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Back out bug 10209 and bug 656875 (its regression fix) from Aurora because the work on this bug has not been finished yet

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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

DEPTH     = ../..
topsrcdir = @top_srcdir@
srcdir    = @srcdir@
VPATH     = @srcdir@

include $(DEPTH)/config/

# Definitions used by constants.js.
WEAVE_VERSION=$(shell cat $(topsrcdir)/services/sync/version.txt)

 -Dweave_version=$(WEAVE_VERSION) \
 -Dweave_channel=$(WEAVE_CHANNEL) \

DIRS = locales

  SyncComponents.manifest \
  Weave.js \

PREF_JS_EXPORTS = $(srcdir)/services-sync.js

# Preprocess constants (by preprocessing everything).
# The 'HERE' idiom avoids a dependency on pushd. We need to do this fiddling in
# order to get relative paths, so we can process services/sync/modules/* into
# modules/services-sync/*.
# Note that we find candidates, make directories, then 'copy' files.
	cd $(srcdir)/modules; \
	dirs=`find * -type d`; \
	files=`find * -type f`; \
	cd $$HERE; \
	for d in $$dirs; do \
		$(PYTHON) $(topsrcdir)/config/ -D $(FINAL_TARGET)/modules/services-sync/$$d; \
	done; \
	for i in $$files; do \
		src=$(srcdir)/modules/$$i; \
		dest=$(FINAL_TARGET)/modules/services-sync/$$i; \
		$(PYTHON) $(topsrcdir)/config/ $(SYNC_PP_DEFINES) $$src > $$dest ; \

DIRS += tests

include $(topsrcdir)/config/