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Bug 1344118 - Fix the profiler's sleeping threads optimization. r=jseward. When ProfilerBuffer::reset() is called, DuplicateLastSample() will start failing for all sleeping threads because there will be no prior thread data in the buffer to duplicate. But the sampling loop doesn't detect such failure. This causes two problems: - Missing samples. - CPU usage goes through the roof, because each time around the sampling loop the length of the failing search increases. The fix is simple: detect failure in the sampling loop and do a normal sample in that case. The patch also removes ThreadInfo::DuplicateLastSample(), because it just calls onto ProfileBuffer::DuplicateLastSample().

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#ifndef mozilla_dom_HTMLTextAreaElement_h
#define mozilla_dom_HTMLTextAreaElement_h

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsIDOMHTMLTextAreaElement.h"
#include "nsITextControlElement.h"
#include "nsIControllers.h"
#include "nsIDOMNSEditableElement.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLElement.h"
#include "nsStubMutationObserver.h"
#include "nsIConstraintValidation.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/HTMLFormElement.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/HTMLInputElementBinding.h"
#include "nsGkAtoms.h"

#include "nsTextEditorState.h"

class nsIControllers;
class nsIDocument;
class nsPresContext;
class nsPresState;

namespace mozilla {

class EventChainPostVisitor;
class EventChainPreVisitor;
class EventStates;

namespace dom {

class HTMLFormSubmission;

class HTMLTextAreaElement final : public nsGenericHTMLFormElementWithState,
                                  public nsIDOMHTMLTextAreaElement,
                                  public nsITextControlElement,
                                  public nsIDOMNSEditableElement,
                                  public nsStubMutationObserver,
                                  public nsIConstraintValidation
  using nsIConstraintValidation::GetValidationMessage;

  explicit HTMLTextAreaElement(already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::NodeInfo>& aNodeInfo,
                               FromParser aFromParser = NOT_FROM_PARSER);

  // nsISupports

  virtual int32_t TabIndexDefault() override;

  // Element
  virtual bool IsInteractiveHTMLContent(bool aIgnoreTabindex) const override
    return true;

  // nsIDOMHTMLTextAreaElement

  // nsIDOMNSEditableElement
  NS_IMETHOD GetEditor(nsIEditor** aEditor) override
    return nsGenericHTMLElement::GetEditor(aEditor);
  NS_IMETHOD SetUserInput(const nsAString& aInput) override;

  // nsIFormControl
  NS_IMETHOD_(uint32_t) GetType() const override { return NS_FORM_TEXTAREA; }
  NS_IMETHOD Reset() override;
  NS_IMETHOD SubmitNamesValues(HTMLFormSubmission* aFormSubmission) override;
  NS_IMETHOD SaveState() override;
  virtual bool RestoreState(nsPresState* aState) override;
  virtual bool IsDisabledForEvents(EventMessage aMessage) override;

  virtual void FieldSetDisabledChanged(bool aNotify) override;

  virtual EventStates IntrinsicState() const override;

  // nsITextControlElemet
  NS_IMETHOD SetValueChanged(bool aValueChanged) override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsSingleLineTextControl() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsTextArea() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsPlainTextControl() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsPasswordTextControl() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(int32_t) GetCols() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(int32_t) GetWrapCols() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(int32_t) GetRows() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) GetDefaultValueFromContent(nsAString& aValue) override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) ValueChanged() const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) GetTextEditorValue(nsAString& aValue, bool aIgnoreWrap) const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsIEditor*) GetTextEditor() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsISelectionController*) GetSelectionController() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(nsFrameSelection*) GetConstFrameSelection() override;
  NS_IMETHOD BindToFrame(nsTextControlFrame* aFrame) override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) UnbindFromFrame(nsTextControlFrame* aFrame) override;
  NS_IMETHOD CreateEditor() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(Element*) GetRootEditorNode() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(Element*) CreatePlaceholderNode() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(Element*) GetPlaceholderNode() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) UpdatePlaceholderVisibility(bool aNotify) override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) GetPlaceholderVisibility() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) InitializeKeyboardEventListeners() override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(void) OnValueChanged(bool aNotify, bool aWasInteractiveUserChange) override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) HasCachedSelection() override;
  NS_IMETHOD GetSelectionRange(int32_t* aSelectionStart,
                               int32_t* aSelectionEnd) override;

  // nsIContent
  virtual nsresult BindToTree(nsIDocument* aDocument, nsIContent* aParent,
                               nsIContent* aBindingParent,
                               bool aCompileEventHandlers) override;
  virtual void UnbindFromTree(bool aDeep = true,
                              bool aNullParent = true) override;
  virtual bool ParseAttribute(int32_t aNamespaceID,
                                nsIAtom* aAttribute,
                                const nsAString& aValue,
                                nsAttrValue& aResult) override;
  virtual nsMapRuleToAttributesFunc GetAttributeMappingFunction() const override;
  virtual nsChangeHint GetAttributeChangeHint(const nsIAtom* aAttribute,
                                              int32_t aModType) const override;
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsIAtom* aAttribute) const override;

  virtual nsresult GetEventTargetParent(
                     EventChainPreVisitor& aVisitor) override;
  virtual nsresult PreHandleEvent(EventChainVisitor& aVisitor) override;
  virtual nsresult PostHandleEvent(
                     EventChainPostVisitor& aVisitor) override;

  virtual bool IsHTMLFocusable(bool aWithMouse, bool *aIsFocusable, int32_t *aTabIndex) override;

  virtual void DoneAddingChildren(bool aHaveNotified) override;
  virtual bool IsDoneAddingChildren() override;

  virtual nsresult Clone(mozilla::dom::NodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const override;

  nsresult CopyInnerTo(Element* aDest);

   * Called when an attribute is about to be changed
  virtual nsresult BeforeSetAttr(int32_t aNameSpaceID, nsIAtom* aName,
                                 nsAttrValueOrString* aValue,
                                 bool aNotify) override;

  // nsIMutationObserver


  // nsIConstraintValidation
  bool     IsTooLong();
  bool     IsTooShort();
  bool     IsValueMissing() const;
  void     UpdateTooLongValidityState();
  void     UpdateTooShortValidityState();
  void     UpdateValueMissingValidityState();
  void     UpdateBarredFromConstraintValidation();
  nsresult GetValidationMessage(nsAString& aValidationMessage,
                                ValidityStateType aType) override;

  // Web IDL binding methods
  bool Autofocus()
    return GetBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::autofocus);
  void SetAutofocus(bool aAutoFocus, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::autofocus, aAutoFocus, aError);
  uint32_t Cols()
    return GetIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::cols, DEFAULT_COLS);
  void SetCols(uint32_t aCols, ErrorResult& aError)
    uint32_t cols = aCols ? aCols : DEFAULT_COLS;
    SetUnsignedIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::cols, cols, DEFAULT_COLS, aError);
  bool Disabled()
    return GetBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::disabled);
  void SetDisabled(bool aDisabled, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::disabled, aDisabled, aError);
  // nsGenericHTMLFormElementWithState::GetForm is fine
  using nsGenericHTMLFormElementWithState::GetForm;
  int32_t MaxLength()
    return GetIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::maxlength, -1);
  void SetMaxLength(int32_t aMaxLength, ErrorResult& aError)
    int32_t minLength = MinLength();
    if (aMaxLength < 0 || (minLength >= 0 && aMaxLength < minLength)) {
    } else {
      SetHTMLIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::maxlength, aMaxLength, aError);
  int32_t MinLength()
    return GetIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::minlength, -1);
  void SetMinLength(int32_t aMinLength, ErrorResult& aError)
    int32_t maxLength = MaxLength();
    if (aMinLength < 0 || (maxLength >= 0 && aMinLength > maxLength)) {
    } else {
      SetHTMLIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::minlength, aMinLength, aError);
  // XPCOM GetName is fine
  void SetName(const nsAString& aName, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::name, aName, aError);
  // XPCOM GetPlaceholder is fine
  void SetPlaceholder(const nsAString& aPlaceholder, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::placeholder, aPlaceholder, aError);
  bool ReadOnly()
    return GetBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::readonly);
  void SetReadOnly(bool aReadOnly, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::readonly, aReadOnly, aError);
  bool Required()
    return GetBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::required);

  void SetRangeText(const nsAString& aReplacement, ErrorResult& aRv);

  void SetRangeText(const nsAString& aReplacement, uint32_t aStart,
                    uint32_t aEnd, const SelectionMode& aSelectMode,
                    ErrorResult& aRv, int32_t aSelectionStart = -1,
                    int32_t aSelectionEnd = -1);

  void SetRequired(bool aRequired, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::required, aRequired, aError);
  uint32_t Rows()
    return GetIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::rows, DEFAULT_ROWS_TEXTAREA);
  void SetRows(uint32_t aRows, ErrorResult& aError)
    uint32_t rows = aRows ? aRows : DEFAULT_ROWS_TEXTAREA;
    SetUnsignedIntAttr(nsGkAtoms::rows, rows, DEFAULT_ROWS_TEXTAREA, aError);
  // XPCOM GetWrap is fine
  void SetWrap(const nsAString& aWrap, ErrorResult& aError)
    SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::wrap, aWrap, aError);
  // XPCOM GetType is fine
  // XPCOM GetDefaultValue is fine
  void SetDefaultValue(const nsAString& aDefaultValue, ErrorResult& aError);
  // XPCOM GetValue/SetValue are fine
  uint32_t GetTextLength();
  // nsIConstraintValidation::WillValidate is fine.
  // nsIConstraintValidation::Validity() is fine.
  // nsIConstraintValidation::GetValidationMessage() is fine.
  // nsIConstraintValidation::CheckValidity() is fine.
  using nsIConstraintValidation::CheckValidity;
  using nsIConstraintValidation::ReportValidity;
  // nsIConstraintValidation::SetCustomValidity() is fine.
  // XPCOM Select is fine
  Nullable<uint32_t> GetSelectionStart(ErrorResult& aError);
  void SetSelectionStart(const Nullable<uint32_t>& aSelectionStart, ErrorResult& aError);
  Nullable<uint32_t> GetSelectionEnd(ErrorResult& aError);
  void SetSelectionEnd(const Nullable<uint32_t>& aSelectionEnd, ErrorResult& aError);
  void GetSelectionDirection(nsAString& aDirection, ErrorResult& aError);
  void SetSelectionDirection(const nsAString& aDirection, ErrorResult& aError);
  void SetSelectionRange(uint32_t aSelectionStart, uint32_t aSelectionEnd, const Optional<nsAString>& aDirecton, ErrorResult& aError);
  nsIControllers* GetControllers(ErrorResult& aError);
  nsIEditor* GetEditor()
    return mState.GetEditor();

  virtual ~HTMLTextAreaElement() {}

  // get rid of the compiler warning
  using nsGenericHTMLFormElementWithState::IsSingleLineTextControl;

  virtual JSObject* WrapNode(JSContext *aCx, JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIControllers> mControllers;
  /** Whether or not the value has changed since its default value was given. */
  bool                     mValueChanged;
  /** Whether or not the last change to the value was made interactively by the user. */
  bool                     mLastValueChangeWasInteractive;
  /** Whether or not we are already handling select event. */
  bool                     mHandlingSelect;
  /** Whether or not we are done adding children (always true if not
      created by a parser */
  bool                     mDoneAddingChildren;
  /** Whether state restoration should be inhibited in DoneAddingChildren. */
  bool                     mInhibitStateRestoration;
  /** Whether our disabled state has changed from the default **/
  bool                     mDisabledChanged;
  /** Whether we should make :-moz-ui-invalid apply on the element. **/
  bool                     mCanShowInvalidUI;
  /** Whether we should make :-moz-ui-valid apply on the element. **/
  bool                     mCanShowValidUI;

  void FireChangeEventIfNeeded();

  nsString mFocusedValue;

  /** The state of the text editor (selection controller and the editor) **/
  nsTextEditorState mState;

  NS_IMETHOD SelectAll(nsPresContext* aPresContext);
   * Get the value, whether it is from the content or the frame.
   * @param aValue the value [out]
   * @param aIgnoreWrap whether to ignore the wrap attribute when getting the
   *        value.  If this is true, linebreaks will not be inserted even if
   *        wrap=hard.
  void GetValueInternal(nsAString& aValue, bool aIgnoreWrap) const;

   * Setting the value.
   * @param aValue      String to set.
   * @param aFlags      See nsTextEditorState::SetValueFlags.
  nsresult SetValueInternal(const nsAString& aValue, uint32_t aFlags);

   * Common method to call from the various mutation observer methods.
   * aContent is a content node that's either the one that changed or its
   * parent; we should only respond to the change if aContent is non-anonymous.
  void ContentChanged(nsIContent* aContent);

  virtual nsresult AfterSetAttr(int32_t aNamespaceID, nsIAtom *aName,
                                const nsAttrValue* aValue, bool aNotify) override;

   * Return if an element should have a specific validity UI
   * (with :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid pseudo-classes).
   * @return Whether the element should have a validity UI.
  bool ShouldShowValidityUI() const {
     * Always show the validity UI if the form has already tried to be submitted
     * but was invalid.
     * Otherwise, show the validity UI if the element's value has been changed.

    if (mForm && mForm->HasEverTriedInvalidSubmit()) {
      return true;

    return mValueChanged;

   * Get the mutable state of the element.
  bool IsMutable() const;

   * Returns whether the current value is the empty string.
   * @return whether the current value is the empty string.
  bool IsValueEmpty() const;

  static void MapAttributesIntoRule(const nsMappedAttributes* aAttributes,
                                    GenericSpecifiedValues* aGenericData);

} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla