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Modified test for bug 396024, this should not cause test failures when no printer is installed

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 * A sample of XPConnect. This file contains a sample interface.

#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The uuid is a unique number identifying the interface normally
 * called IID. It can be generated as follows:
 * Windows: guidgen.exe
 * Unix: uuidgen which comes with e2fsprogs package
 * Mac: ???
 * All platform: Using irc, connect to irc.mozilla.org and type in
 *				/join #mozilla
 *				/msg mozbot uuid
[scriptable, uuid(7CB5B7A1-07D7-11d3-BDE2-000064657374)]
interface nsISample : nsISupports
    attribute string value;
    void writeValue(in string aPrefix);
    void poke(in string aValue);