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First part of fix for web-based protocol handlers failing in certain situations (bug 394483); r=biesi, sr=sicking

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#line 27 "nsMetaModule.cpp.in"
#include "nsError.h"
#include "nsIModule.h"
#include "nsIFile.h"
#include "nsIGenericFactory.h"
#include "prmem.h"

#line 35 "nsMetaModule.cpp.in"

static nsModuleInfo* gSubModules[] = {
#line 39 "nsMetaModule.cpp.in"

#define NUM_SUB_MODULES (sizeof(gSubModules) / sizeof(gSubModules[0]))

static nsModuleComponentInfo* gComponentInfo;
static PRBool gInitialized = PR_FALSE;

Initialize(nsIModule *self)
    if (! gInitialized) {
        // Run the ctor for each sub-module
        gInitialized = PR_TRUE;

        nsModuleInfo** module = gSubModules;
        nsModuleInfo** limit = module + NUM_SUB_MODULES;
        for ( ; module < limit; ++module) {
            if ((*module)->mCtor)

    return NS_OK;

Shutdown(nsIModule *self)
    if (gInitialized) {
        // Run the dtor for each sub-module
        gInitialized = PR_FALSE;

        nsModuleInfo** module = gSubModules;
        nsModuleInfo** limit = module + NUM_SUB_MODULES;
        for ( ; module < limit; ++module) {
            if ((*module)->mDtor)

extern "C" NS_EXPORT nsresult
nsMetaModule_nsGetModule(nsIComponentManager *servMgr,
                         nsIFile *location,                 
                         nsIModule **result)                
    // Count the number of components contained in all of the
    // sub-modules
    nsModuleInfo** info = gSubModules;
    nsModuleInfo** limit = info + NUM_SUB_MODULES;
    PRUint32 count = 0;
    for ( ; info < limit; ++info)
        count += (*info)->mCount;

    // Allocate an nsModuleComponentInfo array large enough to contain
    // all of them. This will be permanently leaked.
    gComponentInfo = new nsModuleComponentInfo[count];
    if (! gComponentInfo)
        return NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY;

    // Copy the module component info into the contiguous array
    nsModuleComponentInfo *comps = gComponentInfo;
    for (info = gSubModules; info < limit; ++info) {
        PRUint32 n = (*info)->mCount;
        ::memcpy(comps, (*info)->mComponents, sizeof(nsModuleComponentInfo) * n);
        comps += n;

    // Dummy up an nsModuleInfo struct to register us as a generic
    // module that contains all our sub-module's components.
    nsModuleInfo metainfo;
    memset(&metainfo, 0, sizeof(metainfo));
    metainfo.mVersion    = NS_MODULEINFO_VERSION;
    metainfo.mModuleName = META_MODULE " meta module";
    metainfo.mComponents = gComponentInfo;
    metainfo.mCount      = count;
    metainfo.mCtor       = Initialize;
    metainfo.mDtor       = Shutdown;

    return NS_NewGenericModule2(&metainfo, result);