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#ifndef nsSocketTransportService2_h__
#define nsSocketTransportService2_h__

#include "nsPISocketTransportService.h"
#include "nsIThreadInternal.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"
#include "nsEventQueue.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "pldhash.h"
#include "prinrval.h"
#include "prlog.h"
#include "prio.h"
#include "nsASocketHandler.h"


#if defined(PR_LOGGING)
// set NSPR_LOG_MODULES=nsSocketTransport:5
extern PRLogModuleInfo *gSocketTransportLog;
#define LOG(args)     PR_LOG(gSocketTransportLog, PR_LOG_DEBUG, args)
#define LOG_ENABLED() PR_LOG_TEST(gSocketTransportLog, PR_LOG_DEBUG)


#define NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT    50


class nsSocketTransportService : public nsPISocketTransportService
                               , public nsIEventTarget
                               , public nsIThreadObserver
                               , public nsIRunnable


    // the number of sockets that can be attached at any given time is
    // limited.  this is done because some operating systems (e.g., Win9x)
    // limit the number of sockets that can be created by an application.
    // AttachSocket will fail if the limit is exceeded.  consumers should
    // call CanAttachSocket and check the result before creating a socket.
    PRBool CanAttachSocket() {
        return mActiveCount + mIdleCount < NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT;


    virtual ~nsSocketTransportService();


    // misc (any thread)

    nsCOMPtr<nsIThread> mThread;    // protected by mLock
    PRFileDesc *mThreadEvent;
                            // protected by mLock.  mThreadEvent may change
                            // if the old pollable event is broken.  only
                            // the socket thread may change mThreadEvent;
                            // it needs to lock mLock only when it changes
                            // mThreadEvent.  other threads don't change
                            // mThreadEvent; they need to lock mLock
                            // whenever they access mThreadEvent.
    PRBool      mAutodialEnabled;
                            // pref to control autodial code

    // Returns mThread, protecting the get-and-addref with mLock
    already_AddRefed<nsIThread> GetThreadSafely();

    // initialization and shutdown (any thread)

    PRLock       *mLock;
    PRPackedBool  mInitialized;
    PRPackedBool  mShuttingDown;
                            // indicates whether we are currently in the
                            // process of shutting down

    // socket lists (socket thread only)
    // only "active" sockets are on the poll list.  the active list is kept
    // in sync with the poll list such that:
    //   mActiveList[k].mFD == mPollList[k+1].fd
    // where k=0,1,2,...

    struct SocketContext
        PRFileDesc       *mFD;
        nsASocketHandler *mHandler;
        PRUint16          mElapsedTime;  // time elapsed w/o activity

    SocketContext mActiveList [ NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT ];
    SocketContext mIdleList   [ NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT ];

    PRUint32 mActiveCount;
    PRUint32 mIdleCount;

    nsresult DetachSocket(SocketContext *);
    nsresult AddToIdleList(SocketContext *);
    nsresult AddToPollList(SocketContext *);
    void RemoveFromIdleList(SocketContext *);
    void RemoveFromPollList(SocketContext *);
    void MoveToIdleList(SocketContext *sock);
    void MoveToPollList(SocketContext *sock);
    // poll list (socket thread only)
    // first element of the poll list is mThreadEvent (or null if the pollable
    // event cannot be created).

    PRPollDesc mPollList[ NS_SOCKET_MAX_COUNT + 1 ];

    PRIntervalTime PollTimeout();            // computes ideal poll timeout
    nsresult       DoPollIteration(PRBool wait);
                                             // perfoms a single poll iteration
    PRInt32        Poll(PRBool wait, PRUint32 *interval);
                                             // calls PR_Poll.  the out param
                                             // interval indicates the poll
                                             // duration in seconds.

    // pending socket queue - see NotifyWhenCanAttachSocket

    nsEventQueue mPendingSocketQ; // queue of nsIRunnable objects

extern nsSocketTransportService *gSocketTransportService;
extern PRThread                 *gSocketThread;

#endif // !nsSocketTransportService_h__