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"""A set of functions to run the Tp test.

   The Tp test measures page load times in Firefox.  It does this with a
   JavaScript script that opens a new window and cycles through page loads
   from the local disk, timing each one.  The script dumps the sum of the
   mean times to open each page, and the standard deviation, to standard out.
   We can also measure performance attributes during the test.  See
   for a description of what can be measured.

__author__ = 'annie.sullivan@gmail.com (Annie Sullivan)'

import os
import re
import shutil
import time
import win32pdh
import win32pdhutil

import ffprocess
import ffprofile
import paths

# Regular expression to get stats for page load test (Tp)
TP_REGEX = re.compile('__start_page_load_report(.*)__end_page_load_report',
                      re.DOTALL | re.MULTILINE)

def AddCounter(counter_name):
  """Adds a pdh query and counter of the given name to Firefox.
  Args: counter_name: The name of the counter to add, i.e. "% Processor Time"
    (query handle, counter handle)
  path = win32pdh.MakeCounterPath( (None,
                                    counter_name) )
  hq = win32pdh.OpenQuery()
    hc = win32pdh.AddCounter(hq, path)
  return hq, hc

def CleanupCounter(hq, hc):
  """Cleans up a counter after it is no longer needed.
    hq: handle to the query for the counter
    hc: handle to the counter
    # Sometimes we get unexpected win32 errors.  Not much can be done.

def GetCounterValue(hq, hc):
  """Returns the current value of the given counter
    hq: Handle of the query for the counter
    hc: Handle of the counter
    The current value of the counter
    type, val = win32pdh.GetFormattedCounterValue(hc, win32pdh.PDH_FMT_LONG)
    return val
    return None

def RunPltTests(source_profile_dir,
  """Runs the Page Load tests with profiles created from the given
     base diectory and list of configuations.
    source_profile_dir:  Full path to base directory to copy profile from.
    profile_configs:  Array of configuration options for each profile.
      These are of the format:
    num_cycles: Number of times to cycle through all the urls on each test.
    counters: Array of counters ("% Processor Time", "Working Set", etc)
              See http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsServer/en/Library/86b5d116-6fb3-427b-af8c-9077162125fe1033.mspx?mfr=true
              for a list of available counters and their descriptions.
    resolution: Time (in seconds) between collecting counters
    A tuple containing:
      An array of plt results for each run.  For example:
        ["mean: 150.30\nstdd:34.2", "mean 170.33\nstdd:22.4"]
      An array of counter data from each run.  For example:
        [{"counter1": [1, 2, 3], "counter2":[4,5,6]},
         {"counter1":[1,3,5], "counter2":[2,4,6]}]
  counter_data = []
  plt_results = []
  for config in profile_configs:
    # Create the new profile
    profile_dir = ffprofile.CreateTempProfileDir(source_profile_dir,
    # Run Firefox once with new profile so initializing it doesn't cause
    # a performance hit, and the second Firefox that gets created is properly
    # terminated.
    ffprofile.InitializeNewProfile(config[2], profile_dir)

    # Run the plt test for this profile
    timeout = 300
    total_time = 0
    output = ''
    url = paths.TP_URL + '?cycles=' + str(num_cycles)
    command_line = ffprocess.GenerateFirefoxCommandLine(config[2], profile_dir, url)
    handle = os.popen(command_line)
    # PDH might need to be "refreshed" if it has been queried while
    # Firefox is closed.
    win32pdh.EnumObjects(None, None, 0, 1)
    # Initialize counts
    counts = {}
    counter_handles = {}
    for counter in counters:
      counts[counter] = []
      counter_handles[counter] = AddCounter(counter)
    while total_time < timeout:
      # Sleep for [resolution] seconds
      total_time += resolution
      # Get the output from all the possible counters
      for count_type in counters:
        val = GetCounterValue(counter_handles[count_type][0],
        if (val):
          # Sometimes the first sample can be None, or PLT test will have
          # closed Firefox by this point.  Only count real values. 

      # Check to see if page load times were outputted
      (bytes, current_output) = ffprocess.NonBlockingReadProcessOutput(handle)
      output += current_output
      match = TP_REGEX.search(output)
      if match:
    # Cleanup counters
    for counter in counters:
      CleanupCounter(counter_handles[counter][0], counter_handles[counter][1])

    # Firefox should have exited cleanly, but close it if it doesn't
    # after 2 seconds.
    # Delete the temp profile directory  Make it writeable first,
    # because every once in a while Firefox seems to drop a read-only
    # file into it.
  return (plt_results, counter_data)