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Bug 565475 - Allow 3rd party cookies for session only. r=sdwilsh

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#ifndef nsCookieService_h__
#define nsCookieService_h__

#include "nsICookieService.h"
#include "nsICookieManager.h"
#include "nsICookieManager2.h"
#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"

#include "nsCookie.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsHashKeys.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "mozIStorageStatement.h"
#include "mozIStorageConnection.h"

class nsICookiePermission;
class nsIEffectiveTLDService;
class nsIIDNService;
class nsIPrefBranch;
class nsIObserverService;
class nsIURI;
class nsIChannel;

struct nsCookieAttributes;
struct nsListIter;
struct nsEnumerationData;

namespace mozilla {
namespace net {
#ifdef MOZ_IPC
class CookieServiceParent;

// hash entry class
class nsCookieEntry : public PLDHashEntryHdr
    // Hash methods
    typedef const nsCString& KeyType;
    typedef const nsCString* KeyTypePointer;
    typedef nsTArray< nsRefPtr<nsCookie> > ArrayType;
    typedef ArrayType::index_type IndexType;

    nsCookieEntry(KeyTypePointer aBaseDomain)
     : mBaseDomain(*aBaseDomain)

    nsCookieEntry(const nsCookieEntry& toCopy)
      // if we end up here, things will break. nsTHashtable shouldn't
      // allow this, since we set ALLOW_MEMMOVE to true.
      NS_NOTREACHED("nsCookieEntry copy constructor is forbidden!");


    KeyType GetKey() const
      return mBaseDomain;

    PRBool KeyEquals(KeyTypePointer aKey) const
      return mBaseDomain == *aKey;

    static KeyTypePointer KeyToPointer(KeyType aKey)
      return &aKey;

    static PLDHashNumber HashKey(KeyTypePointer aKey)
      return HashString(*aKey);

    enum { ALLOW_MEMMOVE = PR_TRUE };

    inline ArrayType& GetCookies() { return mCookies; }

    nsCString mBaseDomain;
    ArrayType mCookies;

// encapsulates in-memory and on-disk DB states, so we can
// conveniently switch state when entering or exiting private browsing.
struct DBState
  DBState() : cookieCount(0), cookieOldestTime(LL_MAXINT) { }

  nsTHashtable<nsCookieEntry>     hostTable;
  PRUint32                        cookieCount;
  PRInt64                         cookieOldestTime;
  nsCOMPtr<mozIStorageConnection> dbConn;
  nsCOMPtr<mozIStorageStatement>  stmtInsert;
  nsCOMPtr<mozIStorageStatement>  stmtDelete;
  nsCOMPtr<mozIStorageStatement>  stmtUpdate;

// these constants represent a decision about a cookie based on user prefs.
enum CookieStatus
  // STATUS_REJECTED_WITH_ERROR indicates the cookie should be rejected because
  // of an error (rather than something the user can control). this is used for
  // notification purposes, since we only want to notify of rejections where
  // the user can do something about it (e.g. whitelist the site).

 * nsCookieService:
 * class declaration

class nsCookieService : public nsICookieService
                      , public nsICookieManager2
                      , public nsIObserver
                      , public nsSupportsWeakReference
    // nsISupports

    virtual ~nsCookieService();
    static nsICookieService*      GetXPCOMSingleton();
    nsresult                      Init();

    void                          PrefChanged(nsIPrefBranch *aPrefBranch);
    nsresult                      InitDB();
    nsresult                      TryInitDB(PRBool aDeleteExistingDB);
    nsresult                      CreateTable();
    void                          CloseDB();
    nsresult                      Read();
    nsresult                      NormalizeHost(nsCString &aHost);
    nsresult                      GetBaseDomain(nsIURI *aHostURI, nsCString &aBaseDomain, PRBool &aRequireHostMatch);
    nsresult                      GetBaseDomainFromHost(const nsACString &aHost, nsCString &aBaseDomain);
    void                          GetCookieInternal(nsIURI *aHostURI, nsIURI *aOriginatingURI, PRBool aHttpBound, nsCString &aCookie);
    void                          SetCookieStringInternal(nsIURI *aHostURI, nsIURI *aOriginatingURI, const nsCString &aCookieHeader, const nsCString &aServerTime, PRBool aFromHttp);
    PRBool                        SetCookieInternal(nsIURI *aHostURI, const nsCString& aBaseDomain, PRBool aRequireHostMatch, CookieStatus aStatus, nsDependentCString &aCookieHeader, PRInt64 aServerTime, PRBool aFromHttp);
    void                          AddInternal(const nsCString& aBaseDomain, nsCookie *aCookie, PRInt64 aCurrentTimeInUsec, nsIURI *aHostURI, const char *aCookieHeader, PRBool aFromHttp);
    void                          RemoveCookieFromList(const nsListIter &aIter, mozIStorageBindingParamsArray *aParamsArray = NULL);
    PRBool                        AddCookieToList(const nsCString& aBaseDomain, nsCookie *aCookie, mozIStorageBindingParamsArray *aParamsArray, PRBool aWriteToDB = PR_TRUE);
    void                          UpdateCookieInList(nsCookie *aCookie, PRInt64 aLastAccessed, mozIStorageBindingParamsArray *aParamsArray);
    static PRBool                 GetTokenValue(nsASingleFragmentCString::const_char_iterator &aIter, nsASingleFragmentCString::const_char_iterator &aEndIter, nsDependentCSubstring &aTokenString, nsDependentCSubstring &aTokenValue, PRBool &aEqualsFound);
    static PRBool                 ParseAttributes(nsDependentCString &aCookieHeader, nsCookieAttributes &aCookie);
    PRBool                        IsForeign(const nsCString &aBaseDomain, PRBool aRequireHostMatch, nsIURI *aFirstURI);
    void                          GetOriginatingURI(nsIChannel *aChannel, nsIURI **aURI);
    CookieStatus                  CheckPrefs(nsIURI *aHostURI, nsIURI *aOriginatingURI, const nsCString &aBaseDomain, PRBool aRequireHostMatch, const char *aCookieHeader);
    PRBool                        CheckDomain(nsCookieAttributes &aCookie, nsIURI *aHostURI, const nsCString &aBaseDomain, PRBool aRequireHostMatch);
    static PRBool                 CheckPath(nsCookieAttributes &aCookie, nsIURI *aHostURI);
    static PRBool                 GetExpiry(nsCookieAttributes &aCookie, PRInt64 aServerTime, PRInt64 aCurrentTime);
    void                          RemoveAllFromMemory();
    void                          PurgeCookies(PRInt64 aCurrentTimeInUsec);
    PRBool                        FindCookie(const nsCString& aBaseDomain, const nsAFlatCString &aHost, const nsAFlatCString &aName, const nsAFlatCString &aPath, nsListIter &aIter, PRInt64 aCurrentTime);
    PRUint32                      CountCookiesFromHostInternal(const nsCString &aBaseDomain, nsEnumerationData &aData);
    void                          NotifyRejected(nsIURI *aHostURI);
    void                          NotifyChanged(nsISupports *aSubject, const PRUnichar *aData);

    // cached members.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIObserverService>     mObserverService;
    nsCOMPtr<nsICookiePermission>    mPermissionService;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIEffectiveTLDService> mTLDService;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIIDNService>          mIDNService;

    // we have two separate DB states: one for normal browsing and one for
    // private browsing, switching between them as appropriate. this state
    // encapsulates both the in-memory table and the on-disk DB.
    // note that the private states' dbConn should always be null - we never
    // want to be dealing with the on-disk DB when in private browsing.
    DBState                      *mDBState;
    DBState                       mDefaultDBState;
    DBState                       mPrivateDBState;

    // cached prefs
    PRUint8                       mCookieBehavior; // BEHAVIOR_{ACCEPT, REJECTFOREIGN, REJECT}
    PRBool                        mThirdPartySession;
    PRUint16                      mMaxNumberOfCookies;
    PRUint16                      mMaxCookiesPerHost;
    PRInt64                       mCookiePurgeAge;

    // this callback needs access to member functions
    friend PLDHashOperator purgeCookiesCallback(nsCookieEntry *aEntry, void *aArg);

    static nsCookieService*       GetSingleton();
#ifdef MOZ_IPC
    friend class mozilla::net::CookieServiceParent;

#endif // nsCookieService_h__