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#pragma once

#include "DotNETEmbed.h"

// Forward declarations, Mozilla classes/interfaces.
class nsIURI;

namespace Mozilla
  namespace Embedding
    namespace Networking
      public __gc class URI : public ICloneable,
                              public IDisposable
        URI(String *aSpec);
        URI(nsIURI *aURI);

        // ICloneable
        Object *Clone();

        // IDisposable
        void Dispose();

        __property String* get_Spec();
        __property void set_Spec(String *aSpec);
        __property String* get_PrePath();
        __property String* get_Scheme();
        __property void set_Scheme(String *aScheme);
        __property String* get_UserPass();
        __property void set_UserPass(String *aUserPass);
        __property String* get_Username();
        __property void set_Username(String *aUsername);
        __property String* get_Password();
        __property void set_Password(String *aPassword);
        __property String* get_HostPort();
        __property void set_HostPort(String *aHostPort);
        __property String* get_Host();
        __property void set_Host(String *aHost);
        __property Int32 get_Port();
        __property void set_Port(Int32 aPort);
        __property String* get_Path();
        __property void set_Path(String *aPath);
        bool Equals(URI *aOther); 
        bool SchemeIs(String *aScheme); 
        // No need for URI *Clone() since we implement ICloneable
        String* Resolve(String *aRelativePath); 
        __property String* get_AsciiSpec();
        __property String* get_AsciiHost();
        __property String* get_OriginCharset();

        nsIURI *mURI; // [OWNER]
      }; // class URI
    }; // namespace Networking
  } // namespace Embedding