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Bug 685847 - Crash in [@ ILFindLastID ]. r=jimm

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def normalize_suffix(suffix):
    '''Returns a normalized suffix, i.e. ensures it starts with a dot and
    doesn't starts or ends with whitespace characters'''
    value = suffix.strip()
    if len(value) and not value.startswith('.'):
        value = '.' + value
    return value

# Variables from the build system
AR = "@AR@"
AR_EXTRACT = "@AR_EXTRACT@".replace('$(AR)', AR)
OBJ_SUFFIX = normalize_suffix("@OBJ_SUFFIX@")
LIB_SUFFIX = normalize_suffix("@LIB_SUFFIX@")
DLL_SUFFIX = normalize_suffix("@DLL_SUFFIX@")
LIBS_DESC_SUFFIX = normalize_suffix("@LIBS_DESC_SUFFIX@")