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Tue Dec 18 22:05:56 2012 +0000
63a5fb585e840c2bdf28ed1c1f06f8b48d750006Robert O'Callahan — Bug 818643 - Issue an NotifyRenderingChanged callback on nsDisplayItems when we invalidate anything to do with the display item. Make nsDisplayCanvasBackground override NotifyRenderingChanged to invalidate the cached background image. r=mattwoodrow, a=akeybl
e32b6c246cca5e84a9ad8558b0576ecc0580ea94Timothy Nikkel — Bug 813024 - Restore mTemporarilyUseBasicLayerManager to the previous value instead of setting it to false when using an AutoUseBasicLayerManager object. r=roc, a=bajaj
d82433e6a75d7ff200d6335766a72f16c58cab3aBas Schouten — Bug 814952 - Test: Add a reftest for non-scaled stroke. r=jrmuizel, a=bajaj
54367ea8db11e46e535224515379c9a69004555dBas Schouten — Bug 814952 - Further cleanup state management surrounding paths and pathbuilders. r=joedrew, a=bajaj
e03d00782fb269f522f380ab308174eec1cb2286James Willcox — Bug 800838 - Remove unnecessary delay when unscheduling plugin timers. r=blassey, a=bajaj
ebd0a5d75d45a3d7e0ff9dd8bf6b397158b6c3e2Matt Woodrow — Bug 820061 - Clamp layer scale factors to inverse powers of 2 as well. r=roc, a=bajaj
9c021b033da63caa9cb3a6521ddaf7aa029efbc0Matt Woodrow — Bug 819915 - Fix IsSingleFixedPositionImage to actually check if we only have a single image. r=roc, a=bajaj
1f02f40898ef0d42a7e563cf5d49b8f67003a931Rob Wood — Bug 819213 - Change filter tests to use international format and reenable on TBPL, also remove previous changes by gwagner. r=gwagner, a=NPOTB