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Bug 1328378 (part 6) - Eliminate SyncProfile. r=mstange. It's now a very thin wrapper around ThreadInfo, and so can be removed. The patch also has the bonus of setting mIsMainThread correctly for the ThreadInfos that used to be SyncProfiles (i.e. the ones created in profiler_get_backtrace()). As far as I can tell this has only one very minor effect, because that field is only used for those objects to determine how ThreadResponsiveness::Update() dispatches its runnables.

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class ProfileBuffer;
class SpliceableJSONWriter;
class ThreadInfo;
class UniqueStacks;

class ProfilerBacktrace
  explicit ProfilerBacktrace(ProfileBuffer* aBuffer, ThreadInfo* aThreadInfo);

  // ProfilerBacktraces' stacks are deduplicated in the context of the
  // profile that contains the backtrace as a marker payload.
  // That is, markers that contain backtraces should not need their own stack,
  // frame, and string tables. They should instead reuse their parent
  // profile's tables.
  void StreamJSON(SpliceableJSONWriter& aWriter, UniqueStacks& aUniqueStacks);

  ProfilerBacktrace(const ProfilerBacktrace&);
  ProfilerBacktrace& operator=(const ProfilerBacktrace&);

  ProfileBuffer* mBuffer;
  ThreadInfo* mThreadInfo;