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#include "nsIEffectiveTLDService.h"

#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsIIDNService;

// struct for static data generated from effective_tld_names.dat
struct ETLDEntry {
  const char* domain;
  PRPackedBool exception;
  PRPackedBool wild;

// hash entry class
class nsDomainEntry : public PLDHashEntryHdr
  // Hash methods
  typedef const char* KeyType;
  typedef const char* KeyTypePointer;

  nsDomainEntry(KeyTypePointer aEntry)

  nsDomainEntry(const nsDomainEntry& toCopy)
    // if we end up here, things will break. nsTHashtable shouldn't
    // allow this, since we set ALLOW_MEMMOVE to true.
    NS_NOTREACHED("nsDomainEntry copy constructor is forbidden!");


  KeyType GetKey() const
    return mData->domain;

  PRBool KeyEquals(KeyTypePointer aKey) const
    return !strcmp(mData->domain, aKey);

  static KeyTypePointer KeyToPointer(KeyType aKey)
    return aKey;

  static PLDHashNumber HashKey(KeyTypePointer aKey)
    // PL_DHashStringKey doesn't use the table parameter, so we can safely
    // pass nsnull
    return PL_DHashStringKey(nsnull, aKey);


  void SetData(const ETLDEntry* entry) { mData = entry; }

  PRPackedBool IsNormal() { return mData->wild || !mData->exception; }
  PRPackedBool IsException() { return mData->exception; }
  PRPackedBool IsWild() { return mData->wild; }

  const ETLDEntry* mData;

class nsEffectiveTLDService : public nsIEffectiveTLDService

  nsEffectiveTLDService() { }
  nsresult Init();

  nsresult GetBaseDomainInternal(nsCString &aHostname, PRUint32 aAdditionalParts, nsACString &aBaseDomain);
  nsresult NormalizeHostname(nsCString &aHostname);
  ~nsEffectiveTLDService() { }

  nsTHashtable<nsDomainEntry> mHash;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIIDNService>     mIDNService;