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Bug 1291078 - Expose ChromeOnly openInParentProcess property on <select> elements. r=mrbkap,r=Enn a=lizzard This is a simplified backport of some of the work done in bug 1194027. MozReview-Commit-ID: 9M1M6gPWA8M

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#ifndef nsIComboboxControlFrame_h___
#define nsIComboboxControlFrame_h___

#include "nsQueryFrame.h"

  * nsIComboboxControlFrame is the interface for comboboxes.
class nsIComboboxControlFrame : public nsQueryFrame

   * Indicates whether the list is dropped down
  virtual bool IsDroppedDown() = 0;

  virtual bool IsOpenInParentProcess() = 0;
  virtual void SetOpenInParentProcess(bool aVal) = 0;

   * Shows or hides the drop down
  virtual void ShowDropDown(bool aDoDropDown) = 0;

   * Gets the Drop Down List
  virtual nsIFrame* GetDropDown() = 0;

   * Sets the Drop Down List
  virtual void SetDropDown(nsIFrame* aDropDownFrame) = 0;

   * Tells the combobox to roll up
  virtual void RollupFromList() = 0;

   * Redisplay the selected text (will do nothing if text has not changed).
   * This method might destroy this frame or any others that happen to be
   * around.  It might even run script.
  NS_IMETHOD RedisplaySelectedText() = 0;

   * Method for the listbox to set and get the recent index
  virtual int32_t UpdateRecentIndex(int32_t aIndex) = 0;

   * Notification that the content has been reset
  virtual void OnContentReset() = 0;
   * This returns the index of the item that is currently being displayed
   * in the display area. It may differ from what the currently Selected index
   * is in in the dropdown.
   * Detailed explanation: 
   * When the dropdown is dropped down via a mouse click and the user moves the mouse 
   * up and down without clicking, the currently selected item is being tracking inside 
   * the dropdown, but the combobox is not being updated. When the user selects items
   * with the arrow keys, the combobox is being updated. So when the user clicks outside
   * the dropdown and it needs to roll up it has to decide whether to keep the current 
   * selection or not. This method is used to get the current index in the combobox to
   * compare it to the current index in the dropdown to see if the combox has been updated
   * and that way it knows whether to "cancel" the current selection residing in the 
   * dropdown. Or whether to leave the selection alone.
  virtual int32_t GetIndexOfDisplayArea() = 0;