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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIWebProgressListener;

 * The nsIWebProgress interface is used to add or remove nsIWebProgressListener
 * instances to observe the loading of asynchronous requests (usually in the
 * context of a DOM window).
 * nsIWebProgress instances may be arranged in a parent-child configuration,
 * corresponding to the parent-child configuration of their respective DOM
 * windows.  However, in some cases a nsIWebProgress instance may not have an
 * associated DOM window.  The parent-child relationship of nsIWebProgress
 * instances is not made explicit by this interface, but the relationship may
 * exist in some implementations.
 * A nsIWebProgressListener instance receives notifications for the
 * nsIWebProgress instance to which it added itself, and it may also receive
 * notifications from any nsIWebProgress instances that are children of that
 * nsIWebProgress instance.
[scriptable, uuid(570F39D0-EFD0-11d3-B093-00A024FFC08C)]
interface nsIWebProgress : nsISupports
   * The following flags may be combined to form the aNotifyMask parameter for
   * the addProgressListener method.  They limit the set of events that are
   * delivered to an nsIWebProgressListener instance.

   * These flags indicate the state transistions to observe, corresponding to
   * nsIWebProgressListener::onStateChange.
   *   Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter
   *   includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_REQUEST.
   *   Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter
   *   includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_DOCUMENT.
   *   Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter
   *   includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_NETWORK.
   *   Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter
   *   includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_WINDOW.
   *   Receive all onStateChange events.
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_STATE_REQUEST  = 0x00000001;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_STATE_DOCUMENT = 0x00000002;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_STATE_NETWORK  = 0x00000004;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_STATE_WINDOW   = 0x00000008;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_STATE_ALL      = 0x0000000f;

   * These flags indicate the other events to observe, corresponding to the
   * other four methods defined on nsIWebProgressListener.
   *   Receive onProgressChange events.
   *   Receive onStatusChange events.
   *   Receive onSecurityChange events.
   *   Receive onLocationChange events.
   *   Receive onRefreshAttempted events.
   *   This is defined on nsIWebProgressListener2.
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_PROGRESS       = 0x00000010;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_STATUS         = 0x00000020;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_SECURITY       = 0x00000040;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_LOCATION       = 0x00000080;
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_REFRESH        = 0x00000100;

   * This flag enables all notifications.
  const unsigned long NOTIFY_ALL            = 0x000001ff;

   * Registers a listener to receive web progress events.
   * @param aListener
   *        The listener interface to be called when a progress event occurs.
   *        This object must also implement nsISupportsWeakReference.
   * @param aNotifyMask
   *        The types of notifications to receive.
   *        Indicates that aListener was either null or that it does not
   *        support weak references.
   * @throw NS_ERROR_FAILURE
   *        Indicates that aListener was already registered.
  void addProgressListener(in nsIWebProgressListener aListener,
                           in unsigned long aNotifyMask);

   * Removes a previously registered listener of progress events.
   * @param aListener
   *        The listener interface previously registered with a call to
   *        addProgressListener.
   * @throw NS_ERROR_FAILURE
   *        Indicates that aListener was not registered.
  void removeProgressListener(in nsIWebProgressListener aListener);

   * The DOM window associated with this nsIWebProgress instance.
   * @throw NS_ERROR_FAILURE
   *        Indicates that there is no associated DOM window.
  readonly attribute nsIDOMWindow DOMWindow;
   * Indicates whether or not a document is currently being loaded
   * in the context of this nsIWebProgress instance.
  readonly attribute PRBool isLoadingDocument;