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followup to bug 418535, add comments about which threads nsISocketTransportService functions can be called on patch by Florian Qu├Ęze <> r+sr=biesi

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsISocketTransport;
interface nsIProxyInfo;
interface nsIRunnable;

class nsASocketHandler;
struct PRFileDesc;

[ptr] native PRFileDescPtr(PRFileDesc);
[ptr] native nsASocketHandlerPtr(nsASocketHandler);

[scriptable, uuid(185B3A5D-8729-436D-9693-7BDCCB9C2216)]
interface nsISocketTransportService : nsISupports 
     * Creates a transport for a specified host and port.
     * @param aSocketTypes
     *        array of socket type strings.  null if using default socket type.
     * @param aTypeCount
     *        specifies length of aSocketTypes.
     * @param aHost
     *        specifies the target hostname or IP address literal of the peer
     *        for this socket.
     * @param aPort
     *        specifies the target port of the peer for this socket.
     * @param aProxyInfo
     *        specifies the transport-layer proxy type to use.  null if no
     *        proxy.  used for communicating information about proxies like
     *        SOCKS (which are transparent to upper protocols).
     * @see nsIProxiedProtocolHandler
     * @see nsIProtocolProxyService::GetProxyInfo
     * NOTE: this function can be called from any thread
    nsISocketTransport createTransport([array, size_is(aTypeCount)]
                                       in string aSocketTypes,
                                       in unsigned long aTypeCount,
                                       in AUTF8String aHost, 
                                       in long aPort,
                                       in nsIProxyInfo aProxyInfo);

     * Adds a new socket to the list of controlled sockets.
     * This will fail with the error code NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if the maximum
     * number of sockets is already reached.
     * In this case, the notifyWhenCanAttachSocket method should be used.
     * @param aFd
     *        Open file descriptor of the socket to control.
     * @param aHandler
     *        Socket handler that will receive notifications when the socket is
     *        ready or detached.
     * NOTE: this function may only be called from an event dispatch on the
     *       socket thread.
    [noscript] void attachSocket(in PRFileDescPtr aFd,
                                 in nsASocketHandlerPtr aHandler);

     * if the number of sockets reaches the limit, then consumers can be
     * notified when the number of sockets becomes less than the limit.  the
     * notification is asynchronous, delivered via the given nsIRunnable
     * instance on the socket transport thread.
     * @param aEvent
     *        Event that will receive the notification when a new socket can
     *        be attached
     * NOTE: this function may only be called from an event dispatch on the
     *       socket thread.
    [noscript] void notifyWhenCanAttachSocket(in nsIRunnable aEvent);