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Back out bug 10209 and bug 656875 (its regression fix) from Aurora because the work on this bug has not been finished yet

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#include "X11Util.h"

namespace mozilla {

ScopedXErrorHandler::ErrorEvent* ScopedXErrorHandler::sXErrorPtr;

ScopedXErrorHandler::ErrorHandler(Display *, XErrorEvent *ev)
    // only record the error if no error was previously recorded.
    // this means that in case of multiple errors, it's the first error that we report.
    if (!sXErrorPtr->mError.error_code)
      sXErrorPtr->mError = *ev;
    return 0;

    // let sXErrorPtr point to this object's mXError object, but don't reset this mXError object!
    // think of the case of nested ScopedXErrorHandler's.
    mOldXErrorPtr = sXErrorPtr;
    sXErrorPtr = &mXError;
    mOldErrorHandler = XSetErrorHandler(ErrorHandler);

    sXErrorPtr = mOldXErrorPtr;

ScopedXErrorHandler::SyncAndGetError(Display *dpy, XErrorEvent *ev)
    XSync(dpy, False);
    return GetError(ev);

ScopedXErrorHandler::GetError(XErrorEvent *ev)
    bool retval = mXError.mError.error_code != 0;
    if (ev)
        *ev = mXError.mError;
    mXError = ErrorEvent(); // reset
    return retval;

} // namespace mozilla