRYPTO is turned on - revert nsIWindowCrypto patch - r=jst
4a7cf5d271cb0156a153b1c3ec7f8267f02eb433David Dahl — Bug 683262 - window.crypto throws if MOZ_DISABLE_DOMCRYPTO is turned on - window.crypto patch - r=jst
0e3aca33a0391df2fc6354b6ced74817bb722a74Matt Brubeck — Bug 840287 - Move NewTabUtils.jsm into toolkit [r=ttaubert]
89c0a82b70e76a91eb369ceccc009372bee15266Matt Brubeck — Bug 811548 - Move PageThumbs.jsm from /browser to /toolkit
87478d6bb849ca2157b9942dd8d2a95595d3d62dTanvi Vyas — Bug 838359 - Don't show the triangle icon for mixed active content unless the preference to disable mixed active content is turned on. r=dolske
4b3420ee0e2bb8d59a3d4db15cc486c455d5d377Fabrice Desré — Bug 842100 - Restore the virtual keyboard in desktop builds r=cjones
86b0207c62d6f0baf4efb6f46e25dbcd92a2b254Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. DONTBUILD
ef0da3fb98ff5cf149b91ec29152ace8a569bb29Zack Weinberg — Bug 543151, part A4: unify the inner text-scanning loops used by GatherIdent, ScanString, NextURL. r=heycam
a0a8c0ed0c77d9e5db93d16897be1d26fc7744ebZack Weinberg — Bug 543151, part A3: convert the scanner to use peek/advance. r=heycam
68c9f2677339f5a238a08af93c80f9afd2cf0f77Zack Weinberg — Bug 543151, part A2: Introduce the new peek/advance API and reimplement the old read/pushback API on top of it. r=heycam
a94f2ab8ddf94486b724578854d02161c83ade23Zack Weinberg — Bug 543151, part A1: Preliminary cleanups to the scanner/parser interface and the organization of nsCSSScanner.cpp. r=heycam
81fac90f0e9fa739de50aa9a76258b38e0c0c8b5L. David Baron — Bug 781360 patch 4: Remove the Get from nsStyleContext::GetStyleData and nsIFrame::GetStyleDataExternal, which never return null. r=dholbert
343315251a400d775fb27becf97bf86f0dcaefe2L. David Baron — Bug 781360 patch 3: Rename {nsIFrame,nsStyleContext,nsComputedDOMStyle}::GetStyle* to Style*, since they can never return null. r=dholbert
9522b45f9ef9b1cc893bf124adcece18bc4cb1d6L. David Baron — Bug 781360 patch 2: Rename nsRuleNode::GetPresContext to PresContext, since it can never return null. r=dholbert
dd7f52016f53f56a3c4372fc44f2b99bcd8f0690L. David Baron — Bug 781360 patch 1: Rename nsStyleContext::GetRuleNode to RuleNode, since it can never return null. r=dholbert
c4de6de47382dc05c46be435fbead5fb85e73732Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
fd897af2dd4753fdb72ebe33cc0015c2f2a82265Brian Smith — Bug 842064: Fix build bustage caused by expired certificates in test_signed_apps.js on a CLOSED TREE, a=bustage, a=testonly
62619edc3226d25dc7af5b6ea4e0f7152a77b592Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 826072 - Dispatch Init() out of nsGonkCameraControl's constructor. r=mikeh
139cea84972b7a0bf66d06eeb7b6b4747f23f5aaDaniel Holbert — Bug 834107: Replace helper-function GetContainingBlockFor() with direct calls to nsIFrame::GetContainingBlock(), in nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp. r=dbaron
75cef52e6f7e4b6b9170384689d2641c50f47261Phil Ringnalda — Bug 807211 - annotate ownerdiscard.html as asserts(0-2), since it certainly does
5e660787834c2a572725cdbd1126f8f4e7f80aefJonathan Watt — Bug 838256 - Reftests and crashtests for <input type=range>. r=dholbert.
7db39954cc10715894f490c509bc755b300b0a97Jonathan Watt — Bug 838256, part 2 - Overhaul and complete the layout pieces for <input type=range>. r=dholbert for the combined diff with the previous changeset.
0f9734e836ec6bf6be22e622e86a1a0c786a33e7Wes Johnston — Bug 838256, part 1 - Initial work on the layout pieces for <input type=range>. DONTBUILD separately from jwatt's changeset (the next one) to finish this work. r=dholbert for the combined diff.
b682c1433cbfddcd409cde84548d6bc21b57ab62Daniel Holbert — Bug 841873: Pref off CSS3 flexbox in release builds, by default. r=dbaron
1fae6592d663d4563c0f83f910d8b4d63e9e0440Daniel Holbert — Bug 841873 test changes: Tweak reftests/mochitests/crashtests to remove assumptions about the flexbox pref's default setting. (test-only)
fa1e5d532c9e37a569ebd49a29ef6dbcbe425fe0Daniel Holbert — Bug 841988: Declare loop iterator variables inside the "for" statement in nsTextFrameThebes.cpp, for better scoping. r=roc
331e2dcd93d7fc93d4eae8f7c2c00920886c1f00Ben Turner — Bug 835575 - 'PRemoteOpenFile could be more IPC-efficient'. r=jduell.
f98f9cf410fe30d5bb382209071bea488af7d602Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 830342 (Scale combobox is broken in print-preview, after selecting "Custom" and then hitting "Cancel" on its spawned dialog). r=dolske.
159954333c5ebe635ad1c463253f81f1f190a913Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 839529 (Remove various CC participants that don't do anything). r=smaug.
9b4182f33b7f93d2089280a3e523c3f48a039e66Tetsuro Kato — Bug 835753 - Add 'const' to argument of IMPDManager::GetAdaptationSetType(). r=sworkman
36a17b72a5860c90e166b14d9f871b3abddf6e6fYura Zenevich — Bug 828204 - Make if DEBUG statements internal to LOG in osfile. Add new TEST flag for logging into r=yoric
3bb7a1eaa0218d0e20342ae4e630f42c38d1d68dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2eba5f66565a6d476f7448257007de04a9bd8047Alfred Kayser — Bug 405407 - Merge nsDiskCacheStreamIO and nsDiskCacheStreamOutput (v10). r=michal.novotny
fb7e4cc681084ad81d3396a2a588c19f63a4c635Jonathan Watt — Bug 836323 - Mochitest additions and changes for <input type=range>. r=mounir.
125640d9063135da06af7039d235edae1580c0e9Jonathan Watt — Bug 836314 - Implement the DOM pieces of <input type=range>. r=mounir.
9d34f9a0a1bf30e5aa2313e9df49b93753080df1Dão Gottwald — Bug 841714 - Set the 'validate' attribute directly on tab-icon-image rather than inheriting it from the tab. r=gavin
02a865a0077e379e4efa94b5f02f0912b65fde4eDão Gottwald — Bug 835953 - Remove browser-specific notification when a page releases webcam/microphone access. r=dolske
746971bdb5c0a5b50ee49566e23e9d735f782deeDão Gottwald — merge backout
43fff0313a816f5133065deecc07b7cd0d586311Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 163daa0ef353
d79b1d83586197d201213e85d4a286ecc4454014Mounir Lamouri — Bug 841828 - Show the appropriate cursor on disabled text fields. r=bz
ff193fc3dc7d37db4081dd95f1f1aa8e3551d527Brian Smith — Bug 842064: Fix build bustage caused by expired certificates in test_signed_apps.js, a=bustage, a=testonly
484dbca611336a5a6244204f6248e317af6fae98Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
014e88baa216ccf0234687b038b79920fcd59427Ms2ger — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE.
00c09b326fee9d461fe6409b6df90ce521557725Ms2ger — Backout bug 828349, bug 835022 for robocop orange and exception from Tabs.getDisplayCount.
f0737c3c8f19cb354a5a9a3ba6bbb3d23bf184ffCameron McCormack — Bug 841812 - Avoid crashing when changing attributes on an invalidly parented <textPath>. r=roc
eee6e9f4738c9202727afd3f7a3fd4c15ef06874Jeff Walden — Bug 836519 - Back out 7a145f17e37c for intermittent 'dom/contacts/tests/test_contacts_getall.html | 19 contacts returned - got 20, expected 19' in the test it added. r=intermittent-orange
37cb11f41bb26ec7e10c70c355c92faaa390138bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 840902. Part 2: Remove nsresults from various display list methods. r=mattwoodrow
494483cbe311ad03e5e89f178abf1b60c994c639Robert O'Callahan — Bug 840902. Part 1: Stop checking the results of various display list methods. r=mattwoodrow
d72db91639711e5cfbd4a3b949e5c1029223933bPhil Ringnalda — Back out 236ba87c0a9f (bug 440046) and d3b7606d94a6:895a7efc978d (bug 683262) for b2g mochitest failures
c3e41bbb40a58d0e77d27c49a4baba8edf6e5588Brian Nicholson — Bug 835022 - Switch to correct tab when a tab is closed. r=mfinkle
1d136a0c8e3f80b060f4d4ce3dc3191ba9dd8297Brian Nicholson — Bug 828349 - Return the tab count of the current private state. r=mfinkle
25f6e7b84a8c39506375910a65257f5e173ddddfPhil Ringnalda — Backout 727072808d9f (bug 841836) for b2g mochitest-1 failures
2bfd9a8702efeec5a520508de8f8ebb4326ad6c2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822674 followup to disable this test on Android. r=jesup
b9dac8026003677c1ae6005ddf39b2214a598684L. David Baron — Bug 841896: Rename CSSKeyframesRule.insertRule to appendRule to match spec change.
25756f81ccbfe86e1797f16e7d7fc2a278f80404L. David Baron — Bug 841789, patch 3: Some removal of unneeded style context null-checks and comment cleanup. r=dholbert
f5714b93d6caa26f50d87d839ae244787d8e9f3dL. David Baron — Bug 841789, patch 2: Fix callers that are going through the style context to get style structs rather than using the nsIFrame shortcuts. r=dholbert
095bd7117b4e6634f6aef65d343fa4b8e9dbc130L. David Baron — Bug 841789, patch 1: Rename nsIFrame::GetStyleContext() to nsIFrame::StyleContext() since it can never return null. r=dholbert
0246938e17e3555ccd4ea07b91f0e3dcc57b0d83Alexander Surkov — Bug 834120 - Table cell accessibles not exposed for CSS table without table-row, r=tbsaunde
236ba87c0a9ffdc27c6749810c8690a3d54227feDavid Dahl — Bug 440046 - expose secure PRNG in the DOM (window.crypto.getRandomValues) r=cviecco r=bsmith
d3b7606d94a6ea976a548e58e09bf61d61897df7David Dahl — Bug 683262 - window.crypto throws if MOZ_DISABLE_DOMCRYPTO is turned on - revert nsIWindowCrypto patch r=jst
895a7efc978dbc95ec49fda2c826bf9c6a7fc7d3David Dahl — Bug 683262 - window.crypto throws if MOZ_DISABLE_DOMCRYPTO is turned on - window.crypto patch r=jst
8d3230d1b8be5bfb0bc10a9a06e855c0ee0f87aaJim Blandy — Bug 840723: Print js::Rooted<jsid> and related classes correctly in non-DEBUG builds. r=sfink
e025b5bdb0e14b9630703babdc37ccf4760a70e5Jim Blandy — Bug 840689: JS GDB support: Don't confuse typedefs with concrete types. r=sfink
7a145f17e37cdd9d13190a29042711cf2c2a7588Reuben Morais — Bug 836519 - Implement getAll API for contact manager using cursors. r=gwagner
0fc77f0a35d883a3c10e0713f2f3dadc1155cddaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822674. Give RTCPeerConnection a sane classinfo. r=jst,jesup. r=peterv pending
9f9eb67458e93aedbb9ad85afda079cec88ccf29Boris Zbarsky — Bug 835267. Make sure to save our suggested filename before we append a .part to it so that we don't suggest filenames with .part in them. r=gavin.
b29cf09b5182d2dd5f568bc0885ea53bdfb58c33Boris Zbarsky — Bug 840898. Flag our nullable return value as actually being nullable. r=tbsaunde
8786f346fc6fb519182c77210bf1b3262916a149Justin Dolske — Bug 827145 - When no A/V devices are available, return that error to the page's getUserMedia callbacks. r=jesup
71f76fd4fbab786f1060c4415603267cc05eecc5Jesse Ruderman — Bug 840402 - Add some more values to property_database.js. r=dbaron
5271482ec7cc18b268644c6b560b0864b7959af7Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 840154 - Do not release MediaBuffer during OMXCodec is seeking. r=cdouble
44567892e06f4a67da157237828150f454fbc2ccRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 39d8916b698b (bug 826044) for frequent failures.
b16497a56714b0f06505de65516bd20a4e59577aChristian Sonne — Bug 816254 - Add logging to Downloads Panel r=mak
fb6dd685d3a91b953c17e2dca3a6b44d7a381c95Jared Wein — Bug 841712 - Copy in Error Console has shows source code instead of line number. r=neil
533b1bc8ca2147ba652f1437978894e22014f39aLuke Wagner — Bug 841619 - Factor out an ArrayBufferObject::changeContents from uninlineData (r=sfink)
f1f4c2e87acf2a5bb05d9d10fb8faec84c83205fRandell Jesup — Bug 835953: Notify UI that all gUM streams for a WindowID are gone r=dolske
163daa0ef353f0d0096e94e79a87bbe5c23bb41cRandell Jesup — Bug 835953: front-end for disabling getUserMedia notification when page stops using it r=dolske
39d8916b698b4c2276df8e0edd86f21674826c65Randell Jesup — Bug 826044: enable WebRTC crashtests r=jsmith
613836a25f92d063047fae81a9a05118a8f81597John Ford — Bug 839298 - One True JSON file of build information r=ted
26b3586e3af4dfd5f017092a5a53a90bb47437e5Tanvi Vyas — Bug 840641 - Missing Large Shield Icon from Mixed Content Doorhanger. r=dolske
0afb667fb4f8a45bf23792522cf171ce0128f616Brian R. Bondy — Bug 831520 - Clear my Metro Firefox History now also clears StartUI. r=mbrubeck
eba1ef07a9adb489b79df6d3cec8958ea47f28d7Trevor Saunders — bug 841928 - fix crash in ia2AccessibleHypertext::get_hyperlink() r=me
88361e96d89fac2ae50761a193c8b61e984d01eaTill Schneidereit — Bug 822080 - use defineProperty instead of setGeneric during cloning of object properties for self-hosting. r=jwalden
9a12a0f8c8beb183201fddcb993b84159f9f7520Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 838269 (Support cross-global |... instanceof DOMInterface|). r=bz.
d7996e9773fda31b77707fdca80940caf771d5e4Ben Turner — Bug 835698 - 'Pre-open() and send the fd for app process's'. r=jduell.
4df76fa12f0a8d69a4fa73fffc5b207dcd81ed66Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 841243 - Followup fix for the captive portal changes, r=fabrice a=shira+
fc062ba23dcd8980ca1a03a866dab7d488da05d6Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 752982 - Part 2, provide xpcshell test cases for captive portal detection. r=thinker,dolske a=shira.
f86bcd71d35790c79b414849f11b6cba0a72948aShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 752982 - Part 1, implement captive portal detection service. r=thinker,dolske rs=dolske a=shira.
424de81686026d1a638a45ed36212957ffa63419Gregor Wagner — Bug 841041 - Fix memory broadcast bug for workers. r=bent.
f125f034e2221820f17a91cc226626842839eb5dBen Turner — Bug 841608 - 'Assertion: Uh, inner window set as event target! with FireMozTimeChangeEvent'. r=smaug.
f1b4f443548dce0b45648e53d5322e2bd176e98bBen Turner — Bug 841612 - 'TimeChangeObserver::FireMozTimeChangeEvent bails out if *any* weak windows have gone away'. r=jlebar.
4d6beb1fff45ef80c99183ecde31bb3701fe64beBen Turner — Bug 839261 - 'Assertion failure: false (Remote blob didn
fe1923122c44219e0d3483de2974d61c79ecbf44David Keeler — bug 838290 - make nsIPluginHost.getPermissionStringForType more robust r=bsmedberg
9f5df013993016e29cb59ce8284a33213bc461b3Daniel Holbert — Bug 821775: Set mHResize & mVResize flags when doing the actual reflow of a flex item, if we did an earlier "measuring" reflow and we're now stretching the item in either or both dimensions. r=dbaron
f4cffc9cafba885b9111d5f397a616b87837fea2Joey Armstrong — bug 746277: replace hg commands with functions
49567747a7609cd2ec4374e016f43546fd740fd7Matt Brubeck — Bug 841893 - Fix exception in ContentPermissionPrompt [r=fryn]
f9a6c523cca476084094df484481c20e5c911262Matt Brubeck — Bug 841572 - Change default toggle labels from Yes/No to On/Off [r=ally]
bb00c745a2586d6a4be0fd2093a61e7c81fcd442Scott Johnson — Bug 840331: Rev IID of B2GKeyboard interface. [r=bsmedberg]
c8d70ce0ab4a57cd010409eb7b29f8becc597baaScott Johnson — Bug 840341: Rev the IID of nsICameraCapabilities. [r=bsmedberg]
ca388aedb410ed987bd4d6063f3052df81fbd09dMs2ger — Bug 841466 - Add GetParentObject() for WebIDL objects with a form owner; r=bz
6f049c930bc22f773939c976d426c934c2ca2d33Chris Jones — Bug 841830: Allow scrolling while tap/pan gesture is still ambiguous, for perceived responsiveness. r=vingtetun
727072808d9fca65cf4e29b271be44b3aec7b364Jonathan Griffin — Bug 841836 - Update emulator, r=armenzg
53390204f2138dd7efa7af082d9977e5c52c9bcfJoe Drew — Bug 841661 - Remove the observer in this test when it finishes so we don't get failures from it in unrelated tests. r=mcmanus
67dc087e319ae179546b831fe116a3eff2a41e4cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 841567: Make the opacity behind the thumbnail title better. [r=mfinkle]
706ec68652b161e6e4c0084be8e2d1646a25f60eTill Schneidereit — Bug 841467 - Fix assert to properly handle requests to allocate 0 bytes. r=n.nethercote
81c0ba416a3f6fd15ec2ceebc25c98ccc7e8d837Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b069f50c139e (bug 817638) for unexpected failures on a CLOSED TREE.
3ef0e08b453067732352cf61164b4e84bcaf6097Fabrice Desré — Bug 838308 - mozKeyboard should require a permission to use r=vingtetun a=tef+
c68f8131db6a0232140561c3d45f20913f540beaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 841810 - Allow java addons to receive and respond to events. r=mfinkle
78d86cf0671be8416574174edcc0cd4c57fb6312Seth Fowler — Bug 840841 - Remove mObserver from RasterImage and VectorImage. r=joe
b3bdec87d9635451601869f77b0ceba400d6515fTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 840722 - Add an object which represents the viewport metadata in browser.js.r=kats
4dded6ecf88b2afbf67012a08cb8dd792f1cf69aTrevor Saunders — bug 841706 - remove nsSelectionIterator r=smaug
3b57d3871e59a9914bbcac7b9634f87db09c60bfNathan Froyd — Bug 837271 - part 4 - add test for extended statistics not being recorded; r=taras
7d7f52a27a47c030a37aefd79cb5a6827183507cNathan Froyd — Bug 837271 - part 3 - flag histograms as OK for extended statistics computation in Histograms.json; r=vladan
f22ec99b6a766bc838c46a0a8ad5b2e3ef284b5dNathan Froyd — Bug 837271 - part 2 - add extended_statistics_ok mechanism to histogram machinery; r=vladan
6553a0cac0af08d4f420d77ad2b27d8393e1a261Nathan Froyd — Bug 837271 - part 1 - add means to control computation of extended statistics to histogram code; r=vladan
edeee46d8c733d24f2c7a0629372eef446bb352eAvi Halachmi — Bug 838758: Cache GradientStops instead of gfxPattern. r=jrmuizel
b673d5b6f80928f05ac17142a2c70247a50950ccFernando Jiménez — Bug 839435 - [Packaged apps] Only allow numbers in the 'size' manifest field; r=fabrice
b069f50c139e76cf2172d851d49a80ab18bafd8dMartijn Wargers — Bug 817638 - Enable content mochitests for B2G, r=jgriffin
fdc78cc42ca32c0d3b1742f37ce563e2ce0c3760ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-635 - a=blocklist-update
7bd555e2acfa1116d5dde68578511f85f7ac06cfRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 838532 - Fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
5c6692663f05ef82a532c2fc4ab84fe84c7d1061Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838532 - Convert HTMLLegendElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
152576e8d44e7d1d3e8ddb236b4cb3cbde2aa542Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838532 - Rename nsHTMLLegendElement to HTMLLegendElement. r=Ms2ger
6f47066fa6fdc1b39641d72ed192fdb741dc9feaJoshua Kalpin — Bug 839670 - Remove usage of gXULAppInfo and createAppInfo in toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/ and replace with updateAppInfo(). r=MattN
26c3dd6332881233a07a6a85fc020b9cb666118cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4b19fa00a8aac5774e82e9617d2c7de708bdedafDave Townsend — Bug 554780: Make plugins provider correctly handle plugins being added and removed through detection at runtime. r=Unfocused
3af9909a49e4c7dc393fcb2fe83bc18d2b9c0d4cSimone Carletti — Bug 841733 - update PSL for .id. r=gerv.
954993f7a31c1207a5a0decf78e825321b450d73Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 841457 - Convert stream logging to non-stream when stream operators are not used r=ehugg
c774937ce22738f880a882085f32f3fec8d654f9Trevor Saunders — bug 841484 - add most of the webidl HTMLSelectElement API r=Ms2ger
87081ae8b6d6c8c2955b26bcf940820776ce9437Benjamin Peterson — Bug 841407 - Replace usage of enablePrivilege in inspector tests. r=bholley
d999c65753ea3c6ea49d130f9a24f067bbe33704Sunny — Bug 839171 - Update formMethod reflection to have the empty string as default value (and 'get' as invalid value). r=mounir
7dd9c9b874f54d9c6d05b859f453f94680614dffJan de Mooij — Bug 684384 - Ion-compile break-to-labeled-scope. r=dvander
6bb9636d8f6899c60d720298cdbca73c18cac7bcJustin Lebar — Bug 841634 - Assign ContentParent::mChildID to a unique value in the constructor, instead of in RecvGetProcessAttributes. r=cjones
d61dec75e9a3407473a66cb68b64295efde783d8Justin Lebar — Bug 841563 - Actually set PROCESS_PRIORITY_FOREGROUND_HIGH when we want to. r=cjones
7b5ccfcda7e757a111148e90c0e38f0137b5a47fMarco Castelluccio — Bug 836016 - Cannot reinstall an app after uninstalling it. r=fabrice
049392b28dd170698bba0953ef1e663538d6a4cbRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 841145 - use MOZ_SHUTDOWN_CHECKS to control what we do with late writes. r=vladan.
326c5e4868fe5ec714983f4138251c66cb3be044Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
13882bd746800f8509fb59d64c943a58fab29475Jonathan Kew — bug 841313 - update harfbuzz to upstream commit a0cb9f3... (v0.9.12+) to pick up Myanmar/SEAsian shapers and Indic fixes. r=jdaggett
9086328e2ea7666965bb38f1d6355905ebf0f2c0Trevor Saunders — bug 841430 - nuke nsIEditorDocShell r=bz
8ddc33231c6feff61a1e288be40193b293e01be5Trevor Saunders — bug 841434 - use a TArray for nsDocLoader::mChildList r=bz
e743d61ac7644daa69fcb71eb420c3c046f4a7d9Trevor Saunders — bug 841436 - remove nolonger needed qi from nsIDocShell to nsIDocShellTreeItem r=bz
f142fd877b4815b713193256892ad196fa03a6daTrevor Saunders — bug 841436 - make nsIDocShell inherit from nsIDocShellTreeItem r=bz
42e87860c1570ff8d9bcc86f1cc2b8403a444d3aTrevor Saunders — bug 819027 - remove unneeded performance nsISupports inheritance r=bz, mccr8
eec9adfe786f4833c562ab4810ae834052a49e1eAlexander Surkov — Bug 835666 - ARIA combobox selected value is not a part of name computation, r=tbsaunde
bcf070a2b4231797ce1b78eb6eaa862623708150Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
17fa03776b5c17ac515fc103c705de98bf10efaaEd Morley — Backed out changeset 2c860c4bb820 (bug 840902) on a CLOSED TREE
70c60db1a326ae595a156b229d45f0b3ff1ec78dEd Morley — Backed out changeset 6c21598704ac (bug 840902)
2512bb04bbe034ab02db20580b7a589e8cc7f3f9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 837034. Part 2: Convert DOMMediaStream to use WebIDL. r=peterv,jesup
c34f0e0628adebb282dfcb06000305032558eb6bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 837034. Part 1: Rename nsDOM(Local)MediaStream to DOM(Local)MediaStream and put them in the mozilla namespace. r=jesup
2503269f630e332d39e20a7c0b0edd524d4d6691Florian Quèze — Bug 771084 - JavaScript Warning: 'TypeError: function FilterPrefs does not always return a value' in chrome://global/content/config.js, r=dao.
6c21598704ac02efafc8ab84ff449ea0bf78f50dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 840902. Part 2: Remove nsresults from various display list methods. r=mattwoodrow
2c860c4bb820c1f262bd37e8bb0f7313f14582e3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 840902. Part 1: Stop checking the results of various display list methods. r=mattwoodrow
e8dc0937c41d2e796d61a7df78cb8e5543fb167dRandell Jesup — Bug 838799: Protect against funky cameras that return 0 FPS r=derf
a3ec1e5aade7b50eb61d5372c8bb2ba5b23e5782Reuben Morais — Bug 837917 - Implement DOMCursor and DOMRequestService::fireDone(). r=sicking
28f53833ef371525ca0eb00e34ee7b9c17cd5895Richard Newman — Bug 838416 - Defend against insane clocks. r=nalexander
c75dd4eaa3717f9bde695b06b63f2fe14dbbc32ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 8db40a38aeb1 (bug 837917) for test_interfaces.html failures
5cbd883b62b1e14cb929528dcf331c4351b9caf7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 838014 (follow-up) - Bustage fix for 19857f43d44b on a CLOSED TREE. r=me.
77bd010e0e621b3f7eb5cefbefdd60d3159866b0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 685783 - Avoid slop in js::Vector when the element size is not a power of two. r=luke.
19857f43d44b08e879ef24f0a554a963f558eab3Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - More rooting in Debugger, plus some minor rooting in JSD and xpconnect for some should-be-private JSAPI changes. r=terrence
17579083472fc8e51f97007b128751d4f8b34b3fMatthew Gregan — Bug 840833 - Use actual playback position to calculate free buffer space and change start-after-write logic in sydneyaudio Android backend. r=padenot
7c0ef5c0e554aeab48a4bc6891cbc9965732b9d5Makoto Kato — Bug 841295 - Metro widget should use uintptr_t for wParam and lParam. r=jimm
a8bdef08967144e65fd86bbc76a8bed3b2754e41Cameron McCormack — Bug 841163 - Ensure that we recompute SVG text glyph positions only once frames have been reconstructed. r=roc
d30c69e19fa05ecf7e15c6709b89a38dede27b6dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 13) - Fix ten easy rooting hazards in vm/Debugger.cpp. r=terrence.
a3697783abdf5a3835f8df96bdd0db4f25f5e2ceNicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 12) - Fix two easy rooting hazards in shell/js.cpp. r=terrence.
fb11273bd848fbb202d02b7d8d015cfe329f9207Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 11) - Fix two more easy rooting hazards. r=terrence.
e2843bae075f879996138140ef819d22c62cc757Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 10) - Fix five rooting hazards in jsproxy.cpp. r=terrence.
e7b029c64d2ae749518578fd4bb64dafdbfcd753Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 9) - Fix six rooting hazards in methodjit/PolyIC.cpp. r=terrence.
e4987b9b24bc77bc139ae5e8166312c8449b1b9fBenjamin Peterson — Bug 841549 - Fix sizeOfIncludingThis() during compression. r=njn
8db40a38aeb1ebf73bbc42f6ebceb02c5349a89eReuben Morais — Bug 837917 - Implement DOMCursor and DOMRequestService::fireDone(). r=sicking
64df2203966e0767a501ce069e907ee3c822812bMark Capella — Bug 837815 - Reading list button opens Top Sites, not Reading List, r=wesj
4ae2f6895c68c749d549dab36b78fc55793cf439Gregor Wagner — Bug 752982: Backout c144a6760459 on CLOSED TREE
193d1a6e5b68f2bc9b96908e0254bf3afd5550f1Gregor Wagner — Bug 752982: Backout aa98a13a5f73 on CLOSED TREE
ce7ef6d06439975fd9f31cddd5bb549c430a4dd4Bill McCloskey — Bug 832812 - Don't use off-thread Ion compilation while profiling (r=dvander)
4167e90a7a99d4b5d1303fcba74ca85cee1e022cMyk Melez — bug 841265 - stop trying to confirm installs that don't prompt in apps tests; r=fabrice
81bae9ea39ce79247338a38f249f1a10f8dd7b92Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839973 - Reduce chunk size for JSCompartment::typeLifoAlloc. r=billm.
a871b38f17166095c361e224a7139a63904b9f4cGregor Wagner — Bug 841590 - Bluetooth: Fix hashtable remove. r=bent
33247c135813086c49e88306c93bb330e4250a7aAnhad Jai Singh — Bug 827493 - Make Marionette use moznetwork, r=jhammel
ec601ae4a64d18a723bddb1399d2e71d040282b0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 834082: Move PNG files from drawable to drawable-mdpi. [r=bnicholson] [needs-clobber]
528411b6f62860ccb9cbb996033a4d84965771edDrew Willcoxon — Bug 648675 - Allow comments and URL opt-in in content/plugin crash UI. r=dolske,ted
aa98a13a5f7356c4619163291928045c199a880bShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 752982 - Part 2, provide xpcshell test cases for captive portal detection. r=thinker,dolske a=shira.
c144a6760459e99feb932eb189480d3a0a8de2feFabrice Desré — Bug 752982 - Part 1, implement captive portal detection service. r=thinker,dolske rs=dolske a=shira.
df6fbdf62e13933bde8593f623306846f0306de5Christian Holler — Bug 838557 - Create a common interface for ASan/Valgrind functions. r=mats,bhackett
458969f6b3690ad647f3349b6ff9aaf50e773807Margaret Leibovic — Bug 836450 - Add default bookmark support for distributions. r=mfinkle,wesj
3be58b112a33bb9c94725378cf880fc7b101a76fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 836450 - Add getPackageName method to ContextProviderMockContext. r=gbrown
b7da7e33bf6268b40453bb8212e4801d95354ac9Kannan Vijayan — Bug 841499 - Allow calling SetObjectElementOperation with explicit script and pc arguments. r=jimb
e1d92d4bf209f23ef1e6ee7e16ca38dc24133984Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 831021: Tab button shouldn't overlap with browser-toolbar. [r=mfinkle]
4e644d23390d56518353c1f896fbedc763547631Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 837113: Close button in tabs ui. [r=mfinkle]
9f1436e907830159ecd77c444ae3f48d31f3059cTerrence Cole — Bug 841054 - Remove a dead script_ from SnapshotReader; r=nbp
45b37a31ac9cc96cc829a2cd8dff86096a062310Yury Delendik — Bug 839714 - Extend PlayPreview API. r=jschoenick, r=jwein
960f1346d63d0d90de7435ed596a7c6b86cebc58Aaron Klotz — Bug 834127 - Make Plugin Hang UI dialog unowned. r=bsmedberg
312e67cc38614ce6aa2123bbbfc0b726c03e3c2cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8db0ae5853c1e4d00e4fea748a41a566af2d6f4fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 45f20f94da76 and 47c4a7768ed9 (bug 841436) for Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
4497d85b07f4a8dbbb54a07cbca055812cf161e8Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 11: Touch the CLOBBER file, because something here seems to be causing the IndexedDB tests to fail.
832ac179e3d0ce85b476c1a7daf9fe231b77de0bJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 10: Don't acquire the CPU wake lock in the alarm service any longer. r=cjones
5e64eb3c6c96abb94707cde25115066c9d2bed2aJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 9: During app-frame creation, take the CPU wake lock only after sending down the mozapptype. r=cjones
942cec35b0e443315aac86812fbe7de2a8245522Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 8: Inform the mozbrowser embedder when we're opening a frame that we expect to send a system message to. r=cjones
41a1257b31cb936ad9b893018304f9774500f241Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 7: Hold a CPU wake lock while a "critical" process that's expecting a system message loads. r=cjones,fabrice
9f8506404118e75ac23e009b692e1b73514b1dc3Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 6: If a process is "critical" and holds the "cpu" or "high-priority" wake lock, give it priority FOREGROUND_HIGH. r=cjones
63219dc42eac96c3206613c9fdb73f165a79c26dJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 5: Add nsIMozBrowserFrame::isExpectingSystemMessage. r=bz
691f0a62b261e89137d8a5de1191e4d1578a4accJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 4: Add PowerManagerService::NewWakeLockOnBehalfOfProcess. r=cjones
6480e7d33c5a02b0ff083188b7976066b5b5dc40Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 3: Modify hal to accept a ContentParent ID in ModifyWakeLock(). r=cjones
fb43c5972c2c3973ef75cac87704d8242988a526Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 2: Add PROCESS_PRIORITY_FOREGROUND_HIGH. r=cjones
e74011e49190a0c13dd9d469bcf83def1b9cd81fJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 1: Don't require the "power" permission to do GetWakeLockInfo from a child process. r=cjones
d87c3a49bff187ffbe5f1784546136f9dc2b153fJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 0: Add constants CONTENT_PROCESS_{UNKNOWN_ID,MAIN_ID} to HalTypes.h and remove the equivalent constants from ContentParent.h. r=cjones
d1738e1adece807fc5d2b91f8ce97a19fa8bb40eJustin Lebar — Bug 840277 - Explicitly check that the preallocated process hasn't been killed before we use it. r=cjones
df71fc49f14fee5fee76502822ca399a139f5eb0Justin Lebar — Bug 835563 - When an iframe mozbrowser's embedder calls setVisible(false), immediately send the relevant process into the background (if none of its other frames are in the foreground). r=cjones
f2291cff5ad841cd58df833fcd74f11effec09bdMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 841479 - Remove nsISupports inheritance from TextDecoder and TextEncoder. r=bz
4eed73abf01c76a6546d43f39e81f443d2e56913William Chen — Bug 827227 - Fixed int overflow when scaling border-image-width. r=dbaron
19abb6fef9dd8508ffa0f923ea5e4c184732e912Gregory Szorc — Bug 840186 - Change Firefox Health Report server URI in automation; r=jmaher
0e408e884d6ab14dd971656f5958ccdf4fa000a4Dave Hylands — Bug 839422 - Don't enable adb when toggling USB Tethering. r=qdot
45f20f94da76787df0f8feb56dd139fc99949027Trevor Saunders — bug 841436 - remove nolonger needed qi from nsIDocShell to nsIDocShellTreeItem r=bz
47c4a7768ed9d58403525ae783b482482bd182dfTrevor Saunders — bug 841436 - make nsIDocShell inherit from nsIDocShellTreeItem r=bz
76d9e8da43f36d9da37a2c8d8fd0f3e324a593d3Matt Brubeck — Bug 841451 - Fix build problems in metro/commandexecutehandler [r=jimm]
2984ebe7f22235c83c967ccedbd916d1c56f4a58Matt Brubeck — Bug 839786 - Print a more useful message for mach clobber errors [r=gps]
b9cd1fa2050220540034e8cc5f90e7bcc7c74a78Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 840809 (part 3) - Shrink initial size of some per-compartment tables. r=billm.
e3707e9cbba08791255599831d24c076d7f44c8fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 840809 (part 2) - Measure RegExpCompartment::inUse_. r=sstangl.
dad25c17ccc75af2fb451eadde6003cd4edfa5f7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 840809 (part 1) - Fix a comment and rename a constant in HashTable.h. r=luke.
7c28a61eb677f15f54ddf3a250a648d7f55c81daGregory Szorc — Backout d29f06f3ff67 (Bug 840186) for orange galore
bad7ced53befbd1851026729c8e433e16a543806Brandon Waterloo — Bug 840584 - When a new rotation event comes in while a previous one is still snapping, cancel the snapping animation. Also, ensure that the completeRotation class is not applied when it is unnecessary to ensure that it is always removed whenever it is added. Also fixes bug 839625. r=jaws
e36402a5622548a229132fbaafcff037cfbd1816Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840346: Cleanup the Makefile after removing textures. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
d29f06f3ff678940c3a8ae9b53fe3ec2255537c7Gregory Szorc — Bug 840186 - Change Firefox Health Report server URI in automation; r=jmaher
8c0f88c09869875d52325cb86daf94bb6f0b9be6Trevor Saunders — bug 840906 - densISupportsify nsDOMRGBCSSColor r=mccr8
a119a9b9d39028f5acc3aaa0f66148fec9da2688Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 840346 - Make the overscroll background area a solid color. r=cwiis
c302bf84325c8481971a77d9923d2cace7cf77adDave Townsend — Bug 841418: Uplift the stabilization branch of add-on sdk to Firefox.
4f3625b862a72dcdd99b2a1c929bcb79675497ceTimothy Nikkel — Bug 830479. Fix fatal build warning about unsigned/signed comparison on CLOSED TREE. r=me
265796431ef9ac259e54ee4d7460090e8d49bcfcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 839887: Sync tabs should close the tabs ui on phones. [r=mfinkle]
3b817e00e439958ad966c6a47daaf813e97023f7Dave Townsend — Bug 837915: Updates to the add-on SDK APIs don't propagate to the build. r=gps
c326960b40bc5aa85fed8665d9fd7dd970fb36e2Brian Hackett — Bug 841403 - Add --ion-uses-before-compile option to shell, r=jandem.
0c10e026f7f39103feae1ac2c88d7d8c621600e1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 830479. Account for multiple fixed elements acting as headers and footers when doing full page scrolling. r=roc
ca6fb08cb6a205bc00a25f87ab56825503fec088Jonathan Watt — Bug 840720 - Check for the finiteness of the values returned from the ToDouble calls in the nsHTMLInputElement code. r=mounir.
31e89328fe12042f5affd2905d280ef412086c8fTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
f627b7d881c832deb26ab692f59e15c4d8c3b423Anton Kovalyov — Bug 834878 - Make link arrows open files, r=robcee
570d5398ca61c8426528d99474985a455e61a3cdAnton Kovalyov — Bug 840238 - Make 'Complete Profile' string localizable, r=robcee
eba916ef39c92fa14de555015ee961a313b71a0eTim Taubert — Bug 672474 - add nsIDOMWindowUtils.getScrollbarWidth(aFlushLayout); r=roc
7431f2ef9bc3a5c47d546ef78ce0aeff08d27179Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
4c5e63f15a8582498e1481b31faf7fc9970d76a7Francesco Lodolo — Bug 839760 - Change Profiler accesskey from Y to P, r=robcee
953b1db7a246b5b07612088f8784c4aee331f139Gregory Szorc — Bug 840177 - Part 6: Record urlbar searches in Firefox Health Report; r=gavin
1725b56ec1a3ec1b357d7fd68da49b69aa530a08Gregory Szorc — Bug 840177 - Part 5: Add observer notification for keyword searches; r=gavin
d710f8eefa353762123b87ac6504478eb120496bRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
baa43b00de2bf7a044f997d33e420a836e13afbfRichard Newman — Bug 838879 - Part 1: split HealthReporter and AbstractHealthReporter. r=gps
430b8f9868f82330f565d7e78f2e7ef15df67823Richard Newman — Bug 838877 - Change FHR policy handling to permit direct pref modification. r=gps
a373379d43cf427d0e1ebba808d391be5a4c6104Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
519b528350ef5df4c50859840050433e7ab5a467Alexandre Poirot — Bug 834515 - Updating to a packaged app with a new name via introducing a locale override allows changing the app name r=fabrice
32327a07b56a0f67839f75de19bcc22edc2fe6f8Brian Hackett — Bug 824249 - Fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE
c3e91ba0a4b889236af3ac1e2084b802c540f8bbAndrew McCreight — Bug 839874 - Make NS_ASSERTIONs in CheckCCWrapperTraversal into MOZ_ASSERT. r=smaug
335f8cd13b687b68144b4046bbc8e223ddd9308fBrian Hackett — Bug 824249 - Relax use count checks when inlining functions in Ion, r=dvander.
04a987a5327ce1167f8293f9bf4d93dc973cd187Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 840344: Disable renegotiation signaling_unittests r=ekr
ce75b2d18c4c0e1b7c33bfa3f0020b2cc430eb95Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 840344: Prevent multiple creations of local SDP r=ekr,jsmith
d0ff1ebd98858de16508f59da7075e7d3fcd5127Andrea Marchesini — Bug 840559 - Convert MediaError to WebIDL. r=smaug
a61cbf1da7004815f073a6ec95e766ef35c65fb2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 840559 - Rename nsMediaError to MediaError. r=Ms2ger
74828c564a362e19ffc56e6e94d959bcf31df8dcEric Chou — Bug 834816 - Disconnect all acl connections before disabling Bluetooth, r=qdot
e524829ba4b7266d9df6a29c50e4313ae85c2d67Josh Aas — Bug 826238: Convert DNS expiration tracking to TimeStamp/TimeDuration. r=sworkman
e4448a24543bcd556b1ecb14c6578ffac5815de1Marty Rosenberg — bug 837347: re-enable typed arrays in JM on ARM (very necessary for mandreel) (r=jbramley)
03024ad0a985de1633ded02ce432ba201855a957Patrick McManus — bug 840592 - two tests XPCWrappedJS on wrong thread via JS nsISystemProxySettings implementations r=jduell
45a3acbb9d571046b9db0d505db69e419f252701Brian Hackett — Bug 840278 - Mark the presence of sparse indexes in type information for object initializers, r=jandem.
c7d8ac7fbe29bce3fb8781f2a4d5d5525a1a98edBobby Holley — Bug 834697 - Enable XBL scopes, and disable assertion. r=bz,me
1dc58b4dbeb3182b4972ed14dd87630eebec8b77Felix S. Klock II — Bug 840512 - Generalize toolchain.m4 to match newer Apple clang version string. r=glandium
11a8c0dd4e70ab8a344aa74a63ffe9fa0958931dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 840436 - [OS.File] writeAtomic without flush. r=froydnj
299b1aa354da4d23d5b2738ae06011e729e654f9Martin Stransky — Bug 239254 - Remove some PRBools that snuck in. r=jduell
38cb19898d7329e7d0b612f9677a39a1ca24f72eEd Morley — Backed out changeset a0928943de65 (bug 834697) for windows debug mochitest-other crashes on a CLOSED TREE
c27ed9980bcfe6471286d85fe51da92f1867bb29Paul Adenot — Bug 828901 - Get the seek time as mBasePosition instead of the stream position in video-only stream when changing the playbackRate and seeking at the same time. r=kinetik
88fc7f93845cd08777c7999813ef63315e114adfMarco Bonardo — Bug 834457 - Mark the Places APIs we will remove as deprecated.
86c8e1b819f14575487b6ca65a348d4acbb77ce0Ed Morley — Backed out changeset b1905f6653d4 (bug 840902) on a CLOSED TREE
ffa45a2a3e49340c1bd5db8580f67017afced462Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 1bd3acba4c01 (bug 840902)
5c1fcd836ba16ec8cb4aaa3b397ef96219486285Trevor Saunders — bug 834894 - remove NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_NATIVE_x macros r=mccr8
1bd3acba4c0169bd8492df114241a66b124cb791Robert O'Callahan — Bug 840902. Part 2: Remove nsresults from various display list methods. r=mattwoodrow
b1905f6653d40b28264e7549e7466b8d3941997aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 840902. Part 1: Stop checking the results of various display list methods. r=mattwoodrow
6b975147c01541a2232faf86c5d42d1933e47070Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e941e0df729c327ceb2badf5ca1795e6aeec99a3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 815591. Don't build nsDisplayBackgroundColor if there is no background color and we're not going to do hit-testing. r=mattwoodrow
292d5dd1c2a0f8df95acc76da9754744b34a52e6Fernando Jiménez — Bug 840078 - onerror callback is never triggered over the DOMRequest returned by mozIDOMApplication.launch; r=fabrice
a0928943de651da72e09aac1662113467fc58c79Bobby Holley — Bug 834697 - Enable XBL scopes. r=bz
55a453689fb1ff9001035a012b2d0e627616c499Alexander Surkov — Bug 835121 - ARIA grid should be editable by default, r=tbsaunde
78c0b4615cfef1e62b8741d3546f8e92be2bd46fBobby Holley — Bug 841067 - Fix up CertUtils. r=bz
c30b8926c2ceb164a84eb6d6403558c4a1011cb8Bobby Holley — Bug 841067 - Fix sandbox xhr tests. r=bz
6542160e0f5ae2be55f23b6ecbfbb4132bcdc90dBobby Holley — Bug 841067 - Bind methods before injecting them in FrameWorker. r=markh
07a28434afeb166c1a733e8df1524c6098d8d6b5Bobby Holley — Bug 841067 - Use sandboxPrototype rather than __proto__ for marionette sandboxes. r=jgriffin
47651a71a556d1481910721eb3ffb2adecf96786Cameron McCormack — Bug 841174 - Handle ::first-letter on a combining mark in SVG text without crashing. r=jwatt
b2747f349019ef24c5aa0fcc5842254099dfe5edCameron McCormack — Bug 841180 - Avoid assertion when <text> consists only of undisplayed characters. r=jwatt
2716cc23146718d7134cbf4ea1cc6e71a7de3f37Nicholas Cameron — Bug 822077; specialise PushRegs for ARM using STM; r=mjrosenb
f48618e815d1e2aace372f03c1ddb604c6215e64Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 1651dcb62397 (bug 835563) on a CLOSED TREE
c2752716d6c8c5fb346e63114a9fbaad30dd41b0Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 1cb87cc6b6a8 (bug 840277)
36c8abb302e5e61588237c31bedee8e0187c3ff3Ed Morley — Backed out changeset fc2132ad05a1 (bug 836654)
ff4dc1018a27867cff11bbfc42c5cc79b5fe9306Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 77b0d7480b4c (bug 836654)
02f17042062abc417d2d1d8a3e9ac3d0f7c5122aEd Morley — Backed out changeset 235887eecb56 (bug 836654)
f0a31d2c33fdfe718d75f647cd7b409dc420ea58Ed Morley — Backed out changeset ea0b768ca1c3 (bug 836654)
4cd610180b4ca69174fa9ea209a4983e3d524961Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 1862aa4b43ce (bug 836654)
01affac8c8fb762ee4e4fb759a300c7603fdba17Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 17f9660c7a7b (bug 836654)
a93b93dc2d4b69fc0eaa3b61b541abea72e90d1aEd Morley — Backed out changeset 693868d079cd (bug 836654)
8443f568ecde7c031e2abd229710f6d838c6be6cEd Morley — Backed out changeset ef4884e40bb4 (bug 836654)
3150005010d9b6686cae272486f0728cb9def828Ed Morley — Backed out changeset f951099c6a3c (bug 836654)
bbfd203a9019fe868a3559687985dfce7cdae262Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 55f1f62f7477 (bug 836654)
20af8035e0f2081e570ec004acf6cc1b64c04d21Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8cf341d4ccbd (bug 836654)
4f05e3bc58ce3286af782d254794c3d648e41219Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 9b04f5fd79d6 (bug 836654)
d1404dc8f3e9eeb0f293c790b1e7d20ed855d3d7Ed Morley — Backed out changeset a74f08ec0e46 (bug 836654)
b533e53cea595ab363c775595cd5e21424108a91Trevor Saunders — bug 839051 - remove usage of nsISelectionPrivate::GetEnumerator() r=smaug
5ac0eb5c9ba880bdf9aa65e2fac9b42d9b898f13Trevor Saunders — bug 839059 - make nsISelection{,Private} builtinclass r=smaug
a74f08ec0e4669d3b1a333b0bf2e1f63d661f2d4Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Fix -werror silliness. r=me
9b04f5fd79d63c3ee415cd7d32cbf04a6d1ab8b0Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 12 (follow-up): Unbust debug builds, and remove an XXX comment.
6df7745580ff4d4384bc201be1618c07f38cd8d0Mark Hammond — Bug 840854 - remove the consumeoutsideclicks attribute from the social panel. r=MattN
8cf341d4ccbd5490371d2930a178ddd478c58b0dJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 10: Don't acquire the CPU wake lock in the alarm service any longer. r=cjones
55f1f62f747754db259732d557937de29d0511faJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 9: During app-frame creation, take the CPU wake lock only after sending down the mozapptype. r=cjones
f951099c6a3cc24ad0df1a5657d119983c26bc6aJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 8: Inform the mozbrowser embedder when we're opening a frame that we expect to send a system message to. r=cjones
ef4884e40bb4dbd501d3eecc470e3cf6ee43d951Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 7: Hold a CPU wake lock while a "critical" process that's expecting a system message loads. r=cjones,fabrice
693868d079cd33429780dc3466248dae2c238cfcJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 6: If a process is "critical" and holds the "cpu" or "high-priority" wake lock, give it priority FOREGROUND_HIGH. r=cjones
17f9660c7a7bdabaf1c257b1642a05d7e7a467dcJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 5: Add nsIMozBrowserFrame::isExpectingSystemMessage. r=bz
1862aa4b43ce6b33ae520ad7b86ea2319f5d3474Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 4: Add PowerManagerService::NewWakeLockOnBehalfOfProcess. r=cjones
ea0b768ca1c36d4dd555bd9c780baa177933344eJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 3: Modify hal to accept a ContentParent ID in ModifyWakeLock(). r=cjones
235887eecb561468cb20386ecd4f321f790a230aJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 2: Add PROCESS_PRIORITY_FOREGROUND_HIGH. r=cjones
77b0d7480b4c1af676d67f7df726cb2cc26d9302Justin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 1: Don't require the "power" permission to do GetWakeLockInfo from a child process. r=cjones
fc2132ad05a1bcbf9e73089a20e4aa22f2ab4c0bJustin Lebar — Bug 836654 - Part 0: Add constants CONTENT_PROCESS_{UNKNOWN_ID,MAIN_ID} to HalTypes.h and remove the equivalent constants from ContentParent.h. r=cjones
1cb87cc6b6a8481b86da031329f055f42345de7bJustin Lebar — Bug 840277 - Explicitly check that the preallocated process hasn't been killed before we use it. r=cjones
1651dcb623970c926068956c27efa82f6d3e95eaJustin Lebar — Bug 835563 - When an iframe mozbrowser's embedder calls setVisible(false), immediately send the relevant process into the background (if none of its other frames are in the foreground). r=cjones
e0518551f00eca62517f9ad43badd561f1179351Mike Hommey — Bug 838165 - Cleanup in NSPR hooking in the build system. r=ted
56c59c6542c8cdeeecf68acec15d7aa3a3729754Mike Hommey — Bug 837665 - Show command line and response file contents when expandlibs_exec'ed command fails. r=ted
4d7b1e4165056d02845815cb2f38d0f5c7ea3896Trevor Saunders — bug 648267 - remove nsIWinAccessNode r=surkov
758dbd8fbeed6b17d30f8da4ac405015597194aaTrevor Saunders — bug 829387 - remove nsWinUtils::ConvertToIA2Array() r=surkov
86d7b194cd33336083c379d5abf10935b430f7d5Cameron McCormack — Bug 841225 - Do not create frames for HTML elements within a <tspan>. r=bzbarsky
f3cba77064cd0bbc24174bd7f4e62bf12e5a6fdfMakoto Kato — Bug 834645 - move -STACK parameter to r=ted
2902b3e73b92ba453dedfe79706bd97d425e4ed8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 841197 - Upgrading from older nightly that has been set as default browser now shows metro tile. r=jimm
2e76c3b1feeb9d56f82e5d396912ab521df395ebMike Hommey — Bug 841456 - Enable metro on windows l10n builds. r=jimm DONTBUILD
ebeaa97d710de11ee7dee5e6f1fd9bb036c06d15Randell Jesup — Bug 829907: release video capture device on MainThread (mac only) r=bsmedberg
aceeea086ccb5493ad9269af922bcb05ef6b2b13Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
f27d5d9ebef259390405869bd7a53cae8a2841adSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 801681, r=tests
b9c5b66bb94f99a2776ad83161747049eb9c0887Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4f22708024f9 (bug 836450) for robocop failiures on a CLOSED TREE.
9d8f5013110edb45060b8d1e3a9f5a2f5c89def1Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 394bbaa548e3 (bug 815591) for OSX reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
25ba41772e0fcc72cd319edabd7fd2dff96449aaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 38c7d7a7f586 (bug 716859) for B2G reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
77a7ce6cbf81a95efe53339a51b540f0bec90e34Seth Fowler — Bug 840851 - Mark RasterImage::Initialize as static in RasterImage.cpp. r=joe
c89635394bdb2789e98f60a49b0bbd95483d413bSeth Fowler — Bug 840850 - Fix missing include guard and style issues in ImageFactory. r=joe
e1f096c747dfb93a4f692bdbb7ed364f9d8a9a82Seth Fowler — Bug 840843 - Rename RasterImage::eShutdownIntent_Interrupted to eShutdownIntent_Unneeded. r=joe
d771cec5537320db52182070d8e3db43b58ccc73Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 8) - Fix another seven rooting hazards. r=sfink.
4b1ed5497f66b7e10133acda10af6a1f1057d63aCameron McCormack — Bug 841207 - Handle all dominant-baseline values in SVG text layout. r=roc
2bfaea1b9b6de0d4d94568819925306ef5690d11Milan Sreckovic — Bug 839621 - qcms_transform_create can return null, so indirect callers need to be ready for it as well. r=jmuizelaar
0d4d1aca6c2970ab8a000fb46a64ff3d0187b237Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 837730 - Add missing NULL definition so that updater will compile on some Linux platforms. r=rstrong
b7ef5223023ad1974d377664bdcc30462f53d2f3Yura Zenevich — Bug 828201 - Replace DEBUG constant by a preference across OS.File and add File.GET_DEBUG method used for testing. r=dteller
394bbaa548e3e93d355bdb877c9b6f5f8d2c6060Robert O'Callahan — Bug 815591. Don't build nsDisplayBackgroundColor if there is no background color and we're not going to do hit-testing. r=mattwoodrow
507316db9c59d3c2c224f9ac6b3759d804355313David Anderson — Implement JSOP_CALLEE in JM (bug 794427, r=bhackett).
6be86adf9bf2011b5f0bffe0f46cff490988b08bJeff Walden — Bug 840400 - Add an IsObject helper to Utilities.js, to centralize all workarounds for |typeof| brokenness. r=Norbert
4f22708024f9a9409d6e9233b055679f402533e4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 836450 - Add default bookmark support for distributions. r=mfinkle,wesj
8533d88c37f1a49247ca24f3e0c05599ad550ba6Mark Hammond — Bug 840832 - ensure that closing the only visible chat selects another chat if possible. r=felipe
8c0e6eb46bcd3c5dd55344d538ee7e81879bb89cGregor Wagner — Bug 841234 - PhoneNumberJS: fix typo with lastKnownMcc. r=mrbkap
cef766712c20ecb434c5d318363e8de02b790e11Geoff Brown — Bug 824067 - Disable robocop testPasswordEncrypt for intermittent failures, again; DONTBUILD
659e228ab14f77688cd067db2f7729715fe6e331Daniel Holbert — Bug 841146: Remove unused member-variable 'compileContext_' from class ParallelArrayVisitor. r=nmatsakis
e5694309feed7c06c4a3372f8a6d9d9e592a1bf2Daniel Holbert — Bug 841132: Remove unused variable 'notes' from js::XDRScript(). r=njn,till
24c55c2834b12c3d0ef5399c6293666432a07015Bobby Holley — Bug 819158 - Introduce stopAtOuter for UnwrapObjectChecked. r=mrbkap
72c85779e0f57b96da246450773a6bba2162a2baChris Cooper — Bug 774947 - Updated mozconfigs for l10n (NPOTB) - r=aki
c706a4235ae479e56486ad08d9c84933795bfc14Chris Cooper — Bug 785392 - Upload mar and mbsdiff when present - r=aki
118c857ffee0734e4887bc91e8babdd35370c685Jonathan Kew — bug 836225 - handle supplementary-plane chars properly in graphite shaper. r=jdaggett
bea22f8af66cdbe67941aace14740622e0f964b6Matt Brubeck — Bug 841087 - Stop unnecessary preprocessing in /browser/metro [r=sfoster]
d01bf199fcbacb932347767aa3023d73759020a1Matt Brubeck — Bug 839340 - mach reftest <dir> doesn't work on Windows [r=gps]
1f052742266d519d4ff53f747f290e71a5be8606Matt Brubeck — Bug 839340 - mach mochitest <dir> doesn't work on Windows [r=gps]
0b7571ca7153edad5bbe8199d3a994b8ba5e67e0Matthew Gregan — Bug 841020 - Restore missing SetVolume when initializing AudioStream. r=cpearce
38c7d7a7f58629f1dca230687f9223818dd0f0a6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 716859 - Streaming GLContext buffers (doublebuffering, etc) - r=bjacob,jrmuizel,vlad
740ae7d0679656c72e52d0d677c39a93fb0856a9Brian Nicholson — Bug 833777 - Ensure that a tab is selected after an OOM restore. r=mfinkle
c2c4c82fffc5e86d5f974d2831f82f247c6aecc7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 841001 - Follow-up: add missing test files. r=me
c4d628fe6be2539dd8cc2a7812e552f1a800daf4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 597525 - Remove nsITextControlElement::GetDefaultValueFromContent(). r=ehsan
aba008d4d79417ee0a9433623988df2688abfd8bMounir Lamouri — Bug 841001 - Set the textContent of a multiline textbox at construction so the default value is correctly set. r=bz
53de36ab95d126bd7c602d6912f620e262fed43fTing-Yuan Huang — Bug 715419 - Specializing Array.prototype.sort when given the comparator is "return arg1 - arg2". Patch includes some minor tweaks/comment adjustments from jwalden. r=luke, r=jwalden
095782b5101358425af19282e31b09e3be1b03b0Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 4). r=jwalden
38e92a7b5bf4a247e9bead46cd2f113e5ca7c5e9Jeff Walden — Bug 835551 - Add a new header consolidating non-configure-generated #defines that we require in order to build. r=ted
c06650ce0770bfce66ff4686b2a0432d92e4a8d2Rico Tzschichholz — Bug 831552 - Install all SpiderMonkey headers when |make install| happens. The ones in INSTALLED_HEADERS have additional dependencies which must be copied into place as well for the whole thing to work correctly. r=jimb, r=ted
1f765c27d9a4bbce481ee075f658fd2358d4f1d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a0db951f9f08 (bug 810726) for reftest asserts.
404418d30f3f108ee45715846420d8236a347c90Gregory Szorc — Bug 840177 - Part 4: Record search bar searches in Firefox Health Report; r=gavin
d0c699e7623610de919210f41619e68764553249Patrick McManus — bug 835904 test_prompt.html proxy info needs more than channel creation r=jduell
b3970a39cc251823d0532bb0800bd4def7d5ea4dChris Jones — Bug 841154: Add a sample label for image decoding. r=khuey
c7c5e6288ef8c4f6ae7a8cc7545ad3fb51ae1b28Geoff Brown — Bug 824067 - Enable robocop testPasswordEncrypt; r=wesj
65f105badc5a9de13d06f84ea31a580513ceb171Kannan Vijayan — Bug 840162 - Fix loadValue/storeValue with BaseIndex arguments. r=mjrosenb
9814c03a6e2eb2b0d082c13c621836316daec1ecAndrew McCreight — Bug 839753 - Fix up CC implementation for AudioDestinationNode. r=smaug
6f8fc3c171840e2d50ebe29de9e5bff9e5ecf3beJim Chen — Bug 839882 - Provide UI-thread-safe Editable for KeyListener; r=cpeterson
a0db951f9f08404b4b0b53d1a8ffedff06d8094aScott Johnson — Bug 810726: Rework logic in nsColumnSetFrame for handling overflow to prevent infinite loop problems. [r=roc]
e02c8045c228f609d2144ddb57e3e311ec7c86f5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 839675 - Remove extra logging, r=mdas
1aa496327ae68d19424555efb4d65c4275858774Gregory Szorc — Bug 840177 - Part 3: Record context menu searches in Firefox Health Report; r=gavin, r=rnewman
1b7cf47e45f8f7c54f7564cd1e47d4533f988851Matt Brubeck — Bug 841119 - Remove unused images and styles from /browser/metro/theme [r=jimm]
d75207733e669287632f65cc09174f10779407c3Matt Brubeck — Bug 841097 - Stop unnecessary preprocessing in /browser/branding/locales [r=gavin]
7559ef8dc1bbebfc411f8c311eaaa867a82256f9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 784591. Part 2. Don't track images that don't have a frame created. r=jlebar
eb62e8cc4ff1193ff6f69cd7603221b3c1c9d3b0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 784591. Part 1.5. Remove the SHOULD_BE_TRACKED bit and just always track non-null requests. r=joe,khuey
ee1c037c0e1c0365a431cbac5f252d0b6e2d32b8Timothy Nikkel — Bug 784591. Just end the crashtest ownerdiscard.html after 30 seconds if the image doesn't get decoded. r=jdm
384274679e1065f433ac7a3f2918d71bd233de2cJim Chen — Bug 826053 - Add MOZ_ANDROID_ANR_REPORTER configure option; r=glandium
cb198943e783c94685592ef57a58f0bb800a23efFabrice Desré — Bug 839810 - Race condition installing apps on linux r=ferjm
9b0d85344d320518068a2a5be975f0b22fda5043L. David Baron — Bug 840367: Fix misnaming of keyword IDs in nsCSSKeywordList.h. r=heycam
28e6c11125831d36567263116121d0ae8768c2a1L. David Baron — Bug 836329: Fix regression handling 'rem' units in media queries. r=bzbarsky
e9261d6e9efeef62019ba1bddefb2db717a64e58Wes Johnston — Bug 830760 - Don't zoom into fields on tablets of pages with metaviewports. r=kats DONTBUILD
24090bdf0393e6d42930e60579257b25782efe9eWes Johnston — backout 28c0078a4d76 to fix commit message
a4f5b234615c3b407de29cf3e306ff2f8be51ed1Kannan Vijayan — Bug 840162 - Fix toggled call branch tracing on ARM. r=mjrosenb
28c0078a4d7629f0203f7262dcfb2799838e35c2Wes Johnston — Bug 83760 - Disable zoom into fields on tablets and pags with metaviewport. r=kats
417bc737c6e3f5a5e761aacd5e3fa17b4ac6f938Wes Johnston — Bug 836356 - Use system text colors in crash reporter. r=sriram
73e415d1c471f8d66520fcf157178c5ee63e8ed3Nathan Froyd — Bug 835646 - remove NS_{GET,PUT}_{FLOAT,DOUBLE}; r=bsmedberg
bbb9c1daf95d763b3c18b42400976d24bd7d4e45Terrence Cole — Bug 839673 - Do not access the ArenaHeader of already-finalized GCThings; r=luke
3dbb55c627b60881c231aecaac3e31ec6b1df4e6Terrence Cole — Back out changeset 0d285589f47a (Bug 839673) - Broken Merge
0d285589f47a438f01b9f091538579b523ded863Terrence Cole — Bug 839673 - Do not access the ArenaHeader of already-finalized GCThings; r=luke
fd52260363500cae1a4897b78e1d3c7b214fd4e3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 840758 - Get the profile directory earlier. r=BenWa.
4024f5dc27079873b245240bbbc7569a067b8f6aMatt Brubeck — Bug 841058 - Remove unused PageActions code and strings from /browser/metro [r=jimm]
e754df01a1903b76cce9f6795940d6a00b68d969Geoff Brown — Bug 823452: Check logcat for Java exceptions; r=jmaher
041328ec96515c993c3f94326c3c877ecf5b114eIvaylo Dimitrov — Bug 836243 - Relax gstreamer version requirement. r=alessandro.d
b0c5ea9e93b135533a08957aded71e6b3a3e93c0Gregory Szorc — Bug 840177 - Part 2: Record about:home searches in Firefox Health Report; r=gavin, r=rnewman
3c95d8f932490a94ffb440971a90b26d334afbefGregory Szorc — Bug 840177 - Part 1: Fire a DOM event when a search occurs on about:home; r=gavin
0780ca1d62d44ddda3210775d718e06dec7bb974Jeff Hammel — Bug 838079 - get on mozbase or kill it;r=ted
872af2305af3cb6beeb9a1747fad202932b8603eBobby Holley — Bug 839792 - Revert Tamper-proofing. r=bz
ade9020c85068ec9b2ae1b9d47932a7d16aab3a6Bobby Holley — Bug 839792 - Do XBL lookups on the shadow prototype. r=bz
957aa28ca89d042d184cbfd1b4c8deb993c81f53Bobby Holley — Bug 839792 - Store members on a shadow proto in the XBL scope. r=bz
985508c04c809c9f7b1dcd8f524fbcc313759b7dTill Schneidereit — Bug 679940 - Share bytecode, source notes and atoms of functions in a runtime wherever possible. r=bhackett
b93da515746268bc1b162c35c9f95ae0c607c32aJeff Hammel — Bug 838074 - mirror, test.ini, -> m-c;r=jgriffin
6f28814befb7292390df8ccfaa8786c36a2bf9a9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840346: Flat UI in about: pages. [r=mfinkle]
2813cfcfd1c168f4bb5baf0224be4ad8f3dad638Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840346: Remove unwanted icons. [r=mfinkle]
eb2e980741b7b09208a0189ba454f2fb53c46444Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840346: Cleanup persona methods. [r=mfinkle]
700ef0823d91b3e8163bc7d7496cb01bc97bbd84Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 840346: Flat URL bar. [r=mfinkle]
b87f9a587e86347399c90c78b9d7d05d0ef1e0f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c8479bdaf0c8 (bug 839171) for mochitest-browser-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE.
dcc017a7cd4d7f9659f6b16c68b6a5e36e61238eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 833808 followup. Placate over-strict test in CLOSED TREE.
5e63610b9072fcc9a52f9a5fd8f866e5b28a49f8Patrick McManus — bug 819044 backout changes to spdy goaway handling r=backout
2da3edf254fb39ad77385834a3c1b11333c7d2b2Geoff Brown — Bug 840725: Cleanup robocop tab retrieval functions; r=jmaher
7ec124ace4cbf38baa0a94643fd8314f0e7acff3Georg Fritzsche — Bug 813906 - Mochitest for unified base URI usage. r=bsmedberg
c8479bdaf0c869029948e78eb78517ed84cf0a57Sunny — Bug 839171 - Update formMethod reflection to have the empty string as default value (and 'get' as invalid value). r=mounir
6e4f468b49060a0fbf52619726c299d0758b9055Oleg Romashin — Bug 834323 - Consider to remove hardcoded samplerate from gstreamer pipeline. r=alessandro, f=rillian
e724ee268e1489797021d17ca35d0556918f5902Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6c2f32553ebc4cbca686ca6049a18dfdf0de9f38Mark Finkle — Bug 837393 - Remove webapps from the recent apps list r=wesj
1e9f268fe69594e1b08dcce3a55ad7e7ff462f10Mark Finkle — Bug 835399 - Allow launching non-privileged webapps with a URL r=wesj
a9cfb608a6332b3c23e3d03aeb40e1559a3626adBoris Zbarsky — Bug 840614. Fix the browserelement auth tests to not throw exceptions and actually test what they mean to test. r=jdm
05524e628b83c9f69bed6622211ade1ee1d4b69aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 833808 part 2. Add some utilities for working with selectors to inspector utils. r=dbaron
04f0afec7a035c8330a241eaffa02ea3707c1058Boris Zbarsky — Bug 833808 part 1. Inspector code should be IMPL_NS_LAYOUT. r=dbaron
bffcfc510a9cac94f1a8700e327951a4019cd847Boris Zbarsky — Bug 618479 part 2. Use binary, not linear, search to determine timer insertion locations. r=brendan
32b985353206dc8ee08ccf16794c5cbc65656327Boris Zbarsky — Bug 618479 part 1. Clean up the nsTArray binary-insert code a little bit. r=jlebar,kinetik
696dc68a45e7b3e064778bb47bfcbef8241eea4eJoshua Yuan — Bug 827784 - Provide an option to disable favicons on webpage shortcuts in Windows. r=bbondy
744fb922a42e2ffe63c070f81529264502341a0eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 840195 - Update fails if FF is installed in a non-default install path. r=rstrong
212a864f19a21a0305ac1ef7753ae94f175f7636Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Revert fa1f52704c9e. r=bustage.
3ed3e656a08937417fcdf1427b1b6a06d919b895Jonathan Watt — Bug 835389 - Remove NS_NewSVGComponentTransferFunctionElement. r=Ms2ger.
fa1f52704c9ec098b8601bd57a30e822100d8bfcRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 840758 - Get the profile directory earlier. r=BenWa.
d3e16515f630456647e2064d908ccf5c929d0b0dJacek Caban — Bug 822490 - Include cstdlib for std::abs (GCC fixup)
bc70cddbac4ae995f0b67651dd74754816df6ab2Jacek Caban — Bug 840577 - Fixed ANGLE cross compilation on case sensitive OSes r=bjacob
3ac9f93605ad99ead51b5c1ed8a320bb6c8c0a09Ed Morley — Backed out changeset fba52fc5161a (bug 813906)
b005d61919ff228d89ec691c4a1679d47227c6d1Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 230f42e5e26d (bug 813906)
230f42e5e26d1763d73ab639fe3685af3eb49da1Georg Fritzsche — Fix fba52fc5161a, bug 813906, test bustage.
57ebf8b8564503894729c4e613caeb88bde0cbb2Jim Mathies — Bug 800977 - implement copy image to clipboard context action. r=mbrubeck
fba52fc5161a7276b9386e3394610ad2395c8091Georg Fritzsche — Bug 813906 - Mochitest for unified base URI usage. r=bsmedberg
4059d988e0572cfac10729923c3d9ac2726e0202Karl Tomlinson — Bug 834724 - Make reference non-native resizer scale to scroll bar width r=enn.
f3cac325b44732b4217ab68f09e5a8cf08e5c115Joel Maher — Bug 834724 - (textarea-rtl) reftest failures on ubuntu 12.04 ec2 vm machines in forms. r=karlt
db065fd3d40e6214b10d7c22b6f36ccfc12b5d0aJoel Maher — Bug 841039 - add a make target for the leaktest tests we run at build time from the objdir. r=ted
fe298855f9d229520b0ada53035bb19cd90f7fd9Mike Hommey — Fixup for after bug 840661 r=me
d5dcdeae4bd22d33496c9a6eeca54d61238666b7Mike Hommey — Bug 840661 - Fix ExpandArgsMore._getFoldedSections. r=ted
c73747cd5eba5353f0ea5d132738fc077ae63981Mike Hommey — Bug 840598 - Search for l10n files in all app bases during l10n-repack. r=gps
081cf5b0121e8e8c0133c68a85ff4fda9e2b5c63Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the inbound to m-c.
25ae6325380bb1f0286ff7b2dd5d22f4a5049e67Mounir Lamouri — Bug 665655 - Make mInputData.mValue really used and usable. r=bz
3b5018fa761febbac38837a9bef3f68d8eef9753Jon Coppeard — Bug 840581 - GC: jsapitests crash with rooting analysis enabled r=terrence
8a66b6d3bd11fd8e57c82399f3e74a8d55fdd887Jon Coppeard — Bug 840548 - GC: rooting hazards in the parser r=sfink
cbcdfbeadb35b30183a4059a4263b5faa0ecc482Jon Coppeard — Bug 840477 - GC: Rooting hazards in the shell r=sfink
84f27f437ddaa6690261c1971bc9f2dfef8b3ff2Brian Nicholson — Bug 840823 - Check whether new tabs were made from stubs to prevent removal race condition. r=mfinkle
a73456511f4178d7b569c691a4c1963f9e6c128fBrian Nicholson — Bug 840601 - Clear saved reader mode page in tab destroy. r=kats
0253d6c5a552c4df322068ae6b3ce29b6b3c984bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 833719 part.3 New DOM keyCodes except OEM specific keys should be mapped on Linux r=karlt+smaug
122afc7bf2e59d622ca1d94885e04673ebcf0223Masayuki Nakano — Bug 833719 part.2 New DOM keyCodes should be mapped on Windows r=jimm+smaug
f7de926acf42b4b74d1f58e7c0e9ef3f8a803450Masayuki Nakano — Bug 833719 part.1 Register some DOM keyCode values for Windows giving virtual keycode names and all OEM speicific virtual keyCode of Windows except we already used values r+sr=smaug
b39cc80812c9a933811569cd6066d162f888fc79Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838807: Replace reader mode icons. [r=bnicholson]
9af3e9a47cc13084dbde098f89568f320684fe4fSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838807: Replace url-bar icons. [r=bnicholson]
d300f7bb08c131fa19c7d89e62a920e19d9d43c4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 828853: Sync tabs icon closes tabs-ui, when sync is not setup. [r=mfinkle]
e6ca584f4fe73cefcd2a3061bda418627e2e17d6Benoit Girard — Bug 840856 - Check component alpha surface for allocation failure. r=mattwoodrow
594944f54c72f04506b67d44cea8448b35a818d1Daniel Holbert — Bug 839384: Fix build warnings for DrawTargetCG. r=jrmuizel
3dd3292d7b1419a24bfcc8172429d45ed9bef439Vivien Nicolas — Bug 839473 - Return early in form.js for non editable content r=fabrice
96ddc07ef64eb155ba2003ec80c6ca6d7eb308f8Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 807883: Reformat a function call.
e663ebce39a6fc41c8a5139b2ebb5240631f7c98Gregory Szorc — Bug 828540 - Part 2: APIs to retrieve a registered provider; r=rnewman
168ec5716059dcacf7ce77114c02d806c2a684e7Gregory Szorc — Bug 828540 - Part 1: Health Report provider for recording search counts; r=rnewman
8d73c0bba134d1d379e889a9f537d0cbb3ab3615Luqman Aden — Bug 840636 - Update Mochitest script. r=jgriffin
4f2e0fe92df90e5635fd188487f26aed3870a073Jason Smith — Bug 837324 - Crashtest for WebRTC crash [@fsmdef_ev_addcandidate]. r=jesup
5edf10ac61043b929ccf85ed34aed070b61becd6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a69f329fc7eef21b722b2d6d514d7432f9ec18e8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 12 changesets (bug 834732) for b2g bustage and OSX mochitest-1 crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
a20345bfe817e5d2842f2aacb3e2ce816e339cf8Gavin Sharp — back out 0528e2561bde (bug 719318) for tickling browser_social_chatwindow.js's bustedness
3f3b3b3f1797fa19bcec959d049aacd85a4fec93Jonathan Watt — Bug 840469 - Make animateMotion-mpath-pathLength-1.svg render in a failure state when its script and/or animations don't run. r=dholbert.
edea345c7c6b593d72cc7c1819c09d84256a47c6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824483: about:home is cut off in landscape mode. [r=wesj]
e650f1bab42bb3aa17ca613ed41b154e4974edfdNicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 7) - Fix seven more easy rooting hazards. r=sfink.
ba8f0f70166643d4dc840a45926335c053a907f8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 6) - Fix five more easy rooting hazards. r=sfink.
560ede42c3f6baf8c6f039d9428758bdcfd1bd03Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 5) - Make ObjectClassIs take a HandleObject. r=sfink.
ed1ef766c293ae0d5887bf65f438f3b3e39e5b81Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Assert proper cx stack handling in WrapperFactory::Rewrap. r=mrbkap
2932b551eb7d524ac0e3bd7f0cd6db187f07d3d0Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Improve pushing in nsJSEnvironment. r=mrbkap
966fddc4ff1ff8fa707758c98b598df55dbd5888Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Push a cx in AdoptNode. r=mrbkap
14a99a15cbe7f8ecedf1a5dc6a52c680d27ab7caBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Push a cx in nsPrincipal::SetDomain. r=mrbkap
29577c5a3161bee54bb204379d81a453a1e1029bBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Push a cx in nsWindowSH::NewResolve. r=mrbkap
c4249db8f54b617522edb237b9b4fcb2b0cfcec6Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Implement stricter cx handling in xpc_EvalInSandbox. r=mrbkap
537c34a22dbd11546e2b10335874f0d515265b31Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Make nsCxPusher.Push(JSContext*) infallible. r=mrbkap
5da889e158ade7db0af59c63512d8a2914dd524aBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Remove PushBehavior. r=mrbkap
02b0e85aaca0d8350da856f2bf0fd9cdcd993629Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Move cx pushing into nsPluginProtoChainInstallRunner. r=mrbkap
ca0b476ed6c161a8764d9ba8a3ff18a94f70a60cBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Make nsDocShell::AddState push the JSContext if it grabs one, and remove push in nsStructuredCloneContainer. r=mrbkap
0e7ab61ab410564a7d53419ce5d2a95a240f582cBobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Make SafeAutoJSContext actually push something. r=mrbkap
cec9e89a2a9674c673349ec30c905ba191327ae9Bobby Holley — Bug 834732 - Get rid of footgun bool param for nsCxPusher and use an explicit enum. r=mrbkap
6228ddc49fc263aaf1640f1cab7522be78f16da3Fabrice Desré — Bug 840698 - Activities are broken r=cjones
c5e65d7ccefde9941937d77bd9d4f1fd8914b510Sunny — Bug 689821 - Clean up browser/components/preferences/sync.js. r=rnewman
e655f4f678573b8c2b1fd0ee1137077dd85e65dbSteve Fink — Bug 668583 - Detect rope corruption earlier in opt builds. r=billm
2abfa5c6ccf987df6630ae381435e1670cfec5ccrespindola — Bug 840622: include path case issue from issue 1091011 r=jesup
957ede94acc31bcb3dafce1dac0a5b5ff69e08a6Randell Jesup — Bug 839568: Typo in SCTP logging r=jesup
48824bf183902238735d1665f34cd7a2feb1c6afRandell Jesup — Bug 833217: Null out listener if we're no longer listening for DataChannel events r=abr
57dc48d44b6011593d0bdb79f6d0a7ea2c8305ffLandry Breuil — Bug 840611: Fix build on BE archs (ie ppc) after bug 834242. r=terrence
0528e2561bde4d02085093157db1f9f0d29dc2a8Brandon Waterloo — Bug 719318 - Better default window sizes. r=dolske
ead76326763b6af8bd503f8e2f682d2f95b44ad4Trevor Saunders — bug 829382 - remove nsIWinAccessNode and stuff from ia2AccessibleTableCell r=surkov
e73161c9a7bcc831d8ebb1a3e59fa1aa3abac96aTrevor Saunders — bug 767272 - don't use nsIAccessibleTable type stuff in ia2AccessibleTable r=surkov
1fadb1ec57453ed63af4e6ab6e38dd2755202908Dão Gottwald — Bug 840526 - Front-end workaround for bug 839974. r=fryn
d47438ef23c1744a3447a903a81a40572d0460afChris Jones — Bug 840372: Don't let valid regions grow beyond 8 rects. r=roc
300ea51c6353c180a71d8454f94249abd3abd61aNicholas Cameron — Bug 828531; fix scaling CSS pixels for animations; r=roc
b061b91098b29338d6bd0eb624907224949640faMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 590068 - Use search service to keep track of additional search params in about:home. r=gavin,mak
1ba8ddf7bef0f0e4cebae28bec3d7dde41dcbcb6Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 587780 - Part 5 - Test Google search params with @purpose. r=gavin
ffa0a72ac95dc0dd2f115ba0190f3186c5eac881Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 587780 - Part 4 - Test search service's JSON cache. r=rnewman,gavin
19c2ed845e6777ece93d8f3e5c470baef88fc9cbMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 587780 - Part 3 - Switch consumers from using a special content-type to the purpose argument. r=rnewman,gavin
7fb308b8d43632befa19316bfa6cabd9b069a764Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 587780 - Part 2 - Tests for purpose argument for searches. r=gavin
5548449c7931cc09cddd28ac8024fa32ea3869dbMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 587780 - Part 1 - Add "purpose" argument to getSubmission, to allow varying search parameters depending on search context. original-patch=gavin r=rnewman
da6fdc53ba9c14112ff266fa3dbbb948c0a0ed0bMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 583175 - Add a security delay to popup notifications. r=gavin,dolske ui-r=shorlander
796564dd007bdb45f64e793f2a9ff30aba9395acJames Willcox — Bug 839456 - Annotate crash reports with Flash version on Android r=bsmedberg
6124f1fc8e3a24331409df433ccc13e832d2f400Patrick McManus — bug 837939 announce spdy max streams 0 to disable push r=honzab
b3e65fe376810018a56dae878c3996e1b09e45b9Jim Mathies — Bug 840948 - Fix for missing nsis function 'ResetWin8PromptKeys' in builds that don't have enable-metro. Fixes Win64 build bustage. r=bbondy
84cb7aa96a52652fdc933f0c647d4f2f60c68760Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ca180542fbcdd2e93c635c928e7911fc05b7faffAaron Klotz — Bug 833560 - Part 2: Add timings to Plugin Hang UI telemetry. r=vdjeric
d388b8073cce4ab68914382332de9700574e3802Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4ed4f90669b584635ff3e2aa75856f653c11e048Jim Blandy — Bug 840319: Keep js/src/gdb/gdb-tests.cpp's 'breakpoint' function from being unified with other functions in SM. r=sfink
0ea5aa0db57211222b43fd625b11d39cb633c349Jim Blandy — Bug 839791: Update JS GDB support for JS_ARRAY_HOLE -> JS_ELEMENTS_HOLE change. r=sfink
5ddd827d87ec1da9b3624026c4047533f09ba7c4Terrence Cole — Bug 839215 - Make large typedarrays singletons more aggressively; r=bhackett
e88a4ecdf5a2269f0aba737d058faedca5fe8961Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 840633 - style fix. r=smaug.
e870235b44cee0858fb8404078bae9c58bdea14fEKR — Bug 838169. Fix NrIceCtx cleanup. r=abr
88044166268fe583a9004f8289f2a49502fc219fJosh Matthews — Bug 838541 - Only dispatch storage events to windows of the same privacy status. r=mayhemer
756df77be1937072529d02aa79517f17e9fd5a5cChris Jones — Bug 834639: Use PREMULT blending for hwc layers. r=dwilson
7d39a9c9cb7f79ed1d061b40450ef74a770c0be0Patrick McManus — bug 829006 - apply proxy filters even after failed pac thread r=jduell
7836f6575a771421eb471a77e8ff3ee99397831aPatrick McManus — bug 833947 - system pac file at normalized uri fails r=jduell
ae25316d0a247da9123eb514011bfc1085e54ebdGeoff Brown — Bug 770483 - Re-enable robocop testAboutPage; r=edmorley; DONTBUILD
8b1089018f989f62cc54063ac3bd339dfbbf9f3dKannan Vijayan — Bug 840162 - Add subPtr for registers to ARM masm. r=mjrosenb
74e6960db18c1f7ecefc7a9f0cd5b4b6c696b8c6Georg Fritzsche — Bug 752422 - Add null-check for plugin tag. r=bsmedberg
ede7e0cd808b5aff76f9932a71f52fb56af814c3Jonathan Griffin — Bug 839675 - Prevent out-of-sync problems, r=mdas
d36289e9c46eeee84dadcbce37f31770ad4f37ddEKR — Bug 839963 - Add instrumentation to nr_timer. r=abr
25766ae454f85d0f894cec1933a5ed13eb1822f8Andrew McCreight — Bug 784730 - Add missing comment. r=bholley DONTBUILD
8d656a3f2261b06bf749da062d0664ead642c4b5David Keeler — bug 767896 - reenable browser_pageInfo.js (leak fixed) r=dao
299893af89388a50bf988b4933b401e7694b05d8Jared Wein — Bug 836867 - The Find Toolbar should transition when opening and closing. r=dao
3b6cf8fe73e0abc0257797bbefc832c75e165e8bTerrence Cole — Bug 837845 - Manually backout the largest memory users from bug 798624; r=Waldo
0acac77dd920b470ed7217d08fa78ffc661c4a41Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 807883: Use the new PL_SizeOfArenaPoolExcludingPool function
8c687b309a7a6877a5e43ce4caab9c18f097e623Mike Conley — Bug 838175 - Downloads indicator wasn't turning green on completed downloads in tabs-on-bottom mode. r=mak.
e07057ca9502c3600d127f9ed7c94de6c32ff4dbMike Conley — Bug 839054 - Both "Open Containing Folder" and "Show in Finder" were being used in the Downloads Panel on OSX. r=mak.
7da05ff6231c31163d9f3f0fe723fe44d848fccdMounir Lamouri — Bug 840031 - Use IsTextControl() in nsEventStateManager.cpp. r=smaug
628f616b8ddfd3e153cd58080e533de6ca073be4Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
06090cb1dc1f501c160acd8288516b346f24ccddBenoit Jacob — Bug 840260 - remove AudioChannelManager from classinfoclasses, fix B2G debug builds - no review, build fix
164c9a8f3711b395f380588cb8ffcd922e7da7a4Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 836523 - Cleanup UnixSocketImpl from within I/O thread. r=qdot, r=echou
4251e6dd02180f830a61dab98eed7451d9cb4749Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 836523 - Wait for incoming connections in UnixSocketImpl. r=qdot, r=echou
89edfdd1a350f85a3f1d2b427c8d6e735a4a95e7Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 836523 - Protect mCurrentTaskIsCanceled by lock. r=qdot, r=echou
702007f2f745c79fd5b8c78d03f8a0e8db14bc40Gabriele Svelto — Bug 820438 - Immediately apply changes in maximum script runtime to make them visible in content processes. r=jst
d3b021e316161ecc8642bc538e04f2f3d766ec62Paul Adenot — Bug 839038 - Put .opus as a valid extension in toolkit/content/ r=dougt
8e1bef2ab93e879781d0552a219f42730ba6bdc2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 839338 - ASan alloc/dealloc mismatch in _M_create_nodes/_M_destroy_nodes. r=waldo.
cccb528b3584316278b40dbb3da30c051e36b7edDão Gottwald — Bug 839923, addressing review comment
d2175a963653c49d8331531c9586a84215f6c7f0Joel Maher — Bug 805841 - test_pm.xul fails on EC2 VM because it can't measure CPU data. r=zwol
f67abd9e378aed3b4c9dd0783e66f85ea2cf2f70Joel Maher — Bug 840173 - test_screenPersistence.html fails when run on Ubuntu because the left hand launcher bar interferes. r=bz
7b06c456f336839de9dcb6368aabe5e1d04847f3Jan de Mooij — Bug 839982 part 6 - Create |this| before creating the resume point when inlining NEW. r=djvj
16ddbb6852ecca9e7b167604105d875d03ec6368Jon Coppeard — Bug 839471 - GC: Sweep type objects on the background thread r=billm
67de01121a3d1bc39e1ccf79d498eda851916c96Mike Hommey — Bug 839824 - Fix build error with gcc 4.4 in MIR.h. r=dvander
5ef0877215ff7c6e33a8f35552d94c0cc5019551Mike Hommey — Bug 825968 - Adjust exception disabling in stlport for Android NDK r8d. r=ted
a81411f6ee6f3d29c3fc120bd391867afd13f327Alexander Surkov — Bug 823927 - text is jammed with control's text in name computation, r=tbsaunde
fdf15fa098d92cf27818bd3c4b7303d20569f2ebMarco Bonardo — Bug 837117 (follow-up) - Downloaded items change position in the downloads view if Clear List is selected
016c27df56fcefb09bb346154f772615eeae464aDoug Turner — Bug 840626 - Ensure that the FileUpdateDispatcher is initalized. r=bz
8fcb6057ac39fc8c14de5c60134bacef3660f41fJim Mathies — Bug 840447 - add metro sub dir to PURGECACHES_DIRS. r=glandium
32ba7924b04c79a6209618d2fd589c576ac2fa95Jim Mathies — Bug 796887 - Reset the metro splash screen and toast notifications on fresh install. r=bbondy
da46769e67197763cad2fb5f608cabfedc987c88Jim Mathies — Bug 813488 - enable metro build for mozilla-central nightlies. r=asa
5f0882ee58c05ea522aa65a7467cfd422665c0e9Jim Mathies — Bug 750901 - Land widget/windows/winrt/* r=bbondy
a85a2ddb41bf1749f019374adbea00cb28981ad5Jim Mathies — Bug 750903 - Land browser/metro/* r=mbrubeck
fcb476f5242924257205e4c4f9c8bf576b6c1f40Matt Brubeck — Bug 828691 - Add a mach command to run mochitest Metro chrome tests [r=gps]
523c662eeb79fb8c023372ff0dda70b8e9d52223Jim Mathies — Bug 807593 - add metro subdir to browser build. r=me
246c76621b80fcabc8847650902eef509bbf6572Brian Bondy — Bug 747347 - sync metro specific widget interfaces with elm. r=jimm
e86fce88995eb3469e4b4ae7d5da6376daab0d9fJim Mathies — Bug 771271 - Get mochitest-metro-chrome tests running in immersive mode. r=jmaher
db5d55b48b3f2888bf0e512b00350dd21f600243Jim Mathies — Bug 807593 - sync nsBrowserApp changes for metro, including metro browser startup and mochitest-metro-chrome startup handling. r=bbondy
93453a5836b5c0adefee6757d1fc0706ec5471e7Jim Mathies — Bug 807593 - add metro entries to package manifest. r=glandium
58f7533b828886dab076952acda5c358802f3c84Jim Mathies — Bug 769490 - Merge metrofx l10n.ini information into browser/locales. r=l10n
59baa6cf573c5f792a7955133374fa8369b507d6Jim Mathies — Bug 769718 - metro should re-use browser searchplugin data. r=glandium
de6aed05a69b8af67e7b061057b6b8a47b42992cJim Mathies — Bug 823218 - merge metro branding to mc. r=glandium
161a347bda5be7575b33d7603a078061be595290Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
c4fc63d7317bdbd14dd9a309ea935e722d1f6181Panos Astithas — Bug 830818 - Always trust native getters when fetching properties, to show directly the values in the debugger's Variables View; r=vporof,rcampbell
13c6407debdb0d08a2c5fd4957fa3acb8334cbc9Tim Taubert — Bug 239254 - [Linux] Migrate existing thumbnails to their new local path; r=yoric
86b8a6ff664e100dd2315f4d4f76816c168327c0Martin Stransky — Bug 239254 - [Linux] Support disk cache on a local path, r=michal.novotny
feb13fd4d2d5c35587fe98ca3851953cd2379853Girish Sharma — Bug 833885 - transitions in class .devtools-no-search-result are ineffective, r=paul
8d2d0b5296bac966ca154293ee2c2d4e4f31d1eaPaul Rouget — Bug 824280 - [gcli] weird white border around the panel on linux. r=jwalker
d426073720ebe8ed10825c9af46db4b76124e407Jared Wein — Bug 788165 - Breakpoint arrow does not change to green when the debugger breaks on that line. r=msucan
d4862b10556c0aab104ea504e49dfd8c5b4faed7Christos Stathis — Bug 701419 - Add a "Copy Unique Selector" option in the inspected element's menu and the corresponding test. f=paul r=jwalker
860d7a47b675b212f98ccbc2cfe6a242ec0c377cEd Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset to mozilla-central
d48d6344a9bd5dcb6da5ccc7a12510b60fe5fdb4Simon Montagu — Check for fluid continuations up the parent chain and make them non-fluid. Bug 818454, r=roc
5446bea9ddf67188a4c327ca6b799456b16ad011Simon Montagu — Reapply the patch from bug 722137 to fix bug 826163, r=roc, sec-approval=dveditz
674b9ae1ccd3bab49e9433c70b599506e814cc81Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 840312 - Cache the result of Tab.metadata. r=kats
324ef02e21614cc7b39cfae97fe7945856f8ab6aJustin Dolske — Bug 839923 - Many favicons look bad when upscaled for hidpi. r=fryn, ui-r=shorlander
0b32c50a1bec6cbd284fe14016738ce43696da83Robert O'Callahan — Bug 8203709. Handle failure to create a snapshot surface in GetImageDataArray. r=mattwoodrow
80df535bf5e627b8757b98346fcfa5bc1b12971dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 839378. Don't modify the page DOM from videocontrols. r=enndeakin
608f588cb3e97e478b39119c9a3eac24761e4113Robert O'Callahan — Bug 836990. Put fixed-pos items in the abs-pos list of the container whenever it doesn't have a fixed-pos list. It's simpler this way and handles all edge cases. r=bzbarsky
09ddbf34dc176542803a5f646410540a285eae5bCameron McCormack — Bug 839927 - Update scoped style content flags correctly when SVG <style scoped=""> elements are involved. r=bz
9672b9989f3436fb3792a2bc4a688a907639a984Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 833777 - Guard against selectedTab being null when Gecko goes into the background. r=bnicholson
44af3765d3d30dca92e390a532c3a49b03f396f3Cameron McCormack — Bug 840272 - Avoid asserting and crashing if SVG text frames are painted before they are reflowed. r=roc
328742b12ef546892628fd33327eaa63c22ecc15Justin Lebar — Bug 837856 - Rename hal_sandbox::IsHalChildLive() to HalChildDestroyed(). r=mounir
9a0846d180af483fb4328413bd8b8c8c9325b1bbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 4) - Fix four or five more rooting hazards. r=sfink.
7b379cdbf9007b9cfda436be1cf8b6e5c666c628Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 839751 - "Assertion failure: i < argc_" with localeCompare. r=jwalden
d2702388ca93e131e81e9608a88276db27d5a832Sean Stangl — Bug 840339 - Include inlined JSScript definitions to fix warnings. r=dholbert
04f8351eb2af9279a2d52b7023e116ad1badd68dKang-Hao (Kenny) Lu — Bug 817395 - Clean up the temporary style context used for font size comparision of the root before the rule node tree is rebuilt. r=dbaron
d1b8047ed4dba5ff8669b69534a4e4c416871591Wan-Teh Chang — Merge bug 807883.
9a6bef63fdc05d756079ec9d725a32ca822949a6Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 807883: Update NSPR to NSPR 4.9.6 Beta 2. This adds 'const' to the
26cfbd9ed00ce53a0a2e09c72ee2a572c11a7628Trevor Saunders — bug 834552 - remove a bunch of ipc/chromium/ that we don't even build r=bsmedberg
e9f2886c0179a646f1927b2d0c732507fd57431cDaniel Holbert — Bug 837000: Remove nsBlockReflowState.h's essentially-unnecessary #include of nsBlockFrame.h (and related cleanup). r=dbaron
1052782fd20d73ea0837b01554fa270bd6a85e17Daniel Holbert — Bug 836954: Mark nsIFrame::GetBaseline() impls as MOZ_OVERRIDE. r=dbaron
e4088b2366348eaf313804ec478392d051787dbcDaniel Holbert — Bug 836570: Mark media/mtransport/build as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on non-MSVC compilers. r=jesup
244daeec33939a6fc02604d8c71d200a6c6e0afaAaron Klotz — Bug 839236 - Add nsRefPtr to a nsPluginHost::GetInst call. r=bsmedberg
63acc1f62049922e02730bd5ce7c65fc90bf24a3Aaron Klotz — Bug 838279 - Add isWow64 field to system info and to telemetry. r=bsmedberg
a356cb75873f3e9c78755fcb9e5a9923b21abaa4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
bd883f16f17f2823bd2aa3cd157ccc46dfa9b98fDaniel Holbert — backout 69277e48526c (Bug 839865) due to reftest orange on a CLOSED TREE
6d92250d9e524149f398b38ac88d43618ae010c5Daniel Holbert — Followup for Bug 840317: use an unsigned loop variable when iterating up to an unsigned value, to fix warnings-as-errors build error. r=bustage,trivial CLOSED TREE
66b99572ab2665a8afca73b988fc083a755f12ccMasayuki Nakano — Bug 708936 Dispatch defaultPrevented Alt keyup event if VK_MENU is received with WM_KEYUP instead of WM_SYSKEYUP r=jimm+smaug
bb8d5da0bf70c3d8647d308359a5d996409efaceJeff Walden — Bug 826009 - Move locale callback info, default locale, etc. data and APIs to be JSRuntime-centered. f=bholley, r=jorendorff
b8c19a26a1d2a5410698b2a2cabbab93ffe6e7e2Cameron McCormack — Bug 840317 - Re-evaluate media queries in scoped style sheets. r=dbaron
14da2eb23b19fdd20346f1751949213dffaad116Tom Schuster — Bug 840172 - Rooting fixes for Wrapper and wrap. r=terrence
c3a4d688b26fe108f6c50f82e0c96efe69e999a3Cameron McCormack — Bug 840041 - Handle all possible dominant-baseline values when mapping internally to a vertical-align value for SVG text. r=roc
0f18d1919efeabd9aee25f1834ba65e39c3e2488Jim Chen — Backout rev d38f1897c28f (bug 826053) pending review by build peer DONTBUILD
69277e48526cabacf21833c423b8c88c9b0da5deJonathan Watt — Bug 839865 - Stop calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds for SVG transform changes, and use DLBI instead. r=mattwoodrow.
da3ba77f55641e20ed6cabfe9d5c34fe2d9fc648Jonathan Watt — Bug 839866 - Set the dom.experimental_forms pref for all tests, not just a few select tests. r=mounir.
113113124e49a14d646a21704ef34320e8626f43Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 833003 - Use metadata.scaleRatio as its value if viewport metadata.defaultZoom has no value. r=kats
b721fde69bf0920dbccbe9ae18566ae79fb488b2Matthew Gregan — Bug 752401 - Drain timing and error handling fixes for PulseAudio cubeb backend. r=doublec,jesup
35eda1ce617e0a3dc2d7006330dd80b086f388aaAndrew McCreight — Bug 784730 - Crash in ReparentWrapperIfFound if wrapper already in scope. r=bholley
c4562906fc61a36c0a6f4c3e48ab86acb6f038ceNicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 3) - Some low-hanging exact rooting fruit. sfink.
1b3c6d4ee0aef388ec130294a1588f77ce64d69fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 2) - Add some easy exact roots for jsinfer.cpp. r=sfink.
29d3b2c3d8b3c05acacd547ebd9eb4629e25a3c4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 839376 (part 1) - Add an exact root for jstypedarray.cpp. r=sfink.
2bf4d2e75011147156e01034844855e5ba7eb8c9Frank Wein — Bug 839936 - Build fails in content/base/test because the command line is longer than 32k chars, r=ted
9b06c6b2b2b0535ef2313e6cabb93e1282346d87Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8507903e43cb (bug 831989) for landing with the wrong bug number in the commit message.
bf2650bd2e3ba808378d74bc80c26cf55c61e376Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1646e649878a (bug 835698) for causing bug 839256.
8507903e43cb09eb44021b04113b41998cbfbd36Frank Wein — Bug 831989 - Build fails in content/base/test because the command line is longer than 32k chars, r=ted
c8135b361176680c2e883e6aee69c37958bdae5bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 839731 - Kill try-safe stuff. r=benjamin
24f879564f43a18c5faf35eceecb53196a28011fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 787017. Die more verbosely on Android during Layers init. r=bjacob
32c248cf74746866b284765a64b80bae341c7ccdNicholas Nethercote — Bug 825105 - Fix two clang warnings in media/mtransport/. r=ekr.
cd80e0af25cde0a1d0488f331a2fbb0afdfa09cfSean Stangl — Bug 839727 - Minor cleanups around polymorphic inlining. r=djvj
0100ad335f92cc4db0e463fef9aea2905275e6d9Jared Wein — Bug 839701 - Use hidden=true/false instead of display=inline/none for hiding and showing the progress bar. r=rnewman
cc3b4a2c1968a77daf04690167d8670d058be7a4Honza Bambas — Bug 836872 - Use TimeStamp::NowLoRes() in nsAppShell, r=roc
55ef31ba2298197993d75f2502bbaa430d9c334bHonza Bambas — Bug 827287 - make it possible to use TimeStamp without performance concerns (TimeStamp::NowLoRes), r=ehsan, sr=roc
604e819f63d7effd1f8e0cd4ca7c0b6c34d6113eHonza Bambas — Bug 822490 - Radically simplify windows TimeStamp implementation, r=tellrob
20400a35c2618af3489a0d7a09f7ba5604ecf170Honza Bambas — Bug 839175 - missing using namespace dom in MediaBufferDecoder.cpp, r=roc
6b5dc3b3b21c4bbfadf418ae64d166ad3349d818Tom Schuster — Bug 838558 and Bug 839027: checkin lost changsets in XPC. CLOSED TREE
d4b4794bbeaf27e3ff2dad29d09c95b300f765e8Jared Wein — Backed out changeset fe1853b667cc (bug 839701) for failing browser-chrome test.
ed3a6ed1dd2018e92216b9774fe3b64dbac6bb3cJan Beich — Bug 840146 - Don't try to install updater.png with --disable-updater. r=glandium
9e3a4589e251469070da5e605d08a54f86973e48Jason Smith — Bug 822109 - Add a bunch of basic functional tests for getUserMedia and enable a per config setting for those tests for fake vs. non-fake. r=jesup
a101d8932e912e50b9752cfca4f166f523695644Milan Sreckovic — Bug 722831 - qcms_transform_precacheLUT_float only works with RGB data, so only call it in that case. Grayscale images would fail. r=bgirard
d91d6e2bc2587b4c6816574d0872bb3ae0bba746Tom Schuster — Bug 838558 - Kill object equality hook. r=jorendorff
b9a00a67b74948df2d8b1673e520151028764badTom Schuster — Bug 839027 - Kill object typeof hook. r=jorendorff
9a8d04f67e396ac918bbfcbf5ca45dd1c91f5d32Malini Das — Bug 838822 - update marionette client version number, r=jgriffin
a4f19181ebc2f11106d95014ee3f9bb3910fffe4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 35d48d9d80d5 (bug 752982) for landing without proper review.
46b409b1fa041594600dc1a863c1fb698823f1fdChris Peterson — Bug 839962 - Part 2: Replace some XPCOM thread NS_ASSERTIONs with MOZ_ASSERTs. r=bsmedberg
1b725f0b2e833916e0d21615b6f7fac334f850ccChris Peterson — Bug 839962 - Part 1: Replace some XPCOM refcount NS_ASSERTIONs with MOZ_ASSERTs. r=bsmedberg
50df17d70386a66712e708873de7cdea130b6410Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 704030 - Make the "all connections closed" check available on non debug builds. r=vladan.
0d714dcba97926e367d655d152568dc132997fe8Jim Mathies — Bug 837932 - Update dir svc media paths for Win7 and up - media dirs should point to Library default save locations. r=bsmedberg
99e8b116dd0973ee7ef888eabb0a01ca4ea3b840Geoff Brown — Bug 838636 - Guard against NPE in robocop setup; r=kats
fe1853b667cc8ead0561c450dc2c33bcffdf8060Jared Wein — Bug 839701 - Use hidden=true/false instead of display=inline/none for hiding and showing the progress bar. r=rnewman
0a1aa2cbe09680ef3c2e53bc6dadc3ffea30d33aMs2ger — Bug 839033 - HTMLProgressElement cleanup. r=mounir
ecbca463ce663f8b0daa0b27f6325511555b16c0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839033 - Convert HTMLProgressElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
bcff3820f704e96d83f91ea6159ec7338aa2ff74Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839033 - Rename nsHTMLProgressElement to HTMLProgressElement. r=Ms2ger
1d23d959dcf68c0ef86efa37bc45cfcf65bb8087Julien Wajsberg — Bug 830463 - Download/update notification is showing up late on a weak connection in some cases. r=fabrice
3b0b1092f9b40015b3d483c5454fffd83a2d13d4Ed Morley — Bug 838160 - Add missing script to test_output_element.html to fix orange; r=me
74b43b807108a7bf059f74f5084f9b3365a80c7cMs2ger — No bug - Remove .orig file.
bca5bd2cd0e1e0923151ed8f3ecc3d014ddd5eb5Ms2ger — No bug - Remove unused variable from reflect.js; r=mounir
2ff34df6167fde26f6f87cc1462d332cb47d71baMs2ger — Bug 838178 - Remove dom/bindings/stubgenerator; r=ehsan
79ebe1a5d8f4329e0dc80ad1a593a43dbcdeec3bMs2ger — Bug 837176 - Simplify code flow in CheckSideEffects; r=jorendorff
5bcde0a780ef0feae369a1d97496122eedd1b9acMs2ger — Bug 838160 - Part c: Add a test for reflection; r=bz
3344115d1cbc2a7e1dac34cc1536420be3827cf7Ms2ger — Bug 838160 - Part b: Move HTMLOutputElement to Paris bindings; r=bz
5251a87b7b7ccd7395bfc3704f647e5f0b5c3de5Ms2ger — Bug 838160 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLOutputElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLOutputElement; r=bz
8892ac17e3dfc94a486cbd622ededa3ee10311b0Ms2ger — Bug 839179 - Part d: Make sure the button element bindings throw exceptions where necessary; r=bz
7dcd291142be2940f8e1dfc63d0cec83494e3af2Ms2ger — Bug 835065 - Part c: Move SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement and subclasses to Paris bindings; r=bz
845249dfa19df804f26483f0bd0867ada70ea28fMs2ger — Bug 835065 - Part b: Move the declarations for SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement and subclasses into a header; r=bz
4966653904f04cbf1e608bf2fada5bdaeabbfa28Ms2ger — Bug 835065 - Part a: Move SVGComponentTransferFunctionElement and subclasses into the mozilla::dom namespace; r=bz
43625280ba71a1c09086bfd7a5a0137642d555baMs2ger — Bug 838088 - Update html tests; rs=mounir
da30029828eaf66016d30ad18d2c422521555da4Ms2ger — No bug - Remove windows line endings from Opera's microdata test in preparation for an update.
36525224b14e8986c307530ed08724de5dd45c5dBrad Lassey — bug 839380 – zh-hk locale should use zh-tw translation instead of zh-cn r=jchen a=akeybl
98b4c33fc377e524511bc2b6b99acca7f0aa6fdaOlli Pettay — Bug 839528 - Change the namespace of xpidl dictionary helpers, r=khuey
dcf53b7140cdc87a208fc5af576d16d7a007c2dbOlli Pettay — Bug 839465 - Implement SmartCardEvent using event code generator, r=mounir
93ba23f414ffec7fdecdff3511e038fd3d877c43Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ad49bd35d558686f74d72f86717878117636da59Ben Turner — Bug 835698 - 'Pre-open() and send the fd for app process's'. r=jduell.
d509e44cae3effde6814bb08c7c8cf9808197917Ed Morley — Backout 1646e649878a (bug 835698) on suspicion of causing mochitest-1 shutdown hangs on Windows on a rather sad looking CLOSED TREE
1df0b4b3cd557b1fe7eeb95f592cca3d202d5a28Ed Morley — Bug 655877 - Remove WinXP fails-if for the now passing 580863-1.html; r=me
03cd2973dcff09cb4f5272ee9fd4d29916683d65Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 46: Paint SVG glyphs with new SVG text frame. r=roc,jwatt
6d9ca0891b4b488848b6ade73793670c9d184d7bCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 45: Fixes for DLBI. r=roc,jwatt
dc9b408b8b7823055d6c7d9c9548ceedd63a6b89Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 44: Fix some bidi tests whose rendering behavior has changed a bit with the new SVG text support. r=smontagu,jwatt
665c760a078bc90665a1b4fd9d1fef3bc104656bCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 43: Tests for new SVG text support. r=jwatt
230087dd7d3b8a25b4293a61493dac2bb26e1df0Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 42a: Handle SVG text frame pref changes gracefully. r=bz,longsonr
d11ce45846b5db6977cc6c99d07434a6f3b1676aCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 42: Construct new SVG text frames if the pref is set. r=bz
204b51a6c6458a30be158a3d1bdca8e9b4edfd67Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 41b: Make SVG text selectable with the mouse. r=roc,jwatt
c55fb05e73d6cdf2b88a9cbca7151853759b4edaCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 41a: Move ToCanvasBounds to nsSVGUtils. r=longsonr
ddf482186017755270f921ac71a51ed5c191852bCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 36: Make referenced text path updates cause SVG text relayout. r=longsonr,jwatt
22b95038354b962b212bd40888d5ecae6f54de3aCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 35: Ensure SVG text is updated when attributes on text content children change. r=jwatt
37efcc78e70e5dacee7ab9c31a02c7acba2d8462Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 34: Implement SVG DOM text methods in terms of the new SVG text frame. r=longsonr
9bc717b46687dec44940b912c56b757eb2a5d11eCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 33: Allow new SVG text frames in clip paths. r=longsonr
0e81334f73d1137a7d412e5216d80888ba42d03fCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 31d: Hook SVG text scaling into CSS text frames. r=roc
53005a0154076fbad15da799ebaafb6f1f5bc5caCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 31c: Ensure SVG text with effects applied to them are in the right position. r=jwatt
76dd3bdc30dfbb249c8d59fe694a2f64d76560cbCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 31b: New frame class nsSVGTextFrame2 for SVG text using CSS block/inline/text frames for layout. r=jwatt
9642172270f18e067e2a6762942ba5d7f41687eeCameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 11b: Use the right hints when reflowing due to dominant-baseline change. r=jwatt
102258597a1c2af784aeccc1cd2aae05cfb651f1Cameron McCormack — Bug 655877 - Part 0: Add pref for new CSS-using SVG text frames, initially turned off. r=jwatt
f30b42547a84f97e7965b5737633ca4ef4f71746David Keeler — bug 821892 - update "Page Info" -> Permissions for plugin permission differentiation r=jaws
bf5d5599aa6a44204b1e4b8480e961e8542b5d58Mats Palmgren — Bug 839839 - Minor nsPlaceholderFrame code cleanup. r=dholbert
167195a95601cddc60564bb110e002a3f65099fbMats Palmgren — Bug 606642 - Do not remove the [Excess]OverflowContainers properties before destroying its frames. Carefully check after destroying each frame that the property is still alive. r=roc
0b521694bdbc5a807e9b476b9dc3583561c4428fMatthew Gregan — Bug 839319 - Initialize WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE correctly in cubeb winmm backend. r=doublec
f8beba959a1c96466c407496018143bfcf66b0deMatthew Gregan — Bug 837430 - Don't hold the decoder monitor while initializing AudioStreams. r=cpearce
80fa2c61df149c573ac85dd82e5c0ae9387fff14Alexander Surkov — Bug 838407 - aria-hidden false value shouldn't be exposed via object attributes, r=tbsaunde
a4ce303cca2f9c4581530c80666d8041fdd53809Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 807883: Update NSPR to NSPR 4.9.6 Beta 1 to pick up the new
1c2e7ae47afcdb65aea913365be867abf7327a8aBobby Holley — Bug 839867 - Align gecko with the spec on cross-origin access to Location.hash. r=bz
1ff7a764c2a9fcaaec2c6b254a86832c1bdf4fcaChris Pearce — Bug 837842 - Make WMFByteStream::GetCapabilities() on report partially download if MediaResource is not fully cached. r=padenot
a4257f41a6edc1eaf62b482c91ebe605dcd9b2d3Chris Pearce — Bug 805261 - Implement nsChildView::GetScreenBounds() (MacOSX). r=BenWa
821c4263e71c7b356e0ab48288048923a569b927Florian Quèze — Bug 758288 - "Warning: function onKeyPress does not always return a value" for autocomplete.xml, r=enn.
b06c27ea62a8727d048c4dbc8ade2998b3187fd7Florian Quèze — Bug 838552 - nsSessionStartup.js' debug code is noisy, r=Yoric.
b9df99fb47ba99df2253a1b0f7af3ac34cdd31d2Fabrice Desré — Bug 838102 - activities are saved in the manifest with a modified href after an update r=julienw
50153480218cb81ea6aa3d6de15b89fbc57cce32Terry Liu — Bug 823639 - Disable keyboard suggestions in bookmark_edit.xml. r=sriram
96c341954032ad826ef7aff5b250c49836bfc826Daniel Holbert — Bug 836455: Sanity-check the result of 'fread()' in nptest.cpp to fix opt build warning. r=bsmedberg
784b9beebe90f5e0219a66c8a58a222fdd517c58Mike Hommey — Bug 755724 - Move browser application in a subdirectory. r=jimm
2d9c75b462f881a32f6faa65630fdfd2bd23cbedMike Hommey — Bug 790115 - Create .purgecaches in $(DIST)/bin and $(DIST)/bin/webapprt, and allow to override $(DIST)/bin. r=ted
729fe49f9e1f0570b697b8daa809810b13ceb981Dão Gottwald — Bug 670684 - Remove all tabs panel code . r=gavin
5835bc763be7603b7b4fb528460a2c3ac1d5534aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f0422702a077b6e706c84499331a306717d78d61EKR — Bug 831290 - Avoid double done_cb firing in nICEr r=abr
4d3829e572e62fb051f03458dbf67b752af7b86fAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 836349: Remove ICE state check from get*Description r=ekr
df066a85126f45948ea4ce7cbe6c496ce7a68542Christian Holler — No bug - Include missing header in mfbt/ASan.h. r=me
ac292e9fc785e8d19eeb2d7805dd2cd1f7b802b4Alexander Surkov — Bug 838407 - aria-hidden false value shouldn't be exposed via object attributes, r=tbsaunde
5bb11a09bb201e889ed6ed74e7c901a810b4de7aL. David Baron — Bug 765599: Make CSS insertRule methods throw SYNTAX_ERR when given an empty rule or more than one rule. r=bzbarsky
ee270530f069dd5f95d68685f6f955abc51d485dL. David Baron — Bug 835007: Make 'transition-property: all' work as an item within a list. r=bzbarsky
8f729db25fa065b0e5fd0ef3752ed16861753a70Randell Jesup — Bug 830247: small changes resulting from Try build r=ted rs=me
54960ffc951b3af0b516a0e5065e6d7e0219c5a0Randell Jesup — Bug 830908: Thread intsize patch uplifted from r=derf
3cc609f4744c238c11a5a22166c6df17f92368daRandell Jesup — Bug 818618: adjust default opus frequency to 48000 in SDP r=derf
647d5aa77a3477faff8c24d8b1d1fb5714e1292bBas Schouten — bug 830247: Reapply Bas's video capture patch (bug 731407) rs=me
45dcba9211fa2f1f99e638aab13d97aeb74b2e63Randell Jesup — Bug 830247: rollup of changes to media/webrtc/trunk, and backouts of some temp patches r=ted,derf
6a273b6bcd01420997bea81d1a0d38d9cb4eda89Randell Jesup — Bug 830247: Update media/webrtc/trunk except /webrtc (tools, etc) r=derf
266b7ce809a87f5dfd417b08d218d4c49ec3791aRandell Jesup — Bug 830247: Update media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc from stable branch 3.20 rs=me
e68796fdcb5d3d8c1908da732a7c90a9a2147f33Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
5f75f09ca539976f84ef65a3413005279e8b6812Anton Kovalyov — Bug 834751, De-emphasize lines from browser JS in the Profiler, r=robcee
29dd80c95b7dc9e26b547bd90444789f474ebe14Kai Engert — Bug 834091, re-apply an unreleased patch that Mozilla has chosen to use on top of NSS
aab96936a1776d482efc4b1248221847ef3ae76fKai Engert — Bug 839141 - Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.14.3, starting with Beta1, r=ekr
f8e8b2be32e653a1cab82f7a5385eb3ec31179c6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets, cf285bf3c6fc, e8b847157094, and dd86a8178cec (bug 839033) for bustage.
cf285bf3c6fc247227bb3f648417ac77ac7310b6Ms2ger — Bug 839033 - HTMLProgressElement cleanup. r=mounir
e8b8471570948281f3671ede868e5dd645a05272Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839033 - Convert HTMLProgressElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
dd86a8178cec5a1614c6429bda37033c3f269d03Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839033 - Rename nsHTMLProgressElement to HTMLProgressElement. r=Ms2ger
f28ed21ff0a5652dd4b0bd942b3e7aa2f510cb64Aaron Klotz — Bug 833560 - Increase default Plugin Hang UI threshold to 11 seconds. r=vdjeric
f10c91f4206e2ee2609b2f5accaf981925272649Mark Finkle — Bug 838745 - Add a proper zero-based array size check to keep promo from crashing r=bnicholson
9e3d9776842f4446a962500bf666142b28e2aaa9Jim Mathies — Bug 839793 - TelemetryTimestamps.jsm imported using the wrong path. r=glandium
1646e649878adb0b53954dd5dec31671dbe62cf4Ben Turner — Bug 835698 - 'Pre-open() and send the fd for app process's'. r=jduell.
274946fd76c49dc3e2d909f334d2d7acfc51f10aJim Blandy — Bug 828078: JS GDB support: Add dummy type lookup to work around GDB bug (fixed in present GDB sources). r=sfink
3d1f6503a8694a2062c9824b9f84b18a233f2205Jim Mathies — Bug 839776 - remove vccorlib110 from REDIST_FILES. r=bbondy
153ec028905a81d6aa010d90fa7994952b6b4877Randell Jesup — Bug 837037: don't pass the NrIceCtx to IceGathering runnables r=ekr
dfe8a0fb533953868084e1aca22aeee87284c21bRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 839627 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.210. r=yury
c56fb4d49ea7ae2c35555aa110d49fffa461376aPatrick Wang — Bug 769178 - Add error page for about:certerror. r=fabrice
3758b066f5aeb41c1ee7e605ed7e4ab38e1141ffRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
91a509f46a4907d2c7bb85289f166acde812d404Phil Ringnalda — Back out 1b98c119cbfb (bug 8203709) for bustage
e644bc44f39f65e08911a57cfe23517dea3f38f5Jan de Mooij — Bug 839420 - Refactor ReportIsNotFunction to not use spIndexOf and remove spIndexOf. r=bhackett
872e3eb6841edc1e9069546e71b4a79566968e42Jan de Mooij — Bug 836742 part 2 - Move EnsureExitFrame to IonFrames.cpp, rename IonFrame_Bailed_*. r=nbp
1b98c119cbfb3a786fdf50f79e31e8079c21ba81Robert O'Callahan — Bug 8203709. Handle failure to create a snapshot surface in GetImageDataArray. r=mattwoodrow
ddedb68b1cc6aef962c16ac9d9a1ae50909734d1Raymond Lee — Bug 806743 - Add a test for per-window private download history. r=jdm
08388ff940dfe3e9b8fe4d23818ab991e1617332Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
0d1a3f041a8fcac54307c4f033a58eb4387d3d71Jeff Walden — Rename the |static const bool result| member of IsSame, IsPod, and IsPointer to |value| to be consistent with every other type trait. I have no idea how I managed to consistently not notice this during review. Followup to bug 723228, r=typo
b27ce57600632a018de7a0d5432fa6bde555221bAlexander Surkov — Bug 445510 - Support ARIA-based text attributes, r=tbsaunde
57aed25c64eb6844e4a9cca7f72d87e13274b805Josh Matthews — Bug 827272 - Avoid performing cleanup on SSL state that doesn't exist. r=bsmith
70f30a267a8b91904d232899e791f42835804bd8Dave Hylands — Bug 827896 - Cancel download rather than letting it fail when powering off the phone. r=rstrong
669a28fc2724f9a90b14e0b06f6e89f3f7ab3d18Luke Wagner — Bug 839582 - IonMonkey: assume high word of 64-bit registers are zero (r=sstangl)
63d7d58ea536e31a126eb05edcc91cbf079b40fcJason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 12 - Remove SRC_DESTRUCTLET. r=njn.
489ae4d134aa6bdc0a5d4a8e308c8ae13880e128Jason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 11 - Remove SRC_FUNCDEF. r=njn.
d001bede8d6a94834f53de111ffb108cf3ddb199Jason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 10 - Do not remove SRC_SWITCH. Note where it's used. r=njn.
1da6a150665b2f2c0c5381767da53a8cf48ee444Jason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 9 - Remove SRC_ENDBRACE. r=njn.
cb83e23119cd0af3c88fa6ab4965549be2b073e9Jason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 8 - Remove SRC_LABEL and SRC_LABELBRACE. r=njn.
aaec15131513ea45295808822818ae9408e50cdaJason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 7 - Remove SRC_PCBASE. r=njn.
1283960227765e952c5e722dec87e7426adae8bdJason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 6 - Remove SRC_BRACE. r=njn.
5324e333fcbe3a373d532c5722423c6fc19f2c48Jason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 5 - Remove SRC_DESTRUCT. r=njn.
23e605cc03244b214c8f79abfc2486d0bdf20f3bJason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 4 - Remove SRC_GROUPASSIGN. r=njn.
a09cbd4863fdde8c1a3f0dd63c6ca534e27e537cJason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 3 - Remove SRC_DECL. r=njn.
cb6e7fd832a652bbcca1951ca140d87511f8be2fJason Orendorff — Bug 838813 part 2 - Remove SRC_GENEXP. r=njn.
f09dbae62b2712f820ceb660bb665984cd478fd9Jason Orendorff — Bug 838813, part 1 - Remove SRC_INITPROP. r=njn.
ffe1610a971a61fe299dd38dde35ce91c30a8433Steven Michaud — Bug 684622 - Print scaling and shrink to fit page width does not work from page 2. r=matspal
02430bf449586aec509a45dc5389414df5c5c7d1Robert Strong — Merge backout of Bug 678392
b4d767109f2e53a7088773f928c75edb8e8eac4eRobert Strong — Back out Bug 678392
abf8199243c844d738a59fa422a19a9bf3cb335dRichard Newman — Bug 839580 - getOpenURIIntent uses an API level 16 method. r=bnicholson
ba16ce3b8bc113c4d5ca1e1caecbe50dd52334bcJim Chen — Bug 826053 - Avoid reporting duplicate ANRs; r=blassey
3197567d1faf6be38b5a6e6a7403cdbc5b6a07aaJim Chen — Bug 826053 - Add main ANRReporter logic; r=blassey
29c28a3aa7fff1a3138e008e1421ece206d38126Jim Chen — Bug 826053 - Add ANRReporter supporting methods; r=blassey
4bdaa65e0dc82d5d553ea16e257678ff2db7ad2eJim Chen — Bug 826053 - Add GeckoAppInfo for telemetry ping metadata; r=blassey
4c815a05810cecd67cde54cc3ecb341ba836b266Jim Chen — Bug 826053 - Add skeletal ANRReporter; r=blassey
d38f1897c28fbb63840cc1c7bf1a17bb8258554eJim Chen — Bug 826053 - Add MOZ_ANDROID_ANR_REPORTER configure option; r=blassey
08b008e9759c35068768bc231f4a132390b8d72bDirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Move jittests.main() function back into script. r=terrence
86287769a004fc227610c330abd7ccfaecc52cbdDirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Pass path to JS shell around as an option value. r=terrence
49264b2226567f4483210abd1d339b277c819eeeDirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Pass jit-test script options around as an argument. r=terrence
f6bd56a6308ab083755c489285c60142495d4e7cDirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Style: treat print as a function, improve formatting. r=terrence
e3a7645f4b5ad7ca3fa5f65a405f6fe3b5d4a591Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Get rid of wildcard imports. r=terrence
48bca0e99c35e9ca0b776a4cdfc9009430c7c1b2Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Clean up imports and unused variables. r=terrence
a20aedb8188796d5a65c2f09c8cafe6d217ea1b4Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 638219 - Remove +x bit from tests/lib/ r=terrence
f301d7eac633a7e85cb7ccb0bbf2b9a64714eab3Julien Wajsberg — Bug 838823 - Restarting a stopped install of an app fails with NO_DOWNLOAD_AVAILABLE. r=fabrice
24995693c6ea83620de610bcc0b4b50cd127eaa0Julien Wajsberg — Bug 836737 - Don't launch the app when we close a notification. r=vingtetun
fc5e57e246e7ffeabec3f7dd4447f8911a930d06Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting the JS debugger, r=jorendorff.
1aa6e7308f8dc4ebc94eebda7ff383bcaeb549d2Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - More rooting in jsapi-tests. r=terrence
347b76c470d29902741a5550092e6abbc8029a42Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in ionmonkey, r=terrence
9a7e608e63e7d32f316400212e518710a00d1aeaStephen Pohl — Tests for Bug 678392 - [10.7] Add support for swipe animation as in Safari. r=felipc
1f8810ef3a5a9b4d83786e61b918cdabf7ab5df7Stephen Pohl — Swipe availability check - Bug 678392 - [10.7] Add support for swipe animation as in Safari. r=smichaud
d16647e05acdc8d90d20c8f8cefeb7e76f45909fStephen Pohl — Move gGestureSupport to browser-gestureSupport.js - Bug 678392 - [10.7] Add support for swipe animation as in Safari. r=felipc
69c2332c6f77dc3b9fc7216a98de20b5eed949b1Stephen Pohl — Main patch (original patch by mstange) - Bug 678392 - [10.7] Add support for swipe animation as in Safari. r=smichaud r=felipc
cff2fa8176048ba12bf46bc91361373b4a66b4f2Joey Armstrong — bug 837754: valgrind tbpl builds, re-add catchall mkdir dot rule
15c4a08c03d7446554f249a86768032a707b1d0cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 839622 - Move websms backend JNI bindings so that they are not built if websms is not enabled. r=blassey
2a0f174d19f51b5ac47039b929d27ad9856ca611Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839622 - Remove a native function that hasn't been used since bug 735230, and the unneeded setSurfaceView implementation. r=cpeterson
e89a686b546ee7a5a749d093081770aefabb260eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 839622 - Clean up temp files introduced in bug 794982. r=cpeterson
d49cff40b5c3d0fb2acad4585ee628d5e1fd071fRazvan Cojocaru — Bug 723228 - nsTArray::AssignRange should use memcpy when possible. r=jlebar for the XPCOM changes, r=jwalden for js/mfbt changes
97f6e73073dd79cee68a5dcb91e8288a8d8cf8f3Jim Chen — Bug 835906 - Handle off-thread GeckoEditable and GeckoInputConnection calls; r=cpeterson
1579121d48d2429f1d555d171ade3baf105d354bJim Chen — Bug 835906 - Let GeckoInputConnection switch to background thread; r=cpeterson
364d4dd9ffbdd104aa668f891ee143d18204e6adJim Chen — Bug 835906 - Add ability for GeckoEditable to switch to a different thread; r=cpeterson
cbe60781d9ee4fab32fadeecd023729d6ee47e59Jim Chen — Bug 835906 - Refer to IC thread instead of UI thread in existing IME code; r=cpeterson
599add40520ff4a4c55febf60696561d593883ebShane Caraveo — Bug 821262 - Refactor social enabled/active/provider states. r=gavin
3634c136a68b886b2b6e4a74521cd3f9de338193Joel Maher — Bug 834714 - running browser_dbg_createChrome.js in an ubuntu vm fails. r=past
69e3d0de1e0134fbff59c7e07b48b237ddf861dfWilliam Lachance — Bug 838844 - Add info option to get sutagent user info;r=gbrown
8d3212955deb14b63d07650eba8c7e380720b0b8Robert Longson — Bug 838501 - Refactor SVGElementFactory so that it uses a hashtable rather than a set of if tests to match tags to creation functions. r=dholbert
be77205650e34c0d9e2e1503bf32f4c9a709a6d9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 827946. GCC 4.5 with PGO miscompiles the ConvolveHorizontally function, so add an annotation to tone down the optmization on that function with GCC 4.5 only. r=joe
476d3de99c9cf847e960de314aa4316c330d4b98Tanvi Vyas — Bug 837959 - Move call to content policies earlier so that cloned media goes through the appropriate content checks. r=roc
2e7e629ad4b9779395e330b2e23cdb3f5ce0c9caDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGClipPathElement r=peterv
769c0e448e1a8123929cf1a86d424c936a24f7e9David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGViewElement r=peterv
3386125bdee17faec2fc2e0d883a9f0afafcf0edDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGUseElement r=peterv
1940a3d1c6d4c5ca1dfa1198c59dc9b149844a8cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGTextPositioningElement and related interfaces r=peterv
eb13995c319495e02b05c11a38228e4ce2986838David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGSymbolElement r=peterv
5b925d66da97bd67bdd6920563883967524ad7c7David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGSwitchElement r=peterv
1a7581b871cc9172f994901dc3d8cdb87ab64165David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGSVGElement r=peterv
a74d4bc64a70ef54b154ac47954c2265ce8f1f5aMark Capella — Bug 836451 - Add distribution info to about:firefox, r=margaret
cee6c0592d6ea61df28e80773a1cc8bd61a84c5aMark Capella — Bug 839359 - Crash -- java.lang.NullPointerException, r=kats
2ed6ca2ee3546ae374844ba0ba155c7175c63992Tom Schuster — Bug 832299 - Handlify JSCompartment::wrap. r=terrence
876652a0c8ef92c1bcd766be84c000a603670908Jason Duell — Backed out changeset 1a2e34c9ebc7 (bug 835698) a=bustage_from_bug_839688
31d07b2d8234e0a5f005c817036edd5d69ee4b18Jason Duell — Backed out changeset f21da1055c46 (bug 835698) a=bustage_from_bug_839688
c1ee454506f6b9aca27b59b101c47246b8a3034dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 839487 - HTMLAreaElement::SetHref can throw. r=bz
b39ac5994fd723252edb64311765e64c69ff46a3Avi Halachmi — Bug 828097: Add telemetry probes for tab animation smoothness. r=felipc,vdjeric
7b5e030a276344cbeb2e1ad259b0a580160e1a2cGregor Wagner — Bug 839094 - Followup: minor test change. r=me
783d5b18ee7302411611cb8928b0ff1893994335David Keeler — bug 839193 - don't exit early in AsyncUsageRunnable::RunInternal r=khuey
cf1fa0280708eda185747958a86e19efd5bf834dDavid Keeler — bug 839193 - test for corresponding bug r=bent
d17e8470d7d96a290dd4ee44b85aa385d8877a12Mike Hommey — Bug 838915 - Add a JS_STANDALONE configure/make variable. r=ted
46ee2f9e8f91aa2ca2cc8ba5b9e708d2e5f69390Mike Hommey — Bug 793767 - Use the executable file location to derive the update root. r=rstrong
b871cfbc6cd20632599b9c242efa8bd6bc6c341cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f07334df9adbe4c9dd3311a794e38f54c32f1ae7Kannan Vijayan — Bug 839367 - Addressing forgotten nit. r=mjrosenb
77524e3e1fcb0bca7b76e1f4a830dd96d331889aKannan Vijayan — Bug 839367 - Add branchTestValue(Condition, Address, ValueOperand, Label) method. r=mjrosenb
c38ac98bdc95dec60d457ae6eee4fa1174a76b43Timothy Nikkel — Backout 1b5a4a4cf267 (bug 827946) for build breakage on CLOSED TREE.
2ec5c8aec637df615333c265580f988e6442aacdDão Gottwald — Bug 825804 - Popup notifications shouldn't persist across page reloads. r=gavin
b436db64121fd9f9f7120fd7dda8c4f40cceec68Mike Conley — Bug 838855 - Fix "ele is null" exception being thrown on OSX on titlebar update. r=dao.
aa22cad7f343b60fafa6c97205d713564ba940a0Mike Conley — Bug 839073 - Titlebar is collapsed in private browsing windows on OSX. r=dao.
1b5a4a4cf267a1da2629473576c30abafa784e84Timothy Nikkel — Bug 827946. GCC 4.5 with PGO miscompiles the ConvolveHorizontally function, so add an annotation to tone down the optmization on that function with GCC 4.5 only. r=joe
3067bf264c5fb19d9eb04b66c61aafe1e8ef06a1Ed Morley — Bug 813577 - Use try/finally in checkForCrashes() to ensure minidump temp directories do not linger; r=gps
9417a5b0c452cd519fd86a34c92c07a0619e19afAndrea Marchesini — Bug 839439 - Convert HTMLAreaElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
7b35e4ac38243ad7d5775647f541474c8a7e4255Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839439 - Rename nsHTMLAreaElement to HTMLAreaElement. r=Ms2ger
de145c9d52ae0c7a3f011f077f23d2491ffe08adAndrea Marchesini — Bug 839056 - Convert HTMLOptGroupElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
3b7d82d4dbd235a851a72a6d1b29fbe28763f6eaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 839056 - Rename nsHTMLOptGroupElement to HTMLOptGroupElement. r=Ms2ger
f2ece1151f003665ade62a255f05c50223ef0f28Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839105 - Convert HTMLFieldSetElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
afeaf8f42c099a9a747d0133bbf27b997c2072b9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839105 - Rename nsHTMLFieldSetElement to HTMLFieldSetElement. r=Ms2ger
92f93ab32aec0dc915ee206ee27825aeeb15d82aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838172 - Convert AudioChannelManager to WebIDL. r=peterv
272789a888359ef27d625e15162d159b666452fdMarco Castelluccio — Bug 838821 - Don't use file.exists() when not necessary (browser/components). r=gavin
eca4d9c0301b9c293ba8f5342d3d3f4c3bb59afbJulien Wajsberg — Bug 838561 - If we try to start a download or check for updates but we are already downloading, ignore the call. r=fabrice
a245131609227d6cd6d5d28d38042a680bbfb824Julien Wajsberg — Bug 838337 - Set downloading to true when we get an appcache progress event. r=fabrice
27b7363290b77abc848682d0c0abf2ba3c660be2Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 836505 - We don't care about the active count but only the active state. r=fabrice
6e6c148b9c350025ea58a00e2250bd108c1f5be6Marco Castelluccio — Bug 811514 - Social panels shouldn't consume outside clicks. r=jaws
1068ad428f7da778305e96e09db144555d868328Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8e84efba19b97a155e3e2b2f6c563c4c0fbb616eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 839116 followup. Stop depending on <html> elements having a content-visible QueryInterface in the poor CLOSED TREE. r=mrbkap
75899c659a0b5ca139e7b24d328f9697deadc64bJustin Lebar — Bug 838615 - Add missing process-priority nice values to b2g.js. r=cjones
4fb612f6279f5d42f3d572bb9b69e494e59852cfJustin Lebar — Bug 838616 - Eliminate a process-priority race condition around preallocated process creation. r=cjones
b7b4cfecd9dc6a07a70723fa2185208211affeadJustin Lebar — Bug 838616 - Boost preallocated process's priority sooner after we decide to transform it into an app process. r=cjones
fd0993e9805b10d79bf397d2cb3f10f2512e66d6Justin Lebar — Bug 838620 - Eliminate the ChildOSPrivileges typedef in favor of base::ChildPrivileges. r=cjones
35cc0b94300be461d5f0b4d10018e9003707706fJustin Lebar — Bug 838625 - Add hal::ProcessPriorityToString and use it in ProcessPriorityManager logging. r=cjones
41ce5bbd68593ab6a92984a39a3763c2c529c5caJustin Lebar — Bug 838625 - Add logcat logging to ProcessPriorityManager. r=cjones
e14df225437201c53ed51e4c7de13ed346720fbbJonathan Watt — Bug 836326 - Add pref for enabling/disabling <input type=range>. r=mounir.
b191b0790a662bef8c4691b9684d52d59ef09131Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Tests. r=bz
411dcc78008e1745eef329dde23bccd9937bf4b9Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Clone XBL into the XBL scope's compartment. r=bz
61fde4343620b42d33b3ce8b653616d09fba5197Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Dynamically waive Xray for field access by XBL script on bound nodes. r=bz
cd5c0556477c40a691de4f0a4b2111c29331651bBobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Expose XBL members via Xray wrappers. r=bz
d002170e2ba71b9dd6d36d5149ccddf77dca189aBobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Add API to lookup implementation members on XBL bindings. r=bz
5264dc88e9c25eba22675f2cd2b8511e941fe730Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Make XBL prototype setup tamper-proof for Xrays. r=bz
507c15457176ee15d5c78fd209b2d46ede8e8f63Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Unwrap |callee| before passing it to InstallXBLField. r=bz
30c448ff9ea76296623d74c5a2b4c431f097bfdeBobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Install XBL field accessors on prototype objects at setup time, and nuke XBLResolve. r=bz
05df50b4e43e260aa9c3eaf22df1b168631407c8Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Hoist Field machinery into nsXBLProtoImplField. r=bz
583ed5f34e84e39530b6297e50765bb54a576204Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Remove unused arguments from InstallMember and simplify calling convention. r=bz
a1ddf64db133ef81006afb800287f4294d16dbc8Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Store a strong ref to the JSClass in nsXBLBinding. r=bz
c092442efc7b13b8453c070fc7afdf2cb7e3d5d2Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Make DoInitJSClass unconditionally fill in aClassObject. r=bz
bbad14489645eef304dd338dde264388d782d5f0Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Remove bogus comment/check and replace with an assert. r=bz
34bc18d21cc556dd8b2033f59f7da21111cbf539Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Pass nsXBLBinding instead of nsIContent during implementation installation. r=bz
dd78d9d83bddc2405437c78d905f94cdf06dd147Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Let nsExpandedPrincipal through CheckFunctionAccess. r=bz
2c0fdd436173217b5071aee03b847470575cb3dbBobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Clean up security wrappers for NAC. r=bz
f168a07ce06f1c962b6afd8116ca103ce3adf4ecBobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Check for XBL scopes in nsContentUtils::IsCallerXBL(). r=bz
580a65d9eb1e5069409812a6693e23e586299253Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Add infrastructure for lazily-created XBL scopes. r=bz
cc884677ee404a23298109794843bf2c71ec8cd3Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Make XBL-in-content tests Xray-safe. r=bz
7e7bd18931c180fbb2f3faedc45bf389587dbc9aBobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Don't rewrap |this| in nativeCall. r=jorendorff
60c531ee1fbed09e53b197f914fa9d75642cb639Bobby Holley — Bug 821850 - Properly propagate |strict| in JSObject::deleteByValue. r=jorendorff
a286986efccf8123dc73c0a3eb6cceb9259a2e2bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777468 - Move ownership of TouchEventHandler from LayerView to JavaPanZoomController. r=Cwiiis
307b2838e22ffc5cd761424bceab6d756420dcd2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777468 - Rename PanZoomController to JavaPanZoomController and extract a new PanZoomController interface. r=Cwiiis
da0d66c1f735d930f99b46a78ff0ad23bd96fa9aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 777468 - Move mobile/android/base/ui/* to mobile/android/base/gfx/. r=Cwiiis
142984e415968f379abf55926d53027bd345abe7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 777468 - Remove unneeded dependency on PanZoomController. r=Cwiiis
dc11dee7fffb0bf9712625c5abf6be9a19df63a7Alan Huang — Bug 839312 - Specify gonk low-memory-killer priorityClasses in the correct order and fix typo in b2g.js which was preventing us from giving the kernel one of the necessary priority classes. r=jlebar
031986d2cea183c0713a2a0ce071e7a5c36de711Ms2ger — Merge
090f4f3aab7de5c402233c3cc274af985f87d912Ms2ger — Backout changeset 3f192cae69e2 for test_keycodes.xul oranges.
a84ee921895faaa52dcb162bda414f97f972a339Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 839039 - Fix copy and paste. r=vladan.
7357eb529db251ca3dd09b8b70e849396a6f3170Ms2ger — Bug 839179 - Part c: Add a test for HTMLButtonElement attributes reflection; r=bz
cd295f459224cca4b8b85c1e9930c597e17ab74bMs2ger — Bug 839179 - Part b: Move HTMLButtonElement to Paris bindings; r=bz
1416061b8e7b96ef5046ac9f97a0efcc5d65edacMs2ger — Bug 839179 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLButtonElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLButtonElement; r=bz
fcbfbf396e1ff7b1302318ac8adcffcbeeed3ff2Ms2ger — Bug 839053 - Part c: Add a test for HTMLLinkElement attributes reflection; r=bz
494e348aa8bb03ced4696db7284876abad2c61b3Ms2ger — Bug 839053 - Part b: Move HTMLLinkElement to Paris bindings; r=bz
a5df70a08031de1d6c84645ed40736dd3fe492ccMs2ger — Bug 839053 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLLinkElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLLinkElement; r=bz
33abe9d3d69197d16358ade476ed351893e9089cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 839116 part 3. Add tests for HTMLSharedElement attribute reflection. r=ms2ger
cb74c00aff76d162da5005575ab691eeb9b03480Boris Zbarsky — Bug 839116 part 2. Convert HTMLSharedElement to WebIDL. r=ms2ger
7cfb020b01ac8e1ffc83626750c63507703a0ee3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 839116 part 1. Rename nsHTMLSharedElement to HTMLSharedElement. r=ms2ger
d32064860f36bbc48e34ceb712f08860d2ad7ed9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836850. Allow a single C++ class to implement multiple WebIDL interfaces. r=peterv
845e50f1ca7618975160db36b6130582b4576d88Ben Turner — Bug 839117 - 'Don't allow a leaking memory reporter to hang workers'. r=jlebar.
3f192cae69e2c7d3087470c6191e2128e00ebb08Dão Gottwald — Bug 825804 - Popup notifications and notification bars shouldn't persist across page reloads. r=gavin
8ee3745570f7a1c2265b78c1c3c4d9b51e36ce50Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 827032 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on MSVC in netwerk/. r=jduell
4c82d38cb905c727a7048ec8f647521db372ff38Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 830665 - Use the latest JS version by default in XUL. r=jonas
d643b3d246fa2c92a950fd80116a98eb7102e74fEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
6a097b7a80cf32155da9b8ea2facfd46cabfe2caJosh Matthews — Bug 837091 - Rename cookie-changed notification for private cookies. r=ehsan
526130001ba86417e6540e7846b2a1c666ac0adcTrevor Saunders — bug 838565 - cc taf and nsFind r=smaug
88543d623c3f55d59a7afa9d4e65836abfb3ccc8Bobby Holley — Bug 812669 - Remove XPConnect equality hooks. r=mrbkap
07d17a3ff4f98e859c83a92a9f400bc2debb25b2Bobby Holley — Bug 819507 - Stop relying on deprecated behavior in passwordmgr mozStorage tests. r=dolske
e2d470f1c6160ad21be557ed2cc9c265d337ff07Blake Kaplan — Bug 479499 - Re-enable this crashtest since it appears to no longer hang. r=peterv
3b5f6654d2a31a6d3b7896636cfbee0cf2bb1bc5Gina Yeh — Bug 838421 - After an instance of BluetoothAdapter is destroyed, no events can be received by other instances, r=echou
80dcbc0b99e09ed40cae2e8ed88cc2fd7575e67fGene Lian — Bug 839352 - B2G SMS & B2G MMS: clean up the chaotic terminology for |record| and |message| in MobileMessageDatabaseService.js. r=vicamo
fe1600b22c77bb4c7bdb705f9d919b7188a5fe9fEd Morley — Bug 834716 - Fix bustage; r=me
8fc06e61119a2b808d711de252983133991f5affJonathan Kew — bug 837461 - backout parts 2 and 3 of bug 808288 because pdf.js may paint missing chars to canvas if it failed to load fonts, which looks really ugly; better to skip them for now. r=bas
469333ea459caf1b1c859ba04b866852b367e54bJoel Maher — Bug 834716 - test_resize_move_windows.xul fails on an ubuntu 12.04 VM, causes 45 other failures. r=mounir
fcf79680a057f2ce62f13d4c7e03c3bf2c96a7d4Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e99ec356f47bb56d1d9761938f8a5f196931e9cdAlexandre Poirot — Bug 821695 - Do not load videocontrols.xml if the audio/video tag does not need it. r=roc
594fa394a334b47ccbecd26a4f85f99f54d25fa6Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 7). r=jwalden
1aa612b762f3887ef9aa61195d9e04fda411218cBrian Nicholson — Bug 838583 - Scale favicons in the history tab. r=mfinkle
2c6da9f02606f7a02f635d99ef8cf669d3bc5c4bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 838955 (part 2) - Fix rooting hazards in jsstr.cpp identified by static analysis. r=sfink.
bd3dacf4b1387affe47b7f9cd43c3d0f557838eeMark Finkle — Bug 839242 - Remove unused onunload handler from about:apps r=margaret
ded7b4099975b7dc5e8971ef8b32ffb86af41a32Mark Finkle — Bug 838745 - Prevent crashing if a promo type is dropped r=bnicholson
09796dfecc53b123917dd44e3c4f5b2f53037124Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6a5dcf166f09 (bug 836072) for build bustage
6a5dcf166f090f4a3f6995b7e030f6852cd028deEhsan Akhgari — Bug 836072 - Validate the arguments to AudioParam.exponentialRampToValueAtTime() correctly; r=roc
f73edcb2585a3bf7f1fca48e9a00f32b7d931d84Vivien Nicolas — Bug 835809: Preload more things for faster page loads. r=fabrice,jlebar
ffd1feb1a4c047d40e0f802383ac93eb5cb03a7eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 839325 - Make GeckoViewsFactory use a HashMap instead of a table of string compares. r=sriram
c232abeabd0ab449d21e28e7428fafac695bbaa7Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 834882: move InParallelSection() out of ForkJoinSlice and rename Initialize() to InitializeTLS() r=billm
bc7f7a660b43dd0f2b489a65339d274bab0fab24Randell Jesup — Bug 837874: Check ObserverService before adding observers in MediaManager r=derf
d87f3b860eaa23d3f1b7c7dabb4b4d895a4e6426Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 838955 (part 1) - Fix rooting hazards in jsstr.cpp identified by static analysis. r=sfink.
e6f017ce103bea0560aaec8a74d298002d19b2c1Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 789393 - String.prototype.localeCompare() with no argument always returns 0. r=jwalden
96a21f6c607ad01aea8f61cabb12f72f5f13e8f6Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 839274: Initialize ForkJoinSlice independently of ION. r=billm
2de654397471cc555e12f91da4ffed536a99efecMats Palmgren — Bug 838931 - Don't include nsIFrameTraversal.h since it's not used in this file anymore. r=dholbert
874fc2730371fbca61ef2208b502570268e810e8Seth Fowler — Bug 837315 - Add SVG document loaded event. r=bz
8094f5ab563ca996fba23a5529ba8b867179b451Gregor Wagner — Bug 837953 - B2G crash @ nsContentPermissionRequestProxy::GetElement while launching Camera for perf tests. r=dougt
d60526b97a17ea1e282696484c0d5fe076ca5fe7Gregor Wagner — Bug 839094 - PhoneNumberJS: handle countries sharing the same meta-data correctly. r=gal
85751b3b03b6766273e0d2d52699731c1513750aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 830278. Part 2: Move mDisallowSelectionPrint check into IsThereARangeSelection to make sure code doesn't re-enable selection printing. r=heycam
3f864c99009df4d9a93634450f9c29c10f59f53bDaniel Holbert — Bug 839302: Simplify logic in nsBlockFrame::DrainSelfOverflowList, and replace delete w/ nsAutoPtr. r=mats
258b97787c17b8f30a4abb393d2debe4e6936910Steve Fink — Backed out changeset ced35810adb2 (bug 838014). Again.
9c163d71a2e24e1a7d48c80f3142e719df85e2a9Steve Fink — Backed out changeset b5ec7ce219b2 (bug 838014)
abe413880b0046d42fd1d5b099224f9884f3e71bSteve Fink — Backed out changeset 5abed7bd3cb7 (bug 838014)
c9d72487aeae0f46cd94740e015ebcca2fca33a3Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 6). r=jwalden
652167093cc58d13473efd0a96528033c04bbc9aDavid Clarke — Bug 799709 - Create a 10MB sdcard by default, r=jgriffin
15bc5e66f07e2cb65b7ac312d388b2e31bd1b89eMark Hammond — Bug 838969 - prevent certain social features from working in private windows. r=gavin
7ad5221d05627578f37e4e8dbec17fc97b4e2775Sean Stangl — Bug 792797 - Handle interrupts in the Yarr interpreter. r=dvander
b8c6eb40240fa2f42856a86f8fc27d1ac926729cMark Hammond — Bug 824785 - social toolbar buttons should have an aria-label. r=jaws
c362e5037dcc16ba796015f8600414a32b3fb55fJim Chen — Bug 836589 - Lazily switch between AwesomeBar search and URL modes; r=blassey
46d7188acb0c17a6d3320cac21b5cbc41be454c7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818072: Back/Forward looks disabled. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
e935184c6944a5540e02827e4a6bba8cfa541e6bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838807: Remove tablet specific tabs-ui icons. [r=mfinkle]
51ef9db638f01cfa5014ae999b9a63640c6a60f0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838748: Change pressed state of tabs-ui rows. [r=mfinkle]
c0ae5b372d217ad2f5e4cb5e9ff2ef4dc8ab9693Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838735: Remove transparency from inactive tabs. [r=mfinkle]
92baddca12ba466b56f1007e2530800e4706df4dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838807: Replace tab-carats. [r=mfinkle]
08baa859a8d4ea520ba11be70206c265935006baNicholas Nethercote — Bug 836949 (part 1) - Clean up the versions/options code. r=jorendorff.
f5223cda35aa259f30e3ef3d07a2a549f5f5fe18Tom Schuster — Bug 836373 - IonMonkey changes to compareString for the baseline jit. r=jandem
979de88d617d7c7c1cb475fbcd3497e200324eebNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 835499 - Remove the runningInIon flag at the end of convertFrame. r=dvander
5abed7bd3cb7a52a5ffebbaa021a1d6e119a43d0Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in jsapi-tests/. r=terrence. Landing again.
b5ec7ce219b276771ed170407b378454783e4c70Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in the JS shell. r=terrence. Re-landing.
ced35810adb220898e535f30d74230a90b110b2cSteve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in ionmonkey. r=terrence. Relanding.
a934441a70c24c8789fb8ddbb2962788a772ecd4Jet Villegas — Bug 831525: Enable Skia canvas rendering on windows xp. r=mattwoodrow
bbedfb9d46049f65d67614719283bdb6c8d5e158Matt Woodrow — Bug 836892 - Add new skia blending modes to GfxOpToSkiaOp. r=gw280
135831bd21278fb78937906955d6d1cac51dfb8aRik Cabanier — Bug 836892 - Add new blending modes to SkXfermode. r=gw280
10ad0aba662434d3c2e80f705c6399691c2d8574Matt Woodrow — Bug 831529 - Stop using SkPath::contains for now since it doesn't match the canvas spec. r=jrmuizel
c1a747d02e87265dc9b57b2d005fb5338bcaeba3Irving Reid — Bug 837212: convert browser_TelemetryTimestamps.js to an xpcshell test r=Felipe
171c0078dc87b8692c299c0d19fd29b5e0829ab3Irving Reid — Bug 810146: Add telemetry for addon manager startup times, unpacked add-ons and various changes detected at startup r=Mossop
5e3ea3993b6813b17215123617a6d753d9853ae9Fabrice Desré — Bug 837282 - Page title "[object Object]" when reloading after network error r=daleharvey
8ededceee28fcdb091ed6338df04d800100b2f8eFabrice Desré — Bug 837317 - [video] "[object Object] is now full screen" shows when playing a video r=daleharvey
c2e414928863fe8fea2abbf614d56df0f7f70b03Marco Bonardo — Bug 838875 - Remove deprecated third argument from PlacesUIUtils.showBookmarkDialog.
5d4df96a52cd09b892a3502774df5d98285629cbMarco Bonardo — Bug 790934 - Don't run BrowserOnAboutPageLoad twice for each about page load.
01a6b7b12470fcb796d844181f6cafac51e32defJan de Mooij — Bug 839212 - Remove TestIonCompile. r=bhackett
25de4a425e883e00307e8d122dad457a85cad69fAsaf Romano — Bug 836271 - The progress animation in the Downloads view keeps on loading until the view is closed. r=mak.
9d977a94f4144bd61c3a0bfcbbc6c3a59625266bDave Hylands — Bug 838924 - Fix try/catch introduced in bug 835210 which caused FOTA updates to still be broken. r=marshall_law
4a35361198341d6b7523b7dbb08bb8a9ce7ea66bAsaf Romano — Bug 836283 - In the Downloads View the Cancel button stops working. r=mak, mconley.
c3bf9571e80dcad03746da17ba4b33b8e55e499fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 838911 - Fix Valgrind and ASAN annotations in LifoAlloc. r=bhackett
fc0c13ad85a28ce3008671ffd9c035e8facb0e9dDave Hylands — Bug 839134 - ADB doesn't get enabled in VARIANT=user builds if marionette pref doesn't exist.
d8e39c6d798ca7c8d12c2c7087ab9595b18daa46Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 838942 - DMD: Fix assertion in the test on Windows. r=jlebar. DONTBUILD because DMD isn't built by default.
80a21124ddbd311dca2f3220193b37e58e2466d8Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 807853 - Add (but do not yet use) parallel compilation mode to ion r=dvander,terrence
17710a36638ac337c7cc45e0d5c42cea5f0d3f9dTed Mielczarek — bug 839126 - Update Breakpad to SVN r1112. r=upstream. Also fix a local patch that hadn't applied properly.
38b92d3080b92076ce14ea62e1d9e1ad65bdd9a3Benoit Girard — Bug 823236 - ImageContainerParent should not release shmem which is retained by child. r=nical
6a2bebec5914b991979ab5abe1933728c52b0b4bPanos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
6b553c2c0f3d2a5c1d2d3c24c46519dab1f0a6dfAnton Kovalyov — Bug 830664, Disallow multiple profiles to run in the same time, r=robcee
f367b01194463b3389ae51541d0b476c785176e9Anton Kovalyov — Bug 837735 - Replace Cleopatra progress strings with 'Loading profile...', r=robcee
b3c6f1442cccf6e044d8d0029d994b6dece27c6aAnton Kovalyov — Bug 830668 - Add a keyboard shortcut for the Profiler, r=robcee
417db52470903c84147230d5e5fff90f6bfcc4dePhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to fx-team
c5150471ee4b0c57a6bd104e967dcb33557fadb1Victor Porof — Bug 837052 - Editing or deleting getters and setters appears to be allowed even if no eval method is provided, r=past
a5e27326941f271f79ed3ae3ee2edf923ca697c4Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 817294 - Intermittent browser_styleeditor_loading.js | content document is still loading - Didn't expect complete, but got it | style editor root element has 'loading' class name | new style sheet button is disabled | import button is disabled
bb1ce31bada51c256dd88e64db833df6b1cab658Anton Kovalyov — Bug 828049 - Remote profiling, r=past
7b949975c537eec2761bbb9c7a46206c5f9f4ceaMichael Ratcliffe — Backed out changeset 9a0b4b742b67 - Bug 817294 orange
9a0b4b742b679ac914f80252cd34b25e058ac8f1Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 817294 - Intermittent browser_styleeditor_loading.js | content document is still loading - Didn't expect complete, but got it | style editor root element has 'loading' class name | new style sheet button is disabled | import button is disabled
46b0f4fe4ef2f62372489f3cfe0b7c4cc75ecbfcMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 789785 - [inspector] Change wording of "Only user styles" checkbox
bed2fc2efafb5e95b277d356427f41f3f8f1bc0fMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 700061 - Entirely remove the Style Inspector unmatched selectors
a02f96b9ef6f11dc80edca00540cb8516369805cMihai Sucan — Bug 720180 - Fix exception in the browser_webconsole_bug_588730_text_node_insertion.js test; r=past
a936e306f6847308c79cdad851e19545b15bf5f2Robert Strong — Bug 753730 - Intermittent test_0110_general_svc.js failure in head_update.js | UPDATE TYPE complete. r=bbondy
d67fd71b9b9550cc84d6351fd37fdf89f2bd501aHeather Arthur — Bug 838108 - Enable style editor chrome debugging; r=paul
ce47414604815b0c60cbf6b5bc409af729b82512Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
cb07ba024a1600398f263e93312bf3053ee3e20dMihai Sucan — Bug 720180 - console.log('foo'); console.error('foo'); should not be considered as a repeat; r=past
1a0ac09a40490b3700b61e37633490581f5179ebMihai Sucan — Bug 834721 - Use plurals for toolbox button tooltip; r=paul
eb8f60c782dafe08047aacbb78044f6ac3ce7be4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 837715. Reduce compression rate for js source. r=benjamin
501394573e5a5876fcb6f7443f696d697060fcc6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 838807: Flatten all icons. [r=mfinkle]
ea598387b4fed8824e32d50f96594b515bedef79Steve Fink — Backed out changeset 968921905c81 (bug 838014) on a CLOSED TREE
b37dbf89509f2730b4684609aae683c7384ac7ffSteve Fink — Backed out changeset 272c0e4616ab (bug 838014)
2e94eda6a7285ab32c51a7459266af39b2d74404Steve Fink — Backed out changeset c6757e68cfc9 (bug 838014)
c6757e68cfc9d6bf42d83650e7127107cf8b62c0Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in ionmonkey. r=terrence
272c0e4616ab923c87d48bfbfe6b829c1ce408e6Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in the JS shell. r=terrence
968921905c8147e26afb9dd60dddc401642cf1a4Steve Fink — Bug 838014 - Rooting in jsapi-tests/. r=terrence
c4b69b5d4189630fb83c64b741c767e7b8f66623Ed Morley — Backed out changeset cd02e40945d6 (bug 839126)
cd02e40945d646631060324b0d6aa64d3cfd6066Ted Mielczarek — bug 839126 - Update Breakpad to SVN r1112. r=upstream. Also fix a local patch that hadn't applied properly.
311b6c68eaf62e02291fdfce34d38e51d6ea94b1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
259cd77bc7cb9821bd1babfccf20638316a94a98Jon Coppeard — Bug 838643 - GC: Finalize shapes on background thread r=billm
fecd962f79a80c3b3e8676b85740a40991243de3Jon Coppeard — Bug 837751 - GC: Root CloneFunctionAtCallsite and WriteStructuredClone r=sfink
5e735fee82b4ca8da3a7cfab914e4afe98b98b9dJim Mathies — Bug 802254 - Add quotes around XPI_ROOT_APPID which can contain {}. r=glandium
0af7f130555a7864ce3491caa5c3060642cffcd8Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 838721 (nsDOMDeviceStorage should have nsDOMEventTargetHelper as its first base class). r=smaug.
0c9b624f525f289fd32af01ef9187f632a8d3a5fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 838228 (toString on an Xray for an interface object should stringify like Function.prototype.toString). r=bz.
9115c939592591b0f16f7f45feaf0c718603c0f1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839022 - Convert HTMLSourceElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
964d45caa4dc84fcbd909caec2d478d0a1e848e1Andrea Marchesini — Bug 839022 - Rename nsHTMLSourceElement to HTMLSourceElement. r=Ms2ger
c522894cc83f7ace59d91d9cd186422d65514afcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 837821 - Guard against exception when calling scheduleComposite before libxul is loaded. r=gbrown
489fec58be7efba2d6f65c9375fe4581e0a9d5bdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 837821 - When calling a JNI function from a library that hasn't been loaded yet, throw a Java exception. r=glandium
4254fe747391aadd2a1203801ed671bb5899bef5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838750 - Convert HTMLMeterElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
edbbe55f2a84a2bef26c0be1ba36a1e3edc22867Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838750 - Rename nsHTMLMeterElement to HTMLMeterElement. r=Ms2ger
d8cb965cbce50d4f7a7bf3ae9461e38db593b97dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838233 - Convert HTMLHRElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
28418193e7016c30556b68c2b749584bb2ca861dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838233 - Rename nsHTMLHRElement to HTMLHRElement. r=Ms2ger
da59e32ff01d0a783b9bfed1ee38be83b197f723Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a840d8f3fcb2baa764abdd75ccc38062848bf4b6Brad Lassey — bug 674739 - Implement DOM3 KeyboardEvent types, use volume keys in windows widget code r=masayuki
27c00bd9cc71a30a6fbc4a1792cf2997c70f05e2Brad Lassey — bug 674739 - Implement DOM3 KeyboardEvent types, use volume keys in android widget code r=jchen
d91803d018734e2aeadf32878bc2b38d35edd5efBrad Lassey — bug 674739 - Implement DOM3 KeyboardEvent types for volume controls r=masayuki, sr=smaug
8373b1ce47f029484144d386f2e2b91654a4d5dbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 794982 - Autogenerate libxul JNI stubs and fail build if they change. r=glandium
5044d9a352ef5cb7e3bbcffaaf133e53116f0da3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 794982 - Extract non-libxul native JNI functions from GeckoAppShell. r=glandium, cpeterson
99751bd8c759f8c21e0b3573fb6625b268e60dd7Ed Morley — Backed out changeset b57874cb3be5 (bug 821262)
71f14579265ff9431a3245f627ab776dd913dcd6Benjamin Peterson — Bug 836515 - Allow source compression to run while executing the script. r=jorendorff
1010b6f16db40fc4c84663478ddd054ec20199e6Brian Hackett — Bug 838727 - Move emitDoubleToInt32 to MacroAssembler, r=jandem.
62b7e0a68a11d906fb1b0e37984a735959cdbe54Jim Mathies — Bug 802254 - Add support for multiple app dirs in add-on packaging (mc bits), r=glandium
f21da1055c468cc998cec3815d2ac9364b7ca762Ben Turner — Bug 835698 - 'Pre-open() and send the fd for app process's'. r=jduell.
6d5b6ce4a2ae90edd2d1206ef602dcebd84595bcEd Morley — Backed out changeset 84db7473edfb (bug 835575)
84db7473edfb4a47f861b09594a576d9c4ea88b2ben turner Bug 835575, 'PRemoteOpenFile could be more IPC-efficient'. r=jduell.
1a2e34c9ebc783eb780ea9de178fd1f91aaffdb6Ben Turner — Bug 835698 - 'Pre-open() and send the fd for app process's'. r=jduell.
b57874cb3be505b0c288f94aa37b22d2d3d41209Shane Caraveo — Bug 821262 - Refactor social enabled/active/provider states. r=gavin
a46bc920998d7f70016067da77212d6aa7d8c12fRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
595da71ae45ff35acae3d4790dce90fb8f84aea6Gregory Szorc — Bug 838227 - Be more intelligent about activating constant-only providers. r=rnewman
6fcb427e686556a125ac3b12acbc7bc70b89c148Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
d8fd1560108a12ce35616653568985a0c9590be9Gregory Szorc — Bug 838717 - Import main.js before accessing Weave; r=rnewman
1c88f3f30540adadbcd153bcaa337b1be8b24eeeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO green inbound changeset to m-c.
8987eff12bd8aa6fb31781ada728d1c2484db1d0Ed Morley — Backout changeset d2fda338874d (bug 784591) for causing bug 832571 again
4c85a8bfa2f49139a0f7ad85532434cd5095ecbeTrevor Saunders — bug 838570 - selection code can sometimes leak a range r=smaug
26f2a61829ac359a47da2180fcfaaf48a8660ccdVicamo Yang — Bug 834193: Implement USSDReceivedEvent, DataErrorEvent and CFStateChangeEvent using codegenerator. r=smaug
3b05660cbdd2d5a166fdf7c0fe8cffe5433ff8bcVicamo Yang — Bug 835148: Implement SmsEvent using event generator. r=smaug
cb97c0155552b222453d328bb02f5cd8a2ab0a69Jan de Mooij — Bug 838520 part 1 - Refactor UnwindScope to use AbstractFramePtr. r=djvj
0431044cf3e6be5bea7d22128171064c99abbdf2Jan de Mooij — Bug 838759 - Remove assertJit shell function. r=bhackett
2c929bc0ee9afb2b59f581880c5a842e202fd650Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 833526 - Not be able to receive "network-active-change" notification from NetworkManager. r=vicamo
3fbeb63f145750178c51b5d65b7045c54a7d54c0Makoto Kato — Bug 838504 - Turn on SSSE3 opt on Skia for Windows. r=gw280
868939d72f574cd8bc00df250cb3b92308b4d411Edgar Chen — Bug 838096 - Part 5: Modify test_update_network_name. r=allstars.chh
581ef9ed708d47aa28d6950d37e72a4bdd075e5cEdgar Chen — Bug 838096 - Part 4: xpcshell tests for readPNN. r=allstars.chh
6deea379453a001472b1509f359cf989bde0284dEdgar Chen — Bug 838096 - Part 3: Ignore the record of EF_PNN if the contents are unused bytes. r=allstars.chh
991fbb07392c47104e1f86bb9fa516691555eb0cEdgar Chen — Bug 838096 - Part 2: Refactor readPNN. r=allstars.chh
516c6b9368733fb9aa4c1a2b2f06d7f559fbe8e8Edgar Chen — Bug 838096 - Part 1: Rename getPNN as readPNN. r=allstars.chh
993712f9b175912e8bbe0aa5e69cc59f48d8f50bChristian Vielma — Bug 454880 - Allow access to recent history through back/forward buttons. r=bnicholson
dbc54456b8320f19362bac361438b552fc0afdffNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 2). r=jwalden
4a2f6b878f6ebfe4c5c9dfc92ec4d91286649381Chris Jones — Bug 833983: Don't preventDefault() drags that aren't quite pans. r=schien a=blocking-b2g
278f5973b2c8c8062b8618da043ef8b704b4e6f9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 4b47185f48f8 (bug 835698) for Win debug crashes in test_jarchannel_e10s.js
67f1ba2a8cb9ae676d3c131beeefd1bfb20c2793Benjamin Peterson — Bug 836524 followup - need to include inlines. CLOSED TREE
f6a582534f9687f2030d869ae4fcbb5de32f355aDão Gottwald — Bug 837638 - Don't set persistence = -1 on the data-reporting notification, since it's not transient anyway. r=gavin
d2353a795fb77e12d3434be2931965c431dc810aTanvi Vyas — Bug 836951 - If piwin is null, return NS_OK and skip setting the mixed content state. r=bsmith
1a489ff14285bc7631dd9dda33be35c604d2c630Tanvi Vyas — Bug 837075 - Without a rootDoc, we don't have a rootUri to check if the root is https and we don't have the channel to see whether mixed content was allowed on the page. Set aRootHasSecureConnection to true by default instead of false by default. r=smaug
7153a907e6b9a7f2b28f1d989efbc0c45bd6859eBill McCloskey — Bug 836524 - Zone renaming part 6 (r=jonco)
e39eee4423143cb529f0a9b9e441f2a3ca424a7eBill McCloskey — Bug 836524 - Zone renaming part 5 (r=jonco)
3b53112a2a2336b4828447fec7db62e531ddc122Bill McCloskey — Bug 836546 - Simplify gray links in the GC (r=jonco)
f61a56d201d6ef82b21ea7c8a97561163569aa01Bill McCloskey — Bug 836524 - Zone renaming part 4 (r=terrence)
f4a00ea823fd750699546859f5381f4484eccf97Bill McCloskey — Bug 836524 - Zone renaming part 3 (r=jonco)
8794e665403743ef1b1dc2bb106b03b62b5816adBill McCloskey — Bug 836524 - Zone renaming part 2 (r=jonco)
4fec5623f2918acad99422bc53fd017352760a34Bill McCloskey — Bug 836524 - Zone renaming part 1 (r=terrence)
4b47185f48f8ab06d1abaff5ecde31cc209dade1ben turner Bug 835698 - Pre-open() and send the fd for app process's r=jduell
d2fda338874dc2618bef9d41ab19341f68784c54Timothy Nikkel — Bug 784591. Wait for the DOMContentLoaded event in the child iframe before removing the node from the document in this test. r=jdm
bf8667d7004d7afd2162eaf26832fd136443ab50Mats Palmgren — Bug 837007 - Make CollectFloats ignore floats that belong to some other block. r=roc
9c164a7f5f752f79053e5d8f288db7ae572df310Jet Villegas — Bug 812638: Add new known font size test failures. r=ehsan
41a3c03feff38ec1830060b9a723a0d3c0c46c66Jet Villegas — Bug 812638: revert fix for bug 480647 (part 6) that introduced this regression. r=ehsan
9793bcb3b7e0d8a0111ebc61b737020c0dbcfa31Daniel Holbert — Bug 838840: Mark ipc/unixsocket as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=qDot
abea8a82da63ab19b359c926459587c498bc229bJonathan Kew — bug 838617 - don't assert equality with the key's hash unless it was actually initialized. r=roc
8fb95df6311584352ed219f9a49a44bf2f21b2a3Jonathan Kew — bug 808299 - scale missing-glyph hexbox digits depending on device resolution and zoom. r=roc
c2f402470a4995cf887ccb01add47727ece5fa00Jonathan Kew — bug 817454 - ensure PresContext's cached mAppUnitsPerDevPixel value is updated when backing resolution changes. r=roc
c8fb438a48cb9f9bf83941473faa8f606672c1c6Marco Bonardo — Bug 838841 - Remove experimental hints from Places async APIs.
b4be6e1db78424771b9f472e6dc8e11df6133b86Marco Bonardo — Bug 831432 - Downloads button has no text in Text button mode.
be126e0d29a1ebaffeabae3e38b005fa3f8a6e37Ted Mielczarek — Add local Breakpad patches that have not yet been upstreamed
b7218036908dff8ef39de0ffe923d8a5a060239bTed Mielczarek — bug 838882 - Add ability to apply local patches to NPOTB
bbad510c2ca9e4e4ee76a7dd4a7095b7adf0b0bcJeff Hammel — Bug 836079 - replace with mozprofile or, even better, delete it;r=ted ; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
11d2d81e066d43428b40c099435d8f8120994dd6Chris Jones — Backed out d2aa085d7ebd (bug 836605)
e1092f311f2dbcae8c873e8db94924edc2ad0678Brendan Eich — Bug 433529 - switch style nit-policing followup (r=lumpy).
ab482df3cd8f8de1a8c1cfad23c0bf016c4cd560Fabrice Desré — Bug 836605 - Use prototype to speed up cloneAsMozIApplication r=genelian
d2aa085d7ebdd4d6aa9b18ad42f52ce65477d59dChris Jones — Bug 836605: Cache mozIApplication wherever possible on critical startup path. r=jlebar
1e076e04f2863128d8536c7df06a29b7c2080e15Mounir Lamouri — Bug 781573 - Implement the step attribute for <input type=time>. r=smaug
672e93482d580e913a0e2bd79ec6cfe2c527da80Mounir Lamouri — Bug 837767 - Make GetMinimum() uses ConvertNumberToString(@value) if @min isn't valid. r=smaug
dc78c97681fe0c616d41deeae9641b8488d548a5Chris Jones — Backed out changeset fed128eb92f3 (bug 836605) for making the IDL gods angry. CLOSED TREE
fed128eb92f3b27ce070e9bfa6ec65ba2e188474Chris Jones — Bug 836605: Cache mozIApplication wherever possible on critical startup path. r=jlebar
e7c3386d93108ac412d9947f08d264e59019127cEthan Hugg — Bug 806828 Signaling - copy selectively from g_media_table on init r=jesup
d55669a02834ad4c8bea3bba64d429a972d4f157Ms2ger — Bug 830846 - Pass HandleObject to DefineConstructorAndPrototype; r=terrence
8ba0f95510eb1238372954896a26652d2eb777a3Ms2ger — Bug 830783 - Part c: Various rooting in RegExp.cpp; r=terrence
b2202290801df3f199480f7f8a2868c712f2cb3fMs2ger — Bug 830783 - Part b: Pass MutableHandleValue and HandleString to CreateRegExpMatchResult and ExecuteRegExpLegacy in RegExp.cpp; r=terrence
9990c861edc82c3dfbcb7760b3fc191d7d45cbf2Ms2ger — Bug 830783 - Part a: Pass MutableHandleValue to DoMatch in jsstr.cpp; r=terrence
c217eb0fea115ec5b797d57650ddf292e6d47debMs2ger — Bug 829997 - Pass MutableHandleValue to static RegExp getters; r=sfink
e69c4ebf9d0e61d6400619debee1e70e8f891379Ms2ger — Bug 830000 - Add CallArgs::handleAt; r=Waldo
6d2b3fff3628865aab8039a39ca57579a8f904e7Ms2ger — Bug 829898 - Part c: Various rooting in jsstr.cpp; r=terrence
0bf4b7cd6f82c7831095ec0fbc974453bec44511Ms2ger — Bug 829898 - Part b: Pass a HandleLinearString to Encode & Decode and remove pointless OOM check in jsstr.cpp; r=terrence
11192d6d324d92125d6e88b8fdc2a4ffcb1acd29Ms2ger — Bug 829898 - Part a: Pass MutableHandleValue to Encode, Decode & TransferBufferToString in jsstr.cpp; r=terrence
aacac17cc139164fbe36078465e00dc720288e01Ms2ger — Bug 823902 - Use a bit less fromMarkedLocation; r=terrence
f4995279452c50ac60e5e40962f8dd8563b549cdMs2ger — Bug 829206 - Implement CallArgs::get; r=evilpie
a7e7f2d70dfe4399b3c829ecb0dcb92f0a8553b5Ms2ger — Bug 829205 - Some rooting in Object.cpp; r=terrence
20cdf5700489e4c2b41e58af2944617848322eccMs2ger — Bug 838160 - Part c: Add a test for HTMLMetaElement.{name,httpEquiv,content,scheme} reflection; r=bz
ea1929b28cb574dcef6c2b7f1d88784e0ebdaf43Ms2ger — Bug 838160 - Part b: Move HTMLMetaElement to Paris bindings; r=bz
d94073f8d448dbfd9a6ae5f0569b78637001f505Ms2ger — Bug 838160 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLMetaElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLMetaElement; r=bz
3cea33d5201752b0bc197a1fee8d7fb6765575bbMs2ger — Bug 837597 - Part c: Add a test for HTMLModElement.dateTime reflection; r=bz
2e1cc3e2bd51e350a53b9848111170957dc5023aMs2ger — Bug 837597 - Part b: Move HTMLModElement to Paris bindings; r=bz
f5a2b4b5708618a606b7c26b8abfd65c602b2eb4Ms2ger — Bug 837597 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLModElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLModElement; r=bz
59cc512a67f229cfd6be4426dc53993a59e509efMs2ger — Bug 837597 - Part c: Add a test for reflection; r=bz
c7282e1f101562639038ca46b312fa4710620809Ms2ger — Bug 837597 - Part b: Move HTMLMapElement to Paris bindings; r=bz
df5858bb2c0137ba718e374ca4691c156abd5f34Ms2ger — Bug 837597 - Part a: Rename nsHTMLMapElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLMapElement; r=bz
83ffdc5f972ded18a375037d5f448a22e0247e66Ms2ger — Bug 835439 - Remove support for the table[layout] attribute; r=dbaron
6e70ec079074eee12079a45debb5a486b03c12ffMs2ger — Bug 838182 - Part b: Remove dead code handling outer windows in nsDOMClassInfo::PreCreate; r=mrbkap
78e298373c94244ae697d35d550dbc522626ef04Ms2ger — Bug 838182 - Part a: Remove nsWindowSH::SecurityCheckOnAddDelProp and nsWindowSH::SecurityCheckOnSetProp; r=mrbkap
b3bfb5eefae8bae09c2374dee40517d6c3f0cd88Ms2ger — Bug 832751 - Make nsHTMLEditRules::ClearCachedStyles return void; r=ehsan
703d400824dae63d69198fc284c95eb96ee4684bMs2ger — Bug 831885 - Turn JS_DHASH_ENTRY_IS_* into inline functions; r=jorendorff
b811e05ed0ba6a2f8769762c9c9c4eae334672f3Ms2ger — Bug 831408 - Make two interfaces builtinclass; r=bz
454347e2ef1ab8977b0f4868e8a731dfcc14b55bMs2ger — Bug 831232 - Improve spec conformance for table@border; r=dbaron
5c04a844bcb85bc11c6dc1d5efd8f63dad9673efMs2ger — Bug 827122 - Add an outparamless nsSVGString::ToDOMAnimatedString; r=longsonr
4a6b8dd4dfe30d5d1c87745874fe92eaf9d82bd9Chris Coulson — Bug 837631 - Refresh to pick up the changes from 661f7866da20. r=gps
fbcbc4ff374768f1dfa1928a06e004c9b8624177Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a4b75cd17e1c6d2b9eded7c158244f372f1a6951Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 834945 - GC triggers a late DB write during shutdown. r=vladan.
3677d52d74a0129004539bcbd4faae474eb69b75Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 838164 - Add a pretty headers to late write stacks. r=vladan.
c71474d33f6357bce04e75a2609338f49824b4d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 34927afb65e2 and 2d0b056ced49 (bug 838559) for mochitest failures.
fd30e04a0ddc3d6e3bc1d34329d88aae3984e370Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 832290 - Proper styling for full-screen private windows on Mac; r=dao
e22bf3f9e372503faf7f55d9defd02dbcdc6d983Mike Conley — Bug 838599 - Downloads Panel summary text is a little too big. r=mak.
e4e4e6ce404e3e1c79b9fb00dcd237a10e8d652aChris Jones — Followup to bug 836198: Clean up a bit of rebase vomit.
c8e06ab7a39dda3e2e6b621ee8ae4e1159c9e3b1Daniel Holbert — Bug 838753: Make PropertyKey.cpp #include jsatominlines.h, to get ToAtom() inline-function-definition. r=Waldo
d9708e34085ae4c6b04b61c439b6fe1a50e6cfa2Daniel Holbert — Bug 838756: Fix out-of-order init list for UnixSocketImpl constructor. r=qDot
b3e63d9ea7acd9c52f92d6a4674ad959edf4c0e9Yiming Yang — Bug 836375 - Add press() and release() tap gestures on elements, r=mdas
6abdc780ba2b0170fa870a9d7e31cb6ecd810c0aSean Stangl — Bug 838469 - Use CallInfo for inlining natives. r=h4writer
2308bb67a6fab2b037a5627df1a46e3eff6f8156Scott Johnson — Bug 838668: Rev IID of nsIDOMFile and revert incorrectly revved IID for nsIDOMBlob. [r=bsmedberg]
187e78781793128724cc10dfdab46a12efe25fe9Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831921 - Make the plugin UI less broken-looking for all plugins except for crashed plugins, including visual tweaks by shorlander. r=jaws
e913428a662889aa8acf85d0eb1b0f29a8df126cMarco Bonardo — Bug 826409 - Remove onBeforeDeleteURI and onBeforeItemRemoved notifications.
6b183775ad02f04af9697a6c7b237c35bb7f9574Marco Bonardo — Bug 831094 - Avoid replacing nodes in Places query results.
03232247aef81e733219b76815518a77802b77c4Joel Maher — Bug 838613 - we are getting a value of 0 for a pointer in nsExceptionHandler.cpp::RegisterAppMemory(). r=ted
53c091a119ed634a0c44f6dc964d6e4bec0f1630Yiming Yang — Bug 836952 - accept coordinates for single_tap/double_tap, r=mdas
34927afb65e24ebd4c3e71e6eeccb289199034bfAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838559 - Convert HTMLMenuElement to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
2d0b056ced496b689c1eadbcf09cc07c08f80474Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838559 - Rename nsHTMLMenuElement to HTMLMenuElement. r=Ms2ger
eba3447f6c3725b1925e92fa179776d2c8cacaadEhsan Akhgari — Bug 829829 - The stub installer fails to download the file when the server redirects to an HTTPS server. r=bbondy
912893285503535fe3635b9fedc10bb95ff5e3d4Tanvi Vyas — Bug 836630 - Fix intermittent failures on try - when the http channel doesn't have an mResponseHead, we can't get the response status. r=ttaubert
54a885e14465550dde7601ad5a26aa9c17f25cc2Mike Conley — Bug 838663 - Remove support for, and always retain completed downloads. r=mak.
0b6163b1693fd4b56558d8f1c858175286770922Geoff Brown — Bug 838604 - Add mozcrash to; r=jgriffin
78a71db31dca4b1390e0119910f84925b32ca3eaBrian Nicholson — Bug 838398 - Make sure SyncType.onDestroy() is called when AboutHomePromoBox is removed. r=mfinkle
e65517972de2e638646cadb33d543c7061dfb2a6Benoit Jacob — Bug 838603 - force-enable GL layers on Android - r=blassey
e43702bffb92086ecdaaed71727d0f3b52eda431Daniel Holbert — Bug 838715: Add periods at the end of sentences in nsHTMLTagList.h header-comment. r=hsivonen DONTBUILD
ed505e66515824451dea87a1ab539c64cf4c5d42Daniel Holbert — backout eafc4cf19150 because it landed with the wrong bug number
d53ff47e32978dbb437a025dc2ca6bdf5223e1beDaniel Holbert — Bug 838394: Remove redundant/unnecessary NS_WARNING in nsMixedContentBlocker::ShouldLoad, and replace MOZ_NOT_REACHED with MOZ_ASSERT(false) to get defined behavior. r=tanvi r=smaug
eafc4cf1915057fda32604ca07abf850c4e3f652Daniel Holbert — Bug 838256: Add periods at the end of sentences in nsHTMLTagList.h header-comment. r=hsivonen
08c635bf0d045b33ec037d1c5b6b613d82ba9899Terrence Cole — Bug 706885 - Move post barrier verifier to JSRuntime; r=billm
7dece0c29d005fda23adc087ff763b79847f3b2eSotaro Ikeda — Bug 836782 - reduce gralloc buffer reallocation in camera StartPreview(), r=kchen
d061bfecd2e81d4d730c6b3538b2961e10fb6367Martijn Wargers — Bug 830523 - Add larger set of DOM tests to B2G runs, r=jgriffin
9e978440a0ce1899deaccdfa5e93837f08dcf975Ethan Hugg — Bug 837324 - Fix ui_ice_candidate_add call when dcb is NULL r=ekr
325397090d125787c40469b625b9edbefacef44fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
b04245038b278c2bfff34a62c41c36908a84f519Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 487d16b80087 (bug 812638) for mochitest orange.
0383bb82c92528e42f1fe8e5d43d6161c37156a4Randell Jesup — Bug 873103: Fix problems with large DataChannel transfers (wrong flags) r=jesup
d2e0efdf7ade29185b37b6696ff48f75cecc416fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838567 - URL.createObjectURL(new Object()); in Workers crashes debug builds reliably. r=bent
4c7dd234b39f6a7182bd64f122824724a00a0f29Martin Stransky — Bug 829001 - End slash in srcdir causes debugedit failure. r=ted
c66945e9956d6d23fd846fcf14ddf8eeed6e10feRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
df4d7016b8416468254a30105da2d60db1c7ae3bDaniel Holbert — Bug 838301: Use nsCOMArray::Length() instead of Count() in nsAutoCompleteController.cpp, where appropriate. r=mounir
de6ad98785e028354f25940141aff2dbbb68de01Jason Smith — bug 837421 - Crashtest for WebRTC ConnectionDataConnection causes assertion failures if called a second time. r=jesup
487d16b800878a98605129a1b9483266b4ad66ddJet Villegas — Bug 812638: backs out bug 480647 (part 6) r=ehsan
a236893f5737100ad898c331000aa609d5e013e4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 837031. When unlinking a keyframe rule, make sure to DropReference on its declaration. r=smaug
2e0f4418ad0c85db4404640e025ec4cd89c2af1bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 837645. Support 'any' values in sequences and dictionaries. r=smaug,peterv
adcbf76cd5860c8c360978a39a1c1c5f4ca048c0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838518 part 2. Fix nodeiterator callers per the API change that was made. r=smaug
e1e47cdd7b68dee9aa6b75a5d228b4af4cf895aeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 838518 part 1. Fix treewalker callers per the API change that was made. r=smaug
bebb0d153de08847eec323969cc9181a811c48b8Philip Chee — Bug 838537 - Fix the build for VS2008. r=padenot
4d66a512bdd7a3e4464f2713e8dd0b9158d6b5ebLucas Rocha — Bug 820482 - Ensure pressed state is cancelled on any swipe (r=mfinkle)
ba65f8aead212326d6006b2a7cd807226fc0b245Raymond Lee — Bug 835218 - Fix for intermittent browser_geolocation_privatebrowsing_perwindowpb.js | Test timed out, | Found a browser window after previous test timed out; r=ehsan
8feaf3eba8abee277f518c53fd609846403509caEdgar Chen — Bug 809725 - Part 4: xpcshell tests for readEmail. r=allstars.chh
726591db8896ae42c06ffaa300d0e273002ff02bEdgar Chen — Bug 809725 - Part 3: Export Email to contact. r=gwagner
2d2238d5ff5988ee5d6dd2d226f5974cf4c7003eEdgar Chen — Bug 809725 - Part 2: Read contact email. r=allstars.chh
bc166e26efa4a702c7a44d3457d1545fbef42870Edgar Chen — Bug 809725 - Part 1: Add readEmail and readIAP in ICCRecordHelper. r=allstars.chh
5e871e6dba26a0118ceb72ff5bf5d884c4156166Christian Holler — Bug 838150 - Add ASan and Valgrind annotations to JS LifoAlloc. r=bhackett
470187171cf1c2683e473344e17a7cfdc1b3af23Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 780793 - Part 2: Initiate captive portal detection while wifi connected. r=vchang
33be341bb1334ee4a6c9f69f519447ef1f6d9d41Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 780793 - Part 1: Add mozChormeEvent/mozContentEvent for captive portal login. r=timdream
35d48d9d80d542075bee8ecec666ce7bcb14ac8aShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 752982 - Part 1: Implement captive portal detection service. r=thinker
ed29092600501b9b2798c6a9c0ee643eed8281efRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2e891e0db39737c5a9928feebde42ea10d1792feChristian Holler — Bug 838148 - Add 63 missing jit-tests for various bugs. rs=terrence
1e059622a0b3c77023cab42764d50c8fbade4505Marco Bonardo — Bug 838304 - null out mResult when removing container nodes.
02822f5df3c847b2658cef33425345a311fa9f72Gina Yeh — Bug 838499 - Assertion failed in function SetJsObject(), r=echou
5f6033f1481f77aef8388885022891acf1bffacfEd Morley — Bug 823022 - Disable docshell/test/test_bug590573.html on Android for too many intermittent failures
973bb5c4d78267612269668a8b02f1bc54caaf84Ed Morley — Bug 772443 - Mark svg/as-image/svg-stylesheet-datauri-1.html as random for too many intermittent failures
1706b098cda709d8a520777388b1a0a9004a169aEd Morley — Bug 822284 - Re-Disable browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js & browser_privatebrowsing_crh.js on OS X for too many intermittent failures
de9b729d67dce3080774cde1348233f2de37bffcEdmund Wong — Bug 838463 - make check failing in test_mozconfig at test_read_new_variables. pop env. vars. CC and CXX. r=gps
10cc1470a974ab9f29a662f91139d5f21cca7dfbHenrik Skupin — Bug 838318 - Crashtest 791330.html timeout because of missing try/catch. r=jesup
830784a5e43ee11b1b6e9704d31a986a20473818Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836920 followup. Fix warnins-as-errors bustage. r=tree-is-aflame-dance-around-it
88601eca5f694b6047d4d6a41d58eb0a0ee5fc88Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836920. Move dom::Optional<> and dom::Sequence to BindingDeclarations.h so using dictionaries in interfaces whose name comes before 'PrimitiveConversions' alphabetically does not break. r=peterv
fbdb0c7167528ade2106b9b3a3e4c70814f5a7cfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 830992 part 2. Switch DOMTransaction to WebIDL codegen. r=wchen,peterv
a8bfa0b091b5efce7825a8dab3129bd048844719Boris Zbarsky — Bug 830992 part 1. Make it possible to pass CallbackObject& as the thisObj for callback functions. r=peterv
85e3ebb56fb32bfb1470c3602bd07e6ba3bf8847Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836822. Convert MathML elements to WebIDL. r=peterv
cd0fca4f35d00542fdc01183c6ac382b6eef45a3Simon Montagu — Set AncestorHasDirAuto flag when adding a new text node. Bug 836890, r=ehsan
5fe0521304c3b887e2780c7c0581a7ea2764d0e2Simon Montagu — Test for bug 836890
beca57e612fd8a3da02b1e54509c192e63b24451Brad Lassey — bug 829596 - Remove 'Tablet' from UA string of Firefox on Android tablets. back out changeset 196ed5ab68a1, r=mfinkle
04e13fc9dbff9391f9a42ab2f084a1f4f13e0729Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6e9df8c0e7907836667b31bea392ef25a1601d24Daniel Holbert — Bug 838462: Remove unused method nsBlockReflowState::Margin(). r=mats
b38907697abf962e98aead946f4f36836813738aEric Chou — Bug 836516 - Set a system property so that WLAN firmware could be aware of BT operations, r=gyeh
93bdd70980ec33dbec3fb65ca8ec85d416dcb6c4Dao Gottwald — Bug 825035 - Blocklisted click-to-play notification only fades in/out once per window per session. r=jaws
d2da8ad7124538c4a8fb67660138e270b214dfa4Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 838127 - B2G RIL: incorrect spelling of interface name in RILNetworkInterface. r=vicamo
6712a48725b334eb9a5cfef6428c66dacc434bcfRichard Newman — Bug 838464 - Define MOZ_BUILD_TIMESTAMP in Fennec r=gps
779abebba749266e08d400f7edc3e53cfa217d97Richard Newman — Bug 838459 - Add printing of current timestamp to r=gps
a8f07831484ec3f552c0d467ef110959f642fa9bMark Hammond — Bug 835111 - always open new chat windows in the 'most recent' suitable browser window. r=gavin
38218fd7cdaf54443bb0a68075e1f3a58ef88580Masayuki Nakano — Bug 838001 IME management code should use root widget instead of the nearest widget of the PresContext r=smaug
2716ae058067065178c2ad5e5b1cc0e6ffa545cdChris Jones — Bug 835584: Precompile forms.js and preload UserAgentOverrides.jsm. r=fabrice
fa591204a58740859c69480a229b7b0b9213846aTaras Glek — Bug 838342 - Delete checksum-invalid saved pings. r=froydnj
e6c3449a8ec625a80148499d6c38cee390648016Benoit Jacob — Bug 827106 - turn on ANGLE GLSL array index clamping - r=jgilbert
57f2e0ad71a951ec321eb646cd627aad8f6d730eBenoit Jacob — Bug 827106 - Cherry-pick ANGLE r1638 - r=jgilbert
b45420e3fa090064a31ed435543aafa2c371df82Marco Bonardo — Bug 838349 - Fix bogus use of assertions in Places
3a7b2f3a36a6233a7c9479b4fe64f0e322bd559aGina Yeh — Bug 838080 - Cannot receive all events after a series of actions, r=echou
8b11f9a6fbff193c3f97e7551d3ce86451ad52c7Gary Kwong — Bug 838384 - mozboot does not recognize newer Xcode's clang. r=gps
9d753b778ed14dac0dd5bf8dd629e6026ef9a5cbDaniel Holbert — Bug 837956: Mark docshell/shistory/src/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=smaug
7a9887e1f55e443dace71a032f9d334de2165843Jeff Walden — Fix up a few lingering references to jsval.h. Followup to bug 837773, r=bustage in a CLOSED TREE
27d51d9f749589b8e9013ad8f2e960815068dac7Brian Nicholson — Bug 777639 - Part 4: Listen for removed downloads in about:downloads. r=wesj
9ba2e7dc2951a006fefa09c0be442cebecaf40c0Brian Nicholson — Bug 777639 - Part 3: Add ability to delete downloaded files. r=mfinkle
997812c6023df5fb91e8cd965d0c4c03df17a8cbBrian Nicholson — Bug 777639 - Part 2: Move sanitize.js to Sanitizer.jsm. r=mfinkle
2ffeac43b95e356c3d655ae347033829f3f8f7c5Brian Nicholson — Bug 777639 - Part 1: Remove unused code from Sanitizer. r=mfinkle
a7f93cfc074e467aa8488de6da01b3ad6d112f4dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 837981 - Remove GetDeflatedStringLength(). r=terrence.
43a5c9890c22e54152c997f8800956b517819a3aJeff Walden — Bug 837773 - Add a PropertyKey.h header. r=jorendorff
06fe741ec9538e7de9fc43a8a730b8d5a1782e78Jeff Walden — Bug 837773 - Change private uint32_t Values to use the int32_t representation, for simplicity. r=luke
f13e3cac0c1b058fa6880a50f618e288941dda85Jeff Walden — Bug 837773 - Move JS::Value into Value.h. r=jorendorff
7f1ecab23f6f67254c5fb9ea5c1c0384cbeedaf4Jeff Walden — Bug 837773 - Move JS::Anchor into js/public/Anchor.h, necessary to properly make Value.h an independent header. r=jorendorff
dff079686e0bc98784a55b760474e1399856c325Jeff Walden — Bug 837773 - Move js/src/jsval.h to js/public/Value.h. r=jorendorff
fbc1e196ca875a55b80e75610c5f51009ae7b129Jeff Walden — Bug 837773 - Organize jsapi.h's #includes. r=jorendorff
8f6b848a136ce82809a5d71732efcd4261558710Wes Kocher — Update Jetpack tests running in Firefox to pick up bug 831933's fixes r=me
7f82f74de11f43c1b7b11187b82339f92263dd69Andrea Marchesini — Bug 813253 - URL.createobjectURL in WebWorker. r=bent
af8e5720ccf297c2c222c6c2071bbc97dae1a3a9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 835954 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.180. r=yury
66cb15452ab9feb70c357aab4cd21c444abb7546Jonathan Griffin — Bug 830538 - Make 'make mochiest-plain' work for b2g desktop builds, r=ted
a69e0304a1f738fd821a7610306df4e795f03244Aki Sasaki — bug 838261 - add download-panda.tar.bz2 to panda builds. r=catlee
da98d9067e70af031e603f545f4a1d6929ef30c6Jeff Hammel — Bug 837870 - mozbase -> m-c, remove m-c README;r=wlach
69f50b3e8bb1642fb78a5d9155049dadec7f9e80Marco Bonardo — Backout 890368240f48 (bug 838304) for xpcshell-test failures
99d8346ef1af1fb08bea383edd7d37d52a89bbe2Chris AtLee — Bug 838140: Use MOZ_PKG_SPECIAL=asan for asan builds. r=ted
2e70586576b994df186990cd7f0ce52b1ef3d31eRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 838280 - Add function names and comments. r=froydnj.
53a09e22d0346a6a024b33e90578fcefbffb6fd6Terrence Cole — Bug 706885 - Do not store singletons in the Nursery; r=bhackett
2f54529528a9c6f4362de24cd0a604a2a57cc8a2Josh Aas — Bug 647216: Allow mouse event handling in the title bar on OS X. A number of contributors to this patch, including Markus Stange, Paul O'Shannessy, Mike Conley, Stephen Pohl, and myself (Josh Aas). r=mstange,dao,enndeakin
b00fee0a69b4c17b36d8696f4dd5cd422fb2dd5cSteven Michaud — Bug 740923 - Lion Fullscreen: Black area when opening new windows. r=bgirard
189766068d9994b4ecf980997339e800d7307f6bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 6: Make MediaStreamGraphImpl::AppendMessage not assume that it's the only graph; r=roc
12715a3b5a0872e2fb1c033c5b102847092f62e2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 5: Make MediaStreamGraphImpl::RunInStableState not assume that it's the only graph; r=roc
66c03536917a2730356e88d3fac64c2dddc1e096Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 4: Make MediaStreamGraphStableStateRunnable know about its owner graph; r=roc
718e8b7288ae46b0d6c8fc18338e680dda773f96Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 3: Make MediaStreamGraphThreadRunnable know about its owner graph; r=roc
efe8cb43b6cdf63e94ef1a82796208af8a241a1dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 2: Make MediaInputPort aware of its owner graph; r=roc
852af57de5cc95cc4fefe828508979c7dd094b63Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 1: Make MediaStream aware of its owner graph; r=roc
890368240f48078d72c80c848f14da775b32e2deMarco Bonardo — Bug 838304 - null out mResult when removing container nodes.
0edd11517bcde6374fad0fbe2b259433904959d1Marco Bonardo — Bug 837117 - Downloaded items change position in the downloads view if Clear List is selected.
bc108d2ce8d17a560e2fc2affa6867ca9418448dGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
65e0a461f1eff292c87ba4c4336c0571172524c7Gregory Szorc — Bug 838291 - More robust APIs for obtaining FHR data; r=rnewman
1ed20e6b41c2be5467bab8e2f0709f6a5ff67c28Gregory Szorc — Bug 838461 - Improve rest.js interop with FHR; r=rnewman
42abb7556fd9fbe1de3ac897b62e651863d104f5Gregory Szorc — Bug 830489 - Delay initializing FHR database on first run; r=rnewman
d5390130b80e142196a70412acef6da4b0149c80Gregory Szorc — Bug 837238 - Record session time in seconds not milliseconds; r=rnewman
d9220b65d6463df25e44c21bef426e3d0eeb0d06Gregory Szorc — Bug 838312 - Well-defined API for opting out of FHR data upload; r=rnewman
54686023b7f12b32ef39cee8d43fd4210bc665deGregory Szorc — Bug 837803 - Part 2: Proper dependencies for DataReportingService.js; r=glandium
e2e1ea12ddc9a0563647215394ebacd662fb4434Gregory Szorc — Bug 828546 - Part 2: Health Report probe for Places data; r=rnewman
4654abd41ddf4fa5198f6f393fdf23c0a577df34Gregory Szorc — Bug 828546 - Part 1: Support Health Report mode when gathering Places Telemetry; r=mak
916d0e440c474fd41e4b4d528aa0a16715cc8170Gregory Szorc — Bug 833612 - More robust recording of sessionRestored value; r=rnewman
e0b8010e2eaa67befe4c9e0543cb6e9018a0b7fbGregory Szorc — Bug 838072 - Part 3: Call collectDailyData from FHR; r=rnewman
f02317d480eea7209a59806ae71227a921dec6d0Gregory Szorc — Bug 838072 - Part 2: Add collectDailyData API to providers; r=rnewman
41003e4da9ab5c07648889b5be61bec9bad67469Gregory Szorc — Bug 838072 - Part 1: Refactor data collection internals into function; r=rnewman
2888189660d5ae47ef6f25d23ebf3d77f2181f76Gregory Szorc — Bug 837803 - Proper build dependencies for preprocessed FHR files; r=glandium
52c1d422d1b6c7dbdfb94f6a9f20d7a68f058882Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
a9e70ab45ca22123b157e59777a23d5aadd96760Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to s-c
58b601eae9a7d4cac946c3d12eb310c00fe95929Richard Newman — Bug 836206 - Split out or rewrite CommonUtils.jsonLoad/jsonSave. r=gps
8d651840659725707b6a140bef13cac7d1c494d0Richard Newman — Bug 836206 - Remove AITC client. r=gps
c9a5a09b8c7d56c47e4b96e6a05fd7e86def85d5Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
018a9b5a299cf3ae8a5c7619536d9364b29adb08Gregory Szorc — Bug 828720 - Telemetry probes for Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman, f=vladan
3446cda2c8b811dbeae1f0d726face752ce448bfGregory Szorc — Bug 836186 - Don't load FHR providers until they are used; r=rnewman
e8482b89eaed5d8c90a5ab46741555cfdefbdce9Gregory Szorc — Bug 836340 - Increase implicit acceptance interval; r=rnewman
8ac096b24cb0ed3d8c3b4a546aac9dc221f36092Richard Newman — Bug 744981 - Part 1: share should share page title as well as URL. r=mfinkle
9e3edc87a446475db0aab0d734a42400094deedeRichard Newman — Bug 744981 - Part 0: refactor GeckoAppShell.openUriExternal. r=mfinkle
b27ade8d762cda585b1ecb6fc92434e061d36ed3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 838220 - Remove [NoInterfaceObject] from BatteryManager.webidl. r=peterv
110f4d4cb0169ab2fc1ddd8063fabde173b4c496Edgar Chen — Bug 836644 - Update emulator for b2g tests. r=aki
d6f27aa7aa9ca22058fdb350612a6a5aeb213df0David Flanagan — Bug 834931 - Add fullscreen buttons to video controls. r=mleibovic, a=tef+
041e309db32e2a8579aa21e47b9f22e835b35c3cAki Sasaki — bug 838261 - stop downloading imgtec-panda-imm76i-67545da7.tgz from the internet. r=catlee CLOSED TREE
5b2ce4d44206cc5fea447276f35fbb75b76ddbaaEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 7fc9c8f622c5 (bug 837870) because it broke the build, landing on a CLOSED TREE
7fc9c8f622c54f22a6f45244f6c28616cd3d7f0cJeff Hammel — Bug 837870 - mozbase -> m-c, remove m-c README;r=wlach
c80a10a30cf250920d2a28a426a35efec268b89aJohn Schoenick — Bug 837427 - Include gstreamer cflags in content/media/webaudio; r=ehsan
69b18d52cfdcec5d744518bfecc6cd4144fec91fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 3: Make AudioParams call back into their owning node when they're modified; r=roc
f12bd589624fe85fdb67b2c85d27404dd8ac2869Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 2: Make it possible to send AudioEventTimeline objects as commands to the MSG thread; r=roc
7841a1527c4f71b4e17bf85769da7b3aab93fdc1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 1: Move AudioEventTimeline.h to content/media; r=roc
5b7bf70c3be2847b4666c7fad0a58ca53630419aJonathan Griffin — Bug 820463 - Remove the --load-early CLI, r=ahal
36e03cf9cb413b2a92f2f9cf4368d90ae26a3ddaTerrence Cole — Bug 832103 - Add a regression test for the given bug; r=bhackett DONTBUILD
88c2a0a35a65800e24341cc1f6b99a12e7569974Ben Turner — Bug 832419 - 'Clean up IPC blobs'. r=sicking.
47c28fd47df9d66dc72351095a7379f6597b2e40Vivien Nicolas — Bug 835799 - Add a timestamp property to the observer sent when an application has been called by app.launch(). r=fabrice
fa18864fd67f365cebcfbc6de414ede5957341e2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 804320 - Provide more inertia when the user does little gestures. r=schien
a9b703ded09cbbf000824f4aee538e1a4a2ebbfcJames Willcox — Bug 837687 - Use a case-insensitive comparison for OpenGL extension names r=jgilbert
390d38eb966dc3d5f399b6e8fa18fdfc6a981e49Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 804387. Part 11: Fix testcase to expect correct sample rate. r=roc
5c617b8810536b6909eca48b5fc20d5efedfe230Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 804387. Part 10: Add a mechanism for ensuring that we don't attempt to allocate an input port if the input node is not hooked up to MSG yet. r=roc
7b6f1f18c052349c4d933d5ac299ca2d9913c3ffRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 9: Update WebAudio implementation to integrate with AudioNodeStream. r=ehsan
7d65d8548d3da6c23c3b24909cc0430229a8de2eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 8: Create AudioNodeEngine and AudioNodeStream. r=jesup
bfb6df78ae0e004ab6b29393feffc53fb8c98710Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 7.5: Make Web Audio tests context-rate-independent (disabling some decodeAudioData tests). r=ehsan
84fdaad1728451627e94ef0f68860108c66728cdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 7.2: Let BiquadFilterNode use the actual context sample rate. r=ehsan
29c81f9c039f11b00d8ac76a750661e57867a587Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 7: Use a static_cast instead of dynamic check when processing ProcessedMediaStream message. r=jesup
9c057247fe2267e19597dd9b442f143af4c77577Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 6: ChangeExplicitBlockerCountImpl takes a GraphTime, not a StreamTime. r=jesup
2543f19d08e1ee2f6aeca632f558705f162833b6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 5: Add MediaStream::GraphTimeToStreamTimeOptimistic and MediaStream::StreamTimeToGraphTime. r=jesup
7faccaa6b26bb7cf1586ce1ecba015cb1c33cf42Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 4: Move MediaStreamGraphImpl to its own header file. r=jesup
74f62ac34bac7445a866dc54d32a4e2cf285550eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 3: When a global underrun happens, don't insert blocked time, just cut that time out of the entire MediaStreamGraph timeline instead. r=jesup
6164f84ebbdee18dc6114ce0dedf5017e1fee377Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 2: Fix misleading parameter name; these are NOT exactly microseconds. r=jesup
3664bcfb874a938bd743cc329f361697def9b0b6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 1.5: Clean up main-thread MediaStream event listeners. r=jesup
5a403ead198d2c57109acbb42288cfa77b07eaa6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 1: Make AllocateInputPort addref the returned port. r=jesup
b1533f8a8e128f80a683fab54c31133e35b890b3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 804387 - Part 0: Handle the possible Java exception in AudioTrack.stop() while destroying an audio stream; r=snorp
77e05f6dc00745446745a400fe63f524d362b92aJames Willcox — backout caf13c3365f3 for Windows bustage CLOSED TREE
3bdd1b235c129fef56f9f0142093559004ad0ceaMats Palmgren — Bug 813442 - Remove useless do_QueryFrames and null checks. r=roc
7e72b799bfc17be300ef2ee18b1e35cfa3468a18Mats Palmgren — Bug 813442 - CaptureRollupEvents(false) before calling anything that can destroy us. r=roc
292f8e2dc39e6a9a0833b1bb9d53e4d879352bccMats Palmgren — Bug 813442 - Do the DestroyWidget() synchronously with a strong ref on the widget so that it's not deleted, drop the ref asynchronously later. r=roc
caf13c3365f3727694bb7a495de8611435e4ae55James Willcox — Bug 837687 - Use a case-insensitive comparison for OpenGL extension names r=jgilbert
4990982fd823f0cf5739b73e9462737c59bc9ffdKyle Huey — Bug 776800: Keep track of transaction dependencies explicitly to improve performance. r=bent
8cef88c3bee4a9768371b7f814388be714b91a0fBrian Hackett — Bug 836705 - Fix bogus assert when loading from definitely-double arrays, r=jandem.
b757198a3ba3ee841a64477acff843fbb5c44d81Brian Hackett — Bug 832670 - Don't verify barriers when unwinding frames that finished in JM, r=billm.
f33c5e1c1d583d42fe7ee28d5a94a140d765db41David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 836912 - Measure Jank in Session Restore collection and serialization. r=ttaubert
45648727f6e2039e9e4f4da2c7ed24375a127c92Daniel Holbert — Bug 837903: Mark embedding/components/find/src/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=mats
5490d8c52ff47f0d8729f62675546b6ae575860eDaniel Holbert — Bug 837955: In builds without PR_LOGGING, define away the already-neutered logging macros in nsSHistory.cpp. r=smaug
d21ebe0febbe03f0da0717de7cef370c5a6d3156Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 7: Browser sanitize replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
e79d18652d56ffea3e59d96f163faec52c7e7642Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 6: Browser social replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak, r=jaws
b5bbe934f7d78ec83b989d922371829aa7c2f5a6Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 5: Toolkit replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
432bebf28ec252e3372f4a142e2e9440f880cf50Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 4: Browser replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
d8c82e4ddc1e729453e55c7e1f2791381facb7b6Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 2: docshell replacement of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
9020fabf64c22f5f81e0cbfa05a1aeca651c2efeAndres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 1: addVisits replacement of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
18638a7878761630eb3e5ee9986a0c6978a6893aAsaf Romano — Bug 836211 - Give focus to the downloads view if the previous view had focus.
178c6a84dcabdb7422bd706daddf7481a114b153Joel Maher — Bug 834737 - 2 text reftests fail while running unitests on ubuntu 12.04 on ec2 VMs. r=bz
0bd553a7032f7571ecef313cccd45ccc872e392dMark Finkle — Bug 837142 - Regression: about:home promo banner swaps on device rotation r=wesj
756a83df2a70c6e73a91ab68f9ed70fcc375f85eMark Finkle — Bug 835399 - Remove use of promises in WebAppRT r=bnicholson
7116ba5cc6a346d4a53b4a84249cbf7ad0599e1cMark Finkle — Bug 835399 - Rename isAppUpdate to startupStatus r=bnicholson
1eab3e0d7f539d1cc187b86f70393a03925f1d5eGene Lian — Bug 831683 - B2G SMS & B2G MMS: make SMS database more generic for MMS (part 2, create dom/mobilemessage to put DB codes). r=vicamo
97a64853f10cc05685da92d6c2f033cdde85313cGene Lian — Bug 831683 - B2G SMS & B2G MMS: make SMS database more generic for MMS (part 1, s/SmsDatabaseService/MobileMessageDatabaseService). r=vicamo
dda25400b9d743deec331db16d00e06eee52467fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 838124 - Convert BatteryManager to WebIDL. r=peterv
b9dcb082bcec1cbe78c2ad9b31f0870f6b1c24b2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2861ef67390a (bug 837566) for Linux32 mochitest-other shutdown hangs.
468c097a51131e331b66b7e27ac8828db7d3eaa0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1a05832bcaafa22679c1083fd582df87c8541f14Eric Chou — Bug 838089 - Blacklisted AT commands: AT+XAPL/AT+XEVENT, r=gyeh
4a5f5d0ef1ffe21504b94de496498c4548a9908eGlenna Buford — Bug 786714 - Remove unnecessary interfaces from TCPSocket's classinfo. r=sicking
8eb63dccfe416911fab1fcf6a8467cfa2a6d5cdbGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 835785 - Don't show additional dump names in about:crashes. r=ted
66efdc5f935527a2177f3a7dacebf8c2ec80d9ffKyle Huey — Bug 835814. r=joe
261ff4b8bb2216ff5feae3b6be4dab2ad05aea8bDão Gottwald — Bug 835907 - DNT preferences "Learn more" link shouldn't open in new window. r=dolske
17cdb798ac52a05db58ec02e85e5a9c92b120da5Dão Gottwald — Bug 837640 - global notifications should be hidden during print preview. r=felipe
e460b09f2e44d71ecbe7adf9fa47a1dea46c5be3Dão Gottwald — Bug 837637 - data-reporting notification shouldn't create its own notification box. r=gavin
fbdf53493d31f51b1d336abe90e4cea5da8e0e65Jonathan Kew — bug 837729 - don't create text-runs for JS source code loaded in a hidden-window iframe, and remove source text from the DOM as soon as we've extracted it. r=gavin,markh
1057dfda57a5d820900b15689eef9717442f5bb8Vicamo Yang — Bug 833278 - Part 2/2: Implement MozVoicemailEvent using codegenerator. r=gwagner,smaug
4f741c36cc20f3509c1b473830f89c7822f2bff2Vicamo Yang — Bug 833278 - Part 1/2: move voicemail sources to dom/voicemail. r=mounir
60fccebd30e055587fd65236f7efbfce51e31a10Daniel Holbert — Bug 837801: Remove unused-since-it-was-added-in-2005 variable 'rv' from nsSHistory::Reload. r=smaug
c7fc14709dbdce12f92894768d2b5b15eead0d6bGene Lian — Bug 837572 - Cannot access any property by the manifest of app object. r=fabrice
c07ddaf74ece299e490211311758c3cc914112f8Chris Jones — Bug 836198: Create a "zombie" state for PresShell and use it for the preloaded TabChild PresShell. r=bz
58ea26c5a8100f38808ca2e42dc9c0f93f39d0a9Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 14 changesets (bug 804387) because of Android M2 crashes
7f08319059b3da1a0892e7a66bfd6daead7d155fEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 836076) becasue bug 804387 is getting backed out
d567b1bb34ad000c101beb7b4d8f84ff5ed0fe4cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 3: Make AudioParams call back into their owning node when they're modified; r=roc
51f7c9e31f9a812bf16fe1b4e0381417f7eebd40Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 2: Make it possible to send AudioEventTimeline objects as commands to the MSG thread; r=roc
901c735274bc5593a42111052163931ed6950a41Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 1: Move AudioEventTimeline.h to content/media; r=roc
684ac55e17bd42c15389b41bcb424ce5b3eb4760Mark Hammond — Bug 837027 - Fix social UI for a multi-provider world. r=gavin
80e8530f06ea05aec86b85bbd7964ebe687959e2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 804387. Part 11: Fix testcase to expect correct sample rate. r=roc
3de2271ad47f5f1f2372702446507702465a0c61Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 804387. Part 10: Add a mechanism for ensuring that we don't attempt to allocate an input port if the input node is not hooked up to MSG yet. r=roc
00f86870931c52a786ddc506638fc42df89a04e0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804837. Part 9: Update WebAudio implementation to integrate with AudioNodeStream. r=ehsan
0e3f20927c5019aebed41e65b5f09ac6489c6476Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 8: Create AudioNodeEngine and AudioNodeStream. r=jesup
e6ef9003800790f867b41deb1fd9a7f2ffc47d27Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 7.5: Make Web Audio tests context-rate-independent (disabling some decodeAudioData tests). r=ehsan
0ad6f67a95f9114866217193f5add487db027c9cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 7.2: Let BiquadFilterNode use the actual context sample rate. r=ehsan
d0772aba503ca6c572a3a770cc443d7711463441Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 7: Use a static_cast instead of dynamic check when processing ProcessedMediaStream message. r=jesup
5477b87ff03ebbeb4996365cb7f4c18c8e8e762aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 6: ChangeExplicitBlockerCountImpl takes a GraphTime, not a StreamTime. r=jesup
1d7ec5adc49f8ea532e2b611786e3bdd606c8fadRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 5: Add MediaStream::GraphTimeToStreamTimeOptimistic and MediaStream::StreamTimeToGraphTime. r=jesup
11f4d740cd6c4325e299d24bd83c8da3b9fe188cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 4: Move MediaStreamGraphImpl to its own header file. r=jesup
e6254d8997abfa6a1d64ad9390634ac113a86dd4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 3: When a global underrun happens, don't insert blocked time, just cut that time out of the entire MediaStreamGraph timeline instead. r=jesup
372322f3264d4911ef76aad672d688423332cc1eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 2: Fix misleading parameter name; these are NOT exactly microseconds. r=jesup
53d5ed687612a9e7410890fa78eaf9ba4e4e61c5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 1.5: Clean up main-thread MediaStream event listeners. r=jesup
000b88ac40a7f1380132e33ea18f779d7320ece1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 804387. Part 1: Make AllocateInputPort addref the returned port. r=jesup
15dd558ca1018ef9d585dcbaa26900a8e56fcf06Nicholas Cameron — Bug 837297; change RefCounted::dead to a define; r=waldo
687a4154ebafb42f4e62c217043317cd7f5bc465Robert Strong — Bug 767968 - Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js | WindowsError: [Error 13] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: '...\maintenanceservice_installer.exe'. r=bbondy
3196b34c41e26cd27deb3ebf92aca777f9ae1441Robert Strong — Bug 762032 - Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | WindowsError: [Error 13] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: '...\ExecutableDir.tmp\bin\uninstall\helper.exe'. r=bbondy
e9b342a7e9b83521aad133c2f5e5028087a175ffSeth Fowler — Bug 836155 - Replace GetCurrentFrameRect() with FrameRect(aWhichFrame). r=joe
04be5f5f4b183cce4a3b75bc5e03ae92df85af2dSeth Fowler — Bug 836124 - Replace GetCurrentFrameIsOpaque() with [noscript] FrameIsOpaque(aWhichFrame). r=joe
6c416433f778425a063159ff2efd4649fe07233fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2861ef67390a3b52b4bb7bfd653b08fe41244845Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 837566 - Remove js_RemoveRoot. r=terrence.
8619a2942136ed11c7c61a28abf60c81836801e2Sean Stangl — Bug 829758 - Use MatchOnly mode for str_search(). r=dvander
cfd082020dfa25856016e019b4ca68fe9ae985eeMounir Lamouri — Bug 815640 - Make permission manager aware of "file://". r=sicking
30b0bb7004aaade63d1777d097ddd0a98a2f66e7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 816956 - Don't try to check all parent hosts in the Permission Manager (but only until the domain name). r=sicking
cf0e172390b72fa0b3d89264e93b1f4b763c458dMounir Lamouri — Bug 823175 - Add a method to return the next sub domain of a given host in nsIEffectiveTLDService. r=bz
f062aed0c39f028a3c44e6b3592d576f50482724Mounir Lamouri — Bug 823134 - Test IDN management for the Permission Manager. r=sicking
0ce0640303967ccddb83ceec983ef1a5dfec83a5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 823094 - Test invalid permissions loading. r=sicking
6a1cddcd2070ca0d44fbbf29ee284a1f0957a38aMounir Lamouri — Bug 823093 - Skip permission entries with invalid appId. r=sicking
12cbe5187dc9e3ddc3c7dd798d8f2664dda60a5eJosh Matthews — Bug 829360 - Keep non-browser windows from extending the lifetime of the private session. r=bz
4f0d67d3d1db9bf9990001402c28542da36781e1Mark Hammond — Bug 837578 - stop preprocessing Social.jsm and MozSocialAPI.jsm. r=gavin
4404b9b0d6ab4dc59b9bf5823415f2f8d0864c73Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 821224 - Remove a bitmap recycle that was causing crashes. r=cpeterson
755d7faad3c049c5b47af8e4e99d37324d8d3796Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 837816 - Clean up the startup lib-loading functions. r=cpeterson
e9f71c463d9b3a2318fdff3723e1ef20ddf5512dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 493711 Provide an nsTArray-like API for nsCOMArray r=sicking
c36bac9f8962a31b764d46233ff045e6f1603a06Sean Stangl — Bug 832217 - Construct RegExpShared in the same compartment as the RegExpStatics. r=billm
3aad0225ff8f34e7688c590d4624f05eec5b8cddChris Pearce — Bug 836927 - Bustage fix. r=bustage
d4ce9051566e7476b4e57d28f4ad2e978fc3e1b1Chris Pearce — Bug 837859 - Enable Windows Media Foundation support for H.264,AAC and MP3 playback on Windows 7 and later. r=roc
fcb1d5ec2d6000167aca115b4c5c8400c7204ee4Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826166 - Remove an ability to set higher JS versions via language attribute. r=jonas
b1f54c7df31742c8ccc7324d558974e99a2c7ad8Chris Pearce — Bug 836927 - Make WMFByteStream bug compatible with WMF's IMFByteStream implementation. r=padenot
8d404fcb334b0249fa611a362f97997d8e03ab63Chris Pearce — Bug 830172 - Use a shared nsIThreadPool instead of one MFWorkQueue per WMFByteStream instance. r=padenot
b894118e1c771ad8406cbf1af05a5b1a1d8cad2bBrian Nicholson — Bug 837848 - Remove gecko property from handleGeckoMessage calls. r=mfinkle
3399392cc8374f4ccf17cf753e9843360af0f92bAlexandros Chronopoulos — Bug 821066 - Remove dead remotedesc/localdesc messages and events from sipcc. r=abr
d1a412685273ca75bda5cd174161b11b7fd82e5cVivien Nicolas — Rollup of bug 819000: Preload about:blank. r=cjones, r=jlebar
14e3c735b37399dc3c31f2d1ad26e85c86252896Justin Lebar — Bug 819000 - Preload some JSMs and XPCOM services into the preallocated process to speed up app startup. r=cjones
674484570fd5145b02fa06aff9a771e112000321Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 834525: Remove unnecessary log. [r=mfinkle]
01836b9cdcf1f5c95cd99b25f6bb46aa6e457fdcRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 832693 - Move protocol logic in about:telemetry into SymbolicationRequest. r=vladan.
17b8b22c24f89516062a27af9b2d434fc4d5314bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 836171. Update pixman to 0.27.4
aa0b91c746654dd34e67257b3ab6fd9055e5cf58Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 837775 - Fix some UseValueOf lint warnings. r=bnicholson
04617b9d49b33698360243090b2e44722258b94fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 832508 - When resuming Fennec and re-recreating the surface, force a first-paint notification from the compositor. r=Cwiiis
720ab0b8f566012f84602c410741cb5bc3fdac09Jim Chen — Bug 830557 - Fix startup crash by preloading class; r=gbrown
8f4ec9046b03c6cb67b482e92d80591a4aec34bdOlli Pettay — Bug 836875 - Background is no longer painted in Print output/Print preview, r=roc
2360c3c46aca97f1a8f1b91b7260d8c3e1024288Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 31268d71c33c (bug 833143) due to bug 837843.
bf832defde633cae03623db90c19720edcc46f99Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cfbd58e9c576c8af82b8117fe71ba9f5a2b812f4Alexandre Poirot — Bug 836506 - Set the version on mozilla-central/master to r=fabrice
704a1ceb0568ec4f42991fbc91ee031f2a4ac467Julien Wajsberg — Bug 834618 - Catch any error thrown from resolveFromOrigin. r=fabrice
df128dab6a05fc34a6f8d8c13ea22efbf7094e05Raymond Lee — Bug 834492 - Drop livemarks support from FUEL. r=mak
92970e076a4dfd9925cf01f57c66d86af50e0021Jonathan Griffin — Bug 834266 - Use XPCNativeWrapper to compare elements, r=mdas
60d155f8b54b6ac7c5bddfc11da871cc0fcd908aBenoit Girard — Backed out changeset 3c4205be7191 (bug 823236) for M2 failures
e3ed7d764b335cb05551af14c8703201c920ee59Brian Nicholson — Bug 837373 - Check for valid favicon before scaling it. r=mfinkle
d8d2ea38b36b926c290d11c327125d683f1b49a6Ehsan Akhgari — Export MediaBufferDecoder.h, no bug
ce5c110ac60622bd88a1dbdb4bbadb119f4c734bShriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 707296: Correct the length of the IndexedDB prompt timeout. r=gavin
8769476a0b0f3b36b4e85c1915f2939e189629bdShriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 702796: IndexedDB prompt should auto-dismiss after a timeout [in native fennec]. r=mbrubeck
3c4205be7191ad98185b4fb8fb25de70355fcca4Benoit Girard — Bug 823236 - Assert that the image is valid before inserting into the image pool. r=nical
661f7866da202ffd35430a27430fe9be90d4ae1bGregory Szorc — Bug 837631 - Part 2: Unbust virtualenv on Debians; r=glandium
f6d2ec0306135edc6616766b2d5b0218a63d0469Gregory Szorc — Bug 837631 - Part 1: Upgrade virtualenv to 1.8.4; r=glandium
b5185016ba609d6ac72a47ab463eb8b25e3f8da1Paul Feher — Bug 822256 - Robocop: Add test for System Pages feature. r=gbrown
d2e7bcb51f163ae280d482e4e81359284722c3a1Paul Feher — Bug 830755 - Robocop: Add test for 'Settings Menu Items' feature. r=gbrown
6a1cd615cefba7e4aa43664525bb120bd6e2ada1andreea pod — Bug 745041 - Robocop: Add test for Clear History. r=jmaher
d0efae27e0138955dad49a9e2566d8c1f5988f58Bill de Araujo — Bug 705961 - Ensure nsDocument doesn't modify the external resource hashtable while enumerating it. r=bz
83d6989fa8d8a45212abc4d193916911c99b6caeJoel Maher — Bug 837685 - upload a new to capture fix for android tscroll. r=armenzg
b40b5c2a7592cb44717b5dd199ac9c6bacfe0677Daniel Holbert — Bug 836957 part 3: Mark remaining nsIFrame::GetSkipSides() overrides as MOZ_OVERRIDE, and remove stale comments. r=mats
2c6a7b66968f98d70ec2f1b94023972c64fa9056Daniel Holbert — Bug 836957 part 2: Remove unnecessary nsIFrame::GetSkipSides() overrides whose implementations are in .cpp files. r=mats
69a6396e7d99a6fdf3c3f14d1286837bf14bb463Daniel Holbert — Bug 836957 part 1: Remove unnecessary nsIFrame::GetSkipSides() overrides whose implementations are in .h files. r=mats
6d1072f85dffb4edf9045a686725b640146ebdafLuke Wagner — Bug 837016 - IonMonkey: store CodeLabels by value (r=h4writer)
e80d2ef7ea469a9ec7829dca3d89d44885af63c1Hannes Verschore — Bug 832058: IonMonkey: Only inline if script is compile-and-go and doesn't have an arguments objects, r=nbp
6320dce4900ed89c1491a4f793596cce994ace0aPaul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Change the test, because mozFrameDelay can be 0, on a CLOSED TREE.
3a4c239b51971fc3fd1dda362e7718f62d1d4adbJosh Aas — Back out fix for bug 647216 due to test failures. CLOSED TREE
3971bce2c85bd6ae3845cfd941de4550ab0c9010Glenna Buford — Bug 836994: Check the right array when using using WatchPosition. r=jdm
9a0eecc327b655e912765ff8ed5ef3b0939a273eBobby Holley — Bug 831076 - Add assertSameCompartment to JS_ObjectToOuterObject, and clean up classinfo hook. r=mrbkap
21927e74471805298fd55e27a56adf8496e4f8c3Bobby Holley — Bug 831076 - Enter a compartment in jsd. r=mrbkap
5df7f6f7c9324d689aad0046262551184db437fbBobby Holley — Bug 831076 - Outerize during same-compartment wrapping so that JS_Wrap* is guaranteed to outerize. r=mrbkap
e9a083011b5a3606ddc7befdaf48bd4decb80d57Bobby Holley — Bug 831076 - Outerize at the very beginning of XPConnect wrapping and remove other outerization checks. r=mrbkap
54f8e15ab69885bba56825beec46b690b81f0f04Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 827836 - Re-apply patch previously reverted in 1d0948064259 since the test is fixed now. r=Cwiiis
243ac441cb189cbdb44893cd38edbe1063ef5b7dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 827836 - Apply a hack to a test that fails intermittently. r=jmaher
28cd2dbfd8f99147fb537ece66dc5891acd66043Josh Aas — Bug 647216: Allow mouse event handling in the title bar on OS X. A number of contributors to this patch, including Markus Stange, Paul O'Shannessy, Mike Conley, Stephen Pohl, and myself (Josh Aas). r=mstange,dao,enndeakin
d8856e5b21350536c9c3cf21ebd3a672e29198caKartikaya Gupta — Bug 837551 - Ignore dynamic section headers of type DT_FLAGS_1. r=glandium
f01a7922583bb95042afff101ec1c5283de54683Paul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
6a86feb9c86b4d3540b456e379c6b339206465e3Vicamo Yang — Bug 814579: connect client socket by id. r=qDot
ed2cb7a3df549cff0535e6379035f1225d283e6fMatthew Gregan — Bug 835075 - Modify the mochitest. r=padenot
37900f7d7bd9e325ab835c327dfa247d348ecfebPaul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Reset all the members of the VideoFrameComtainer in the Reset method. r=kinetik
e976b6bc14777a4fc8edca8060d4aba15035b625Paul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Test to check that media elements are reset appropriatly on source change. r=kinetik
75a6ebf32b41301daecb248ce0a099bd11ee5546Paul Adenot — Bug 804875 - Reset media element when loading a new src. r=kinetik
01361f5fda963e3dbc2f58366450d6f728ba837eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 36b5ab89ae64 (bug 835785) for mochitest orange.
e0cdaff13f73db91c6613f74123f04d14212e4c4Marco Chen — Bug 834200 - [Audio] Hook AudioManager::SetPhoneState for getting ring & in_call then register into AudioChannelService. r=baku, a=tef+
3d2d50b222e927e45e8420e5481e54df4818912fJan Beich — Bug 837459 - Make MOZ_DATA_REPORTING check for MOZ_CRASHREPORTER actually work. r=gps
972c5c7d1ff044a46b6651873a979490d0042bbeMatt Woodrow — Bug 836844 - Pass the right clip area for canvas frames. r=roc
5df9433cbf5456dc000f50b8c929bd27201e77e3Blake Winton — Bug 836764 - Change the urlbar's placeholder to indicate that we can search too. r=dao, ui-r=limi
57d4156eb9c3c16f0870643bbd85dd6f54e2f6a4Raymond Lee — Bug 836624 - Remove getFaviconForPage and getFaviconDataAsDataURL in test_bookmarks_html.js. r=mak
c8602343b7e2652877f235991d4e40e84202e01dGabriele Svelto — Bug 835352 - Forward content preference change notifications to child processes. r=mak
fbeec0d0afd761280d6340b2dce9d9dd49595799Andres Hernandez — Bug 834000 - Removing passwords in Firefox/Thunderbird 18.* always randomly reorders list of passwords in password manager. r=MattN
bb45ceb51e820df6f631bb7bd7628d78eef2fad9Alex Vincent — Bug 833879 - Move layout/xul/base/src/tree/ to layout/xul/tree, layout/xul/base/src/grid to layout/xul/grid. r=roc
a14a65fe91d56c1b1974aadb75c7d377a9d4e3e7Benedict Singer — Bug 819051 - XMLHttpRequset.setRequestHeader() needs to merge header values, not overwrite them. r=bz
dcb9903d10af21d0c47fc72c6a4917cbd7246c09Raymond Lee — Bug 816903 - Remove calls to addVisits from Places tests. r=mak
0f5d67cdf79c1bdd8ed7a786ca85ea07f57b1110Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
36b5ab89ae64ee4343e275b5c55e05be6ed8d9daGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 835785 - Don't show additional dump names in about:crashes. r=ted
fb0db0c171d377960f7213439a6d827fefcbc1f6Vicamo Yang — Bug 826931 (follow-up): fix build break. r=me
785366ece8a0e749a8c26126e7aa1111c46431f7Yoshi Huang — Bug 833711 - Part 4: marionette for lastKnownMcc. r=vicamo
da1f103142bdcf020925630d7cf9213110d277e7Yoshi Huang — Bug 833711 - Part 3: Move lastKnownMcc into voice connection. r=vicamo
6d4a334a99bc4df83c0141c0243ebeb491aafca2Yoshi Huang — Bug 833711 - Part 2: Revise handleoperatorchange in RadioInterfaceLayer and updateInfo in RILContentHelper. r=vicamo
a4c130560ea6d40ea478aa91e028c2a94280aae3Yoshi Huang — Bug 833711 - Part 1: Add lastKnownMcc into nsIDOMMobileConnectionInfo. r=vicamo sr=sicking.
ffdee4a4eb7fc7cae80dfc4cb2fe0c3178773dcfAndrew McCreight — Bug 819131 - Preserve reflector delegate weak map keys. r=billm
de946331d8861c358a483241fe34c67d8b61498aTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
43daf9e61e11a66cd2c201029d6adf5b83fe3ccbPaul Rouget — Bug 826685 - Web Console and Inspector font is (much) larger than Debugger and StyleEditor font (sourceeditor). r=msucan
2bff5a9d9783b529c619fad4e7f76fcc302e9240Girish Sharma — Bug 796065 - [markup panel] Any un-expanded node with content should show a "..." between open and close tags. r=dcamp
4f53e2898a449c214523be43874ad799969350c1Tim Taubert — Bug 837208 - Closing a private browsing window yields NS_ERROR_FAILURE in removeObserver() at LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm:64; r=ehsan
66295fcfee1309d80ed5d30886fe4ec049230060Tim Taubert — Bug 712763 - Backout changes from bug 669272 to keep original window order when restoring a session; r=felipe
f681a8eeea3e9a312424b9c85ed432ad51239024Tim Taubert — Bug 726275 - Shift-click on back/forward button doesn't load page; r=gavin
964839e7a2d1b531337be98f747e24dfcda3a59fTim Taubert — Bug 799495 - New Tab Page is shown in Private Browsing Mode (with preload=true); r=jaws
2a8e243711a98a8cc6b7b4a9e6bbbd5e41d7ad28Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
6fec3ed8b9a20999a401533940c8a853f6ab0ed5Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 6: update xpcshell tests for SST. r=vicamo
9f66f8a00cd048b799fe2c90f9f5bdf3f823fb95Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 5: remove SST from iccInfo. r=vicamo
bf3fc973a6ea83156f9a08b8cf069b4fb61990a0Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 4: Update GPS. r=dougt
baf4dd1d44dbb044311871c4c487619737d3a445Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 3: update read IMSI. r=vicamo
05bbd6799b5a3137b39bcdaa5406caf74ee6a036Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 2: rename icc to iccInfo. r=vicamo
d1decce80087fa765984488fff4a11ef7e5ae712Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 1: IDL Changed. r=vicamo
7349207f0878f774b8f28d06d5dd5cdca33d943cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 836054 - DMD: Handle stack entries with PC of 0x0. r=jlebar.
091c55c7215c9b1034594fa2c6b383479f9673d4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 836985 follow-up: Make ScriptSourceHolder constructor explicit. r=benjamin.
c966159d269920d0cfb08666b95e9d7337448e74Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 837002 - Fix two clang warnings in SpiderMonkey. r=luke.
f24b93663ea95a4252e38be6e4f0cdf7ebe5c211Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 836985 - Remove ScriptSourceHolder::rt. r=benjamin.
0c6f78d3f0a498ff2222139ca157f65a3db294c5Yoshi Huang — Bug 835186: Add delay to run next test case. r=vicamo
bf21c968fa892c155ba689619d214cdade85c0dfBrian Hackett — Bug 837418 - Fix silly mistake when dealing with OOM under str_concat, r=terrence.
e8f79381117e4abe304e29107ff8d81a573ba71bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 837520 - Part 2: Move HTMLBRElement to Web IDL bindings; r=bzbarsky
eef81a08397653c2fdcc902ebc870ce2c8b50444Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 837520 - Part 1: Rename nsHTMLBRElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLBRElement; r=bzbarsky
ff480fbd99a38c67659c28edc9925a03d542aa4eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 837416 - Part 2: Move HTMLStyleElement to Web IDL bindings; r=bzbarsky
a3117442985d9295b56ff591a85e852a64f1915bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 837416 - Part 1: Rename nsHTMLStyleElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLStyleElement; r=bzbarsky
baa19c2db2af294e97e9c620b4b7ecc1f8506475Glenna Buford — Bug 837013: Removed virtual keyword from methods that are unnecessarily virtual in nsTableFrame. r=dholbert
d1e42a7a1ad316ff71c1b5f33fda82913e22e38aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 829035. Reduce pixman bilinear precision to match upstream.
e2cb5c5978fd1d902103bc4b3ae40a3e7c3ad916Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 837416) because of test failures
1d7232646d12cf5d9bff5af63938fbe55e3ead87Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 837416 follow-up: don't throw success
f24905861be56991d6572a9cf3bbf703724aa416Chris Pearce — Bug 703135 - Disable optimizations in oc_huff_tree_collapse when building with MSVC2012 and later to avoid crash due to compiler bug. r=derf
ec019c0fc63a3ea83c3d9f37daa4e564c4491dfdTill Schneidereit — Bug 810715 - De-lazify a JSFunction's script before querying its ndefaults value. r=luke
476af8f75f289496fa913ff5192203e38a8fe3ebEhsan Akhgari — Bug 837416 - Part 2: Move HTMLStyleElement to Web IDL bindings; r=bzbarsky
428b29658d07f13522b1e1b89a4938e93d60ca28Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 837416 - Part 1: Rename nsHTMLStyleElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLStyleElement; r=bzbarsky
db8ec0f3badf2168e5ce2e1c3e8ea9b311094a9fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
847e28c7ba6738b22cdf7c7021f423509464356dPhil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c
4fe38a0ee8c5a3af493e78627228d0c067ac934fAlfred Kayser — Bug 828281 - UpdateRecord in CloseOutputStream can be removed. r=michal.novotny
94ff3af8d554b45c94adb8aea496683b0b162104Robert Longson — Bug 837450 - Leak with getTransformToElement. r=jwatt
fcaec51a34727e1ac5780421a95593afae018b88Jonathan Kew — bug 822266 - refresh backing scale factors after swapping frameloader contents, in case device resolutions differ. r=bz
eae4b34eb792efd0b33b06313fa9dda3c12166c6Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 837395: define EAFNOSUPPORT for VC9 r=rjesup
b10cbe334217969b0fbd5b9fdf4e7a67d0808c32Randell Jesup — Bug 837421: Webrtc: Ignore second call to ConnectDataConnection r=derf
6472bf8f484b82320ff4a3338a81b8460492d222Alexander Surkov — Bug 786163 - sort out name calculation for HTML input buttons, r=tbsaunde
f9f36de41b0e8bdb95662f5bfc4ba3d582903580David Zbarsky — Bug 837039 - Fix SVGMatrix failure codes r=longsonr
b2f1089d6cd48473262e9af39cc822fc1f1e8139Mats Palmgren — Bug 827150 - Notify ASan/Valgrind when moving entries in and out of a PresArena free list. r=roc,choller
83be9ac1f2ebc036d5ad5ce00db515fb3efeb29dVladan Djeric — Bug 793972 - Fix 'Details' button in Crash Reporter dialog. r=ted
2e7305f65f73f42df7c2d389d1b45555e6c82dbdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGStyleElement r=peterv
8ea2ed91960524e46a4eeaa95ab70eda808de235David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGStopElement r=peterv
2d2745aa1767f838a9976706758227901b84d2adDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGScriptElement r=peterv
ca55019ea1dfce8dc76bddc1da811db2e0f2d502David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGRectElement r=peterv
ae929c40a4627677eaad95acf2bc1930180993e4David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGPolylineElement r=peterv
dc3b339636186e3ed8b9d868df69de6de28b7b21David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGPolygonElement r=peterv
f35d993f948a79499455e66fc6ce3d24d31ce54aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGPatternElement r=bz
d507fe05c49ce1860715cc6b7e3531298bf16f58David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGPathElement r=peterv
f00345f5f9caaaf7a5a492a456455d06950ccc64David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGMPathElement r=peterv
931ee8f31546d346a8ca126dd66b4abe43130543David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGMetadataElement r=peterv
cf5acd1ad7c4236b536a5b1d640867767a170f00David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGLineElement r=peterv
a9ced016d1e716dac78bd22c8a1117ef22f80fbeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGGradientElement and subclasses r=peterv
194005810283a882c6c5a33c2c60a3e0426efa9fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGGElement r=peterv
8005b24b6ce66b71e584edc34f64da37ae740f09David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGForeignObjectElement r=peterv
e43e4368470a06554240b97e18cedce5714834eeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGEllipseElement r=peterv
208f5e11d45d67f1931558d12fe83806ff1d1741David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGDescElement r=peterv
c2fc3896a4f5f5aa060cac09975b20eb1b5a2787David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGDefsElement r=peterv
5750a71f5f7812788fc7a941a53e6aa29cb95277David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGCircleElement r=peterv
71060161c7e186257ef36840d99fa288087a8b02David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimationElement r=peterv
29b3563c4a037a562cda2c1b75d3d70d5645c8fdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGSetElement r=peterv
1c2c302ab9d2e431b01e412ceddaa46e2ffc4409David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimateTransformElement r=peterv
c0a7d480d7c261835b642ef85ae7f1f81228f9dbDavid Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimateMotionElement r=peterv
e48e9622ac8656b620da1055b5aa4cdd8caef2c0David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimateElement r=peterv
6c93f477687b6a23e732f973f3607b70635b35b0David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Remove nsIDOMSVGAltGlyphElement r=peterv
b4673ca3faccef843e496fc464f270838aa732c3David Zbarsky — Bug 833446: Include nsIDOMSVGElement.h in nsSVGElement.h
4466d3ff8ada315e689120977012702733af932eAndres Hernandez — Bug 822284 - Intermittent browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js, browser_privatebrowsing_crh.js; r=ehsan
2962a3ff97dad7b1468a3b54c0bb474853f61585Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
13654177590abae26b328c9d2e0356a3e235423cJonathan Watt — Bug 835883 - Give the -moz-orient property an 'auto' value, and make that its initial value. r=dholbert.
a2c01ef72e26d8d2adb9f6d59cd067505a751484Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 836809 (Convert XMLStyleSheetProcessingInstruction to WebIDL). r=bz.
94dc3dd5174a1740a50f42f7675d67ef7d80c4fcPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 836809 (Convert XMLStyleSheetProcessingInstruction to WebIDL) - rename nsXMLStylesheetPI to mozilla::dom::XMLStylesheetProcessingInstruction. r=bz.
b48d4a8141bd6a650ac32fd19aaff6dbec4df8a4Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 830879 (HTML Element WebIDL bindings require classinfo). r=bz.
d9c36d39f7bcc5b33f227030486d90c26b1881caAlfred Kayser — Bug 572011 - Crash @ nsDiskCacheStreamIO::FlushBufferToFile - Make sure that we don't crash on empty/missing buffer
8eeb4f84294144494db9da3bcedfbf488b135bf4Daniel Holbert — back out 9a7369b9bc9d (bug 814579) for B2G Arm opt Mn & X orange
e649c4c4cb6f108eb1725e1b179739c61152e7e9Daniel Holbert — Bug 837313: Mark image/decoders, image/decoders/icon, and image/decoders/icon/win as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=joe
9a7369b9bc9dde50952c43f74917ec0f59c0d7cbVicamo Yang — Bug 814579: connect client socket by id. r=qDot
14c50f120fe9efc5772c336434ef915100b70c43Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 823056: Move locks to protect linked_ptr<> instances r=ehugg
eef2d013520d01b40e8137f3ecebd23d2140d0f6Robert Strong — Bug 837345 - Cleanup unused code that is no longer needed with NSIS 2.46. r=bbondy
a1716a79f81b57c5e91553c891212b4e51129129Robert Strong — Bug 695811 - Checking for updates logs two warnings about deprecated XMLHttpRequest attributes. r=bbondy, r=dhylands
7271e80ac418f9a0b666097e8dda929e2588d127Sean Stangl — Backout Bug 837042 for mysterious compilation failures on TBPL.
9077fe979defde44728593ca84747d5916afac33Brian Nicholson — Bug 837042 - Remove gecko property from sendMessageToJava. r=mfinkle
d26c537bd3150ce8c2a38c05c77e3ac43bb1a3adSean Stangl — Bug 832217 - Construct RegExpShared in the same compartment as the RegExpStatics. r=billm
3b9a168fc0b7ff2606fdccbf1bd943cb7faf4167Sid Stamm — Bug 779918 - disregard auth credentials in URLs when doing CSP policy checks. (r=imelven)
c29fe4384d8f762d94cc6fc0a00f19ea89fcee32Myk Melez — bug 797613 - identify Fennec via MOZ_FENNEC var and use MOZ_B2G to simplify Webapps.js ifdefs; r=fabrice, khuey
bfb1cc4ca87fa8362735eff7a6ab8833c5693000Blake Winton — Bug 345603 - Move "Clear Recent History" menu item from "Tools" menu to "History" menu; r=dao ui-r=limi
3ef8b1c938824d3ed3e8a20f70baf0683cc52305Margaret Leibovic — Bug 836838 - Avoid race condition in distribution initialization. r=bnicholson,mfinkle
ccf2e70a3e52b8b3f5a782e6bb3acbb758e172f1Margaret Leibovic — Bug 836517 - Lightweight theme support for distributions. r=mfinkle
7f543b37a35979f8177f50268198b8742fccf175Margaret Leibovic — Bug 834681 - Add support for basic distribution modifications. r=mfinkle
c00a6b146150f92bd4749d2562bcfd5099e2e14fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 808785. Stop shipping d3dx9_43.dll. r=bjacob
b10397812c05d8e428908f3db59fdb2eb376dfd1Daniel Holbert — Bug 836348: Mark toolkit/components/autocomplete as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=mak
4e1d18b129798f1f7f877b4cc1f79c0c582c6388Daniel Holbert — Bug 837253: When declaring JSObject as a friend, use 'class' instead of 'struct' to fix MSVC warning-spam. r=dvander
65ed5b0f10203a4f0287ac61205d7296b6d4f9cdDaniel Holbert — Bug 835867: Use 'nsRefPtr' and 'forget()' in nsNavHistory.cpp instead of manual NS_ADDREF calls. r=mak
36304c47f23b7fc32e468654323e98b2ab15bab3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 792263 follow-up: Use class instead of struct to satisfy pesky compiler warnings (or rather, errors)
3b52eded5b899d0f3bd736ae857fb5ee53aa7e5eAndrew McCreight — Bug 837033 - HTMLButtonElement should QI to its CC participant. r=bz
c1eda57437ca036d300a72d96dfb2ade5b7da792Dave Townsend — Bug 793928: Update the CLOBBER file to make sure preprocessed modules pick up the new location of the promise library.
42979cfc8b33c2f6bf5f7ac43a4306c0a935cb90Mark Capella — Bug 836689 - The security notification pop-up is still displayed, r=mfinkle
083e6703ed563a280bf405d5c908964f82543d98Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 792263 - Implement decodeAudioData; r=bzbarsky,cpearce,padenot
bf1502fe805397ca90c0a928b7d32c4dc0d8f467Dão Gottwald — Bug 836010 - When startup is determined to be slow, tell users about ways to improve their startup time. r=felipe
0e7e657e773934b8ef0d02539f07a141b46790ffSean Stangl — Bug 837014 - Always inline the empty script. r=bhackett
fb6692f7e52183f619a64896aa0968116e7d7640Dave Townsend — Bug 793928: Switch users of the promise library to the new location and move tests files. r=gavin
729d655f29f6fe09bd65ba1fe861b1051da480d4Dave Townsend — Bug 793928: Ship the Add-on SDK APIs as part of the platform. r=gps
a874d2756f6530a8ee7c8dc6dbcb7102944d5127Dave Townsend — Bug 731779: Integrate the Add-on SDK loader and API libraries into Firefox (uplifting from addon-sdk a16bbd5772880b578a939eeb65102bca6560d494)
4a93c9d94a3b6a0450dd021ae442267dd1e2bd93Gregor Wagner — Bug 836423 - Contacts API: Fix oncontactchange function. r=bent
ac2666f2a095cd05c7efb3ddfc4c84133e5dd343Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 837235 - Fix builds with --disable-webgl; r=bjacob
b2ed3a48edbecd2d69b86c0e5955467422126b59Vendelin Ruzicka — Bug 835767: AsyncConnectionHelper::ConvertCloneReadInfosToArray callers don't need to clear structured clone buffers. r=bent
d7b65369292acf21eb8392413dd18067c3ff271dGregory Szorc — Bug 809920 - Create testing/modules for shared testing-only JS modules; r=ted
971141fe081e9e733ec87160e71dbc2217f49e3bMark Finkle — Bug 837215 - YouTube video's redirect on play; broken on tablets r=bnicholson
4a5dbee13878fdfbe9fee732bc099ef37a78ac36Jim Chen — Bug 832028 - Make resetting Editable during focus more reliable; r=cpeterson
bb11e1f204ca0c314df7e791841a534c80f89421Brian Nicholson — Bug 827370 - Remove RedirectorRunnable. r=mfinkle
c55a794c98d0df8d4c7017d7a0b74bf7156b4cc4Robert Strong — Additional logging for Bug 835197 - Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0202_app_launch_apply_update_dirlocked.js, test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js [Exception... 'Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIFile.copyTo]'. r=bbondy
7b97c1f762758a9373fdaa7055e27c2b4f87a790Fabrice Desré — Bug 836909 - Trying and failing to update a 3rd party app update due to an error - cannot launch the app anymore r=ferjm
dfc06d96fa348745db1d741d84cff88a87cb60c0Fabrice Desré — Bug 836859 - Trying download an update for the maps packaged app fails with INVALID_SIGNATURE r=ferjm
4285b55dfb2d5436dbfb82a718b5e0ed06f98d86Ian Melven — Bug 832193 - Content Security Policy: a source of * is mistakenly interpreted as a source of http://*:80 (r=sstamm)
e587c63703419a11e7b7c4ade34f98489fd1f837Aki Sasaki — bug 834789 - gaia-nightly -> gaia-central. r=catlee
8728de36d4a8c4821bdb77be792688705b1889f9Kartikaya Gupta — Back out of d8d79ba17527 (bug 828201) as it caused a significant memory regression on Android. r=me
29ce5ecbdb24b14888f0c9dbd8665b7671e9ca42Ian Melven — Bug 831372 - Typo in message for both CSP headers (r=smaug) DONTBUILD
d748750d388e89a1d2c92f8b98f7b9e95c4748e9Randell Jesup — Bug 837161: don't assert mainthread in AudioConduit create/init/destroy if in a unittest r=ehugg
d407bfef7ae61b1d39d3722230253900bd1815e8Jeff Hammel — Bug 836123 - eliminate the mysteriously old tinderbox-standalone-tests;r=ted
96302c19380fce2131b66687981b94c88ec9828aFrank Yan — Bug 837061 - Use plain JS property for tab._fullyOpen to decouple from binding destruction upon tab movement. r=dao
0a072eb27f1d0687791faebffa5103b179455f8fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 835280 nsIMEStateManager::OnChangeFocus() for DOM document should be called only when designMode document gets focus r=enndeakin
31268d71c33c693ea118f09e28b393adb40b4549Olli Pettay — Bug 833143 - Don't GC in nsXREDirProvider::DoShutdown, r=bsmedberg,billm
ba515e203813b34f6feaaa4ad0d0a971f828e7f5Mike Hommey — Bug 835214 - Avoid re-stripping executables already stripped. r=ted
5f21061637d59d26776fa8cb8cb975326bb50a1aMike Hommey — Bug 836218 - Always copy files instead of skipping when destination is newer when doing l10n-repacks. r=ted
d949c8ee39da1edc021415377c4a4fc74caa530eMike Hommey — Bug 835309 - Look at .xpi file contents when unifying them for universal builds. r=gps
6474019340d3fd5e31cbf1f5c7990fd03dd8a810Mike Hommey — Bug 835309 - Fix JarFileReader.readlines() and make flake8 happier. r=gps
be76182b91a66ecfb464df2d9b8de481ed57ce90Randell Jesup — Bug 788185: add a/v sync to Audio/Video Conduits r=derf
0ffbc0f69476ad7a1800c40275281ac0b572535dffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-661 - a=blocklist-update
4e7c92906a795f721806e19aa86566bfd2c89018Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f3271987974111cb3c0629908417b45bf42049d7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 835356 - More aggressive logging and fallback handling for prolonged blocking on gecko event sync. r=blassey
1bc813b9d3a9cab1e17126c5c91e6483b8344b1aBrandon Waterloo — Bug 833511 - Add rotation gesture support to Image documents. r=jaws
14d9f685371170ebdffcbd32c27442b315103f44Mark Hammond — Bug 826160 - don't remove the preference when migrating to multi-provider builds. r=gavin
7245eecea323460cfad5da68a0508bc719c4ad18Daniel Holbert — Bug 836604: Collapse nsStyleSet::GetContext()'s boolean parameters into a 'flags' parameter. r=bz
17e9b8b30b679f8185288b506bfd6af112f4b699Daniel Holbert — Bug 836355: Mark media/mtransport/test/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=jesup
375ef95431c40c0e38c0529d6d051b2503f77871Daniel Holbert — Bug 837004: Annotate some overridden methods in nsSVGContainerFrame as MOZ_OVERRIDE. r=jwatt
c50b1701529d7d3240b7de6ae22ba3a2bfd50479Daniel Holbert — Bug 836974: Move nsInlineFrame's #include of nsLineLayout from the .h file into .cpp file. r=mats
d6a13004613f11ef0be15aff9e9e12527cff7568Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
5527dd4bfcbfb431e9646d2f3c163218bd78bfa8Justin Lebar — Bug 833913 - Part 3: Switch nsMemoryReporterManager to using nsTHashtable. r=khuey,njn
da129718ccb144269ffd50a9b5b5b0042434f0f4Justin Lebar — Bug 833913 - Part 2: Make about:memory sort reporters with equal amounts by name, and update the tests to match this. r=njn
346157c3cd44da7c2518688776186bfe930cf368Justin Lebar — Bug 833913 - Part 1: s/PR_TRUE/true in nsISimpleEnumerator.idl comment. r=bsmedberg
8b25322ec2bf77c714c00bc9b2b81a615da1d676Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e521791fe3cc (bug 821695) for mochitest-2 orange.
9e3fcc54281b69f3bd5377cb59b8d77eef21c7d3Randell Jesup — Bug 789858: Error out if we can't find a byteswap function in libsrtp (for upstreaming) r=ted DONTBUILD
dabe7736e4f929b901d38b05d91435ce6017bd39Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 825927 Patch 2: Lengths, leaks, and contracts. r=ekr
5938f7cbfa8eb89b20a401addd04e8dc4d177fddEhsan Akhgari — Bug 827158 - Part 4: Traverse the mValidity member of HTMLObjectElement as well
e521791fe3cc9ec0d10f527ae72b40e53587dfb4Alexandre Poirot — Bug 821695 - Do not load videocontrols.xml if the audio/video tag does not need it. r=roc
8ee65e7da665d8a0802479d242e9a1750a1e23eeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6123591fafb8ed4c3245ed4c792105e97c0aa813Brian Hackett — Bug 836774 - Prevent objects/strings from flowing to an MToDouble, r=jandem.
71021f2374545b00ab23786060e3f7633427bd6bJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 822522 - [b2g-ril] Add an explicit GECKO_CARDSTATE_UNKNOWN state. r=qDot
8cf5d79350603f6b22ca05f556a1262df542a57dVicamo Yang — Bug 826931 - Part 3/3: use mozilla::ipc::UnixSocket. r=qDot
f702f4adea068537a97eece6383eda6bd9226a5eVicamo Yang — Bug 826931 - Part 2/3: UnixSocket - allow delayed connection. r=qDot
17e87a6b7c3f699d891891b590a3bbab6e6eb883Vicamo Yang — Bug 826931 - Part 1/3: UnixSocket - allow ownership take-over in ReceiveSocketData(). r=qDot,echou
1911bdd5b5482225520840c53a7d50016ba3e3ccMs2ger — Backout changeset 6a6ba49340e7 (bug 837039) for M1 orange on a CLOSED TREE.
3979463039ed70e832e1b28917363478162f77a8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 833012 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusion from Element.h. r=Ms2ger
f28e2f533c5628fe82a4034a9317ac087b6958c7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in gfx/. r=Ms2ger
7c676b4c0d53904e7fc8546b31486182e00dc2b9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in content/base/. r=Ms2ger
32831201b9efb07a8105f5091d21f7cf8e8dc37cMounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in content/xslt/. r=Ms2ger
02e8dcde27b76ef8fc44fd94e23d81b71d1ef478Mounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in content/xbl/. r=Ms2ger
cd11feb558732c53b19f3b5cc4ed21cb8cac9d48Mounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in content/events/. r=smaug
00a33fee3c87b9615c2f18075f70bbfc2a08d4c4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in content/html/. r=Ms2ger
a2ae479d35c694285074780bd85773e0e00537afMounir Lamouri — Bug 833009 - Remove "nsContentUtils.h" inclusions from headers in layout/. r=bz
80354280319419d7b9c9b28011c62232f6b6867dStephen Horlander — Bug 836887 - Fix zoom-in toolbar button icon in HiDPI mode. r=fryn
f3b3be0822c44a42a15ed32b00b775883a68a10aHannes Verschore — Bug 828119: IonMonkey: Add fastpath for strict string comparison, r=jandem
c46098d2964c681782c3d76ec4753993a8ce96d5Dave Hylands — Bug 836973 - Force adb on when marionette is enabled (i.e. non-user builds). r=fabrice
6a6ba49340e700b856f14a55e62a74cf70d892deDavid Zbarsky — Bug 837039 - Fix SVGMatrix failure codes r=longsonr
90aa16284fae57d638742963b5b51969fa022ad0David Zbarsky — Bug 837036 - Remove SVGLocatableElement and SVGTransformableElement IDL r=longsonr
da4ddb6f669c6da11ddbd2f9f95cc0a24b882de6shuang — Bug 828837:Fix COD equals 0x20080c cause icon empty, r=echou
9069c3f568f7570b659627f3c9f20b1124679309Benjamin Peterson — Bug 718969 - Perform an exorcism; remove the decompiler. r=luke
e8e06607d8fe4eac453a2863df94a0404b068ab4Benjamin Peterson — Bug 777474 - Use the expression decompiler for opcode text when possible. r=bhackket
c6e5bf0eb51a1a3c291e96c47bae8b30d52b56baPhil Ringnalda — Bug 788293 - Removing e4x support requires a CLOBBER
c929583ba8ae39a6e32752039fc538f3e94fde9aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 788293 - Remove e4x support. r=jorendorff,terrence,evilpie.
ffacb7f986f03e056c7128b364e7477cb01e94bcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 834090 - Name unused opcodes more sanely. r=jorendorff.
a7f7309da69d8d1aefead656cbf6b47403154395Phil Ringnalda — Back out 66882ea6f8c7 (bug 788293) and 32f09cb3c7b6 (bug 834090) for bustage
a62ffd085b9dc6fdd70eb4281b546db686f9e3ecPhil Ringnalda — Back out fa772ccdf19d (bug 718969) and 050a0a27024a (bug 777474) for being in the way of backing out bustage
703cfc2901995b2bb4eafc637e6ef664dcac48c6L. David Baron — Fix WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS bustage ("comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions") from Bug 830707, Part 1 (changeset 93a4d0995cba) on a CLOSED TREE.
4444d9e3af9a24af8f4081eacc3148756c76a802Jason Smith — bug 837028 - Add logging statements for basic peer connection tests. r=jesup
aecf9fd2ea567f327a5828bac0e723493c54d80eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 830707. Part 3: Don't constrain AudioSegment to a fixed number of channels. r=jesup
7653791740524ffe83e3a7d195b3bc81739b40a9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 830707. Part 2: Mix channels to output channel count when playing audio. r=jesup
f418c58745a72c887af6fca038805aaa8619b53bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 830707. Part 1.5: Add MAX_AUDIO_SAMPLE_SIZE and tweak AddAudioSampleOffset. r=jesup
93a4d0995cba3b5a46c5b76d2c4c39d3f09b28ddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 830707. Part 1: Add code for upmixing and downmixing following Web Audio's spec. r=jesup
d7f45e033103adeb610c600d3ef6cc34c70a6047Robert O'Callahan — Bug 828146. Ensure nsDisplayBackgroundImage::ComputeInvalidationRegion invalidates something for nsDisplayBackgroundImages which are themed. r=mattwoodrow
fa772ccdf19d995b446324e88b2c5b7383b90e94Benjamin Peterson — Bug 718969 - Perform an exorcism; remove the decompiler. r=luke
050a0a27024a47c81a07942cdcf3f8a85c00c26eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 777474 - Use the expression decompiler for opcode text when possible. r=bhackket
41075512e6528af980d138f4cbfdaea57ac947f5Steve Workman — Bug 813562 - Test case for garbled DASH MPD and WebM media r=cpearce
a350ac5a27ecc8f41b9ba4f807e3192467f764b2L. David Baron — Bug 836530 followup: fix tests for new ASCII range.
66882ea6f8c7048b3c3aa6f235387beb86ae0c9dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 788293 - Remove e4x support. r=jorendorff,terrence,evilpie.
32f09cb3c7b678c88b8f0cc26aa4c1c9d849b02aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 834090 - Name unused opcodes more sanely. r=jorendorff.
e8c9170523069673854e2619f602dfeeec73155cL. David Baron — Bug 836530: Make all non-ASCII characters be CSS identifier characters. r=bzbarsky
67a6eb23e58668ed9bfeaeb4cbc908b9306d1794Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 834383: Ensure PeerConnectionImpl destructor doesn't use globals after they're gone r=jesup,bsmith
f8e40ab9bf6cd4e25d96ebe06bf51cda6523ea1eAndrew Miller — Bug 834100 - Null deref if you call addIceCandidate on an RTCPeerConnection before setting localDesc [@ fsmdef_ev_addcandidate]. r=abr
63df0418ce2b3682e7bf9f7e7a26f7e87a915356Tanvi Vyas — Bug 836359 - Categorize TYPE_OBJECT_SUBREQUEST as mixed display content instead of mixed active content. r=smaug,dveditz
0cd43265df735b0d20a93e2e330c0ca888724a6aTanvi Vyas — Bug 836459 - If a page has both mixed display and mixed active content loaded, make sure both nsIWebProgressListener flags are set in psm. r=bsmith
c6a9595807483effdb20774def5d7bd2484fed3eTanvi Vyas — Bug 836459 - If a page has both mixed display and mixed active content loaded, make sure both nsIWebProgressListener flags are set. r=smaug
91befa7c24887f962f848cfa27dd4ee909b74320Tanvi Vyas — Bug 836811 - Fixes a regression / crash caused by bug 822371. If there is no security UI, return. r=smaug.
9545909e8283a84f6810f3bb32027ea4c98cbb73Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 70872c020944 (bug 834383) speculatively to see if it fixes the random timeouts in test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html and friends.
fbcff2d6edc82bae4b68a11a600bf80068af5b37Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 739217) for mochitest-1 orange on a CLOSED TREE.
4c73235f1aa27ef53244e1315cc96763257e1301Luke Wagner — Bug 836616 - allow ParseNodes to distinguish numbers containing a decimal point (r=njn)
d7f4807655ec0ab476070469c3fc2fe01680a4f4Kai Engert — Bug 834741, landing final NSPR 4.9.5 and final NSS 3.14.2, r=wtc.
ecdbffdf275adaf214ae7c8e2cc91ba20ccfd181Chris Peterson — Bug 833254 - Fix MFBT's gcc version checks. r=waldo
566e7485b29a069593bbcaf53c0cf59e6b8d517aMounir Lamouri — Bug 835055 - Make sure that a script can't use an unsanitized value while the user is typing in a field. r=smaug
d4b0027c75e9b6266d149513ba93015af581bbc5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 835055 - 1/2 - Add a IsExperimentalMobileType() method and refactor a bit. r=smaug
6639a23e0eb0c7b105553240f1ac765a6beba674Mounir Lamouri — Bug 781572 - Implement min and max attributes behaviour for <input type='time'>. r=smaug
c0b435ca93f9883ab90ce616a9f9a264f3bad4eeSteve Workman — Bug 792935 - Test to detect DASH stream switching r=cpearce
dea32aeff13e64056611cc64cd3a0bae164c2147Dave Hylands — Bug 836770 - Don't change persist.sys.usb.config if it already has the correct value (ADB) r=fabrice
0f306bf2d17d4e371544f9ed4dce095201a2e998Daniel Holbert — Bug 836899: Remove nsBlockReflowState constructor unused parameter 'aMetrics'. r=dbaron
5e57a1b8f7b4f866c99af4ce4316d9e03bfc3896Daniel Holbert — Bug 836345: Cast nsCOMArray::Count()'s result to uint32 in nsAutoCompleteController.cpp, to fix signed/unsigned comparison build warnings. r=mounir
3e4fc8131668c5f0e77a03fefa1dd4200ba74041Fabrice Desré — Bug 834999 - followup to remove useless dump() r=me a=tef+
d87607c66190c5d1b9cd38c4d2275c6914e8b982Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 739217 - Follow-up to fix mochitest-1 orange.
c6a2e0805de7a5c74c0229018a7913b259f4e0c6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b1e8d7154488 (bug 834100) for Fedora64 M3 orange.
091c6ec1944429d16789846c46fd62f368241302Jeff Walden — Bug 836438 - Always implement nsresult using an unsigned 32-bit integer type. r=ehsan
14550ec92519d20f5a325b18e32b693be7825f27Jeff Walden — Bug 836438 - Refactor IPC::ParamTraits specializations so that we don't have to manually guard against the possibility of multiple parameter types being the same type. r=ehsan
ef7cba7370272c647403bc93d3cf4a81aebeeed4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 833208 (part 5) - Remove e4x support from mochitests. r=jorendorff.
a23bdbc1f1452c254f237268f2882b497fa168e2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 833208 (part 4) - Remove e4x support from xpcshell tests. r=jorendorff.
43fec63eae07b91423197ff17805da71ea547512Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 833208 (part 3) - Remove e4x support from jsapi-tests. r=jorendorff.
1606f7f92fb913b82f3f72c705ee567f376737a5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 833208 (part 2) - Remove e4x support from jstests. r=jorendorff.
cde4cf36ca7c120b6b539c28b2a9e58abe70de8cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 833208 (part 1) - Remove e4x support from jit-tests. r=jwalden.
2727e931b6c7af02537bd14dfaac20c6c4e084e9Sean Stangl — Backout Bug 829758 to investigate crashes.
be266bba7f88ae1817176a8afd148620ce460c09Sean Stangl — Bug 836087 - Avoid using doubles for lastIndex in ExecuteRegExp(). r=nbp
a3803aaadbdbff5af3728101d3b1a43b5948cadbMark Finkle — Bug 828892 - Favicons are missing for the default bookmarked pages besides about: ones r=bnicholson
d693f77e31664963fac8a9828e0ff136c0053a1eLuke Wagner — Bug 835003 - simplify generation of MTableSwitch jump tables (r=h4writer)
bf98cf3585ab0e1d5078a113bee98d8dc21336f3Fabrice Desré — Bug 835013 - AppProtocolHandler.js and related code taking ~50ms on the critical startup path r=cjones
b42bd3d9cc23f01af36a7af13aa4e0eb6439a891Fabrice Desré — Bug 836538 - Catch exceptions when we have no etag headers on packages r=ferjm
4d956c4b8279f44482835f9e69183cedfbd276b2Aaron Klotz — Bug 815418: Telemetry for failed profile lock attempts r=vladan
4df72bf4cd1c1b323ca0c91842f178f866a4bcabScott Johnson — Backed out changeset 69e0bdbd4f36 for incorrect commit message. r=me
743071f62e677477f8e21210a13ca88ad7d71824Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 7: Browser sanitize replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
2524d2ba315a3b5d35c6c94b9e8b90e67e19e8e4Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 6: Browser social replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak, r=jaws
c45ef9f35b4a8eca54677630a17e2e46a4454d28Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 5: Toolkit replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
ebc59bd1a516a7ae339463ad658f053bdc99ed34Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 4: Browser replacements of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
5fe0fa1d1b9ed71d439a5f6dd79a45d52c4276f0Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 2: docshell replacement of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
a39e48ab00a6accbd226d1bd7a929dd7511b0153Andres Hernandez — Bug 739217 - Part 1: addVisits replacement of synchronous isVisited with asynchronous isURIVisited. r=mak
69e0bdbd4f36268dcf99dfd5e7f49eb3e7fc8360Aarom Klotz — Bug 815418: Telemetry for failed profile lock attempts r=vladan
b536eee06d66d554fcab707fd2efc61b97f8cd2aScott Johnson — Bug 830645: Allow reflow-on-zoom to happen on page-load. [r=kats]
b1e8d71544885e708e11c493c1d3981707c6a7cfAndrew Miller — Bug 834100 - Null deref if you call addIceCandidate on an RTCPeerConnection before setting localDesc [@ fsmdef_ev_addcandidate]. r=abr
0988737f4382176299774bdd5493198f620ef744Dave Hunt — Bug 833007 - Gaia UI tests fail against desktop Firefox OS builds due to tap interaction. r=mdas
2f42e4ce2f5cbc613287c1c7829addf63998595fSeth Fowler — Bug 828176 - Make RasterImage::GetURIString work again. r=joe
c0dc5d403329c8757542e29ac7eaeb7f6e4b1eb1Robert Strong — Bug 836620 - Cleanup app binary copies used by app update xpcshell tests. r=bbondy
70872c02094446ad2045c2eb5f5633bcaffbc94eAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 834383: Ensure PeerConnectionImpl destructor doesn't use globals after they're gone r=jesup,bsmith
eefb9fb2af7860d23519eb8c66e42c3f1f018070Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 9aadf7e35e70 (bug 836517) and 493805ba1c85 (bug 834681) for Android test hangs.
40aeae12d0913ac0fd68ba59350d648f2fe660d6Joey Armstrong — bug 830351: remove unused .mkdir.deps rule and clenaup cosmetic makefile problems
a033cebb0e4acb68fd86f18d5a7449920ede252cJustin Lebar — Bug 836735 - Add interface to QI implementation for ProcessPriorityManager. r=bent
f75f99c52648bf9fe9c28089011833430dea0d5bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 836803 - Ensure that even a single-element prompt is wrapped in a ScrollView. r=mfinkle
1ce8f535ff87099eeff0492079fa5bb12686477bSteve Workman — Back out f08e636ecdc4 (bug 792935) for mochitest failures
efc9d9f5f30ee04ced4ce563d7f50a8e6cf97a5bHannes Verschore — Bug 836102: Minimal truncate analysis for constants, r=mjrosenb
ccdcf297a43fe35a8155b7549c9de2df5578c630Yiming Yang — Bug 833448 - add singleTap and doubleTap ability to marionette, r=mdas
9aadf7e35e705869d01dd38a810361b5105fd934Margaret Leibovic — Bug 836517 - Lightweight theme support for distributions. r=mfinkle
493805ba1c854a572f36183ca566565961304d32Margaret Leibovic — Bug 834681 - Add support for basic distribution modifications. r=mfinkle
f08e636ecdc4170e4ca59339e1150158904723b4Steve Workman — Bug 792935 - Test to detect DASH stream switching r=cpearce
0a2c1b901717889a8f3498b442f481e39249cf0bBrian Hackett — Bug 836623 - Fix unnecessary growElements() call, bogus assert during object densification, r=billm.
c23e34b5093047a90b56ed01e81abddec9143a4eDaniel Holbert — Bug 836303: Remove unused fields from TransportTestPeer class, in sctp_unittest.cpp. r=ekr
92542cbceb07f888ecc51062b3a8a77e3608f51fDaniel Holbert — Bug 836126: Use size_t instead of int for loop variable, in loop running from 0 to sizeof(something). r=ekr
a03b43bb56a138d6caa2b04377ab505ba51d1250Henri Sivonen — Bug 234628 part 3 - Disable/enable the Character Encoding menu depending on what the docshell says. r=gavin, ui-r=fyan.
b546bd987ed4007bcf9006b21f3234157ce7d71aGregory Szorc — Bug 794162 - Mach command to generate a .clang_complete file; r=ehsan
95bec0e5a600654c34f4b9f280e4293c71055885Gregory Szorc — Bug 836877 - mach now errors if executed with Python 3; r=ted
a4f8cb70cc5d1949fdcf2b1347c4bd43494a06bdTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
44772e261a55070796a716202738cd52bd5700b5Anton Kovalyov — Bug 824243 - Make Profiler UI localizable, r=robcee
73ccb94a810dde1a682db52491a8a55ba706b61fVictor Porof — Bug 830324 - Show a border around the textbox when editing values in the Variables View, r=msucan
1a0e1c8355254cb9839fc9169ddc94f38ca76dfbVictor Porof — Bug 830388 - Avoid multiple bind calls in debugger-controller.js when handling object expansions, r=msucan
0d953b96904058d1bbe99b4e68efd2109f9bec64Victor Porof — Bug 830325 - Hovering values in the Variables View should show a text cursor, r=msucan
03c38d3c41821ec7f4c3c8a4830bf2c5c24c4828Victor Porof — Bug 830759 - The close button in the Variables View (e.g. for watch expressions) should only be shown on hover, r=msucan
af82229821f86d0033a8c6a731171290d32a005dVictor Porof — Bug 831794 - Variables View: allow users to override getter properties to plain value properties, r=past
d3156a1adca785ae3a28b97720c76bffa4499456Victor Porof — Bug 828987 - The Variables View should be keyboard accessible, r=past
a9b475814d45365cb152dd085f1d431ce23df199Victor Porof — Bug 832470 - Watch expressions involving |this| sometimes showing a wrong result, r=past
82ed42f4931eb5084c8597c40af0b656dd89b58bMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 707891 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser/devtools/styleeditor/test/browser_styleeditor_reopen.js | Test timed out, r=jwalker
887fe9aa34669850a4719c2614553f1de135e131Girish Sharma — Bug 722398 - Can't copy the text in the infobar, r=paul
50cf5bbcb1803ec23cb6cb0847b5cb8101eb864fFabrice Desré — Bug 834999 - followup to remove useless dump() r=me a=tef+
683b08dc1afd73e823f85c6352115d94e8df8168Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-cental into mozilla-inbound
6950feef17ea714bdf14c287892e1f442a3b2e71Yoshi Huang — Bug 836731 : Fix processICCIOError. r=vicamo
c3ef3bcc7f0fb43db55df8fbf6a22c6cd6643a50Eric Chou — Bug 836107 - Initialize mTask, a member variable of UnixSocketImpl, with nullptr, r=qdot
3808b7673bde4a6713ce6ea49e62a0da1f9a90a3Jon Coppeard — Bug 836312 - GC: Sweep IonCode incrementally r=billm
14c3c3913e3c07bbc947aac54bf07f4abac165c7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 817568 - Enclose more API calls with __try...__except. r=mcmanus
7ee87ad80dd109075c28c1d97dd757bc42365e64Jan de Mooij — Bug 836255 part 1 - Refactor some arguments-related functions to use AbstractFramePtr. r=dvander
585183fb7a13a9fbba479c03f4515156d546a8c7Jan de Mooij — Bug 835277 part 3 - Call IonFrameIterator::script in GetTopIonJSScript. r=nbp
ccd9b78a80de58b3d3528e606848b18af7a80f22Jan de Mooij — Bug 835277 part 2 - Fix hasBreakpointsAt. r=bhackett
e2d33e01fac4afb284298da37868a339d9f2d22dJan de Mooij — Bug 835277 part 1 - Convert CallObject::createForStrictEval to use AbstractFramePtr. r=djvj
987ebceef054a1d1395d099c1ad36d20c7eaf1b9Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 830522 - unregister enumerationTelephonyCallback. r=vicamo
f54c2ac6248046297e602b3306653bd89da780d4Mike Hommey — Bug 836161 - Fix gcc version test from bug 833627 to be properly quoted by m4. r=ted
799de1cf584bf2ad61bf5724b92ca2b7d899c797Mike Hommey — Bug 834769 - Change the "destroyed" state value for RefCounted. r=Waldo
d7fd7fc444f67af5210e8057bc49a27ca25e7be3Marco Chen — Bug 835454 - [Audio] AudioChannelService didn't notify agents to call getMuted() when a content channel's visibility is changed. r=baku, a=tef+
b93addbe127d97e37dd48e18bec61aa607591da7Mark Capella — Bug 806394 - updater should log more things, r=mfinkle
0aecad4aa7588fc957508ed0a82296de92d691f3Chris Jones — Fix for bug 836593 on gecko-21. CLOSED TREE
8921a4c3c4335235425481b4854945e927e0224cFabrice Desré — Bug 835548 - Refactor BrowserElementParent.js into a .js and .jsm, and speed up message registration. r=jlebar
aea13422f0637ce870a8a0b996f0ad4ad142d22dFabrice Desré — Bug 834999 - WebappsApplication.prototype.manifest getter takes 25-30ms on critical startup path r=ferjm
cadd2ad17dc01f2ccdd01b8d4067a12bc0bca042Fabrice Desré — Bug 835596: Speed up getAppByLocalId from O(n) to O(1) r=ferjm
09b4d9d69c42458bf682640841b9bb68b9e1bb35Fabrice Desré — Bug 834371 - Applying a packaged app update and immediately losing power to the phone - app update is lost r=julienw
d4d3b9cafc9e8494a989387448a13d0edb9ec052Chris Jones — Bug 836593: Add profiler labels to organize samples under FrameLoader::StartLoading(), IFrameElement::BindToTree(), and TabParent creation code. r=jlebar,smaug
afa64181c0dce00ea2309b71390f01ab8bff5b6aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 794940: Visible white line in Nexus 7. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
ffe303f6ee851563eea001870199e1450fb6be69Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 836043: Tab icons for tablets are same for 7" and 10". [r=mfinkle]
445674b9dd098a93baafe8e8c7f16afd126c24a1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 836043: Replace tabs toolbar background with a dark one. [r=mfinkle]
4271cc336457923d2f53569eb20d4ccbe3323939Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 836043: Use icon-tabs for tab switcher in tabs-ui. [r=mfinkle]
fc9b2b7ebfbd35f130c4f0cc276f5b1bb674f2daSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 834525: Tab is not selected if its private. [r=mfinkle]
7697e0d73d95a390893e469d0e4fac420df2acabSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 834525: Supress testNewTab's closeTabs(). [r=mfinkle]
59b689e1d999add636bf2bf54b02c36ffbafdc96Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 834525: New tab thumbnail styling for tabs-ui. [r=mfinkle]
3699133bf05c18e998c186552ce7981027f4d441Boris Zbarsky — Add a test for WebIDL-weakmap stuff in addition to XPConnect-weakmap. No bug, no review
cd110c95073d4ff378bbd2a112a4e9cdac0d0022Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 part 3. Make Element::AttrValueIs non-virtual. r=smaug
2ea8ee91cea878f0f985d8d1476072dd88e76f77Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 part 2. Make Element::HasAttr non-virtual. r=smaug
8b4c02455736cda73ad1036a6e6b2a8f7b0a2713Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 part 1. Make Element::GetAttr non-virtual. r=smaug
09d8683347473775708c358481b5aba905ba74dcPhil Ringnalda — Back out 73b1860d1fdc (bug 833511) for failures in browser_gestureSupport.js
21cbd89537b584c83a16dbfd6ca6c776c013b776Phil Ringnalda — Back out 0b427bfd720d:79e6231558d7 (bug 836050) for Mac and b2g build bustage
91db03dc9c5a32968dd5c14a5328a27479f8cc8cRichard Newman — Bug 831404 - Add logging to test_policy.js. r=trivial,test-only
09334ec10eba0682091df627d2da59af4def8451Mark Capella — Bug 801097 - Reader mode title shows HTML character encodings, r=bnicholson
0b427bfd720d4e07b83edaaaf17ed3cf7a6c8855Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 followup. Rev the nsIContent and Element IIDs. r=smaug
e172a78270e619172c65cdcbb2e05cf81cb35ea7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 part 3. Make Element::AttrValueIs non-virtual. r=smaug
67fbd02a012205c536250a1503f32c5ae91edaefBoris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 part 2. Make Element::HasAttr non-virtual. r=smaug
79e6231558d789be98c5e324be029219e9b678b6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 836050 part 1. Make Element::GetAttr non-virtual. r=smaug
4ee75ced109cdccea996f0719cf6caee568c1d37Randell Jesup — Bug 818670: Ensure PipelineListener doesn't release conduit off main thread r=derf
c859a9098db07d433955bb0d4abaea17d12034cdRandell Jesup — Bug 818670: merge AudioConduits to allow AEC to work r=ekr
83305a2fa2241888247477976ac50ea6c5d1c65cRandell Jesup — Bug 818670: Enable AEC in PeerConnection, AGC/NoiseSuppression in gUM (w/bustage fix) r=derf
25c7af76b27408269a0acdd8c0c5305030215c90Bill McCloskey — Bug 830855 - Remove JSScript::principals (sort of) (r=luke)
66068b93679090f8accca08b5844ec6384dd592eReuben Morais — Bug 836513 - Support multiple object stores in IndexedDBHelper.jsm. r=gwagner
f59f66def52517f0d9c91828c920fd3231cdfd71Jesse Ruderman — Bug 778085 followup - fix typo in help message. DONTBUILD
3bccc06c75b24b16fc8c0ebba435119747fdbb43Patrick McManus — bug 822745 spdy settings type 5 cwnd support r=honzab
3867507b94198e409a5efa333c68f2f9bb9b4e16Dave Hylands — Bug 835210 - FOTA updates don't seem to be working any more. r=fabrice
aba3331a5c543556a49d95c4f8017be6d098475aGregor Wagner — Bug 836157 - Contacts API: Remove unused indexes. r=bent
774ba579fd394883d42e0db89a44211fbbba785bGary Kwong — Bug 836531 - Change getBuildConfiguration to output more information. r=sfink
f5789352370eb948a13e210a9bc2cf455337ea26Richard Newman — Bug 836369 - Intermittent test_history_tracker.js | test failed | true == false. r=trivial,test-only
220ee1b126c31d4aa53efc0017c07f6912c7f428Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bd0fc79d7a8b (bug 835548), changeset b8d1949eeb05 (bug 834999), changeset 3d90fdbf38a4 (bug 835596), and changeset ba7ffb02dc3f (bug 834371) for mochitest-4 failures on a CLOSED TREE.
838146e5e46a1fd9cb3d07d1e135c9527fb04d78Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 25ea9ac37380 (bug 828176) for crashes.
dedbcc7744132620cd8fd71d2af25b0158230846Chris Jones — Bug 834150: Just Say No to the fallback SW decoder. r=doublec a=blocking-b2g
02a4065337e6b29c18acc77be78487c66134f6f4Dão Gottwald — Bug 836470 - Clean up JS module imports that use a temporary scope object. r=gavin
25ea9ac37380c0e569856a718d662b7686af35eeSeth Fowler — Bug 828176 - Make RasterImage::GetURIString work again. r=joe
bd0fc79d7a8b311541be293e23f19ebc070ad719Fabrice Desré — Bug 835548 - Refactor BrowserElementParent.js into a .js and .jsm, and speed up message registration. r=jlebar
b8d1949eeb0528ebd2b7c651eae42480394285b7Fabrice Desré — Bug 834999 - WebappsApplication.prototype.manifest getter takes 25-30ms on critical startup path r=ferjm
3d90fdbf38a48b6b1a8a15dae7c678352fa9ecf0Fabrice Desré — Bug 835596: Speed up getAppByLocalId from O(n) to O(1) r=ferjm
ba7ffb02dc3f4001dee234af43d80b7a042292f8Fabrice Desré — Bug 834371 - Applying a packaged app update and immediately losing power to the phone - app update is lost r=julienw
0415a9f8699ab93b156e9d110ec167708bc6b006Benoit Girard — Bug 815602 - Fix invalid drawable error in console after starting Firefox. r=mattwoodrow
a3582dcf09dfe0adb140c72c01cbe9883413dafeJason Duell — Bug 828958 - audit uses of DeserializeURI r=bent
125b4493eaecd26a0587e7acbd1f9ace003fbd86Wes Kocher — Update revision of Jetpack tests used in Firefox tests to pick up bug 836061. r=kwierso
73b1860d1fdc8db7d98f38700e0ba8e61ee0bb14Brandon Waterloo — Bug 833511 - Add rotation gesture support for standalone image documents. r=jaws
a9b0f2dc2629bdcd726f738f280f39eafd4b81c6Daniel Holbert — Bug 836418: Disable the macros MOZ_MTLOG_MODULE() & MOZ_MTLOG() if PR_LOGGING is off. r=jesup
30a252389a7883a0302bd32d78ed787f04ba6f6bDaniel Holbert — Bug 812278 followup: Remove a few more unnecessary semicolons after MOZ_MTLOG_MODULE(), for consistency. (no review)
885f8166c008f0be0fe86ef2586e2c6211ff18a4Dão Gottwald — Bug 836448 - Make browser-data-submission-info-bar.js not pollute the global window scope. r=gavin
78ecce4ba21467747c77bb7293f3a071c44ad5d0Felipe Gomes — Bug 824651. Tab bar height is doubled on Win8 devices with touchscreens. r=dao
da9f300569abf47d595dc3b985a11165c440d086Bill McCloskey — Bug 835966 - Refactor {cx,rt,allocator}->malloc_ (r=luke)
47354ad87a98bd26f5395bf61c39c52d7ad93ce9Steve Workman — Bug 836143 - MediaDecoder should call its own OnDecodeThread for clearer error detection r=cpearce
f85c0ab347382781cffb4ec3ca76bc7fcab1ad44Benoit Jacob — Bug 835920 - UnixSocket and Ril mis-interpret read() returning 0 as failure and enter infinite reconnect loop - r=kyle.machulis
6876d078fcdc92b2adb2de93ec9213fee12764bbSteve Workman — Bug 836146 - Put LOG referencing mInitByteRange and mCuesByteRange in MOZ_DASH block r=kinetik
722643e05bb7b54afd7fc5a3030029755033bc4eJeff Walden — Bug 835648 - Move typed enum support to a new header. r=Ms2ger
ed412c2a599d8b5094a26dfa258286c64b3eb644Brian R. Bondy — Bug 823990 - Autocomplete results should not disappear for no results when minResults == 0. r=mak
2d6e2f861e19223eec179d045c95375615ade49eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 816879 - Only block on gecko in the onLowMemory android notification, not the onTrimMemory suggestion. r=snorp
2f0cf6930eec31774769057a8c28490f8db498f5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 816879 - Treat all memory pressure events when Fennec is in the foreground as low-pressure. r=snorp
abfd67b9c024364947c585e1c52ebc5c8302bbd1Jonathan Griffin — Bug 834266 - Use isEqualNode instead of == for comparing frames, r=mdas
796e350770b8e69a0a0b19c31091f1c70c2f87e7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833812: BrowserToolbar should consume events, that aren't consumed by its children. [r=mfinkle]
944d0425759256ed26c4f0e17557890d91e22846Milan Sreckovic — Bug 818241 - Initialize mCg to nullptr. r=jmuizelaar
ea7f9fd355e9f5256250dc9b1d0b93981b56acb3Mitesh Pathak — Bug 808492 - Support double-closing DirectoryIterator in asynchronous mode. r=dteller
9fe869a7391ee5d84e183d9b6039ab2f03949232Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7cd7a9bc640666ff805f71fb0de12021576861dfJohnny Stenback — Fixing bug 836173. Stop leaking gfxPattern objects when using SVG with cairo. r=jwatt
e93f506bc784b4f07071dad621dd905264fc9117Wes Johnston — Bug 824994 - Hide the marketplace promo if the user has visited the marketplace before r=mfinkle
f13ebcc74a0dcc82988d4b29f4eef853c78afe8cNick Alexander — Bug 835992 - Format Makefile variables in mobile/android/base/ r=rnewman
776e408b1459372e48a6b194ae7c273ec454bc28Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829867. Unpref PaintRequest and Screen WebIDL bindings and remove some cruft from quickstubs. r=peterv
134c19beec11a45b85ab971a708adc240187e4eaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824589. Convert XULElement to WebIDL. r=peterv
a9ba0d91735831824c50b58eaa905ce6badc5b9aMats Palmgren — Bug 834896 - Replace uses of gfx_min/gfx_max with std::min/std::max. r=joe
c8cf23a719b70acd6a58a002c0918ab1f12ca68fMats Palmgren — Bug 834896 - Remove the gfx_min/gfx_max templates. r=joe
cabffed38cccabd04d4ee5e4238f5142ee6d7cf3Randell Jesup — Bug 836294: Don't drop array of media devices on the floor r=bz
920d24c1a157dbf3a05fc598cf0342ef8798d934Jim Chen — Bug 827325 - Delay calling restartInput in AwesomeBar to avoid specific IME quirks; r=cpeterson
daa83b83531cd5d54886244f4564cdfbb8bbe14cDaniel Holbert — Bug 836182: Make mtransport's gtest invocations be consistent about signedness of arguments. r=jesup
7faec6303aa9a53705172ed679732dac65047487Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 784841 - Deal with non-ASCII substs. r=gps
d612985bf5ca09a52c76798dc17bed068f3c7101Wes Johnston — Bug 833942 - Add 'remove' to about:home topsites r=mfinkle
fd83646a2d152624598a9a475b48773c1c0da847Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 831788. Specify upload_platform for B2G gaia-central builds. DONTBUILD. r=aki
c4887bfe1e9a0c7221ac9156ae23a65f90e7c62eHonza Bambas — Bug 812167 - Redirect Responses are Cached to disk despite Cache-control: no-store, Expires: -1, r=michal
e228c4f5d681f59124226f071aa0fcf6ae86a5cfAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 825927 Patch 1: Fix log message formats r=ekr
01b9474f522ce2b381be96544e94efbaa872d8faAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 825927 Patch 0: Clean up whitespace r=ekr
0bbcb088b1b8d6df646a516f3be193883b128135Robert Longson — Bug 835978 - crash in nsDisplayList::HitTest r=jwatt.
f6a638c16bd4a30b06cbf535b84b226a7ab47c6fAnthony Jones — Bug 825987 - Backed out changesets 1b9a99a17afb and 74493ca34d5e (bug 691061) due to regression with saving PDFs.
a1adb678b5dbfe91c10f1363d93ee2b8048d4bcbRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
de2b4e74861fa4540921882f8e3c2e90e11ed912Tom Schuster — Bug 836000 - IonMonkey: Don't clobber out register in loadFromTypedArray. r=h4writer
538d00d025c41f4b5d6f4f7f88e42147ab2478d1Jonathan Kew — bug 829963 - fix hi-/lo-dpi scaling in window opened from script with explicit size on secondary display. r=roc
7ae2b53bd0b732f3a98578285a89b0b8df810712Jonathan Kew — bug 829523 followup - use MOZ_WIDGET_GONK for the platform conditional, rather than MOZ_B2G. r=cjones
85ea275d77b91bf6e9081639ce92be0043e3ca9eBrian Hackett — Bug 836138 - Fix a couple double array correctness bugs, r=jandem.
220a6ba702cb3aa1b7a7d06c97430db03866a951Jonathan Watt — Bug 835219 - Add test coverage to check that the 'auto' value for the 'orient' attribute is preserved. r=longsonr.
4207c7cf71a85454db9025469b08b4e6f021f4c0Jonathan Watt — Bug 835219 - Get rid of nsSVGMarkerElement's GetAttr() override. r=longsonr.
cbeab7da0e3aad6f051ddfd50a089c3265b01ae4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 830782 - Homescreen is in English instead of Portuguese after flashed and Pt-BR is set in FTE. r=fabrice a=tef+
20bbf73921f4a9092189efb8ecde905939551786Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
34a80b4e0acdaeb9c4d5c6e7741df0eadde874c6Gregory Szorc — Bug 836177 - Temporarily merge more JSMs to mitigate compartment overhead; r=rnewman
bb8895c7f091e0cf64b200da9779d890badbcd0fGregory Szorc — Bug 836120 - Reduce memory overhead of Sync when it's not configured; r=rnewman
6a2236d7b359ef486974101024f10aafcf8c29edGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
193ab8cee72a16c325290618601c7a4ae3be2defGregory Szorc — Bug 836086 - Lazy load Sync's keys.js; r=rnewman
faf255e4400222ee23c29ddcc76fb3dce56145f4Olli Pettay — Bug 836457 - Don't start forgetSkippable/GC timer before first GC, r=mccr8
2cc710018b14894f99f28ca3c95d708cbd620bbdRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the inbound to m-c.
8aac8445c2bb730e2a5ee22a01074e41f16579a7Alexandre Lissy — Bug 832745 - Adding a principal for a stream when creating. r=roc
bfe496ca5c4094a4ec653a0e1d7dbfd615d0d67eJacek Caban — Bug 835738 - Use GUID_PROP_INPUTSCOPE declaration from inputscope.h r=jmathies
054718506d8ce2bc6a536da0d0df82df7c3e2aadEd Morley — Backout 40f09f7bc670 & fc262e3c635f (bug 818670) for frequent fedora64 mochitest-3 leaks on a CLOSED TREE
8da4794af39407524d5278c1abf79fb8303f3a4bTanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - With nsMixedContentBlocker.cpp, mixed content XHR calls are considered mixed active content and yield to a security state of STATE_IS_BROKEN. This fixes this mixed content todo-test to test that passes. r=bsmith
6223c1dd15f6894b144c11a11e7a249fcb3a3516Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - Mochitests - User overrides mixed content blocking. r=smaug
9c8970c4523f1d64bcb38df134829eead48ed2adTanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - Use new nsIWebProgressListenerFlags for mixed active and mixed passive content in PSM. Also update the security state to STATE_IS_BROKEN if nsMixedContentBlocker has detected mixed content (even if PSM has not detected the mixed content). r=bsmith
6af744ffc38426ad81b3f1349b52f46b6afa5b54Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - Add mixed display flags to the document. Add mixed display and mixed active states to nsIWebProgressListener and use them in nsMixedContentBlocker. r=smaug
0ec7dd6fc51672fb1d946acd574457bd706ae149Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - Performance enhancement - only call OnSecurityChange when the state really changes. r=smaug
a704f2af8bf37e9f7172829f4c9de974ca46b0faTanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - Since creates a new channel, set nsDocShell:mMixedContentChannel to the newly created channel if the user has decided to allow mixed content on the page. r=smaug
4068ef6c54a6355d23893c56afa69b8de4d4b320Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822367 - Plumbing needed to show user Mixed Content Blocker Doorhanger when Mixed Active Content is Blocked and allow user an option to load the inseucre content anyway. r=smaug
a74d6901fd71bb53de89ea97a797d367a6f9c476Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822371 - Mixed Content Doorhanger UI. r=dao
5f9775715519260793af64eff6dfc56cbb356982Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
dd6cfdf29d037aa46a63c0440488041eb5469c8cHsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 836168 - B2G RIL: update audioPhoneState when rejecting an incoming call. r=allstars.chh
7cf999a954670540f89bc26568d22013e9aab903Fabrice Desré — Bug 836103 - Enable/disable ADB when changing the "remote debugging" setting in the Settings App r=dhylands
8cbed30d66fc65ad684cd5949247b52e5dd8f4e7David Zbarsky — Various cleanups for SVGAngle, no bug
1412c8db2f22d1509f26e8632a3a9c6e105150b5David Zbarsky — Bug 836176: Add nsIDocument::AsHTMLDocument r=bz
6c7188fd196252d6ec97406a6cd7e89877d40533Robert O'Callahan — Bug 832788. Part 6: Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in dom/bindings. r=bz
339fb8542d51464d0a6529b030ba62645ac19ed1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 832788. Part 5: Add suffixes for large integer literals. r=bz
0f78cc92ab1a40d1d97cfa105da8aa4883ca48c8Daniel Holbert — Bug 836150: Mark tools/profiler as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS, for non-MSVC compilers. r=BenWa
ab658aec6a285a806b0757825b330be3c8e3d9e6Matt Woodrow — Bug 833033 - Schedule a paint when document state changes. r=roc
5fa5ec4e3c46ef5de189d317c2b6a9f352ac44f0Matt Woodrow — Bug 836179 - Add WriteDebugInfo so that display items can add extra information when printing display lists. r=roc
4a5cace63163e005c7f13ee4dd5b831bcc1627dcMatt Woodrow — Bug 832341 - Use the correct border area (rather than the canvas area) when computing the bounds of an nsDisplayCanvasBackgroundImage. r=roc
f8cdfa25ad9ff0b3f117c37e5d63ac282893495eEric Chou — Bug 835474 - Assign length of the message with aMessage->mSize, r=gyeh
8c1d7f3cc0365ff2d5284b8bc874dd2c7136811cGina Yeh — Bug 835740 - Modified BRSF value in hands-free profile, r=echou
d4a6570ca6b0a26070a6287875e53cc7c2f12141Robert O'Callahan — Bug 806754. Part 2: Fix bogus assertions. r=cpearce
62f4bc028c72c1f3609a802e8d83aae12ea0ca88Robert O'Callahan — Bug 806754. Make MediaDecoders detect when a MediaStream has been destroyed because its DOM wrapper has been collected, and remove the no-longer-relevant MediaStream from the output list. r=cpearce
2025d4fb452f16d38ff380ba3917525820a3ff21Gene Lian — Bug 830258 - [Webapps] .uninstall() should return "Webapps:Uninstall:Return:KO" when uninstalling a non-removable app (part 2, provide test case). r=fabrice
aaa82cd26aabee668537dedfd958d2962165eea5Gene Lian — Bug 830258 - [Webapps] .uninstall() should return "Webapps:Uninstall:Return:KO" when uninstalling a non-removable app (part 1, fix .uninstall()). r=fabrice
ec05a370f01d46722b1589d55223dd44d3eccb07Daniel Holbert — Bug 834768: Fix signed/unsigned comparison build warnings in signaling_unittests.cpp. r=jesup
8ef47aa7120f2202fc80c9004d7fcab95ef3c9a3Daniel Holbert — Bug 836149: declare pseudoStackPos as uint32_t instead of int in TableTicker.cpp, to fix signed/unsigned comparison build warning. r=BenWa
7d45649de683d8ff3c27580d7856c5e1c92b22afBrian Hackett — Bug 835102 - Convert sufficiently sparse objects back to using dense elements, r=billm.
3125ccd01edb70257952f0a84ffa101a81ef6746Chuck Lee — Bug 831627 - 0004. Test case for Event Download Command : Language Selection. r=yoshi
ecede220333ae1b2e114074b09d759f93b1bdf79Chuck Lee — Bug 831627 - 0003. Mark event as supported. r=yoshi
64b519b7fddf27f132103272090b687569905a04Chuck Lee — Bug 831627 - 0002. Handle event. r=yoshi
f7eac60178f6401d20827a73b012f6593da282d0Chuck Lee — Bug 831627 - 0001. Add event object. r=yoshi. sr=sicking
4f7371e936e0f2339d6649985515b90ed294bce4Fabrice Desré — Bug 836045 - Update Webapps code to use the new deviceStorage stat() support r=djf
5294a43582ddec4e29110bfe30b94fd95e1bf09aithinc — Bug 649654 - When tab bar underflow occurs and tab strip was scrolled to the beginning, resize tabs such that they can be closed in succession. r=fryn
b1b6fb261d368957379045320a1bd8752456d899ithinc — Bug 821859 - Use stylesheet for tab delay resizing instead of setting each r=fryn
1efe0f7e93d075789e295359e294093a0cbb0a0aDaniel Holbert — Bug 836088: move variable 'platformData' closer to where it's used, in TableTicker.cpp, to fix unused variable warning on Mac OS X. r=BenWa
8ee1b05b3b86318e76017706aba3685a0333a3b7Wes Kocher — Update Jetpack tests in run against Firefox to pick up bug 832590. r=kwierso
fdf8dafb419fc32bc9a3cc7d18d01e7299f0d3b1Nicholas Cameron — Bug 836058; remove UseTiledThebes; r=BenWa
c5bdb6d94a5d0018e4dfb1c38d055c84ddb3ad1fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3eb633a97c1f (bug 835648) for suspected Windows orange on a CLOSED TREE.
527874a5324b07f652dc11c817af10001446008cDaniel Holbert — Bug 835446: Convert nsNavHistoryResultNode::mTransitionType to be uint32_t rather than int32_t, to fix build warning when passing it to nsTArray<uint32_t>::Contains(). r=mak
d7dd65663469a6a5b301778d1daf38fcef30d8aeBrian Hackett — Bug 833898 - Allow converting mixed arrays of ints and doubles to uniform doubles, r=jandem.
3bc1aa6145edd8f6feb76b97ccd91e86fffc4419Randell Jesup — bug 804875: backout due to regressions of various uses of .src/mozSrcObject (bugs 836011/835705) rs=kinetik
d8a95f5b67d7c2aca5e61d3944e28fa9c7ebe96cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 835417 part 4. Flag a bunch of DOM getters as [Pure]. r=peterv
0a21a1eeda3514daaf33ce3f08bdbb9c3182a72dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 835417 part 3. Add the notion of aliasing DOM stuff to MIR and flag MGetDOMProperty with the right alias set if it's pure. r=jandem
f0bd3d538233f5acc2df951702056934ecc67efaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 835417 part 2. Implement WebIDL parser and codegen support for marking things pure. r=peterv
fce9b4a08399bb9fa7a4e8ddf1b3aefabd0c10b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 835417 part 1. Mark Node.namespaceURI as not throwing, since [Constant] things aren't allowed to throw (though we were not enforcing that). r=peterv
51a772f811e2564cb21c2669c8544f3e7cd4e094Honza Bambas — Bug 725587 - Firefox jumps randomly from IPv6 to IPv4 and vice versa in dual-stack environment, r=mcmanus
a6ec2ed0650436f561fb5270fe6a9f1f9353d134Daniel Holbert — Bug 819936 trivial followup: remove completely-unused 'nsresult rv' in InMemoryDataSource::GetAllResources. (DONTBUILD because just re-landing w/ fixed bug number)
1d3edb5701e2d64456629b5212798d53583ed34cDaniel Holbert — backout 2620d0977696 because it landed w/ wrong bug number
41b0df3dd995541b14183b7196ba1c08155f0d35Daniel Holbert — Bug 835543 part 2: Remove deprecated interface nsINavHistoryFullVisitResultNode. r=mak
66bedf7bbf0296b95157dd6aab3a41b294c73715Daniel Holbert — Bug 835543 part 1: Remove unused class nsNavHistoryFullVisitResultNode. r=mak
4b6aababc842b989790fa65bd8f9561a202b4011Daniel Holbert — Bug 835915: Iterate across nsTArray using a size_t loop counter instead of an int. r=ehsan
39cf07a81279b734a02f204433f00eeb742983caDaniel Holbert — Bug 835912: Mark modules/libjar as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=jduell
76dea17faf44ed315115b9ea5c3d8f5da9f4ed51Daniel Holbert — Bug 835715: #undef LOG at the top of nsJARChannel.cpp to fix build warning about it being (re)defined later on. r=jduell
2620d097769659b7878fe9d6609a6d80e2f23cb6Daniel Holbert — Bug 822289 trivial followup: remove completely-unused 'nsresult rv' in InMemoryDataSource::GetAllResources.
28c1cb3441dc94cbd57cb6bfb07c07155753f703Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 828789. Update to pixman 0.27.2.
b0ee4b6eb11490f5c97b07633523d8b270f45288Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 824589 (rev 22695cac3896) on suspicion of Ts regression
08326e6cba1fdbab2b822c0f669661db69a7d97fBoris Zbarsky — Back out bug 829867 (rev 2a0424e177c1) on suspicion of Ts regression
b8dcf873cfa15cb2e18e16c450256bea59f1c3e4Dão Gottwald — Bug 835892 - Provide No Video & No Audio options when both camera and microphone access are requested. r=gavin
3eb633a97c1f5318eb4f402ab93368d30fac31d1Jeff Walden — Bug 835648 - Move typed enum support to a new header. r=Ms2ger
b2ec89060d80b928f35aaa1ea6ffe379fa173681David Zbarsky — Bug 835195: Remove nsIDOMSVGFitToViewBox r=bz
c74f42d061860e7f28042601cb5d4738d9a57722David Zbarsky — Bug 835195: Remove nsIDOMSVGTests r=bz
3648eab2b51c92a2dc987ad019a5e70892aba529David Zbarsky — Bug 832154: Convert SVGMarkerElement to WebIDL r=bz
46df7f312c6241b1f44af7722499c6b7e8cd2b85David Zbarsky — Bug 832154: Move SVGMarkerElement to mozilla::dom r=bz,longsonr
29c7a6d9ec8b2beaeb57fa8dd28351d9336c6a65David Zbarsky — Bug 831561 - SVGClipPathElement should inherit from SVGElement r=longsonr
9b83d7cff3f0d8be66715349d00d4edb30a652b6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 834024. Add -include $(DEPTH)/mozilla-config.h to ASFLAGS
71dda505b9e354a69848a0960669e733b2b8edecTim Abraldes — bug 834434. Configure should ignore anything after the first minor version number and before the "-Unicode" in the NSIS version string. e.g. "major.minor[ignore everything here]-Unicode". r=ted
b437c69914066e06ddcd656b2835ad19f0046f90Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0aea65518be3 (bug 725587) for bustage.
6a15e1b67fed52b8d3561f76acf5ac67bcc6d45cGeoff Brown — Bug 826385 - Reduce pause/resume notifications to gecko; r=mfinkle
0aea65518be3c19767cdc5df1aee23815775ef25Honza Bambas — Bug 725587 - Firefox jumps randomly from IPv6 to IPv4 and vice versa in dual-stack environment, r=mcmanus
46c47be9d44e79b556d1d44aa233dbfbf1dfc5aaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 50f4ba15a3c7 and cafa8ba33704 (bug 796388) for mochitest-2 orange.
962cf4a5231c1f64a572b0c09c533fa29c7dd47bHonza Bambas — merge
31cecce3f7c4f2faf870164e38b85d38773347ccHonza Bambas — Backout of changeset 816f076c2c15
84597bf0120dfb31d7aae1ac2c4056a05e49e67aHannes Verschore — Bug 835877: Increase inline depth for small functions, r=dvander
3c95ca16eb66bc33ef3a307b1da157afcce5768eHonza Bambas — Bug 794507 - make offline application cache store security info for entries, r=michal
816f076c2c1501187a24fc53df200d0fc4e27057Honza Bambas — Bug 725587 - Firefox jumps randomly from IPv6 to IPv4 and vice versa in dual-stack environment, r=mcmanus
fc262e3c635f47abf59e7f95738a4a767a09e58aRandell Jesup — Bug 818670: merge AudioConduits to allow AEC to work r=ekr
40f09f7bc67013617382fb42a829bcd4011afea3Randell Jesup — Bug 818670: Enable AEC in PeerConnection, AGC/NoiseSuppression in gUM (w/bustage fix) r=derf
50f4ba15a3c7d651030016f28cf8acfa2a160448Nathan Froyd — Bug 796388 - part 2 - delete MOZ_SQLITE histogram definitions; r=taras
cafa8ba33704a3b41cf49f2428e1c9d7ad20a22fNathan Froyd — Bug 796388 - part 1 - delete TelemetryVFS; r=mak
677e87c11252bbb74d28060f7829db4373acc8a8Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into build-system
c638b856a1713a68310b851c43a01cc43e57d8e1Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 11b: Normalize paths in tests (fix test failure); r=me
11658ed5bc17c0f61a31f19cec95dfde511fa0adGregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 11a: Normalize paths in tests (fix test failure); r=me
385ef288dd0d092edc278cf09bbaa6356cbc3249Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 11: Add CONFIGURE_SUBST_FILES to files; r=ted
c013d07f7deb359b11bba837873998832444fbdfGregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 10: Add warning() and error() functions to files; r=ted
9584298d2a6ace4036e1484dd09cfe3763692211Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 9: Ability to define external projects in files; r=ted
115bf99a25db150fe82c6642555949931d8ced66Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 8: Capture and save tree state; r=ted
7c73b5af624735e5042a40086b45602f3357c0edGregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 7: Implement recursive make backend; r=ted
5cc7c40382089a61e15a8b691e70c5f6c3b63128Gregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 6: Move some functions from ConfigStatus to mozbuild; r=ted
a31b07df79df0b56cd8cf8871a53dbf7592f3a3fDiego Wilson — Bug 834819 - Make HwcComposer2D honors world transform. r=cjones
5c248ef0fe629c97d4321ba1e61c55cc8788a96dDavid Keeler — bug 822771 - add timeout to getHSTSPreloadList.js' XHRs r=bsmith DONTBUILD (NPOB)
31d8ab3ddf1a2c61a993ddf4ebcdf5fc5e8d0659Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 835470. Add operator== for char_type. r=bsmedberg
abba5495035465c99f0cdb2518124238e6415f15Tanvi Vyas — Bug 822366 - Change the icon for Mixed Active Content to the triangle with exclamation point. r=dao
c6e0a815401ac48b9d22cf58a5ad586f4372faaaTerrence Cole — Bug 706885 - Rework Rooting APIs to preserve all available type information; r=billm
2313ce68cff0a616d76029124a19846abc55209eMatt Brubeck — Bug 834399 - Tab sidebar should switch views to show newly selected tab [r=sriram]
e881841cd418134d0fd640ed28a875b66d23ff0fGabriele Svelto — Bug 835730 - Properly tear down components when the profile is being shut down. r=mak
f370ad0944a23bb3c3b2ae731fb21e111c816c2dGabriele Svelto — Bug 835355 - Fix ContentPrefService2 to properly respond to queries for nsIContentPrefService and nsIContentPrefService2 interfaces. r=mak
6f3581295ea798d0f73c303678a06acda218b02fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b211a11259a7e4b622f57ca599a041cfed99149cJames Willcox — Bug 803154 - Don't wait on Gecko for non-emergency memory reduction events r=kats
3a8a7a8502be210bd3748421c540512c6cb72765Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the removal of global private browsing support
2a0424e177c19a871d287a50688ac71efcac8458Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829867. Unpref PaintRequest and Screen WebIDL bindings and remove some cruft from quickstubs. r=peterv
22695cac389690829d6f9860c92a381b969c783cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824589. Convert XULElement to WebIDL. r=peterv
6d36308422243e67ed5d406cc1841a694045aa57Malini Das — Bug 816246 - Add a 'timeout' kwarg to execute_* in marionette, r=jgriffin
37c3114841858388b84e8762ce5489f4b5e8a0b4Ed Morley — Backout df75a87cce60 & 19e164f7d88d (bug 818670) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
bbc1e6ebad1ec320fd87333f29676e9e5e7a9237Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cd02b8d5653c459b1adedcfa916feba47485e8b6Ralph Giles — Bug 834063 - Fix a comment typo. r=padenot DONTBUILD
e182be8b7b8a18656e0fc777ec3c3d8b7bef9553Daniel Holbert — Bug 835686: Mark debug-only variable as DebugOnly in transportlayer.h. r=ekr
bf9886e0d35620c31ed2586a4a2fc8c316ddaa5eDaniel Holbert — Bug 835692: Convert TransportLayerDtls::kMaxDigestLength to be a size_t, since that's how it's used & what it's compared to. r=ekr
df75a87cce60fe1396b579941e4db1fe0495a610Randell Jesup — Bug 818670: merge AudioConduits to allow AEC to work r=ekr
19e164f7d88d9df419f1632b7b8a82f2d83841c5Randell Jesup — Bug 818670: Enable AEC in PeerConnection, AGC/NoiseSuppression in gUM r=derf
770b5184d68330b2f0acc2da32625462c1b2ad6fJosh Matthews — Bug 835038 - Ensure IPC TCP sockets always have permission checks applied. r=jduell
0a5bf147e0e6f4af683d46c679fe326f74d6d384Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 835533. Avoid adding an ambiguous TextureInfo type. r=snorp
a16bd9c186009054b07ec7b41095f6c0f9965faeLuke Wagner — Bug 835578 - IonMonkey: fix visitCompare/visitTest to not useRegister on constant operands (r=dvander)
456d199b8d1fc061407bc1e75d9920de8e8c3e83Luke Wagner — Bug 835449 - fix StackIter corner case where evalInFrame fails to pop native calls (r=jandem)
f8b0ebdfe845f2195159c281e88c82d69c13ca38Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831428 test fixup in browser_Deprecated.js - run the tests serially, remove the listener after its job is done, r=Yoric
5c5b63581fc2d1006e6e5813dcaf8c027c5bfd55Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831428 test fixup in test_bug429785 - don't remove the listener until it has received the console messages, r=bz
783ea16377776e5e538c8ad2492311a7a34d5bcbBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 831248 test fixup for the webconsole tests: a warning about mutation events being deprecated was being delivered into the console listener, confusing the test, r=rcampbell
507d85ab580785783b54d88fc6e2bb7a8c13dc28Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831428 - Console listeners should not require a threadsafe addref/release method if they are only used from the main thread, r=jlebar
009b00bcce30d2bed015aa8af34ecae378fcb34cSunny — Bug 828347 - Warn if session restore is initialized with deprecated synchronous initialization. r=dteller
d8d79ba17527141923665d79843b7b9fd1dc87a3Yura Zenevich — Bug 828201 - Replace DEBUG constant by a preference across OS.File and add a File.GET_DEBUG method used for testing. r=dteller
42c786efb5d67768f348462234a235d6b808b1e4Nils Maier — Bug 761552 - Part 2: Avoid external JS strings in XPCConvert. r=bholley
a502aa076a9416d2af5fc5eddb30f98a5d7dfe56Nils Maier — Bug 761552 - Part 1: Provide UTF8ToUnicode functions accepting a buffer. r=jlebar
8331ece7e1c16aad9389fb45906f8faf68f49099Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e9a03227ae72cd10416eb2f81428aff4feee5d37Hannes Verschore — Bug 835178: IonMonkey: Enable inlining of functions containing JSOP_SETARG, r=nbp
361b83661de106d98713f34293497db2d46f86f9Boris Zbarsky — Fix comment. Followup for bug 834877. DONTBUILD
c669c3af96d4c4ebd7b6c546cb33253abd62921bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 followup. Now that WindowRoot has a wrapper cache, we need to be able to deal with ConstructSlimWrapper on things that have no classinfo. r=peterv pending, but landing on CLOSED TREE now to fix orange.
27e211d02a7ab9f13d1252cba8c4d4e538df0788Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 5. Add an overload of GetAttribute that takes a DOMString. r=peterv
4f59efe7733355f97fb2a9fedf219a44bb306720Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 4. Add overloads of GetAttr() and GetId() that take a DOMString. r=peterv
9ed387b675bb030f4521074fc7b46410c1a06271Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 3. Add faster DOMString-to-JS conversion code. r=peterv
c4209fe94d301cfe22d74f3e3b06d7161f94e469Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 2. Start using DOMString as the return value for strings. r=peterv
6a158459ea7d0eddcb93c58d29561c94ca23ee54Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834877 part 1. Add a DOMString struct to use for binding return values. r=peterv
12e12524ce9d0f7b6e241a532a82ff47db17e8b9Paolo Amadini — Bug 831708 - Add basic download states and progress. r=enn
580dbef53b91481b435aa330a419ca842c16e0ccPaolo Amadini — Bug 825591 - Skeleton of asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads. r=enn,mak
42a89eaa94e03377ab01f68e0ff0d00266d9aee7Brian Hackett — Bug 835496 - Don't try to fix the types for object initializers with dense elements, r=jandem.
2b9a689ac459a8a977433b35f6cb178299372bb8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 4. Turn on the EventTarget quickstubs. r=peterv
aa85bbb41c0486ad6d407f42ec671074f8fbf443Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 3. When wrapping things with an nsISupports in XPCWrappedJS for WebIDL callback interfaces, use the aggregated version. r=peterv
0b23beab803845fc77bbf66bf222ed0954357a1bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 2. Make nsGlobalWindow inherit from dom::EventTarget and ensure that all the things that inherit from it correctly QI to it. r=peterv
9f934db4606ab209ceaa702129f1318934cd8abaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829252 part 1. Change nsGlobalWindow to use nsIDOMEventTarget as the canonical isupports instead of nsIScriptGlobalObject. We'll need this to be able to cast to it properly in binding code. r=peterv
ac96e7915fb41ec082f62e30c59e38fa05fbb334Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829072 part 3. Move the event handlers that are shared by HTMLBodyElement, HTMLFramesetElement, and Window onto a WindowEventHandlers interface that can be on the RHS of 'implements'. r=peterv
a3a09614f5327f84df72be65aab5a0c82507d4fbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 829072 part 2. Move the event handlers that are shared by HTMLElement and Document onto a NodeEventHandlers interface that can be on the RHS of 'implements'. r=peterv
36bf86ca4abdc4bf4af8d3f1e36dec519a7e86e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 829072 part 1. Move the event handlers that are shared by HTMLElement, Document, and Window onto a GlobalEventHandlers interface that can be on the RHS of 'implements'. r=peterv
95b168efcfe8fc4bc7facc9c0d511d00abd49fe2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 834785. Make sure to not ask the JS engine for return values in toplevel scripts, so it'll be able to ion-compile them as needed. r=bholley
e894c103775f33a834670edd6570a487c959b3a3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 830099. Flag WebIDL dictionaries and callbacks with some information indicating whether we need main-thread and worker codegen for them and then use that information to skip unneccessary codegen. r=peterv
7b03b419446f69c1de3feb67e94912770d87696eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 835612 - Fix nsVolumeService to use strings better, r=jlebar
719e2132cc42b114904510d5cf329d8a4cbe593aJon Coppeard — Bug 835385 - Also, ensure no GC during Ion compilation r=billm
280f2844d29638d6360a64c2be6345ca2bd41520Jon Coppeard — Bug 835385 - GC: Fix for some jit test rooting analysis failures r=terrence
f6367c0f3f2bd5ee86f4c958670ed06edc0e70d0Jon Coppeard — Bug 834766 - Also root some out params r=sphink
0e64eba378053be73b882c0a94a27c4f373dde6eJon Coppeard — Bug 834766 - GC: Fix some more rooting issues found by static analysis r=sphink
3f5dfcc20fa4afc69150975c727974b7687c1bb7Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 4 - Make <main> have the HTMLElement DOM interface. r=smaug.
958b9c35f2026d38fdbf01ca18949d64660ca797Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 3 - Accessibility mapping for <main>. r=dbolter.
f3dffbc276187d722ee4887ecc98f22fd54aeb78Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 2 - UA stylesheet for <main>. r=bzbarsky.
2d7c81a2d08e344f4f4a358361d83d64a9489cf2Henri Sivonen — Bug 820508 part 1 - Parser support for <main>. r=smaug.
b25e9408b850af0d7c4757e4e14ac54468ab013fAlexander Surkov — Bug 812767 - move out event processing logging from NotificationController, r=tbsaunde
6cca454559c8b9f0c785354f2e69441ae34650f1Gregory Szorc — Bug 818789 - |mach build| can now control what is built; r=glandium
6aaf13ffc716c2245aeac913a5f97bd317021074Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 817477 - Remove support for global private browsing mode; r=jdm,glandium
126f887730f5c42c1363f61b0646f8e546bb5a4cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
b01b51c79f2cf7fdcbf4af9fd540332048eedd0fRobert Strong — Significantly increase timeout to see if it makes a difference for Bug 814535 and bug 774014 - Intermittent test_0203_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0203_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | launch application timer expired. r=bbondy
2096bdf0ff2b4a3b36129b271e1fe3c80dd6ca4dRobert Strong — Bug 835090 - Where possible app update xpcshell tests should run on xulrunner. r=bbondy
d3a5e1de98b07cabe1909fbbf2c870f5c23ceaecRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f52d576e175b54247169da90a126aa4abe06358aEdwin Casasola — Bug 835171 - get rid of remaining traces of nsPIDOMEventTarget; r=smaug
87d7a6c22a8fcbc99712ae65e2cd8f0ec691f334Jacek Caban — Bug 835422 - Check for NULL targetView in DispatchSynthMouseMove r=roc
7e652017d2f0c388497ed5a2e7e461f0ab142b82Eric Chou — Bug 834551 - Insert BT_LOG at several important check points, r=gyeh
07fb7c433d4aad1f904bf5fe0409bbe550f1588cEric Chou — Bug 834551 - Replace 'LOG()' with 'BT_WARNING()' defined in BluetoothCommon.h for consistency, r=qdot
901abfff0d3474b9b387ad3a92790b5a20b7c1d4Eric Chou — Bug 834551 - Add Bluetooth debugging flag, r=qdot
2b9ae5e6cd9b026dfdc94b8236b17d066c310963Robert O'Callahan — Backing out 306003528e10, 335160d7855a, dfc9d5651175, 0559d630dd89, 03c3ae8323bd: bug 835195, bug 832154, bug 831561 ... in a CLOSED TREE
0c1c97ae460360855c6aceafc6fea86980e723a1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 834395 - Disable INET6 everywhere in Android SCTP. r=jesup
9f088fcd80801c88aeb3921a4e170f163d702db1Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 835343 - Correctly free the linked list in freeifaddrs. r=jesup
7e9f3cc6cc0ac284d864fc6feb6a68bf6abb060fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 832788. Part 4: PrimitiveConversions should avoid implicit narrowing casts to avoid compiler warnings; make them explicit. r=bzbarsky
cfd6d79d73fa71773853d92d7ce6440c171e6bc8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 832788. Part 3: AudioListener DopplerFactor/SpeedOfSound should take float per WebIDL. r=ehsan
fcd774dbc6c3d1516edb21b88de508d58f7b73acRobert O'Callahan — Bug 832788. Part 2: AudioEventTimeline::IsValid needs to accept double. r=ehsan
0d4873554deefef2140c7c979c30ec8f8f00cc15Robert O'Callahan — Bug 832788. Part 1: Make double->float conversions explicit in CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp. r=jrmuizel
8e1f8a3c55acf29f3cfba1719b8b3ae601cd503cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 833542. Make scrollWidth/scrollHeight for overflow:visible match what they would be for overflow:hidden on the same element. r=mats
954fc89373b8e19044d9da472b2d2b11af8cef9dMike Hommey — Backout changeset bc2bbe9836c7 (bug 834769) for bustage.
306003528e10cfa41efcda226671caec38e7e988David Zbarsky — Bug 835195: Remove nsIDOMSVGFitToViewBox r=bz
335160d7855aaa990b536ed1e19b9dd9426daaeaDavid Zbarsky — Bug 835195: Remove nsIDOMSVGTests r=bz
dfc9d5651175c8aae4bf2d0132424980abac0c58David Zbarsky — Bug 832154: Convert SVGMarkerElement to WebIDL r=bz
0559d630dd89fefbabc7b9afa4c1840a2398ff13David Zbarsky — Bug 832154: Move SVGMarkerElement to mozilla::dom r=bz,longsonr
03c3ae8323bdb0a2933cd2d6bdde611a3a2f49e6David Zbarsky — Bug 831561 - SVGClipPathElement should inherit from SVGElement r=longsonr
b02f1d2eafb73d670905a3cc5d521a08110e2d3fMike Hommey — Bug 835164 - Unbreak Seamonkey and Xulrunner mac universal builds after bug 834228. r=ted
4631eeae9ff4505721dffb0fc4f65b395e4a73aeMike Hommey — Bug 834459 - Specialize RefCounted template for LibHandle to better allow refcounting during destructor execution. r=nfroyd
bc2bbe9836c7c40eedca35e79d4f73974736e20dMike Hommey — Bug 834769 - Change the "destroyed" state value for RefCounted. r=Waldo
a24051aa1b468405d4c474c324941007cfd037caChris Jones — Bug 835641: Don't SendUpdateDimensions() when they haven't changed. r=roc
126481a3ca242bb5f116d197dd2b56d2ce37081fChris Jones — Bug 792966: Don't try to gralloc small buffers. r=kanru
6cefdfbf3abd239f7be19f8f6788a60a28cc6c1aChris Jones — Bug 835591: Disable cross-process IME when it's not used. r=roc
89390ab031282a6422f34543ac84d2852bccbc8aRandell Jesup — Bug 830146: Add packet logging for DataChannels, and log SCTP debugs through NSPR r=jesup,mcmanus
775f4a00acee410dca965919f40e8e3bada8f193Simon Montagu — Distinguish between bdi with default auto direction and with explicit auto-direction. Bug 832644, r=ehsan
9c863c8b3327b06fb35a3118ba067ef11314ad5aSimon Montagu — Clear the HasDirAuto and HasDirAutoSet flags when setting dir to an invalid value. Bug 831287, r=ehsan
f0653eede02f54dbd65817794415b7d2586c6e2fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 422c0104079e (bug 767272) for attributes/test_obj.html hangs
111b82dd6d66a358bddbad0d69d052e5d7b987c8Randell Jesup — Bug 835287: Give up ref to TransportFlow to runnable meant to release it r=ekr
84706f3c1abed21da8d8d2b76e26bdfa6734421dGina Yeh — Bug 811569 - Patch 4: Remove asynchronous function GetProperty , r=echou
55ec088a4abae6f4527ab9522d9983a4f86ad9b0Gina Yeh — Bug 811569 - Patch 3: Cleanup for DOMRequest related checking and do_GetService checking, r=echou
80e9c08418ec9fddf7879423bf7a2a4d79a8b012Gina Yeh — Bug 811569 - Patch 2: Support array of nsString in SetJsObject, r=echou
7d02aa8c36b206fa1189af9f7cdeeed37c7df8e3Gina Yeh — Bug 811569 - Patch 1: Remove unused files in bluetooth, r=echou
003632d5163849fb4aaed422e35bc8269226b861Phil Ringnalda — Back out c5238879470f and b3cabb259af7 (bug 830099) for bustage
c5238879470fe7cb33085163bc45eec34c5612deBoris Zbarsky — Always build RTCIceServer.webidl, since it doesn't rely on WebRTC machinery, and is needed in DummyBinding. Followup for bug 830099.
84540e4ecbead68652a191f946cdef44eebe0561Daniel Holbert — Bug 835625: Remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in /gfx/gl. r=BenWa
b3cabb259af7c9fb37226964c60fdbde4a5d193cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 830099. Flag WebIDL dictionaries and callbacks with some information indicating whether we need main-thread and worker codegen for them and then use that information to skip unneccessary codegen. r=peterv
f68f04e1fa230353566166a71397934b8e8f60d2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795896. Speed up UnwrapProxy, since we know what we have there is either an Xray or our proxy. r=peterv
67f7ebdea2fe875fa99a6b4e433aba296711f540Jeff Walden — Bug 786135 - Make parseInt(stringStartingWith0ButNot0xOr0X) parse as decimal to comply with ES5. r=dmandelin
4baea9b16379fe875c96dcee6928b23e88387539Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 3). r=jwalden
aba0f5b6013c55a4903ae60f35e5124d70773d53Jeff Walden — Bug 834988 - Clarify that all the DST-offset methods take a time in UTC seconds, and that the internal fields store UTC values. Also add documentation comments by the related methods. r=dmandelin
42042277940bacaf8442d5ec79ed2b078c5ab806Jeff Walden — Bug 834988 - Invert the meaning of LocalUTCDifferenceSeconds and rename it to UTCToLocalStandardOffsetSeconds. This gives it the same sign/semantics (if different units) as the -8 in UTC-8, and it makes it consistent with ES5's LocalTZA concept. Also add an interface comment with two examples of its behavior. r=dmandelin
0ebed8dbb21c947028243d51c2adba9677637403L. David Baron — Bug 835169: Remove unused mapping into style of table cols attribute. r=bzbarsky
422c0104079ecc89f11c755e3e898c1aefd3f9adTrevor Saunders — bug 767272 - don't use nsIAccessibleTable type stuff in ia2AccessibleTable r=surkov
8d016fb6d8479285f67ec16c7a8fee0f2c422b44Cameron McCormack — Bug 830278 - Allow disabling of selecting printing with mozdisallowselectionprint on the document element. r=roc
d9e8e6757121a79dbf411bb3496e8647c455ef16Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 19b9f064d8eb (bug 795896) because of build bustage
2f6fa70c289a04c1c2653b7c090879ca441c61fbEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 32786d29daf8 (bug 830099) because of build bustage
32786d29daf8b2e83549fc316bdc36662e2cd96aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 830099. Flag WebIDL dictionaries and callbacks with some information indicating whether we need main-thread and worker codegen for them and then use that information to skip unneccessary codegen. r=peterv
19b9f064d8eb910c9d7a613bb01812dd0e4ad904Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795896. Speed up UnwrapProxy, since we know what we have there is either an Xray or our proxy. r=peterv
6d633b6a8d432628b04bbd9f64833dac895d3c40Daniel Holbert — Bug 835635: Cast ArrayLength() result to (signed) 'gint' type in #define for CUSTOM_VALUE_INDEX, since we compare it to gint values all over the place. r=karlt
33ad7882738af41aeccd4d76fc1f66d5a1f38001Steve Workman — Bug 792935 - Add DASH to gPlayedTests and gPlayTests r=cpearce
c9341e21fb33d5af280c05ffcb0154ebac635ac6Steve Workman — Bug 792935 - Add DASH to test_info_leak, test_progress and test_standalone r=cpearce
c3e9f94548f257ef1a040c16d89631c696da5209Steve Workman — Bug 792935 - Remove code to cancel DASH subsegment downloads during a seek r=cpearce
20f89267f8c26e25559d5ca4d68cc9fe8cc6ca54Steve Workman — Bug 792935 - Aggregate results from IsDataCachedToEndOfResource from DASH sub-decoders r=cpearce
a7ff4a52a0099f6c75cc0b0c59fa53f2f69e19a9Steve Workman — Bug 792935 - Aggregate results from GetBuffered from sub-decoders r=cpearce
e7d1441c70f3aca0182151f2af3806c4e9f38241Nathan Froyd — Bug 835358 - remove unused member nsXPConnect::mScopes; r=bholley
32ca51d581bfe16dcef2c09afa3c16b4e8a75813Peter Eckersley — Bug 765934: Test cases for the redirectTo API. r=honza
81283622f4da2115bc3a8b5f7551a6a4a73dcab7Mike Perry Bug 765934 - Expose XPCOM API for performing internal redirects. r=honza
b2b61d8b273553e3a04f073b34e1b441a76ab769Borja Salguero — Bug 828861 - B2G PhoneNumberJS: Don't apply network mcc to to SMS in roaming scenario. r=vyang
7d91cd6f1124878c0d213b38d94bbc6d130241efHannes Verschore — Bug 824473: Add testcases for the inlined funapply, r=testcase
13288918cf765785ac47dd598ed590cde5008515Hubert Figuière — Bug 835338 - Part 1: Disable test_scroll.xul on Mac for now. r=dbolter
fb6e2dd0fa47d441162636fa592be019ed786525Brian Hackett — Bug 835140 - Don't treat lambdas inside other functions or loops as run-once, r=luke.
77bfa657b9307ceab1c61a836fdcae18984decf5Terrence Cole — Bug 835157 - Remove the unused createWithProto methods; r=Waldo
1a1a910c8e9ed0906c6650d1c76929c1140f69b7Mark Finkle — Bug 834810 - Launching webapp from homescreen icon will revert the icon to the default 'rocket' r=bnicholson
595c77e4624c056bf8c447032acb2ebb253dcdddMark Finkle — Bug 835241 - Reload button reloads cached copy r=bnicholson
c73b57a20d1b67261b726cf208e10d7359c22812Ethan Hugg — Bug 835290 MediaPipeline - replace attempted += of ints with PR_snprintfs r=jesup
5b0e2838fa04de97c445df51b7e0a3ba75444409Jonathan Kew — Bug 831342 - Quite noisy rollupWidget warnings on OSX, r=smichaud
cce24522fbf3ed35b96b3fa1885ac072b6d8ea57Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833546: Rotating phone will open tabs-tray. [r=mfinkle]
cc1e60e6a92f05b2390c9f04682aa3abec2d00e7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 834080 - Set marionette.force-local=true for b2g desktop builds, r=mdas
52db3691dcba01824ebdb3deddb493be83ee906fSean Stangl — Bug 749358 - Inline MUse storage. r=luke
555184b51f59bfd16d6893d3cce385b027f8a634Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 834929 - Part 3: Squeeze two members of Event into a union to reduce its size; r=roc
80f3982c418bad1312115994c8292f1817dc15faEhsan Akhgari — Bug 834929 - Part 2: Remove FloatArrayWrapper and just copy the curve array when needed; r=roc
09fe6a161398029f6dd29c807ee8b15832ac253cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 834929 - Part 1: Store the default/min/max values on the AudioParam itself; r=roc
04aea7c77a8c41655ffe8b7a0279f95cbd50ee3aTerrence Cole — Bug 706885 - Add a pointer to the JSRuntime on the gc::Chunk; r=billm
4e0b83a23621a2a787825d6b5291bdcf4f4305f1Brian Nicholson — Bug 819973 - Scale favicons before storing them in the cache. r=mfinkle
bc68bddecb5616d5919290dca0844e92082724e2Mats Palmgren — Bug 835167 - Run the crashtest for bug 373628 wrapped in a <iframe> for one second. DONTBUILD
a8260f893b60748fcfcc68975c2512307ee14c4cMichael Wu — Bug 835015 - Enable png_set_keep_unknown_chunks on Gonk, r=glennrp
f9800b4da60733cafcbb6b8c97372a9bd619e60cJonathan Griffin — Bug 826135 - Fix --utility-path error on Fennec, r=gbrown
185ab4996e2d9ae87bebf8872850f58e481076feChris Peterson — Bug 834611 - Part 3: Mark widget/android, mozglue/android, and image/decoders/icon/android as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=kats
9012158b65f677e567c33919d831f12a8f06380eChris Peterson — Bug 834611 - Part 2: Fix AndroidBridge warnings. r=dholbert
874b9c8e05f1ffbf3ddd878f2b3c31d8fd6d2731Chris Peterson — Bug 834611 - Part 1: Fix Android widget warnings. r=kats
528f5373b47a782567fa9944913007da1f6f7040Chris Peterson — Bug 834471 - Part 4: Fix FindBugs warning about unlockProfile() not checking file.delete() return value. r=wesj
23e83bcb87f8490cbe4f5294cee8ff2d4db330f7Chris Peterson — Bug 834471 - Part 3: Fix some FindBugs warnings about unused variables and make GeckoMediaScannerClient final. r=wesj
e67cde12f97628aaad1abb4bc47b3e8c4fdeea6cChris Peterson — Bug 834471 - Part 1: Fix some FindBugs warnings about strings. r=jchen
ed3fc621728b77548d710aa166f10e111807ad0aDave Hylands — Bug 835408 - nsVolume NameStr and MountPointStr noe return nsCString rather than ptr to freed memory. r=jlebar
cdd57f3e138443e5d4ba1265d38844e5265214b1Daniel Holbert — Bug 832545: Mark gfx/thebes as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=BenWa
0c84939daa2868c351a9e0aba274245af5ed7411Daniel Holbert — Bug 835473: Remove unused functions ValidateLocaTable & ValidateKernTable from gfxFontUtils.cpp. r=jfkthame
9f22692e440433ca23980d28669826bde51436f5Olli Pettay — Bug 835503 - Remove nsCycleCollector::ShouldBeFreed/WasFreed, r=mccr8
0c45e6378f1f07a1e207a3f10be403c774cee850Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4a271b44cbfe (bug 810146). r=bustageahoy
3f53e846312b0d1d3e1c59cd82755305a7a60686Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 835015 - Specify unused chunks in boot animation png decoder, r=mwu
ecd6f817792ed838afbaf331ee7219a1fca5467dGlenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 835325 - Clean up and return from BootAnimation PNG reader when libpng reports an error, r=mwu
f4b4392eb8a151f8dd1e6f4d3d716817a90ce0fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826817. Part 4: Remove will-send-did-paint and did-send-will-paint flags from nsIPresShell APIs. r=tnikkel
198516229e54c72e59544bf08bad7ab65a411af4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826817. Part 3: Remove will-send-did-paint flag from nsIWidgetListener::WillPaintWindow. r=tnikkel
dbd2536c95b386af1e2de26a26a9e0f786521455Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826817. Part 2: Remove will-send-did-paint and did-send-will-paint flags from nsIWidgetListener::PaintWindow. r=tnikkel
954ef23857baab1c472c6ecc2fb9fda4daffda67Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826817. Part 1: Send WillPaintWindow/DidPaintWindow from all widget implementations. r=tnikkel
72f40d55cde7fa72ca6f503318c4f5317da8416dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Remove a dangling reference to the LayerView in the IME code when the activity is destroyed. r=jchen
4f080454a9097a331d5a00ba22b57843bf069b09Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 835356 - Add logging for sync events to better see if they are causing problems. r=snorp
60044584ed1e60514e08a36e5ac63cf68af036b4Jason Smith — Bug 822197 - Crashtest for assertion failure: cb_hdr and crash fim_process_event/FIM_DEBUG. r=ehugg
2f3dd2be7a8bab35819e1cf4e5465851c03ea756Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b8f1cd485c5853c3aeda7f7d854e7e723a53c377Ted Mielczarek — bug 835456 - Update Breakpad to SVN r1106. r=upstream
c7fa9c31135d84b22a23f76f6e7062657c4793f3Jim Mathies — Bug 835435 - Social.jsm referenced using bad uri in socialchat.xml, r=gavin
ac4e6cf2b7e6dcecd2e8079448004a89b044f5ccJet Villegas — merge from inbound
0af4110bc34bbf42afdaec151b4907d962e00a67Jet Villegas — merge from inbound
d5d406f27a7d001d422ea390649dea066974bc3bJet Villegas — Bug 832696 - gfx gets prefs in the plugin process r=jmuizelaar
d26d1c77e47ea1180f024c4e6cfcc728829c0c7cDaniel Holbert — Bug 832440: Fix inconsistency on appUnitsPerDevPixels's signedness in gfxFont and its clients by converting all instances to be signed. r=jfkthame
4a271b44cbfe87c3422b014dbc3f94a3e2ea2414Irving Reid — Bug 810146: Add telemetry for addon manager startup times, unpacked add-ons and various changes detected at startup
d9a0933dfe2a21c940117db74f97aa40a08f93b4Seth Fowler — Bug 820602 - Remove change to decoder notification behavior that causes AWSY leak. r=joe
a26f703d6be8a3b5485cb7c13454481d214c87c7Sid Stamm — Bug 765398 - Add a "yes, I allow tracking" option to DNT. (r=dolske)
68e0432939c9fc98a10fd41ee9d21e633474dd2dPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 715156 (JS code no longer work for select options as array in a Greasemonkey script (index and name setters don't really work via XrayWrapper)). r=bz.
260de4b5771da6d1b644b8f3a9a85312d2c55f34Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 816088 (webIDL bindings try to extract nsISupports from the global object in static properties in workers). r=bz.
15500baebbc56cd7b923c048cebdb17c974bd603Filippo Cristofoletti — Bug 755031 - Fix some other warnings in gfx/2d. r=jmuizelaar
6565fc57003d02f33e5886a160775ae0697cafc8Filippo Cristofoletti — Bug 755031 - Clear warnings in gfx/gl. r=jmuizelaar
15a439da839d7809bea3f497ef888ca4e6940115Filippo Cristofoletti — Bug 755031 - Clear warnings in gfx/2d/ScaledFontDWrite.cpp. r=jmuizelaar
d9bc099c9486d8967dab5b39dc54cea69f9d5951Josh Aas — Bug 827979: Add Growl support back due to change in notification plans. r=backout
2f9cc81bbc6741051ee177ccfe98a2d404e00d39Bobby Holley — Bug 830500 - Implement JS_CharsToId. r=Waldo
5517fe5d3fda4d381549e7659a524e2779254d96Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 7. Use new callback codegen for conversion to and from JS. r=peterv
02a297c64232a8d19cab964e0064e1852a913333Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 6. Hook up callback interface codegen. r=peterv
fdad64f0f20dc5e866609ec55695c62c77f8bf63Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 5. Refactor callback codegen so it can be reused for callback interfaces too. r=peterv
c8b54141ddd7f3959eb8fea1aeedd2cb0b4ea468Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 4. Expose the concept of "single operation interface" in the WebIDL data model. r=peterv
e57b8e4373d41bf4e310a8ca4278bd5621c203fbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 3. Include headers as needed for callback interfaces. r=peterv
d03fc64bbe76e7865cbb5578ac2a5153717a5ef5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 2. Create a CallbackInterface helper class. r=peterv
39d1a2977442128be6835b875dc79202488a2aaeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822470 part 1. Factor out the code that callback functions and callback interfaces will be able to share into a CallbackObject class. r=peterv
436d46763d623091f3baf412847d39f9e526e1b2Ed Morley — Backout 3985cb4da6b6, 55ab9f026dc4, f7ead00b7654 and e2108ea96ae5 for a variety of build failures on a CLOSED TREE
f0fc7ce285e13a5af46229a14b762fad75e6e30dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 828283 - Apps playing sound should not be muted when the screen is put to sleep., r=sicking
3985cb4da6b6c4d4d5dd936b9ec55dd0a19d3e29Bobby Holley — Bug 830500 - Implement JS_CharsToId. r=Waldo
b0db5caaeb0ee7f9b6ee6a61c686c85e778dd6d5Gina Yeh — Bug 828798 - [Bluetooth] [HFP] No redundant +CIEV commands are sent to bluetooth headset, r=echou
55ab9f026dc41a62e6b6af3a901eac79f1b6df7bEric Chou — Bug 834551 - Insert BT_LOG at several important check points, r=gyeh
f7ead00b7654b950247f79700efc68f07d6397a0Eric Chou — Bug 834551 - Replace 'LOG()' with 'BT_WARNING()' defined in BluetoothCommon.h for consistency, r=qdot
e2108ea96ae5c8e484fe819819d5aa216e47cd69Eric Chou — Bug 834551 - Add Bluetooth debugging flag, r=qdot
ec2f97b57376df02f360bf182d246c7245e3ddf8Ed Morley — Backout f3c145bd1dd2 & 5075690572a9 for OS X startup failures
18b2fd105563560449727e60d79321bcfdf3eb8bEd Morley — Backout aad75c7c49c5:2addf5bd1730 (bug 830164) for B2G marionette failures on a CLOSED TREE
bba8e652952fa75c95c61b1dcdff83df7d72c166Hannes Verschore — Bug 824473: OOM fixes for IonBuilder, r=jandem
f3c145bd1dd21f32b4dc4ea3cf672ea55d2eeee7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 715156 (JS code no longer work for select options as array in a Greasemonkey script (index and name setters don't really work via XrayWrapper)). r=bz.
5075690572a98155d7eeac579dc4696a8423d16ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 816088 (webIDL bindings try to extract nsISupports from the global object in static properties in workers). r=bz.
d00f2767e57cebbbb9d8ab6d4ab259bbb0c8f436Alexander Surkov — Bug 569356, part2 - coalescence of state change events is bad, r=tbsaunde
2addf5bd1730cc4e980d5f733eae687c2ac85b02Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 6: update xpcshell tests for SST. r=vicamo
fce1df0cec5cc04253cecbbaaf49c74861fb8ec7Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 5: remove SST from iccInfo. r=vicamo
a2f1b15eecd12d221acc0df2324694663f3b1101Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 4: Update GPS. r=dougt
96941ab98a212103f127d2733b929c7ea4eee614Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 3: update read IMSI. r=vicamo
7771dd6d21c5999e5e36537b007327ff18e65727Yoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 2: rename icc to iccInfo. r=vicamo
aad75c7c49c546a4895d1899144aecac793fbb5bYoshi Huang — Bug 830164 - Part 1: IDL Changed. r=vicamo
41b5ec7f02935920cc8b973b4ed8533475720bbdPatrick Wang — Bug 829486 - Fire documentfirstpaint every time a window created. r=jlebar
514db0cfadcfc8db48408083fe81f53d60177018Kyle Machulis — Bug 777271 - Re-implement nsIDOMCallEvent using event implementation codegen. r=bent,vicamo,hsinyi
472f37a8f4336c32ba47c32f11ae248b534736faMatt Woodrow — Bug 832611 - Use NotifyDestroyingFrame to remove frames from the OverflowChangedTracker. r=roc
e589bf878934a3359e5011c656ba9eb909a54139Benjamin Peterson — Add test for bug 831846.
cbd4af84ba707f6b3cb2abf9491ccfdf747eb60aMakoto Kato — Bug 830594 - Turn on ENABLE_SHARED_JS on Win64 builder for PGO linker limit. r=khuey
3742b1608ddbd4c9c75bf80c00ad9b687adf49dcGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
b0d6d514d3414193b7608e1983aaa87dc1446943Gregory Szorc — Bug 834936 - Temporarily load JSMs into fewer compartments; r=rnewman
80fed51ae07417db6d8d9b4b8cf560d74c4a663bBrian Smith — Bug 834741: Update NSS to NSS 3.14.2 BETA 3 (NSS_3_14_2_BETA3), r=me, a=bustage
409c4b5a6c83647c00b6308a09125a2dce0dcb7dMats Palmgren — Bug 835167 - Add reftest-wait to some crashtests to fix orange.
274c7e3f6e3fc69ee5439b09fd5ec9f96e747e74Shane Caraveo — Bug 782850 fix nsContextMenu to work in social content panels, r=felipe
7a6aae4391dfa6d826da27fdb26649a0718d5129Matt Brubeck — Bug 792509 - Allow Metro builds on non-Windows platforms [r=jimm]
74d4a1dc470c481a883e4424a3368b4640583113Bill McCloskey — Bug 824473 - Fix build errors (r=bustage)
420e01b317962159c657f7ee8b538fff9aa26664Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Free the local refs in GeckoThread's long-running run method to prevent leaks. r=cpeterson
d01e95bb06e9cdc4401659888840f2548009999fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Stop holding on to a content resolver in Tab, which leaks the Activity instance it is associated with. r=bnicholson
6dac413f27037c624a21b2eeb672c465c977806fBill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming comment fix (r=jonco)
576566ced8f604fd0752b887ca41be407e0e5bc7Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 9 (r=terrence)
cb81443b42ec74c5d51c36ce512a9c504ec92407Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 8 (r=terrence)
1032a553ddfd6b5360b5ec25a28240ab1b26f85bBill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 7 (r=jonco)
888c542780222f7b90a7a64131082f8238b34858Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 6 (r=terrence)
f1e00bbb8f08dc8eb040940b0b6548e82984ac88Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 5 (r=jonco)
05880c8938cb8524d709b1eb8e1d5250841ed422Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 4 (r=terrence)
09a8f6b60ee541331eeba3c59a9f5fdcb819ce61Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 3 (r=jonco)
98e0c10da12f1647d591aef687e98e6077aa7e67Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 2 (r=jonco)
d2ca700aa7c05a26b76e9bca7b9bf475eb3d36c2Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Zone renaming part 1 (r=jonco)
03d905c608bb1fccffb33d4ee2cef783281103e0Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Fix assertions in ResetIncrementalGC (r=jonco)
e0070650c153ee5daa103e55b59e2703775c7882Bill McCloskey — Bug 751618 - Add js/GCAPI.h (r=terrence)
b1eaede8e5d75ddab6753c0e49d67483c846b619Hannes Verschore — Bug 824473: Nits + fix for ARM builds, r=dvander
87cd83355b09c0342787c72e3427c6a73eea1137Hannes Verschore — Bug 834500: IonMonkey: Don't forbid ion compilation when JM is disabled and bouncing between IM and the interpreter, r=nbp
e8578248b798e168658e63752cf08b3c497cea68Hannes Verschore — Bug 824473: IonMonkey: Enable inlining of JSOP_FUNAPPLY, r=dvander
04cea75c849d072f0a24ce1995fd2a762ab2d298Hannes Verschore — Bug 824473: IonMonkey: Remove use of monitoredTypesReturn to decide when inlining calls, r=dvander
551b94a23a79a2dbc1e5260e922d5bc51f8ba53bHannes Verschore — Bug 824473: IonMonkey: Structural changes to IonBuilder, r=dvander
2d20659b4ad3eacf38690c31fef029f3a21e57e9Robert Longson — Bug 738551 - transforms should only be animated with animateTransform. r=dholbert
63685729b77125efffacb2aa74c76051252dbd8fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
10a03f096499051d821969f5dd614534a23d9d2fBenjamin Peterson — Bug 831846 - Enter a script global's compartment before running the expression decompiler on it. r=billm
cb77bfbfbda62bd08b5ca77ed43bf70359b96c75Robert Longson — Bug 835030 - Remove svg.smil.enabled pref. r=dholbert
b40b3e4a307532660d814527be1f92613dfe912fBenoit Jacob — Bug 835159 - fix unused variable warning (hence error with -Werror) in nsGIOProtocolHandler - no review, trivial build fix
67b1b96174e3f69863acfbaff2f7d0aa336225b4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Destroy the SiteIdentityPopup when the activity is destroyed to prevent leaking the activity. r=margaret
6e26603c213cf44c6dc2297a62341e5cb3430a4cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Remove unnecessary getInstance call that was leaking an App instance. r=wesj
d1f86f162236d5f84d1709e652036d875424a479Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Fix leaks caused by missing tab change listener unregistrations. r=sriram
6518cc9027e21326a1c76b41c0481c8d076487e4Joel Maher — Bug 834814 - allow for webgl tests to support mesa llvm driver. r=bjacob
a3b002c24e4a6d119721faa2b95ecdc9c783789eVicamo Yang — Bug 802506: add marionette test case for getting IMEI. r=ferjm
66ae454e5a29ea0dd7a0457e95c8ff3398c99448Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
177ddb6900f465cf844bc1124c9b63dccb663ec5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e9795d97ccf6 (bug 782850) for M1 failures.
e9795d97ccf6e2d845ce90cfb06f09bf8dbc86f6Shane Caraveo — Bug 782850 fix nsContextMenu to work in social content panels, r=felipe
3bc89c4fedd7a2fda43f2ade2f97edebadeacfedCarmen Jiménez Cabezas — Bug 834091: Verify certificate chain for signed B2G apps as of the current time (now) instead of the signing time, r=bsmith
b0bc8f7cc4206928513a2b68596ab5e754344f5cShane Caraveo — Bug 832943 keep explicit reference to our error handling web listeners to avoid unexpected gc, r=felipe
42ba5b4cf32a083795a42c19616a5d56c6c9f00aJustin Lebar — Bug 834059 - Send processses into the foreground when they first launch, so they don't get killed quite so quickly. r=cjones
b881843d330b6ff757a3da44aa594b8dc3c67a84Shane Caraveo — Bug 824162 dont mess with focus until after the event target handles it, r=gavin
a9e8397cd253eb5258c17d44537b87821d9081b2Martijn Wargers — Bug 385681 - crashtest
8d965e3893b4ee44faf9a54550e1e43baaf35b15Martijn Wargers — Bug 385526 - crashtest
6f4e6810b9a162ee3225f73a9b4a7026d3b5ac35Martijn Wargers — Bug 385354 - crashtest
fe39fce24d664d5de8d130cb3b67c95912a35061Martijn Wargers — Bug 385344 - crashtest
bfcd4b49d4829a9b03e128dba2b0ef96a47af662Martijn Wargers — Bug 383137 - crashtest
bbbf53ddc9beb01cfe23425155a00fbf8f4e88c9Martijn Wargers — Bug 381862 - crashtest
38d9fbccbd637829aee2e67733f15aac033d0fe6Robert Longson — Bug 378716 - crash test
8d44e8ca18d0e5e42b1cbeab5d0563dd1db9b745Martijn Wargers — Bug 377960 - crash tests
3c9de8f7331fcb73b1de06ba172f5a64c590a1baMartijn Wargers — Bug 376419 - crashtest
1d75e6a4bb7876e2e120c22a7a00fba304753487Mats Palmgren — Bug 375462 - crashtest
659d596caf43fbfdff4c74f5938f3ee6bf262f2dMats Palmgren — Bug 373628 - crashtest
499f187c9b7a377f7d14178987e9a9b1d6b04064alex — Bug 372576 - crashtest
3e073f7795f7acf994ec3d31f578a07de1ef430fBernd — Bug 371290 - crashtest
a105bb59b04976101a4c9e100fefd5569e84ce80Robert O'Callahan — Bug 369542 - crash tests
1fffe9eb4f8ca5a73defce24f43af52935c27956Martijn Wargers — Bug 368740 - crashtest
e1be6d19f8e2b0ed3f0ae20886a4bd142d96a868Martijn Wargers — Bug 368568 - crashtest
dd0f3b9a5ce451a484ecaf1a770d4f612f6f319cGavin Sharp — Bug 368013 - crashtest
68e7aba40138b0265784620278f6ff07814ce6bfJesse Ruderman — Bug 367755 - crashtest
e5df73ae6fc58d60ea0fcb442d87e8625528afdaMartijn Wargers — Bug 362275, bug 367749 - crashtests
d2e63d8eadd42b9c7a53ca8058003db90c0a84ebArie Paap — Bug 366643 - crashtest
fe6ec7fdc171a9461a447cb3dfececbdef24a8baNickolay Ponomarev — Bug 365151 - crashtest
e6d6b014a076ef72deada08a991d9cf8ee23c2ccBrian Hackett — Bug 832364 - Generate optimized paths for element accesses on native objects, r=jandem.
aafdf3566582e9bf2635c03cf40f6173e7a79817Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
2e916d9dae06eeeee1a4260a13ebece3def3249bRichard Newman — Bug 834449 - Part 3: simplify cleanup of cached statements. r=gps
8efd1355f4acd9c646e3b7d853dd90e7fd8cef85Richard Newman — Bug 832067 - Discard cached statements in healthreporter. r=gps
dce840cda6b8c16c8698f99de4883b2edbddcf2cRichard Newman — Bug 834449 - Part 2: clean up cached statements in Sqlite.jsm. r=gps
0f28b10053de6f87ee40a4aead2af75105b27b4eRichard Newman — Bug 834449 - Part 1: rework tracking of pending statements. r=gps
e49e91aefec47ec64691345f07bc098d1ae375c9Richard Newman — Bug 830922 - Include version inside measurement payload. r=gps
2616a8dbe520e4b91c4faa39cde06c841b314283Gregory Szorc — Bug 833609 - Part 2: Add timer to shrink memory after idle; r=mak
3da328ea9e2c191221bcaf19518db146599f8a14Gregory Szorc — Bug 833609 - Part 1: add a manual call to shrink memory usage to Sqlite.jsm. r=mak
82bda69f6b4cb4ad25b3756493bc766b7d288089Richard Newman — Bug 834159 - Minor doc bugs in FHR. r=gps
47684913d63d9fbaa204ddf15927dd756c1cd9c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
b188c776e9b422fb0215f3822f4b2bd8c09656d1Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 816803 - Add system metric and media query keyword to detect whether the current Windows desktop theme supports Aero Glass. r=jimm,sr=roc
d802d6faa08093addd7fd285a0fc97efc59f00fbRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset eb2f0c1fffc2 (bug 820613) for xpcshell failures.
88fc571a9e9ed5bee9f775dc17890ea7eac2a4abChris Peterson — Bug 831633 - Back out 1c7bdeefa8ee (bug 830315) for introducing hundreds of non-virtual dtor warnings. r=waldo
864464749650c4c2e0dae72bfb2594e90d6bc67cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 834869 - AudioBuffer's Unlink method should drop js objects; r=mccr8
51d02de3f48e9421d7af200220a9fce05d06a142Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 832487 - Update libpng to version 1.5.14. r=joedrew
698a863a2771da8277b23797b89c9be24379ad4eSunny — Bug 831533 - Show the enabled/disabled/blocklisted state of plugins in about:plugins. r=bsmedberg
eb2f0c1fffc2bfd7f1a653b7ae74f8086f06a1d2Shriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 820613 - Remove all references to shutdown-cleanse. r=bsmedberg
ad7031235de1b5b7eada638950e7d8e86c95f57aSunny — Bug 806770 - Fix strict mode warning in richlistbox.xml. r=Yoric
add0b94c2c0bcab190f872f8f27f43b26c03b5faReuben Morais — Bug 793204 - Add remove() API to PermissionSettings. r=sicking
42c6c0c90d554f035c64ae56eef89e421cd7c5c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c1bd83d06914362df771b7ba5f9f7f22d2fa9bf6Gregor Wagner — Bug 834995 - Fix race condition in mozStorageConnection.cpp. r=mak77
b0f81f0584969cc294d9367cab4b78c9f049b89eJan de Mooij — Bug 825379 - Fix JSContext::findVersion to work with Ion frames. r=dvander
3b42359a9f6be945cf1ac3ea45bf8a786a3105cdTom Schuster — Bug 830787 - Move jsscope to vm/Shape. r=jorendroff
052d2de29f8f0cd2942c0697ce9413c1ce8626d6Brian Hackett — Bug 834826 - Eliminate or refactor various unnecessary stack roots, r=terrence.
51975f8c58b27722f8786011085c29c84802b65dJim Mathies — Bug 783882 - Add ITfInputScope support to nsTextStore, and add support for various html5 form input types. r=masayuki
ccbdf81cfb736aa6e903a128b8d069204e97bf50Martijn Wargers — Bug 364220 - crashtest.
3c9d1fc191cf184c03b39844aee061ce23745b95Martijn Wargers — Bug 363950 - crashtest.
7384af4aeaa305d6b5f4d76234c1f2144adb1e30Mats Palmgren — Bug 363729 - crashtests.
070fcf10db4533e42a3cb94359a3450b92a1926eMartijn Wargers — Bug 363448 - crashtest.
40ad15ff7bded13d73a8f365c245e423862adfd3Martijn Wargers — Bug 361109 - crashtest.
150037e383b7c7d5ea0b672c3622b812bdd2a4c7Martijn Wargers — Bug 360599 - crashtest
a0b0b899cf1e7a7718d7eacc2ccae098ae1dd94fMartijn Wargers — Bug 350460 - crashtest.
1b4983feaedc0d4dea512cb6ebf9f42550ce227aMartijn Wargers — Bug 350370 - crashtest.
7a72c01c68b9407e932d9b3e6eb9a4201551d78cJoonas Marttila — Bug 348510 - crashtests.
2ad79139e529de1d7e1b14898a88124af208ff7bMartijn Wargers — Bug 347367 - crashtest.
045c314c045b64715fe20cd8302c890972502338Martijn Wargers — Bug 331292 - crashtest.
629d2d1485e291ceebb21837e2aeab9c72c6ebc1Jason Duell — Bug 833935 - Stop using one static var per compilation unit. r=jdm
1bcf7ce80feceeffdff0ec5da5f79c2dd8826ba9Jonathan Watt — Fix orange introduced by c4ace0f3ee89 (bug 834302). r=orange.
d4a40b1d2524f4d167b5420db35949d922139bbcCameron McCormack — Bug 828962 - Followup to add the reftest files.
52f1e645ce3473d4f517c8de8b3eb131e580d152Cameron McCormack — Bug 828962 - Don't let xml:space="preserve" affect <foreignObject>. r=longsonr
c4ace0f3ee897b9538d5b11796b7fda3358c3c1dJonathan Watt — Bug 834302 - Separate the concept of "the maximum" and "the max content attribute" in nsHTMLInputElement. r=mounir.
8edae7afe6b0dfdeca55e8b720546731f842a506Raymond Lee — Bug 820764 - Stop using addvisit() in browser tests r=mak77
358dd2a3299058e813a16760d41294fb6886bc46Michael Wu — Bug 831624 - Use fb/gralloc to render boot animation, r=cjones,joe,glennrp
818bfecbe8e58f538302e67e0da82041290223fcJeff Hammel — Bug 830996 - implement a way to DRY mozbase packages for m-c;r=gps
ccade0070fb8057dd18bdddfa76ec437956e7937Jeff Walden — Bug 830257 - Compute the local time zone offset, not including any offset due to DST, in a different, hopefully more correct, way. r=dmandelin
42eb5399753e07a0619caad031f632173175ba8bSean Stangl — Bug 834762 - yarr/MatchResult.h:58:44: warning: overflow in implicit constant conversion [-Woverflow]. r=warning-spam
5c640339324689802c88d86e67e8f38a69e86cc2EKR — Bug 816780 - Merge all incoming m-lines into one MediaStream. r=jesup,abr
6a073316b972168fbf48b8a192cb6ae3563b4b03Dave Hylands — Bug 828731 - Wait for the framebuffer to become ready before trying to open it. r=mwu
91b952220896ee13ae7ae7a2537c097e257a73b5Benoit Jacob — Bug 832576 - Fix perf regression in WebGL uniform setters - r=jgilbert
b52b445017c9973b571744aa6f7ca1b6610e5e87Benoit Jacob — Bug 791432 - fix build bustage - no review
cf4db0037c7e23153b020ccf9fdc39b39998618dBenoit Jacob — Bug 791432 - blacklist WebGL on HTC One S ("ville") - r=jgilbert
20ca3148d336b3a7ae992a4159f88b22f562ba7fBenoit Jacob — Bug 827170 - Clamp intermediate surface's framebuffer dimensions to what is supported by the GL - r=BenWa
d587ccbcc3592e146976f9a79b1c8d98184dbfe0Phil Ringnalda — Back out 5a56a56a6481:a5969a01955b (bug 834414) to investigate whether it caused reftest-4 failures
f7a25c052c5ad80694099a7d7514e5e3158ca457L. David Baron — Backout ccf23b56150e (bug 832576) on a CLOSED TREE on the theory that maybe WebGL changes could have changed graphics state in a way that caused the Android reftest-4 failures on SVG gradient tests.
d9d98ffe9ecc5107063f932696d63acffeb76107L. David Baron — Backout 8f213db8fe7f and 31399fd0cb5b (Bug 791432) on a CLOSED TREE on the theory that maybe WebGL changes could have changed graphics state in a way that caused the Android reftest-4 failures on SVG gradient tests.
a6ab6b0770ce5ed83dd31f6b4012e2cc3095b6eaBenoit Jacob — Bug 827170 - back out a920571903da to see if it is what caused SVG reftests (android R4) to fail - no review, bustage on a CLOSED TREE
6baaa5cff19889dadfe04c1c9310a11b8b665abcPhil Ringnalda — Back out 2692ef57acaa (bug 789358) for causing bug 834883
b868c9ca7a0a4b4186bc84531d9f87a0937d9b28Phil Ringnalda — Back out ab76caba70f3 (bug 833546) for robocop bustage
c9bba628aeb34fd40fe0bd7782e6d23355b96e70Phil Ringnalda — Back out baa055cb9043 (bug 834525) for robocop bustage
cf2bcfc5cb4d51bab9bf7f0216c4e194be5ec2c0Shane Caraveo — Bug 804656: add rolluponmousewheel attribute to allow mousewheel events to hide panels, r=enndeakin
d2a2c71ce437d19bef4c46e39090c7efb9794d11Justin Lebar — Backed out changeset e8aa49207d1c (bug 818843) due to B2G device build breakage on Mac OS. rs=jesup
38c61e9826b2a4f20289a66383f7d21bbaec8c5bJustin Lebar — Backed out changeset 9b803c2821b9 (bug 818843) due to B2G device build breakage on Mac. rs=jesup
be286cf0a503ece846a8b732e27182dac4a5b76cAndrew McCreight — Bug 829784 - Don't cycle collect nsNodeInfo in live documents. r=smaug
cfbf97e656a93bc45e6b325ae808d8e18f424b12Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 825714 followup: Silence various warnings and make various style corrections. r=billm
7b9583f2c8370f9bd7c9780b030c15be8f3f449aMike Conley — Bug 831639 - Downloads button icon is hard to see on Aero glass on winstripe theme. r=mak.
321aca70f66dda3a596088356dbdb5c6fe1bc720Michael Wu — Bug 834327 - Disable idleservice spam on gonk, r=gcp
8104d8262f22be37b5c294d9599bbb42f48885d2Joey Armstrong — bug 747540: fix dependencies for java build
a4a427a5864aa8a8f828f16ccc743d839517bfc1Chris Jones — Bug 834760: Null-check mAttachedWidgetListener. r=mwu
8f213db8fe7f24bbecf958bf95cda78ad314bdd6Benoit Jacob — Bug 791432 - fix build bustage - no review
ded8a117d29e360e719d6187d85c2a1505dac907Joel Maher — Bug 834778 - upload a new to capture fixes for xperf. r=armenzg
c3b2be18c3062df2279bf06a3da0b2df99fad264Doug Turner — Bug 834595 - Factor stat() such that there are 3 independent methods. r=sicking
baa055cb90436845cc6f9073cd413bb9eec63040Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 834525: Tab thumbnail styling on phones and tablets. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
5a56a56a6481d3a3f0f68ae083070deac41db874Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Free the local refs in GeckoThread's long-running run method to prevent leaks. r=cpeterson
00a0bf8c5dd192a07e24cb8808efeac8e0e4c643Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Stop holding on to a content resolver in Tab, which leaks the Activity instance it is associated with. r=bnicholson
e43eca1b34d970d610133c2da9c1b6d1b05e48c2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Remove a dangling reference to the LayerView in the IME code when the activity is destroyed. r=jchen
e1d4af4e25b1e18aed6725d3267d341ab0e3ecbdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Destroy the SiteIdentityPopup when the activity is destroyed to prevent leaking the activity. r=margaret
b892485d74e81174ab5086344b0a892a0db570abKartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Remove unnecessary getInstance call that was leaking an App instance. r=wesj
a5969a01955b6829cb6958b3173e45506359a026Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 834414 - Fix leaks caused by missing tab change listener unregistrations. r=sriram
ab76caba70f303b48eebbed4140b46677c01b53eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 833546: Rotating phone will open tabs-tray. [r=mfinkle]
9b65c94a756ae70a4e10082b52423dd0e9e63d89Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 827280 - Part 4: RIL. r=philikon a=tef+
55269abd4df3c9fd1fc963d933c742f30cf30685Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 827280 - Part 3: MobileConnection. r=philikon a=tef+
c565621c1b1138cdc3bd601ba1ba2718c49f50edJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 827280 - Part 2: DOMEvent. r=philikon a=tef+
1076e0e57f14fc7e43cb0b8a824fb463cd566b8dJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 827280 - Part 1: IDLs. r=sicking a=tef+
31399fd0cb5bfdf1b97770255ecd6e2e66dfb09dBenoit Jacob — Bug 791432 - blacklist WebGL on HTC One S ("ville") - r=jgilbert
1a8a0c426fc32e2edcbb0102222a96597e7aab29Benoit Jacob — Bug 834674 - IDBTransaction: no need for custom CC code to traverse/unlink arrays of pointers - r=smaug
bdfca6aa9742b1c015aec457882184a08383b3ecBenoit Jacob — Bug 832831 - Make NS_ASSERT_OWNINGTHREAD_AND_NOT_CCTHREAD fatal - r=khuey
ccf23b56150ee8c7577f1d2499cb91eab9eb8b15Benoit Jacob — Bug 832576 - Fix perf regression in WebGL uniform setters - r=jgilbert
a920571903da994e6b21df2beafdcec810eeac61Benoit Jacob — Bug 827170 - Clamp intermediate surface's framebuffer dimensions to what is supported by the GL - r=BenWa
bb36a87d41ecb067a044c713e52faf6cbc7171d1Dave Hylands — Bug 831701 - Missing a change that was supposed to be in the previous patch. r=me
a38d0b7187aa26871d08fa491b61911f94d7af18Dave Hylands — Bug 831701 - Finish active updates unless the user swtiches to a newer one. Remove stale updates. r=rstrong
308b0c3494ef4573d951b3592fc13601b8503181Mats Palmgren — Bug 344557 - Add crashtests.
a1b9d63c84828a33eb4f86a8d19a65a2b7a6f616Mats Palmgren — Bug 341382 - Add crashtests.
1b8bb5a1530710ea49f5c96270b0af1e8e0fbda3Mats Palmgren — Bug 325377 - Add crashtest.
3f5d453c4a283fbb9138abd9e382d152a563493eMats Palmgren — Bug 321224 - Add crashtest.
3834a081d85d57fdda53440464c32fe7e901822eMats Palmgren — Bug 309322 - Add crashtests.
6051da676c88b263f95e49aea82db8fb3b7efb80Mats Palmgren — Bug 286491 - Add crashtest.
a66fa7e626b4c86d38cb0865e2289cbf3becedaeMats Palmgren — Bug 255982 - Add crashtests.
2692ef57acaa37971bfd885139969d9d6a22800bMatt Brubeck — Bug 789358 - Re-enable click target fluffing in B2G [r=cjones]
d55997bd0019118b7727bbe6ad2dc0052cfcf2abMatt Brubeck — Bug 833663 - Set MOZ_SOURCE_TOUCH for simulated mouse events in Gonk [r=cjones]
cb038730d5f1ad2a19e2c9c1946f6d766f97012bMatt Brubeck — Bug 832101 - Don't fluff out click targets for events from non-touch input [r=roc]
34fea220185dbb49d1e4b53b54d5e0448ace3384Matt Brubeck — Bug 832101 - Allow EventUtils.sendMouseEvent to set pressure and inputSource [r=smaug]
9441271bdb454c102dc17b3194af31f429b9d649Raymond Lee — Bug 806723 - Port plugin test_privatemode.xul to the new per-tab PB APIs r=jdm
cb38771328da7cd7049869f2268ea9d76a9183b1Kannan Vijayan — Bug 834447 - Make Ion entry use AbstractFramePtr instead of StackFrame*. r=sstangl
afdf04262e61277a92c1cbce21c3fa2c47a3c941Kai Engert — Bug 834741, NSPR_4_9_5_BETA2 and NSS_3_14_2_BETA2, r=wtc
5a2c4f450e07f554f5fddd8535ecb174b776544cAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 834153 - Mochitest. r=ekr
e4e3590aa1daf8e92b1d132a625e644a4ab8f638Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 834153 - Queue CreateAnswer State Checks, remove extraneous _executeNext calls. r=jesup
f28ae1d9b685f1f1fb1ffd4a1dc78eb136a3b4a9James Willcox — Bug 768000 - Fix up the mutex handling in the prior patch r=blassey
ce79b39c6e0e66b522eb10a8115565324a9586c2Jinsu Oh — Bug 791654 - Add Save Video/Audio to context menus. r=wesj
5197fd7963037347ab71ec9307d8812d0c2bc77aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 832665 - Switching back and forth between the music app and FM radio (using home key) causes some unexpected behavior., r=mchen
6007dc9023854e7c44c5b88388c767d7086b29fbEd Morley — Backed out changeset a0c4559f5d2e for cpp unitest orange
a0c4559f5d2e8aff1acff339960594b5122c16a2Andrea Marchesini — Bug 832665 - Switching back and forth between the music app and FM radio (using home key) causes some unexpected behavior., r=mchen, a=tef+
d8af2dfc0c2aab76c8affa4e5710bfd10b2e1f1bJan de Mooij — Bug 833817 part 3 - Replace JSStackFrame with JSAbstractFramePtr. r=luke
5c0e27333599c0424a691c30001cf7bdbd9bd5cdChuck Lee — Bug 831628 - 0005. Test case for Event Download Command : Idle Screen Available. r=yoshi
f93346711a1450a38c05a769cef567003e8633c6Chuck Lee — Bug 831628 - 0004. Change worker name. r=yoshi
5f8b0e4a7e2284bcf84e57085375933199cb4adbChuck Lee — Bug 831628 - 0003. Mark event as supported. r=yoshi
f3b169983cdb1d7e3cc55f62b69b2ccbeb7971dcChuck Lee — Bug 831628 - 0002. Handle event. r=yoshi
1183f031c783df2ef785220d08e2ed45f127fbaeChuck Lee — Bug 831628 - 0001. Add event object. r=yoshi. sr=sicking
cd471ce8fd8e14bf9b80b67e7793b6a0810ba041Jon Coppeard — Bug 815542 - crash in IncrementalCollectSlice r=billm
eddbffde391870c763cdd95b406d95bc724edfa7Jason Duell — Bug 833935 - Warn when child is about to issue illegal IPDL request. r=jdm
b662c6940cf45601fe8f4105873cdacfad457dccJason Duell — Bug 833935 - Centralize UsingNeckoIPDLSecurity function. r=jdm
53640f283f68741d84ed030ae218dce8e05570e2Bobby Holley — Bug 833856 - Handle errors better in EvaluateString. r=bz
eb42fd7cdd465abbef35f0895af4ca79e5027f62Bobby Holley — Bug 834255 - Fix intermittent orange. r=bz
95bb08ab18d87226e538f02cb4c9dc0f013e56c5Marco Bonardo — Bug 832133 - Stop using addvisit() in toolkit cpp tests.
bd89dd17b9ddbb2ea812bd0ba6ce3059cae4bcd5Gene Lian — Bug 833060 - Need a way to know whether NITZ is available or not. r=philikon a=tef+
4856e2c22f35b0996d54b16f3d129db04c8d37f2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 830192. Integrate GetFixedContainingBlock into GetAbsoluteContainingBlock and ensure only elements which can be abs-pos containing blocks are turned into fixed-pos containing blocks when transformed. r=bzbarsky
0e518197a82381eef06b374b1bcb4e2c9ae3602dRobert O'Callahan — Backout 342c2b349402, bug 803192
ace1e79d65d90f12ec5644eee5ceecce25c90649Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 825714: Refactor JS allocation routines to enable allocation on parallel
342c2b3494021b9e41b921b1544de8ecb4e195b9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 830192. Integrate GetFixedContainingBlock into GetAbsoluteContainingBlock and ensure only elements which can be abs-pos containing blocks are turned into fixed-pos containing blocks when transformed. r=bzbarsky
18334d1607f7c2582eb643b3e574ac0d9343d83fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 834409 - Fix JS typo causing an error when zooming in to text fields. r=wesj
b7c845b323d03fa78b8ce8e6227bef1150bcbd16Chris Jones — Bug 834470: Release AsyncPanZoomController and friends. r=roc
3ea6e1d489f3b09840ac906eab55fbeaaa0783a4Marco Chen — Bug 834146 - [Audio] When initilizing AudioChannelAgent, we should set visibility correctly in that time. r=kinetik, a=tef+
0b4168438bd72b05a93438585a397130b6d94a37Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
418c2f404d746f1298af414b391196fb8e231790Patrick Wang — Bug 833277 - Tell if we are on CDMA network r=vicamo
6450a26eb74f37f754757283e8fb533fae8e1dbdBrian Hackett — Bug 834242 - Reduce cost of exact stack rooting during property reads, r=terrence.
ef08d673ef2068d76fe0a1c0174bda639c3f63f5Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 833521 - forward "recording-device-events" event to parent process, r=dougt
91a8133741df215f8d02fb8b4ae003f6996f7aaaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 832899. Make sure our canonical isupports matches what various consumers expect. r=smaug
de3a78d90afa8d7875798c8eba791dcffd815aafFabrice Desré — Bug 833659 - REINSTALL_FORBIDDEN error isn't triggering when installing a packaged app with a mini-manifest off of X origin when a hosted app was already installed from X origin r=ferjm
ec3d263e24784f137ca1c8e27ca4af1cc84946ddFabrice Desré — Bug 833587 - Updating a packaged app to a new version that is too large to fit in the phone fails, but the original packaged app is lost (no longer launches) r=ferjm
be407e8f5093d8e2b44f19e47dff3fe7b077a59dFabrice Desré — Bug 832408 - Notifications stick around after a failed 3rd party app update r=ferjm
4825b19c99414b31f29698c12d1329de2f13cae2Fabrice Desré — Bug 831644 - Uninstalling an app while it's currently being downloading leaves Gaia's homescreen and download progress in a corrupted, out of sync state with the webapps registry r=julienw
50a7e6e2f6a15690ef0df79365a760b3238ec8e6Aaron Klotz — Bug 828034 - Fix crash when PluginModuleParent::CleanupFromTimeout runs before channel error notification. r=bsmedberg
ef49b3dc87372831fc294a9f7dafd460b239c567Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3226c8ac08f71cce1d1749efb75effa9ada6b38bVicamo Yang — Bug 833908: explicitly export spn related attributes in nsIICCRecords. r=allstars.chh
17306ccdd8d51a654a9db5fd4cb9e9c713070ca5Jason Duell — Bug 832162 - fix jar BuildSynthetics r=taras
be8bf489bcb147e3973f027946804d1535ee679dSteve Workman — Bug 834496 - Use ne_map_track_number_to_index in nestegg_track_seek r=kinetik
b50cb394053b8ffb14a997b08f6cd5b95dd02473Nick Thomas — Bug 834298, update kernel for otoro, r=mwu
1f543ca751f056c01481b386096ff49da2516230Nick Thomas — Bug 834295, update kernel for unagi, r=mwu
4b48effcf696af0b3eceb3e3faa6156f57b676c9Ben Turner — Bug 834526, r=cjones.
9b73d9410c6f1909ff76ed74e73cc45212898909Chris Peterson — Bug 834471 - Part 2: Fix some FindBugs warnings about DateTimePicker. r=wesj
c8a4e004e3dccb04a5478e4120e5a2a5b223612fBen Turner — Bug 831307 - Allow invalid file handles to not crash child processes. r=cjones.
cc0081ab6c4aa4a1551e0b1abf8f0cc1e44ee068Nathan Froyd — Bug 834263 - consolidate ClonedMessageData unpacking code; r=smaug
0770079f15c71b03b95009f69cf9b5c8fc19b721adrian tamas — Bug 817970 - Add tests for Bookmark remove and edit from context menu. r=jmaher
a9697b07a494685e0f1c061b5e0cae7e8c579689Alexandros Chronopoulos — Bug 790458 - Support multichannel Opus on mobile. r=rillian
67392eaaf75fb79c2009b89bd4e87c86d4f2efc1Wes Johnston — Bug 832561 - Dont show Pin Sites option on empty sites. r=lucasr
eeee5a8a473008dd1f72f706d796cc8c9e212446Wes Johnston — Bug 832561 - Don't update cursors when sites are pinned/unpinned. r=lucasr
b6884fd8e6ffd433ea5b4bd285c8f6a076c0226cWes Johnston — Bug 832561 - Provide a stub implementation of GeckoAsyncTask.onPostExecute. r=lucasr
9045da9e4caef2a5c883a69f52337c646ec3a3f7Wes Johnston — Bug 833919 - Provide explicit color for checkboxes in doorhangers. r=sriram
e775b032381126aa2c613ee9d6624b85b39ca68cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 829383 follow-up: make the test only run in per-window private browsing builds
533a010771164d51d5875b3636884d1c0469b951Geoff Brown — Bug 825152: Disable robocop testAllPagesTab for too many intermittent failures; DONTBUILD
9a4f90fd41468b1f1e8ce06c66df5456c03f8afcGeoff Brown — Bug 834027: Dump diagnostic info when FennecNativeDriver.getSurfaceView fails; r=jmaher
33994a9160d6dd24bbaacc13cd57a71950e01276Daniel Holbert — Bug 834054: Mark 'uriloader' subdirectories as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=mayhemer
82256205e93642fa431480483d910eea42209ae3Daniel Holbert — Bug 834072: Fix build warnings in uriloader/exthandler/android. r=kats
d6469d32b38538905f22523048ffde819d2bd8a9Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 825501 - Remove IPv4 records manually because PR_GetAddrInfoByName dislike PR_AF_INET6. r=honzab
ed2ed42808cafa0816f6480a14ee8d9b87505260Mats Palmgren — Bug 812893 - When inserting a frame into the [Excess]OverflowContinuations list, also move its continuations there if they are in the same parent. r=roc
8a3e1130be716d2f323272270a9e831dc77411e2Jeff Hammel — Bug 831381 - ASCII vs unicode error in _parse_loader_output();r=gps
ed1d3c2794a86f57acc4f9be62a5afcd7088a68aMarco Bonardo — Backout 65a26453f9a6 (bug 823109) cause it still breaks some Windows builds
cf616942809883f95406b776f5f8cc2e23083e7aLuke Wagner — Bug 834108 - avoid O(n^2) chunk-searching in LifoAlloc::ensureUnusedApproximate (r=dvander)
f18b1213915191887f57c98044c76eeea909daaeffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-007 - a=blocklist-update
19f630648c807302a921a14f6ca262d8c8132289Gary Kwong — Backout changeset 425835f6a9e2. The leak is still showing up, so re-add the suppression entry. DONTBUILD
52c92a6c6e24bbf1007955092121d2606797f551Mike Hommey — Bug 833882 - Correctly handle non chrome directories when doing l10n-repack. r=gps
a207f33adc1a12ef7e83183d557a34dcac7a8f01Gregory Szorc — Backout changeset c779b2ab7695 (bug 830996) for breaking standalone SpiderMonkey builds
30fcaabe235aaa83b4e4426acef1ff467ed4b9b4Makoto Kato — Bug 830676 - YarrJIT is broken on Win64 after landing bug 820124. r=sstangl
290d4a86ea196e098b8d9a4c8a9e406a8f398239Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 834463: Corrected RTCConfiguration format. r=jst
82f3c39bc8fc350bbf98fb30d266bc91ab4f2db4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
2fdc05590f90b8e2af73d4ee008cbfebcb88d557Gene Lian — Bug 830425 - Phone takes too long to wake up for incoming phone calls (acquire and release wake locks in RadioInterfaceLayer.js). r=philikon a=tef+
c779b2ab7695655a1c8db3a17e8712d584a001b5Jeff Hammel — Bug 830996 - implement a way to DRY mozbase packages for m-c;r=gps
26f84ce129d161cb9c8ccb9b1a99a03d9655a1d2Mark Finkle — Bug 834386 - AboutHomeContent: Finalizing a Cursor that has not been deactivated or closed r=bnicholson
df36c1dbecf936277119db8fd340e8b22c891562Nick Alexander — Bug 834376 - Move Android Sync PNG files from drawable to drawable-mdpi. r=rnewman
f07f88fd036acccb6dac7206e92eb9b448d8ccdfBrian Nicholson — Bug 834048 - Add required param for f.remove(). r=mfinkle
07592e6d5c2328cf8e08225dc7fb34824d9962beBrian Nicholson — Bug 834400 - Use bind() in download callbacks. r=mfinkle
a7115ec2354f986fc44df4a22bad9a264430e0a1John Schoenick — Bug 832032 - Don't create a PluginStreamListener for initial plugin streams before OnStartRequest. r=josh
ea8af024e14d05b01b0fcb8e48da0301e9007b22Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 689690a17de3 (bug 833143) since the attempt at merging the backout from m-c was lost.
d0b6aff973580a91216c75616e7b3d77403e9e29Mats Palmgren — Bug 825999 - Apply overflow:hidden also to replaced elements. r=roc
65a26453f9a6acf0bd9f9254b3017a88140dd9e4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 823109. Only extract d3d dlls when necessary. r=ted
a8a7bc20e2aa486ee601b4913278f521e29591a8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 807606 - Add a native UI implementation of the NSS dialog service in Fennec. r=mfinkle
c87c74dc9169c901f7de5aaa849925b4a1ab9575Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 807606 - Add text labels as an input type to PromptService. r=mfinkle
7e7773a5b15662e1bdc1cefc8312c51bab88fe0cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 807606 - Add some padding to the inputs in the PromptService and wrap them in a Scrollview. r=wesj
8057e3e19dc62aa2c5b985b083e18326b6a330beNick Thomas — Bug 833410, update unagi snapshot, r=Callek
3630b8ef3c0cf43e9b205ad5ced0123d1d770f20Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 58209cc0ae14 (bug 833521) for build bustage.
98a14253dc0ac3b21933fb61ccbb033bb95d9895Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 08863162779f (bug 761040) for crashes.
dda4d19eb7d05ebaccabb628233dc96ae9bc4a57Robert Strong — Bug 593148 - Remove version.nsh after other apps no longer use it. r=bbondy
382dae2711c9630252c65e813e3c318150c46c8eAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 834382 - Disable failing b2g emulator crashtests, r=jgriffin
6e262687bceaa1cf20a01db384f19c92a6562462Nathan Froyd — Bug 786788 - part 1 - let the uuid always be the slug and store the reason separately; r=vdjeric
58209cc0ae145a287a146f78a5dd8f2a5fce4444Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 833521 - forward "recording-device-events" event to parent process, r=dougt
c845009835129983136ad95c4d3a593118c9bb27Jan de Mooij — Bug 833817 part 2 - Remove unused frame argument from GetFunctionObjectPrincipal. r=bholley
c5b29fe24a0f1fe991204285e1312ecd2e63d227Jan de Mooij — Bug 833817 part 1 - Remove unused JSStackFrame API functions. r=luke
455fc2f47033952d55081348d91eb69044b82e37Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
798608217a81e08832d079708f5954a8d02be562Jared Wein — Bug 831365 - Always show the click-to-play doorhanger when the Navigation Toolbar is collapsed. r=gavin
904caf7811e42055b1259b45c664a143e017dc1dPaul Adenot — Bug 819377 - Don't offset the clock by the start time of the video in AdvanceFrame, and set the media as playing earlier. r=kinetik
ea7f8d86e592e39d93e793e96ea83ee017ce5263Paul Adenot — Bug 814308 - MediaDecoder::SetDuration doesn't handle aDuration=inf correctly. r=kinetik
c996159eb596f085798c1a9fa706dc0a956b5b71Paul Adenot —