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Bug 586693 - Do we still need to marshal browser events? [r=dolske a=blocking2.0] * Removed some timeouts and fixed some broken user interactions that fixes various other bugs and test failures. Bug 587029 - Tab Candy : closing last tab of a group leads to an isolated tab Bug 586552 - GroupItem.newTab feedback should be immediate * Init TabItems before handling firstrun tab grouping * Removed _stopZoomPreparation related code since we are not using it anymore. * Fixed the issue related to using move to other group feature. The moved tab is still visible in the tab bar after moving it to other group.

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DEPTH   = ../..
topsrcdir = @top_srcdir@
srcdir    = @srcdir@
VPATH   = @srcdir@

include $(DEPTH)/config/

MODULE       = storage
XPIDL_MODULE = storage

	mozIStorageService.idl \
	mozIStorageConnection.idl \
	mozIStorageAggregateFunction.idl \
	mozIStorageFunction.idl \
	mozIStorageProgressHandler.idl \
	mozIStorageStatement.idl \
	mozIStorageStatementWrapper.idl \
	mozIStorageValueArray.idl \
	mozIStorageResultSet.idl \
	mozIStorageRow.idl \
  mozIStorageError.idl \
  mozIStorageStatementCallback.idl \
  mozIStoragePendingStatement.idl \
  mozIStorageBindingParamsArray.idl \
  mozIStorageBindingParams.idl \
  mozIStorageCompletionCallback.idl \
  mozIStorageBaseStatement.idl \
  mozIStorageAsyncStatement.idl \


	mozStorageHelper.h \
	mozStorage.h \

EXPORTS_mozilla = storage.h

include $(topsrcdir)/config/