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Thu Jan 16 21:31:22 2014 +0000
af30f8d0d27f74813b6effd1a9224e73910dd731Vivien Nicolas — Bug 942246 - Event fluffing fails to generate a click under certain conditions. r=smaug, a=1.3+
e87a716cef373ca8e83ea6011443225a79c9123fShawn Huang — Bug 953034 - Part 2: Change MediaNumber type to uint64_t. r=gyeh, a=1.3+
b3401fde9ff00ae5ed57c07ea1d6a331584c61ceShawn Huang — Bug 953034 - Part 1: Reply RegisterNotification event EVENT_TRACK_CHANGED with correct parameter whether a track is selected or not. r=gyeh, a=1.3+
ac12618cf462b8ed36fc354c72e0742c2a6488e0Chuck Lee — Bug 948743 - Query interface stat directly. r=vchang, r=acperez, a=1.3+
f4bc0d1cae6ffd2290bbb8638d4b6943fb8c0e88Diego Wilson — Bug 947504 - Only enable HwcComposer2D by default if hardware supports it. r=gal, a=1.3+
075d1f1d8e3fd07b76035a515f4b22d1544ac4daShawn Huang — Bug 950220 - Unable to change Bluetooth device name from Settings UI. r=echou, a=1.3+
b72da8376ea82558af8e24f7f47178f496025826Gregor Wagner — Bug 956325 - Don't dispatch cross process event when remote is dead. r=smaug, a=1.3+
9a006d9a6e1df1aa3c0e9cbed07346bdcd7e8d6fBen Kelly — Bug 957346 - Extend grace period for perceivable background processes. r=fabrice, a=1.3+
b3b07adaf7cd1ebea04cf76a04bdffa779632da9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 951113 - Trigger a repaint request when getting a scroll offset update to cover a race condition allowed by async IPC. r=botond, a=1.3+
e17047520e4ce0e7c33e75982578dc99981b7b1cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 951113 - Fix code to adjust the displayport when the scroll offset is changing. r=Cwiiis, a=1.3+
8045c1434c29610bc2bce1a70c51ad1f759b6edeDavid Burns — Bug 927285 - Fix for intermittent on a=test-only
d77cab4ae8a6dfe2ee71839c4f9bc80b4bf0fadeDave Hunt — Bug 867600 - Change hardcoded sleeps into waits. r=mdas, a=test-only
9c59eb7fb40c6ffc5feddc3e0b4eeaef6fe20f1bMihai Sucan — Bug 919072 - Fix for intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_webconsole_bug_601352_scroll.js | scroll location is not at the top - Didn't expect 0, but got it. a=test-only
cc07e69e7887852b5a066d1f2e747cd273da3a29Olli Pettay — Bug 960309 - Make browser_tabview_bug625269.js more reliable. r=roc, a=test-only