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Backed out changeset 6d0ac4c74fd5 (bug 1298823) for frequent failures in test_request.html

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#ifndef mozilla_mscom_ProxyStream_h
#define mozilla_mscom_ProxyStream_h

#include "ipc/IPCMessageUtils.h"

#include "mozilla/mscom/Ptr.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace mscom {

class ProxyStream
  ProxyStream(REFIID aIID, IUnknown* aObject);
  ProxyStream(const BYTE* aInitBuf, const int aInitBufSize);


  // Not copyable because this would mess up the COM marshaling.
  ProxyStream(const ProxyStream& aOther) = delete;
  ProxyStream& operator=(const ProxyStream& aOther) = delete;

  ProxyStream(ProxyStream&& aOther);
  ProxyStream& operator=(ProxyStream&& aOther);

  inline bool IsValid() const
    // This check must be exclusive OR
    return (mStream && !mUnmarshaledProxy) || (mUnmarshaledProxy && !mStream);

  bool GetInterface(REFIID aIID, void** aOutInterface) const;
  const BYTE* GetBuffer(int& aReturnedBufSize) const;

  bool operator==(const ProxyStream& aOther) const
    return this == &aOther;

  already_AddRefed<IStream> InitStream(const BYTE* aInitBuf,
                                       const UINT aInitBufSize);

  RefPtr<IStream> mStream;
  BYTE*           mGlobalLockedBuf;
  HGLOBAL         mHGlobal;
  int             mBufSize;
  ProxyUniquePtr<IUnknown> mUnmarshaledProxy;

} // namespace mscom
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_mscom_ProxyStream_h