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 *  Copyright (c) 2010 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
 *  Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
 *  that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
 *  tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
 *  in the file PATENTS.  All contributing project authors may
 *  be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.

/*!\defgroup vp8_decoder WebM VP8/VP9 Decoder
 * \ingroup vp8
 * @{
 * \brief Provides definitions for using VP8 or VP9 within the vpx Decoder
 *        interface.
#ifndef VPX_VP8DX_H_
#define VPX_VP8DX_H_

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* Include controls common to both the encoder and decoder */
#include "./vp8.h"

/*!\name Algorithm interface for VP8
 * This interface provides the capability to decode VP8 streams.
 * @{
extern vpx_codec_iface_t  vpx_codec_vp8_dx_algo;
extern vpx_codec_iface_t *vpx_codec_vp8_dx(void);
/*!@} - end algorithm interface member group*/

/*!\name Algorithm interface for VP9
 * This interface provides the capability to decode VP9 streams.
 * @{
extern vpx_codec_iface_t  vpx_codec_vp9_dx_algo;
extern vpx_codec_iface_t *vpx_codec_vp9_dx(void);
/*!@} - end algorithm interface member group*/

/*!\enum vp8_dec_control_id
 * \brief VP8 decoder control functions
 * This set of macros define the control functions available for the VP8
 * decoder interface.
 * \sa #vpx_codec_control
enum vp8_dec_control_id {
  /** control function to get info on which reference frames were updated
   *  by the last decode

  /** check if the indicated frame is corrupted */

  /** control function to get info on which reference frames were used
   *  by the last decode

  /** decryption function to decrypt encoded buffer data immediately
   * before decoding. Takes a vpx_decrypt_init, which contains
   * a callback function and opaque context pointer.

  /** control function to get the dimensions that the current frame is decoded
   * at. This may be different to the intended display size for the frame as
   * specified in the wrapper or frame header (see VP9D_GET_DISPLAY_SIZE). */

  /** control function to get the current frame's intended display dimensions
   * (as specified in the wrapper or frame header). This may be different to
   * the decoded dimensions of this frame (see VP9D_GET_FRAME_SIZE). */

  /** control function to get the bit depth of the stream. */

  /** control function to set the byte alignment of the planes in the reference
   * buffers. Valid values are power of 2, from 32 to 1024. A value of 0 sets
   * legacy alignment. I.e. Y plane is aligned to 32 bytes, U plane directly
   * follows Y plane, and V plane directly follows U plane. Default value is 0.

  /** control function to invert the decoding order to from right to left. The
   * function is used in a test to confirm the decoding independence of tile
   * columns. The function may be used in application where this order
   * of decoding is desired.
   * TODO(yaowu): Rework the unit test that uses this control, and in a future
   *              release, this test-only control shall be removed.

  /** control function to set the skip loop filter flag. Valid values are
   * integers. The decoder will skip the loop filter when its value is set to
   * nonzero. If the loop filter is skipped the decoder may accumulate decode
   * artifacts. The default value is 0.


/** Decrypt n bytes of data from input -> output, using the decrypt_state
 *  passed in VPXD_SET_DECRYPTOR.
typedef void (*vpx_decrypt_cb)(void *decrypt_state, const unsigned char *input,
                               unsigned char *output, int count);

/*!\brief Structure to hold decryption state
 * Defines a structure to hold the decryption state and access function.
typedef struct vpx_decrypt_init {
    /*! Decrypt callback. */
    vpx_decrypt_cb decrypt_cb;

    /*! Decryption state. */
    void *decrypt_state;
} vpx_decrypt_init;

/*!\brief A deprecated alias for vpx_decrypt_init.
typedef vpx_decrypt_init vp8_decrypt_init;

/*!\brief VP8 decoder control function parameter type
 * Defines the data types that VP8D control functions take. Note that
 * additional common controls are defined in vp8.h

VPX_CTRL_USE_TYPE(VPXD_SET_DECRYPTOR,           vpx_decrypt_init *)
VPX_CTRL_USE_TYPE(VP8D_SET_DECRYPTOR,           vpx_decrypt_init *)
VPX_CTRL_USE_TYPE(VP9D_GET_BIT_DEPTH,           unsigned int *)

/*! @} - end defgroup vp8_decoder */

#ifdef __cplusplus
}  // extern "C"

#endif  // VPX_VP8DX_H_