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Bug 1152864 - Disable unsafe CPOW warnings when running mochitests by default, and add option to re-enable. r=ahal. --enable-cpow-warnings can now be passed when running a mochitest to re-enable the warnings, should one wish to do that.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(15686f9d-483e-4361-98cd-37f1e8f1e61d)]
interface nsIFinalizationWitnessService: nsISupports
   * Create a new Finalization Witness.
   * A finalization witness is an object whose sole role is to
   * broadcast when it is garbage-collected. Once the witness is
   * created, call method its method |forget()| to prevent the
   * broadcast.
   * @param aTopic The topic that the witness will broadcast using
   *               Services.obs.
   * @param aString The string that the witness will broadcast.
   * @return An object with a single method |forget()|.
  jsval make(in string aTopic, in wstring aString);

%{ C++

#define FINALIZATIONWITNESSSERVICE_CID {0x15686f9d,0x483e,0x4361,{0x98,0xcd,0x37,0xf1,0xe8,0xf1,0xe6,0x1d}}