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Bug 1313488 - Part 1: Convert XPCOM test TestDeadlockDetector to a gtest. r=froydnj This converts TestDeadlockDetector to a gtest. The logic for spawning off subprocesses is replaced with gtest's built-in death tests. On linux this will clone() the process and assert that the child process generates the appropriate assertion message. On OSX it will use fork(). In theory this should work on Windows as well buy spawning a new process but this test currently disabled there. MozReview-Commit-ID: 9Sl0hHBVGT3

Test Runtimes

These files contain test runtimes for various suites across different platforms. Each JSON file
corresponds to a single test job in production and has the following format:

    { '<test id>': <average runtime> }

These files are being used to normalize chunk durations so all chunks take roughly the same length
of time. They are still experimental and their format and/or file structure are subject to change
without notice.

Generating a Test Runtime File

The writeruntimes.py script can be used to generate a runtime file. You must
specify the suite for which the runtimes are to be generated, e.g.

    writeruntimes.py -s mochitest-media