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Bug 476567: Clear Access-Control preflight cache when spec says to. Also rewrite cache test-runner to make it more sane. r/sr=jst

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  pldhash.c                      \

XPCOM_GLUE_SRC_CSRCS = $(addprefix $(topsrcdir)/xpcom/glue/, $(XPCOM_GLUE_SRC_LCSRCS))

  nsArrayEnumerator.cpp          \
  nsArrayUtils.cpp               \
  nsCategoryCache.cpp            \
  nsCOMPtr.cpp                   \
  nsCOMArray.cpp                 \
  nsCRTGlue.cpp                  \
  nsComponentManagerUtils.cpp    \
  nsEnumeratorUtils.cpp          \
  nsID.cpp                       \
  nsIInterfaceRequestorUtils.cpp \
  nsINIParser.cpp                \
  nsISupportsImpl.cpp            \
  nsMemory.cpp                   \
  nsWeakReference.cpp            \
  nsGREGlue.cpp                  \
  nsVersionComparator.cpp        \
  nsTHashtable.cpp               \
  nsQuickSort.cpp                \
  nsVoidArray.cpp                \
  nsTArray.cpp                   \
  nsThreadUtils.cpp              \
  nsTObserverArray.cpp           \
  nsCycleCollectionParticipant.cpp \
  nsDeque.cpp \

XPCOM_GLUE_SRC_CPPSRCS = $(addprefix $(topsrcdir)/xpcom/glue/, $(XPCOM_GLUE_SRC_LCPPSRCS))

# nsGenericFactory is not really all that helpful in the standalone glue,
# and it has a bad dependency on the NSPR AtomicIncrement function, so we
# only build it for the dependent XPCOM glue and builtin to xpcom-core.

  nsAutoLock.cpp                 \
  nsGenericFactory.cpp           \
  nsProxyRelease.cpp             \
  nsTextFormatter.cpp            \

XPCOM_GLUENS_SRC_CPPSRCS = $(addprefix $(topsrcdir)/xpcom/glue/,$(XPCOM_GLUENS_SRC_LCPPSRCS))