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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsICmdLineService;

[scriptable, uuid(079594bc-fcfd-4da7-b46f-4dcaf4bd929e)]
interface nsIAppStartup : nsISupports
     * Create the hidden window.
    void createHiddenWindow();

     * Destroys the hidden window. This will have no effect if the hidden window
     * has not yet been created.
    void destroyHiddenWindow();

     * Runs an application event loop: normally the main event pump which
     * defines the lifetime of the application. If there are no windows open
     * and no outstanding calls to enterLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea this
     * method will exit immediately.
     * @returnCode NS_SUCCESS_RESTART_APP
     *             This return code indicates that the application should be
     *             restarted because quit was called with the eRestart flag.
    void run();

     * There are situations where all application windows will be
     * closed but we don't want to take this as a signal to quit the
     * app. Bracket the code where the last window could close with
     * these.
    void enterLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea();
    void exitLastWindowClosingSurvivalArea();

     * The following flags may be passed as the aMode parameter to the quit
     * method.  One and only one of the "Quit" flags must be specified.  The
     * eRestart flag may be bit-wise combined with one of the "Quit" flags to
     * cause the application to restart after it quits.

     * Attempt to quit if all windows are closed.
    const PRUint32 eConsiderQuit = 0x01;

     * Try to close all windows, then quit if successful.
    const PRUint32 eAttemptQuit = 0x02;

     * Quit, damnit!
    const PRUint32 eForceQuit = 0x03;

     * Restart the application after quitting.  The application will be
     * restarted with the same profile and an empty command line.
    const PRUint32 eRestart = 0x10; 

     * Exit the event loop, and shut down the app.
     * @param aMode
     *        This parameter modifies how the app is shutdown, and it is
     *        constructed from the constants defined above.
    void quit(in PRUint32 aMode);

[scriptable, uuid(e233d663-d014-43b0-8649-7145ecf0a0b1)]
interface nsIAppStartup2 : nsIAppStartup
     * True if the application is in the process of shutting down.
    readonly attribute boolean shuttingDown;

    readonly attribute PRUint64 restoredTimestamp;

 * This success code may be returned by nsIAppStartup::Run to indicate that the
 * application should be restarted.  This condition corresponds to the case in
 * which nsIAppStartup::Quit was called with the eRestart flag.