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Bug 1341255 - Profiler tidyups: remove StackEntry, rename ProfileEntry to ProfileBufferEntry (part 2: rename ProfileEntry). r=n.nethercote.

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#include "ThreadInfo.h"

class SyncProfile : public ThreadInfo
  SyncProfile(int aThreadId, PseudoStack* aStack);

  // SyncProfiles' stacks are deduplicated in the context of the containing
  // profile in which the backtrace is as a marker payload.
  void StreamJSON(SpliceableJSONWriter& aWriter, UniqueStacks& aUniqueStacks);

  virtual void EndUnwind();

  friend class ProfilerBacktrace;

  enum OwnerState
    REFERENCED,       // ProfilerBacktrace has a pointer to this but doesn't own
    OWNED,            // ProfilerBacktrace is responsible for destroying this
    OWNER_DESTROYING, // ProfilerBacktrace owns this and is destroying
    ORPHANED          // No owner, we must destroy ourselves

  bool ShouldDestroy();

  OwnerState mOwnerState;

#endif // __SYNCPROFILE_H