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  <title>Test for Bug 470804</title>
  <script type="application/javascript" src="/tests/SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/tests/SimpleTest/test.css"/>
<a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla Bug 470804</a>
<p id="display"></p>
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<pre id="test">
<script type="application/javascript">

/** Test for Bug 470804
    Passing a null targetURL to checkLoadURIWithPrincipal shouldn't crash
const nsIScriptSecurityManager = Components.interfaces.nsIScriptSecurityManager;
var secMan = Components.classes[";1"]
var principal = SpecialPowers.getNodePrincipal(document);
isnot(principal, undefined, "Should have a principal");
isnot(principal, null, "Should have a non-null principal");
is(secMan.isSystemPrincipal(principal), false,
   "Shouldn't have system principal here");
try {
  secMan.checkLoadURIWithPrincipal(principal, null,
} catch (e) {
  // throwing is fine, it's just crashing that's bad
ok(true, "Survival", "We should get here without crashing");