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Bug 504864 - mmap io for JARs; r=benjamin

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 * Simple arena allocator for xpt (which avoids using NSPR).

#ifndef __xpt_arena_h__
#define __xpt_arena_h__

#include "prtypes.h"
#include <stdlib.h>

 * The XPT library is statically linked: no functions are exported from
 * shared libraries.
#define XPT_PUBLIC_API(t)    t
#define XPT_PUBLIC_DATA(t)   t


 * Simple Arena support. Use with caution!

typedef struct XPTArena XPTArena;

XPT_NewArena(PRUint32 block_size, size_t alignment, const char* name);

XPT_DestroyArena(XPTArena *arena);

XPT_DumpStats(XPTArena *arena);

XPT_ArenaMalloc(XPTArena *arena, size_t size);

XPT_ArenaStrDup(XPTArena *arena, const char * s);

XPT_NotifyDoneLoading(XPTArena *arena);

XPT_ArenaFree(XPTArena *arena, void* block);

/* --------------------------------------------------------- */

#define XPT_MALLOC(_arena, _bytes) \
    XPT_ArenaMalloc((_arena), (_bytes))

#ifdef DEBUG
#define XPT_FREE(_arena, _ptr) \
    XPT_ArenaFree((_arena), (_ptr))
#define XPT_FREE(_arena, _ptr) \

#define XPT_STRDUP(_arena, _s) \
    XPT_ArenaStrDup((_arena), (_s))

#define XPT_CALLOC(_arena, _size) XPT_MALLOC((_arena), (_size))
#define XPT_NEW(_arena, _struct) ((_struct *) XPT_MALLOC((_arena), sizeof(_struct)))
#define XPT_NEWZAP(_arena, _struct) XPT_NEW((_arena), _struct)
#define XPT_DELETE(_arena, _ptr) do{XPT_FREE((_arena), (_ptr)); ((_ptr)) = NULL;}while(0)
#define XPT_FREEIF(_arena, _ptr) do{if ((_ptr)) XPT_FREE((_arena), (_ptr));}while(0)

/* --------------------------------------------------------- */

#ifdef DEBUG
XPT_AssertFailed(const char *s, const char *file, PRUint32 lineno);
#define XPT_ASSERT(_expr) \
    ((_expr)?((void)0):XPT_AssertFailed(# _expr, __FILE__, __LINE__))
#define XPT_ASSERT(_expr) ((void)0)


#endif /* __xpt_arena_h__ */