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Bug 1152864 - Disable unsafe CPOW warnings when running mochitests by default, and add option to re-enable. r=ahal. --enable-cpow-warnings can now be passed when running a mochitest to re-enable the warnings, should one wish to do that.

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#ifndef nsTerminator_h__
#define nsTerminator_h__

#include "nsISupports.h"
#include "nsIObserver.h"

namespace mozilla {

class nsTerminator final: public nsIObserver {


  nsresult SelfInit();
  void Start();
  void StartWatchdog();
  void StartWriter();

  void UpdateHeartbeat(const char* aTopic);
  void UpdateTelemetry();
  void UpdateCrashReport(const char* aTopic);

  ~nsTerminator() {}

  bool mInitialized;
  int32_t mCurrentStep;


#define NS_TOOLKIT_TERMINATOR_CID { 0x2e59cc70, 0xf83a, 0x412f, \
  { 0x89, 0xd4, 0x45, 0x38, 0x85, 0x83, 0x72, 0x17 } }

#endif // nsTerminator_h__