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Bug 671555 - Set the correct extensions.checkCompatibility pref in mobile tester tools [r=mfinkle, a=johnath]

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

/* NOTE: this interface is completely undesigned, not stable and likely to change */

[scriptable, uuid(a67c77af-2952-4028-93ab-e7bc3b43cf81)]
interface nsIGfxInfo : nsISupports
   * These are win32-specific
  readonly attribute boolean D2DEnabled;
  readonly attribute boolean DWriteEnabled;
  readonly attribute boolean AzureEnabled;
  readonly attribute DOMString DWriteVersion;
  readonly attribute DOMString cleartypeParameters;
   * The name of the display adapter.
  readonly attribute DOMString adapterDescription;

  readonly attribute DOMString adapterDriver;
  /* These types are inspired by DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC */
  readonly attribute unsigned long adapterVendorID;
  readonly attribute unsigned long adapterDeviceID;
   * The amount of RAM in MB in the display adapter.
  readonly attribute DOMString adapterRAM;
  readonly attribute DOMString adapterDriverVersion;
  readonly attribute DOMString adapterDriverDate;

  void getFailures(
               [optional] out unsigned long failureCount,
               [retval, array, size_is(failureCount)] out string failures);

  [noscript, notxpcom] void logFailure(in ACString failure);
   * A set of constants for features that we can ask this GfxInfo object
   * about via GetFeatureStatus
  /* Don't assign 0 or -1 */
  /* Whether Direct2D is supported for content rendering. */
  const long FEATURE_DIRECT2D = 1;
  /* Whether Direct3D 9 is supported for layers. */
  const long FEATURE_DIRECT3D_9_LAYERS = 2;
  /* Whether Direct3D 10.0 is supported for layers. */
  const long FEATURE_DIRECT3D_10_LAYERS = 3;
  /* Whether Direct3D 10.1 is supported for layers. */
  const long FEATURE_DIRECT3D_10_1_LAYERS = 4;
  /* Whether OpenGL is supported for layers */
  const long FEATURE_OPENGL_LAYERS = 5;
  /* Whether WebGL is supported via OpenGL. */
  const long FEATURE_WEBGL_OPENGL = 6;
  /* Whether WebGL is supported via ANGLE (D3D9 -- does not check for the presence of ANGLE libs). */
  const long FEATURE_WEBGL_ANGLE = 7;

   * A set of return values from GetFeatureStatus
  /* We don't explicitly block or discourage the feature. Which means we'll try getting it from the
   * hardware, and see what happens. */
  const long FEATURE_NO_INFO = 1;
  /* This feature is blocked on this driver version. Updating driver will typically unblock it. */
  /* This feature is blocked on this device, regardless of driver version.
   * Typically means we hit too many driver crashes without a good reason to hope for them to
   * get fixed soon. */
  const long FEATURE_BLOCKED_DEVICE = 3;
  /* This feature is available and can be used, but is not suggested (e.g. shouldn't be used by default */
  const long FEATURE_DISCOURAGED = 4;
  /* This feature is blocked on this OS version. */

   * Ask about a feature, and return the status of that feature
  long getFeatureStatus(in long aFeature);

   * Ask about a feature, return the minimum driver version required for it if its status is
   * FEATURE_BLOCKED_DRIVER_VERSION, otherwise return an empty string. 
  DOMString getFeatureSuggestedDriverVersion(in long aFeature);

   * WebGL info; valid params are "full-renderer", "vendor", "renderer", "version",
   * "shading_language_version", "extensions".  These return info from
   * underlying GL impl that's used to implement WebGL.
  DOMString getWebGLParameter(in DOMString aParam);