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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIInputStream;
interface nsIOutputStream;

%{ C++
  // {A1764959-87D8-4249-A432-8005DE1372FC}
{ 0xa1764959, 0x87d8, 0x4249, { 0xa4, 0x32, 0x80, 0x05, 0xde, 0x13, 0x72, 0xfc } }

#define NS_JSSHSERVER_CONTRACTID "@mozilla.org/jssh-server;1"

[scriptable, uuid(f8b2b6bc-4f1d-42e2-af46-9a2d6ca627bf)]
interface nsIJSShServer : nsISupports
  /* start listening for jssh connections on the given port.
     'startupURI' specifies an optional script that will be executed for
     new connections.
     If 'loopbackOnly' is true, the server socket will only listen for connections on the
     local loopback interface (localhost, */
  void startServerSocket(in unsigned long port, in AUTF8String startupURI,
                         in boolean loopbackOnly);

  /* stop listening for connections */
  void stopServerSocket();

  /* true if the server is currently active */
  readonly attribute boolean serverListening;

  /* Port that the server is currently listening on. Zero if the
   * server is not active. */
  readonly attribute unsigned long serverPort;

  /* startupURI of the currently active server. Empty string if the
   * server is not active.  */
  readonly attribute AUTF8String serverStartupURI;

  /* 'loopbackOnly' flag of the currently active server. false if the
   * server is not active */
  readonly attribute boolean serverLoopbackOnly;
  /* run a jssh session with the given input and output streams.
   * 'startupURI' specifies an optional script that will be executed
   * on session startup.
   * if 'input' is null, this will be a non-interactive session, with
   * no input being collected from the input stream . The idea is that
   * the session input is taken from startupURI. Even for
   * non-interactive sessions, output (via 'print') can still be
   * collected with the output stream object.
   * if 'blocking' is 'true', then the shell will block the main ui
   * thread. Otherwise this will be an asynchronous shell (but
   * execution of commands will still be proxied onto the main ui
   * thread).
  void runShell(in nsIInputStream input, in nsIOutputStream output,
                in string startupURI, in boolean blocking);