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bug 703100 - pt 2.5 - adapt Android/FT2 font code to work with gfxShapedWord caches. r=roc

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#ifndef GFX_FT2FONTS_H
#define GFX_FT2FONTS_H

#include "cairo.h"
#include "gfxTypes.h"
#include "gfxFont.h"
#include "gfxFT2FontBase.h"
#include "gfxContext.h"
#include "gfxFontUtils.h"
#include "gfxUserFontSet.h"

class FT2FontEntry;

class gfxFT2Font : public gfxFT2FontBase {
public: // new functions
    gfxFT2Font(cairo_scaled_font_t *aCairoFont,
               FT2FontEntry *aFontEntry,
               const gfxFontStyle *aFontStyle,
               bool aNeedsBold);
    virtual ~gfxFT2Font ();

    cairo_font_face_t *CairoFontFace();

    FT2FontEntry *GetFontEntry();

    static already_AddRefed<gfxFT2Font>
    GetOrMakeFont(const nsAString& aName, const gfxFontStyle *aStyle,
                  bool aNeedsBold = false);

    static already_AddRefed<gfxFT2Font>
    GetOrMakeFont(FT2FontEntry *aFontEntry, const gfxFontStyle *aStyle,
                  bool aNeedsBold = false);

    struct CachedGlyphData {
            : glyphIndex(0xffffffffU) { }

        CachedGlyphData(PRUint32 gid)
            : glyphIndex(gid) { }

        PRUint32 glyphIndex;
        PRInt32 lsbDelta;
        PRInt32 rsbDelta;
        PRInt32 xAdvance;

    const CachedGlyphData* GetGlyphDataForChar(PRUint32 ch) {
        CharGlyphMapEntryType *entry = mCharGlyphCache.PutEntry(ch);

        if (!entry)
            return nsnull;

        if (entry->mData.glyphIndex == 0xffffffffU) {
            // this is a new entry, fill it
            FillGlyphDataForChar(ch, &entry->mData);

        return &entry->mData;

    virtual bool ShapeWord(gfxContext *aContext,
                           gfxShapedWord *aShapedWord,
                           const PRUnichar *aString,
                           bool aPreferPlatformShaping = false);

    void FillGlyphDataForChar(PRUint32 ch, CachedGlyphData *gd);

    void AddRange(gfxShapedWord *aShapedWord, const PRUnichar *str);

    typedef nsBaseHashtableET<nsUint32HashKey, CachedGlyphData> CharGlyphMapEntryType;
    typedef nsTHashtable<CharGlyphMapEntryType> CharGlyphMap;
    CharGlyphMap mCharGlyphCache;

#ifndef ANDROID // not needed on Android, uses the standard gfxFontGroup directly
class THEBES_API gfxFT2FontGroup : public gfxFontGroup {
public: // new functions
    gfxFT2FontGroup (const nsAString& families,
                    const gfxFontStyle *aStyle,
                    gfxUserFontSet *aUserFontSet);
    virtual ~gfxFT2FontGroup ();

protected: // from gfxFontGroup

    virtual gfxFontGroup *Copy(const gfxFontStyle *aStyle);

protected: // new functions

    static bool FontCallback (const nsAString & fontName, 
                                const nsACString & genericName, 
                                bool aUseFontSet,
                                void *closure);
    bool mEnableKerning;

    void GetPrefFonts(nsIAtom *aLangGroup,
                      nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> >& aFontEntryList);
    void GetCJKPrefFonts(nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> >& aFontEntryList);
    void FamilyListToArrayList(const nsString& aFamilies,
                               nsIAtom *aLangGroup,
                               nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> > *aFontEntryList);
    already_AddRefed<gfxFT2Font> WhichFontSupportsChar(const nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> >& aFontEntryList,
                                                       PRUint32 aCh);
    already_AddRefed<gfxFont> WhichPrefFontSupportsChar(PRUint32 aCh);
    already_AddRefed<gfxFont> WhichSystemFontSupportsChar(PRUint32 aCh);

    nsTArray<gfxTextRange> mRanges;
    nsString mString;
#endif // !ANDROID

#endif /* GFX_FT2FONTS_H */