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This is the access-builtin module

This module creates a preference in Mozilla for browsing with text-to-speech, and eventually
with a brailled display.

See http://access-mozilla.sourceforge.net

On UNIX or Linux, enable this as part of the build with
./configure --with-extensions=default,accessibility

On Windows you will need to manually perform the make in this directory.

Mac builds are not enabled yet.

To use, you must add these lines to prefs.js in your profile directory.
user_pref("accessibility.browsewithcaret", true);
user_pref("accessibility.usetexttospeech", "ViaVoice");

The actual text-to-speech conversion is temporarily broken.
However, the debug console window will tell you what would be spoken.

Normally, you would need to get the free download of IBM ViaVoice.