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#include "ChromeWorkerScope.h"

#include "jsapi.h"

#include "nsXPCOM.h"
#include "nsNativeCharsetUtils.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"

#include "WorkerPrivate.h"

#define CTYPES_STR "ctypes"


namespace {

UnicodeToNative(JSContext* aCx, const jschar* aSource, size_t aSourceLen)
  nsDependentString unicode(aSource, aSourceLen);

  nsCAutoString native;
  if (NS_FAILED(NS_CopyUnicodeToNative(unicode, native))) {
    JS_ReportError(aCx, "Could not convert string to native charset!");
    return nsnull;

  char* result = static_cast<char*>(JS_malloc(aCx, native.Length() + 1));
  if (!result) {
    return nsnull;

  memcpy(result, native.get(), native.Length());
  result[native.Length()] = 0;
  return result;

JSCTypesCallbacks gCTypesCallbacks = {

CTypesLazyGetter(JSContext* aCx, JSObject* aObj, jsid aId, jsval* aVp)
  NS_ASSERTION(JS_GetGlobalObject(aCx) == aObj, "Not a global object!");
               "Bad id!");

  WorkerPrivate* worker = GetWorkerPrivateFromContext(aCx);
  NS_ASSERTION(worker->IsChromeWorker(), "This should always be true!");

  if (!worker->DisableMemoryReporter()) {
    return false;

  jsval ctypes;
  return JS_DeletePropertyById(aCx, aObj, aId) &&
         JS_InitCTypesClass(aCx, aObj) &&
         JS_GetPropertyById(aCx, aObj, aId, &ctypes) &&
         JS_SetCTypesCallbacks(aCx, JSVAL_TO_OBJECT(ctypes),
                               &gCTypesCallbacks) &&
         JS_GetPropertyById(aCx, aObj, aId, aVp);

inline bool
DefineCTypesLazyGetter(JSContext* aCx, JSObject* aGlobal)
    JSString* ctypesStr = JS_InternString(aCx, CTYPES_STR);
    if (!ctypesStr) {
      return false;

    jsid ctypesId = INTERNED_STRING_TO_JSID(aCx, ctypesStr);

    // We use a lazy getter here to let us unregister the blocking memory
    // reporter since ctypes can easily block the worker thread and we can
    // deadlock. Remove once bug 673323 is fixed.
    if (!JS_DefinePropertyById(aCx, aGlobal, ctypesId, JSVAL_VOID,
                               CTypesLazyGetter, NULL, 0)) {
      return false;

  return true;

} // anonymous namespace


namespace chromeworker {

DefineChromeWorkerFunctions(JSContext* aCx, JSObject* aGlobal)
  // Currently ctypes is the only special property given to ChromeWorkers.
  return DefineCTypesLazyGetter(aCx, aGlobal);

} // namespace chromeworker