author Taras Glek <>
Sat, 08 Aug 2009 12:07:39 +0200
changeset 31243 ff9eba3f82245af4bbee39ba022725e8ed3998ce
parent 30887 a328a2594cd5d7eeb3aef084a7bf14db1cee684d
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Bug 504864 - mmap io for JARs; r=benjamin

The source from this directory was copied from the liboggplay svn
source using the script. The only changes made were those
applied by and the addition/upate of files for
the Mozilla build system.


The git commit ID used was b4a7efa06d46596515071490cb255c3548d90371.

The following local patches have been applied:

endian: pick up NSPR's little/big endian defines in oggplay's config.h.

bug481921: fix a crash in oggplay_callback_info_prepare().

trac466: Fix for infinite loop in liboggplay when running decoder on its own thread. Cherry picked from liboggplay git commit e6871f.

bug492436: Fix for that bug cherry picked from liboggplay git commit 4b97ad.
bug493140: Fix for offsets not being used.

aspect-ratio: Adds oggplay_get_video_aspect_ratio, used for bug 480058.

bug493678.patch: fix for infinite loop in oggplay_step_decode. See bug 493678.

bug493224.patch: Fix for bug 493224.

seek_to_key_frame.patch: Adds oggplay_seek_to_keyframe(), as per bug 463358.

bug488951: Fix for YUV conversion for odd sized frames.  Cherrypicked from
           upstream commits dabde8, 683f23, and 4d7581.

bug488951_fix_yuv: Additional fixes to YUV conversion that have not been
                   upstreamed yet.

bug488951_fix_yuv_2: Additional fix to YUV conversion for odd height videos
                     that has not been upstreamed yet.

bug495129a.patch: Fix from liboggplay commit 6c8e11.
bug495129b.patch: Fix from liboggplay commit 3602bf.

bug487519.patch: Fix for bug 487519.

oggplay_os2.patch: Bug 448918 - add OS/2 support (this patch should be
                   removed when OS/2 support is added upstream)

bug498815.patch: Fix for bug 498815.
bug498824.patch: Fix for bug 498824.
bug500311.patch: Fix crash during decoder initialization.