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Bug 279703, rework XUL popups to use asynchronous opening, plus many other fixes, attempt 2 with creating widgets later, r=bz,neil,roc,sr=bz

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#ifndef nsTableOuterFrame_h__
#define nsTableOuterFrame_h__

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsHTMLContainerFrame.h"
#include "nsBlockFrame.h"
#include "nsITableLayout.h"

struct nsStyleTable;
class nsTableFrame;

class nsTableCaptionFrame : public nsBlockFrame
  // nsISupports
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const;
  friend nsIFrame* NS_NewTableCaptionFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext*  aContext);

  virtual nsSize ComputeAutoSize(nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext,
                                 nsSize aCBSize, nscoord aAvailableWidth,
                                 nsSize aMargin, nsSize aBorder,
                                 nsSize aPadding, PRBool aShrinkWrap);

  NS_IMETHOD GetParentStyleContextFrame(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                                        nsIFrame**      aProviderFrame,
                                        PRBool*         aIsChild);
#ifdef NS_DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const;

  nsTableCaptionFrame(nsStyleContext*  aContext);
  virtual ~nsTableCaptionFrame();

1. decide if we'll allow subclassing.  If so, decide which methods really need to be virtual.

 * main frame for an nsTable content object, 
 * the nsTableOuterFrame contains 0 or one caption frame, and a nsTableFrame
 * pseudo-frame (referred to as the "inner frame').
class nsTableOuterFrame : public nsHTMLContainerFrame, public nsITableLayout

  // nsISupports

  /** instantiate a new instance of nsTableRowFrame.
    * @param aPresShell the pres shell for this frame
    * @return           the frame that was created
  friend nsIFrame* NS_NewTableOuterFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext* aContext);
  // nsIFrame overrides - see there for a description

  NS_IMETHOD Init(nsIContent*      aContent,
                  nsIFrame*        aParent,
                  nsIFrame*        aPrevInFlow);

  virtual void Destroy();
  virtual PRBool IsContainingBlock() const;

  NS_IMETHOD SetInitialChildList(nsIAtom*        aListName,
                                 nsIFrame*       aChildList);
  virtual nsIFrame* GetFirstChild(nsIAtom* aListName) const;

  virtual nsIAtom* GetAdditionalChildListName(PRInt32 aIndex) const;

  NS_IMETHOD AppendFrames(nsIAtom*        aListName,
                          nsIFrame*       aFrameList);

  NS_IMETHOD InsertFrames(nsIAtom*        aListName,
                          nsIFrame*       aPrevFrame,
                          nsIFrame*       aFrameList);

  NS_IMETHOD RemoveFrame(nsIAtom*        aListName,
                         nsIFrame*       aOldFrame);

  virtual nsIFrame* GetContentInsertionFrame() {
    return GetFirstChild(nsnull)->GetContentInsertionFrame();

  NS_IMETHOD GetAccessible(nsIAccessible** aAccessible);

  NS_IMETHOD BuildDisplayList(nsDisplayListBuilder*   aBuilder,
                              const nsRect&           aDirtyRect,
                              const nsDisplayListSet& aLists);

  nsresult BuildDisplayListForInnerTable(nsDisplayListBuilder*   aBuilder,
                                         const nsRect&           aDirtyRect,
                                         const nsDisplayListSet& aLists);

  virtual nscoord GetBaseline() const;

  virtual nscoord GetMinWidth(nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext);
  virtual nscoord GetPrefWidth(nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext);
  virtual nsSize ComputeAutoSize(nsIRenderingContext *aRenderingContext,
                                 nsSize aCBSize, nscoord aAvailableWidth,
                                 nsSize aMargin, nsSize aBorder,
                                 nsSize aPadding, PRBool aShrinkWrap);

  /** process a reflow command for the table.
    * This involves reflowing the caption and the inner table.
    * @see nsIFrame::Reflow */
  NS_IMETHOD Reflow(nsPresContext*          aPresContext,
                    nsHTMLReflowMetrics&     aDesiredSize,
                    const nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState,
                    nsReflowStatus&          aStatus);

   * Get the "type" of the frame
   * @see nsGkAtoms::tableOuterFrame
  virtual nsIAtom* GetType() const;

#ifdef DEBUG
  NS_IMETHOD GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const;

  /** SetSelected needs to be overridden to talk to inner tableframe
  NS_IMETHOD SetSelected(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                         nsIDOMRange *aRange,
                         PRBool aSelected,
                         nsSpread aSpread);

  NS_IMETHOD GetParentStyleContextFrame(nsPresContext* aPresContext,
                                        nsIFrame**      aProviderFrame,
                                        PRBool*         aIsChild);

  /*---------------- nsITableLayout methods ------------------------*/

  /** @see nsITableFrame::GetCellDataAt */
  NS_IMETHOD GetCellDataAt(PRInt32 aRowIndex, PRInt32 aColIndex, 
                           nsIDOMElement* &aCell,   //out params
                           PRInt32& aStartRowIndex, PRInt32& aStartColIndex, 
                           PRInt32& aRowSpan, PRInt32& aColSpan,
                           PRInt32& aActualRowSpan, PRInt32& aActualColSpan,
                           PRBool& aIsSelected);

  /** @see nsITableFrame::GetTableSize */
  NS_IMETHOD GetTableSize(PRInt32& aRowCount, PRInt32& aColCount);

  PRBool IsNested(const nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState) const;


  nsTableOuterFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext);
  virtual ~nsTableOuterFrame();

  void InitChildReflowState(nsPresContext&    aPresContext,                     
                            nsHTMLReflowState& aReflowState);

  /** Always returns 0, since the outer table frame has no border of its own
    * The inner table frame can answer this question in a meaningful way.
    * @see nsHTMLContainerFrame::GetSkipSides */
  virtual PRIntn GetSkipSides() const;

#ifdef NS_DEBUG
  /** overridden here to handle special caption-table relationship
    * @see nsContainerFrame::VerifyTree
  NS_IMETHOD VerifyTree() const;

   * Remove and delete aChild's next-in-flow(s). Updates the sibling and flow
   * pointers.
   * Updates the child count and content offsets of all containers that are
   * affected
   * Overloaded here because nsContainerFrame makes assumptions about pseudo-frames
   * that are not true for tables.
   * @param   aChild child this child's next-in-flow
   * @return  PR_TRUE if successful and PR_FALSE otherwise
  virtual void DeleteChildsNextInFlow(nsPresContext* aPresContext, nsIFrame* aChild);

  PRUint8 GetCaptionSide();
  PRUint8 GetCaptionVerticalAlign();

  void SetDesiredSize(PRUint8         aCaptionSide,
                      const nsMargin& aInnerMargin,
                      const nsMargin& aCaptionMargin,
                      nscoord&        aWidth,
                      nscoord&        aHeight);

  void BalanceLeftRightCaption(PRUint8         aCaptionSide,
                               const nsMargin& aInnerMargin, 
                               const nsMargin& aCaptionMargin,
                               nscoord&        aInnerWidth,
                               nscoord&        aCaptionWidth);

  NS_IMETHOD GetCaptionOrigin(PRUint32         aCaptionSide,
                              const nsSize&    aContainBlockSize,
                              const nsSize&    aInnerSize, 
                              const nsMargin&  aInnerMargin,
                              const nsSize&    aCaptionSize,
                              nsMargin&        aCaptionMargin,
                              nsPoint&         aOrigin);

  NS_IMETHOD GetInnerOrigin(PRUint32         aCaptionSide,
                            const nsSize&    aContainBlockSize,
                            const nsSize&    aCaptionSize, 
                            const nsMargin&  aCaptionMargin,
                            const nsSize&    aInnerSize,
                            nsMargin&        aInnerMargin,
                            nsPoint&         aOrigin);
  // reflow the child (caption or innertable frame)
  NS_IMETHOD OuterReflowChild(nsPresContext*            aPresContext,
                              nsIFrame*                 aChildFrame,
                              const nsHTMLReflowState&  aOuterRS,
                              void*                     aChildRSSpace,
                              nsHTMLReflowMetrics&      aMetrics,
                              nscoord                   aAvailWidth,
                              nsSize&                   aDesiredSize,
                              nsMargin&                 aMargin,
                              nsReflowStatus&           aStatus);

  // Set the reflow metrics
  void UpdateReflowMetrics(PRUint8              aCaptionSide,
                           nsHTMLReflowMetrics& aMet,
                           const nsMargin&      aInnerMargin,
                           const nsMargin&      aCaptionMargin);

  void InvalidateDamage(PRUint8         aCaptionSide,
                        const nsSize&   aOuterSize,
                        PRBool          aInnerChanged,
                        PRBool          aCaptionChanged,
                        nsRect*         aOldOverflowArea);
  // Get the margin.  aMarginNoAuto is aMargin, but with auto 
  // margins set to 0
  void GetMargin(nsPresContext*           aPresContext,
                 const nsHTMLReflowState& aOuterRS,
                 nsIFrame*                aChildFrame,
                 nscoord                  aAvailableWidth,
                 nsMargin&                aMargin);

  // used to keep track of this frame's children. They are redundant with mFrames, but more convient
  nsTableFrame* mInnerTableFrame; 
  nsFrameList   mCaptionFrames;
  nsIFrame*     mCaptionFrame;

inline PRIntn nsTableOuterFrame::GetSkipSides() const
{ return 0; }