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Bug 1218944. Transform feedback linking should use varyings intead of attribs. r=jgilbert

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "angle/ShaderLang.h"
#include "GLDefs.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include <string>

namespace mozilla {
namespace webgl {

class ShaderValidator final
    const ShHandle mHandle;
    const int mCompileOptions;
    const int mMaxVaryingVectors;
    bool mHasRun;

    static ShaderValidator* Create(GLenum shaderType, ShShaderSpec spec,
                                   ShShaderOutput outputLanguage,
                                   const ShBuiltInResources& resources,
                                   int compileOptions);

    ShaderValidator(ShHandle handle, int compileOptions, int maxVaryingVectors)
        : mHandle(handle)
        , mCompileOptions(compileOptions)
        , mMaxVaryingVectors(maxVaryingVectors)
        , mHasRun(false)
    { }


    bool ValidateAndTranslate(const char* source);
    void GetInfoLog(nsACString* out) const;
    void GetOutput(nsACString* out) const;
    bool CanLinkTo(const ShaderValidator* prev, nsCString* const out_log) const;
    size_t CalcNumSamplerUniforms() const;

    bool FindAttribUserNameByMappedName(const std::string& mappedName,
                                        const std::string** const out_userName) const;

    bool FindAttribMappedNameByUserName(const std::string& userName,
                                        const std::string** const out_mappedName) const;

    bool FindVaryingMappedNameByUserName(const std::string& userName,
                                         const std::string** const out_mappedName) const;

    bool FindUniformByMappedName(const std::string& mappedName,
                                 std::string* const out_userName,
                                 bool* const out_isArray) const;

} // namespace webgl
} // namespace mozilla